HEROIC TREO, D.M. By Uncle Monty.

Britain’s Bomb-Sniffing Hero.
By Uncle Monty.
DM Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Everybody at yesterday’s very unusual Dickin Medal Ceremony
was there all because of Heroic Treo, the British Army’s retired

bomb sniffing black labrador who was formerly based out
at Afghanistan with his close friend and army handler
Sergeant Dave Heyhoe.

H.R.H. Princess Alexandra of Kent.
Heroic Treo was awarded The Dickin Medal, the
Victory Cross for brave and life-saving war animals like
Treo, by H.R.H. Princess Alexandra of Kent, 73, The Hon.
Lady Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel Angus
Ogilvy, KG, GCVO, who I was also personally pleased to first
meet and to have a right royal chat with and to photograph
her upfront at the extraordinary and packed gathering for
the invitation-only medal ceremony held at London’s
impressive Imperial War Museum (IWM).
: Britain's Princess Alexandra of Kent :
The Dickin Medal Awarded Heroic Treo.
L to R: BBC-TV's News Reporter John Blain,
Sargeant Dave Heyhoe, Major Graham Shannon,
and BBC Cameraman at IWM.
Waiting, Was She, For The
Arrival Of The Princess.
Royal Chelsea Pensioners at IWM.
Sgt. Heyhoe w/Heroic Treo & His Sons.
The British national newspapers, television and
radio - including, of course, the Internet - are all
abuzz this morning with the happy news of Heroic
Treo's well-deserving Dickin Medal and yesterday's
'Red Letter Day' for both him and British Army
Sargeant Dave Heyhoe.
And, what exactly has "Treo & Company" done to
be given such a public fanfare and great honour?
Well, it's something like this ... I'll let Her Royal
Highness herself proudly tell us why:

"I am delighted to have been asked to present the
PDSA Dickin Medal to Treo, a wonderful brave Arms
and Explosive Search dog responsible for saving the
lives of civilians and soldiers alike in Helmand
Province, Afghanistan.
"Treo is the most deserving recipient of the award;
his courageous actions epitomise the spirit of the
Dicken Medal and the vision of its creator Maria
Dickin. Established in 1943, the Dickin Medal is re-
cognised worldwide as the animals' Victoria Cross
(V.C.): the highest honour for courage in conflict,
recognition for the bravest of the brave.
"Treo is the hero of the hour and this remarkable
story reminds us all how animals also serve: as
they did yesterday and will again tomorrow.
BRAVO to Heroic Treo, D.M. and his good army
friend and handler Sargeant Dave Heyhoe, who has
now provided a safe and permanent family home at his
own home for retired Treo from operational military
tasks. He is not just "the hero of the hour," your Royal
Highness, but rather the hero of our times that will
live beyond Heroic Treo's eventual pet grave and
our own lives, too. BRAVO and Three Cheers,
I declare and gladly say!!
Very truly, Uncle Monty.
+Eighth Day of Lent, 2010.
Next Part Two: "Animals In War."
By Uncle Monty.
>> Above: Lead photo is that of BBC-TV's News Reporter
John Blain and I covering yesterday's Dickin Medal event
at London's Imperial War Museum. I might also add that
the rare event was much like a media frenzy of reporters,
news photographers, broadcasters, and online bloggers all
jostling and competeing with each other to cover Heroic
Treo and his unpretentious and down-to-earth friend
and handler British Sargeant Dave Heyhoe << .
World Blog Stories on Sgt. Heyhoe & Treo.
http://www.wopular.com/newsracks/sergeant+dave+heyhoe/blogs. .
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Apes Only. By Alex Albion.

Apes Only.
Photo Essay By Alex Albion.
Apes fascinate or repulse us because we originally came
from them at some point. Whatever, my chance to spend some
time with the Barbary Apes of Gibraltar was wondeful for me.
And, to then photograph them upfront at their natural habitat and
inside their mountainside den for the first time was all the more
exciting and challenging for me as a retired news photographer.
"Would You Like A Piece?"
I don’t like the zoo for animals either to visit them or
to photograph them inside cages or behind barded wire.
It’s in their natural surroundings at where I love to see
them and if possible to photograph them upfront just as
they are. The safari is a treasure to behold, although
humankind all too often slaughter the great and grandest
creatures of the wild. They are usually bigger and taller
and more magnificent than the human killer of the
awesome and majestic beasts that they deliberately
kill and/or maim without a thought of what they
always do with such deadly evil and intent.
"You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Your's!"
Barbary apes are alot smaller than most humanbeings.
They are, however, alot more agile, faster, and toughter than
most of their human counterparts. Beware, alas, they can bite
alot better or badder, too. Otherwise, called monkeys are the
apes. At Gibraltar, they thrive unabatedly on the high rock.
Without them, The Rock would then die by a slow
and sure death.
"Don't Dare Mess With Me,
'Cause I'll Eat You Alive!"
My photo essay herein stems solely from my personal en-
counter with the apes. Sorry, I can only present just a tiny
selection of my images due to blog space and also because
some 40 of my best 150+ original images of the Barbary
apes have already been sold and copyrighted by me for
use in glossy travel magazines and holiday news media.
And so by cable car I went and ventured upto the high middle
station of The Rock to photograph not only the Barbary Apes
themselves but also their rough, rocky, and precipitous habitat
and terrain at their centuries old living location and terrority.
At there, I then started shooting over 150 images of them
- individually and collectively- in the course of spending
much of the half-day, at the chilly morning start, as close
as I could safely get upfront to them during my first
days of the New Year, 2010, inside Gibraltar.
"You're Ever So Pretty!!"
“APE. Term usually applied to anthropoid apes (primates)
that are the closet relatives of humans. There are three great
apes – Chimpanzee, Gorilla, and Orangutan.- and one lesser,
the Gibbon. An ape differs from a MONKEY in being larger,
having no visible tail, and in possessing a more complex brain.
Two monkeys are also called “apes”- The Barbary Ape of
Gibraltar & North Africa, and the black ape of Celebes."
Source: Philip’s Compact Encyclopedia, 1997. p. 29.
"Where's Our Lunch, Mate?"
Barbary Apes in Gibraltar
Barbary Ape Picture, Barbary Ape
Free Desktop Wallpaper
Gibraltar to cull Barbary apes that terrorise tourists
The world famous Rock of Gibraltar is home
to a unique population of Barbary macaques.
My Panoramic View From The Babary Apes Den.
After photographing the Barbary apes, I felt I had
been quite fortunate to be able to spend time like I
did so closely to the ape nature and the monkey wild.
Not every day does one spend with apes or wild
creatures when you live in a huge city like London.
The only "animals" there are those who rob, rape,
and/or mug the innocent at the first opportunity
they can prey upon them. Real animals don't do
that, only the vicious two-legged kind ... called
"human beings." I'll take my chances any day with
those Barbary macaques over the savage human,
if shove comes to push or push comes to shove.
"Mommy, You're Got Fleas!"
Mighty Religions Among The Barbary Apes
Have a real nice day, Alex "A."
+Seventh Day of Lent, 2010.
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At The BNP's EGM. By Uncle Monty.

At The BNP's EGM.
By Uncle Monty.
EGM Photos & Graphics
By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Before arriving, like I did, at outer London’s Upminister
Train Station to attend the almost secret Extraordinary
General Meeting (EGM) of The British National Party (BNP),
I had convinced myself that there would be the usual haughty
hordes and bustling busloads of card-carrying commies, brood-
ing and big brazen blacks, excruciating ethnic “victims,” die-
hard radical socialists, and loud-mouth union demagogues
among them all and so gathered on the streets together to
menacingly scream and shout and confront those BNP
members peacefully attending the EGM.
Much to my real surprise, I could not find a single anti-BNP
leftist loony, high or low, or even a provocative protest placard
of any kind upon my early Sunday morning arrival. All I found
was a few extra bobbies and several clusters of the BNP faithful
standing stoically on Station Road on what was a grey and
overcast morning on St. Valentine's Day inside the UK.
The trick had been orchestrated on the would-be leftist
mob by The BNP to hold its EGM in an almost secret location
and to aviod any pre-publicity to give its known archememies
like anti-semite Weyman Bennett's United Against Fascism
(UAF) and the reverse black racist Simon Wooley’s Operation
Black Vote (OBV) their chance to publicly act out against the
BNP, yet again. They have a warped sense of collective victim-
hood by all those nasty British white folks who openly or
privately stand against them and their demands for equal
racehood. And what are they, those white folks? Bloody
racists, they say! Oh my, oh my! The ill ilk of Bennett and
Wooley thrive and function solely on by their own constant
pathology and ultramentality of being anti-BNP.
They make me spew, they do!!
BNP Inner Circle: Darby, Barnbrook & Griffin.
5 - BNP News.
I then hitched a car ride with four BNP members to the almost
secret location just a few miles away at Hornchurch’s large Elm
Park public house that was the paid renter and caterer for the EGM.
There around 350 to 400 registered BNP members gathered en masse
to vote on the party’s "New Constitution” that would permit for the
first time the admission of blacks, browns, yellows, queers, zionists,
agent -provocateurs, left-wing radicals, along with any bunch of
just about any future kind of troublemakers who may wish to
formally join The BNP.
All of this has been forced upon the BNP by New Labour’s vile
and never-ending encroachment of its vicious and extremist
“Equalities Laws” that seem to be specifically designed to bow
to every new riffraff arriving via mass immigration to the UK,
except to those of us who are British thru and thru by native
nativity, pronounced Anglo-Saxon and/or Celtic ancestry,
unashamedly British by upbringing, English-educated of the
old school, and are by origin, of course, clearly Caucasian
above all else. Being that is a kind of crime under the on-
slaught of immigrants and foreigners being given priority
over the natives of our own country. New Labour has not
only hijacked England, it has also stolen my country from
me and my fellow countrymen and women like no other
political party in all the 1,500-year history of White
Below: BNP's Richard Barnbrook, who helped to bring
about the forceful ejection of Dominic Kennedy of The
Times from the BNP News Conference held after the EGM.
I was just a few feet away from where it all suddenly
happened and under the intense glare of all the British
news media members thus present. The Kennedy ejection
should never have violently happened like it did ...
At the BNP's EGM, on my right hand sat Richard Barnbrook
(shown above) and on my left hand sat John Greenfield, 68,
who is the North Lincolnshire’s independent coordinator for
the local BNP. In his regular job - which I will not divulge -
John told me that he'd seen even some black male immigrants
from Africa arrive all dressed up as women in order to get
“legally” admitted to the UK.
Richard and John were among the hundreds of registered BNP
members at the EGM, with the vast majority being white men,
of course, and many of them also old age pensioners. Indeed, if
the vast majority of British old age pensioners vote against New
Labour in the upcoming 2010 General Election, it would bring an
immediate and final end, without a doubt, to the present Labour
Party’s red stranglehold on “Broken Britain.” New Labour would be,
to put it crudely, out on their stinking arse or ass in quick order.
Of course, an election is only as good as the count. My fear is who
counts the votes, especially if New Labour should get another 5
dreadful years of its socialist and radical tyranny inside the UK.
I have no doubt, however, that an electoral landside against
New Labour will come about despite all the recent political
and newspaper talk of some kind of hung parliament which is
asinine nonsense. The only "hung" parliament we will get is if
the vote is tampered with or is deliberately "hung" by those
counting the vote!! Rigid vigilance of the count must be ensured,
especially in questionable and close New Labour seats being
challenged by parties like the BNP and/or United Kingdom
Independent Party (UKIP). The last time I went to the my
local polling station to vote, all I saw there was the station
being supervised and manned by blacks only. Not one
white English official was present!!! Not a one!
Above and below: United Against Fascism's
Weyman Bennett, who ironically is also an
anti-semite I am told!! Yeeeep!!
:: UPDATE ::
Weyman Bennett, the UAF joint secretary who organised
the protest (against today's EDL at Manchester), was arrested
on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, police said.
Anindya Bhattacharyya, UAF press officer, said: 'A large group
of riot police charged in, there were at least a dozen of them.
'They grabbed him and physically dragged him away even
though he was protesting peacefully.' She said that Martin Smith,
who runs the Love Music Hate Racism campaign, was also arrested.
March 20st, 2010.
UK's Radical Black Agitator Simon Wooley (shown
below) operates Operation Black Vote (OBV) against
the BNP. Wooley's ragtag outfit seems to be modelled
on Louis Farrakhan's extreme "Nation of Islam" and
his Black Muslim Brotherhood in the US of A.
Oddly though, it's assumed Wooley is Christian!
At the end of the day, The BNP had in effect voted by over-
whelming majority, and for the first time ever, to admit blacks,
queers, interracial couples, communists, foreigners, orientals,
asians, hindus, zionists, half-wits, muslims, mixed-race families,
and unknown leftist loonies and weirdos to the party's member-
ship. Even black agitators like ignorant Trevor Phillips, big-
mouth Weyman Bennett and ragtag spokesman Simon Wooley
could now join the BNP! Who knows, they may just do that to stir
up more trouble and to give them yet another venue in which to
grandstand their own reverse racism. So there. The BNP's EGM
had also agreed to vote "yes" to about 100 various new amend-
ments and updates to create a BNP "New Constitution" under the
threat of New Labour's ever-intrusive "Equalities Commission,"
that is little more than a modern day British political inquisition
that is funded each year by millions of pounds extracted from
the UK taxpayer whether they like it or not. The Commission
employs a staggering 70 lawyers and is a political pet of vicious
New Labour. Hopefully, the next government after them will
take urgent steps to close down the Equalities Commission
and put their radical and racial bastards out of work for good.
:: Some Subjective Notes on Nick Griffin at EGM ::
By Uncle Monty.
Nick Griffin, the BNP Chairman, indicated indirectly
that he might well step down as party leader by the next
EU election. He has already, he said, spent 14 years as the
most successful far-right leader of any time in Britian. If
he is elected the new MP for Barking & Dagenham over his
archrival New Labourite Margaret Hodge at the upcoming
British General Election, I suspect he'll then examine all his
future options be they personal, political or professional ones.
He also constantly talked about the £1000’s upon £1000’s the BNP
has been forced to spend on lawyers and barristers to defend them-
selves from the all-mighty Equalities Commission that is the evil outfit
of New Labour that has demanded the BNP to admit not just whites,
but every colour and creed under the sun. Nick Griffin was disconcert-
ed to feel that the time and money it could spend on the upcoming
election was deliberately instigated and timed the New Labour's
Equalities Commission to undermine, or to even thwart, the BNP's
General Election campaign for national parliamentary office. If Nick
Griffin is elected to national office - and I guess he will be, sooner or
later - he will then be the first elected Member of Parliament from
and for the BNP. He is already a European Member of Parliament
(MEP). But at the EGM, he made little mention of the fact he was
an MEP and as if it really didn't matter anymore to him or the BNP.
What seems more important now, of which I surmise, was to win
the true and glittering political prize for him personally, and for
the sake and name of his party, to enter the House of Commons
for the first time. In such an event, there will be political and
media uproar awaiting Nick Griffin's expected arrival that will
also throw a big monkey wrench into the callous heart of the
present disgusting and dastardly British political establishment.
Plus, a BNP parliamentary seat will be met by absolute
horror and consternation by what remains of New Labour
and the hideous mix of communists and socialist trouble-
makers who will undoubtedly protest in violence and anger.
Along with the anti-BNP liberal news media establishment,
they will be forced to bite their own tongue.
The passing of the BNP "New Constitution" also legally
consolidates Nick Griffin's executive powers and chairman-
ship over the party and membership. He will also be able
to amend certain parts of the constitution without need-
ing to call a vote of officers or membership. The New
Constitution runs to 75 pages of legalisms and by-laws
that puts the Old BNP Constitution to historic rot.
One thing of grave importance for Nick Griffin was to
ensure the party survived legally to comply with New
Labour's meddlesome Equalities Laws and to further en-
sure the BNP was not "deregistered" as a political party
for failing to abide by such onerous and inquisitorial
multicultural laws as imposed by the vile ilk of New
Labour. The Equalities Commission is a vicious New
Labour tool it uses to attack all who oppose their agenda
of forced multiracialism and multiculturalism inside the
UK today. It has done irrepairable and destructive harm
to the nation and its very core and fabric. What they
have done is almost criminal to the country. More
and more Africans are now getting in the UK, before
the end of New Labour's immigration floodgate of
already 3.8 million Africans admitted by Blair, Straw,
and Brown, over the strenuous objections of the British
white working folks that have been shafted and ignored
by the British Labour Party at every turn for the
past 13 years that they've been in elected office.
One last thing on the BNP's EGM was the food!! Yes, the
free lunch itself was worth its weight in gold and the price
of membership, which has been frozen by the BNP in order
to counter against the Equalities Commission's calculated
attempt to close down the BNP over its then membership
criteria that barred those not British and not white. Come
March 9th, 2010 - when the next and final High Court dis-
posal of the law case of the BNP vs. Equalities Commission
is heard - the BNP hopes it can then unfreeze its membership
admission and be allowed once again to offer membership to
all who want to join and pay a £15 member fee. As for the
free food at EGM, everybody for some reason seemed to be
famished after the first 2 or so hours of the 5-hour EGM.

Big plates of hors d'oeuvres, sliced Wiltshire ham, egg rolls,
petite sandwiches, relishes, cooked pink salmon, pork sau-
sages, fresh salads, cheddar cheese, assortment of biscuits,
baked bacon, and two bars to get all you wanted to drink of
British ales and fine liquor. Everybody seemed very happy as
they gobbled down the free grub and talked among themselves
about being at the BNP's Extraordinary General Meeting that
saw most members quite happy with the later final outcome.
I asked Nick Griffin himself after the majority vote for the
New Constitution, whether he was worried beforehand of the
outcome of the vote that could have seen the whole thing
voted down without any further ado. Yes, he said he had
paused to think of such an outcome that would have been
disasterous for him personally and for the party as a whole.
He was overjoyed to win, which he did!! I personally like
Nick Griffin alot for some reason, despite all the negative
stuff I read about him as party chairman of the BNP.
I am glad I also attend the BNP's EGM. I learned
about the inner workings, if you, of the party and got to
meet alot of new folkz, too.
The best for me was meeting again the
lovely English Rose (seen in the above lead picture
with me) called simply Jenny!! What a treat it was to
spend all too short a time with her and to know she's
also a true British Patriot of bright red, pure white, and
royal blue, that dazzled my mind and my eyes so happily!
I first met Jenny last year at the BNP's Red, White &
Blue Festival that I enjoyed so much ... like I did the
EGM and, of course, again like meeting Jenny
herself!! Wooooow!! And, BRAVO!!
Be good and do good works, Uncle Monty.
+Third Day of Lent, 2010.
:: UPDATE ::
Thousands of illegal immigrants win right
to stay in Britain under 'squatters' rights'.
Thousands of illegal immigrants have been granted
"squatters' rights" to remain in Britain permanently after
proving they have lived here for 14 years, it can be disclosed.
New Labour NOT to fight UK General Election
on its terrible and disgusting past record!
Illegal immigrant killed six-week-old baby daughter he
fathered in bid to remain in UK. By Lucy Ballinger.
(African) Cocaine 'Sausages'
Geneva. A Nigerian has been arrested in Switzerland with 123
condoms stuffed with cocaine weighing 1.7kg (3.7lb) in his
stomach. A border official said that the condoms represent the
equivalent of a string sausages 5.5m (18ft) long. The (African)
man was one of six people that went through a red light near
Geneva. Four (of them) had (also) swallowed drugs.
(Dépêches AFP) Feb. 19th, 2010.
BAN All God-Damn Muslim Burkas Inside Broken Britain.
The True Faces of the BNP. By Uncle Monty.
Three Days Inside The BNP. By Uncle Monty.
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In The Name of The BNP, En Masse They Came. By Uncle Monty.

:: UPDATE ::
Personal Message From BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, MEP.

In The Name of The BNP,
En Masse- They Came.
Story By Uncle Monty.
EGM Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Valentine’s Day was greeted by this Sunday morning's gray
and overcast sky at Upminister, on the Eastern suburbs of
London, as between 350 to 400 registered members of The
British National Party (BNP) gathered en masse -at The Elm
Park venue to cast their votes "for" or "against" the party’s
proposed "New Constitution" by means of calling an almost
secret Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the
Such was called due entirely to New Labour’s controversial,
open-meddling, socialist-toxic, and 70 lawyer-based Equalities
Commission that has demanded the BNP to equally admit any
individual to the party’s membership rolls no matter their race
or political creed or natioanality or origin of birth or religion or
even their possible preverted sexuality or those who openly
profess a violent and sociopathic anti-BNP stance!
What a sick joke?
Trevor Phillips, The £112,000
Annually-Paid New Labour Agitiator.
THE EQUALITY ACT: Frequently Asked Questions
Equality chief Trevor Phillips faces inquiry for 'trying to influence
parliamentary probe.' By Gerri Peev. Read more:
British Catholic composer Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1934) was
tastefully playing in the background as the BNP members
present waited patiently for the arrival of their party chairman
Nick Griffin, who finally arrived with three personal bodyguards!
Then the autocephalous and "apostolic" preacher Robert West
was called to give the constitutional gathering his holy blessing!
I'll have more to say later about what transpired before,
during and after the BNP's 5-hour EGM.
Young Dominic Kennedy.
Shown above is the young Dominic Kennedy, investigations
editor for The Times, who was suddenly confronted by party
officials at the BNP news conference, held after the close of the
EGM, because they wanted him out of there fast. The BNP is
openly angry and sore about The Times constant negative news
coverage of the party and its nationalist politics. Simon Darby,
the BNP deputy chairman, exasperatingly called The Times
reporter Fiona Hamilton a "wicked bitch!!" The Times news
organ is essentially pro-Catholic and originally Catholic-owned,
too. Whatever, Dominic Kennedy was hardly welcome to
snoop around as a Times editor. My view is simple this:
The BNP has enough media enemies already without making
any more. To grab, man-handle, and frog-march The Times
man from the news conference was simply uncalled for by
the over-reacting BNP security personnel toward Dominic
Kennedy. I was standing just 5 or 6 feet away from when
it all suddenly happened. Aside from that, I fully support
a free and open press no matter what. A good example of
a British free press is that of the expense exposé and scan-
dal of all too many of our hideous Members of Parliament
who have been "on the take" for years and living their
lives of public lies and concealed dishonesty. Therefore, to
exclude by force any news reporter or press photographer
because you don't like what they write or photograph is
tanamount to gagging them by violence and intimidation.
No sir, that's not right!! I understand the frustration and
vexation of the BNP toward the very critical, biassed, and
negative British press coverage of the party, but the best
way is to understand the adversary role they play in a non-
perfect democratic society like our's. If we want to become
like China, Cuba, Burma, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc.,
that chokes the freedom of the press then the BNP becomes
awfully close to them when it arbitrarily and deliberately
throws out a reporter like Dominic Kennedy from its news
conference. It smacks of thuggery and immaturity, too, it
seems to me to say the least. Since he, Dominic, was first
freely invited to attend the news conference despite
what happened when he got there, a BNP apology
is also due the young man, I also think!
The day the BNP said it had changed its ways.
From The Times.
Turning a blind eye on the campaign trail as BNP targets prize seat.
By Tom Baldwin & Fiona Hamiltion.
This was the article that led to the ejection of The Times man.
The Autocephalous Preacher Robert West.
The Elm Park Venue at the corner
of Elm Park & St. Nicholas Avenues.
I am just back from the BNP news conference.
Thus, Part 1 here, is a quite short piece. But, the
next part of my story will throw a greater and a
deeper light on "In The Name of The BNP, -En
Masse -They Came." Part 2 is entitled: "At The
BNP's EGM." See you then ...
My regards for now, Uncle Monty.
+Sunday Before Ash Wednesday, 2010.
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World Homeless Events For 2010. Compiled By Uncle Monty.

World Homeless Events For 2010.
Calendar Compiled By Uncle Monty.
World Homeless Photos By Alex Albion.
Lead photo showing homeless young
man with Uncle Monty inside Iran.
Caption photo of homeless guy at bus stop
near London's Waterloo Train Station.
:: If you have a major homeless event, meeting, conference
and/or symposium of international or national importance,
please contact me via email thebiggerissue@k.st with your
full details to add your important announcement herein ::
Homeless Inside America

:: February ::
20th Annual Super Bowl Party for the Homeless, Feb. 7th,
2010. Join us in tikkun olam, working to repair our world,
by volunteering at Kol Am’s annual Super Bowl Party for the
Homeless in partnership with St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
in Soulard. We will prepare and serve meals and snacks for more
than 100 men, women and children who will be our guests for
a special Super Bowl Party at the St. Peter and Paul Shelter.
Sponsored by the Congregation Kol Am of Chesterfield, MO.
National Conference on Ending Family Homelessness.
February 11 - 12, 2010. Contact Name: D'Arcy Klingle.
The Alliance's Annual National Conference on Ending Family
Homelessness will be held in Los Angeles, CA on February
11-12, 2010, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Please watch
Alliance website (http://www.endhomelessness.org/) for more
details as they become available. Email: dklingle@naeh.org.

Homeless Inside Northern Ireland

:: March ::
Homeless Education Focus Group. March 2, 2010.
Hike for the Homeless
March 6, 2010.
CIH Housing Advice Conference & Exhibition 2010.
17 March, 2010. Thistle City Barbican Hotel London.
Conferences - OAASFEP
Pre-Conference “Homeless Education
Workshop” along with the Title I/Federal
Programs Spring Conference - March 24-26, 2010.

Community Homeless Seminar, Northern Ireland. The Conference Room, Rathmore Centre, Derry BT48 0LZ. March 31st, 2010. http://www.communityni.org/event/homelessn
HOMELESSNESS - REASONS, RISKS AND RESPONSES SEMINAR - (Half-Day) 31 MARCH 2010ess-reasons-risks-and-responses-seminar-half-day-31-march-2010

Homeless Inside Australia:: April ::
National Alliance to End Homelessness:
Annual Awards Ceremony at The Kennedy Center.
April 22, 2010 at 7:30 PM.
Homeless Inside Turkey
:: May ::

International Network of Street Papers (INSP) 2010 Conference, May 18th-20th, at Melbourne, Australia. More specific details to come come later. Thanks to Maree Aldam and Sara Harding for INSP info.
The European Federation for Street Children (EFSC). Project
development meeting to be held on 13.05.2010 in Brussels.


Homeless Inside Albania

:: June ::

2010 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference
June 2nd - 5th, 2010, at Vanderbilt University, San Francisco.
"Estimates are that over 3.5 million people experience homelessness every year, with several hundred thousand experiencing homeless every night. Standard clinical practice guidelines often fail to take into consideration the unique challenges faced by displaced people that may limit their ability to adhere to a plan of care. Exposure, violence, malnutrition, and other adverse realities of homelessness lead to very specific chronic and life-threatening health conditions. The inability to effectively navigate social services and overcome barriers to care often keeps many homeless patients from receiving needed diagnosis and treatment. When treatment is prescribed, patients are often unable to follow through with recommendations. The inability to secure prescriptions, absence of reliable transportation for follow up appointments, and lack of basic food and shelter to follow dietary guidelines and clean wounds are just a few common issues that complicate a homeless person’s treatment. By adapting clinical guidelines to address these issues, clinicians can foster improved patient outcomes."

Homeless Inside Norway

:: July ::

Shelter Cymru Annual Conference 2010, 1st-2nd July, at Village Hotel, Swansea, Wales. http://www.sheltercymru.org.uk/shelter/training/confdetail.asp?cID=75&dID=180

Homeless Link Annual Conference. 6th–7th July, 2010, at University of Reading, UK. http://www.homeless.org.uk/annualconferenceinterestform

Homeless Inside Denmark:: August ::

Homeless Inside Cuba :: September ::

6th National Homelessness Conference - 1-3 September, 2010, at Brisbane, Australia. "Many Ways Home: Ending Homelessness". Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. http://www.cnet.ngo.net.au/content/view/46143/458/

European Observatory on Homelessness, Budapest, Hungray. Sept. 17th, 2010. http://eohw.horus.be/code/EN/pg.asp?Page=1138

2010 Homeless World Cup will unite 64 national teams at Brazil's Copacabana Beach, Rio, from 19th-27th September, 2010. More details: http://www.homelessworldcup.org/

Homeless Inside Italy :: October ::

Homeless Inside South Africa:: November ::

National Association of Homeless Children & Youth (NAEHCY) 22nd Annual Conference, Houston, Texas. Intercontinental Hotel, Galleria District, November 6th-9th, 2010. http://www.naehcy.org/conf/conf_2010.html

Annual Commemoration Service for the Homeless Dead, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, November 11th, 2010, at 11.00am.

Homeless Inside Portugal :: December ::

As soon as I can, I will add more homeless events for 2010 and for the months from June to December. Please be patient! G-day, Uncle Monty. +5th Sunday After The Epiphany, 2010.

In the meantime, you'll find listed below a number of homeless-related websites from around the world:-

ZSP Warsaw: Warsaw - Capital of Homelessness 2010
Warsaw, Poland. - Capital of Homelessness 2010 ... Tomorrow is a press conference of the two organizations on the problem and what we are demanding.

Homelessness 2010: Background.
Community-driven land tenure strategies: the experiences of the Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines. By Juan Iremeil E Teodoro.
Guyana/Venezuela ink contract for $402M homeless shelter
US$2M homeless shelter being built at Onverwagt
Santé Mentale et Exclusion Sociale

European Journal of Homelessness.
The Homeless In Slovenia. http://www.mddsz.gov.si/fileadmin/mddsz.gov.si/pageuploads/dokumenti__pdf/29102009_NPA_EY2010_ENokt.pdf
Homeless Nation – A Website by and for the homeless.

Internet Archive Search: subject:"homelessness"

Co-Occuring & Homeless Activities Branch

Homelessness & Technology. http://cacm.acm.org/blogs/blog-cacm/73331-cscw-day-3-homelessness-technology/fulltext

U.S. Lawyers Working to End Homelessness in America. http://www.nlchp.org/about_us.cfm

Mercy Foundation - Ending Homelessnes. http://www.mercyfoundation.com.au/homelessness/index.cfm?loadref=23

[My photos of homelessness as posted above are taken from at least 12 of the 20 countries I have been inside of during the past 5 years:- Iran, USA, North Ireland, Australia, Turkey, Albania, Norway, Denmark, Cuba, Italy, South Africa, and Portugal. I have not included here some of my other homeless photos from Morocco, Canada, Scotland, Eire, France, China, etc. The only two countries I have been to at where I found no public homelessness was at The Faroe Islands and inside North Korea.]

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