Old Homeless At Street War With New Homeless Inside Japan. By Richard Lloyd Parry.

Old Homeless At Street War
With New Homeless Inside Japan.
By Richard Lloyd Parry.
Blog Edited By Uncle Monty.
It is unpleasant when newcomers lower the tone of
the neighbourhood and Tomitaka Iwamura was as
angry as anyone. There was the mess for a start -
open bags of rubbish left lying around by the new
arrivals. Then they started stealing from shops,
attracting the attention of the police and giving
everyone a bad name.
The last straw came when the interlopers began moving
in on the accommodation of longstanding residents such as
Mr Iwamura. “These new people just don't understand the
rules, and when that happened the boss got involved,” he
says. “He told them to leave. Sometimes physical force was
necessary.” None of this would be remarkable but for
one fact: Mr Iwamura is homeless.
For the past five months he has been living rough in a subway
tunnel under the Shinjuku district of central Tokyo. His boss is
homeless too - as are the interlopers they recently confronted.
Their story is part of a wider conflict between Japan's long-
established derelict population and a new wave of homeless
people taking to the streets as victims of the credit crunch.
Street Vendor of The Big Issue Japan.
Until recently, homelessness was the misfortune
of a small minority in Japan. According to official
figures, the country had 16,000 homeless last year,
less than two thirds the number counted five years
earlier, and they are the neatest, cleanest, most
unobtrusive homeless in the world.
They are overwhelmingly well behaved, rather cowed men
in their fifties and sixties. They live in railway stations and
subways and in shelters of cardboard and Tarpaulins, many
of them equipped with cooking stoves and even TVs powered
by car batteries. Hardly any actively beg, and drug abuse
and prostitution are almost unknown.
Many have been living on the street for the best part of a
decade or more, since the beginning of Japan's last recession
in the 1990s. Like the rest of Japanese society, they live in
an ordered hierarchy in conformity with strict social codes.
It is with this smoothly functioning world that a new
generation of destitutes is coming into conflict.
Mr Iwamura outlines the unwritten rules that govern life in
the Shinjuku subway, which became his home last October after
the bakery where he worked went bankrupt: once it has been
claimed, a sleeping space is sacred and never to be infringed
upon by another homeless person; never get into arguments
with police or security guards; use only discarded cardboard
boxes to construct shelters - never steal them from shops.
Gokuraka's Rough Sleeper Inside Japan
The homeless are meant to remain unobtrusive so as
not to attract the attention of the authorities. All of these
rules and more have been broken by the new homeless,
whose numbers have been surging since Japanese firms
began laying off contract workers at the end of last year.
“When you look for food in the bags outside McDonald's,
the rule is to open them, take just what you need and
close the bag neatly up again,” says Mr Iwamura, 42.
“These newcomers carry the bag away with them and
when they've finished just leave the rubbish spilling
No one knows yet how many have taken to the streets
this year, but the indications are that the homeless population
is heading back towards record levels. “There are 900 people
here now, and normally we'd get 750 at this time of year,”
says Pastor Shim Won Suck, whose missionary group
handed out lunch in Tokyo's Ueno Park yesterday.
The new homeless are younger, angrier and unadjusted
to the conventions of life on the streets. As numbers
increase so, inevitably, does competition for food and
shelter. When conflict arises, homeless society has its
own way of resolving the problems.
In Mr Iwamura's neighbourhood of Shinjuku, the home-
less form loose groups led by a boss - who often derives
his authority from the yakuza - Japanese mafia. “We never
do it in front of ordinary people, but if there is one causing
trouble, then we deal with it,” Mr Iwamura says.
“He will be followed, and he will be attacked.”
Two Tokyo News Reporters
Then Curiously Came!
By Uncle Monty.
A couple of years ago, my good Irish and Japanese
fluent-speaking journalistic friend Mark Boyle, then
working for the National Japanese News Agency at
London, brought one day with him a couple of Tokyo
news reporters to interview me directly at my pitch
about the question of homelessness in Britain. At
that same time, the evidence was that the homeless
in Japan, and not in Britain, were constantly victim-
ised and roughed-up on the streets by physical
assaults and open verbal abuse by members
of the Japanese public. The stigma there
of homelessness was palpable.
Whenever I next see Mark (who is presently
based at the German capital of Bonn)), I will
ask him if such stigma and hostility toward the
homeless has now ameliorated somewhat due to
the increasing numbers of street homeless that
The Times' Tokyo correspondent Richard Lloyd
Parry cites in his news report on the conflict of
the old vs. the new homeless inside Japan. Mark
Boyle also later took the same two Tokyo news
reporters to interview The Big Issue head
honcho John Bird.
The newspaper reporters from Japan spoke no
English and so Mark took their questions and
translated them on the spot into English for me
and John. He then took our English answers
and instantly translated them into Japanese.
For abit, it was like being at the U.N. with
our own experienced interpreter at our side!
Later, I got the nice newsclipping of the inter-
view with us that Mark had then kindly trans-
lated from Japanese to English for me so that
I was able to read and understand the actual
news story about us. The press photos taken
of John Bird and me also appeared in the story
that was carried by Japan's mass circulation
daily called: The Hokkaido News.
That's just about as close as John Bird and
I will ever get to the grim reality and grow-
ing probelm of Japanese street home-
lessness, I sure guess.


Islams Farlige Norske Underverden. Av Onkel Monty.

Islams Farlige Norske Underverden.
Av Onkel Monty ~ Fotos Av Alex Albion
Islam's Dangerous Norwegian Underbelly.
By Uncle Monty ~ Photos By Alex Albion
Title Translation By Carine Smith.
Part 1 of 2.
Norway, and more specifically its capital and largest
city of Oslo, has become a microcosm of the rise and
spread of dangerous Islam across the old face of what
was once so solidly and deeply Christian Europe.
Oslo, a city of over about 1½ million residents and
one of the world’s most expensive, is now teeming
with African and Middle East immigrant Muslims
who are flourishing unabatedly with their perman-
ent mosques and Islamic dress that seems to defy
everything that Evangelical Lutheran Norway
once religiously and socially symbolized.
Inside Oslo's Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat Mosque.
Inside the Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat Mosque itself,
(pictured above) I stood and watched at its palatial
interior with its Muslims adherents by the dozens
doing their Sunday afternoon prayers that they
practice not just at their traditional Friday Prayer
Day. Old men and young boys gathered and post-
ulated on prayer mats like robotic minions in full
unison of their Islamic prayer ritual that decries
Christianity and Judaism and other non-Muslim
beliefs with a full throttle and venom that only
radical Muslims can and do and always incite.
Old Men & Young Boys at Jammat-e.
My cameras accompanied me has I arrived un-
announced and uninvited to see whatever I could
record inside of the newish Jammaat-e Mosque that
was thriving with prayer activity and personal and
social gatherings among themselves. And even
though I stood out like a sore thumb, nobody seem-
ed to notice me, or even twig on, as I shutterbugged
inside the place with the aim of me telling a brief
blog story of Islam’s dangerous Norwegian under-
belly that is growing, it seems to me, more day by
day. While at the same time, the liberal political
establishment of Norway seems to carry on like
everything is just so fine and so dandy. Well
in my strong and candid English Anglican
opinion, I suspect such it is not so inside
those big Oslo Mosques. So there!
The Muslims of Oslo are now, I believe, the
largest and fastest growing religious minority in
Norway. Ironically, they are also said to be the
majority over other non-Islamic faiths
inside Lutheran and liberal Norway.
Metal Sign at Front
Doorway to Oslo's Sunni Mosque.

Typical Oslo Muslim adherents after their Mosque attendance.

While I make no claim whatsoever to be a Christian expert or scholar on Islam, I have never the less become more and more alarmed at the rapid spread of Islam that jolted me so completely while at Oslo to first attend the musical locution and world event of the International Church Music Festival. And, to become drunk for days with all things soothingly pertaining to the classical idiom of Norway's foremost composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907). What a wonderful treat such was personally for me to be set against the nagging background of seeing Lutheran Oslo being swamped by the rude presence of today's alien and dangerous underbelly that is Islam inside noble Norway. And, of course, all over Europe and especially inside The International Socialist State that is now New Labour's "Broken Britian." Britian's Muslims are breeding like rabbits all over the place with over 1.8 million of them now residing in the UK.

Yet, Another Islamic Mosque at Oslo.
Although I couldn't find precise figures of the number
of Muslims now in Norway, I think it is pretty safe
to say that their numbers are growing expeditiously
like they are all over Europe. Of the few local Oslo
residents I spoke to regarding the alien Islam under-
belly in their midst, not one of them was happy with
their government's sponsorship and approval of
more Muslim immgrants emigrating to Norway.
At the Nordea Bank, where I went to get some
foreign exchange, the teller there told me he
felt that they - The Muslims - were poised to
take over the country!! A staunch Lutheran by
faith, the middle-aged male bank teller feared
the worst and saw no redeeming grace in accept-
ing Islam on its face value. He viewed Muslims as
an inimical force to the future of an open Norway.
Worse still, he dreaded the thought of more of
them being encouraged by his own Storting gov-
ernment to make their way to Nordic Oslo.
African immigrants at Oslo taking bus ride
to other Norwegian destinations to settle.

As I was departing from Oslo's Gardermoen Airport to return to my British homebase via Moscow, I noticed the morning edition of Norway's leading daily AFTENPOSFTEN carried a debate on the issue of what it called "Farlig Snikrasisme" or the question of Islam in Norway. While I couldn't obviously read Norwegian, I couldn't help but be impressed by Olav Olsen's news photograph of two Muslim women dressed to the nines in their full Islamic outfits with one of them holding a Norwegian flag in her alien hand. The woman standing at the right of the picture was covered completely from head to toe with her face and body totally hidden like she was under a big black bedsheet. If Southern members of America's Ku Klux Klan wear all-white robes from head to toe, then Islamic women aren't far behind them with their all-black attire done in the name of Almighty Allah.

Young Norwegian Christians singing for Christ at Olso.
New Skyscrappers at Modern Oslo, Norway.

Part 2 of my Norwegian storyline, will show the ligh-
ter side of very expensive Oslo with my next feature
to be all about my stay at the delightful MS INNVIK
moored at the Langkaia docks across from the avant-
garde New Oslo Opera House. Oh, and forget all about
those six or more hideous MacDonalds junk food out-
lets that are scattered throughout downtown Oslo.

Five of those Oslo McDonalds, by the way, were recently attacked by having their store windows completely smashed by local Muslim youths at their anti-Israeli protests against the deadly military assault aimed at the Palestinians at Gaza by the terrible and inhuman Israel army.

Forthrightly, Uncle Monty.
+The Annunciation, 2oo9.

And yes, thank you to the Oslo city police for helping me when I got accidentally stranded on the heavy Bispelokket interchange where I had wandered off to get some upfront photoshots of busy Oslo. They stopped the traffic dead for me so that I could cross safely without being mowed down by the mindless rush of oncoming morning traffic. They, the nice copz, even waved goodbye to me as they ensured my road safety and that I was okay ... Thankz again! After all, I'd almost got hit head on by two big lorries or 18-wheeler rigs that hadn't seen me until they came swiftly around the sharp bend. I was lucky not to become a road fatality that my bold blog enemies would only have been so happy to learn. Perhaps, I'd have even gotten an Islamic burial at Oslo after all ... Please, heaven forbid!!! As an avowed Anglican, I want to be buried only on Anglican soil even if its a pauper's graveyard at the back end of some old dirt road. Thankz!!!

This just in today from the Ecumenical
News International (ENI) at Geneva.
German Protestant urges Christians and Muslims to cooperate.
Trier, Turkey (ENI). On a visit to Muslim-majority Turkey,
Germany's senior Protestant leader has called on Christian and
Islamic theologians to find ways to share insights from their Holy
Scriptures. In a lecture at the faculty of Islamic theology in Ankara,
Bishop Wolfgang Huber urged theologians from the two religious
traditions to engage, "in reading and understanding the Bible and
the Koran from the viewpoint of a common global responsibility
and our joint obligations". He said he hoped this might lead to
greater dialogue and communication, according to a report on
the Web site of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD),
the country's main Protestant umbrella group.
[425 words, ENI-09-0245]
I Am a Muslim, Again!!!


To Receive Yet Another Web Award. By Uncle Monty.

To Receive Yet Another Web Award.
By Uncle Monty.
Of the four or five previous web awards
that I have received without any fanfare or
public mention to my readership in the past
couple of years, the TNT Gold Award is
perhaps the most coveted of all for me.
How they decided to give me such an award
makes me tickled-pink and very pleased.
Writing a regular blog isn't always very re-
warding for some folkz, but for me I am in
my complete element since I love to blog
with now more than 250 stories to my
name since mid-2oo7.
I have always been a person who revels
in open communication of the most open
kind. I write and photograph without fear
or favour even when I am sometimes threat-
ed with dyer consequences for having written
or said or photographed some issue or topic
or person(s) that doesn't sit very well with
those who are affected by my open pen and
unbending enquiry and strong opinions.
Of all the modern inventions, I think blog-
ging is one of the best because it provides
a realistic avenue of free expression and
unrestrained creativity of the mind. Those
who complain about bloggers like me, just
only convinces me to blog on even more.
What is best about my blog is that I get
about 100 emails per month from around
the world from every kind of imaginable
person, along with every unimaginable subject
that is broached with me. Without my blog, I
would be dead. Although I could also be, on
the other hand, made dead from my blog!
When I recently got an email telling me I would
be killed for opening my mouth, I simply replied
to the threatening skunk by saying: "Please don't
knock on my door after ten at night, since that's
when I like to go to bed. So knock me off be-
fore ten, if it makes you feel good. Thank you
ever so much ... Cherrio, mate!!! And, thankz
for making my day ...." Never heard back again
did I from my potential killer. What a cold cad
and cringeing coward he was, too?
Whatever, I'm so glad to get such an unexpected
web award today from TNTusa. It adds spice to life
for me ... on this lovely, sunny English, Mothering
Sunday or Mother's Day, 2oo9. For me, however,
I long ago lost my dear mom. Bless her, my
heavenly Father!!
Solemnly, Uncle Monty.
+Mothering Sunday, 2oo9.
Uncle Monty at Oslo's 1939
Franklin D. Roosevelt Statue.
Uncle Monty With Some of Oslo's Homeless.



Av Onkel Monty
By Uncle Monty.
Oslo Photos By Alex Albion.
While at Oslo to attend the superb International Church
Music Festival with Contessa Maria, I also took some
time out to visit the three major city Muslim mosques
to find out more about the planting of alien Islam
inside Lutheran Norway.
When I first saw the first mosque at Oslo – shown above
at my caption photo - I was shocked that it even existed
let alone the huge size of the structure and the elaborate
Islamic design of the mosque itself that was just yards
away, ironically, from the Oslo main penitentiary!!
Uncle Monty at Norway's Oslo.
I thought it would be best to have my readers
like you familiarize themselves first with some
overview and background information about the
rise of Islam inside Norway, before I myself then
present my full story to you of what I discovered
about the thriving growth and the rise of alien Islam
at Oslo, which would seem to be the most unlikely
place to see Islam let alone its new rootedness there.
In order to fundamentally understand some of
the reasons why Islam has occurred at such an un-
expected terrain like Lutheran and Nordic Norway,
I've listed four weblinks to help you to perhaps under-
stand abit better some of the factors that has led to
Islam finding another "New Paradise" among
the "unclean and evil" Christians of Norway.
Islamic Wall Inscription on Oslo Muslim school.
Here then are the four weblinks about Islam:
My Blog, Islam and Europe
Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat Mosque
In the next few days, I'll upload my full Oslo
story on alien Islam, along with a number of other
photos that I took of the interior of the Sunnat Mosque
without them being aware that I was there to photo-
graphically record what I saw to present here later
on my world blog. Those photos will help illustrate
my Norway story.
As for the Norwegian title translations, I wish
to thank my kind friend attorney Carine Smith -
Aibel’s General Counsel - who is Norwegian and
is married to a successful British gentleman.
Thank you kindly, Carine!!!
All Aboard MS INNVIK. By Uncle Monty.
Above is the merchant ship INNVIK that I stayed on
after Maria went on via Moscow to her final destination
back to NY NY. I’ll write a short piece later, too, about
MS INNVIK, since it was the first merchant vessel that I
have ever stayed on and slept soundly on it as a paying
guest while at Oslo. MS INNVIK is anchored just yards
away from across the fabulous multi-million dollar New
Oslo Opera House. After our last lunch at the Nobel
Peace Prize Center, Maria then caught her plane and
I then went onto MS INNVIK, which she had gener-
ously paid for me to stay. Thank you, my dear!!
Here’s another of my favourite people – Anne Fergusson,
UK Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Don’t get Anne’s
surname confused with my other ever durable friends like
Jill Ferguson, Molly Furgersun and Miriam Fergasonn. So
that's four various spellings of the same sounding name ...
I'll be back later with my complete story
I LUTHERAN NORGE" within the next
few days. In the meantime, please read
those weblinks before reading my full
Oslo story on alien Islam there.
Truly, Onkel Monty.
+First Day of Spring, 2oo9.


London's Fire Engine Rollover at Waterloo. Photos By Alex Albion. Story By Uncle Monty.

London's Fire Engine Rollover.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Luckily, London's fire engine rollover or flipover
today at Waterloo's IMAX roundabout didn't ig-
nite a dangerous fire or even worse an explosion
at such an impact of some five tonnes of sheer
steel and rivetted metal along with lots of petrol
or gaseline inside the three or four large gas
tanks that helps power the road movement
of such a fearless red fire brigrade truck.
This is one of those stories that is best told
by photos rather than by any written words
of mine. So I'll write little more here about it
other than to say all the buses and bendies
going south on Waterloo Bridge were stop-
ped and then diverted to other long and
roundabout routes to get to Waterloo
via other directions and streets.
The damage to the fire engine will run into
many, many, thousands of dollars to repair,
let alone the cost of manpower and recovery
of the fire engine will add many more thous-
ands upon thousands of dollars from the
taxpayers' purse.
The online edition of this afternoon's issue
of The London Evening Standard made no
report or photo or even a mention of the
London Fire Brigrade engine rollover at
Waterloo. I was unable to find out if any
of the firemen themselves inside the
fire truck at the rollover were injured or
even perhaps killed by such a freakish
accident. I assume the driver came too
fast, and in a hurry, at the roundabout
and took his steering wheel too sharp
and the result was an immediate flip of
the fire engine itself that ended with an
unstoppable and terrifying rollover.
So let me just have you now look at the
photos below of the accident scene that
I took and some actual views of the roll-
over of the engine or truck while under-
going on the spot steps to upright it fully
for final recovery to where ever they
then take such to be repaired or salvaged.
It was certainly a sad case, ironically, of need-
ing to rescue the fire rescuers at the rollover.
Your's, Uncle Monty.
+Wulfrun, 2oo9.
My new periodic photo feature called
"Vendors-on-the-Strand," starts now with
the very likable Big Issue vendor Calvin.
His pitch is on London's famous Strand
it's wide and busy thoroughfare at outside
Somerset House. Lookout for him and be
very nice to him and buy a copy of the
latest Big Issue directly from Calvin
himself. You'll be really glad you did!!
Calvin, V949.
Thanks to Calvin I wouldn't have known about
the rollover at Waterloo without him telling me
when he did. And so moments before I started
to walk across Waterloo Bridge to photograph
the accident scene, I took two quick photoshots
of Calvin at his permanent pitch. He said he
was doing okay today! That's
gooooooood for him, too!!


No Happy St. Paddy's at The Big Issue. By Uncle Monty.

No Happy St. Paddy's at The Big Issue.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Caption Photo By Alex Albion.
I’d only been back less than 6 hours in England
from Norway, when I made my way to get my
weekly stock of The Big Issue at its London
Covent Garden distributon spot on this early
morning of St. Patrick’s Day, 2oo9.
I’d had less than five hours of sleep, but I like to
get to my Big Issue pitch as early as I can in the
mornings. It was just after 9 O'clock, when I saw
Big Issue distributor Sam Woodlock herself with
her own magz cradled in her hands and offering
them for sale to London bypassers. When she saw
me, she told me it would be about 5 minutes be-
fore the magazines for vendors like me would be
at the spot. I then asked Sam if there was any
business and she said she’d just started and
so she said neither yes nor no to my
question of her.
Minutes later there was Steve Farrell pushing
the dolly with two crates of magazine bundles
inside them ready to sell to Big Issue vendors.
He didn’t look happy at all, did Steve. In fact,
he looked awfully grumpy and distant. And
even though I was no more than a couple of
feet away from him at most, he never once
greeted me or asked me anything or enquired
about my latest trip to Oslo. Just like Sam
had done so earlier before him. They simply
don't give a damn about any of the vendors
other than taking their money for the weekly
wholesale purchase of The Big Issue.
It is impossible to hold any kind of full con-
versation with such folkz for reasons I still
have not figured out why. So I got neither
a “Good Morning” nor "How are you?" nor,
of course, a “Happy St. Paddy’s Day” from
them at The Big Issue. But I soon did when
I got to my Long Acre pitch from friends and
customers there who were happy to see me
back from Norway. But not Sam and Steve.
They really don'’t ever give a hoot or a
damn, which is usual for them.
Big Issue Distributor Sam Woodlock.
And even though I have known Steve and Sam
now for going close onto the start of the fifth year,
I am still treated with no personal trust or respect
or acknowledgement from them. With her fading
suntan from her recent trip to Tenerife, the first
thing Sam Woodlock did on her return from there
was to count out my money like I am a silly child
who cannot count money properly. Yet, other
distributors accept what I give and don't bother
to hold me up while they insist on counting
my money, but no so with suspicious Sam.
Again, no trust.
Steve Farrell, like Sam, is the same or worse.
He always counts out my money for my stock as
if somehow I am going to cheat or short change
him and/or The Big Issue. Never, ever, do they
ever either say "thankz" or "nice of you" for
one's purchase of the magz. It's all to do with the
lack of manners and courtsey, isn't it? You bet!!
On this morning of St. Paddy's, Steve, as usual,
insists he wants my money first before he’d
even give me my usual bundle of 50 copies
at £35- cash. He counts out my money like
he expects to be cheated and demonstrates
absolute distrust towards the vendors and
me by his negative manner and dark
body language. When I offered my greeting
to him, Steve Farrell immediately held his
hand out to take my money instead of giv-
ing me a reciprocal greeting. Steve is always
so moody at the best of times it seems, too.
I’ve know these folkz Steve Farrell and Sam
Woodlock, mind you, for years now and yet they
treat me like I'm a complete stranger to them.
Ironically, I oftentimes leave The Big Issue
distribution spot myself thinking that they -
themselves are still strangers in my own life.
They offer no mutual respect or friendship
because they refuse to give such no matter
how long one knows them. And do they
trust me? Of course, NOT!! Even when they
have no reason whatsoever not to do so.
Perhaps it’s to do with their own past social
and personal baggage that they still carry
around with them and never let go. I suspect
that they may have been badly hurt by others
in the past and so they now hide themselves
from getting too close to others for fear of getting
hurt yet again. Pity, isn't it? Life is too short to be
shorten further by refusing to embrace others
at any given moment that passes by in
whatever life we may lead.
I also keep asking myself, why are these Big Issue
people like Sam Woodlock and Steve Farrell so cold
and so impersonal to those who come from where they
have also been on the streets of homelessness and with
societal rejection? They have no empathy or sympathy
for their own kind of homeless people.
Strange, but true!!
And, why do they - Sam and Steve - try to treat me
like I am a piece of scum or a 'dick' to them? It makes
me so angry inside when I see them constantly behav-
ing like they did yet again on this St. Paddy morning
when others do not do so towards me. If I can meet
presidents, popes, princes, prime ministers, paupers,
prisoners, public personalities, patriarchs, pensioners,
pilgrims, pious people, priests, paratroopers, police
personnel, and what have you, with all due respect
from them to me, then why in heaven's name do
they still treat me like a number instead of a full
and decent human being by such Big Issue dis-
tributors like Sam Woodlock and Steve Farrell?
I wonder? They have no right to treat me
or others like they do without
just and proper cause.
So "No Happy St. Paddy's Day at The
Big Issue." What else can I then say?
I'll say no more for now. Ah except, yes, a
HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY to one and all.
Including yes to you, Steve and Sam.
But, don't bother ever to give me such!!
This story, incidentially, of mine herein is the
first one that I have written and uploaded
entirely and directly from my Big Issue pitch
with my Dell laptop on my lap and my mobile
dongle doing the cyberspace trick ... Bravo!!!
Truly, Uncle Monty.
St. Patrick's Day, 2oo9.
:: UPDATE ::
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post
"Whats your problem, if you don't like how the big
issue operates why are you still selling the magazine
you retard, people like you are so stupid."
(now) from judy, a friend of monty's. said...
this is judy, a friend of monty's. to 'anonymous'
you have proved what monty has said about the bad
attitude by some big issue people like you. your comments
proves that. they do more harm than good. stop hounding him.
stop being retarded & stupid. the problem is you & not monty.
i have always bought the big issue from him. no, he is not a re-
tard or stupid. it's you 'anonymous' who hides. monty does not.
what he says he states with his name. you don't. so what you say
does big issue more bad harm. monty said to me that he has no
problem with big issue. he has a problem only with people
like you & your bad attitude to sellers like monty. why don't
you treat him & your sales people properly?. you should for
big issue's sake. i will defend monty's right to air his gripes
about big issue reps like you. i was homeless before i married.
i work with abused children. the streets are hard. don't
make it harder for street people trying to make something
off buying big issues to sell to buy food. from me to you
my own comment is go get stuffed 'anonymous'.
3/22/2009 09:52:00 PM
"Nordic Oslo, Now Gone Islamic."
Next Story By Uncle Monty.
:: By Uncle Monty ::
Islam has now taken root even in this most
unexpected place and this most historically
"unIslamic" culture that is the Norwegeian
capital of Nordic Oslo. Islam is the utter anti-
thesis of Norway's long and deep traditional
and religious history of Evangelical
Deeply Lutheran Norway is about as "unIslamic"
as any place could ever be in Europe. Yet, Islam
is thriving and growing freely there at every
new day with three major Muslim Mosques
already booming with immigrant Muslims to be
seen every where all over Oslo and also dressed
in their Islamic best at Friday Prayer Day.
Frankly, I was shocked to see so many Islamic
folkz and their big mosques inside Norway. I visited
such to try to find out how Islam has now taken root
at what was once strictly Lutheran, Christian and
Nordic Oslo, that has now gone Islamic and beyond.
There is utterly nothing Nordic about Islam. And,
there is utterly nothing about Islam that is Nordic.
Norwegians are a dolichocephalic people of Northern
Europe. How alien Islam can thrive and live among
such non-Islamic people, is a strange story indeed.
Except when you figure out that it is the Muslim
foreigners that have emirgrated to Norway that
helps explain how Islam has now taken root in the
midst of the old Lutheran country that is Norway.
More of this story coming soon ...


Happy St. Paddy's Day from thebiggerissue.org ...

from the biggerissue.org
Seventeenth of March, 2oo9. And, on
St. Patrick’s Breastplate it is written:
Christ Within Me. Christ Before Me.
Christ Behind Me. Christ Below Me.
Christ At My Right Hand.
Christ At My Left Hand.
Christ In Every Ear That Hears Me.
Christ In Every Eye That Sees Me.
Christ In Every Mouth
That Speaks of Me.
Christ In Every Heart
That Thinks of Me.
St. Patrick's 2oo5:
Auxiliary Bishop Bernard Longley
of Westminister (centre) and Father
Alexander Shelbrooke w/Uncle Monty
wearing his father's awarded
MM - Military Medal.
Russian Orthodox St. Patrick's Day
Irish Cat at St. Paddy's

Happy St. Pat's, Uncle Monty.
+Patrick, Bishop, Missionary,
Patron of Ireland. 2oo9.
To the good man Monty!! Happiest of All
St. Patrick's from your Irish friend, Mr.
Ireland. You know who I am. When do
you get back from Norway? Let me know.
3.16.2009. Galway.