Overland To Upper Volta.
By Uncle Monty.
Standing right here at Morocco’s Sunni and mosaic
capital of Rabat, we’re now about half way, give or
take, on the first leg of our Swahili's safari tour of
driving another 1,800 miles overland to Ouagadougou,
the French-speaking capital of Burkina Faso that was
once known as central West Africa’s Upper Volta.
For Maria and I, we’ll go thru three or four more
countries and geographical hotspots like the Western
Sahara, and onto Mauritania (at where the military coup
by Mohamed Ould Abdelazizat at the capital Nouakchott
took place just over a week and abit ago with its elected
President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi still be-
ing detained by the coup leaders, who have been widely
condemned around the world) and then arriving at Mali,
before we finally reach inside the former Upper Volta.
It will take us three or four days or more, I
guess, to arrive there in our convoy of seven or
eight British Land Rovers and American Jeeps.
The overland convey includes armed drivers, an
experienced African guide, and a tour navigator.
Plus, an healthy backup of two 4x4 American jeeps in
case we have a mechanical breakdown or a road accident.
There’ll be about 15 to 18 other presently unknown
Europeans and Yankees joining us as global travel-
lors to this rugged frontier of boiling hot days and
its intruding aeon of aridity.
Being European and American travellors requires great
caution from being sitting ducks for those who may seek
to perhaps rob us on the waffle-like highways of deep
desert and blowing sand storms. In Mauritania itself, a
number of French tourists have been robbed and re-
portedly killed already this year. Worse still is the real
fear and danger of being kidnapped for ransom or
for some political motivation of those African and/or
Muslim rebels who are likely to see us as nothing
more than pawns or pure white “colonialists,” which,
of course, we’re not. We’re just globe trotters look-
ing to experience a new travel thrill with all its
various ambiance and dark entanglements. And
seeking, too, to expand our experience of seeing
these parts of Africa we’ve not seen before.
We come unarmed, unlike our Safari drivers.
A scaled-down map of where Maria and I
will go overland to Upper Volta from Rabat.

Whatever, we’re right off to Upper Volta and come
what may we’ll all surely arrive there hopefully in one
piece. And, hopefully, a lot more wiser about Africa and
her different people and her indigenous culture and her
amazing wildlife by our own first hand and upfront
encounters while journeying thru inmost West Africa.
We will not be hunting the rare and beautiful creatures
we hope to see and photograph. Those who come to kill
by hunting need not come with their rifles and shotguns
near us. We support the preservation of all wildlife
and not the slaughter and wanton killing of such.
Ah, we do have just one vacant seat left if you’d like to
join us here. But please, don’t bother to come with us
if you don’t have at least a potful or pocketful of Brit or
Yankee dough of about $US6.400 - or £3.200 -- for your
rear seat which is the cheapest. The two front ones, the
most expensive, have already been booked and taken
by none other than Contessa Maria and me. Thankfully,
she’s already paid for them. Such then is not for skinflints.
So here we come, abit intrepidly I must say, to Upper
Volta’s old tribal capital of Ouagadougou at where at least
44 gold miners died underground last week due to the
bloody goldmine collapsing on them thru very heavy
rainfalls. Sad for them. See ya then, all from there …
See ya all on my return, Uncle Monty.
+Murdered David Adams, 17, 1985-2oo8.
At Morocco's Rabat.


I want to personally thank
James Higgins of Chamberlain De Broe
for his kind and generous financial gift to me
for my West Africa hols. Thank you so much
James … You’re much like Maria, much too
generous and much too kind to an old and
potheaded’ fart like me. Kudos to James ...
Overland To Upper Volta. By Uncle Monty

While here in Africa, I shall be taking a much needed
break from my blog for the next couple of weeks unless
something drastic or major happens that will drive me
to instantly blog on whatever that may be. Otherwise, I,
Uncle Monty, bid you all a nice holiday and/or a work
break that we all need from time to time. That
time is now for me and perhaps for you.
So happy days are here again.
So byebye and toodaloo, Uncle Monty.
+Florence Nightingale, 1910-2oo8.
Yet, another UK immigrant wedding this
week at the same RC church from last week.

Yet, Another UK Immigrant Wedding.
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty.
This week’s immigrant wedding was alot less showy

and alot less costly than last week’s matrimonial do

costing an estimated $18.000 to do. But, there was

by far alot more folkz at this week's do than last.

I photographed at the same RC Church this week
like I did last week. However, I took my cameras
this time upto a third floor window to view and
photographed from some 150 yards away from the
church itself. Such was unlike standing close to the
parish door like I did before in the pouring rain to
record my first immigrant wedding event in the
UK. So in less than a week I have now seen and
recorded two African immigrant weddings in full
bloom. Both weddings are among the growing
numbers of immigrants marrying in order to
legally stay in the UK.
The latest figures are some 35.000 to 40.000 such
immigrant and illegal immigrant wedding taking place
around the country at this British summertime alone.
And, the weddings numbers continue to grow unabatedly.
Black weddings are a booming industry in the UK
thesedays, so it appears, due to the swelling numbers
of masses of Third World immigrants that Britain’s
New Labour has opened the door freely to them.
My question, among others, is where do they get all of
the money from to pay for such expensive weddings
when they have arrived from their Third World habitat
to the UK mostly penniless and without jobs just only
a couple of years ago? I just wonder how they get the
money to do it all? Other than that, how come that the
UK is now being swamped by immigrant and foreigner
weddings? Here I present some of the following answers
as to why ...
Three major demographic factors have
simutaneously occurred in Britain under New Labour’s
governmental and state control, and their wreaking tenure,
that has decisively and negatively altered forever the very
character and very essence of England during the past
ten years or so.
First, the black ghettoization of most of our
country’s larger city and towns is by New Labour.
Secondly, the foreignization of almost every aspect
of the British job market has resulted with the huge
influx of foreigners and immigrants of every type
from all regions of the world to the UK. Again, such
is due to New Labour’s insatable aim and desire for
a multicultural and and multiracial "New Britain."
Today's school kidz in Britain speak 240 different
languages with English not being their Mother
Tongue for the most part. And thirdly, the horrid
Eastern Europeanization of England by our un-
voted membership in the European Union (EU),
which New Labour first promised to let the people
vote on, but then renegued on it much like much
of New Labour’s constant zigzags and U-turns on
so many of their potty and grandiose political, social
and economic pronouncements. No wonder more than
a quarter of million Brits, each year, flee and forsake
their own country to go and live any where else but
inside of New Labour’s Broken -"New Britain."
Family and friends waiting for the bride and groom
to take their stretcher limo ride to their honeymoon.

In the meantime, more immigrants and foreigners are marrying
like crazy all over England. Some estimated 10,000 marriages are
bogus or sham each year by immigrants and foreigners in the UK.

And, of course, they're having their pounding pregnancies and

big babies at England's expense and far above and beyond
what their demographic numbers and representation
should truly be. The UK has now become the modern
concubine of the world, too. The number of babies born
out of wedlock to immigrants and foreigners in the UK
is almost an affront to the moral and responsible
decency and social properness to those who are first
the home grown English people and now imposed host.
Friday, by the way, instead of the usual weekend, is
now also finding to be more the day when weddings
take place in the UK, according to the Ecclesiastical
Insurers Direct. So expect to see more useless and
upperty immigrant and foreign couples choosing to
then tie-the-knot on such Fridays in the future.
The vexing problem with such people is that they
always use more of our resources and our wealth
than what they are worth and more than whatever
peanuts they bring with them. The focus of improv-
ing the quality of our society is the least thing to
concern them and their desire to grab whatever they
can get for free is all they care about. They always take,
but rarely give back unless it's of a negative kind like
all of their growing street crime, all of their dangerous
diseases, and all of their dreadful and alien cultural
mishmash. Many of them are little more than free-
loaders, spongers and scumbags. New Labour
seems propelled to rewards those like them.
That's why they still keep coming to "New
Britain" by the illegal truckloads and what
have you. They then help to make Britain
even more broken than it already is.
Now taking a needed break, Uncle Monty.
+Wm. and Catherine Booth, Founders
of the Salvation Army, 1912-2oo8.

Parker House's Streetwise
Punk Jay Thompson, 40.

From my Aussie buddy Earl Hemphill.
G'Day Monty, I went on a free walking tour yesterday of
the financial district in NYC and got a lot of insider information
about how something called the "stock market" works. If only
you knew what our churches were playing at .......... New York
is going well. The weather has been not too humid which is good.
As well as my wife settling into her job we have managed to find
a flat in Queens - I claim the title as the "Earl of Queens" -
apparently the TV networks over here are not so keen on a
comedy show with this title however ("King of Queens",
hope that wasnt lost on you). Hope the (big) issue is still
selling and that you have picked up more customers.
It is really the plastic society over here. They double bag
everything. We bought some toothpaste the other day and
they double bagged ! it. We go to eat somewhere, while ad-
mittedly cheaper establishments, and they will serve the
food on plastic plates with plastic cuttlery. If they have a
green revolution in NYC they will have to start by single
bagging and charging for an extra bag. While I have
always known from my previous visits to this country
that it is a tough society to live in for the maganilsed,
an interesting report in the NY times today
illustrated this. It was talking about an avenue which
extends through harlem and has many fuel stations.
While these fuel stations are self service people will go
to the pumps and offer car drivers to fill their tanks
with fuel for tips. I am also surprised at the lack of
charity outlets we see here. In London before leaving
we dropped much stuff off at the local charity outlet.
We are wondering what we can do in NY - the salvos
in Manhatten are all we have been told about or
seen at the moment.
America offers a lot in comercial
products. A good ex! ample is the footcare I could
easily find here in terms of availability of different in-
soles when I hurt my foot as apposed to UK availability.
While everyone expects (or at least me) that America
is the world leader in everything they have a long
way to go in commercial transactions. For instance my
wife is currently getting paid by check, not for want of
a bank account. Unbelievably to get the bank account
transaction setup we needed to get froms filled out
from the employer and bank so that this transaction
can take place. Fortunately we got the internet up as
soon as we moved into the flat. Anyway its a strange
and unforgiving place but I call it my home away
from home ..... is that the UK, Ireland or Aus .....
I cant remember now. Oh yeah thats right
I say. G'Day Monty. Catchya Earl ...
Just got Earl's unedited comments above on arriving
here at Morocco's capital of Rabat. It was so good to
hear from him after being such a good friend and
customer at my Covent Garden pitch. Glad, too, he
arrived okay at The Big Apple at where I once lived
for awhile myself at the Upper Eastside.
Stay Kool, Uncle Monty.
"Earl Hemphill" ehemphill@lycos.com
To: thebiggerissue@k.st Date:
Sun 08/17/08 06:58 PM


Castrate The Bugger. By Uncle Monty.

CaStRaTe ThE BuGgEr.
By UnClE MoNtY.
Whatever “glitter” he may have once had, Gary
Glitter is now nothing more than a dirty old man.
He’s to arrive back in England next Tuesday on
his deported journey from Vietnam at where
he was convicted of having sex with two de-
fenseless female children of ages 10 and 11.
How dirty and sick is that for a 63 year old
male pop star like Glitter -- whose real name
is Paul Francis Gadd – and who is obviously
old enough to be some child’s grand-dad?
I just shudder to think.
Paul Gadd will be met by the British cops on
landing by air on his long flight from SE Asia
to Britain. He will not be greeted at the airport
like a popular VIP pop star, but rather deser-
vedly as another kind of “VIP” of the kind I
can only call a “Very Important Pervert,”
that I, frankly, think he is.
To want to have sex with a child or
an animal and then act out such a sick
perversion is simply an immoral
abomination no matter what kind of
society that kind of dangerous person
lives in. Even the most liberal and/or
primitive societies place a strong taboo,
and rightly so, against those who com-
mit such sick acts. In some places, such
acts can and do result in the death
penalty. I don't say hang the man, but
I do say castrate the bugger like Gary
Glitter and those who behave pervertedly
against children and animals of any kind.
The problem with such a sicko like Paul
Francis Gadd is that he has money and
royalties from his past stardom that ensures
he can pay off those he must for doing what
was wrong to the children he molested in
Vietnam. To accept such money from such a
pervert only helps legitimizes, in my view,
the filthy acts he must have performed for
his own abnormal sexual gratification. He
robs the child of their innocence and then
pay the parents off. That's sick, too.
What is much worse about Gary Glitter
is that he has committed "soul murder" of,
and against, the child by his imposed adult
sexuality and psychological molestation
and emotional abuse of such fragile and
unsuspecting victims of his. No amount
of his filthy money can truly compensate
or truly redemm the immoral and illegal
violations he has already committed
against a child, here and there, of age
10 and 11. That's why I say, castrate the
bugger so that he'll keep his filthy hands
off such children in future ...

Honestly, Uncle Monty.
+BVM, 2oo8.


Day Outting With The Pofolk. By Uncle Monty.

Day Outting With The Pofolk.
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty.
Gale force winds with their torrents of biting cold gusts
greeted us on our day trip to England’s Old Town of
Hastings. The large and agile seagulls above us glided abit
uneasily with the big blowing winds. At the seaside town,
The Promenade was a gusty spot to safely watch and see
the huge waves violently attack and lash the almost
empty summertime beach. A little later, thunderous rain
also pelted us relentlessly during its short downpour.
The Old Merry-Go-Round on the beach had been caut-
iously dismantled the night before due to the weather
forecast that was pretty grave. Those gales force winds
would have taken the thing and smashed it to
smithereens within no time at all.
England's Rocky Hastings.
While the pofolk -and me struggled to walk against
the forceful and lifting winds, our only escape was
to ducked inside some half-forgotten lollipop shop
or a grubby and fleecing amusement arcade. Some
did, while others took an early lunch to be inside and
sheltered from the winds at one of the many seafront
cafes and restaurants. They then felt, no doubt, quite
safe from those gale force winds which seemed to
last forever and a day.
A Glimpse of Hastings' violent waves at beachside.
I myself headed on foot to St. Leonard's some 3 or 4
miles west of Hastings at where the famous 1066 Battle
of Hastings was fought over 900 years ago. But the battle
is still indelibly marked in the profound history and per-
haps, to some degree, in the national psyche of the
English people. You can read all about the battle:
View of Hastings from the east.
The youngest of the pofolk was only age six and the oldest
of them was “only” 89. Her daughter was 68. Her grand
daughter was 44 and her great-grand-daughter was age
12. There was in all about 55 pofolk -on our annual day
outting that our Tenants' Association provided free for
all tenants in good standing. I was one of them. How, I
don’t know. I guess it's because I always pay my rent
on time and when it’s due. Most of the pofolk, like me,
had been to Hastings with the same group last
year, too. And many the year before.
Forlorn boat seemingly left to wither away at Hastings.

For those who may not know, the word “pofolk” derives from
American slang to refer to “white poor folk,” either folksy or
thrashy or trailer park-type. Such terms were used especially
in the Depression Era by then Southern Negroes when they
saw very poor or destitute whites. A redneck or a white
shearcropper are good examples. To “make a -pomouth” was
someone who made out to be poor or “po” or to stimulate
poverty when in fact they were not poor at all. I really love
American slang for such gives awhole new meaning
to so many common words.
Subway Mosaic at England's Old Town of Hastings.
What is nice about Hastings and St. Leonards is that
you can easliy walk pretty well everywhere within
both of the seaside towns without having to drive or
use public transport. That's if you prefer to walk and
save money. It's healthy, too.
I had planned to write more about the "Day Outting
With The Pofolks," but I don't have alot of time to
do so due to other things taking my time right now.
What I have done is to add more photos at least.
Hope you enjoy them ...
Out For Cold, For Sure, at St. Leonards.
A Note on Teutonic Injustice.
By Uncle Monty.
A German court at Dusseldorf sentenced Mike
Konrad, 29, to nine months imprisonment for
having slept in a railway terminal locker for
9 years. He made the locker his home after
walking out on his girlfriend back in 1999.
Mike was then only 20 years of age. To send
him to jail for 9 months is a crime by the court.
Instead of imprisoning him, why in heaven's
name could they not have found him some
kind of hostel or better still some kind of home
he could call his own? The money the German
Government will now spend to put him unjustly
behind bars could well have been spent on
helping the homeless man that he is. I
thought the Nazis were long dead, but it
seems a few are still around sitting in a
Dusseldolf court sending Mike Konrad to
prison for simply being homeless, first and
foremost. The court should immediately
release him and he should file suit against
the court with the European Rights Com-
mission or whoever handles such cases of
blatant injustice. I read the story in the free-
sheet London Life -just last night. I was so
peeved after reading what they did to him

in Germany. The nation should be
ashamed of itself ...
"Free Us From Freemasonry" is another
story I'm writing and will appear after
my summer holidays ...
Also, my upcoming story of "Old Photos of British
Bishops" will also appear in the Fall or in the autumn.
I will post some never before seen images of British
Bishops from my rare and own late 19th and
early 20th centuries photographic collection.
Your's, Uncle Monty.
+Jeremy Taylor, 1667-2008.


A Decade of What New Labour's Mindless Mass Immigration Has Done to the UK. By Uncle Monty.

A Decade of What New Labour's Mindless
Mass Immigration Has Done to the UK.
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty.
Dozens of dazzling dresses and rented dapper dark blue morning
coats were all part of the showy trappings of the estimated cost
of £18.000 for the immigrant wedding which was officiated
for the bride and groom by their local parish priest.
The setting was almost like something out of Zululand
rather than out of England as the scores of wedding guests
came flowing in their bright and indigenous African costumes.
Rain came down like buckets of water, too, and so a variety
of English brollies covered many of their 160 heads of
immigrant black.
Two gleaming white stretcher limos and a off-white 75
seat-fitted char-a-bang, were also parked very closely to the
Church front door. The three white drivers were waiting and
fidgeting inside their vehicles for the newly-weds, shown above
in my caption picture of them, to appear and depart soon after
the Service of Holy Matrimony had been properly performed
and completed under Roman Catholic rite.
Catholic priest instructing two of the
wedding participants on the ceremony.
Their hired wedding photographer and their videographer
were the professional faces to watch out for in order for me
to also be ready to record what was to be my first immigrant
wedding in the UK. Once they showed their white faces,
I knew then when to have my own cameras ready as I
stood outside in the pouring rain for well over an hour and
a half to be sure I could capture all the comings and goings
of the bride and groom. Along with all their wedding trap-
pings and their invited guests, who were mainly black,
of course, with a small smattering of about 7 or 8 white
New Labour-type guests.
The immigrant wedding I photographed indicated the clear
and mounting evidence, yet again, of a decade of what New
Labour’s mindless mass immigration has done to the UK.
The number of immigrants marrying in England in order to
legally stay in Britain now runs into the thousands upon
thousands each year. Immigrant marriages has become a
booming business for wedding photographers and stretcher
limo operators all over the country. The flood of such
weddings has also alarmed the Church in its fear of being
used and hoodwinked, which it has, by more and more
illegal immigrants who seek to marry and then stay
by having lawfully been married in the UK.
During the rain respite, some immigrant wedding guests
waiting for the newly-weds to come out of the church.
The biggest and most protracted immigration onslaught
in the history of All-England has now been committed by
New Labour over the past decade. Some argue that with-
in that time alone, New Labour has admitted more Third
World immigrants – over 1.4 million of them and still
counting - than all the combined numbers admitted at
any previous time over the past 100 years to the UK.
The number of immigrants is staggering and mind-
boggling to the point of no return to which New
Labour has deliberately inflicted upon the British
people to satisfy its own perverted political agenda
that has now negatively impacted and altered the
very face and the very fabric of my Old England.
Young preacher (centre) of All-Nations Christian Centre
at immigrant-dominated London’s Elephant and Castle.
What New Labour has also done is to turn England into
what can best be described as the “New Zululand.”
The national convulsion and retaliation has yet to come
for what Britain's New Labour has done by their insane
years of uncontrollable mass and criminal immigration. But
in the end they will pay heavily by facing punishing years
and years of forced political wilderness. They can then only
blame themselves due solely to the irrational African policy
of the prime ministerships of the ilk of Anthony Blair and
Gordon Brown. The elected henchmen of New Labour should
be hunted down and isolated for ever and a day for what
they've done to what was once me beloved and lovely Eng-
land. They have rob me in broad daylight of my very own
country that I have been forced now to share against my will
and instinct with all manner of foreign and alien people that
Blair and Brown seem always to love while I utterly detest
them all. I don’t want to share my own country with any-
body else other than with my very own English people …
That, I really only wish to do. Send everybody else
back to where they bloody belong ...
Photo in shop window that I've turned
and used by my own graphic design.
Do they ever check to see what dangerous diseases
and/or criminal records such immigrants and foreigners
may have before New Labour just widely opens the door
to let them in to freely bring with them all their deadly
diseases and re-curring criminal activities with them? And
who gave New Labour the elected authority to flood and
saturate my country with such lowcasts without first
obtaining the consent and will of the British people?
I’m not going to throw a lot of statistics at you, but here
are a few that tells something of the immigration onslaught
brought upon us by New Labour. Under hideous An-
thony Blair, almost 1 million British-issued EU passports
were granted to Third World immigrants in the UK over
the past period of ten years. One in five babies born in UK
are to immigrant and/or foreign mothers. The number of
children also born out of wedlock by such outsiders in the
UK is at an all time high. No wonder our maternity wards
cannot cope easily with any more pregnant immigrants and
EU foreigners, who can then obtain British benefits for the
child that oftentimes goes into their pocket and not always
into the mouth of the hungry child.
Last year, 281.000 asylum seekers flooded the country
mostly from Africa and the Middle East. An estimated half-
a-million illegal immigrants are at present walking around
freely in the UK to do their thing like murdering, robbing,
and assaulting us. Yet, New Labour just denies such things.
From my informal observation post at London's
Theatreland, I am amazed at the number of mentally-
ill immigrants and foreigners I see almost daily walking
the streets aimlessly. They're broken and lost people,
who should never have been admitted to England in the
first place. But again they are without first checking
the mental status of such ill-immigrants. Also, I see in-
creasingly those who are not working and are perhaps
homeless or displaced due to hopeless cases of severe
alcoholism and bedevilling drug addiction. Once
they're here, we are forced to take care of them. But,
why should we? As I've said before, England cannot
and should not be "The Nanny of the World," anymore.
We've had a bellyfull of it, haven't we? I think so ...
By the time someone yelled “NO … Nooooooo,”
I’d already taken my pictures at the London
headquarters of The Somalia Order of Cherubim
and Seraphim. So sorry, deeeeeeeeear folks …
The Order is headed by the autocephalous
primate known as "His Most Eminence Baba
Aladura E. Olu Okeyemi, JP." He's also
called "Moses Orimolade VII."


The African Diaspora should not become the burden of the 21st century white man. But old leftist folks like Blair and Brown have taken it upon themselves to burden and thrust such upon the British nation come hell or high water. The African Diaspora is a global phenomenon that brings with it all that is not good for the West and The First World, despite the arguement that such a diaspora brings economic benefits to the countries that host such immigrants. Such is absolute rubblish, if we look at what its done so badly to the housing infrastructure, educational standards, and social cohension that once existed so well when we were a relatively immigrant-free nation. Skyrocketing murder rate, black-on-black, and black-on-white crime is everywhere in England now. Immigrant youth gangs also plague us that stems from the tribal violence and attitudes especially of rural Africans. They bring with them all the baggage that damages the new society to which they are admitted, either legally or illegally. Unlike the Jewish Diaspora of the past, today's immigrants are primarily economic migrants and not the persecuted ones of the Nazi tyranny. Indeed, I suspect that many of the so-called asylum seekers in the UK thesedays are no more than just manipulative phonies that New Labour first encouraged and is now biting its own tongue at such bangwagon immigrants. Yet, we are again forced to feed and clothe such phonies without swiftly sending them back to where they first belong and not to be a continuing burden on the British taxpayer. Will New Labour ever listen? Of course not ... Only when it is finally booted out of office will it then listen, but too late.

In the meantime, immigrant and foreigner weddings will continue to flourish. Our crime wave will continue to go up and up. Our nation will still be flooded with more and more useless immigrants. Our schools and society will continue to go downhill by the radical changes to the point that we become more and more Afro-Britain or "The New Zululand."

And finally, I feel more and more like a foreigner in my own country than ever before. I am now under constant and growing threat from those who I didn't invited or want in my English homeland. One day they'll become the majority in London alone -- just check their immigrant fertility rates -- and the ilk of Blair and Brown will be so happy with their fat government pensions while the city burns like never before since the Great Fire of London ... all the immigrants and foreigners have then become British citizens and all the original British citizens will have then become the bloody foreigners in what once their own country. It's coming and make no mistake about it ... England is doomed at each step of its broken identity and its broken society that will never heal to its former glory and civility that was my beloved homeland and now taken away from me by the raw radicals and screaming leftists of Britain's shameless New Labour. To hell with them all, I say ...

Truly, Uncle Monty. +John Henry Newman, 1890-2oo8.


"Every where I turn now in England, I cannot escape New Labour’s mindless and criminal mass immigration. Our schools, our hospitals, our parks, our prisons, our courts, our local government, our housing estates, our swimming pools, our streets, our shopping centres, our churches, our neighbourhoods, our maternity wards, our car boot sales, our bus stations, our mental institutions, our public transport, our leisure centres, our GP surgeries, our asylum and refugee units, our funeral homes, our gratis NHS services, our post offices, our ASDA and Tesco food stores, our pubs, and our very way of life, are now invaded and mostly grabbed for free by such derelick and useless outsiders. And still more of them are coming under New Labour by the boatloads, the trainloads, the planeloads and the busloads at every turn either by fair or foul. While New Labour applause itself, I bitterly cry. They're taken my country and now made it closely "Afro-Britain." I just detest the sight and loudness of it all. I really do." You wrote that in an early piece. You are correct except for including pubs in the list. I don't see the English pub that I go to every few nights a week with many others from other places except my locals. I live in a small community in Kent. We do have a few Poles and no more that two or three black people who come once or now and then. I read your follow up story on immigration. Much like you I don't like it at all. I used to vote for Labour. I have not decided who I may vote for in the next election. However, I can tell you now who I will not be voting for again. Take a guess? Keep the good work up. Like you say, "give them hell ... " England forever, Tony Cummings. 13 Aug. 2008.



SOLZHENITSYN: His Pen and His Passing. By Uncle Monty.

SOLZHENITSYN: His Pen and His Passing.
By Uncle Monty.
Although I tried very hard, I never did get to meet and
photograph, has I had so wished, the world-famous
Russian dissident writer Alexsandr I. Solzhenitsyn
during his years of political exile in America.
The closest I ever got to him was to speak at length
on the telephone with his wife, Natalya, who told me
he was refusing all media interviews and photo sessions
and enquiring visitors of any kind to his then American
homestead at, I think it was, Cavendish, Vermont. I
was prepared, of course, to travel at a moments notice
to visit and photograph the towering figure thus thrown
out of his very own beloved country for his extraordinary
writings and exposÄ— of the diabolical Stalinist Regime
and the dreadful and ruthless Soviet Union.
When I telephoned Natalya Solzhenitsyn, it
was just weeks after her husband’s 1978 Harvard
Commencement Speech in which he warned the West of
its own cultural downfall and moral demise. Solzhenitsyn
wasn’t afraid to bite the hand that fed him, West or no
West. And, that he criticised only like he could do so and
so he did with the West at his feet and at his home-
land rejected and evicted as Russia's pre-eminent
writer and intellectual of the 20th century. If there
was ever a writer that I so wanted to meet and
photograph it was without a shadow of a doubt the
great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. So forget for the
moment say Gore Vidal and Salman Rushdie.
AIS was the man. If I could write only a tenth of
his extraordinary ability, I could then humbly
call myself only a "fair" writer at best.

Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn's pen and passing
was marked at his funeral at Moscow’s 16th century
Russian Orthodox Donskoi Monastery just the day
before yesterday with mourners that included the new
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who interrupted
his holiday to attend the writer's burial that had earlier
been consented by the Orthodox Patriarch Aleksei II.
Although Russia's ex-president and now Prime Minister
Vladimir Putin didn't attend Solzhenitsyn’s very religious
and orthodox funeral, he did pay homage to him by visiting
his lying-in-state at Moscow's Russian Academy of Sciences.
Ironically, Putin as then a KGB agent, had helped send the
dissident writer to the Soviet Gulag at which Solzhenitsyn
was later to write about in his monumental work and world
best seller called: The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956.
An Experiment in Literary Investigation, v-xi.
Translated by Thomas P. Whitney.
In 1970, Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel
Prize in Literature and The Templeton Prize in
1983. For me personally, had I got to photo-
graph him at his Vermont homestead, I would
have had a photographic scoop at that time for
sure. I am sure, too, that many other news
photographers like me had tried to do the same
thing by calling in the hope that photographic
consent would be given. It was not to be either
for them or for me. But, with or without my aim
to make images of Solzhenitsyn, I would have
still jumped fast at the chance to meet him per-
sonally and to listen to his wisdom and intellect
that few others, in my opinion, possessed at his
astonishing level. His death is a grave loss not only
to Mother Russia, but to the world of dissident and
oppressed writers. Sadly, too, Solzhenitsyn lived
beyond his time at age 89 at his beloved Russia at
where many of his fellow countryman and women
viewed him more like a relic and not a living liter-
ary treasure and genius that surely Aleksandr I.
Solzhenitsyn was. And, will always be to those of us,
both inside and outside of his native Russia, who
respect great writers no matter where they come
from or by whatever language and means they
may scribe and slave under.
A deeply religious man, "Solzhenitsyn
served only God," according to his friend and
fellow writer Ekaterina Markova, as reported of
her by Tony Halpin, the Moscow correspondent
for The Times. She added: "Not the Government,
not democracy, not even America. Only God (did
he serve), that's why he was a free person." Bravo.
Let this great man now rest in great peace for he
has served his country and the world as a shining
beacon against all political and all governmental
oppression and tyranny against the people.
With condolence, Uncle Monty.
+Hieromartyr Sergius, 1937-2oo8.


I fear for the Christian West. By Andrew Vernon.

“I fear for the Christian West.”
By Andrew Vernon.

Uncle Monty you have done a good job with your
impartial notes in “Islam’s Heavenly Ornaments.”
I want to draw your attention, if I may, to the letter
by Andrew Vernon that was published, last month, in
The Catholic Times -on the seriousness of questions
about Islam in his thought-provoking letter of
"I fear for the Christian West.”

Let me tell you what he wrote:
‘To describe Muslims as much the same as
Jehovah’s Witnesses and Plymouth Brethren
reveals a woeful lack of awareness and
knowledge of the phenomenon of Islamic
growth throughout history and its re-
surgence in recent years. For a start, the
former are of course Christian sects,
whereas Islam is a politico-religious
idealogy of world conquest whose history
is one of warfare, expansion, and in-
tolerance of opposition.’

‘Whether we may like it or not, the
Catholic Church has been at war with Islam
since it violently burst on the scene 1200
years ago and tore the heart out of the
Christian Roam Empire of the East,
seizing Egypt, North Africa, the Holy
Land and the Byzantine heartlands now
known as Turkey.
Then some inroads into Europe via
Spain and the Balkans. The papacy re-
sponded by launching the Crusades in an
attempt to wrestle back those lost
Christian lands.
Because the last couple of generation
of Catholics (And Anglicans, may I add)
feel pink and fluffy towards the onward
march of Islam, this should not blind us
to the fact that the Church for hundreds
of years saw Islam as a mortal threat
to Europe and the faith.’

‘Nothing has changed since, other than
that many Muslim states have now
turned against the small indigenous
Christian enclaves among them and
increased their policies of persecution.
They have also made deep demographic
penetration into the heartland of Europe.
In what could be described in historical
terms as the blinking of an eye. Mosques
are springing up where none have ever
stood and the Islamic birthrate is ex-
plosive. This is a recipe not for euphoric
politics of tolerance, but disaster,
for what we see as cultural
accommodation, the (Islamic)
fundamentalists see as easy conquest.’

‘Yes, I know some of us know of decent
Muslims, who have no intention of ex-
tirpating Christianity and completing the
1200 year old Jihad, but, dare I say it?
No doubt there were some jolly nice
German soldiers during the last war,
But the Nazis as a whole had to be faced
down and see off. There was no viable
alternative on offer. I very much fear
that a similar clash lies in the future, due
to the foolishness of our politicians who
simply saw Islamic immigration into the
UK as just another brand of some quaint
foreign religion, and consequently not
worth worrying about.’

‘There is a very real fear that unless the
Church re-awakens to its historic mission
and studies the lessons of the past, the Fr.
Francis Marsden’s recent grim reminder
of what happened to the Hagia Shopia in
Constantinople and the countless Christian
Churches throughout the lost lands of the
East, may well be the future for not just
York Minster and Canterbury Cathedral,
but for what yet remains of the entire
Christian West.’
Andrew Vernon
Long Eaton

Local Vicar Seriously Attacked.
By Dennis Delderfield.
Canon Michael Ainsworth was taken to hospital after
being viciously attacked by Muslim youths shouting
anti-Christian abuse outside his church of St. George-
in-the-East, Wapping. The police have said that it was
a racial attack. Canon Ainsworth went outside his

church to ask a gang to quieten down. He was then
punched and kicked and suffered cuts, bruises, and
two black eyes. St. George-in-the-East has regularly
had windows smashed. Some members of the
congregation have had racial insults hurled
at them and some youths have shouted
out ‘This should be a mosque, not a church.’
Racial attacks on churches and Christians in Tower
Hamlets has increased. St. Dunstan’s the parish church
has had graffiti daubed over its walls. Two years
ago, 80 students were let out of the Sir John Cass
School early as it was part of the Muslim month
of Ramadan. They then laid siege to the Roman
Catholic Bishop Challenor School and tried to
storm the school. Many people in Wapping and
Stepney have had abuse hurled at then and the
shout of ‘Whites out, this is our country now.'
are regularly heard.
City of London and Dockland Times,
March, 2008.

[Biggerissue Editor: My thanks to Dr. D. M. Sinclair,
Ed.D, for sending me Andrew Vernon’s perceptive
observations on Islam. And, the black and white
caption image is taken from my rare woodcut of
Christ “Takeing-Down From the Cross,” by W. M.
Craig & Neagle. Published by T. Kinnersley,
April 1, 1814.]

Christian and Muslim leaders look to break interfaith 'logjam.'

New Haven, Conn. USA. Ecumenical News International/ENI.
About 150 Christian and Muslim representatives meeting at
Yale University have issued a call for clerics and leaders of their
respective traditions to speak out publicly once a year during a
designated week in praise of the other's faith tradition. "We have
extremists on all sides and that has to be addressed by mainstream
[religious] leaders," said Ibrahim Kalin, director of the Ankara,
Turkey-based Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research,
and an assistant professor of Georgetown University in Washington,
DC. The call was among a series of "practical outcomes" agreed by
the conference, which continued a dialogue that began in 2007 when
prominent Islamic scholars issued a call for dialogue with Christian
leaders. This prompted a supportive response from Yale scholars
that eventually grew to include hundreds of Christian leaders
and theologians. [ENI 07-08-08. 0623]
Another upcoming story soon by Uncle Monty ...

A Decade of What New Labour's Mindless
Mass Immigration Has Done to the UK
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty

Ghettoized -black, foreignized -yellow and brown, Eastern and Western Europeanize -white, and Muslimized -folkz, have now become the ugly, disconcerting, and alien picture of my English homeland. New Labour’s political psychosis of uncontrollable mass immigration now verges on a kind of criminal insanity all of their own making. And such has now robbed me of almost all the things I once knew and loved about what was once for me my happy homeland.
Every where I turn now in England, I cannot escape New Labour’s mindless and criminal mass immigration. Our schools, our hospitals, our parks, our prisons, our courts, our local government, our housing estates, our swimming pools, our streets, our shopping centres, our churches, our neighbourhoods, our maternity wards, our car boot sales, our bus stations, our mental institutions, our public transport, our leisure centres, our GP surgeries, our asylum and refugee units, our funeral homes, our gratis NHS services, our post offices, our ASDA and Tesco food stores, our pubs, and our very way of life, are now invaded and mostly grabbed for free by such derelick and useless outsiders. And still more of them are coming under New Labour by the boatloads, the trainloads, the planeloads and the busloads at every turn either by fair or foul. While New Labour applause itself, I bitterly cry. They're taken my country and now made it closely "Afro-Britain." I just detest the sight and loudness of it all. I really do.

I know, also, that it is not popular or politically-correct to question the steep rise of interracial and interethnic dating and courting, and heaven forbid granted mix marriages, too, that are so brazen in today's England. Last Saturday at London's Covent Garden, I counted, over perhaps five or six hours, 11 mixed couples : two white males with Afro-females hand-in-hand; and nine Afro-males with white females also hand-in-hand. Two of them were so publicly snogging and having it off, I was perturbed by the vulgarity and tastelessness of their ill-taught behaviour.

I'll be writing more later on this provocative immigration topic of mine ... Angry, Uncle Monty. +Name of Jesus, 2oo8.



Job Vacancies At Homeless World Cup. Notes By Uncle Monty.

Job Vacancies At Homeless World Cup.
Notes By Uncle Monty.
Join the homeless world cup team ...
The Homeless World Cup is at a very exciting stage of its
development engaging in significant expansion. As the annual,
international football tournament goes from strength to
strength, the Homeless World Cup Foundation is now
established specifically to support and develop grassroots
football programmes in 75 nations and engage
one million players by 2012.
We are looking for high energy, talented, ambitious people
with a passion for football, a passion to make a difference,
to join the team to continue to build the Homeless World
Cup into the most reputable organisation using sport
for social inclusion in the world. This really is an
opportunity unlike any other.
To obtain further information on current
vacancies at the Homeless World Cup:
Commercial Director
Download Job Description
Homeless World Cup Foundation:
Download Job Description
How to apply:
We’d love to hear from you right away. Please send your
application and CV indicating the position you would like
Contact: Any questions? Feel free to be in touch with ...
Kate Byles, Communications & Media Director,
Homeless World Cup. Telephone: +44(0) 7901 701 334
Skype: Katbyles
© 2008 Homeless World Cup Organisation.
Notes by Father Monty.
If you're into football and sports, this seems to me
to be a golden opportunity for those closely involved
with the situation and issues of homelessness. I hope
those who are homeless, or have been, will apply to
the Homeless World Cup Foundation to simply find
out if they can get one of the above job with HWC. I
met Kate Byles at the 5th Homeless World Cup last
year at Denmark's capital city of Copenhagen. She's
a good person to contact, I'm sure. The caption I've
used here is one of my many photographs of the 5th
Homeless World Cup in progess and to which
the Crown Prince of Denmark also attended.
I got to meet and photographed him, too.
Hurry, then, if you want to get a crack at one
of the good jobs up for grabs at HWC. Your job
chances is as good as anybody else's, I'm sure ...
Cheers, Uncle Monty.
+The Transfiguration of Our Lord, 2oo8.


Washed In Him At Holy Walsingham. By Uncle Monty.

Washed In Him At Holy Walsingham
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty
Holy Walsingham is one of England’s oldest shrines for faithful
Anglicans and devout Catholics alike. People of prayer come
from far and wide to spend a little time from their rushed daily
lives to visit and to experience periods of needed religious retreat
at The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, which is idyllically
set in the unmarred landscape of Norfolk’s old England.
Here you won’t be abused by the trauma and stress of modern
secular life as the prevailing peace of spirit and quietness quickly
embaces and envelopes one’s presence at Holy Walsingham.
It is a spiritual refuge of a uniquely English kind.
The blending of Historic Anglicanism and Traditonal
Catholicism sweeps many of the prayerful pilgrims right
off their wary feet. At least it did for Contessa Maria and
me at our three-day retreat at Holy Walsingham’s Stella
Maris House that housed and stepped us right
inside the stunning and shining shrine.
Anglican Bishop Robert Ladds
Our first encountered was with Anglican Bishop Robert
Ladds, Vicar-General of the Society of Mary, within
moments of our first arrival at this beautiful parcel of land
set aside for us all to simply recognise the all-embracing love
and power of our Gracious God and His Son Jesus Christ.
And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England’s
green and pleasant land
,” asks our old hymn "Jerusalem."
Indeed, He surely did, at least I for one would like to think
so, at perhaps this God blessed spot of Holy Walsingham.
Praying pilgrims at The Walsingham
Shrine's open air prayer services.
No matter where you stand or sit at Holy Walsing-
ham, you will be comforted and cleansed by its quiet,
yet overwhelming, religiosity and shining light. Groups
of praying pilgrims, led either by Anglican and/or Catholic
priests, gather at intervals to walk around the parameter
of the shrine and to pay homage to their Christian faith.
From The Shrine to The Slipper Chapel is known as "The
Holy Mile" and many of the pilgrims walk silently to and
from such sacred spots at Holy Walsingham.
Maria and I most certainly and happily did.
A lone country parson seen at
Holy Walsingham's High Street.
The tiny villages of Great Walsingham and Little
Walsingham, just five miles south of Norfolk's
coast-based Wells-next-the-Sea, is where the
National English Shine of Our Lady of Walsingham
and the famed Slipper Chapel can be easily visited.
Priests, religious sisters, church leaders, shrine work-
ers, annual pilgrims and parish groups, sightseers
and the curious can be seen at the packed High
Street during major religious festivals like Easter-
tide and Christmastide. Otherwise, at quiet times,
Holy Walsingham can be thin of crowds like when
Maria and I undertook our retreat there some
two years or more ago. Hence, the lone priest as
seen above and photographed by me as Maria and
I strolled peacefully in arms along the High Street at
where we browsed the local book and gift shops and
what have you. And from where we then
walked The Holy Mile, together.
The Holy Mile at Holy Walsingham.
Inside The Shrine of
Our Lady of Walsingham.
The Slipper Chapel
At Holy Walsingham.
It seems just like yesterday when we were
there. That's how impressive and persuasive
was Holy Walsingham to me, and I assume,
to Contessa Maria, too. We were first-timers,
but we chatted with a number of pilgrims who
had for years stayed annually at the shrine.
Gregory and Maragret I'Anson, devout Catholics,
have visited Holy Walsingham for more than a
quarter of a century and they still aren't tired of
it, but rather restored each time on their visits
of a week at a time. Without Holy Walsingham,
they would be spiritually dead they said ... They
come from Cannock Chase, I think they said.
As Maria and I left, I felt we had been "Washed
In Him At Holy Walsingham." We had shared an
experience together that was a far cry from
the usual tourist traps and bland encounters of
the seaside and boring holiday spots of England
and Europe and elsewhere around the world.
Instead, we had experienced as Anglicans the
fellowship and harmony of those who shared
similar feelings and needs to exercise and ex-
press their faith not solely in words but in action
and prayer and comradeship. That we most
certainly did. "Thank you, Holy Walsingham."
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of Lammas Day, 2oo8.
England's Convent of Our Lady of Mercy
in 1910 from my historical photo collection.


And here's a far cry from Holy Walsingham ...

... Pathetic images of our modern Drunken Society.
Annoucement in The
Church Times, August 1st, 2oo8:
The Federation of Catholic Priests
Priests' Pilgrimage to Walsingham
Monday 13 Oct. to Thursday 16 Oct, 2oo8.
Theme - "Immersed in Priesthood: Healing
and Reconcilliation in the Life of the Priest."
Speakers include: Chaplain to the Pilgrimage,
The Right Rev'd Robert Ladds; Fr. Eric Simmons,
CR., Betty Jarrett, and Fr. Graham Crook.
Enquiries: Fr. Brian Tubbs, The Vicarage,
Palace Place, Paignton TQ3 3AO. UK.
Tel: 011 (44) 01803 559059.
I saw the new computer shop with a printed sign on its door
saying: "Closed 1:00-2:30pm for Prayers." It was Friday
afternoon at London's Old Kent Road. I could not imagine
seeing Currie Digital, PC World, Zenlogik or ABA, with such
a sign closing their doors for a few hours to observe Sunday
Morning Prayers for those of us who happen to be Christians.
Such companies seek only profits, not prayers. Nor do they
respect those folkz of faith. Money and business are their
only God. And, little else ... in England today.