Big Trouble in Scotland for Big Issue Vendors ...

Scotland's tiny and picturesque communities of the Royal Burgh of Forfar, Kirremuir and Angus would seem to be the last place at where there would be any kind of trouble for The Big Issue vendor. An ex-Scot vendor from there, called here Jock McGill, 31, (not his real name) sent me the latest scandalous story of what's going on at "The Gateway to the Glens." This is what he said: "Listen to me mate you seem to care about bigissue vendors being one yourself. I visit your brit blog at the library. You are doing a good job mate. Read the story i send about the stuff the newspapers have told about the vendors. Some of it is true I am sorry to say. Much of it is not. Big issue supports the cops and they shit on us because of only being vendors. I am finished with big issue from now." Now read the news story that Jock sent ...


Read about Angus: http://www.angusahead.com/VisitAngus/ExploringAngus/VisitForfar.asp

I might also suggest that both vendors and the public take a peek at the following forum and post whatever comments you think would be helpful to the pros and cons of The Big Issue ...


And as if Big Issue vendors aren't already enough in the news, then yet another correspondent send yet another belated link for me to add more about vendors at thebiggerissue.org


Hello 2008, Goodbye 2oo7. Your's Monty.


I'm Here At The Legend of "Tom Brown's Old School Days."

Rugby is where rugby was invented
and first played in England in 1823.
William Webb Ellis is credited with
being the inventor of the game and to
which the World Rugby Cup is named
after him -- Webb Ellis Trophy.
Rugby is also the home to one
of the nation's most noted and
famous prep schools called Rugby
School. The school is out right now until
the first of the year with perhaps only
an handful of boarders still here over
the present Christmas holidays.

I was surprised how Rugby School
wasn't in a particularly elegant or posh
town that I thought it would be. I think
Harrow College at Harrow-on-the-Hill,
which I visited earlier this year, was more
classy as a prep school town than what I've
seen so far of Rugby, which began in 1567
and Harrow in 1572. While the creme
de la creme of English prep schools, which
I have visited too, is Eton College that was
founded in 1440 by Henry VI.
While at Rugby, I shall
also visit the nearby New Coventry
Cathedral of Sir Basil Spence's fame
and modernistic design that came about
after the Nazis bombed the original
cathedral of Coventry during WWII ...
And, Welsh painter Graham Sutherland's
artistic and religious masterpieces of The
High Altar and Tapestry are also to be
found there at England's now most
modern Anglican cathedral. While the
newer Liverpool Metropolitan Catholic
Cathedral of 1967 is the newest built
cathedral in England, I believe ...
Must close for now, but will write
perhaps more about my stay here at
Rugby in the next fews days or so ...
+Greetings, Monty.
Let me now tell you abit more
about the actual Rugby School.
It costs a parent over £27.000
per annum to send their off-spring
to the public school (which is private
and non-state in the UK). Pupils
there are called "Rugbeians" and
must, if a male, learn to play Rugby
while at the school unless otherwise
There are 782 boarders and day
students or pupils with 8 houses for
boys and 7 houses for girls. There
are 103 teaching staff. Students age
11-18 are the standard age group.
The annual cost of running the Rugby
School is £17 million per annum.
The problem with Rugby, like other
noted English prep schools, is it
suffers from being so expensive
and overpriced to send one's son
or daughter there. Thus, such
rich Asian and American parents
are turning more and more to prep
schools in countries like New Zealand
to send their off-springs over sending
them to England. In New Zealand,
such prep schools are now rated
better in many cases than those in
the UK not only for greater value
for money but also being safer with
a more disciplined environment in
which to boarder their kids ... Even
noted prep schools like Philip Exeter
and Andover at America's New England
are also attracting more rich foreign
parents over and above those that
traditionally paid for a British prep
school education for their kids.
My last comment:
My stay at Rugby was worthy.


Anthony Blair's Christmas Conversion To Catholicism Is A Religious Coup!!.

Once called an High Church Anglican,
former British prime minister Anthony
Blair has now became a Roman Catholic
like his wife Cherie and his kidz. There
had been much media speculation for years
about him converting from Anglicanism to
Catholicism. Now that its happened as of
last Friday, it is hard to reconile how
the Holy Catholic Church could accept
him as a member in light of many who
see him as a war criminal, like I do,
and also a pro-abortionist and stem-
cell advocate and pro-gay that Anthony
Blair is. Such is against the teachings
of the Roman Church to say the least.
I hold no religious prejudice what-
soever. To me, whatever one wishes
to believe in the form of one's faith
or creed or belief is fine with me, even
if I might personally disagree with what-
ever the person may or may no believe.
As an avowed and affirming Anglican,
I have always suspected Anthony Blair
was a "dodgy Anglican." Much like what
one Catholic priest told me of his view
that Cherie Blair was to him a "dodgy
Catholic." As a pair, I have no doubt
The Blairs have always been "dodgy" in
the public and political arena. I don't
believe a word of anything the pair
say, either.
Anthony Blair's reception as a convert
couldn't have come at a more propitious
time for the Catholic Church in England,
where Catholics now outnumber Anglicans
for the first time since The Reformation.
Indeed, the Holy Father is being called
upon to make room for the ever-increasing
numbers of disaffected Anglicans who want
to join the Catholic Church due to their
personal revulsion and chagrin over, inter
alia, the issue of gays and gay unions in
the American and English church. Not that
Anthony Blair was a disaffected Anglican
per se in joining the Catholics, but
rather he joined for domestic, family
and faith reasons to be more like his
own wife and kidz. But above all, it's
a religious coup for the Holy Catholic
Church to have a former British prime
minister go from the Established Church
of England to the Priest's Confession Box!
It appears that Cormac, Cardinal Murphy-
O'Conner, Archbishop of Westminster, has
played a pivotal role in ensuring that
Anthony Blair would be accepted and
welcomed into his new church as a full
Whatever, I was taken aback by the
Christmas Homily the Cardinal gave
about the need to make new immigrants
more welcome in England than they are
now. Perhaps His Eminence needs to
go visit places like Peckham, Lewis-
ham and Elephant and Castle to see the
onslaught of Third World immigrants
thankz to the political ilk of Anthony
Blair. I now almost see more blacks at
Elephant and Castle at England's south-
east London than I did during my visit
last year to South Africa's Cape Town.
We're overwhelmed, my dear Cardinal, with
too many useless immigrants and vexing
foreigners and so it is hard to welcome
what we've already got thru no choice or
say of our own other than New Labour's
mindless and blanket policy of open door
immigration to what appears to be in all
too many cases the human scum of the
Third World and beyond. Your Eminence,
most immigrants have come not to give,
but rather to get whatever they can get
by fair or foul. For a moment, I almost
thought, too, you were echoing Anthony
Blair's self-congratulatory comment: "My
policy to Africa was right!!." Personally,
I think Anthony was dead wrong and still
is. While, I see no reason why we should
unfurl anymore welcoming mats to useless
immigrants anymore ... See what they have
brought us and it isn't a pretty picture,
Your Eminence!!
For those interested to know, top Catholic
Cardinals and Archbishops are said to be
paid €3,500 per month, so noted recently
The Times' Holy See correspondent Richard
Owen. With such pay, the princes of the
church also receive such helpful perks as
rent-free housing, official limousines,
and duty-free goods at the Vatican shop.
Nice ... very nice.
UPDATE: I have been looking for the re-
ligious term or word for those who covert
from protestantism to roman catholicism
as now seen in the case of Anthony Blair.
I finally found the term or word in The
Oxford Dictionary of The Christian Church,
by Divinity Professor F. L. Cross, Oxford
University Press, 1958, 1492pp. Page 5 gave
me the clear answer: The Act of Abjuration.
"ABJURATION. The act of renouncing any idea,
person, or thing to which one has previously
adhered. Acc. to canon law it is an external
retractation, made before witnesses, of errors
to Cathloic faith and unity, such as apostasy,
heresy, and schism. There are examples of it
in the reconciliation of penitents during the
first centuries, in the history of ecclesiat-
ical legislation of the Middle Ages, and in
practice of the Inquisition, which imposed
abjuration on formal heretics as well as on
suspects. Today, the term is usually re-
stricted to the public retractation imposed
on those abandoning an 'acatholic' faith,
esp. Protestantism, in order to be received
into the Catholic Church. Acc. to the 'Form
for the Reception of a Covert,' used in the
RC Church in this country, only an un-
specified abjuration is required after the
formal profession of faith. It is enforced
as a guarantee of the sincerity of the
conversion and as a help for future
As I write on this the day after The
Feast of St. John the Baptist, I arrived
at Vauxhall's Big Issue H.Q. at around
7:00am to buy 100 copies of the 2oo8
New Year issue, No. 776. I soon found
out, however, that I had in fact wasted
my time and money by going there since
the edition was not to be released until
January 2nd, 2oo8, for vendors like
me to buy and quickly sell at their
pitch. Last year and the year before,
I got my New Year issues right away.
This year was not the case. Why? From
what I could see there was still
stacks and stacks of the now old 2oo7
"Festive Special" still waiting to be
bought and sold by vendors. Thus, the
focus was to sell those first before let-
ting the 2oo8 edition be bought and sold.
Next to those stacks, was even bigger
stacks of the now already printed 2oo8
New Year edition, No. 776. What this means
is that the 2oo8 New Year edition will sit
for another 5 or 6 days before either the
vendors can buy them or for the public
to read such ... In the meantime, we're
stuck with a magazine that is now almost
two weeks old and such is like trying to
sell a newspaper today that is already
dated and close to two weeks on the
stand ... My customers said to me today,
"I've got that, when is your next issue
coming out?" I told them it was already
out, but that I was stopped from buying
such until next week. Most customers
who hadn't bought the "Festive Special"
told me to keep it and gave me the money
for the magazine instead. The Big Issue
focus, no matter what, is to get rid of
all those 2oo7 "Festive Special" issues
still stacked and unsold before letting
the 2oo8 New Year issues out for release.
That, despite being told only last week
that such would be released on the 27th,
which is today, and that's why I went to
Vauxhall to buy such ready for my customers
to enjoy. Alot of publications release
their New Year edition well before the New
Year itself arrives. But not so at The
Big Issue this year. It's way too long
to expect vendors to continue to flog a
magazine that's been on the streets for
almost two weeks now ... Yes, the big
whigs didn't print a sell by date for
the "Festive Special" like most editions
are of The Big Issue. With or without a
sell date, the public still quickly become
wary of seeing the same front cover for days
and days on end. What's worse it doesn't
help vendors to capitalise on potential
New Year income and sales without a New
Year edition that is now just sitting in
some warehouse or storage for the next 5
or 6 dayz. Is it the process or the
product or is the product or the process?
The product is there, but the process has
been manipulated to prevent the product
from being sold. In the news business,
it's otherwise called "embargo." That's
what The Big Issue has now done!!
I had planned to work at my Long
Arce pitch right through until
New Year' Eve, like I've done in
previous years by selling the New
Year edition. But it's pointless
this year without the 2oo8 edition
being for sale right now. So I
simply finished business today and
will now go off to "Tom Brown's Old
School Days at Rugby" and stay there
at the famous prep school with two
old friends of mine along with my
young Canadian grand nephew at Oxford
who will also stay with us for the New
Year at Rugby ...
Isadora Duncan, 2oo7.
PS. As I hopped on the 87 bus, I
saw perhaps half a dozen or more
Big Issue staffers tossing lots of
bungles of 2oo7 and 2oo8 issues into
the back of a stationary van with
the name "West Wallasey" on it, I
think ... It was now about 7:45am
and it was still rather dark as I
saw the last of Vauxhall ... As I
darkly glimpsed the staffers doing
their thing, it almost looked like
they were card-carrying members of
a local Working Mens Social Club
instead of being assembled at some
magazine headquarters ...
Ah, yes I also did achieve to-
day my goal of getting in 2,000
quid by the end of the year for
my Xmas fund raising period. I
did the sum by just over 7 quid
mind you ... But £2,007 feels
mighty good and I would have
earned more if those 2oo8
New Year issues had been
sold to me this morning at
Vauxhall for me to sell and
make even more cash for the
remaining dayz of 2oo7 at my
pitch. Instead, I'm now off to
Rugby in the next hour or so for
the New Year ... And yes, two grand
does sound hot, but such is still
cold peanuts compared to what I once
earned as a news photographer in
America and elsewhere ...


It's Now Christmas Eve In Olde London Towne ...

From about 7:30am on this Christmas Eve
morning and until around 3:00pm, I manned
my Big Issue pitch on this critical day before
Christmas Day. Up until midday, there was
little foot traffic at Covent Garden's Long
Arce at where my permanent pitch is located.
The street was bare this morning of last minute
Xmas shoppers compared to last year's crowded
sidewalks and big shopping bags loading down
those walking by my pitch. But despite such little
activity, I was doing just fine thank you very much.
My "Festive Special" of this week's issue was
selling steadily as more folkz began to hit the
street as the morning ticked by toward 10.
Plus, I was getting if not big donations at least
a steady flow of 1 and 2 quid coins being tossed
into my jacket top pocket ... The more the
merrier I kept saying to myself. By 3, I was com-
pletely sold out of all my issues having brought
extra copies in anticipation that I would have
a good day of business and donations. Indeed,
I did and most gratefully, too.
Then came Archie, Bengy, and Jason all
seemingly lost to the world. Archie, who is
in his early 20's, was so hypo he was like a
uncontrollable train coming dead at you.
While Bengy, in his 20's like Archie, had
been beaten up some hours earlier on the
streets and he looked like a physical wreak
with a huge black eye on the left side of his
smashed face. While his right side looked like
it was all grazed with purple abrasions and
dried blood and blobs of black dirt. Clearly,
he'd been knocked to the ground has he was
attacked by 3 or 4 loutz or yobz. What for
Bengy didn't say. After him, followed lanky
Jason with no front teeth and who was the most
damaged and lost. He had no wingz to fly!!
His tongue was half out and his hair seemed to
be standing on his head. He first talked only
monosyllabically: "Victoria," then "Crisis," then
"Shelter," then came a torrent of words and ob-
scentities from his cruel and unkind mouth:
SELF ..." The look on his blinking eyes was
almost scary and so telling, psychiatrically . Jason
could almost be a type of pyromaniac if given
fireworks aside from suffering from obvious
gobs of differing psychonerosises, it seems to
me. Perhaps age 25 to 27, Jason isn't going
to make it socially, economically, emotionally,
mentally, or psychologically. He'd be better
off with a cyanide tablet to put him out of
his own misery and our's ...
The three of them had two thingz in common
aside from them all being male. They wanted
to go to CRISIS for Christmas and they were
all certifiably homeless. I told them where to go.
I was glad I could help them in my own little
way. No sooner had they gone, I then saw this
woman approaching my pitch. She looked like
an ugly and overweight piggy on two feet.
Because she's a female, it doesn't mean she
possesses one iota of femininity. Such was the
case I encountered with Miss Piggly Wiggly.
She was trying to find her daughter who she
says may be a runaway from home. I told
her that I had no idea about her kid. I asked
if you had any photos of the girl and whether
she'd reported her missing to the police. She
ignored my questions and said she feared
the girl was sleeping with an older homeless
man and she wanted to stop that from
happening to her daughter. When I asked
her how she'd come to such conclusions,
she declared that she was once married
to an homeless man who worked for
The Big Issue. I told her then and there,
that her problem was her business and
not mine. I had no plans to get dragged
into such a messy situation as the course
and vulgar woman started making wild acc-
usations against all and sundry at The Big
Issue ... Still determined to try and get
the last word in, she demanded to
know if I knew so and so and so and
so's address and the criminal records of
hims and hers. Seeing that she wasn't
gaining an instant ally, she mouthed
off to me and then left in disgust at me.
Is this what our English Christmas has
now come to? What a pity!! Whatever,
I was at my pitch to focus on making
the best of the last day of business for
the Xmas fund raising period for me from
December 9th to 24th. I had bought 135
copies of Big Issue's "Christmas Special;"
and 175 copies of its "Festive Special."
The total number of copies was 310
with a total wholesale investment of
£257.00. As of this Xmas Eve, I have
taken in £1,805.00 over the past 15
days. Thus, I've made £1,548.00.
Bravo!! I'd aimed for £2,000.00
by this time, but I'll now aim to get
that figure by my last day of this year
being December 31st, 2oo7.
Will, I make it? You bet!!
Now let me tell you of one magical
moment above and beyond anything
else that's happened this Xmas at
my pitch. It happened yesterday.
He came and gave me a wrapped
present of new wholly gloves and
I thanked him for it ...
When I read what was written on
the gift, I was quite moved. It said:
"Monty, my friend. I am thinking of
you at Christmas." It was signed,
Daniel age 6 ... As he gave me
the present, his mom and dad
stood by simply beaming at
Daniel their young son ... And
I was beaming at Daniel for the
magical moment he'd brought
to me and my pitch. That's what
Christmas is all about, isn't it?
To me, Christ dwells in Daniel
and his loving parents and they
dwell in Him. And if He dwells
in you and you dwell in Him, then
it doesn't matter about the lack of
Xmas foot traffic to benefit the
greedy store owners or the female
without femininity or Miss Piggly
Wiggly or the lost souls I saw in
Archie, Bengy, and Jason today.
Or whatever profit I made or how
many Christmas issues I sold.
All is simply transient without Him.
Kind regards, Monty,
Christmas Eve, 2oo7.


Pretty Close To £1,500 Pounds So Far This Xmas ...

It's the shortest day of the year, yet for me it's been one
of the best and busiest days of this otherwise somber
Christmas on the last Friday before Christmas Day. It
started early for me this morning at just after 7:00am as
old customers and friends seemed to pop-up from nowhere
all together and leave me overjoyed with their gifts and
cash ... It started with James Bradbury who not only gave
me 50 quid but also $US100.00 to go towards my dash to
America should I go to see Contessa Maria there after her
broken hip has now been fixed.

Then it was Paul and Neil Davenport who gave me two
fifty quid banknotes as crisp as the morning frost. Thank
you so much you guyz for your kind generosity!! And
before I knew what had hit me, there was another old
customer of mine who I'd not seen in ages. She was none
other Sue Kelly with a lovely Xmas card with yet another
£50.00 enclosed in two twenties and a five. Next came
Maureen Garfield, an American lady from Maryland and
who lives in London, who promptly handed me a brand
new 20 pound note. As the day wore on, I was bedazzled
by the money rolling in and the gifts galore. By 12 noon, I
had 27 cards and 19 gifts. While, Cymru Television then
came and interviewed me on the spot or at my pitch for all
to see ... Talk about being a celebrity!! Some folkz thought
for a moment I was. Remember we no longer have 15 minutes
of fame, we get only 15 seconds thesedays just like me today.

Christmas has finally arrived for me after all the doom
and gloom of the past two weeks. I'm now about even
compared to my figures from last Christmas. Whether
today's blockbuster is just a one day oddity, I'll soon see
tomorrow being the last Saturday before the big day.
If I do well then, I shall feel alot more optimistic
about Xmas 2oo7 ...

Then came Nick Alfrey with a twenty for me. Fiona Sloss,
too, gave me such. The list goes on and on today with a
total of £431.00 given to me by those wonderful cus-
tomers of mine in the 7 hours I was at my Big Issue
pitch today. If only every day was like today,
I would then soon be a millionaire!!

Others who have given to me of gifts and cash during
this Christmas period include some of the following: Jill
Ferguson, Dan Ryman, Nigel and Fiona Ballard, Paul
Martin-Davies, Jon and Linda Annetts, Peter Roberts,
Shirley Ginsie, Jonathan Stoleman, Sham Gulpur, Ann
Morris, Jan Allen, Jan Mol, Kevin Cloud, John Lroughair,
Kyle Davidson, Richard Offer, Steve Foley, Mary Anderson,
Jenny Shoemaker, Gary Simms, Lloyd Dobson, Sharon Tate,
Marge Renfrew, Eric Chippendale and numerous others who I
don't know by their names. In any event, I'm simply so grateful
to all of the those folkz for finally making my Christmas seem
once again so special like it should always be ... My aim now
is to break the £2,000 mark by Christmas Eve ... His blessings
I'm assured no matter what!!
Keep warm, Monty. Three Dayz To Xmas, 2007.


You Cannot Even Prick Their Conscience To Give ...

It's the last Thursday before Christmas Eve and all
is dead quiet at London's Long Arce. So quiet, it's
almost deafening!! By mid-day, thingz had livened
up abit at my Big Issue pitch. But signs of a good
Christmas seem pretty elusive for me and most
vendors I've talked to in the last 24 hours.
As the lunchtime office workers came out to
grab some grub, it was hard to see a happy
face among the gloomy specimens that
rushed on by in the freezing cold. You
cannot even prick their conscience to
give, because most of them have no con-
science to prick ... All they care about is finishing
the day at the office and hoping to collect
some kind of Christmas bonus to spend
on themselves and not on others ...
Certainly, not to spend or give money
to street vendors, especially those from
The Big Issue.
This year there is a noticeable decline
in what I call "impulsive givers," who
are those who see someone in need
and without a second thought give
them something on the spot. Im-
pulsive givers are also usually
happy givers and are then happy
to have given a helping hand ...
I don't think I've seen even an
handful of such impulsive givers
since the start of The Big Issue's
Christmas Special. And now
with the Festive Special -- with
a front cover almost identical
to last week's Christmas Special
that has confused some of my
customers thinking the Christmas
and Festive issues are the same
when they are not!! -- the death of
the impulsive giver is enshrined
with tombstones all along Long
Arce ... and now frozen stiff
and lifeless for the walking
and talking as they go by
the imaginary tombstones
of death ...
And, perhaps the epithet for this
miserable Christmas in England
is RIP -- Rest In Peace!! We'll see,
however, if such is to be. I did
see later this afteroon a few more
folkz with Christmas shopping bags
and perhaps by tomorrow and
the last weekend before Christmas
Day, that we'll see somekind of
stampede to do the last minute
shopping at Covent Garden
and the West End. Such won't
help The Big Issue street
vendors that much, but it may
bring an extra person or two
to decide it would be nice to
give a little to a vendor here
and there. Frankly, I doubt
such will happen if the kind
I seen over the past week is
any indication of any kind of
goodwill on their frozen
faces and cold-heartedness ...
Surprise me please and make
me happy by showing me other-
wise!! Whatever, it's messages
like Michele Zini from halfway
around the world that brings
such joy against the grimness
of this London's Chrismastide.
I, therefore, leave you with
some of Michele's warmth
and happiness ...

Dearest Monty,
I'll be flying to Italy tomorrow for the vacations
and I'll be off emails most of the time...therefore
this is just a quick note in advance to wish you and
your beloveds a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008.
I hope that you're well and that you received my
email a while ago with a few pictures from my trip
to Namibia...beautiful country!! Take care and
enjoy your holidays See you sometime in 2008!!


Looking At London's Xmas From The Ground Up ...

The Big Issue street vendors are crying out loud as they
see little coming their way this Christmas in London. We
still have left Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Sunday and Christmas Eve to avert what looks like
an all round bloody awful Xmas for most of them.
Today, I watched thousands and thousands of
scrooges go by at Covent Garden without giving
a dime or thought about giving just alittle ... Of
course, the "I, I, I," and the "Me, Me, Me" generations
rarely give since they've been reared as self-centered
creatures and not taught to give to others whether
it's Christmas or at any other time of the year.
So those under age 35 are by nature non-givers.
Also useless immigrants and vexing foreigners
rarely buy The Big Issue, so we can throw them
out of the window as non-givers, too. Those
with arms full of shopping bags have spent
their money on themselves and their loved
ones, so don't expect anything from them.
And those with no shopping bags -- and I've
seen more than plenty of them -- don't give
because they either have little money or are
so up to their dirty necks in debt they're
not only not going to give to street
vendors of The Big Issue, but they're not
even going to give a thought or damn
about them ...
So where does that leave most vendors
at this Christmastide? It leaves them
between a rock and hard place - period.
What I am seeing, however, from the ground
up at my Long Arce pitch is this: Folkz
who say last year gave me 10 quid for
Christmas are giving me a fiver this.
Those who gave me twenty are doing
much the same this year. While those
who gave my five quid last year are
either giving me a couple of quid or
nothing this year except perhaps some
loose change for me to pocket ...
It seems those who are well off and
generous are doing pretty much the same
this year, but there seems less of them
around from what I can figure out
this Christmas. Those either on normal
wages and/or debt ridden are the ones
who aren't giving so much to The Big Issue
vendors at present. I suspect if they're
not giving to vendors they are also not
giving to other charitable groups ...
Looking the other day at the financial
statement of The Big Issue Foundation
at The Charity Commission, I noticed it,
too, was thousands of pounds below
previous figures in the million pound
range of previous years compared to
today's mere six figure range ...
What vendors must realise, too, is that no-
body has to give them anything no matter
if they expect such or feel they're entitled
or worthy to receive at Christmastide ...
They're vendors, like two I saw today at
Holborn, who have just shown their pretty
faces again after being absent for months
at their pitch. Suddenly, they think if they
show up just days before Christmas Day
that they'll be showered with gifts and
money from kind by passers ... Maybe
that happened last Xmas or the
Christmases before, but this year it
ain't going to cut it ... Sorry babes, but
you're been out of the loop and so be
grateful now for whatever you get even
if it's cold peanuts and not hot porridge!
Tuff luck, ain't it? Poooooor things!!
Whatever comes out of this Christmas,
be it a feast or a famine in the end, there is
always tomorrow. If you stay focused on
what you do no matter what comes your
way, you will sooner or later survive
and may even flourish beyond your
wildest expectations. Don't depend on
other people per se, but rather depend
on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day
and a new day brings all kinds of
possibilities no matter if all you see
are cold peanuts ... The hot porridge will
comes if you hang on. Look at John
Bird, he's gone from eating peanuts,
so to speak, to daily hot porridge
because he stayed focussed on what
he wanted to achieve. You can, too,
no matter if you're a street vendor
shivering in the bitter cold of London's
cold streets and watching thousands of
Christmas scrooges go by of Dickensian
attitude and mindset ...
Cheers eveybody, Monty.
+I'Eiles avene angicane, 2oo7.