Eight Hours Protesting Outside The Big Issue H.Q. By Uncle Monty.

Eight Hours Protesting Outside
The Big Issue H.Q.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Ian West, William
Maher and Alex Albion.
Legal counsel suggests that perhaps the only way
to get the attention of Peter and John Bird of UK’s
homeless street paper called The Big Issue, is to
seek from the courts a legal injunction against their
business and charity. And, then for us to litigate from
there to legally resolve the illegally suspension of me
by The Big Issue because of my blog content that
they politically and socialistically detest. They want
to curtail my freedom of speech against them by
inflicting their arbitrary and capricious suspension
of me from my five year Big Issue pitch at
London's Long Acre outside Cafe Nero.
The Big Issue H.Q. at London's Vauxhall.
During my Day 2 of 8 hours of protesting - from
6:00am to 2:00pm, yesterday at the Big Issue
H.Q. - I saw a whole range of people who were
broken-winged from the drunk, to the discarded
to the disabled and to the depressed. They reflect
not only the social decay and decline of modern
British society, but also the ready exploitation of them
to sell The Big Issue by the avaricious and arrogant ilk
of The Bird Brothers. Indeed, such sharks like Peter
and John Bird thrive and profit off the broken-winged
that are often found among those suffering from
homelessness and marginalization. Without the
homeless, of course, the heartless and condescend-
ing Bird Brothers wouldn’t exist and their present
fat bank accounts would be pretty much thin like
the rest of us, I suspect. Of the 3,000+ vendors
who are badged by The Big Issue outfit, none can
come close to the enormous pay of Peter and John
Bird and some of their minion employees. Volunteer-
ing people also only make The Birds richer and the
more vendors they can recruit the richer they become
at the expense of the street vendors like me. So, The
Big Issue street vendor is, day by day, financially
and economically exploited and screwed by them.
The trouble with The Bird Brothers is they don’t like
those who aren’t broken-winged, like me, because
they cannot easily silence them like they so often do
with the broken-winged. That's why they finall
suspended me under their catch-all guise of "bring-
ing The Big Issue into disrepute." So much then for
freedom of speech, which The Big Issue publicly
espouses while it won't allow for their vendors like
me to shine a bright and disturbing light on them.
Big Issue Vendors Ian & Spencer Outside Big Issue H.Q.
Little honcho Peter Bird finally showed his Big Issue
face at around mid-day, but he deliberately ignored me
as he walked on by just within a couple of feet from me
all dressed in his patterned-blue, open-neck, dress shirt
and his causal fitted blue jeans. He headed straight to
Starbucks that is next door to The Big Issue head-
quarters, but I never saw him leave after that. No
wonder they also call him “slick and slimey.”
What I saw of him yesterday showed me that his body
language and physical posture was clearly anti-Uncle
Monty. But who cares? Not me! I think after what I
saw of Peter Bird perhaps indicates we’re now in for
a long haul and a protracted public fight that is just
fine with me. I am a patient man who always bids his
time against those who seek to do me down like The
Bird Brothers. Earlier, I also saw one of their angry-
faced sidekicks Martin, who has been a four-year Big
Issue employee that is shorter than the time I have
been a Big Issue vendor at London's Covent Garden.
The dickhead now heads the so-called vendor services
in place of Paul Joseph who has quit The Big Issue to
attend university. I saw yesterday around 30 other
employees and volunteers arrive at the headquarters
by mostly 10:00am or earlier. I also couldn't help mis-
take Big Issue’s ever morose Steve Farrell Wood and
standoffish Linda Driver. While one of my most favourite
humanbeings is Oli Brown, who was seen in all his usual
warm and friendly glory. Bravo! Sanjev was engaging in
his own way, but the majority of Big Issue staffers just
ignored me and my peaceful public protest. There has
been a concerted conspiracy by the rabid Bird Brothers
to give me the "silent treatment" by ordering staff not
to speak to me. They have also smeared me behind
my back and have accused me of some awful things!
They forget that the "silent treatment" of me is mean-
ingless against the power of the written word. So
powerful is such, that The Bird Brothers only help
themselves to become even more publicly deminish-
ed and disrespected as they most certainly should
be. They give no mercy, so they get no mercy.
My finest weapon, therefore, is my every written
word I write against them. Sure, I am a low-level
writer although I wish I was gifted to be one of the
world’s greatest writers. But alas, such is not to be -
pity for me. After all, I only taught myself to write
in my older age when I got my first ‘puter some 18
years ago in America. At that time, I didn’t know the
difference between a keyborad and a motherboard.
That’s why the kids at church then called me a
“dumb ass.” They were right! Now years
later, it's all Hi Fives ...
Surreal-Like Graphic of Uncle Monty
Protesting at The Big Issue H.Q.
What pleased me the most yesterday was the number
of vendors who voluntarily signed my petition without
me even asking them to do so. Of the 15 or so vendors I
saw, almost 11 did sign when they stopped to chat with
me. One vendor who had signed, however, came back
after he’d been to buy his Big Issue magazines or “books”
claiming that I’d "tricked" him into signing! I immediately
removed his name from my petition drive. I don’t need to
trick anybody into signing and least of all my fellow vendors.
Another friendly vendor said he’d been told that I had
threatened to “kill John Bird.” I’m not the killing-type nor
do I support the street killings and violent acts of war that
I see all around me thesedays. It seems Graham Walker’s
upcoming story “Dead Bird Walking” has triggered the
false story of “killing John Bird.” Anybody with the
least amount of gumption would know the use of such a
phrase like “Dead Bird Walking” is a figurative or literary
one. Another evil smear that is emanating from The Big
Issue is that I support child pornography! I MOST CER-
detest all forms of pornography and anybody who says
otherwise of me is a pathological liar and a smear artist.
Such then is the out and out dirty campaign by The Big
Issue against me to try to justify their illegal suspension
of me by Peter and John Bird. I was also told yesterday
that John Bird was sick and dying. At age 65, many
folks are at his age. But I have no reason to think or
believe the Big Issue honcho himself - A. John Bird,
M.B.E - is in any way near to dying or being sick.
I'm older than him and feel better now than when
I was 20 years younger despite the fact that I'm
on daily heart medication. I love life, but have
absolutely no fear of dying as an avid and
affirming English Anglican that gives me deep
strength every day of my life no matter what
Peter and John Bird do to try to destroy me
personally. As an old-age pensioner, I shouldn't
even have to be out there protesting against
them. But as a proud Protestant by rearing I
was born to protest, I guess. And that I will
continue to do, until The Bird Brothers come to
their senses and do justice for me or have a change
of heart. It also looks like the peace proposal by my
old friend of 40 years - W. J. Curtis of New Zealand -
has been rejected and made dead on arrival by
Peter & John Bird ... They have so little wisdom or
foresight from what I've seen and heard of them
lately. But what else should we expect?
Homeless Couple Kindly Visit With Me At My Big
Issue H.Q. Protest. It Was The First I'd Seen of Them.
What was so tragic about my protest yesterday was
that The Big Issue could have resolved our differences
immediately by simply undoing my open-ended
suspension and inviting me into their headquarters
to buy my usual stock of magazines and then letting
us all get on with our usual daily business. They have,
has I've just stated before, so little wisdom or open
foresight it seems. Instead, they've dug themselves
in deeper and given me the "silent treatment" and
now refuse to budge. So lookout for Day 3 of my
continuing protest that will begin after America’s
Memorial Day weekend that coincides with our UK
Bank Holiday weekend that starts here tomorrow.
The power of protest is to be there ...
Among my other planned venues of protest include
the Royal Courts of Justice, The Metro/Daily Mail
news complex, Sky TV, and other ideal locations like
The House of Commons, to draw public and media
attention to the vile issue at hand between me and
The Bird Brothers of The Big Issue. The key to
success is always to make things happen and not
to just stand there helplessly or to curl up in a cor-
ner like a defenseless little boy. But above all, fight
with all your might against those who dare to
trample on you in broad daylight or dismiss you
in the darkness of the night. And, always pray!!
Trust in Him always, Uncle Monty.
+Ember Day, 2010.
“Tony Blair ... I wouldn’t use him as a doormat
downstairs,” says ex-Harrod’s owner Mohamed
Fayed. Well said, my dear sir! Blair is just a big
greedy socialist skunk. He is a War Criminal, too.
At the British Inquest of the People's Princess, Mr.
Fayed and I were seated almost together has we
attended the inquest on the same day that it was
held under the presiding royal coroner Lord Justice
Scott Baker. Mr. Fayed has a platoon of 50, yes
50, grim bodyguards at where ever he goes ...

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Give Me Back My Big Issue Pitch NOW - Day 1. By Uncle Monty.

Day One of My London Big Issue
Public Protest & Petition Drive.
Now Read The Full Story Below:

Give Me Back My Big Issue Pitch NOW!
By Uncle Monty at Day One Protest.
Photos & Graphic By Alex Albion.
::: NEWS FLASH :::
Ironically, on the exact same day that The Big
Issue's Peter Bird illegally suspended me from
my Long Acre pitch, the Honourable Crown Judge
Aidan Marron, Q.C., at London's Blackfriars Crown
Court, imposed sentences at the same time on my
convicted immigrant robbers. I received official
notification of their sentences only this Saturday
morning that pleased me no end. Judge Marron,
who was recently in the national news about his
vexation of the release of criminals due to the mis-
management of cases by the Crown Prosecution
Service (CPS), ordered one of my robbers to be
deported after the completion of the 12 months
prison sentence he imposed on the blackguard.
The crown judge also imposed a 60-day curfew
order with electronic monitoring and 70 hours of
unpaid work on another of my robbers, who acted
in illegal tandem to rob me on Bendy Bus No. 25,
some 2½ years ago, after leaving my Big Issue
pitch. I am quite satisfied with the honourable
judge's sentences, although I am far from satisfied
with Peter & John Bird's total injustice toward me.
Thus, I can clearly see another day coming in
another court of justice regarding them
and pretty soon!
+St. Alban, English Protomartyr, 2010.
Now let me tell you what happened at Day One
of my public protest and petition drive that ended
a few hours later after The Big Issue called the police
on me! Yes, they called the Met Police on me. What?
Never in all my 35 years as a news photographer
has anybody ever called the police on me,
except The Big Issue.
In the meantime, quite a few of my friends and
Big Issue customers are away on their holidays, so
things have been very quiet since Big Issue’s Peter
Bird had the gall to suspend me from my pitch for no
other reason than my critical views and expressions
on my metablog that has, and will continue, to be
critical of The Big Issue gang and its
two brothers Peter and John Bird.
I am caught in the Big Issue's callous Catch 22!!
Such is based on its foul and arbitrary catch-all
rule of any vendor charged with "bringing
disrepute on The Big Issue." It can be used,
and oftentimes is, by The Big Issue without it
being challenged in a court of law. Hopefully,
that is soon to be changed forever.
The "unholy" Big Issue is a law unto itself
and my severe criticism at times against
The Big Issue policies and staffers is a
pain in their rear ends! Such is enough for
vile Peter Bird to then take away without
warning my pitch that I have held without
blemish for 5 years at London's Long Acre
that sits within the parameters of England's
famous Covent Garden.
The Bird Brothers seem to have a big bone to
pick with me all because of my writings in general
- including one of my more provocative stories
entitled "The Sad Case of Killer-Boy Jon
Venables" - that I am told broke the camel's
back for the Bird Brothers to try to get rid
of me. But not so easy pal, I'm afraid.
My blog is, in fact, a private endeavour of
mine and has nothing whatsoever to do with
The Big Issue. Yet, Peter and John Bird seek
to censor my freedom and my rights to free
speech under the law by taking my Big Issue
pitch away without any due process or any
in-house appeal mechanism to appeal against
their lawless actions. They are a law unto
themselves, I repeat, and they have for all too
long gotten away with inflicting and imposing
mean punishments against their vendors for
years without anybody challenging them
publicly or taking them to a court of law.
That is about to change, if they continue to
either ignore or defy my demand to have my
pitch given back to me without further ado.
I state that as a warning, not as a threat!
My personal impressioin of vile Peter Bird is that
of a Trade Union-type factory shop steward more
than a so-called business development manager at
the Big Issue. But above all, he sounds and acts so
parochial and seems to have little concept of the
wide world beyond his little Big Issue nose. If it
wasn’t for his big brother John Bird, I suspect
little Peter would be little more than a small time
British factory hand or a low-level shop steward.
The Big Issue brothers - Peter & John Bird -
think they have a right to censor those like
me who write widely on four blogs/websites
of mine. But they don't and never will despite
their illegal and arbitrary punishment of
me and my protected rights of free speech
under the law. My blog stories and my
constant critical view of all things going on
at The Big Issue will sooner or later go be-
yond my simple criticism to nationwide
news investigation and publicity about
The Bird Brothers. Whatever they
do, they'll not silence me.
Big Issue's Sam Woolock.


Sam Woolock stopped by to find out if I was
selling The Big Issue and to find out if I was a
"debadged" vendor, too, as I sat peacefully across
from my suspended pitch collecting signatures
from friends and customers for my petition drive
demanding my pitch be given back to me. My
pitch has now been commandeered quickly by
new Big Issue vendors. Sam and I talked and
she was most informative in telling me the
purported reasons behind my suspension by
vile Peter Bird with the backing of his paid
henchmen and women who have now been
viciously and maliciously invading my blog by
posting their pro-Bird and pro-Big Issue and
anti-me comments that I am more than happy
for the world outside the small fishbowl of The Big
Issue to read. I believe strongly, after all, in the
right of free speech no matter if such concerted
attacks on me is now deliberately organised against
me by those at the behest of The Bird Brothers.
The rhythm of their words and their false assump-
tions appear to be that of very closed-minded and
horse-blinkered individuals. Indeed, the more they
attack me, the more they help me to make my case
against The Big Issue in court! And, the more it
makes me determined to speak out and to
state my case publicly against such nefarious
folks. I don't have to justify a thing to them
and I never will ... so bye, bye, babies, then.
She, Sam, also raised a number of questions with
me about my blog and especially the story I wrote
called "The Sad Case of Killer-Boy Jon Venables,"
that my Big Issue distractors have now suddenly
seized upon as a reason why The Big Issue should
get rid of me. I have since "re-indexed" my Jon
Venable story to my website at Toronto, Canada.
It is safe there to read openly and is beyond the
organized bashers of the Big Issue mob! They
are trying to intimidate and smear me, but
all they do is to show their true colours and
their wicked motives. I welcome more
feedback from them since it will be even
more helpful for me once Peter Bird must
answer for his vile actions inside a court of law
when he is ultimately sued for £100,000- for
punitive damages and civil defamation.
I cannot wait to see him defend himself!
It should be quite a Big Issue spectacle ...
After Sam Woolock had left, I continued
my public protest and petition drive that
I thought would result in about two dozen
signature for my Day One. In fact, I got
43 signatures by the time I suddenly
saw Big Issue's swaggering Billie with two
uniformed women British police constables
coming right at me. I discovered that where
I was sitting had been made an official Big
Issue pitch, even though in all the five years
at Long Acre such had never been a pitch!
What they'd done was to declare it was an
official pitch in order to remove me from my
public protest and petition drive right next
to my Cafe Nero pitch. Billie was her usual
mouthy-self when I asked her why she had
not told me earlier that I was now sitting in
an "official" pitch. Billie said she didn't tell
me "because I have been told not to speak
to you!!" Then in front of the two constables
she declared I "should not be seen in the West
End, if I was you" due to my blog! How crazy?
I have, of course, previously written about
Billie and her admitted status as a former drug
addict and who has declared she also carries over
95 previous criminal convictions in her name ...
She is an open lesbian, too. She was chuffed to
be walking along side the police as she took glee
in bringing them to me on behalf of The Big Issue:
Among other places I shall hold my public protest
and petition drive will be outside the British House of
Commons, outside of BBC Bush House, and outside
The Big Issue Headquarters at 1-5 Wandsworth Road,
London, SW8, that is situated across from Vauxhall
Station. Hope, perhaps, to see you all there!
PETER BIRD: How's that investigation going
that you said you would conduct while I am under
gross suspension by you? Not heard a word yet
about the results of your fabulous investigation?
I anxiously await your FINAL DECISION, I do!!
- Unsolicited Letter In Support
of Me From Zud or South Africa -
"Dearest Monty, I honestly think you should turn
your back on both Mr. Birds. They are no good for you
I honestly do believe. The reputation they want to pre-
serve is down the drain already. Mr. Bird has no shame
and never will. Dearest Monty stand tall as you always
do. I was laughing out loud when one of the Big Issue
supporters said both Mr. Birds had shown "great virtues."
What poppycock! So great are their virtues they've
thrown you away like trash!! No, Dearest one, it is
time for you to turn your back on them. Then, you're
even freer to expose them for all you can in the future.
What both Mr. Birds have done is to make even more
enemies and not more friends. They have now turned
you into a dedicated enemy. Instead of silencing you,
Dearest one, they have made you even more vocal
and critical of them. You don't need them. Dearest
Monty, I shall be back in London before your next trip
to Rio. Please, please, be sure that we get together
again. We can stand in the empty and lonely spot
that was once a joy and is now dead due only to both
Mr. Birds and the Big Bad Issue magazine. I will never
buy another one in London or here in Durban after
what I see the rats have done to you. The two cold
Mr. Birds have also thrown away all of your many
customers out of their big spite against you, Dearest
of the dear. ALL MY LOVING, DEAREST,
DEAREST MONTY, as I cry for you!!!"
Elizabeth Middleton, D.B.E.
She Signs My Petition To The Big Issue.

My Delayed Moscow & St. Petersburg Stories.

My apologies to my blog readers for my temporary delay in presenting my upcoming stories on my trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Due to the on going situation with The Bird Brothers of The Big Issue, it is imperative that I focus primarily on my public protest and petition drive for the rightful return of my Covent Garden pitch. Hence, I am devoting my time to that for the time being. But please be assured, my Russian stories will go online. Take care ...

Vexed, but determined, Uncle Monty.
+The Eve of English Protomartyr St. Alban,

Since some nasty folks at The Big Issue have now suddenly raised the question of the title of thebiggerissue.org, let me tell them right here and now that they are most welcome to take me to civil court to state whatever dubious reasons they can find to claim it is "trading" on The Big Issue trade name. It is not! The Big Issue is a commercial and godless entity, while thebiggerissue is a non-profit and non-commercial megablog that claims no business association with The Big Issue nor any claim that it represents such a registered company or charity. No advertising is found and no corporate donations are sought at thebiggerissue.org, unlike The Big Issue.

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Suspended By Big Issue's Peter Bird for My Blog Comments & Opinions. By Uncle Monty.

Update: Public Protest To Soon Begin Against
The Vile Decision By Big Issue's Peter Bird.

Suspended By Big Issue's Peter Bird
for My Blog Comments & Opinions.
Who The Hell Is He?
By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
Peter Bird was all aflutter with his slippery spasm
of words after his arbitrary and capricious decision to
suspend me as a five-year badged Big Issue vendor
because of my blog comments and opinions that
he and his brother John Bird don't like!!
Less then 12 hours after returning from Russia,
I sat with incredulity at London's Big Issue HQ to
hear the utterly asinine decision of little Peter
Bird, who was full of himself and fully-bloated as
he declared my megablog "was homophobic, racist,
and never with a good word about The Big Issue."
My "blog crimes," therefore, were tantamount to
bringing "disrepute on The Big Issue," repeated
the brother of John Bird, The Big Issue co-founder
and editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine that
is sold by the homeless in the UK. And for my
"crimes," I was in violation of The Big Issue Code
of Conduct that all vendors sign, so pontificated
silly Peter Bird with his sidekick Martin there to
witness my punishment for writing what I
believe and not what I am told to believe. I
told 58 year-old Peter Bird (PB) that I would
not change my opinions for him or for his
brother or for anybody. What, in fact, PB has
done to me is to slam the Big Issue door in
my face for expressing my rights of free
speech on the internet and elsewhere
around the world.
I also told PB there was no legal basis for his
insane decision and that whatever he insist-
ed I had done wrong, he needed to put it
in writing to me. Asked if he'd consulted
Big Issue legal counsel about his unlawful
actions against me, cocky Peter Bird
shot back by saying "why should I?"
Asked if his brother John Bird had made
the decision against me, PB neither
answered yes nor no, but simply stated
he was the one who had made the decision
while I was away at the 65th Anniversary
of the Victory Day Parade at Red Square.
In others words, his decision was made behind
my back while I was out of the country. As he
talked non-stop with more torrents at me -
and not to me - I realised what an utter
buffoon Peter Bird really appeared to be.
Then he wanted me to hand my Big Issue
Badge No. 115 to him, but I refused. So what
did PB do? He walked out of the room and
and grabbed a vendor's badge and read the
small print to me that stated the badge was
"the property of The Big Issue." What a big
deal for such a petty-minded bloke like
Peter Bird!! He wanted to go on and on
talking at me, but I won't suffer fools no
matter what. I simply told him I'd heard
enough! I didn't need a lesson on such
stupidity coming out of PB's
contemptuous Big Issue mouth ...
As I left The Big Issue H.Q., PB blurred
out again that I was now suspended and
"after an investigation" a final decision
would be made regarding me and The
Big Issue. Wooooooooow!! As if I care
whatever the final decision is ... My
pitch needs to be available to me
without any further ado. Do you hear
me, Peter Bird or not?
I demand to be re-instated promptly and
to receive a formal apology from Peter
Bird and/or John Bird of The Big Issue.
Failing that, my legal options are wide
open and I will take whatever steps
are available to overturn Peter Bird's
biassed and irrational decision that
openly violates my human rights and
my demand for due process under
the law.
The big ball, as the Americans say, is now
in The Bird Court from here on out. I will
give 5 (five) days for Peter Bird to rescind
the so-called "suspension" of me or face the
next step that I shall be compelled to
take legally against him and any claim
I may seek for personal monetary
damages from The Big Issue.
For the time being, I herein partially list
below some of my wonderful friends, Big
Issue customers, and ex-customers that
I have come to know at my permanent
Long Acre pitch during the past
five years ...
Jill Ferguson - Anne Fergusson - Elizabeth Middleton,
D.B.E. - Attorney Graham Simkin – Massimo Valeri
Beverley Brittan - Carole Cable - Nigel Millenson
Laurie Edmans, C.B.E. – Attorney Anne Morris
Fiona Sloss - Linda & Jon Annetts - Ida Negri
Heidi Johnson – Paul Martin-Davis
Cameron Smith – George Pennock
Jonathan Stolerman - David Morgan – Sian Turner
Juilet & Magen Scratchen - Lady M – Joe Smallman
Brian & Veronica Mahoney - Ian Reed – Roger Hayes
Wilford Wong – Dr. Andrew Howard - Maureen
Goodey - Janis Vella - Jamie Gunning – Cliff
Barber - Shelia Aarons – Phil Alfrey
Professor Brian Dunnigan – Browen &
Franco Curry - Des DeLime – Joan Barker
James & Adriana Higgins - Sylvia Champion
Jemma Toynebee-Smith - Tony Lewis
Attorney Carine Smith - Attorney Agnes Bonnet
Coin Campbell - Derry Mullins - Sophie McElligott
Attorney Peter Roberts - Jill Allen - Paul Cackett
Sharon & Derek Tate - Isbella Wojak - Annabel
Hartman - Rush Pathriana - Fiona & Nigel Ballard
Lilliana Santos - Tina Vindee - Alex Prior
Alex Parish - Andrew Rogers - Richard Offer
Susan Prince - Sir Robert Wood's son Ian
Shirley Ginesi - Antoine Collin - Michele Zini
Earl Chemphill - Patricia Carney - Jean McCarthy
Lisa Dearing - Jon Poett - Carl & Myrna Hancock
Russ Robertson - Tony & Maya Hainri - John
Stroughair - Preveen & Sagoonia Mandalia
Jan Mol - Jeanine McQuillan - Police Inspector
Malcolm Bernard - Mozzagan Sainia – Jamie Acott
Nathalie Causton - Peter Wyart - Chris & Dick
Morgan - James Bradbury - Andrew & Vivian Stern
Nuno Sarmento -Attorney Anthony Misquitta
Edward Coates - Paul Emerson - Mark Boyle
Attorney Jackie McDowell - Attorney Eliane Heine
Attorney Christopher Cox - Marsha Fullerton
(I shall add another 100+ names, if need be)
One final comment for now. What I do and say in
my private life is no business of The Bird Brothers
of The Big Issue. I am NOT employed by them. They
pay me no salary. I have committed no criminal
offense at my pitch and the Code of Conduct - which
is very shaky, legally - does not mean I cannot
express what I believe politically, socially,
religiously, morally, emotionally, literately,
educationally, and ethically. If what I write
and say offends, then tough luck! My right to
offend The Big Issue and/or The Bird Brothers
is my paramount right of free speech. Like it
or lump it - it doesn't matter a breeze to me.
So hang in there boyz and girlz for more fun ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Ascensiontide, 2010.
My Moscow and St. Petersburg stories
will be online shortly. Then comes Graham
Walker's story about John Bird himself
called "Dead Bird Walking." And to which,
I have edited for thebiggerissue.org
Such will go ahead no matter what Peter
and/or John Bird say or do - period!!!


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He Is NOT One of Us! By Uncle Monty at Sheremetyevo.

He Is NOT One of Us!
By Uncle Monty at Sheremetyevo.
Sitting here at Moscow’s
transfer from St. Petersburg for my early morning
Russian Aeroflot flight back to London, I just simply
began to surf the net on my Dell laptop and catching
glimpses of a variety of online British newspaper
headlines. Then by chance, I hit the Daily Mail and
to my horror I then read the depressing story of The
Big Issue vendor James McConnell being sentenced to
nine months in prison for stealing expensive saxaphones
from one of his good and kind customers called Richard
Rawsthorn, a law partner and a willing soul only willing
and ready to help the vendor in question. His customer
was obviously a very good and decent humanbeing, too.
But the same cannot be said for the white trash and scum
like James McConnell. No, sir! And, I don't give a damn
if he's a druggie or not. That's no excuse - period.
My immediate reaction to reading Jaya Narain’s news
report about McConnell’s bad deed was to say to myself
– “He is NOT one of us” at The Big Issue! That is, he is
NOT one of us who are presently vendors and who
would never think of doing what McConnell did to
the professed and forgiving Christian gentleman
that is solicitor Richard Rawsthorn.
Solicitor Richard Rawsthorn.
As a vendor myself and on behalf of my fellow Big
Issue vendors I say without any hesitation – “SORRY,
SORRY RICHARD.” We are sorry that it would take
such a rotten person like James McConnell to not only
bring disgrace upon himself but also on his fellow ven-
dors who do truly appreciate and respect their good
customers and the support they give so freely to us
across the country. I do hope, Richard, that you under-
stand we “thank youso much for your help to vendors
like us from The Big Issue and despite whatever
despicable James McConnell did to you. He's
thus a thief and even worse a big betrayer!
I hope, too, that The Big Issue itself will contact you
and express their disgust with what McConnell has
done and to say they appreciate your kindness and
care toward Big Issue vendors. I doubt The Big Issue
has even thought of doing that, but it’s not too late to
do so. Just go ahead Big Issue and do it right now. I also
hope The Big Issue will now ban for life James McConnell
from ever becoming a badged vendor upon his release
from prison. Due to him, many of The Big Issue vendors
will suffer because of such negative national news coverage
by The Daily Mail. Such only further harms them on
the streets.
Here then is the story I am referring
to for you to now also read:
'Now that's gratitude! Big Issue seller robs
Christian who gave him cash and a job.'
By Jaya Narain.
are, of course, part and parcel and a product of today’s
Broken Britain. Frankly, I don't care what his problem is.
There is no excuse for betraying someone like Richard
Rawsthorn, who has helped and given of himself to a
fellow humanbeing. Yes, I know it sounds corny to
many thesedays in our society that has lost its way
and her people who are so often broken spiritually,
morally, ethically, and socially.
Yet, Richard’s humility and compassion, even after
what McConnell did to him, is an extraordinary act
of Christianity. Especially in light of my own rather
"unforgivingness" toward the immigrants who robbed
me and who, ironically, are set to be sentenced tomorrow
by His Honour Judge Aiden Marron, Q.C. at Blackfriars
Crown Court after the unanimous jury verdict that
found them guilty of their crimes committed against me.
Unlike good Richard Rawsthorn, I don’t have it in my heart
or mind to let such immigrant scum get off scot free. I hope
the honourable judge clobbers them, frankly. I’m obviously
an unworthy Christian and a poor Anglican compared
to the good and humane man called Richard Rawsthorn.
I admire his gift of forgiveness to James McConnell despite
the despicable misdeed he committed against the man who
truly wanted to give aid and comfort to at least one Big
Issue vendor on the street called James McConnell.
But please remember, he is NOT one of us!
And, hopefully never will be!
Forgiveness after cleaner plunders Christian’s house.
Google News Reports on the
Solicitor's Big Issue Encounter.
Greetings from Sheremetyevo, Uncle Monty.
+Ascensiontide, 2010.
Moscow's Post Soviet Bully-Boys.
By Uncle Monty.
Moscow Photos By Alex Albion.
They were everywhere! That is Moscow's
Post-Soviet Bully-Boys (see just a few of them
in the above photo of them) both before, dur-
ing, and after the 65th Anniversary of Russia's
Victory Day Parade at Red Square to commemorate
the Soviet Union's defeat against the Nazi invasion in
1945. At times, however, I wondered as I watched
the huge military and patriotic ceremony in
the red shadows of The Kremlin, who were the
real tyrants - Hilter or Stalin or Lenin. I think
it is safe to call the three of them pure tyrants.
With the Nazis some six million humanbeings
perished and with the Soviet Communists some
20 million Russian citizens were either butchered,
slaughtered, tortured, and/or shipped to Russia's
Siberian gulags under Stalin alone! Yet in the
world today, there are still some folks who
actually admire either one or more
of the three-mentioned tyrants!!
Once I hit homebase after my marvellous trip to
Russia with Contessa Maria - who flies back to
the States later today - I shall endeavour to write
my stories about Moscow and St. Petersburg
that I have now seen and experienced upclose
for the past 10 days inside Mother Russia. My
first story will be called: "Moscow's Post-Soviet
Bully-Boys." They just browbeat and bullied
the ordinary folkz trying to see something of
The Victory Day Parade. So lookout for my
stories quite soon and with lots of photos, too.
And finally, a very good riddance to you jackass!
England's WORST ever PM was
New Labourite and jackass Gordon Brown.
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St. Petersburg: At Where The Ghosts of The Imperial Czars Now Dwell. By Uncle Monty Inside Russia.

St. Petersburg:
At Where The Ghosts of The
Imperial Czars Now Dwell.
By Uncle Monty Inside Russia.
Brutually slaughtered by the Bolsheviks, the
Imperial Royal Family were no more at the rise
of Russian Communist Revolution that spread
like wildfire all across the vast land of the Soviet
Union in 1917. It was also the same year of the
Catholic birth of John F. Kennedy in America.
Having now stood in both the Russian and American
capitals, I am now so thrilled to be standing here
today with dear Contessa Maria, for our first time,
inside the once Imperial Capital of Mother Russia.
After my Moscow and Washington encounters, I
feel a strange affinity to the lives of The Romanovs,
whose savage fate was to bring a complete end to the
Russian dynasty of 400 years of Imperial Royal rule.
Such occurred here at St. Petersburg more than 90
years ago. Yet the horror of their savage fate still
resonates historically throughout the palatial palaces
and elaborate Orthodox Churches even today at
the once Imperial Capital of what is now called The
Russian Federation after the contemporary demise
of the vile USSR. Or more ignobly The Iron Curtain
of Lenin and Stalin. They murdered, tortured,
enslaved, and imprisoned millions of their own
Russian people all in the name of Red Nationalism
and choking communism and anti-Royalty.
The gulags of Russia are recorded for us all by
the eminent and extraordinary Russian writer
the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008).
We, the contessa and I, are so pleased to be here
visiting St. Petersburg like we are, has I said before,
for the first time. We are looking forward to exploring
alot more about The Romanovs and their imperialistic
lives right inside this royal city at where they once
reigned with absolute authority and privilege until
the dark and bloody rise of the Soviet Bolsheviks at
the second decade of the 20th century. Thus the
ghosts of the Czars still permeate this grand
and old royal abode of St. Petersburg for all
to somehow feel it in the bones and souls
of our own present Internet Age.
From Russia's St. Petersburg, Uncle Monty.
+Vigil of Rogation, 2010.
Russia's Imperial Tsar Nicholas, II.