In The Vile Name of Vile Bush. By Uncle Monty.

In The Vile Name of Vile Bush.
By Uncle Monty.
He doesn't believe in human redemption.
He only believes in imposing human executions.
He doesn't believe in peace. He only believes in war.
He doesn't believe he is the most detested American
president on record. He believes only that what he
does is always right in the name of his murderous
America. He doesn't believe in forgiveness. He
believes only in exacting rapacious revenge.
And so with only a few months left before George
W. Bush must leave the Oval Office for good, he has
now become the first sitting U.S. president in over
50 years to grant the U.S. military the authority to
execute one of its own soldiers who has been held
as a convicted prisoner for murders and rapes
for over 20 years now.
The Death Row prisoner's name is Army Spec. 4.
Ronald A. Gray (shown above in prison shackles
in 1988) at now the age of 42. Vile Bush signed
the man's death warrant just yesterday inside
the Oval Office at Washington, D.C.
When he was governor of Texas, George W. was known
as "Mr. Executioner" for the high numbers of Texans
and Mexicans he refused to grant clemency from their
death sentences, even when such moral and gracious
men as Pope John Paul II appealed to him directly.
Of all the prisoners executed under the Texas
governorship of George W. all was signed by
him. Not one was spared by Bush. Not a one.
But the presidential case of Ronald A. Gray raises
even more questions about George W's emotional
fetish and hunger for the use of the death penalty.
And his stubborn aim and intent to go to war in
Iraq and Afghanistan has demonstrated yet again
his endless and godless capacity to inflict death at
every stage of his murderous presidency on those
countries and people who are the poorest and
weakest to challenge his murderous might.
I will say more soon about George W. and
the extraordinary case of Ronald A. Gray.
What's the difference between American war
crimes, murder and torture by U.S. soldiers
in Iraq done in the vile name of vile Bush and
the steet crimes of 20 year ago in America
of Death Row U.S. soldier Ronald Gray?
Here are a couple of web links to the
news reports of the latest Bush infamy:
Associated Press on Military Execution
The Huffington Report
Local American TV news report on Soldier Gray
Selective morality is what has determined vile Bush’s
decision to have yet another one of his fellow American
Ronald Gray executed. Had he killed (otherwise murdered)
several Iraqis or Afghans in Bush’s own made terror and
War against Terrorism, I suspect soldier Gray would be
paraded on the streets of America as some kind of war
hero instead of living like he is in the abyss of America’s
Death Row and its every present death chambers.
It seems to me that they’ve kept the man alive for
20 whole years so that they could finally execute him at
the hands of George W. Bush. And why did the US military
go to Bush now to seek his macabre consent to send the
first US soldier to his execution in more than 50 years
since it last happened under General Ike Eisenhower?
The military knew it had its last best chance, and almost
assured Bush signature, to commit execution before a
new American president, like perhaps Barack Obama, is
elected just months away come this November, 2oo8. An
African-American president isn’t going to have a fellow
African-American executed by the US military that’s
almost for sure. So, vile Bush was their last best chance
for their scenario of execution and sure enough he was.
He signed the dotted line and Bush’s vile legacy will be
even more vile now after sending one of his own soldiers
to the gallows even though he wasn’t around when Ronald
Gray did his horrible deeds in the mid-1980’s. North Caro-
lina, where Gray was originally convicted and sentenced,
is like so many Southern states, that run kangroo-like
courts every day. Especially, against poor whites and poor
blacks. So whatever Soldier Gray did or didn’t do, one can
almost be certain that he got the max penalty they could
throw at him for simply being black and young at only
age 22. Soldier or no soldier is a no good soldier if he
didn’t kill or murder and disembowl for America at
some far flung war like in
Iraq or Afghanistan or at
wherever America brings her global military machine
of sheer brutality and wanton death. All that vile Bush
has done is to confirm again the worst that is
America’s Culture of Death.
When I attend the town of execution of
the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at
Terre Haute, Indiana, just months before 9/11, I was
moved to see so many there who had come to protest
against the death penalty. Terre Haute was placed under
armed siege for three days by the Federal Government
in its determination to rid of McVeigh for having bombed
to death some 168 federal folkz. Never did we know
then, that close to 3.000 folkz would soon also be
slaughtered in America's 9/11 after the grim McVeigh
execution. America's capacity to execute seems to
have no end nor its desire to be the policeman of the
world and to set deadly wars in world motion.
And, how Bush can sign his latest warrant of execution
against Soldier Gary and still look at himself in his Metho-
dist face as a declared and devout born-again Christian,
totally beats me. And how he can also privately criticized,
I suspect, Iran for its mass hangings of 29 Iranians last
week at the Tehran's bleak Evin Prison, shows again his
utter hypocrisy when he himself does pretty much the
same to one of his own fellow Americans and even more
so when he was "Mr. Executioner" of Texas. I was
thinking to myself, if the Iranians ever caught
Bush I'm damn sure they'd hang him, too.
The death penalty always enchances
"The Culture of Death" of which the vile
name of vile Bush stands out in what should be
America's own utter shame. But for Bush we're
talking to a brickwall that stonewalls against life itself
for those who have little or no power to stop their
ultimate Execution Day just like Ronald Gray and
Timothy McVeigh and thousands of others like him
inside the land of so-called "Milk and Honey." The
vile name of vile Bush has now sucked it all up ...
Earnestly, Uncle Monty.
+Vigil of The Feast of Maccabees, 2oo8.


What Arlene Wants. By Arlene Johnson.

What Arlene Wants
By Arlene Johnson
Edited and Notes
By Uncle Monty
Many of you will recall that I sent an Email to you in which I
suggested either 2 or three names for a bookshop, and quite a
few of you wrote back to either agree with one of those names
or suggest another that you felt would be better. That bookshop
must be placed on hold for now because the (British) Home
Office won't provide the work permit that I must have in order
to be able to enter England. But there is another way that I
will be able to enter England that is right on the British
(Home Office) Web site, as a (religious) missionary.
I'm sure that if you were with me last year, that you recall that I
published an article that was documented exclusively with verses
from the Bible. If you were not with me at that time, check
The knowledge that I gained in order to be able to have perform-
ed the research to write this article was as the result of Christian
Identity. It is an organization that is based in Chicago, and will
be the organization that will enable me to enter England ...
provided that we are able to accumulate the equivalent of
$US1,500- (£750.00-).
I know that I have asked people in the past to help
me, but this is different. I do not need help to keep
my Web site up and running, and my Web site developer
understands when I cannot pay him. But the knowledge that
I will be able to impart once I am able to enter England will
save lives, and when the British people's lives are saved, so
will be your lives too, because the word will spread all over
because it is so powerful.
Please consider donating $1 or more if you are able to afford more
than $1. I have PayPal on the main page of my Web site, which is
at http://www.truedemocracy.net/ or if you are near a Bank of
America branch, contact me, because if you are able to deposit
money into a BofA branch, then nothing will be deducted
from it for a fee.
If you can't afford even $1, please don't write to tell me why.
I know the stories that people have given me in the past, and
it just upsets me. So just delete this Email if that is the case.
Once I am able to enter England, eventually I would like to
establish a bookshop, because there are books which are vitally
needed by people not only in England but around the world. But
as an American, I will not be able to enter in that capacity bec-
ause the Home Office in London will never issue a work permit
to me because there are many British subjects who could do
that job just as well.
Lastly, I departed the USA for Sweden as a tourist even though
I have family here. They are not close enough to me (cousins of my
mother's) to enable me to live here legally past three months, so for
that reason alone I will need to depart Sweden as tourists are only
allowed to remain for 3 months legally. So this is another reason to do
whatever you can so that I will not be here illegally as I don't think you
want that for me after what all I have given you at no cost to you.
Peace, love, and hugs,
Arlene Johnson, Publisher/Author
At St. Pat's: (L-R)
Father Alexander, Bishop
Bernard Longley and Uncle Monty
Notes on Arlene By Uncle Monty
I knew Arlene from Father Alexander’s Tuesday nights
homeless meals at St. Patrick’s at London’s Soho Square
in late 2oo5. The above caption photo of her I took of her
at one of the meals that she and I, along with perhaps 65
other homeless folkz, had gathered to have at the church.
I was drawn to her simply because she was an homeless
American in Europe, which I thought was quite unusual,
and because she was obviously an educated lady of the
more mature years. Arlene and I would chat while
Father Alexander and his wonderful volunteers helped
to prepare us those nice super hot evening meals.
My impression was that Arlene Johnson wasn’t a
particularly religious person, since she tended to
walk out after the meals once the good Father
offered us prayers and scriptural readings. So,
I was abit surprised she now intends to come to
England to offer herself as a (religious) missionary.
I assume, too, that with her Swedish background,
Arlene was perhaps a non-practising Lutheran at
California at where she once lived. She’s in Sweden
right now. I also assume she will now return Stateside
until she can come back to England under whatever
visa or work permit they may eventually grant her.
I have no doubt that Arlene is a good person and
worthy to be admitted to the UK under whatever
legal circumstances as a good American-Swede
that she is.
Should she open a bookshop in London, I shall be
one of her first customers once I find out where
she and her bookshop are located. In the meantime,
good luck Arlene in your ongoing visa and/or work
permit quest … Oh, if you can spare Arlene a buck
or two or a quid or two, then please send her what
you will. I plan to send her a little something for
sure just for old times sake at least ...
Your's Uncle Monty.
+Santa Ricardo, 2oo8.
“More Dogz of the Vendors,”
coming shortly by Uncle Monty.
Above: A vendor’s dog happily in a big
wheel barrow at the 5th World Homeless
Cup held at Copenhagen, Denmark, 2oo7.


Oecumenically, They Walked. By Uncle Monty.

Oecumenically, They Walked
Story & Photos By Uncle Monty
Across the Lambeth Bridge they walked by
several hundreds of clerics and representatives of
many faiths to Lambeth Palace with many of them
coming directly from the ongoing Lambeth Conference
as presiding archbishops and bishops of their religious
domains within The Anglican Communion. They walked
quietly, yet with determination, against the prevailing
conditon of world poverty and their demands to do justice
and mercy for all on what was a very hot summer's day
at England's multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial
capital city of London. I was there to witness with them.
Along with my cameras to snap away at taking some
150+ images of what was called "The Walk of Witness."
It was a powerful and just encounter with good.
Some bishops and guests at Lambeth Palace
Walking Tall ...
Women Anglican bishops walked, too.
Happy, happy are they ...
From around the world they came ...
Anglican to the core, except the cardinal.

Britain’s shambolic and wobbly New Labour prime
minister Gordon Brown, the son himself of a Scottish
Presbyterian Church minister, welcomed and hailed the
archbishops, cardinals, rabbis, diplomats, interfaith leaders,
and national charity representatives, has they gathered
to hear him speak like he’d been given an early morning
douche. Led by His Grace, the Archbishop of Canterbury,
The Most Rev’d Rowan Williams, many of walkers were
all set to meet the Queen herself after the talking walk.
Over 650+ Anglican bishops attending the ongoing 2008
Lambeth Conference participated in "The Walk of Witness,"
along with His Eminence, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Conner,
Archbishop of Westminster; Dr. Jonathan Sachs, Chief Rabbi
of Great Britain, and Islamic, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutheran
delegates. Some 4,000 ordinary people also walked the walk.

Parting Shot of London's "Walk of Witness."
Guess who is this American bishop?
The gathering of so many, so oecumenically and
ecumenically, was a very rare event and sight to
see and to photograph. Never before had I seen
so many faith leaders all together in one place at
Lambeth Palace, which is the official residence
of the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the
worldwide Anglican Communion's 80 million flock
in 45 countries around the globe. This year's 2oo8
Lambeth Conference, by the way, is the 14th
since the first one took place in 1867.
As for "The Walk of Witness," I am doubtful it will
impact much on the problem of global poverty or
in bringing the world to closer justice and peace
in our ever fragmented framework of politics and
division by so many governments of the world.
Poverty is a paralysis of human making at the
personal, political, economic, and governmental
levels. To rid of poverty, all of those four elements
must work in unison to combat its global scourge.
Promises to do that are futile. Therefore, concerted
action is needed and not more empty promises. The
Church and the people must play even more of a vital
role to reduce poverty not only around the world, but
right at their own doorsteps. Charity begins at home
first and then the rest may be taken care of.
Walking the walk may have symbolic and testimonial
value for those who did their strut to Lambeth Palace in
all their clerical and eye-catching refinery, but at the end
of the day nothing has changed for the victims of poverty
no matter what is said for public consumption and
political correctness by such well-meaning talking
heads who seem to be always so well-fed ... And,
who have never suffered poverty of the belly.
Nor will they in future, I guess.
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+The 10th Day of The
Lambeth Conference, 2oo8.

An African Cardinal is interviewed on live TV


Islam's "Heavenly Ornaments." Notes By Uncle Monty.

Islam’s “Heavenly Ornaments.”
Notes By Uncle Monty
Islam both fascinates and frightens me at the same time.
As a belief, Islam rejects those like me who they disparag-
ingly call “Worshippers of the Cross.” And, Islam is a growing
global force that will eventually eclipse Christianity in terms
of numbers, reach, religious power, and political potency
on the world stage.
With the English translation from Urdu by Mohammad
Masroof Khan Saroha of BAHISHI ZEWAR or “Heaven
Ornaments,” I began to carefully read the Quranic text
as presented in the 1991, 483-page, first edition book
that came, by chance, into my hands while I was inside
an Islamic charity shop at London’s West Ealing a few
months ago. The hardback cover was in bright green
with all the words on the front cover printed in
gold-leaf from Karachi, Pakistan.
What I started to read “Heavenly Ornaments” it was
quite an eye opener for me as a thinking Anglican not
versed with any depth in the Muslim faith nor with
much knowledge of The Holy Quran.
Yes, I know of the two major branches of Islam -
Shia and Sunni. Yes, I know Muslims have Friday
Prayer Day. Yes, I know Muslims view Christian
Jesus as a Minor Prophet with Almighty Allah the
only one for them. Statues and pictures of people
and animals are also rejected by the Islamic faith.
Yes, I know that right now there are some 1.8 billion
people who are steadfast adherents to The Holy
Prophet. Yes, I know of the Islam’s yearly Ramadan
and other festivals. Yes, I have visited mosques in
three or four countries and my first one was at
America's Washington, D.C. on Embassy Row.
I know perhaps 3 or 4 folkz who are
practicing Muslims.
But beyond that, I am pretty ignorant all around
about Islam as a Christian by birth, upbringing,
and faith. So upon finding the book “Heavenly
,” I had hoped it would help me to have
more knowledge and understanding of Islam.
It has, but I am perhaps now more frightened,
while still deeply fascinated, with such a belief
system after reading what I have of Saroha's
translation of BAHISHI ZEWAR
or “Heaven Ornaments.”
Book Cover of "Heavenly Ornaments."
True Beliefs (Aqa’ed)
Mas-ala 1 – There was no Universe in the
beginning. It came into being by order of Allah.
Mas-ala 2 – Allah is one. He is not subordinate to
or dependent upon any one. He has neither given
birth to any one nor has been born of someone.
Mas-ala 3 – He is eternal. He has been from
eternity and shall remain till eternity.
The Mas-ala is presented in 52 problems.
Heresy (Bid’at)
lists 33 such bad customs.
No. 12 – To bring water pitcher singing from
the river; to listen to music or play musical
instruments or to make dancing-girls dance
and to give them rewards.
No. 25 – To hang pictures or photos in the house.
No. 26 – To use golden or silver utensils or to
wear very thin clothes and jingling ornaments.
No. 28 – To adopt and wear the dress of the
opposite sex and its manner.
No 29 – To get the body tattooed.
No 32 – To give opium to the children to keep
them quiet and asleep.
No 33. To treat an ailment of the child with
milk or meat of a lion.
Of Wuzu – Ablution
a) While making ablution one should sit on
some raised place facing Ka’ba (Mecca) …
b) (The) inner part of the nose should be
washed and cleaned with the left hand …
c) Then wash the face three times wetting
the fore-head from the hair of the head to the
lower portions of the ears. No portion of the
face should remain dry.
d) Then wash the feet beginning with the right (foot)
upto and including both ankles three times each.
The little finger of the left hand should be passed
between the fingers of both the feet beginning
from the little finger of the right foot and ending
with little finger of the left foot.
This is the method of Wuzu
as prescribed by Sunna.
Breaches of Wuzu (Ablution)
Mas-ala 1 – Passing of stool, urine, or gases
breaches the ablution.
Mas-ala 8 – If blood or pus is pressed out of a
wound and it flows, then ablution is breached.
Mas-ala 12 – If one gets stung by a leech and
it sucks so much blood that cutting the leech
the blood flows, then Wusu is lost.
Mas-ala 16 – If vomit is mouthful, then
ablution is breached.
Mas-ala 20 – If one faints or loses sense in
insanity, ablution is lost even though the
faintness or the insanity was momentary.
Similarly, if some intoxicant is consumed
and it makes one to lose balance while walking
and steps are unsteady, the ablution is lost.
The Lord's Prayer in Arabic
The Leavings of Animals
Mas-ala 2 – The leavings of a dog are unclean.
Mas-ala 3 – Leavings of a pig is filthy.
Mas-ala 9 – Leavings of Halal animals (slaughtered
according to Islamic law) i.e. sheep, goat, cow,
buffalo, antelope, etc., and birds like maina, dove,
pigeon, parrot, sparrow, etc., are clean.
The leavings of a horse are also clean.
Obligatory Bath
(Things or acts which make bath obligatory)
Mas-ala 1 – If semen is discharged with excitement
while asleep or awake, bath becomes obligatory in
whatever way it may discharge whether by touching
the opposite se or by mere thinking.
Mas-ala 3 - When the top of a male organ (penis) has
entered the vagina and is not visible, bath becomes
obligatory whether there has been the discharge of
semen or not. But it is a major sin to insert the
penis in the back side.
Mas-ala 10 – If an infidel (non-Muslim) accepts
Islam it is appreciable for him to take a bath.
Mas-ala 11 – If one bathes a dead man, it is
appreciable for him to take a bath.
Mas-ala 13 – Those for whom a bath is obligatory,
it is prohibited for them to touch the Holy Quran
or to enter mosque.
There are over 100 different other
Mas-ala (problems) obligatory bathing.
Many detailed rules regarding baths, water,
washing, cooking, sexual activity, and women’s
dress are also outlined in “Heavenly Oraments.”
Acts To Be Avoided in Urination:-
a) Takling and coughing unnecessarily.
b) To recite any verse of the Holy Quran
or a Tradition or any other sacred Text.
d) Passing urine in standing position or lying
down without any genuine cause or doing
it being completely naked.
Rules and obligations regarding
Muslim prayers list over 350
instructions for those at the Mosque.
Recitation of The Holy Quran, Death,
Shrouding, Funeral, Burial, Martyrdom,
Congregration, are ruled by over another
350 rules and obligations for those of
the Islamic faith.
Respect and Reverence of
Friday Prayer Day.
Mas-ala 1 – Every Muslim should make prepara-
tions for Juma (Friday) from Thursday. He should
arrange for clean clothes and perfume them.
Mas-ala 2 – One should bathe properly on Friday
and clean his body and hair of the head. Use of
Miswak (toothstick) is also of great virtue on Friday.
The Fast (Saum)
Mas-ala 1 – Keeping of fasts is obligatory
for every Muslim who is not insane or minor.
Mas-ala 4 – It is not essential to express the intent
in words, but merely a resolve to keep the fast and not
eat or drink anything or indulge in sexual intercourse
for a whole day, completes the fast. It is better to say,
O Allah, I will keep fast tomorrow for Thy sake.”
Breaches of Fast
Mas-ala 17 – If any one committed sexual intercourse
with a dead woman or with a minor girl who does not
excite the passion or with an animal or embrace or kiss
anyone or masturbates and in all instances seman came out,
the fast will be disrupted but recompensation will not be due.
Mas-ala 25 – Fast is not distrupted if a man enters some
oil or water with a syringe or otherwise in his penis
though it may reach the bladder.
Mas-ala 27 – It is execrable (abominable) to embrace or
kiss a woman if there is apprehension of discharge of seman
or may commit sexual intercourse under force of passions.
Mas-ala 28 – It is execrable to suck the lips of a woman
or to bring together the private organs in a naked
state without indulging in sexual intercourse whether
there was apprehension of seman discharge or not.
I could go on and on even more to describe the
Quranic text from Islam's "Heavenly Ornaments."
But for those who want to read the complete book,
simply key in the words "heavenly ornaments"
on any major search engine and you'll soon find
plenty of Islamic booksellers ready to sell you
the book title online.
I have admittedly made my own selections from the
hundreds of Muslim requirements as stated in the
book due simply to presenting a short overview of the
almost 500-page book. I have selected those items
which seem to me to be so totally different to what
most Christians practice and believe. Nor have I
attempted here to write a book review about
"Heavenly Ornaments" since I do not have the
knowledge let alone the gall to try to do so.
My aim has been to simply and briefly inform those
who may be like me - both fascinated and frightened
at the same time about Islam and what it means to
those of us who are non-Muslims. Of course, each
person is free to dig more deeply into all that is truly
Islamic and truly Muslim. I just hope perhaps that
by having read what I have stated, such will lead
to greater understanding and knowledge of Islam
for those who are so inclined for whatever reason
may come to their heart and mind. For me person-
ally, Islam's "Heavenly Ornaments" has been
a truly big eye-opener into the Muslim faith.
While I hold absolutely no religious prejudice
against others, I very much doubt that I'll
consider any time very soon about converting
to Islam that's for sure ... An avid Anglican I
am and an avid Anglican I pretty much plan
to avidly stay, thank you very much ...
Shalom, Uncle Monty.
+St. Gwynedd, 2oo8.
:: UPDATE ::
Mistrust Risks Violence, Interfaith
Conference on Christians-Muslims told.
By Tom Heneghan, Reuters Religion Editor


Christless Acts At Lambeth Conference. By Uncle Monty.

Christless Acts At Lambeth Conference
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty
Strifling security greeted all at The
2oo8 Lambeth Conference. Archbishops
and bishops could not be seen high or low. It
was like they'd been cocooned or sequestered
from ordinary Anglicans and unnoted mortals.
Trying to find the various conference venues
was like hitchhiking here and there across the
huge campus of the University of Kent and falling
flat on one's face to find it or that wasn't there.
Posted signs were rare and what few I saw were
mainly felt-pen scribbled and struck on some
existing door or wall.


The Marketplace -- where church and religious
groups and Christian businesses could offer
their sales or program pitch was so tucked
away it was finally discovered after a number
of tries and then only to be disappointed by its
small size and poor selection of goods. It took
less then 15 minutes to see everything
on display at The Marketplace.
Crowds were non-existent on what was the
first official day of the public being permitted
to attend the conference's fringe events and
the marketplace. It was hard to tell if seminars
were or were not open to members of the public.

The glossy 96-page Official Programme and Event

Guide of The Lambeth Conference looked all pretty

and nice, but it was absolutely useless when denied

access to attend this and that as a member of the

Anglican public.

Archbishop Rowan Williams' Crown Cope.

But it was at the rigmarole registration process
at the Grimond Building that the whole sad story
of The 2oo8 Lambeth Conference showed its ugly
face in the form of the truly cynical and officious
Rev'd John Carter, the main press co-ordinator for
the conference. His christless acts were priceless.
More like a prison official was Mr. Carter than a kindly
church minister, whose minnow mouth opened and
closed much like the very little fish he is in the big
global Anglican Communion fish bowl. And, he was
as subborn as a mule was he. Visit his two blogz:
He told me that some of the bishops were
so frightned of being attacked and harmed that
the need for tight security was paramount for them.
Really? And, yes John Carter was the conference gate-
keeper and paid Anglican arbiter of who was or who was
not “legitimate” press according to his christless eyes and
severe judgement. I instantly took an intense disliking to the
fellow. No, he’d never heard of Uncle Monty before. That
was enough for him to callously deny me access to news
briefings and seminars and freedom to attend fringe
events. For me then, The Lambeth Conference quickly
became a non-event due primarily to the impish and
and garbage behaviour of the Rev'd John Carter, who
is also the communications officer for the English
Diocese of Ripon and Leeds. He's involved, too,
with the Churches Advertising Network (CAN).
At Where Some Lambeth Conference Bishops Meet
The conference's stifling security was based on the
issuing of a variety of different coloured lanyards from
purple to white to red to blue, etc., to those of various
rank and status so attending The Lambeth Conference.
Without a lanyard around your neck you were dead.
Security folkz worked like vultures against those without
lanyards. Paul Squires was a good example of such a security
vulture and overkiller that I personally encountered twice
from him aside from John Carter, who was so contemptuous
of his fellow Anglicans I wondered how he could call himself
an Anglican “reverend.” And still get away with it. At one
point during my bitter encounter with him, the “no good”
reverend even went as far as to verbally threaten me with
taking me to court to sue me should I write anything
about him that he didn’t like. Well, make my day ... I
saw no grace or prayers at The Lambeth Conference.
All I saw were little men on secular "power trips"
and christless acts.
Rev'd Canon Pamela Wilding
Thus such was my sorrowful experience at
The Lambeth Conference set at the See of
Canterbury at where to visit the cathedral
precincts now cost £7.00 or $US14.00. Last
time I was at the cathedral three years ago
it was free for all visitors. Now they charge
one and all. It's too much and it's too bad.
Sincerely, Uncle Monty.
+The 8th Day of the Lambeth
Conference, 2oo8.
The Big Top at The Lambeth Conference, 2oo8.

Below, I leave you with a small selection of my

"Images of The See of Canterbury."




A further note now on The Lambeth Conference.
Most of the 700+ archbishops and bishops will be
parading in London along with the earthly religious
mighty like Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Conner,
head of the Holy Catholic Church in England and
Wales; Dr. Jonathan Sachs, British Chief Rabbi; and
chairman Ibrahim Mogra, leader of the British Mus-
lims, as they gather by interfaith endeavour for the
"Walk of Witness" against world poverty. So perhaps
I'll finally get to see and meet some of the "Big Whigs"
of the religious establishment that I was prevented
from meeting by that Carter dude at Canterbury.
My question is this: If the bishops are so
frightened for their security and safety, as Carter
stated so melodramtically to me, why then are those
same consecrated clerics now planning to parade
themselves openly on the streets of London as they
make their way to Lambeth Palace before returning
to The Lambeth Conference at The See of Canterbury?
I see, so they're to be escorted as they walk the streets
under ready armed British cops or what?
I rather -think not ... Rev'd Caaaaaarter.
Your's, Uncle Monty.
+Mary Magdalene, 2oo8.
Anglican Mainstream


Dogz of the Vendors. By Uncle Monty.

Dogz of the Vendors
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty
“She is all that I own. I have nothing but her. I love her
more than I can say.” The young man wasn’t talking
about his dead mom or his new girlfriend or his little
sister or his state care baby girl. He was talking about
his beloved dog called "Missy." As a Big Issue vendor,
Ryan takes Missy with him wherever he goes and he
holds on to her like grim death. Ryan found Missy
under the bridge one night as he went to find a place
to rough sleep. Within minutes, Ryan and Missy hit
good chemistry and they soon became the
best of friends.
Missy isn’t a dog to Ryan, she is a four-legged friend
that he can rely upon better than most of his two-
legged ones. He’ll go without food in order that she
eats first. A chocolate lab, Missy is ever protective
of Ryan and Ryan is ever protective of her. They’ve
been together now for five years and they’re growing
old together. Ryan could well sing Ron Miller's song:
For Once In My Life I Have Found Someone Who
Needs Me” or is it the song that Missy sings?
He Ryan and she Missy represent one of the many
love stories of the dogz of the vendors. And such dog
stories are also to be found among homeless folkz who
aren't necessarily street vendors of The Big Issue.
Dogz are my favourite creatures. That’s why I wanted
to write about, and to photograph, such dogz of the
vendors that I've seen and found on the streets of
London and elsewhere in my constant travels
around the world of homelessness.
With his dog, cold vendor John, No.
296, at his territorial NPG pitch.
I call him “The Colonic Jerk,” that he is, despite
his lovely black dog who is to be found with him
outside London’s National Portrait Gallery across
from the National Memorial to Nurse Edith Cavell
(1865-1915). She was sentenced to death by a Ger-
man firing squad for helping WWI British soldiers
escape back home.
John, who I’ll spare from telling the world his last name
that begin with a “B” and ends with a double “n,” is
far from sweet unlike his faithful dog. In fact, the jerk
spews out his obscenities like the hard-core alcoholic
that he is. Presently, he’s in rehab after a month in detox.
I hadn’t seen him or his dog for almost 18 months since
he reported me to The Big Issue for allegedly “intruding”
on his pitch so the nasty son of bitch said, who is not only
a pathological drunk but also a pathological liar, too.
Most other vendors steer clear of him for he's
that disliked by them, too.
When I last saw him by chance again last month,
he looked like death warmed-up as his unleashed
dog was unconditionally following him as usual. The
only good thing I have to say about “The Colonic Jerk”
is that he treats his pet dog with care and kindness with
no hint of abuse that I have occasionally seen among one or
two other homeless folkz. I hate and detest to see any kind of
cruelty, either intentionally or unintentionally, to any of the
animals, domestic or otherwise, by so-called humanbeings.
All creatures in my sight are among us by the pure
grace of God. Remember, too, when you spell the
word “dog” backwards it says – GOD.
The Colonic Jerk, No. 296.
He's Like Death Warmed Up.
When it comes to Keith (shown below), he’s like
sunlight compared to John, The Colonic Jerk. With
his beloved dog Breeze, Keith at age 27 has been selling
The Big Issue on and off for a number of years. And un-
like The Colonic Jerk, Keith tends to show respect and
manners to other fellow vendors like me. That's nice for
sure ... Keith isn’t mean, either. While I have found
that vendor No. 296. to be so mean and so cold.
Keith and Breeze

Dogz of the vendors aren’t all male dog lovers, al-

though most are. I have seen two or three women vendors
with their dogz. I saw one of them on The Strand I think
with three dogz all content to lay next to her as she begged
for money or offered a back issue or two of The Big Issue to
those who might help her and her dogz out to buy some food.

She asked, too, that I not photograph her and
I respected her rightful request for privacy.
For some street vendors and homeless folkz, dogz are
only desired for companionship but also for physical
protection against others who may attempt to rob
them or harm them on the streets. Dogz are also used to
avoid or prevent arrest by the cops for petty offences like
begging or minor trespassing. Such dogz require the
police to ensure they are picked up and transported to safe
keeping at the nearest dog shelter and that can be quite an hassle
for such cops to have to do before taking up the case of the arrested.
In America, the cops will oftentimes shot dead the dog first as they
arrest the homeless on the mean streets for something or other as
they then soon ship them fast to the local jailhouse or county

detention facility. Many of the dogz of the vendors are also badly
underfed and really need veterinary care to help them live a
better quality of life. The poorer the vendor, the poorer is
usually the shape of the dog. It can be a dog’s life literally
for both the dog and the street vendor, especially during
the cold weather months of open exposure to the outdoor
winter elements that can result in death by hypothermia
and severe frost bite. Neither vendor nor dog should
have to suffer such a plight.
Photograph, But Don't Show My Face He Said.

"Fudge" is one of my favourite dogz (shown below)
with one of my favourite homeless pals called
Michael Browne, who is a true dog lover if I ever
saw one. Until he and Fudge moved out of
Betterton Street, they would daily come to visit me
at my Big Issue pitch. I invariably brought dog food for
hypo and delightful Fudge and food for Michael, too.

Fudge is such a photogenic dog to photograph with his
pure breed of line coating and precise features. He’d
be great in some kind of dog ad for dog food, he really
would … And he’s such a lovely dog is Fudge, but so
hypo you'd think he was a TV star. Maybe he already
thinks he is, I guess. So, this again is another love
story, in this specific case, of an homeless “marriage”
between homeless Michael and homeless Fudge.
Luckily, both of them now have a home to call their own.
And so together they are and both are off the streets
for good. They both deserve that like all other dogz
and vendors should ideally be housed and sheltered
to live life off the cold and mean streets.
Fudge and Michael Browne

So, in end the dogz of the vendors may one day
reach the rainbow’s end together in loving peace. And,
then far away from the maddening crowd that so often refuse
to give them dignity or a cup of humanity. If you cannot love
the vendor, then at least love his or her dog as best you can.

Homeless 4 with pet puppy at Harmsworth Park, 2oo5.

Dogz of the vendors also attract would-be customers to their pitch and such helps them in their attempt to make sales. I think animal lovers tend to give for the pet's sake rather than for the vendor's sake when they buy The Big Issue at such a pitch. In giving for whatever reason, the person who gives is doing so because he or she can identify in someway or other with the pet or the vendor or the magazine or all three. Friendly dogz tend to disarm others, while aggressive ones do the opposite. And vendors who are friendly will also get a better deal from the public than those who are rude and hostile. I think that's how naturally it should be. But another thing, dogz show that the homeless aspire to being as normal as say the customer's next door neighbour who may keep dogz or cats and/or other pets just like most normal people off the streets. But above all, it is the desire of the individual to love and to be loved that is symbolised by owning a dog or a pet of some kind. My arguement is that a dog or a pet doesn't need an owner per se, but rather a good friend before all else. As my dear friend Dr. Susan Grinnnell once told me at the time of the death of her own fond dog Joey - "He was born a dog and died a friend." That is certainly what some of the dogz of the vendors have or will become ... either at life or at death. I know for me, all the dogz I have had over the years I have always treated them as a friend and most certainly not as an owner. If a dog needs only an owner, then the dog shelter is the place. If a dog needs a friend, and they do, then a loving home is the key to such fond care.


'Biggest Issue' for 170 homeless of India ... Launching The Big Issue in India by this Christmas, John Bird is confident of its success with 10 journalists so far recruited, reports the freesheet London Lite, to find slum dwellers as contributors. John himself has spoken to the folkz in the slums of Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta) and feels certain, I guess, that it's worth a try to promote and sell his publication there. I don't know India at all and I have never been there, but what I have read about the vast country of India over the years would seem to me to require alot of fortitude and alot of cash to even survive for a short time let alone for a long time down the road. With the embedded system of cast and the Hindu/Sikh/Jaianism/Muslim configuration ever present in the drama that is India, The Big Issue is going to have to be very careful it doesn't inflame or do anything to heighten any of those ticking social and religious time bombs. Frankly, I don't see non-slum folkz buying a magazine devoted to India's vast problem of homelessness. And, how many of the 170 million homeless can John Bird expect to harness into becoming free street vendors? Maybe he'll have so many would-be vendors, he'll be swamped out of business. Whatever, where there's a will, there's a way. So "Good Luck" in India, in any event.

Truly, Uncle Monty. +The 3rd Day of the Lambeth Conference, 2oo8.



Big Issue vendor John Sean Dearie, 52, was knocked down and

sadly killed by a lorry at Glasgow's Saltmarket on July 17th, reports

The Scotsman. He'd been a street vendor for the past ten years at

the city's Buchanan Street Bus Station. (Posted July 22nd, 2oo8.)


Post-Reformation Clergy. Notes By Uncle Monty.

Post-Reformation Clergy:
Long Before The First Lambeth Conference
Notes By Uncle Monty
With some 775 archbishops and bishops arriving today at
Canterbury for the start of the ten-yearly, twenty-day,
2008 Lambeth Conference of the Worldwide Anglican
Communion, I thought a little bit of Church History
was perhaps in order of the day.
In his well written book of the year 1881 on The
South Saron Diocese, The Prebendary of Chichester, The
Rev’d W. R. W. Stephens, cites some fascinating observations
of the critical behaviour of post-reformation clergy in England.
So with that said, I simply present a few excerpts from his
271-page 19th century book of the Diocesan History of
Selsey – Chichester and her clergy as the modern-day 21st
century Churchmen arrive at Canterbury to sort out perhaps
some of the mess and conflict currently confounding
many confessing Anglicans and their clerics all around
the world. It isn't right now a pretty Anglican picture for
the world to observe under the present Archbishop
of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Douglas Williams, who is
presiding at his first, and probably his last, Lambeth
Conference under his dithering archiepiscopacy at
the See of Canterbury.
“From The Lambeth Conference …
In Person By Uncle Monty,”
coming next week

“The articles of enquiry addressed to incumbents of parishes by
Bishop Montagu, and his successor, Brain Duppa, both high church-
man of the school of (Archbishop of Canterbury William) Laud, whose
episcopates extend from 1628 to 1642, reveal what tendencies to irr-
evence and irregularities of various kind prevailed in parish churches.
Bishop Montagu enquires whether communicants “meekly kneel,”
or whether they stand or sit at the time of reception : whether the
Holy Table is profaned at any time by persons sitting upon it,
casting hats or clocks upon it, writing or casting accounts,
or any other indecent usage.”

The Prebendary of Chichester writes further. “The questions
respecting the character, conduct and dress of the clergy are
instructive and entertaining. Doth your ministers (asked Bishop
Brian Duppa in his primary visitation at Chichester in 1638)
use such comely and decent apparel as becometh the gravity of
his calling, and may distinquish him from the laity? or doth he
wear long hair and deep ruffles, falling bands to his shoulders
or any other unseemly garments not proper to his ministry?
If a parson or vicar, doth he reside? or, if a curate, hath he
an honest and sufficient salary? Doth he idly vague up and
down, or in any way else entangle himself in secular affairs as
to neglect the duties of his calling? Does he diligently labour
for the reclaiming of recusants, whether they be such as with
peril of their souls superstitiously adhere to the Church of
Rome, or such, in the other extreme, who, having perversely
relinquished our communion, find nothing to adhere to but
their own fancies? Doth he use the prescribed form of prayer
before his sermon to prevent the indiscreet flying out of some
extemporary prayers? Doth he preach in a gown and cassock,
not in a riding or ambulatory clock? Doth he deliver the
Holy Communion to any standing or sitting, or in any other
posture than the knee? Doth he first receive it himself, and
after, deliver it to the communicants, not in gross, but one by
one, using all the words enjoined severally to each of them?"

:: Now more excerpts from Rev’d Stephens’
1881 Diocesan History Of Selsey – Chichester ::
[Bishop Harsnett, on his third visitation] “seems to have stirred
up The chapter to issue some rules ‘for the better ordering of the
church and churchman,’ which bear date September 27th, 1616.
The church bells are to be rung more regularly, and the bell ringers
are to keep order all sermon time, each in his proper quarter or
beat : the vestments are to be carefully put away in presses. Bishop
Sherburne’s bedesman was to be more diligent in his duties, and
to purge the churchyard of hogs and dogs, and lewd persons
that play or do worse. The verger was to keep the cloisters
clean, and to scourge out the ungracious boys, with their tops,
or at least to present them to the old man of the vestry. The
principal of the vicars was to see the outdoors of the cloisters
locked up and fast barred by nine o’clock at night, to keep
the keys himself, and to repress all seditious brawlers and
other enormities there, or if they flame out so fast that he
cannot, then he was to report them to the dean
or president of the chapter. “

“Bishop Duppa, having been translated to Sarum in 1641, was
succeeded by the pious, amiable, and accomplished Henry King.
The storm-clouds were now gathering thick and fast around
the monarchy and the church. The Act had been passed
which deprived bishops of their votes in the upper house.
Laud was in prison, waiting his doom (and was beheaded), and
twelve other prelates had just been imprisoned for protesting
against the loss of their rights as peers in Parliament,” wrote
Rev’d Stephens in his Diocesan Histories of 1881 for The
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK).

“Dogz of the Vendors”
Another upcoming story
by Uncle Monty

So the 2008 Lambeth Conference begins in earnest today.
And someone, somewhere, will no doubt be reading all about it in say 125 years or so from now. Just like you and me reading Rev’d Stephens’ account of the state of the church as he wrote of it some 125 years or so ago. I am looking forward to being at my first Lambeth Conference, too.

Faithfully, Uncle Monty. +St. Ormund, 2oo8.


Anglicans Meet Amid Gay Bishop Row




World Heritage Site At England's Bath Spa. By Uncle Monty.

World Heritage Site At England's Bath Spa
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty
England's Bath Spa is where I am right now and it also
happens to be the third place that I've visited that is listed
as a World Heritage Site. That has it may be, but what
caught my eye was all the painted pigs and thousands
upon thousands of visiting foreign high school students
that packed the Roman City of Bath like visiting
gladiators of old.
Pigs of every colour, make, and size adorned all around
the downtown spa. What exactly figures of pigs have to
do with Bath Spa, I simply don't know. They're colourful
for sure and both kidz and adultz seem to love them.
And, those foreign school pupils certainly did as they
crowded around them to be photographed sitting on, or
posing with, one of the metal or wooden made piggies.
The Elaborate Door of Bath Abbey
What a door? The one at Bath Abbey (shown
above) is elaborately carved with regal and
knightly shields in heraldic relief. I didn't go
inside the ancient abbey for it was too crowded
for me to enjoy. But without the abbey, Bath
wouldn't be the world heritage site that it is.
A Flowering Piggy, Indeed.
I counted at least 14 different piggies, here
and there, from metal to wooden and even,
as shown above, made of pink flowers. By
the time I got thru with visiting Bath Spa, all
that seemed to come to my mind was all those
piggies and foreign high school students I saw.
Not to mention all those gangs of local immigrant
kidz choking and blocking the side walks
Gangs of Bath's immigrant kidz.
Aside from all those masses of visiting foreign
students, Bath is full, it seems, of gangs of modern
immigrant kidz ( shown above) that I saw and photo-
graphed carousing and "shooting the breeze" on and
around the Roman streets. Most of them are out of
school for the summer holidays and that's when
trouble starts with such loose-end kidz that hang
about without any adult supervision or parents
present to ensure they don't cause any probelms.
There aren't any youth curfews I guess, so they're
around at all hours of the day and night. Bath typifies
England's modern society of broken kidz in our
broken society and its "anything goes" mentality.
England's Classic Bath Spa.
On the surface, all is calm at England's
Classic Bath Spa. But beneath the surface,
I sensed a rage of disquiet among the
generations I spoke with. At the Bartlett
Street Antiques Centre, I witnessed first hand
the rage of its owner, who ordered me out of his
shop for simply asking for a quid off the price
of his £16.00 priced old military medal. Totally
callous and arbitary was he. And, an English
swine, too. Avoid the place like lightening or
you could also find yourself at the seething
rage of such a nasty Bath character who is
a law unto himself or so he thinks.
When Bath Was Truly Roman
The words "Bath" and "Roman" go together
like peaches and cream at this World Heritage
Site. So it was fun to see the life-size mannequin
of a Roman soldier at the photographic shop
I visited for camera film and new batteries.
Bath Piggy In The Park, too ...
Yes, it's also piggy with Uncle Monty

A Bath, Anyone?
More like Dixie, than Bath ...
Almost every tourist town or spot
of any size in the UK thesedays have local
weekend gigs galore or rock music wannabes
playing on the streets at downtown or near the
impersonal shopping malls. Most of the groups
are pretty amateurish, frankly. Here at Bath,
I saw some local band members (shown above)
that looked more like Dixie Rednecks than classy
Roman Bath. England has become obsessed
over the past couple of decades with festivals
of every conceivable type from the once grass-
rooted Glastonbury to the nationalistic Red, White
and Blue Festival of the British National Party
(BNP). It seems that if an event is suddenly
called a "festival," it must somehow then be
good even though it may be absolute rubbish
from beginning to end.
Here's one more piggy at Bath Spa

It wasn't my first intention to write about all the
Bath piggies I saw nor the gangz of youth, but
rather to write more about the historic buildings
-- like St. John The Baptist Hospital of 1147 --
and its ancient Roman history. But that wasn't to be
after seeing Bath for the first time with my own eyes
and realising that although it's a listed world heritage
site it is above all else a modern British city that brings
loud cop cars roaring down the Saturday crowded
streets and the infernal giddy shoppers with their
big bagz full of modern and pricey junk from the
materialistic malls for them to take back home.
Such then is today's Bath and much of modern
England. But, no thankz ...
Best regards, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of the 8th Sunday after Trinty, 2oo8.