Uncle Monty's May/June Tentative Schedule ...

May 1st
Ascension Day : May Day
Voting Day for London Mayor.
I will vote promptly at 7:00AM.
Festival Evensong for Ascensiontide
at St. Stephen Walbrook.
May 3rd-4th
At Southampton for May holiday
weekend with The Stoddards.

May 5th
May National Holiday, UK.

May 8th
The 23rd Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture:
“The Mystical Turn” by Rev’d Canon Dr. Jane
Shaw at Westminster Abbey.

May 10th
The Pentecost Festival with David Muir.

May 11th
Dinner Guest at Jan Mol’s Super Birthday Party.

May 13th
Guest at the Annual 354th Festival and Dinner
of The Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy at
St. Paul’s Cathedral with Theirs Graces, the
Archbishops of Canterbury and York, along
with the Lord Mayor and High Sheriffs,
etc., with my dear friend Jill Ferguson.

May 14th
Attending the St. Pancrastide Evening Concert
Performance of “Gothic Voices,” with my dear
old pal Elizabeth Middleton.

May 15th
St. Andrew’s Lectures:
“Highlights of the Royal Collection” by David
Wheeler, Curator of the Queen’s Furniture.

May 17th
The Kairo Centre Day Retreat.

May 18th
Trinity Sunday.
Attend International Convention
of “Journey to Justice.”

May 19th
The Lawrence Roundtable on the
Anniversary Death of T.E. Lawrence, who
was best known as "Lawrence of Arabia."

May 23rd - 24th
The Hay Festival at Hay-on-Wye, Wales.
Some of the world's notable personalities will
be there for the 10-day international event.

May 25th
The Feast of Corpus Christi.
At Wesley Chapel’s with Lord Griffiths of
Burry Port and Daniel Grimwood, Piano.
Liszt: Annės des pělerinages.

May 26th
America’s Memorial Day.
Britain’s Spring Holiday.

May 27th
To be studio guest at the BBC-TV White City
H.Q. to participate in the pre-recording of the
television program “Who Dares Wins.”

May 28th
Ordered as trial witness to testify again for
the third time at Highbury Corner Magistrates
Court in the criminal robbery charge against
defendant Delroy Thomas.

May 29th
St. Andrew’s Lectures: “Charity
and The City” by John Barber.

May 31st
Supper Guest at St. Lampert’s.

For June:
Making my first visit to The Rock
of Gibraltar with set date yet TBA.
June 30th
The Conference of The Fellowship
of St Alban and St Sergius.
I will add further dates when I am sure such dates are
confirmed for me to list here on my tentative schedule
for the upcoming weeks and months of 2oo8.
Regards, Uncle Monty.
Ascension Day, 2oo8.


America's Iranophobia. By Uncle Monty.

America's Iranophobia
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty
At some point the United States will attack Islamic Iran. It’s
just in the cards, despite the statement today coming from out of
Iran by its Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini,
who declared that America’s Iraq situation and Washington’s pre-
sent domestic issues makes it unlikely the U.S. will strike Iran.
While Mohammad Hosseini’s official statement that an
American military attack on Tehran was now unlikely,
he didn’t spell out such in the kind of undiplomatic words
I use here that it is plainly due to the debilitating factors
like the American criminal insanity that is Iraq and
Afghanistan, the ongoing US presidential campaign, the
rotten economy, the fall out from the sub-prime fiasco,
and George W. Bush’s own deservedly lowest standing of
almost any US president since Richard M. Nixon accord-
ing to all of the professional media polls.
He is perhaps America’s most arrogant, cavalier,
and ignoramus president to date is mindless Bush. I
wouldn’t trust him with a ballyhoo banana boat. Yet,
such a man is not accountable, no matter what, for
any military actions he takes until disaster then
looks the world in the face like we continue to see in
Iraq and at else where from America’s murderous
military mindset and fighting might that endangers
the global peace of all the world’s humanity.
To attack or not to attack Iran could be one of the
world’s most disastrous disasters waiting to happen
depending upon what point of view one takes. If the
alleged Iranian nuclear threat is considered to be the
most important, then not stopping Iran by attacking
her would be seen as a disaster waiting to happen,
especially for such states as Israel who views Iran as
a mortal enemy just like Iran views them. While
those who, on the flip side of the coin, see the United
States and Israel as a far greater evil and threat than
Iran, then to attack the Shi'ite State would be seen as
a greater disaster for the world than by not attacking
her in the first place.
From what I saw and heard during my wonderful stay
inside Iran they seemed to be ready for just about
anything to be thrown at them by the Yanks and the
U.N. But today’s statement by Mohammad Hosseini
seems to now dilute such an “in-your-face” Iranian
posture toward the Bush Administration and The
West from when I was there of what I’m hearing
and reading right now from Iran.
:: My View I Took of Esfahan, Iran's Third Largest City ::
And when such a zealot and zombie like Bush is so low in the
polls and overwhelmingly disliked as the 43rd President
of the United States, both at home and abroad, he really
doesn’t have much to lose after all if he should then attack
Iran in the lame-duck days of his vicious Republican
presidency. In fact, he may gain much more politically
and nationalistically by taking on Iran more than not …
Such might well assure him of a Hero’s Farewell, instead
of a good riddance and a sure shirty goodbye from the
Oval Office by the American people and the world come
next January, 2oo9. Whatever he does, George Bush is
going to leave the present and diabolical military and
political mess he’s created for All America to clean up
long after his days are over in Washington and long
after he’s also dead and buried at Arlington National
Cemetery or at wherever they finally put
his presidential corpse.
:: While Out and About Inside Iran's Tehran ::

As I strolled out and about and around the thoroughfares
of Tehran late last year, I was struck by the vibrancy of the
capital city and the friendliness of the people I openly met
on the streets. Periodically, I would look upto the Islamic
sky to be sure I didn’t fail to dodge, if I could, those Yankee
cluster bombs if they should suddenly come from out of the
blue while I was there. For such will surely come as Bush’s
name is spelled much like an obscene four-letter word. If
not him, I think Hillary Clinton, if she’s elected as America's
first female president (and, hopefully not), will take the plunge
and attack Iran that’s if nasty Bush doesn’t do it before he
leaves office. Her very recent Iranophobic statement on Iran
during her presidential campaign trail sounded more like that
of the hideous Yankee ultrahawk and Republican neocon Vice
President Dick Cheney than a so-called “liberal” Democrat which
she switches on and switches off according to whatever she
wants to paint herself for political convenience at any given time
in her ferocious appetite to be America's first woman president.
She said in her ratcheted up threats against Iran: "In
the next 10 years, during which they (Iran) might foolishly
consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to
totally obliterate them. That's a terrible thing to say but those
people who run Iran need to understand that because that
perhaps will deter them from doing something that would be
reckless, foolish and tragic." And, please also note Hillary that
any pre-emptive American military strike on Iran would
also be "reckless, foolish and tragic."
Hilliary Rodham Clinton’s grandmother was after all Jewish
and The Clintons are themselves unadulteratedly pro-
Israel (and, what American politician isn't?) and pro-Jewish
and unreservedly anti-Iran and anti-Sharia. So where does
that leave Iran should The Clintons take over The White House
again in 2009 for the next four years? You see if Hillary gets in,
so also does her hubby ex-prez William Jefferson Clinton who
then gains unelected entré again to The Oval Office as the
husband of America’s would-be first elected woman president.
That’s not good news for Iran no matter how they see things
in Tehran right now ...
:: Iranian High School students greeting me at Persepolis, Iran ::

Inside Iran, the domestic elections take place Friday or the day after England’s own Mayoral Election of London is then held on May Day or The Ascension in the Church Calander.


I think all the more reason for the United States to attack Iran at some point, with Israel somewhere at play in all of it, is based on the past relationship since the fall of The Shah of Iran, who America supported no matter how brutal he was. It would give asinine George W. Bush a needed boost among those flag-waving Yanks who support anything that’s anti-Iranian. Since the hostage taking at the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979 at the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini and his Islamic Revolution against Shah Pavlavi’s absolute rule and vile tyranny, the majority of Americans not only feel uneasy about Iran but would almost feel relatively good, I suspect, to exact some kind of belated and pent-up revenge against The Ayatollah Nation.

Most Americans are totally ignorant, of course, about the whys and wherefores of Iran's place in the world after the fall of Pavlavi. The Shah's Coronation in 1967 also saw him proclaimed as Shahanshah or King of Kings. But less than 13 years later the same Shah had fled his country and then landed up finally dead in Egypt via his hospital treatment at Washington’s Walter Reed Medical Center.

I was there inside America when it all happened about the Shah and the hostage crisis was soon underway in 1979 and having met both Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter some three years earlier at the 1976 presidential debate held at the campus of William and Mary - I think I know the anger of many Americans then and now towards anything Iranian. Remember Americans, both collectively and individually, rarely forget and/or forgive those who they perceive have done them down. They still think Iran has done them down. They're an unforgiving bunch, if the truth be spoken about them. So America's Iranophobia isn't something new. It's been going on now for close to 30 years. The difference today is that America is almost ready to retaliate against Shi'ite Iran for its past grievances against her like the American hostage crisis and the rise of the Islamic Republic against all things Yankee. The nuclear issue is simply part of the cover and excuse for America to act and to teach Iran a lesson not to mess anymore with the Yanks ...

:: The Iranian Patriarch + Myself after Sunday Service ::

Who are the true foreigners in Iraq? The Yanks and Brits, of course. They’re the invading aliens who now complain of Iraq’s next door neighbour Iran for allegedly “interferring” in the American occupation and subjugation by the two and half trillion dollars its already spent and wasted on killing and displacing the indigenous people of Iraq for over five years now. Such a complaint is all part again of America's Iranophobia. How can America then complain about Iran's alleged involvement in helping the anti-American insurgency in Iraq, if the real foreigners and occupiers are themselves nothing more than alien invaders who have no right whatsoever to be in Iraq in the first place? So while the Yanks bitterly complain that their gruesome soldiers are being popped-off by IRB – improvised roadside bombs and manufactured they say by Iran - the real question is this: Now that America has lost the war and its way in Iraq, when will they bloody leave? The answer is not until they've also bombed Iran ... Such will then will be the ultimate act of America's Iranophobia for all the world to see.


Here then is the news report from Reuters on the latest thinking from Iran:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said on Sunday a "disastrous situation" facing the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan coupled with Washington's domestic issues made any U.S. attack on the Islamic Republic unlikely. The Foreign Ministry comments came two days after the U.S. Navy said a cargo ship hired by the U.S. military fired warning shots at approaching boats in the Gulf, underscoring tension in an area vital to world oil shipments, and driving up crude prices. "We think it would be unlikely the Americans would take the decision to get themselves into a new fiasco, the consequences of which they themselves have acknowledged would be painful for the region and the world," spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said. "We hope those who think better in America view the realities more closely and manage to correct such approaches," he told a news conference. Relations between Washington and Tehran, which have not had diplomatic ties for nearly three decades, are tense over Iran's nuclear programme and over who is to blame for violence in Iraq. Hostile rhetoric between the two foes and close encounters in the Gulf have fuelled some speculation the United States may be planning some sort of military action against Tehran. However, a U.S. intelligence report in December that said Iran halted a nuclear weapons programme in 2003 made any U.S. attack very unlikely, analysts say. Iran denies ever having ambitions to build nuclear weapons. Last week, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said another Middle East war would be "disastrous on a number of levels". But he added the military option must be kept on the table "given the destabilizing policies of the regime and the risks inherent in a future Iranian nuclear threat -- either directly or through proliferation." But Hosseini dismissed the likelihood of any U.S. military strike "in view of the numerous problems the Americans are facing, along with the disastrous situation in Iraq and Afghanistan and (their) domestic problems." He did not specify what domestic U.S. problems he was referring to but the Bush administration is facing low approval ratings and an economic downturn during its last year in office. U.S. defence officials first said they suspected the approaching vessels in Thursday's incident were Iranian, but a navy spokeswoman later backed away from that charge. Iran denied any confrontation took place in the Gulf. In January, the United States said five small Iranian speed boats aggressively approached three U.S. Navy ships in the Strait of Hormuz, a critical crude oil shipping route. Iran said its boats were simply trying to identify the U.S. vessels. April 27, 08.
(Reporting for Reuters by Hossein Jaseb; Writing by Fredrik Dahl; Editing by Myra MacDonald)


:: My great interpreter, guide + driver ::

As for America’s all out violence at wherever it takes its
"World Agenda," most Americans are always cocksure, gun
happy and war bent no matter what. Many are so blinded they’ll
allow their plutonic patriotism to rule their heady heads no matter
what their hearts are telling them or whatever the world begs of
them not to do. George Bush brings out the worst in such people
and not their best in the slaughterous slugfest called
“The Great Satan” or “God Bless America.”

While inside Iran, I took several hundreds of photographs openly. The only things
I didn’t photograph were military and governmental establishments for that would
endanger my safety as a Westerner. In America, when I once photographed by tele-
photo lens the notorious prison called Sing Sing, I was chased after by four burly New
York State troopers in their flashing state patrol cars at killer speed and who
stopped me and frisked me on the spot and wanted to know why I’d photographed the
penitentiary from the interstate at perhaps at third of a mile away. Such was for innocently photographing Sing Sing. That was 25 years ago and long before 9/11, so today I’d probably be hauled in by the Nazi-sounding Department of Homeland Security and badly interrogated and then put on one of the hundreds of catch-all Watch Lists the U.S. now keeps on all manner of innocent people. So why shouldn’t the Iranians also wonder why I
was photographing their stuff, too, if it was military or governmental? I was very careful not to photograph such establishments for I could count on being in big trouble despite my fondness for the Iranians

Truly, Uncle Monty. +Rogation Sunday, 2oo8.

:: News Update :: Just three days after my story was posted here on "America's Iranophobia," the latest from Reuter's reporter David Morgan now reports a second U.S. aircraft carrier has been moved in position and is stationed "temporarily" in the Gulf as a "reminder" to Iran:

By David Morgan
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy has temporarily added a second aircraft carrier in the Gulf as a "reminder" to Iran, but this was not an escalation of American forces in the region, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday.
Speaking to reporters during a trip to Mexico, Gates flatly denied a suggestion that the presence of two U.S. carriers in the Gulf could be a precursor to military action against Tehran.
"This deployment has been planned for a long time," Gates said. "I don't think we'll have two carriers there for a protracted period of time. So I don't see it as an escalation. I think it could be seen, though, as a reminder."
He declined to elaborate on his remarks and provided no details about the deployment.
Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said the second carrier arrived in the Gulf on Tuesday to replace one on duty that was expected to depart the region in two days.
U.S. Navy officials were not immediately available for comment.
News of the second carrier came amid simmering tension between the United States and Iran that has fed speculation about a possible U.S. military strike. (April 30th, 2008)


My Home. Story and Photos by Uncle Monty.

My Home.
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty.
She was an American madame was she when
she said, “A house ain’t necessarily a home.”
Madame Polly Adler couldn’t have been more
correct. How often I’ve visited houses that
aren’t real homes to those who live there. An
air of unhappiness and strife oftentimes dwells
within. And how often I have visited homes that
aren’t houses. Yes, the rich may have everything
money can buy inside their house – fancy furniture,
expensive décor, a smooth and slick kitchen and all
the latest that is considered chic -- yet the sense of
emptiness of the place is far from being home sweet
home. Then, the poor may have a humble dwelling
yet it is truly home sweet home with love and care
for all who live there. Home, of course, is where
you make it and how you make it, so we're told.
Without a home, the disconcerting condition of
homelessness, displacement, and marginalization
ever grows for many. While others cope quite nicely
without a home or even wanting a home. Their home,
ironically, is not having a home. They don't want
the care or worry or expense of having a home
of their own, except perhaps under bridges at
night or squatting somewhere for a temporary
abode or making do with roughing it with a
sleeping bag away from other vexing humanity.
But for the majority of us, we yearn constantly
for a place we can call our own home. That's
why folkz pay through the nose to buy a house
to live in either by choice or circumstances or
condition. Yet, "a house ain't necessarily home"
even after that. Most people spend their entire
life paying for and protecting their house or
home. And today, most folkz spend more time
out of the house or home than inside it by needing
to go to work to pay for it and its upkeep and to
meet the taxes on it. Aside from that, most other
times are spent just to gad about on holidays or
at shopping malls or outside entertainment or
on outings for the kidz. The only time they seem
to be there for anytime is to sleep at their house
or home. The homeless rarely can do such thingz.
Two years ago, I was assigned sheltered housing
due to my pension age and my status as a vunerable
person and because I was then homeless and selling
The Big Issue as a street vendor. My joy of having
a place to call my own and my home made me feel
ecstatic, especially after having lost my own home
by a catastrophic fire with my house insurance
having not been renewed by my own failure just
three days earlier to the house fire. I not only
lost my home but my house, too.
So when I arrived at my second floor sheltered
accommodation, I had not one stick of furniture
or a bed to sleep on or even a tea towel or any
-thing to frugally furnish what I now had. The
place was totally empty, except for an electric
cooker, a small fridge, room lightbulbs, kitchen
fixtures and large white drapes at the windows.
But that didn't worry or faze me one little bit
at my joy of having the place I could and would
turn into my first English home after almost 40
years of being away from England. My family
owned our first home at Highbury in 1955.
My dad then paid, I believe, just 7.000 quid
for it and today the house has been sold for
almost £800.000. Oh my ... oh, my.
My friends and customers of The Big Issue
soon came to my rescue to furnish my needs
to setup house with Contessa Maria leading
the way with her spare bedroom furniture
and many utensils she promptly sent from her
£1.9 million, 18-room, house at fancy St. John’s
Wood to my little sheltered accommodation.
Others like dear Pat Carney, Jean Frampton,
and the late Carol Richardson also brought me
bedding, rugs, pots and pans, etc., etc. I was
ever so grateful to them and bless their souls. By
the third week’s end, I had more than I could use
or manage. Robert York and his wife Sylvia also
came and filled full my fridge with top groceries
and all the food I could possibly need and eat.
They're in the grocery business, thankfully for
me ... Every few weeks they still do the same.
I share here some pictures with you all out
of my pride, but not my boast. I thought it
would be nice to show you what can be done
with a little help from my many friends at
my sheltered home.
:: My Dining Room ::
:: Leading to my Hallway ::
:: Pair of Victorian Rosemead Vases from Maria ::
:: Last Year's Xmas cards/giftz from my BI pitch ::
:: My Spartan Bed Room ::
:: At where I do my blog, surf, and e-mail ::
:: My Compact Kitchen ::
:: My "Reception" Area ::
:: My Sitting Room ::
The beauty of going to car boot sales is
the stuff I can find for peanut prices of
the stuff I like to decorate or enhance the
presence of my simple home. My personal
taste is not of the cultural mass but rather
I say I'm rather old fashioned. I love things
that are old - decorative items, rugs, paintings,
antique furniture, old jewellery, rare coins,
antiquarian books and prints and the older
the better for me. The antiques I go for are
not at expensive antiques auctions (which, I
can ill-afford to say the least) or upmarket
antiques shops and pricey shows, but at
plain car boot sales and less and less at
charity shops unless I'm outside of London
at some new town with local charity shops
to browse for a "steal" or a "find." I don't
shop at Oxfam and the like anymore.
They're a rip-off at best as far as
I'm concerned.
So in any event, I do hope you liked
seeing inside my sheltered home ...
Take care, Uncle Monty.
+St. Cyril, 2oo8.


For God Sake Step Down or Better Still, Drop Dead.

For God Sake Step Down or
Better Still, Drop Dead.
By Alex Albion.
Undoubtedly, Desmond Tutu is today one of
the world's most respected and beloved religious
figures much like was John Paul II during his
profound and prolonged pontifical day.
As South Africa's Anglican Archbishop-Emeritus of
Capetown, Desmond Tutu has written the foreword
for the American gay cleric Gene Robinson's book
foray entitled "In The Eye of the Storm." It hit the
biographical bookshelves less than a month ago
and is published in England by The Canterbury
Press of Norwich at the heafty price of $25.00 or
$12.99 for a rather thin book of which I have no
intention of either reading or forking out a dime for
anymore of Gene Robinson's claptrap. The other
day, I noticed at The Church House Bookshop,
located at the corner of Great and Little Smith
Streets and just a block or two away from West-
minster Abbey, an overblown window display of
the cleric's book for sale. Inside the shop itself,
stacks of the book was also stacked high.
What upsets me is to see such an outstanding
figure like Desmond Tutu seemingly willing to
"prostitute" his good name for the sake of Gene
Robinson's infamy and his well-known wretched-
ness. While I absolutely approve of the retired
archbishop's right to write whatever forward
he wants in any book he wants, I still dis-
approve of him doing so for such a gay figure
as Gene Robinson, who now clothes and adores
himself in his Episcopal vestment as the first
openly gay bishop of the worldwide Anglican
Communion. He was first elected as the Suffragan
Episcopal bishop of the tiny, rural, state of New
Hampshire in 2oo3. Since then, we Anglicans and
American Episcopalians have been hammered over
the head by all things that are Gene Robinson.
At first, I was totally neutral about his election,
his consecration and his bishopric. But now five
years later, I frankly have come to have little
or no time for such a Church wretch that Gene
Robinson has increasingly come to symbolise for
many both within and without the Church. His
first book appears to also trade on his infamy.
The presence of this fellow has been nothing but a
destructive distraction and crippling blow to The
Episcopal Church of the United States of America
(ECUSA) and the Anglican Communion. And the fact
that Gene Robinson was the first openly gay Episcopal
bishop to be elected and consecrated is now beyond
any further rationale, explanation or justification for
him to parade about in his utter masochistic infamy
and his bizarre place in the history of the church.
For the sake and sanity of the American Episcopal Church,
and the wider worldwide Anglican Communion, it is now
time for the first openly gay Bishop of New Hampshire,
V. Gene Robinson, to go and leave the Church in peace.
If we look at what has been done in the name of this
gay fellow over the past five years, it boggles the mind
for its utter savagery and wickedness of those bishops
and lay members who cared not for the wellness of the
church per se but for their “right” to impose this gay
wretch upon us all. The Church has suffered enormously
because of him and it will continue to do so while he is
still a flaunting Episcopal bishop that seeks to present
his gayness above and beyond the faith and creed of
the whole church. His personal sexual preference is
his business, but instead it has been rammed down
our throats like a grotesque gesture upon us all.
“An ape is an ape, even though dressed in scarlet,” de-
clared Shakespeare. Well, Gene Robinson isn’t far behind
that description for his presence, both within and without
the church, has blemished the name and reputation of all
touched by the Gene Robinson ecclesiastical debacle.
He has no shame at his own shamelessness.
When Gene Robinson first came out of the gay wood-
works, I was absolutely neutral about him, as I stated
earlier, becoming then a bishop in the small Granite
state of New Hampshire at where I happened to also
go to school and at where I lived there under the then
ugly governorship of the Orfordville pig farmer called
Meldrim Thomson. I was aware of the Episcopal Diocese
at the state capital of Concord. At that time, I was unaware
of Gene Robinson himself but I was well aware of its two
previous New Hampshire Episcopal bishops – Philip Alan
Smith in the 70's and Douglas Edwin Theuner in the 80's.
He, Bishop Theuner, I was then told, was allegedly gay,
too - over the course of my 13 years in the northern New
England state. By the time I’d heard about gay Gene, I had
long gone from New Hampshire and I was living out in
Oregon at the time his name was making terrible head-
lines and creating bad waves for many of the faithful.
Again, I was very neutral and figured it would be best
to see how his election, consecration, and bishopric would
go. I thought his status and his controversy as an openly
gay bishop would soon go away. And that given time, he’d
be seen as yet a regular and normal Episcopal member
of the American Episcopacy. Come five years later, how-
ever, I now see the continuing damage he has wrought
upon ECUSA and the Anglican Communion to which may
split up thanks, in a large part, to the negative presence
and gay lifestyle of Gene Robinson who now lives with
his "married" male partner Marc Andrews. Before that,
he, now gay Gene, was a divorcee with two children.
Although he hasn’t been invited as an Episcopal bishop
to the upcoming 2008 Lambeth Conference, gay Gene
plans to be present anyway at the public events surr-
ounding the conference itself that is to be held at
Canterbury this July, 2oo8, with about 700 other
bishops from around world. I’ve never heard of some-
one who is not invited to something, to then invite
himself to an event that he is unwelcomed at. He's
going, so he says, to protest at not being invited
to Lambeth. And that’s Gene Robinson revelling
again in all his infamy and creating further
damage to the Church.
I have come to personally detest all that he repre-
sents, not because he is gay per se but rather that his
presence mocks all that is right and proper within
historic Anglicanism. Gene Robinson has, in my
opinion, become the complete antithesis of all of
that. I say that despite what Desmond Tutu
otherwise says in his foreward about
the New Hampshire fellow.
If his claims of loving the Church is what he says,
then it is time for Gene Robinson to consider if he
should stay being an Episcopal bishop in order to
help save and heal his beloved Church from being
split up to smithereens which it now appears is
edging toward such an abyss as the reality of Gene
Robinson’s consecration and bishopric continues to
take its toll among Anglicans/Episcopalians around
the world. The Anglican and Episcopal laity and
clergy are still warring against each other in the
never-ending debate of consenting or disapproving
the homosexual lifestyle that beings out those who
are for or against the openly gay cleric. The issue and
debate about human sexuality, and especially homo-
sexuality, is now worn out and I think we’re also
truly worn out about Gene Robinson. He surely
must know that the longer he stays in the church,
the longer his presence will continue to harm her.
Without sounding bitterly harsh, I now do believe
he needs for God sake to step down as bishop
or even better still - Drop Dead!!
Let the Church live beyond what Gene Robinson
has come to represent and that has done nothing but
bring fragmentation to the Holy Body of the Church.
We need to live beyond this gay wretch who should
no longer be permitted to use the Church as a plat-
form preacher who preaches everything that doesn’t
belong among us as Anglicans and Episcoplians. So
again, I repeat, gay Gene please for God sake step
down or better still - Drop Dead … That’s if you
really and truly love the Church.
Truly, Alex Albion.
+St. Simon, 2008.

Here in part is Desmond Tutu's foreword:
"I have met him only once and I was impressed by
his demeanour and presence. For someone in the eye
of the storm buffeting our beloved Anglican Communion,
he is so serene, he is not a wild-eyed belligerent campaigner.
I was so surprised at his generosity towards those who have
denigrated him and worse. After all he and his partner had
to wear bullet proof vests for his consecration. He has
received death threats – all of which ought to have
made him want to give as much as he had got. No, he
is not vengeful. I have been amazed at his magnanimity
which reminded me so much of the generosity of spirit
that was displayed by many of the victims who came to
testify before the South African Truth and Reconciliation
Commission. We were frequently bowled over by the in-
credible willingness to forgive of many who had suffered
grievously at the hands of perpetrators of gruesome
atrocities. Instead of baying for their blood as might have
been expected, they chose to walk the path of forgiveness
and reconciliation rather than that of retribution and re-
venge. They did not demonise their adversary. By their
act of forgiveness they set themselves free from the
bondage of victimhood and they gave the perpetrator
the opportunity if he wanted to accept it, of making a
new beginning."
:: News Update ::
Within less than 10 hours of posting the
above story on Gene Robinson, more than 400
e-mails have so far arrived from around the world.
Only a few of them have been posted by such send-
ers and critics, while most of the others have e-
mailed me off-the-record, so to speak. The vast
majority have condemned me outright and I have
been called every name under the sun in their
personal attacks on me about my integrity, my
sexuality, my Anglican faith, my mental capacity,
my writing ability, my anti-Gene Robinson
stance, and so on and so forth. I expected to get
some responses, one way or another, to what
I'd written here. But never did I expect so many
responses so quickly nor so many personal attacks
against my freedom to write what I think. I'll
repeat here again for those of you who have not
heard it before - "I WRITE WHAT-I BELIEVE,
I welcome all comments, criticism, praise,
condemnation, congratulations, replies of
venom, words of joy, and strong opinions for
or against. I would also welcome any in-
depth article on the issue of Gene Robinson
to add to my blog herein. And finally, I am
most pleased that you've taken the time and
trouble to read what I think. I neither make
any apology for what I have written nor for
what I personally think - period.
My statement "Drop Dead" is used not only
by me to provoke attention to the question of
Gene Robinson, but also for its literary impact.
The power to deploy words to engender reaction
or response has always been my favourite use
of words and phrases. It never fails to amaze
me how folkz show their true colours when con-
fronted with issues head on, or dead on, through
the use of such words like "drop dead."
So cheers everybody, Alex Albion.
+St. George's Day, 2oo8.
Also Visit The Mad Priest's Blog:
Gay Bishop Out of Anglican Summit
By Rachel Zoll. Associated Press Writer.
From "The Christian Post, " April 25th, 2008.
The first openly gay Episcopal bishop announced he will have no
official role in a meeting this summer of world Anglican leaders,
saying restrictions that organizers wanted to place on his invol-
vement had caused him "considerable pain." New Hampshire
Bishop V. Gene Robinson had been told last year that he could
not fully participate in the once-a-decade gathering in England,
called the Lambeth Conference, as the world Anglican
Communion sat on the brink of schism over his 2003 election.
Rev. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop,
right, speaks to a committee Wednesday night, June 14, 2006
in Columbus, Ohio during the Episcopal General Convention.
The key committee was drafting the church's response
whether to preserve unity among Anglicans around the world
Still, Episcopal leaders had been negotiating with the
Anglican Communion Office to allow him to join
the event in some capacity. The Episcopal Church
is the Anglican body in the U.S.
At a Texas meeting Monday night of the Episcopal
House of Bishops, Robinson said that the final offer to
include him was in effect a "non-offer," and he had de-
clined it. The House of Bishops was informed that full
invitation is "not possible" from the Archbishop of Can-
terbury to include Robinson. But Anglican leaders said
Robinson could "be present" in the conference Marketplace,
or convention hall, where exhibitors and church agencies
set up stalls, and that he could participate in one
"high profile" event, such as a news conference, at
the 20-day summit.
The exhibit hall is open to the public, while the Lambeth
discussions are private. Robinson told the bishops in Texas
that ever since he got word of the proposal late last Friday,
"I have been in considerable pain." He said he had hoped
to participate in Bible study and small group discussions
with other bishops.
"I am dismayed and sickhearted that we can't sit around
a table, as brothers and sisters in Christ, and study
Scripture together," he said. "It makes me wonder, if we
can't sit around a table and study the Bible together, what
kind of Communion do we have and what are we trying to
save?" A spokesman for the Anglican Communion did not
respond to a request for comment. The spiritual leader of
the Anglican Communion, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan
Williams, didn't invite Robinson to Lambeth, partly to appease
theological conservatives, who believe the Bible bars gay
relationships. Some had threatened to boycott the meeting
if he attended.
Williams also didn't invite Bishop Martyn Minns, who leads
a network of conservative breakaway Episcopal parishes
in the U.S., that have aligned with the like-minded
Anglican Church of Nigeria.
Still, five Anglican archbishops from Africa and South America
said recently they would boycott Lambeth because they could
not share communion with the Episcopal bishops who had
consecrated Robinson. The five are among several Anglican
conservatives who are holding an international gathering
in June in the Mideast that is seen as a rival to Lambeth
(and such has now been re-scheduled of late.) As for The
Lambeth Conference (it) is (itself) scheduled July 16 th-
rough Aug. 3 at the University of Kent in England. Some
Episcopal bishops who believe that committed gay
relationships are acceptable in Scripture had discussed
boycotting the event if Robinson couldn't attend.
But Robinson repeatedly urged them to go. "For
God's sake, don't stay away," Robinson said. He
plans to travel to the event on his own, staying in the
Marketplace to be available for with anyone interested
in talking with him. "Pray for me," he said.
"I will need that. A lot."


Tombs Fit For Kings. By Uncle Monty.

Tombs Fit For Kings
By Uncle Monty
Tombs record the finality of life of those so entombed.
Yet, such tombs rarely tell us much about the life and
times of those so laid there. Except for a glimmer and a
glance of their given titles, birth names, date of deaths,
and date or year of births, such tombs are then
perfectly silent just like the dead.
Centuries may come and go, but the tombs still stand
steadfast against the age of human time. Elaborate and
expensive tombs are usually reserved for the once
powerful or mighty. Although the most powerful and
mighty of them all was a humble man whose human
tomb has never existed. Who was that, you might
very well ask? And, what man?
The answer comes later.
The shape, size, and design of the tomb always reflects
the local tradition, creed, custom, emotion, and history of
the people. The deeper the emotion, the more elaborate
becomes the tomb. The ordinary, the insignificant, the
unrecognised, the unesteemed, and the unbeloved are
rarely ever entombed. Tombs are usually for deities,
kings, queens, emperors, national heroes, great
warriors, and the extraordinary.
Tombs are oftentimes housed inside cathedrals,
morsoleums, meccas, pyramids, crypts, shrines,
and Jewish burial houses. For the less important,
tombs are usually placed outside in open cemeteries,
common burial grounds, memorial parks, church
courtyards, and at private and public gardens. All
tombs house the remains of the dead unless grave
robbers and burial plunderers have done their mac-
abre and evil deeds against the living and the dead.
Important tombs may also house rare jewels, gold,
precious tokens, symbols of office, and religious and
personal artefacts. And tombs are made of every con-
ceivable material known to humankind: brick, metal,
wood, glass, marble, slate, stone, dirt, mirror, concrete,
sand, clay, alabaster and what have you. The more im-
portant the tomb, the greater is the craftsmanship and
the finer is the filagee and quality surrounding it. Some-
times, the tomb itself becomes a place of national and
religious or political pilgrimage by the people.
Indeed, the tomb can sometimes become almost
more important and elevated than the person
or persons originally buried inside it.
While on the other hand, tombs are oftentimes quickly
forgotten, especially by those who hold no attachment to
the person (s) or event (s) surrounding the construction
and dedication of the particular tomb. The older and
more minor the tomb, the more it is usually forgotten
or holds little or no place in the national consciousness
or the minds and hearts of the people. Tombs in-
variably outlive the present living, if such tombs are
preserved and tendered after. And some tombs are
more grand than the person was in life and of whom the
tomb is so named by those who have mounds of money
and unlimited means to afford such monumentalized and
showy display of their beloved dead ones. Notably too,
European tombs are more likely to be for those of the
Caucasian race more than for any other race in which
dead babies, martyred children, rich mid-lifers, and
elderly statemen or old celebrities are buried.
And, the modern taste of tombs are also
made in memory of beloved pets. Where grief and
sorrow are at the deepest, no expense is then spared
for the making of many a tomb be they of the past or
present. Of course, tombs have been erected from
time immortal to the modern age as seen in the
recent papal tomb of the world's beloved
John Paul II at The Holy See.
And just by pure chance the other day I came across
some original and historic mid-18th century woodcuts
of tombs fit for kings. I found four of the woodcuts for
a mere 25 pence a piece at the closing day of The
House of Faith. The woodcuts had been dismaster-
ed from an antiquarian book that showed foxing on
sturdy cotton paper of the book plates that are sure-
ly well over 250 years old. I also found four early
19th century black and white engravings based on
William Hogarth’s sketches of London and again
for only 25 pence each. But it was the tombs or
royal monuments that caught my imagination the
most. And, hence my story here of "Tombs Fit For
Kings." I regret now I didn’t also buy the other
woodcuts of the tombs of the Queens of England
upto Anne, 1702-14. Here are the tombs fit
for kings in woodcut form:
John, 1199 - 1216.
Edward III, 1327 - 1377.
Edward, The Black Prince.
1330 - 1376.
Henry V, 1413 - 1422.
Perhaps one day they’ll also disentomb the British
kings, queens, and royal personages for pure curio-
sity. And we’ll then find out things we don’t know
about them after all. Although, I personally see no
real reason to disturb such tombs or monuments
under almost any circumstances unless it is to
ensure the continuing preservation of their
place of historic honour.
A 1779 dated engraving of Christ
from my small religious collection.
Herein lies, too, the answer to my
earlier question of His human
tomb does not exist.

Above is one of a series of photographs I took
of His Grace, the Archbishop of Canterbury,
at the end of his very controversial lecture on
“English Law And Islam” that was held at the
Great Hall of the Royal Courts of Justice of
which over a 1,000 people were present. The
image here shows Dr. Williams (far right)
with the Ambassador of Morocco standing
in the middle next to His Grace. And the
Anglican cleric on the left is, I believe,
one of the archbishop’s personal aides
then speaking to him.
Tombs away, Uncle Monty.
+St. Alphege, 2oo8.


Sat They With Symposium Honorariums. By Uncle Monty.

Sat They With Symposium Honorariums
By Uncle Monty
Courteous clapping greeted them as they
sat down with their symposium honorariums
to speak to the provocative question of “Law
& Society: Which is to be Master?” at The
2008 Temple Festival, which was generously
sponsored by The Alexander S. Onassis
There they sat from left to right: The Rt. Hon.
Lord Justice Rix, The Most Rev’d and Rt. Hon.
Lord Eames, Anna Ford (chairperson),
Professor A. C. Grayling, and Professor
Mona Siddiqui.
As for myself, I was there among several hundreds
of other public members who eagerly wanted to hear
the presented question answered by such eminent
people in their own field of expertise and knowledge.
1. Sir Bernard Rix was a Kennedy Scholar at
Harvard Law School before he was called to the
Bar by The Inner Temple Inn some 18 years ago.
He was appointed QC in 1981 and later served
as a Recorder of the Crown Court. And since
2000, he has served as a Lord Justice of
the Royal Court of Appeals.
2. Lord Robin Eames is the Anglican
Archbishop-Emeritus of Armagh and
Primate of All Ireland. Last year, he was
conferred with The Order of Merit (O.M).
A well-known primate among the worldwide
Anglican Communion, His Grace was Chairman
of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission
on Communion and Women in the Episcopate
and Chairman of the Inter-Anglican
Theological and Doctrinal Commission.
In 1975, at only age 38, Lord Eames was
appointed bishop of the cross-border
Anglican Diocese of Derry and Raphoe
of Ireland.
3. Anna Ford has been a British broadcast
journalist for more than 30 years. She was the
first woman presenter of ITN’s News at Ten.
For seven years she also presented the BBC
One O’Clock News. She regularly presents
the Today programme and Woman’s Hour on
BBC Radio 4. Anna is an Honorary Bencher of
The Middle Temple Inn. In 2001, she became
the first woman to be installed as Chancellor
of the University of Manchester at where she
first earned her B.A. in Economics with Honours
as an undegradate student. Presently, Anna is
also a non-executive director of Sainsburys
and a trustee of Forum for the Future.
4. Dr. Anthony Grayling is Professor of Philosophy
at London University’s Birkbeck College and
a Supernumerary Fellow of St. Anne’s College,
Oxford. As a columnist, he wrote the Last Word
for several years for The Guardian. Prof.
Grayling is a regular reviewer for The Literary
and the Financial Times. In 2003,
he was a Booker Prize judge.
5. Professor Mona Siddiqui holds the professorship
of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding at
the University of Glasgow. She has published
widely on Islamic Law, The Qur’an, and Christian-
Muslim relations of which she has worked closely
with Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury
on the issue of Anglicanism and Islam. Prof.
Siddiqui, who contributes frequently to The
Scotsman and the English Roman Catholic Tablet,
is presently the Jantina Tammes Visiting Professor
at the University of Groningen in the Netherland.
These then were the five eminent ones who
rightly were greeted with courteous clapping as
they sat with their symposium honorariums at
The 2008 Temple Festival that is celebrating
400 Years of the Inns of Law. For further
info, visit http://www.temple2008.org/
While what they had to say about Law and
Religion was worthy of note, I was more in-
terested in first meeting them by introducing
myself and requesting they authograph my
copy of the programme; my chance to spend
time chatting with each of them, which I did,
and asking them my own questions, and above
all to make a photographic portrait of each of
them individually (as seen above), which I did
despite the strict ban imposed on taking
photographs at the Temple Symposiums. I was,
therefore, delighted that each of them responded
so delightfully to my requests of not only to have
their autographs and to take their photographs,
but to chat so openly with me with perhaps His
Grace, Lord Robin Eames and His Worship, Sir
Bernard Rix, being the most open and friendly
toward me, personally.
I shall next attend the last of the Temple Symposiums
on December 8th at Kings College on the question of
“Law And International Relations,” where I hope to
then encounter General Sir Mike Jackson, former
Army Chief of the British General Staff; Sir Malcolm
Rifkind, former British Foreign Secretary;
Judge Dame Rosalyn Higgins, who is President
of the International Court of Justice; Sir Konrad
Schiemann, Judge of the European Court of Justice,
and Prof. Sir Basil Markesinis, who is Professor of
Common and Civil Law at London’s University College
and Jamail Regents Professor at the University of
Texas at Austin. It is my intention to meet and record
them much like I did yesterday with those other
eminent persons who sat with their symposium
honorariums at the second series of the five-part
symposia at The 2008 Temple Festival.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+St. Magnus, 2oo8
My photographic images
and intellectual property are copyrighted
and may not be used without written consent
and paid royalties. A number of my photographs
have recently been stolen online with false claims
that they are the original photographers of
the images they now claim to be their own
when in fact they are not. You may request
permission for use and cost of fees from
me at newsscope@k.st
And Another Note:
No I have NOT been
asked to contribute photographs
and/or to write for The Big Issue.
In fact, The Big Issue has shown absolutely
no interest whatsoever in my photographs
or writings. Even though I have also taken
The Big Issue to many parts of the world
with me, no interest have they shown of the
images I have taken … So that’s that … I am
a mere and insignificant street vendor, nothing
more to them. And so again, that’s that … Ah,
when John Bird said he’d personally contact me
last September, I’ve heard not a further word
from him since I last saw him at his Mayoral
Campaign event with my lovely friend Jill Fer-
guson. Since then, I've been inside Iran, visited
Istanbul, and returned from Albania just 10 days
ago, while he’s been off to India and what have
you. So John and I have not encountered each
other since last mid-year of 2oo7. And so yet
again, that’s that … Take care, Uncle Monty.


Revelations of the Immigrant Mind. By Uncle Monty.

Revelations of the Immigrant Mind
By Uncle Monty
Claiming to be the biggest name in Southern African
news, The New Zimbabwe -freesheet contains more
than news about the insanity that is Zimbabwe under the
Presidential Madman of Robert Mugabe. It also provided
shocking revelations of the immigrant mind now thriving
on the loose inside immigrant Britain.
The 24-page weekly London-based freetsheet that is
The New Zimbabwe -was an eye opener for its cover-
age on asylum seekers upto no good in Britain; backing
Naomi Campbell’s “right to lose it” over her lost air-
line baggage in which she now stands accused of
assaulting an English cop; how immigrants can now
"lawfully" marry without being labelled “fraudsters,”
according to its columnist Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya;
and to top it all is its disgusting column entitled
“Dear Skye,” which beats the biscuit with letters
from its wild readers wanting answers to questions
about oral sex, feet fetish, the baby factory, unpro-
tected intercourse, and a reader’s masturbation
over photographs of his wife’s two sisters …
Some might legitimately claim that much of what
is presented in The New Zimbabwe -freesheet is
more of what is really Old -Zimbabwe culture
and morals, rather than new ones.
Dear Skye says it all whether it’s called old -or new
morality and lifestyle of the immigrant African in
today’s Britain. Here are a few examples from
the “Dear Skye” letter column:
Dear Syke
I have had a foot fetish all my adult life
and it drives me to absolute destruction, especially
in the summer months. Whenever I see female bare
feet, I want to tickle them, kiss them, suck them, feel
them, touch them or just do stuff to them. How can
I cure myself of this?
Dear Syke
I masturbate over pictures of my
wife’s two sisters. Is that cheating?
I simply can’t help it.
Dear Syke
I’m turning into a Baby Factory at 18.
(And I) have a two-year old child. Today I have
found out that I am expecting once again. I have
been with my boyfriend for two years now …
I had my second abortion a couple of months
ago and I really don’t want another one, but
then again I don’t want another baby ..
What should I do?
Dear Syke
I heard that you can get Chlamydia
through giving a blowjob. Is this true?
Which other STIs can you get through this?
Is the “Dear Syke” columnist some sort
of sex therapist or head shrink or a quack
doctor or what? Whatever, the column shows
the underbelly of rather strange people from
The Third World entering The First World with
values and lifestyles that are inimical and contrary
to it. Or has Britain now become more like the
masses of immigrants themselves that seem to
have become mindless of what's right and
wrong, morally, ethically, and socially?
The New Zimbabwe -is rightly anti-Mugabe, but
such is not much of a comfort if such a publication
then lacks moral and ethically standards to match
its anti-Mugabe stance.
I got a copy of the freesheet to read all the latest
about the Mugabe tyranny that is the present
Zimbabwe, but never did I expect it would also
provide insights and revelations of the immigrant
mind in today’s Britain. That I found almost more
interesting than reading about Africa’s shame
that is Robert Mugabe, who should have been
gotten by the scruff of the neck years ago and
dumped on the garbage heap he’s made of old
Zimbabwe. Hopefully, the New Zimbabwe under
perhaps the Morgan Tsvangirai leadership will
bring the best out of those Zimbabweans both
at home and abroad.
Perhaps, too, Dear Syke should also be gotten
by the scruff of the neck like The Old Prez
Madman and thrown on the garbage heap that
smells pretty badly to most white and black
folks here in Great Britain.
Have a good day, Uncle Monty.
+Children's Day, 2oo8.
Zimbabwe Christian students say
Mugabe is as bad as Ian Smith.
Harare (ENI). The Student Christian Movement of
Zimbabwe says there is no cause for celebration on
the 28th anniversary of their country's independence,
due to the collapse of national health and education
systems and the brutal suppression of democracy
by the government of President Robert Mugabe
and his supporters. "There is nothing to celebrate
from the economic collapse that our nation is faced
with now. There is nothing to celebrate from a basket
case which Zimbabwe is now, when in 1980 Zimbabwe
was the bread basket of Africa," said the students'
statement released in Harare and Geneva on 18
April, the anniversary of Zimbabwe's
independence from Britain in 1980.
Ecumenical News International (ENI)
April 19th, 2oo8.


Ban The Dean Who Banned Jerusalem. By Uncle Monty.

Ban The Dean Who Banned Jerusalem
By Uncle Monty
Cathedral Dean Colin Slee of the Anglican Diocese of
Southwark has banned perhaps England’s most cherished
and beloved hymn called “Jerusalem.” Before I express
my utter distaste at Colin Slee’s unpardonable action, I
want you all to read the words that Dean Slee has barred
from use at private memorial services at the Cathedral on
the basis that the hymn, according to his cockeyed and
warped view, does not give enough glory to God:
And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the Holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen.
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark satanic mills?
Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.
Colin Slee has insulted millions of his fellow countrymen
and women, and not to mention his fellow Anglicans
like me, by his conceited and arbitrary behaviour
to ban such a quintessentially English hymn that is
"Jerusalem." It would take a stupid Anglican cleric
like him to inflict injury on the Anglican faith to
which he is ordained. Only in England would you
find the ilk of Colin Slee, who should now be ban
from his deanery and the cathedral as a first class
idiot for his gall and his arrogance to ban such a
beautiful and traditional Church hymn.
Perhaps he was seeking to make headlines for
himself much like his Diocesan bishop did in 2006.
That was when Tom Bulter, the Bishop of Southwark,
was found to be “binged” from cocktails upon leav-
ing the Irish Embassy as an invited guest of the Irish
Ambassador His Excellency Daithi O’Ceallaigh, who I
personally had the pleasure, along with his wife, of
meeting and photographing at St. Patrick’s. I have
also previously met and photographed Bishop Tom
at St. Matthew’s and at Southwark Cathedral itself.
I think I may have met Colin Slee, but I don’t care
if I did or didn’t after his disgraceful banning of
Jerusalem. I am so angry at what he’s done, I almost
wish they’d defrock him on the spot, too. But he’s so
stupid, he wouldn’t know the difference
would Colin Slee …
Perhaps next he’ll want to ban “Jerusalem, the
golden.” Such is another cherished and beloved
English hymn, and especially among our devout
Lutheran friends. Here are the moving words …
Jerusalem the Golden.
By Bernard of Cluny
Jerusalem the golden,
With milk and honey blest,
Beneath your contemplation
Sink heart and voice oppressed.
I know not, oh, I know not
What joys await us there,
What radiancy of glory,
What bliss beyond compare.
They stand, those halls of Zion,
Conjubilant with song
And bright with many an Angel,
And all the martyr throng.
The prince is ever in them;
The daylight is serene;
The pastures of the blessed
Are decked in glorious sheen.
There is the throne of David,
And there, from care released,
The shout of those who triumph,
The song of those who feast.
And they, who with their leader
Have conquered in the fight,
Forever and forever
Are clad in robes of white.
Oh, sweet and blessed country,
The home of God’s elect!
Oh, sweet and blessed country
That eager hearts expect!
In mercy, Jesus, bring
us To that dear land of rest.
You are, with God the Father
And spirit, ever blest.
Hymn #309 from Lutheran Worship
Author: Alexander C. Ewing. Tune: Ewing.
1st Published in: 1851.
In my own 1941 edition of “The English Hymnal”
there are two other hymns of Jerusalem:
“Jerusalem on high.” And then there is “Jerusalem,
my happy home.” that can be used for official
church processions on any Saint’s day.
The Very Rev’d Colin Slee has been reviled for other
things by mainstream Anglicans on such questions
as the Kigali Communique. His unpopularity will
gain new converts against him and the Church
after his Jerusalem hymn debacle.

Read other comments on Colin Slee’s latest stupidity: "Holy
Smoke" by Damian Thompson and "The Folly of Dean Slee."
Colin Slee may yet see the full fury against his full folly
much like did Archbishop Rowan Williams over his lecture
on "Islam in English Law" at the Royal Courts of Justice.
While I think His Grace didn't deserve such public rebuke,
I do think Dean Slee has asked for it and hopefully he'll
get it and even re-consider his own idiocy and "unban"
Jerusalem mighty fast.
In the meantime, I will not donate one red cent more
to Southwark Cathedral while the Slee hymn ban is
allowed to stay. I hope other affirming Anglicans will
do the same - period. So for now, please ban the
dean who banned Jerusalem ...
+Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Blessed Hugh Grantham, 2oo8.
Photo Caption: Dean Colin Slee.