Derby: City Model of Mattamore Muslims. By Uncle Monty.

Derby: City Model of Mattamore Muslims.
Story By Uncle Monty - Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 3 of 3.
Quivering anger was in his native Derbyshire voice as he
took me in his hired yellow cab from nearby Derby to the
British National Party (BNP) 10th Anniversary Red, White
and Blue Festival on what was a nice clear and very warm
English summer day at the old village of Codner-Denby.
At one point, it seemed his personal anger was almost ex-
plosive at the Derby Muslims who have, he says, almost
commandeered or taken over his old taxi rank by their
intimidating numbers and sheer Muslim muscle.
Around age 55 was he. Short, stocky and clean shaved.
A taxi driver for the past 20 years at Derby, his growing
anger stems from his sense of helplessness against the
tide of Muslims replacing the local English with
Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and East Indian taxi drivers.
A lifetime Labour supporter and voter, he said that he
had come to hate Labour because of all the immigrants
and foreigners flooding his hometown of Derby over the
past decade or so. "If I could take my vote back from
last time and all the times before, I would!," he de-
clared with seething anger at New Labour and
the Derby Muslims.
"The country is finished. Our own elected MPs have
done nothing but destroy the country while I cry
at what I see ..." Words of wisdom, indeed, was
spoken by the taxi driver, whose name I didn't get.
"It started out here and there with abit of immig-
ration. Then, Labour just let loose. I never realised
what was coming until it was too late to stop them
from flooding Derby with their Muslims and
all their foreigners they could let in." I hate
Labour," he repeated yet again as we veered
nearer the guarded BNP Festival gate.
A nominal Methodist, he said he didn't go to Church
"because I have got to earn a living to survive in
this rip-off country of our's." Did he belong to
BNP?, I asked him. "No," he shot back. Would he
then vote for the BNP in the next General Election?
"No!! I'm not going to vote anymore, you see. The
country is already finished. My vote will do naught
to change the mess by Labour. Nothing. The BNP
can change nothing unless it comes to power."
I interjected, would or could it? He shot
back at me again, "F**k no, mate!!!"
I don’t believe a word of what this Loughton, Essex, fella, Noor
Ramjanally, alleges and says. He wants to be some kind of Islamic
half-martyr during Ramadan, I guess. My comments on his alleged
“kidnapping” was refused by London’s Evening Standard, whose
faceless and nameless moderators aren't moderators but simply
paid censors as is the case with much of the mainline news
media in the international socialist and broken
society of Immigrant Britain today.
:: UPDATE ::
Young British Muslims angry with police and media.
By Peter Griffiths
NB: There's no such thing as "British" Muslims!! All we really
have are only too many Muslims born--and living in the UK.
Derby's Ever Growing Islamic Mosque.
Standing outside the Derby Muslim Mosque (shown
above), I saw that it was thriving with Friday Prayer
Day in full bloom. Dressed in their Muslim outfits, they
came by the carloads to expressed their Islamic belief.
Almost all of them were dark-skinned and an English
face couldn't be seen, except mine, as I watched the
visual evidence of the Islamicization of England's
old East Midlands city of Derby right in front of my
Anglican face. This is being replicated, day in and day
out, all over Immigrant England come every Friday
Prayer Day with 1.8 Muslims now residing in the
UK with the blessing and encouragement
of mindless New Labour.
Derby Cathedral: Tomb of Hess of Hardwicke.
Derby: Also A City Model of Warped Multisexuality!!
The boy is a girl and the girl is a boy so the public billboard shows.

What most people don’t realized is that New Labour has consciously and callously taken steps to deAnglicize -England by forcefully planting a completely alien African subculture on the people and country that has no common ties to such subcultural immigrants other than from her Colonial and Imperial past. The British Labour Party or New Labour seeks to Africanize and foreignize Britain by it concerted political and socialist aims to create a permanent multicultural, multiracial, multisexual, multireligious, and multilingual society that is totally contrary to all that is the history and tradition of the white English people. New Labour has created a New Britian that is no longer truly Britian nor truly British!! They’re trying to bastardized -the true British like no other political entity has in all the 1,500 year history of being an Anglo-Saxon nation. Worse still, the emerging status of a mixed race society delutes the genetic native stock with interracial marriages and interracial births that now sees in New Britian one mixed race family out of every five non-mixed race families in the UK. If such a demographic trend continues, it will mean that within 30 to 50 years, the United Kindgom will have a majority of mixed race families over non-mixed race ones. It will also mean that mixed race voters will eventually outnumber white or black voters in UK. New Labour, therefore, will continue to destroy the English people long after it is gone or until it rears its ugly political head once again as a mixed race party that will eventually rule England forever over whatever white native sons and daughters are left. And, the English language is now becoming more crude and more Africanized by the day due to the continuing onslaught by New Labour of immigrant Africans that now exist at every level of today's "Broken and Black New Britain."

Everywhere you turn from billboards to newspapers to tele-
vision in Britain, subcultural African faces are splashed all
over the place as if they're the country's majority race instead
of the newest minority. Oftentimes, poor whites are also de-
picted as criminals in ads say about combatting welfare fraud,
while blacks are less likely to be shown in such true light!
Young white English women are seen coupled with male
Africans and other foreigners either in interracial marriage
or in mixed race courtship at ever increasing numbers.
There is no longer any societal stigma or personal shame
by such women who delight in such immoral relationships.
Derby, like London, legally deposits by law the disgusting
rise of such mixed race immorality and lawful weddings
either in or out of wedlock. The latest immigrant "baby
boom" has now pushed Britain's population to over 61
million due entirely to New Labour's outrageous mass
immigration of millions of Africans and foreigners.
Such overwhelming numbers of mass immigrant babies
born in the UK are a true threat to the future stability
and character of the British people. Yet, New Labour
is thrilled by it all. While folkz like me, hate what they
see. So within 12 years, we're gained a million more
mouths to feed and most of those mouths are now
either black or mixed race or foreign ... What in
heaven's name have they done to England?
It's to destroy it more and more
by British Labour.
Stop At Any Derby Bus Stop And Immigrants
And Foreigners Abound At Each And Every One.

View of Derby Cathedral.

Derby: So You Also Want A Buddhist, Ah?

They Just Walked Right On By
The White Sick Man At Derby!!
Police Cameras First Welcome You To "Nice" Derby!
Ralph Ballard at BNP Fest w/Uncle Monty.
Where I Stayed At Derby:
Quaint Dining Room at Chuckles Guest House.
I've had to shorten my Derby story due to other
pressing events that constantly take my time.
Whatever, I have outlined the core of what I saw
and heard at modern Derby that I mostly didn't
like. This is 3 of 3 stories of mine stemming from
my visit to the 10th Anniversary Red, White, and
Blue BNP Festival that was just outside of Muslim
Derby. You may read my "Three Days Inside The
BNP" and my "True Faces of the BNP," if you just
scroll down my little blog for now ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
> America's Labour Day <
:: Oddly enough "statsbrains" now declares that my
little blog here is getting more hits than The BNP or
The Big Issue. Really? I doubt very much that the
BNP is getting less - 1,858 per day - hits than
my "meta tagless" blog ... Still interesting,
though, at least to me personally!! ::
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Now All Gone!! By Uncle Monty.

Now All Gone!! By Uncle Monty.
Edward, Robert and John F. Kennedy.
With Ted Kennedy now gone, all the Kennedy
Brothers of America have now gone, too.
And, so all that needs to be said is
written in the words of Issac Watts of
over two and half centuries ago:
"A thousand ages in Thy sight
are like an evening gone,
Short as the watch the ends the
night, Before the rising sun.
"Time, like an ever rolling stream,
Bears all its sons away,
They fly forgotten, as a dream,
Dies at the opening day.
Washington Gathers For
Ted Kennedy Funeral
Biography of Dr. Isaac Watts.
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True Faces of the BNP. By Uncle Monty.

True Faces of the BNP.
BNP Story By Uncle Monty.
BNP Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 3.
No matter the human event, I just love seeing and
meeting the variety of people that attend or gather at
whatever the event maybe at where ever it takes place
and for whatever reason it occurred. Thus, attending
the British National Party's 10th Anniversary Red,
White & Blue Festival was no exception for me to see
yet another human event in which I could explore and
to then record some of the various human beings thus
there in person to either meet or to ignore. Rarely do
I want to ignore, but rather first meet and then ex-
plore the person I have then met. There's an old say-
ing, "that a stranger is only a friend you haven't met."
Maybe or maybe not, depending on the person
or situation at any given time and place.
Whatever, at the festival my aim was to record and
to then show, here via my little blog, some of the
true faces, if you will, of the BNP. The festival was
an ideal setting to do such a thing, especially since
folkz tend to be more open to others at fesival events.
The only difference between the BNP Festival and
commercial ones elsewhere, was its inability to get
music and alcohol licenses issued for the event.
Personally, an alcohol-free event is always welcome!
I just hate seeing or dealing with drunks and binge-
drinkers that are all too prevelant into today's
mindless British drinking culture that creates all
kinds of violence, vandalism, and victims that
simply results too often in great social harm to
our communities and society at large.
Let me then lecture no more here, but
rather turn to the first person on my list of true
faces of the BNP. He's a guy called Robert West!
Here he is with his true face and some serious
questions about his religious credibility to just
start with ...
Robert West (Rev'd), Is He?
Robert West, who is known more formally as the Rev’d RMB
West and who is shown above, is not, has some have suggested,
a former Anglican or Catholic priest. Quite the opposite, in
fact. Rather he was ordained, so he told me when I asked
him directly, by The Apostolic Church prior to him recently
becoming the self-appointed moderator of the Christian
Council of Britain (CCOB) that is heavily allied to the ulta-
patriotic British National Party (BNP). There are quite a
variety, both at home and abroad, of Apostolic groups and
churches ranging from the New, the All Nations, the British,
the Old, the Orthodox, the Ancient, and the Christ Apostolic,
to name just a few. Which of those Mr. West was ordained by
back in the late 1970’s is up to conjecture, frankly. I first met
Robert, after his lengthy and somewhat shrill and shambolic
sermon of “Are Nations Ended?” at the Sunday Service held
at the 10th Annual Red, White & Blue Festval. The service
was indeed packed full that included the attendence of the
BNP leader Nick Griffin himself, along with his devout
wife Jackie and his elderly mom Jean.
To learn more about Robert West, plus his past
BNP candidacy and his CCOB, with its own website
constantly down or with a broken link, you can other-
wise read elsewhere some further details and intrigue
surrounding him. I say intrigue, because he, Robert
West, has been openly described as a fake “Rev'd" on
the internet. I’ll leave it to my blog readers to decide
one way or another about Robert West's reverential
credentials. In my opinion, however, I think he is
either at best an autocephalous Protestant minister
or an independent evangelist or a born-again
Christian preacher or at worst an utterly fake
English vicar. It’s your pick:
I by chance found the new and latest CCOB website
that is frontpaged at http://www.ccob.co.uk/ or go to
http://www.ccob.co.uk/?cat=1. So now forget all about
Robert West's old website that is constantly down.
Who'd ever expect such witchcraft at BNP?Don't know what to make of the above pair, do you?
All I know about them is they are a couple of true
faces of the BNP ...
Glasgow's BNP man Charlie Baillie.

Charlie Baillie is about as Glaswegian as they come!! He is running right now on the BNP ticket against the seat of once all-powerful Speaker of the House of Commoms and Labour ignoramus Michael Martin in the October 12th, 2oo9 (CORRECTION: NOVEMBER 12th is now the correct date. Thankz MacJock!) Labour by-election at Scotland's Glasgow North East. Such has come about due to Martin having been rightly ousted out of his commons speakership and despite claims he only stood down to retire on a nice £150,000+ state pension and a possible fancy knighthood for all his ill-mannered Labour persona. Heaven forbid! As Shakespeare said, “An ape is an ape, even though dressed in scarlet." Old Martin comes pretty close to the Shakespeare dictum, doesn't he? You bet! Now Martin’s own son is to run for the same seat to replace his old dad in parliament. Again, heaven forbid! As for Charlie Baillie, I spent quite some time with him over shortbread biscuits and a good cuppa or two or three of well-brewed tea inside the festival cafe. With elaborate Scottish patriotic tatooes on both of his short strong arms, Charile also proudly wore his homeland kilts of two different kinds on two different days that I saw him so finely dressed in, as shown of him above. He has a political fight on his hands does Charlie Baillie to even make a dent at Glasgow’s traditional Labour stronghold, but he seemed undaunted about that saying that if he should come in fourth or fifth place that he will have achieved and gained so much for the BNP. Aside, of course, for his own good and nationalistic beliefs! And, for the good of Glasgow and Scotland. What has riled many local Glaswegians has been the deliberate decision of New Labour's Gordon Brown to keep Martin's seat empty for as long as he can before he must call the by-election, which hopefully will see Labour's demise even further than it already is across the UK. To keep the Glasgow North-East seat deliberately empty for close to four months without parliamentary representation for the local people is all part of the sickening arrogance and tyranny of New Labour. The empy seat is now a political record without an MP. If by extemely good fortune BNP's Charlie Baillie is sensationally elected to the British Parliament from Glasgow North-East, then Labour will be propelled into the political wilderness for generations to come and hopefully forever. The British liberal media, and the "New Pravda" that is the awful and biassed BBC, won't know what's hit them with Charlie Baillie hitting world headlines for weeks should he win. The problem, however, with Glasgow and elsewhere, is who gets to count the final votes? By the way, my late dad was also from Glasgow ... so I'm partial to the city and to my distant relative Robert Leighton (1611-1684), who was the first Archbishop of Glasgow and a noted Scottish Episcopal Divine. But today, checkout Charlie Baillie for he may bring a devastating political surprise to New Labour and above all to Wee Bonnie Scotland!!


^ True British Accordionist at the BNP 10th Fest.
Trafalgar Club's Julie Armstrong.

Julie Armstrong, 67, has for many years lived in Cape Town, South Africa. She related to me how the last white apartheid-era South African President F. W. de Klerk, had politically, governmentally, and entirely surrendered all of South Aftrica to the Nelson Mandela menace and which then saw the end of apartheid that set Zud-Africa on the course of today that has seen the rise and fall of Thabo Mbeki along with South Africa becoming another violent and/or growing failed African State under the vile hands of Jacob Zuma, who is a ANC wretched character if there ever was one along with Zimbabwe's more vicious and more anti-British Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Julie Armstrong belongs to the elite Trafalgar Club that provides substantively to the BNP, financially and politically. Quite a talkative lady was she that was just my personal cuppa of tea. She's an avid photographer, too!
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, MEP, w/his wife Jackie.

Nick Griffin, MEP – known legally as Nicholas John Griffin - had made one earlier remark at the European Union Parliament that I told him I absolutely agreed with relating to New Labour’s avaricious Minister of Europe Glenys Kinnock, who he described as a “political prostitute” that indeed she truly is. Her ladyship has shunned the BNP leader like a plague at the EU, but the real plague is her and her Welsh agnostic hubby Baron Neil Kinnock coupled with Britain’s lecherous henchmen and MPs of New Labour. The Kinnocks’ daughter Rachel happens also to work at 10 Downing Street under jackass Gordon Brown. Strictly then a family affair are the political and greedy Kinnocks with their huge salary rewards, perks, and self-importance that befits their deep desire to get all they can get from out of the over-taxed British and European taxpayers to the sum of hundreds of thousnads of quids or euros, annually. The only ones they care about are solely themselves. They’re always greedy, much like Anthony Blair, and are classic British "Champagne Socialists" for all they can get to live off the hog until the day they die. I have no time whatsoever for such slippery "caviar socialists" like them nor for Bambie Blair nor Jackass Brown nor any of the New Labour bunch, except for good-hearted Labourite Frank Field, M.P. I have emailed him from time to time and he always responds to my comments ...

Anti-Semitism maybe a personal thing for Nick Griffith, but it should NOT be party policy. Our Jewish friends should be embraced and harnessed against the global threat of Islam and its growing hold on England that has come about entirely due to hideous Anthony Blair's "Alice-in-Wonderland" policy view that Islam is a quaint and harmless religious belief. Because of that, Blair and his New Labour have now rendered Britain to some 1.8 million Muslims that are breeding like rabbits all across the UK and at the now open Islamic terrority of Europe at a pace that is now breathtaking and truly dangerous. While I strongly support Christian interdemoninational faiths, I can no longer support interfaith endeavours that I once did because such interfaith actions now only aid and abet the ilk of Islam. With that said, I make one interfaith exception in my unwavering support for Christian-Jewish Dialogue as an avid and devout Anglican myself. Anti-Semitism brings no good to anybody and least of all to a party that seeks to appeal to a broader political base like the BNP has under Nick Griffin's leadership that has seen its party appeal grow under him. Shred then any such ugly notions about our Jewish compatriots and squarely aim instead at the most dangerous enemy against us that Islam presents at every level of today's "Broken New Britain." To see more and more Muslim mosques flourishing all over the place is frightening, especially when the present and godless Labour Government has encouraged such to take place yet takes every other step to undermined the ancient, traditional, and historic Christian faith of our own British and Irish compatriots. Indeed, New Labour is totally anti-Christian. Don't be hoodwinked by Anthony Blair's conversion to Catholicism from Anglicanism for he is also our modern British war criminal for his lies and deeds with George Bush on the illegal and immoral invasion of weak Iraq that has resulted in years of criminal savagery and out and out killings of countless innocent Iraqis. In many ways, better for England had Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair never been born in the first place ...

While I cannot and will not support the death penalty or capital punishment that the BNP does, I strongly support its call for the re-introduction of corporal punishment in the home and school to stem the tidal wave of youth lawlessness, indiscipline, ill-manners, open disrespect, the rise of racial street gangs, violent underage crime, wanton vandalism, binge drinking, gross illicit drug use, and the deadly knife culture, in the modern and depressing UK. The school cane must be brought back immediately and used to maximise the end of such destructive behaviour by all too many British youths who openly flout the law with impunity and immunity thesedays. We also need new strong underage curfews that forbid such youths to roam the streets at all hours of the day and night. The age of majority should be returned to age 21 and compulsory national military service for two years should also be imposed at age 18 for all males. Immigrant youths, underage failed asylum seekers, and foreign nationals, should be excluded from such British national service and made to do instead community work, like street cleaning and road works, for a two-year period. That's if they are lawfully inside the country. Those born in the UK of immigrant, ayslum seeking and/or foreign parents should not automatically be granted British Citizenship based solely on their geographic birth, either. Rather, they should be classified as "Non-Regular Holders," who cannot claim free housing, free medical care, free education, free maternity, free welfare benefits, free food, free public transport, etc, etc., like they do now under New Labour's non-ending mass immigration policy that has brought Britain to become a huge international dumping ground for the world's mostly unwanted human trash at best and at worst just plain two-legged scum. New Labour, under Bambie Blair, issued close to 1 Million British passports to immigrants and foreigners so that the could stay permanently and of course for them to then most likely vote in gratitude for the Labour Party in the next upcoming British General Election and in the future at where ever they now pollute and reside in my now immigrant-swamped and ghettoized country.

Nick Griffin During Recorded TV interview.


But the real appeal of the BNP is its unequivocal opposition to New Labour’s almost criminal immigration policy that has now seen over 2.2 millions African immigrants forced on the British people and aside from the masses of hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans and foreigners of every kind that are choking the very identity and culture of the white working British people that New Labour seems intent on only ignoring and harming no matter the cost to the native-born working folk. Personally, I will not voted for any political party that supports immigration in any shape or form to the British Isles. We need to close the door SHUT!! No more god damn immigrants and fake asylum seekers. I mean, NO MORE!! And, no matter where ever those cunning and crude African immigrants go, let it be stated openly, they cause untold trouble as seen even now in China with the mass influx of them there. Just read James Pomfret’s latest news story at Reuters called “Out of Africa and into China, emigres struggle ..."


Indeed, the African Diaspora is polluting the whole world with their immigrant numbers running into 85 million of them worldwide and still counting. New Labour is more pro-African than Africa itself. Thus, the British people are paying one of hell a price that will inflict their curse upon us from now and forever and a day on the life and limb of Britian because of the immigration insanity that is demonic New Labour. Then there is Northern Ireland that sees the BNP as a good neighbour in its distrust and intense dislike for most foreigners coming to take jobs from the locals. Read Andras Gergely’s Reuter news report from Belfast – “Battle for jobs feeds Northern Ireland xenophobia." - http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSTRE57I00M20090819

And as for Nick Griffin, who I personally liked on first sight, you can also read the online biography about him - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Griffin
Plus, the political history of the BNP - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_National_Party
Also, BNP’s land and people website makes good reading -
Richard Barnbrook Elected and Harassed! ***
Richard Barnbrook is a far right political star for being the first elected
BNP member to sit inside the Greater London Assembly (GLA). With his kitchen apron wrapped around him has he humbly served homemade sandwiches and rich coffee at the RWBF to festival goers, I noticed that Richard had a presence, style and flair about him that fits the face of a young and modern British politician. And that’s exactly what the BNP needs to do if it is to expand its appeal and its political base beyond the stuffy and stiff image it otherwise may convey today. While I did not talk political shop with Richard, I did observe him openly at ease with one and all on three or four random occasions at the festival. One thing I saw is that Richard Barnbrook would easily attract women voters and their important vote in any election no matter the political spectrum. Of course, he is already married!! I think, too, he may well represent the hope and future of the BNP due to his youthfulness and personality appeal. The BNP must shred some of its ugly political past to step out to be a more centre right party, if it is to win continuing seats at the various political venues in the coming years ahead ...

:: BNP councillor banned over video blog ::

My personal encounter with Richard Barnbrook did not indicate to me that he suffers from dyslexia. It is easy to forget what is on one's own blog after posting hundreds of posts on it like me. Clearly, councillor Valerie Rush was in for the political killing by wagging her righteous finger at Barnbrook. How can any council member be suspended when they are elected by the public and not be such a council that seems to serve itself and not the public more often than not? Even if this fellow got his murder facts wrong, either by fair or foul, so what? Politicans of ever stripe and colour do it all the time! Richard Barnbrook is a sitting duck for those who hate the BNP and so political revenge is always the key to such local council hacks as like Valerie Rush. My Reader View & Response to the above London Evening Standard article. Updated: Sept. 25th, 2oo9. am.
Robin Bridge-Taylor

I know little or nothing about Robin Bridge-Taylor other than I met him for about four minutes to pose a couple of questions to him and to photograph him at the end of the Sunday Service at where he had played the hymns. What I discovered was that he is a healthy-looking 78 year old gentlemen, an ex-RAF wireless private, a member of both the BNP and CCOB, that he plays piano and organ and electronic music keyboard very well and that he speaks quite like a toff. That’s the sum total I know about Robin other than he was also a 2008 BNP Candidate for Newtown & Polsloe and named in the BNP leaked membership roster that has, while I was actually writing this latest blog story of mine, now resulted in the arrest of two suspects charged with 'leaking' the BNP list which earlier came to me anonymously from one of my blog readers who sent me the actual weblink to the 10,000 member list ...

Read abit more about Robin Bridge-Taylor here, if you so wish: BNP and far-right candidates: local elections 2008
British Veteran Mike! ***
I know even less about British Veteran Mike
than I do about Robin! I don't even know Mike's
surname or where he is from in the UK. But I do
know what he told that he served in Northern
Ireland, was a U.N Peace Keeper, had served in
Iraq and I believe he also said in Afghanistan. There
he was with his well-earned and well-deserved medals
as I caught up with him at the 10th Anniversay Red,
White, and Blue held at Codner-Denby as recorded in
my earlier blog story "Three Days Inside The BNP."

True Faces of the BNP. By Uncle Monty.
These Two Guys Aren't Muslims nor are they the TRUE masked faces of the BNP. In fact, the blokes here are open BNP activists from Rutland and raising funds for their local political party activities. ***
I have tried to write a broad outline of some of the BNP people or faces I encountered and recorded during my friendly stay inside the 10th BNP Festival. Although at times things looked abit tense with 1,500 radical leftists and vile communists amassing to protest against what was a perfectly lawful gathering at a private event of political members from the far right. Nick Griffin, I noticed had at least three or four personal bodyguards to protest him should the mixed race mob decide to then go blitz against the BNP and invade or attack those inside like me. I was there to write my story and come hell or high water I was going to do that in the name of free speech and free reporting no matter if there was a mob of 1,500 or more. I was inside and inside I intended to stay and see whatever happened at the festival and to meet as many people as I could to roundout my planned stories. I am happy I went!! And, even happier to write what I have. Those who have severely criticised me for even daring to go to the BNP Fest are free to do so. But I make no apology whatsoever for excerising what few fragile freedoms I still have left under vile New Labour's now foreignized and socialistic state that I never voted for nor never will while I still yet life in "Broken New Britain" of their own hideous making ...

Have a good day, everybody, Uncle Monty. +Tenth Sunday after Trinity, 2oo9.

Also: Day Two of Ramadan, 2oo9.

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Three Days Inside The BNP. By Uncle Monty. BNP Photos By Alex Albion.

Three Days Inside The BNP
BNP Story By Uncle Monty
BNP Photos By Alex Albion
Part One of Three Articles
Staffordshire bull terriers, American pitbulls, British bulldogs,
and German Alsatians were among the many tough dog breeds
that accompanied the quite friendly crowd of 1,400 British National
Party (BNP) members and their fellow compatriots to the gathering
and open celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Red, White and

Blue Annual Festival (RWBF) that was held at Codnor-Denby
and is so set in the heart of the old East Midlands of England.

British Veterans Gathering For
Sunday Morning Prayer Service.
What was also seen was a mixed-race ragtag of 1,500
leftwing agitators and socialist radicals so assembled by the
arrival of 60 to 80 coach loads of them from all over the country
to protest the against the BNP itself and its annual private and
national festival with their robotic rants of “Nazi scum, off
our streets” as they marched like venomous cobras around
the outside parameter of the 34-acre festival site. The security
inside the festival was like being under leftist siege at where
BNP guards watched dutifully to ensure the radical mob didn't
get inside and try to create havoc and mayhem just for the sake
of it. Not one mixed race toe was succesful in getting inside!
The organized mob had allegedly been bankrolled by funds from
various British Trade Unions and from organisations like the
mindless United Against Fascism (UAF) group. Such radical
groups are led by the ilk of such trade unionists as Pete Radcliffe
and by full-time paid leftist demagogue Weymouth Bennett.
Later, I was personally confronted by a couple or so of the
screaming mob that called me "scum" just for having entered
the BNP Festival so that I could write firsthand about it and
to meet and spend some goodly time, like I did, with most
of the top BNP leadership so that I could form my own
personal impressions of them. That, I most certainly did
beginning first with BNP Party Chairman Nick Griffin, MEP.
Simon Darby, BNP Deputy Chairman, in BBC Interview.
I spent time with BNP deputy chairman Simon
Darby, who I found to be difficult to hold any mean-
ingful conversation with. He basically fobbed me off
and wasn't conducive to my presence with him or any
attempts by me to engage him. He would scramble
off here and there without any warning and he never
looked me in the eye like Nick Griffin did. When Fiona
Hamilton did her Times -piece entitled "Schoolboy re-
cruting sergeants proud to make case for the BNP,"
Simon Darby was included in the piece. I saw the
interview taking place, but he never acknowledge
to me anything about his Times- interview. He was
the Festival banker, too, with gobs of money that
I saw him, from time to time, put inside his jacket
pocket from the many £10 admission fees he collected
from folkz as they entered the RWBF. As I sat next to
him on three or four occasions, I got to observe him
closely and I got the feeling Simon was condescending
and even pretty cynical of others to some degree ...
I also felt he didn't readily trust others! Pity!
But, here's his online blog ...
Windy Day Was Great For The Flags!
British cops were everywhere to keep the peace that
cost perhaps £500,000 (or, over $1 Million) to ensure
political leftwing violence was reduced to the minimal
and thankfully the local cops did a good job of that with
only some 19 arrests of the mob with police helicopers
buzzing overhead and rows of white police paddy wagons
all lined-up at the ready for whoever wanted to breach
the laws outside the rules of peaceful assembly. I ab-
solutely support the left in their right to free speech
and to openly protest whatever they don't like. But no,
they also want to suppress the freedom of speech and
the freedom of assembly for everybody else who
strongly disagrees with them and/or who actively

opposes their socialistic agendas and political dogmas.
BNP Memorial In Memory of UK's Murdered
White Folkz By Minority Race Criminals.
As I stated before, I met most of the top BNP leadership
so that I could write a little about them kinda upfront.
That, I most certainly did on first meeting with BNP Party
Chairman Nick Griffin, MEP. To me, he was rather a polite
and mild-mannered man and so pleasant to meet. I told him
that he "came over alot more human than from those ne-
gative interviews that I have constantly read about him in
the British mass media." He then chuckled abit at what I had
said. I cannot blame him! I also met his loyal wife Jackie
from their 24 years of solid marriage and also Nick's
lovely mom Jean. They're the human faces of the BNP
and that's for sure. And they exist happily, despite
whatever vicious attempts by the far left to suppress
the free speech and lawful activities of the far right in
the now International Socialist State of the UK -and
elsewhere. As for Nick and Jackie Griffin, we seemed
to bump into each other over 4 or 5 times during the
full course of the weekend. Each time, we then chat-
ted a wee bit more. Nick was, of course, in much
demand by the party faithful at the festival to be
photographed with them, so that he did graciously
as party chairman. Nick Griffin, MEP, was also the
first British Member of the European Parliament
(MEP) that I'd actually met face-to-face.
As for the "troubles" encountered by the BNP
national website that was sabotaged on the after eve
of the festival with malicious cyber "DDos attacks," its
webmaster Simon Bennett took immediate steps to counter
such and did so by setting-up an additional and permanent
server to protect the party's website from further vile attacks.
And, who was behind such wilful attacks? Just take a good
guess!! Whatever, Nick Griffin now informs us via his
e-newsletter that the BNP website is now up again
and is all fine and dandy!! By the way, about 300
gigabytes of BNP data was transfered from the old
to the new web server. That's a hell of alot of data!!
Aside from being pretty time consuming and
costly to safely transfer, electronically.
British Family Kids Enjoyed Themselves, Too!
:: Web Image of BNP Youth ::


Uncle Monty First Meeting With BNP
Having said abit about my encounters inside the BNP,
I next present Part 2 that will include about 10 photos
of the "True Faces of the BNP." All of them was taken at
the 10th Anniversary of the Red, White & Blue Festival.
And, the mugshots, if you will, that I took was with
the specific knowledge and consent of those so photo-
graphed. You may be surprised at the variety of such
BNP true faces that even surprised me. No, they're
not thugs or criminals by far that the British leftwing
media always tries to depict them as such. What I saw
of the folkz at the RWBF was certainly of good and
honest people who detest all that they now see of
their once beloved England going more and more
down the drain due the political and social insanity
that is vicious New Labour that first started with
Anthony "Bambie" Blair and now carried on by
our present Labour jackass Gordon Brown. Look
out then for Part 2 quite soon ... Such will also
show some photographs of those good Scottish,
Welsh, and Irish folkz who proudly attended
in person for the whole or part of the long
weekend festival of the British National
Party at perhaps its most public best ...
True Faces of The British National Party - Part 2.
BNP Photos By Alex Albion ~ Story By Uncle Monty.

Then in Part 3, I will describe what the English City of Derby is like today. It is a city model of mattamore Muslims and totally saturated by New Labour's hideous imposition of multiracialism and multiculturalism that defies the very eyes and native minds of many who happen to be white and working class British by birth and long tradition. My country has been hijacked by New Labour and all it masses of immigration now swamps my country beyond almost recognition. Yet, this they have done against the national will and consent of the true British people. While they're always talking and ranting about far right extemism, New Labour has in fact become the embodiment of political extremism in today's "Broken New Britian." Derby is just 8 miles from the RWBF site at the Derbyshire villages of Codner-Denby. More later ...
*** Derby: A City Model of Mattamore Muslims - Part 3.
By Uncle Monty ~ Derby Photos By Alex Albion.

Let me finally say that I was also interviewed on video by the BNP
after my disconcerting confrontation by a couple or so of the shipped-
in leftist mob after one of them saw my RWBF wristband that allowed
me to come and go freely from the festival site. Luckily for me, the
Codnor cops quickly saw what was going on and took immediate action
to ensure that I wasn't either kicked or punched or roughed-up, or
even possibly beaten up, for no other reason than for me wearing the
dark blue festival wristband. "If I see you even lay a finger on this gent,
I am warning you now that you will be arrested," said the tall policeman
as he separated me from them. He knew, like the other cops, that the
longer I was encircled, the more likely I would be assaulted or further
verbally abused. I want to thank very much the policemen for coming
quickly to my rescue and ensuring I was then safe and sound and free
to return to the BNP Festival at my own free will ... Bravo!!!
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+St. Clare, 2oo9.

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Historic Images. By Alex Albion.

Historic Images ~ By Alex Albion.
Taken From Uncle Monty's
Photographic Collection.
Old photographs are the record of people, events,
and times of the past. Photography has been around
for around 165 years now. Although around for only a
short period in terms of the totality of human history,
photography has nevertheless played a pivotal role in
recording almost every aspect of humankind since it
was first invented by Louis Daguerre (1767-1851) in
France and later taking photography to new heights
was America's Mathew Brady (1822-1896) during the
American Civil War. Brady travailed the battlefield
with his first "on site" photographic studio at where
his cameras and developing darkroom appeared
among the soldiers by horse drawn wagon!! Indeed,
Brady was the world's first war photographer and
who later died destitute despite having photographed
President Abe Lincoln himself and the Confederate
General Robert E. Lee, among many other important
mid-19th century Americans he recorded for posterity.
Advent of Photography
America's Pioneer Photographer
Princess Mary of Teck (1867-1953)
The above rare photo of the later to be Queen
Mary of England was taken circa 1895. Such is
among my rare photographic collection of
old British Royalty.
French Trappist Monks, c. 1911.

Historic photographs of archbishops and religious figures has always fascinated me. I search high and low for such. The above sepia image of the Trappist monks, c. 1911, inside their own abbey, is one of my favourite since few old photographs can be found showing the interior activity of such monks. There are plenty of old photographs showing the outside view of churches and abbeys, but few show any religious activity or members of the religious order inside.
... British Bobbies tended to shy away, I suspect, from visiting their local photo studio or parlour to have themselves photographed in full uniform. I say that because the above historic image is the only one I have ever found or seen of such a British Bobby of 1919. Stiff and officious-looking was he, but that was the way so many photos were taken in those days as commercial or store front photographers tended to have little or no imagination when taking pictures of their paying customers. Dull studio props, boring background scenes, and standardised poses, left little for the imagination at the best of times. Such is certainly illustrated by our British Bobby here.
... At Havana, Cuba, c. 1908, is what I call a "live" photograph, since it was not posed or taken inside a studio but right out on the street, if you will. "Waiting to be shot. Adios!!!" is written under the unusual image showing humankind's thirst to kill each other either at war or for revenge or committing crime. I just wonder if the same person who took the above picture also photographed the same men after they had actually been shot dead? Photography has always brought us both the beauty and the beast, the brutality and the blessedness, and the barbaric and the bizarre, that has always been present in the composition and emotion of humankind from her earliest beginnings.
... The Zeppelin (or a large dirigible airship) shown in the distant background of this 1902 "Souvenir of Lille" was later added to the original image of the parading French Cavalry. It would otherwise be called "trick photography" or what I myself call "embellishment photography" that soon appeared in commercial photographic images at the late 19th and early 20th centuries and it has not stopped ever since. In fact, it has been part and parcel of commercial and advertising photography for years and years now. Some also call it "fake photography" in which the original image is deliberately altered - like taking, for example, the head off one person and then putting it on another person's body - for artistic or other reasons. Today, with Photoshop, almost anything is possible within the realm of photographic imagery and trickery.

^ Flu Epidemic in Britain, 1918. ^
If you thought modern Swine Flu is something new, well take a look at this 1918 photo of a British hospital "flu ward" that tell us it could spread fast again like the common flu did during the chronology of the First World War years from 1914-1919.
The headline c. 1900 caption photo of Sir Hubert and Lady Gertrude Fitzroy-Cholmondley is accompanied by some comments from an old friend of their's, whose name isn't given, that adds even greater delight to the picture itself: "A rare photograph of two of my old friends from the early 1900s, with whom I holidayed in Morocco. I say "rare", because Sir Hubert was a deep-sea diver in the Royal Navy and was forever bringing work home with him. Gertude (or "Gertie" as she liked to be called) was forever complaining that at times she had thought of leaving him - well, would you sit at a dinner table, with your helmet on, eating through the aperture? Could he never take the damned thing off?" My answer is thank God he didn't at least when he was photographed, with his not so beloved Gertie, in his iconographic head gear and what is now such a marvellous photograph of the late Victorian English upper class!!
In recent letters to The Times, a couple of them focussed on old photography. "The Penguin edition of Gordon Winter's A Country Camera 1844-1914 -has on the front cover a picture of Robert Morvinson who was 82 (in 1857) when he was photographed," wrote Nick Ratnieks. Thus, Mr. Marvinson then became the oldest person to be photographed in what is now one of the world's oldest photographic images. While another Times -letter from Libs Bailey stated: "It is rare to see anyone smiling in early photographs, not because they had a clamp round the back of their necks to keep them still but because what teeth they had left were black and chipped." Good point, Libs!! I also learned something I didn't know that folks had such a neck clamp to keep them still while being photographed. As they say, you learn something new every day!
A few personal comments on modern photography:
To have and to use a digital or 35mm film-based camera doesn’t make one a true photographer. Everybody is an amateur shutterbug of some sort thesedays from young kids with their first digital camera to old gentlemen using their cameras like the old PRAKTICA. While the elite photographers and commercial pros still prefer their Hasselblad H System or their three-quarter format. Photographs are everywhere. Thus, such are now basically two a penny. Of the estimated one billion photographic images taken each year only a sackful or two of them will stand the test of time as great photographs and/or as important images to be preserved for all future time. Most photographs are rubbish and are taken like they’re rubbish to begin with.
Once a photograph has been taken, it becomes instant history the moment the camera shutter has done its job. And, ofterntimes it is then instantly forgotten in the rush to take yet another useless photograph. So, having a camera doesn’t make a photographer has I've already said. It only makes for little more than amatuer picture takers at best and at worst a disgrace to the worldwide profession of superb photography. Let me ask you then: How do you photograph a tree? Sounds like a stupid question, doesn't it? But it isn't!! Take 100 people, each with his or her own camera, to the same tree and then ask them individually to photograph it. Of the 100 folkz, perhaps 1 will have photographed the tree in some kind of creative or interesting manner. Most will have just photographed a tree as only a tree and nothing else. And, good photography doesn't stem from an expensive $5,000 camera system per se, but rather from the excellent eye and timing of a good photographer. Some of the best picture are taken by cheap cameras.
As for old photographs and the ones shown herein under my "Historic Images," most were taken by anonymous photographers both of amateur and professional status of the early 20th century. Their anonymity can ironically add a sense of mystery to the old photograph itself at least for me. I am oftentimes puzzled about who the person was who actually took the photograph and wonder whatever happen to him. I say "him," because photography has been mostly a male-dominated profession since its earliest beginnings with such notable exceptions as found with America's most noted and first female news photographer Maragret Bourke-White (1904-1971), who led the way with her moving images of The Great Depression in "You Have Seen Their Faces." While much earlier in Britain, Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) started photographing at the first onset of then primitive photography in Europe. Like males, women photographers are now commom place today. Good!
When I selected the old pictures for this story, I selected them based not only on the age of when the photo was taken, but on the sheer contrast between the 7 images in my story. Of course, 7 old images is so tiny in number I would not dare to even suggest that they fully represent the historic records of old photography. Obviously, they're don't! Such here is then a mere little glimpse for the avid collector of historic images. Whatever may come of this short story, I hope most of all that it may wet the appetite of say just one person to start collecting such that can be found at car boot sales, old book shops, antiques shops, and even charity shops in England or at America's Thrift Shops, flea markets and antiques road shows in the states. Generally, collecting old photographs or photographic postcards is still relatively cheap compared to collecting other things like estate jewellery or say old coins and rare stamps. To pay only 50p or a dollar for something that is over 100 years old, then I think that's a bargain straight off. Old photographs can still be bought for that kind of silly price. But the key is to find the rare and unusual that will become more valuable as such becomes more rare over time. So collect not only for the beauty of the thing, but as a potential investment into the rare and esoteric things like old historic images.
Have a G'day, Alex Albion.
+ St. Hyppolitus, 2oo9.
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