Black Stalker.

Black Night Stalker Inside The UK.
By Uncle Monty.
Graphics & Writeovers
By Alex Albion.
With a split personality and a religious desire for the
Jehovah's Witnesses, Jamacian-born Delroy Grant, 53,
 was and is an unassuming pychopath and criminal monster
 all covered by his diobolical Afro-Caribbean skin of his
sheer predatory and dangerous nature of elderly rape and
gruesome assault, in and around London, for some 17
unbelievable years without ever being caught
 red-handed until two years ago.
Today at London's Woolwich Crown Court, Delroy
Grant was finally convicted and sentenced to four terms
of life imprisonment with a minumum of 27 years
behind bars. It has cost the British public purse over
 ten million quid to bring him to needed justice. Only
 in England could such a thing take so much money!
Delroy Grant, 53, The Black Night Stalker.
Night Stalker will spend 27 years behind bars for sex attacks
on elderly. Paul Cheston, Courts Correspondent.
Catalogue of appalling police blunders let the Night Stalker claim 500 victims.
By Stephen Wright & Colin Fernandez
Delroy Grant Profile.
And while Grant Delroy Grant was being sentenced,
two more black criminals in the UK attacked a London
security bank guard with a hammer and got away with
20,000 quid ... in their stolen car and with deep pink dye
hopefully now soaking their clothes and black skin to
identify them as soon as possible! Here's the image
of the pair absconding with the stolen money today.
Through outrageous police blunders and pure "good luck,"
Delroy Grant was basically a law unto himself as he terrorized
 his elderly and vunerable victims with his cunning and sick
 mentality. His mindless urge to rape and sexually assualt
80 year old women and men who he had carefully selected
among his litany of victims was simply mindboggling to
 most rational and law abiding British folkz.
While there is always the talk of black-on-black
crime thesedays inside the UK due to the hideous
and massive inflow of black immigration under
vile New Labour, what is happening now is the
ever increasing rates of black crime against
white folkz with the immigrant attitude of contempt
 toward the country that was forced by those god-
damn Blairite socialists to take them in the first
place ... Now they're murdering, raping, robbing
 us in broad day light and filling the country with
ever more dangerous drug and scary HIV/Aids
and even human trafficking. And, illegal sham
marriages which shabby characters like Anglican
Canon Patrick John Magumba are accused of
 inciting and instigating with utter contempt
for Church rules and banns decorum ...
Delroy Grant started doing his London sex crimes against
the defenseless elderly at around age 35 or 36 some 17 years
 ago. Now at 53, he'll be 80 years old before he can be released
from prison in 27 years time. When he finally dies, hopefully
they'll then ship his dead body back to his native Jamaica to
complete the wicked cycle of his evil and perverted life.
In the meantime, it is going to cost the British tax payer at
least another two million pounds to prison house him for
almost the next three decades should he live to the end of
 his full sentence. Our British prisons are now chock-a-block
with criminal immigrants, fake asylum seekers, dangerous
Muslims, illegal aliens, and convicted Eastern European
crooks and grave gypies. Such can be squarely blamed
on vile New Labour under hideous Tony Blair, who has
now cursed Britain with his sociopathic multicultural
agenda to flood the country with 3.7 million immigrants -
 mostly derelict Africans - that has now created and
achieved the treacherous level of a Three World
urban ghetto and racial pigsty inside
today's "Broken Britain."
Delroy Grant symbolizes all that's wrong with
 mass immigration, even though he came to Britain
 from Jamacia before the ill-rise of terrible New
Labour. All that British Labour did was to com-
pound the crime wave among unscreened immigrants
 amd the free admission of menacing Muslims to the
 UK. The fertility rates among such unwanted foreigners
will only swamp the country even more to the point
that Britain will no longer be truly British as the birth
rate numbers climb dramatically and unabatedly
from such "minorities" to the "majority" in a few
generations from now. The evil curse and infamy
of Blair will live on long after most of us are gone
and Britain will have become a permanent and
 huge "blackhole," even more so than it
 is already today .
And if we think Delroy Grant is an exceptionally bad
sod, then we have the convicted immigrant creep Lucy
Adeniji to mate with him in the British prison system.
She was called a "pastor" was she, who can be
seen below. Her only "pastoral care" was mainly
to torture child slaves inside the UK. That she
did with impunity until she, too, was finally
caught like DG.
Rarely a day goes by that more immigrants, like
Grant and Adeniji, commit more serious crimes.
Just pickup the local weekly newspapers, in and
around London, to see the grim reality of such
outrageous crimes by such immigrants from all
age groups committing arson to rape to murder
 to robbery to youth gang war or at whatever
takes their fertile and criminal fancy. To state
such is considered politically incorrect!! To
hell with such. It is time to call a black spade
 a black spade no matter what. It is a crying
shame what some of these criminal immigrants
are doing to us under the sham and tyranny of
English political correctness. Such was all
brought to us by vile New Labour and the
black immigrant ilk of Trevor Philips at the
Equalities & Human Rights Commission
 (EHRC) that has cost us over 60 million quid so
far since it was started by Labour. The EHRC
is simply a carefully-cultivated front for leftist
radicals to impose their anti-English political
and racial tyranny on the rest of White Britain
and always at its expense. It is about time to shut
 down, for once and for all, The Trevor Phillips
 Brigade and his nasty and very expensive
 gang of 70 litigious lawyers at EHRC.
As for Delroy Grant, he sucks completely.
What he did to his sex victims can never be
expunged from the minds of those he
zoomed in on to satisfy his cruel quest to
terrorize them in their own homes as he
entered such by using a crowbar and dis-
connecting the phone as he sat on the bed
and demanded elderly women make love
to him. So replusive was his behaviour that
for many their encounter has left a lasting
and sickening nightmare and forced some
of them to even move elsewhere after he
broke into their homes for forced sex.
His evil persona is almost unspeakable!
While he now begins his long amd justified
four life prison terms for his wicked crimes,
let us hope that he suffers what he deserves
inside prison and pray to the Good Lord
for forgivenness of his diobolical sins.
Whatever happens to him, I shall feel
no pity for him whatsoever. NONE!
With such now said, I conclude this brief  story
 of mine about the Afro-Caribbean monster 
Delroy Grant in this my "Black Night
Stalker Inside the UK."
Take care for now, Uncle Monty.
+The Annunciation of Our Lord
To The BVM, 2011.
Anglican Canon John Magumba
Brings The Church Into Infamy.
Yesterday, the Muslim begger shown below
was soliciting money outside of Tesco's for
 his Muslim cause. All too many like him
are collecting donations from the public
 without any accountability of what they are
actually doing with such money. I suspect
many are doing such even without a
legitimate charity license ... What is worse,
the more money the Muslims take in, the
more ugly mosques and Islamic Centres
spout up all over the UK without any
concerted challenge to stop them save
for such well-known groups as The
English Defense League (EDL).
Here is another black monster, too,
in the name and form of Lucy Adeniji.
Eleven years for evil pastor who tortured child slaves.
By Colin Fernandez.
How Many White Faces Are Among These London
School Kids That I Saw This Morning?  Only ONE!
'Mindless "Political Correctness" (PC) Has
Now Become A Vicious Tool To Supress and
Gag Those With Honest And Differring Opinions
On A Wide Range Of Political, Social, Religious,
Immigration, And Racial Issues Inside Broken
Britain Today ... '  Uncle Monty, 2011.

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They're Both War Criminals!
By Uncle Monty.
"Put a thick, long, rope around his neck
and pull it good," was and is still my first
instinct in dealing with such a murderous and
dangerous character like Col. Muammar Gaddafi,
who is now being rightly bombarded with every kind
of US and British military missiles to enforce a UN-
approved no-fly zone over Libya against the hideous
Arab colonel and his pro-Gaddafi thugz
and street forces.
Hunt down Gaddafi first ...
Then take him to The Hague along
with also Tony Blair put in
handcuffs. Both Gaddafi and
Blair are war criminals - period.
Having been in Tripoli just weeks before the Gaddafi
 rebels mounted their concerted efforts to overthrow
 its long-time Libyan dictator of over four decades, I
was surprised that such occurred since my impression
 at the time inside Tripoli was the Gaddafi was so en-
trenched and so all powerful that he would easily
survive against such a home grown rebellion.
Vile Tony Blair & Hideous Gaddafi.
Writing in The Times of London yesterday in his 1,600+
word opinion piece - "We can't just be spectators in this
(Libyan) revolution" -  it seemed very strange and oddly
bizarre to me that Tony Blair, as a war criminal himself,
should be writing about a fellow war criminal like Gaddafi. 
It was like one war criminal writing about another.
Indeed, Blair is no better than Gaddafi considering
what Blair and America's George Bush did in the Iraq
War that slaughtered, maimed, and destroyed millions
of innocent Iraqi lives in the name and concocted lies
of getting rid of Saddam Hussein.  Not to mention
about our British and American service guyz and galz
who have already lost their lives needlessly all
 because of power drunk and arrogant Tony Blair
with his warmongering buddy Geoge Bush. Anything
the Blair/Bush "twins" say always leaves me dead cold.
I just hope that same doesn't now occur all over
again inside Libya in the name of getting rid of
Gaddafi under David Cameron and Barack Obama.
Gaddafi Wanted Poster - Dead or Alive.
REWARD: 10 Million British Quid ...
If Gaddafi is captured alive, I really do think he
should immediately be sent to The Hague along
with Blair and Bush in tow to stand trial as accused
war criminals. War criminals are war criminals no
 matter their nationality, their creed, their politics,
or the colour of their skin.  Nor if elected or not
at the time of their alleged war crimes. Nor do
they themselves have to have pulled the trigger
to be culpable and capable of such murderous
crimes against humanity. Yet Blair, Bush, and
Gaddafi have all too long lived in luxury and
 immunity for years without fear that The
Hague is waiting for them ....
The Arab Spring may finally see Gaddafi of
of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, and Ben Ali of
 Tunisia, among others, face their accusers in
an international court of law - ie, The Hague.
As for Blair and Bush, they too should join their
Arab buddies for their own committed war
crimes under their vile and wicked Iraq War.
The latest word from Gaddafi says he vows
 "a long war." Maybe, maybe not. What is
certain is what is not certain! Anything could
happen at this point and one never knows
what could happen rather unexpectedly and
with grave consequences. Let us hope that
the Libyan Madman will become so mad he
won't know how mad he really is until he is
hunted down - either dead or alive - so that
the Libyan people are finally free to determine
whatever kind of society they want at
post-Muammar Gaddafi.
Down With Gaddafi, Blair & Bush, Uncle Monty.
+2nd Sunday of Lent, 2011.
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Do U Recognize This Young Fella?
Photo c. 1906 from The British Punjab.
Next: The Anglican Enthronement of Bishop
Christopher Chessun of Southwark. By Uncle
 Monty - Enthronement Photos By Alex Albion.
 No Murderer Was He. By Uncle Monty.
US Photos By Alex Albion. Part 1 of 3.
After being falsely accused and convicted of murdering ...
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Polo Invitation.

Gaucho International Polo, 2011.
By Uncle Monty.
Exclusive Polo Photos By Alex Albion.
Really, it was a four-in-one invitation to me to
 be (1) seated as a guest at the front-row of The
Gaucho International Polo Invitation; (2) to then be
invited for a super lunch with the posh polo players;
 (3) to be made a welcome guest at Sky TV Backstage
during the polo intervals and (4) at the close of the
 unusual day to be expensively wined and dined as
 a dinner guest at Aura-Mayfair after the charity
final of the Gaucho International Polo meeting.
Alas, I had myself a full 12-hour day of sheer fun
and joy to last me at least for awhile! And even
better, it was all free for me!  Thus, it didn't cost
me a penny or a red cent thankz to such four hap-
penings being by invitation only. The cost must
have been well over $350- for the day's freebies
given to me. Thankz is due ever so much
 to my dear Contessa Maria.
Some of the International Polo Horses & Players.
But above all it was the wonderful horses, the superb
riders, and the classic polo itself that made my day for
 all its worth. I'd never before seen Gladiatorial Polo
either, but when I did I was excited to witness such
with the spectacular teams from Argentina, England,
Scotland, and South Africa. Also, never had I seen
 such outstanding levels of good sportmanship in pro-
sports like I did among the skilled polo players that
was a true testimony to them and their elite
sport of international polo.
Some of the Gentlemen of International Polo.
Their fine and superb horses were magnificant all
around - both on and off the arena. With a pro-
jected crowd of 10,000 spectators, I was also
 right at home with the festival atomsphere that at
 times was clearly evident at the unfolding of the
four major polo matches that I happily saw.
The first was the Polo Exhibition Match, next The
Ambassador's Cup between Scotland vs. South
Africa, then The Celebrity Polo Match / Charity
Fundraiser, and ending befittingly with The
Churchill Cup between England vs. Argentina.
Game On! Polo Sticks and all come into play!
A World Class Argentine Polo Player.
The average pro-polo player is thought to be worth
over $450,000- even at their young age of 20-30
years old. If not individually, then their family's
fortune holds them in good stead to pay costly
fees to play international polo and to own their
own fine horse or horses as part of the elite
world sport. Horses don't come cheap with
the average value of such polo horses begin-
ning at around $175,000 each. That's fine
with me! I'll take at least two!!
Dismounted Polo Jockeys.
Known as "The Game of Kings," polo has been played
 "for over two and half thousand years by Kings,
Emperors, Shahs, and Sultans," states Club G
Polo 2011.
If you'd like a taste of polo - not Polo Mints! - then
you can attend Friday In The Park Lunch  for $625.00
(or 415 quid) at London's Huntington Cub, July 3-5th,
2011. You'll also get some Venve Clicquot champagne
thrown in ... At that price, you should!
Next To Go On To Join Their Polo Teams.
Before The Start of the Polo Invitation w/a novice rider.
Lined up as group winners the polo players are
photographed BEFORE a particular team is actually
declared the winner by the end of the invitation.
This method, was all new to me ...
The thrill was to watch each match and to
know one was watching something quite
special with man and horse competing with
all their skills of riding and horsemanship
to swipe the bright pink polo ball into
the opposite goal post.  What I learned
about polo was that unlike other professional
sports the players do it more for love than
for money! Although, quite clearly polo
players aren't exactly poor to begin with.
Whatever, they're first driven by the sport
and not by whatever material reward may
or may not come their way.
What I like most at being at The Gaucho Inter-
national Polo Invitation was seeing for the first
time in my rather checkered life an actual polo
 match right under my own chin ... I'd seem in
 the past news photographs of Prince Charles
 and Prince Harry playing polo, but to see it
for myself was the real thrill for me. What I
saw I liked and I'd like to see more in the
future, if I get such a four-in-one invitation
ever again. That's doubtful, of course, so I
now relish my first encounter with internation-
al polo like I undoubtedly would if I got say
an invitation to the Royal Wedding of William
&amp Kate come next month;  That's highly
 unlikely for sure. So, give me more polo, I say.
And a touch of the Royal Wedding would
also help me feel perhaps abit important when
I am actually not. Polo gives a sense of im-
portance that no amount of elbowing by
Wayne Rooney would ever bring to most
of us. Let me say no more ... except,
more polo please!!
Happily, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, 2011.
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No Cross & No Clergy Present.
By Uncle Monty.
Last night, I attended The Parliament Square
Prayer Gathering of several thousands to pray
 for our country and national leaders at the
black iron gates of the House of Commons
and the House of Lords. Oddly enough, I saw
no crosses and not even a Catholic priest or
an Anglican clergyman or a Methodist minister
present to support the public gathering of our
 Faith and Christanity with so many feverish
Christians present. They came with candles,
glow sticks, and warm clothes, as the evening
felt more like mild winter than spring with the
cold London air and its jet black sky en-
veloping us despite our open Christian joy.
I will have a more detailed story with
photos before the end of the month about
The Parliament Square Prayer Gathering.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+10th Day of Holy Lent, 2011.
By Uncle Monty.
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Pancake Day.

Yesterday's Pancake Day:
The British Parliamentary Pancake Race.
By Uncle Monty.
Pancake Day Photos
 By Alex Albion.
Yesterday's British Parliamentary Pancake Race
between various honourable members of the House
of Commons and House of Lords vs. noted members
 of the Parliamentary Press Gallery took place in the
name of charitable fund raising on what is quintessent-
ially English Pancake Day that is more widely known
as Shrove Tuesday in the Christian Church calendar.
It was also Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday elsewhere
like at post-Katrina New Orleans.
London's Shrove Tuesday.
In the clear shadow of the British Parliament, the
 fun pancake race called on contestants to madly run with
their open frying pans as they precariously toss pancakes
up in the air from the start to the finish line with hypo-
onlookers egging them on all the way.
This year's official starter of the Parliamentary Pancake
Race was lovely Julie Etchingham, co-newscaster for
 ITN-TV News at Ten. Julie's positive role added alot
of glamour and finesse to the serious business of raising
much needed funds for The Chaseley Trust's REHAB
that focusses on those with brain and spinal cord injuries.
The race raised over $25,000 within hours of the pan-
cake run. Not bad for a morning run with some
pancakes! The only pity was neither the competitors
nor the spectators got to actually eat any pancakes
at ther race. And, none was even offered on
our English Pancake Day ... Shame!!
And, Off They Go ...
Good Run & Tosses For Him. The Other
Guy Lost His Pancake In A Toss!
Among the competitors they ranged from Stephen
Pound, the Labour MP, to Julian Huppert,
the Liberal Democrat MP, to Tracey Crouch,
the Conservative MP. From The House of Lords
came David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, 2nd
Lord Redesdale to Baroness Judith Anne Jolly.
While the elite members of the Parliamentary Press
Gallery included Adam Boulton, Political Editor,
 Sky News, to Joanne Coburn, Political
Correspondent, BBC, to Patrick Wintour,
 Political Editor, The Guardian.
However, during the frantic pancake race they
all looked and acted much the same no matter
their political and social persuasion and identity.
Some Runners Gather Before The Pancake Race.
After a rather frosty early morning, by 10 o'clock
 the sun was warm and bright for the pancake race
to begin that was heavily covered by national and
international media reporters and news photographers
 along with a goodly crowd of happy onlookers that
boosted the Parliamentary Pancake Race to even
 greater heights and thrills at London's Victoria
Tower Gardens at where most everybody had
gathered for the fun race on Shrove Tuesday or
what was otherwise the Eve of Ash Wednesday
that begins Holy Lent as noted in The Anglican
 Book of Common Prayer (BCP).
Great Competitor British Member of
Parliament Stephen Pound of New Labour.
Tom Bradby, ITN-TV's Political Editor & Martin
Horwood, Lib-Dem MP, in the background.
Among the pancake race competitors not already
mentioned were MP's Cathy Jamieson, Toby
Perkins, Lisa Nandy, Ian Murray, and David
 Amess. From the Lords; Francis Hare, 6th
Earl of Listowel, Baroness Kate Parminter,
and Lord St. John of Bletso. From the British
Parliamentay Press Gallery came James Forsyth,
Political Editor, The Spectator; Andrew Porter,
 Political Editor, The Daily Telegraph; Brian
O'Connell, London Editor, Raidio Telilifis Eireann,
and Gary Gibbon, Political Editor, Channel 4.
David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford,
2nd Lord Redesdale.
Toby Perkins, British Labour MP.
And, The Winners Are ...
The British Parliamentary Pancake Race also helps
bridge the gap between political rivals and distractors
in the name of helping good causes above all. Good
sportmanship and good manners was highlighted at
the fun race that saw a goodly crowd present among
the more than twenty official competitors that
freely participated on Shrove Tuesday or Pancake
Day to raise needed money for charity. BRAVO!
Some of the Runners Basking in Media Attention.
Super News Photographer Taking Creative Steps
 to get the kind of shot he wanted of ITN-TV's
Julie Etchingham and Rehab's Andrew Canlon
 Trant After The Pancake Race at London's
Victoria Tower Gardens on
 Shrove Tuesday, 2011.
Happy Post-Mardi Gras, Too, Uncle Monty.
+Ash Wednesday, 2011.
Ash Wednesday as an act of worship.
National & World  News Photographers
Covering British Parliamentary Pancake Race.

The Shard - London's Latest Epic Edifice.
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BBC Radio 4.


Four Thought.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
His white alabaster bust on the wide window sill was
obviously Ben Franklin, unless someone didn't know
who the Yankee was. Thus, The Benjamin Franklin
Room was named in honour of the man that I and
about 100 other radio guests had entered for the
evening recording of the BBC Radio
 4 series "Four Thought."
Noted Egyptian Writer Ahdaf Soueif. She
spoke authoratatively about the cultural impact
of the recent Egyptian Revolution against the
ousted longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak.
First we all sat down at dressed tables of white
linen table clothes and white wine and cool
sparkling water inside the stately RSA House
as the four invited BBC Radio 4 speakers
prepared to tell us their stories, their views,
 their thoughts, their ideas, their opinions, and
their personal experiences as the digital and
 high-tech recording took place for broacast
at a later date all across the UK nation. 
Ngaire Woods, Professor of International
Political Economy at Oxford's University College,
ably chaired the "Four Thought" radio program.
With intense attention, the approved audience
reacted with all manner of reactions and questions
to the various speakers they heard. The stately
Bejamin Franklin Room was alive and well with
laughter, with sighs, with respect, with queries,
and with thought provoking comments to the
presentation of the speakers, who each spoke
for about 15 to 20 minutes each.
Tom Gill, Professor of Social Anthropology,
Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan.
What was especially nice at "Four Thought"
was the opportunity of audience members to
 get upclose to the speakers and to chat one-to-
one with them after their radio presentation.
They were uniformly so disarming and so
 pleasent to first meet like Naomi Shragai,
who spoke of her marriage outside of her
American upbring inside traditional Judaism.
For years she's been a frequent visitor to
England and finally she married an Englishman
who wasn't particularly religious as a born
Anglican ...
Naomi Shragai.
Old Ben Franklin was surely impressed with
the quality and diversity of the speakers as
they were embraced by such an educated and
sophisticated audience of over 100 folkz ranging
from young professionals to upper middle class
ladies to wealthy retirees and to those of the social
elite. Yet, there was no snobbiness or put downs.
Everybody seemed to share a common goal - to
thoroughly enjoy the live experience of being
present at BBC Radio 4's "Four Thought."
And, most surely did ...
Closing Moments of "Four Thought" ar RSA House.
A Little View of  Some of the Radio Audience.
This recorded program will be broadcast on BBC Radio
4 tomorrow - March 9th, 2011, at 8:45PM.
Have a super day, Uncle Monty.
+Shrove Tuesday, Madri Gras, Pancake Day
and Fat Tuesday, 2011.
Images of Rough Sleepers.
Photo Essay By Alex Albion.
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