She's Frightening The Elderly. By Uncle Monty.

She's Frightening The Elderly.
By Uncle Monty.
Various Images By Alex Albion.
Val Shawcross is running for re-election as the local
Labour Party rep for the London Assembly from
where I live. I’ve personally never met her.
Labour's Val Shawcross was badly defeated
by Lib-Dem's popular Simon Hughes, M.P.
She LOST by over 7,000 more votes going
to Simon. Good for him! BRAVO!!!
But I was livid at her the other day when I got her
glossy campaign literature under my door at my
sheltered home telling me bare face lies about how the
Tories were a threat to old age pensioners like me.
Val Shawcross and her Southwark New Labour Gang
of Darren Merrill, Helen Morrissey, and Martin Seaton,
had also pushed the same lying Labour literature
under the doors of my 32 fellow pensioners in the
same sheltered housing unit on Sunday afternoon.
The aim of the Val Shawcross' leaflets is to
frighten the old folkz into voting for her re-election
based on the lies against the Tories. Indeed, David
Cameron himself has confronted Gordon Brown
about such lies and Brown knows, and so should
Val Shawcross, that the Tories have unequivocally
stated that the pensions and the winter fuel allow-
ance and the freedom of free bus travel for the UK
pensioner stands firm under their Tory leadership.
She, Val Shawcross, states: "Pensioners are better
off with Labour," and what a bunch of bullcrap
she gives to even dare to say that!!
But what Val Shawcross didn't tell the pensioners
and retirees that I know was that Labour pulled a
fast one in the closing days of parliament by delete-
ing the rights of next year's 60 year-olds from having
their "Freedom Pass" until they're age 65 in 2015.
What this means is that hundreds of thousands of
retirees turning age 60 next year will now have to
wait another 5 whole years before they can travel
free on the London underground and street
buses and across the country. That's the
thanks they get from vile New Labour.
She needs talk about The Tories ...
I hope every retiree turning 60 in 2011
now votes against New Labour at next week's
polling day on May 6th, 2010. Indeed, if every
retiree and/or pensioner voted against Gordon
Brown and his hideous Labour minions, it would
result in a catastrophic loss of power and party
for once and for all. New Labour would then
be DEAD. BRAVO, I say!!
Labour stealth taxes ‘will rob pensioners of £110 a year’
Some of My Fellow Pensioners at Sheltered Unit.
For Privacy Sake, Their Faces Have Been Blocked.
I was so livid with Val Shawcross and her Labour
lies, I promptly e-mailed George Osborne of
The Tory Party to tell him what my local New
Labour shysters were upto. Here's what I
wrote to him and is unedited:
hello george:
val shawcross and her new labour gang
have, as of yesterday, put brightly coloured
leaflets under my door stating the tories are
a threat to the pensions, free bus travel, winter
fuel allowance, etc., of the old age pensioners at
my sheltered housing unit here in southwark.
i suspect, too, that they have also put the same
kind of labour party leaflets under the doors of
other elderly people at the various sheltered housing
units throughout the constituency. my concern is
that such dirty tactics by the local labour action team
-- under the direction of shawcross, darren merrill,
helen morrissey and martin seaton - are frightening
and creating panic among the old folks here into
voting for new labour.
while i know david cameron has rightly confronted
gordon brown over such bare-faced election lies, i
fear, george, that many of the pensioners i personally
know believe the tories will indeed cut them out. as a
oap and an independent voter myself, i am opposed
to the val shawcross gang frightening old folks into
voting for them based on pure lies. if i thought for a
moment that the conservatives planned on doing
such bad things to the elderly, i would be the first to
raise my voice to david cameron and to folks like you.
i still have not decided who i shall vote for, but you
can rest assured it will neither be for new labour
nor for nick clegg the new poster boy and the
glib and dizzy mouthpiece for the lib-dems!!!
truly, uncle monty.
+lady day, 2010.
After a couple of days of no reply from
George Osborne himself, I decided to try
again and send, more or less, the same e-mail
to the Conservative Election Campaign Head-
quarters and then I promptly got an excellent
reply directly from David Beal himself. He is noted
for his close position in the Private Office of the
Leader of the Opposition. He is also the
Director of The Tory Reform Group.
I added "Don't" To The Photo,
Though Not On The Wall! Pity!
David Beal's detailed reply to me stated the
following and is also unedited:
Dear Monty,
I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you
for your recent email. Those who have contributed to
our nation over the years need to have security in their
retirement and old age – it should be a time for people
to look forward to, not worry about. That is why
David Cameron has made a firm pledge
to support pensioners.
When Labour came to power in 1997, Britain had one of
the best pension systems in Europe. Millions of people
were saving prudently for their retirement. Gordon Brown
betrayed them, robbing them of security in retirement
through his £100 billion stealth tax raid on their pension
funds. What’s more, Labour’s system of means-testing is
an insult to the dignity of older people. Many pensioners
miss out on the benefits that they are entitled to because
of the complicated system Gordon Brown has put in place.
We can’t go on like this. As our population grows older, we
need change if we are to give people security and dignity
in old age. That is why our approach is based on our belief
in responsibility –encouraging people to take more
control over their lives.
We know how frustrated pensioners are. We know that
they have been told many times before that the pension will
be linked with earnings rather than prices. This is a change a
Conservative Government will make. We will restore the link
between the basic state pension and average earnings to
help stop the spread of means testing by 2012. We can afford
this promise because we have made the choice to raise the
retirement age to 66 earlier than planned by the Government
but starting no earlier than 2016 for men and 2020 for women.
In addition to this, we want to give people more choice
over how they deal with their pension savings, more control
over their income in retirement, and more peace of mind.
A Conservative Government: will end the effective obligation
to buy an annuity at 75; will introduce a new home
protection scheme to help stop people having to sell their
homes to pay for residential care.
Under the new voluntary scheme people reaching retire-
ment will have the option to pay a one-off joining fee (that
we estimate will be around £8,000) in return for a guarantee
that absolutely all fees for permanent residential care would
be waived for life; will work with local councils to freeze
Council Tax for two years; and will remove the stigma attached
to Council Tax Benefit by re-naming it Council Tax Rebate.
It is also important to be clear on what we would not change.
A Conservative Government: will protect Disability Living
Allowance for the over 65s and Attendance Allowance for
pensioners; will keep the winter fuel allowance; will keep
free TV licences for pensioners; won’t cut the state
pension; and won’t take away free bus passes
for pensioners.
We believe that people deserve to look forward to
retirement with confidence, not fear. Pensioners deserve
security, dignity and quality of life in their old age. For that
to happen, we need change, to link the basic state pension
back with earnings and better encourage people
to save for their retirement.
We all know that with Labour in charge our country is heading
in completely the wrong direction. That is why there is a clear
choice at this election between five more years of Gordon Brown’s
tired government making things worse, or David Cameron and
the Conservatives with the energy, leadership and values
to get the country moving.Thank you, once again,
for taking the time to write.
Yours sincerely, David Beal.
David Cameron’s Correspondence Unit
Conservative Campaign Headquarters.
How nice it was to read David Beal's use of the
word "dignity" of the elderly, against no such use
by Val Shawcross. She mechanically refers to the
old folkz as "pensioners" and nothing else. Aside
from the fact that she's frightening the elderly by
her Labour lies in the hope they will panic and vote
for her come next week on May 6th, 2010.
What saddens me is that three or four of my fellow
pensioners told me they would NOT vote Tory
because of Val Shawcross and her New Labour
propaganda and sheer misleading lies. I told
them they need not believe what she and her
political gang has stated. There is nothing to
fear from the Tories after jackass Gordon
Brown betrayed millions of British pensioners by
"robbing them of security in retirement through his
£100 billion stealth tax raid on their pension funds."
Unite Union: Pro-Labour Fat Cats.
Meet Glib Lib-Dem Clegg. This Guy Is Just
A Clone of New Labour's Vile Tony Blair.
Others running for public office in my local
London constituency - aside from our well-
known and long-serving Lib-Dem Simon Hughes,
M.P. - of Bermondsey and Old Southwark includes
the first local British National Party (BNP) cand-
idate Stephen Tyler and Tory candidate Loanna
Morrison for The Conservative Party. Except for
Simon, I have not met any of the above candidates.
One of the Glossy Labour Leaflets Pushed
Under My Door at Sheltered Unit with its
Clever and Nasty New Labour Lies That
Helps Frighten Pensioners Into Voting for Val
Shawcross and Her Southwark Leftist Liars.
As for Val Shawcross, I am disgusted with
her! I have no desire to even meet her. Not
that she's ever shown her face to me since she
was first elected to The London Assembly in
2000, and then again in 2004 and in 2008,
but she still wants my vote!! Hell, no!!
She seems best does she at frightening my
fellow pensioners at the expense of the truth
and perhaps even at the Tory Party's.
Brown fails (completely) to woo voters in
I suspect, too, Val Shawcross won't woo many of
my fellow pensioners once they clearly see thru
her smoke and mirrors statements that are designed
primarily to not only trick pensioners but worst still
to frighten them into voting for her again. "She's
Frightening The Elderly" and she should be ashamed
of her dirty tricks that are so typical of New Labour
for the past 13 years from hideous Tony Blair
to jackass Gordon Brown.
Dagenham white working class prepare to ditch
old Labour loyalties. By David Cohen.
The Complete Manual For The British Jewish Voter.
Val Shawcross at London City Hall.
:: UPDATE ::
Labour on course for worst poll result in
92 years as support crashes to just 24%.
By James Chapman.
Now More on Val Shawcross.
By Uncle Monty.
In her second round today of her New Labour campaign
literature stuffed under my front door, it appears Val
Shawcross is actually running as a Labour candidate to
oust the current and popular Liberal Democrat M.P. called
Simon Hughes. Val doesn't stand a chance against Simon
in my opinion. Nor do I think she is fit to be elected as a
would-be new Labour Member of Parliament that she
now seeks at London's Bermondsey and Old Southwark.
She's collared ex-Lib-Dem Mayor Danny McCarthy,
too, to support her M.P. bid and then proclaims how
former ex-Lib Dems like him are now backing Labour's
Val Shawcross in this 2010 General Election that is
set for May 6th and just five days away.
I thought at first she was running for re-election as the
Labour rep at the London Assembly that she's been at
for the past ten years. I was wrong! Instead, Val wants
to go big time and become our M.P. over our good and
present long one that is Simon Hughes. She states
that if elected as M.P., she'll not do a deal with the
Tories and that "The Lib Dems can't win this general
election - but they could hand power to the Conserv-
atives." Val Shawcross seems almost paranoid about
the Lib Dems and Tories. So she should be, because
she's probably going to be out on the street without
that fancy taxpayer-paid job of her's on May 6th!
And, quicker the better! In her latest campaign
lit, she makes no mention of Simon Hughes, M.P.
Nor does she mention the hideous situation of New
Labour's massive, and albeit criminal, immigration
policy that is all too evident on my own doorstep as
I try to get a seat on my local buses No. 168, No.
343, No. 188, and/or No. 1, only to find them at
all hours of the day just solidly packed from back to
front with masses of immigrants, asylum seekers,
and foreigners who have taken up all the seats!! I
won't even mention my Sheltered Housing that is be-
coming more and more immigrant and foreign-filled
by the day. I won't also mention that such is the place
at where Val Shawcross wants to frighten the elderly
into voting for her! Heaven forbid! In any event, the
communities of Bermondsey & Old Southwark are
now so ghettoized and foreignized due entirely to the
ilk of New Labour's Tony "Bambi" Blair, jackass Gordon
Brown, and classless Val Shawcross. And by the way, Val
has been informed of my blog story about her entitled "
She's Frightening The Elderly." Guess what? She's so
far ignored my story 'cause she knows it is true!!
Along with Val's latest lying lit, I had among my reg-
ular mail today - Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan's
weekly newspaper The Final Call; The Guardian's
Hay Festival program, The BNP's Quarterly magazine
"IDENTITY," The Sunday Times "Rich List" - that I
daub the "Risk List." Plus, Page & Moy's Collection of
World River Cruises; Love To The Nations Ministry
newsletter; The Church Times weekly, and a notice
telling me I had won FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!!!
Wooow. You bet your bottom dollar ... Yep, but it's
just a crude and cruel scam that's all it is ...
Talking of scams, but sure to read today's news story
"Bundles of fictitious names put on (voting) roll," by
Dominic Kennedy, The Times' Investigations Editor:
After reading Dominic's piece, I just wonder how many
other fictitious names were perhaps used to elected New
Labour for the past three disasterous times in the UK?
As I've said before, an election is only as good as the
count. Perhaps now, however, I should add that "an
election is only as fake as the number of fictitious
names on the ballots." As for Dominic Kennedy him-
self, I first met him after he was forcefully ejected
from the BNP news conference to which he had
been invited by BNP's deputy chair Simon Darby. It
appears Richard Barnbrook, BNP's elected London
Assembly rep, was upset with a Times article about
him that had been written by Fiona Hamilton. I was
just feet away from the hideous incident that should
never have taken place against Dominic it seems to
me. The BNP security guyz totally over-reacted
and I still think they should apologise to him. I al-
most raised the issue with Nick Griffin personally,
but I realised Nick would naturally back Richard
against the British media that has generally cruc-
ified and attacked the British National Party at
almost pathological strides and with regular and
brutal exposure no matter if the alleged facts
are either fixed fiction or fanciful fact.
Also read these breaking news stories on the latest
troubles of vile New Labour ... that should hopefully
serve to sorely undermined the M.P. candidacy of
Val Shawcross come next Thursday or what
will then finally be UK Voting Day, 2010.
(New Labour’s) Hazel Blears confirms (illegal)
immigrant claims. By Press Association.
Heckler ejected from Brown speech (by New
Labour thuggish members). ITN reports:
Here We Go Again Inside Today's "Broken Britain."
Pensioner's red, white, and blue anti-MP election
Truly and please be sure to VOTE, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of Apostles Philip & James, 2010.
Above Lead Photo: Dear Friend Anne Fergusson
of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She is: "As Rich As
They Come." I just love Anne, I really do ...
My final pre-election stories come next:
"No Good Samaritan For Us." And, "Breaking
New Labour's Red Stranglehold on Broken Britan."
Both stories By Uncle Monty.
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Crimes of the Immigrants. By Uncle Monty.

Crimes of the Immigrants.
By Uncle Monty.
Lead Photo By Alex Albion.
Just two examples of crimes by the immigrants
inside the UK are given here as reported by the
British newspapers in today's morning editions.
The crime against the Little Old Dear Olive
Stephens, at age 91, is a perfect example of crimes
by the immigrants. She was mowed down to death
by the failed Chinese asylum seeker Tian Bin Xue,
who went into hiding for four years until recently
being discovered and found hidden in a kitchen
cupboard. Car driving so dangerously, Bin Xue
killed the Little Old Dear like killing a road rat.
Muslim Master Crook Abdullah Azad, 76.
A secret document forger by trade, the man
was considered a "respectable" member of the
Manchester Muslim immigrant community was
the 76 year-old Abdullah Azad. He forged
hundreds of documents and passport stamps
that allowed illegal immigrants to stay "legally"
inside the UK. His illegal craft made him relatively
rich at charging prices for his passport forgeries
of thousands of quids here and there. Abdullah
Azad is yet another immigrant helping other
immigrants to illegally stay inside the UK,
which has been flooded beyond belief by
immigrants under treacherous New Labour's
extreme and massive immigration admissions.
:: UPDATE ::
How Uncle Azad, the master forger, gave thousands
of illegal immigrants a passport to Britain.
By Tom Rawstorne.
Just about anybody from the whole wide world,
but most especially the educationally-lowest
and socially-crudest Africans, are admitted to
the UK and who then want to stay and help
New Labour destroy my very own country
absolutely and completely before my
Anglican eyes and English mind.
Crimes of the immigrants are now so rampant
inside Broken Britain that hideous New Labour is
in denial in dealing with the ever growing numbers
of criminal immigrants and European Union foreigners
committing their open crimes from murder to rape to
armed robbery and to street muggings with almost
impunity and in many cases also with immunity! I
have been a London crime victim myself of such
criminal immigrants, who as a group are overload-
ing the British court and police system to breaking
point with their huge immigrant numbers and their
widespread crime at all levels and at all major
urban areas of the UK. New Labour doesn't give
a damn as long as they can gate crash the country
with their non-stop beloved immigrants who they
see as their political lifeblood for generations to
come and who will probably vote Labour en masse
to ensure they then hold unbroken power until there
is probably some kind of social revolt or a civil war
of some sort and a likely race bloodbath which
will bring dear old England to her knees at the
bloody hands of the warped breed of the super-
socialists of destruction of all things that was once
good and true before the created invasion of the
Third World at the UK under today's vile New
Labour socialists and their far left violent loonies.
In the meantime, neither Tian Bin Xue nor
Abdullah Azad will be deported for their crimes.
Whatever little time they will spend being locked-
up among their many other fellow criminal im-
migrants at Britain's bursting prison population
that is is bearly containable under decrepit New
Labour. No wonder they're planning to spend
BILLIONS - not just millions - of dollars on new
prison construction that will see super-size prisons
scattered across the face of what was once our
lovely country now doomed by millions of unwanted
and potentially-dangerous immigrants being har-
boured freely under the guise of forced multicult-
uralism and multiracialism upon the British
people by the UK's vile Labour Party. Whoever
gave New Labour the right to do what they have
done against the will of the people? NO BODY!!
What they've done to Britain is absolutely criminal!!
If you want to see the shocking evidence of
the mugshots and criminal records of thousands
upon thousands of immigrant criminals inside
today’s UK, then I can only urge you to visit the
extraordinary website of “I Am An Englishman.”
It’s a rivetting revelation of what New Labour has
done to us under its massive, and albeit criminal,
immigration policy that will not come to end until
British Labour is completely thrown out of office
and hopefully at next week’s General Election
on May 6th, 2010. Now read all you can about
our "lovely" and free immigrant scumbagz at:
Crimes of arrival: immigrants and asylum-seekers in the new Europe
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View By Frances Webber.
Cited by 11 - Related articles Crimes of arrival: immigrants and
asylum-seekers in the New Europe. 2 - Why? What's going on?
Why the upsurge in the past few years of human smuggling ...
Vexed, Uncle Monty.
+Beauty Is In The Eye of The
Beholder, 2010.


Outlaw The Alien Burka Now. By Uncle Monty.

Outlaw The Alien Burka Now.
By Uncle Monty.
Anti-Burka Graphics By Alex Albion.
Even as I write, the national governments of
France and Belgium are taking needed steps to
outlaw the alien burka right now. While in Britain,
the Labour Government that has flooded the country
with loads of Burka-wearing Muslima wouldn't even
dream of outlawing the burka since it loves and en-
courages Islam to spread like a malignant cancer
at every level of British society and against our
Christian faith and non-Islamic history.
Muslima In America.
Every time I see a Muslima with her alien burka
openly walking along the city or town streets of
Britain, I feel a kind of personal revulsion for
what she and her burka negatively represents to
me and to many others who also see such as an
affront to what we hold so dear as non-Muslims.
Yet, such Muslima, I suspect, gets a kick out of
the askance looks and disgusting reaction of
many local British who, given a chance, would
not only outlaw her burka but her, too, as a
much despised Muslima in the UK. Under New
Labour's pro-Islam agenda, we know have 1.8
million Muslims alone in the UK and who have
for the most part been encouraged to come
and stay and grow unimpeded over the past
hideous 13 years of vile New Labour. Before
that, the UK was relatively free of such alien
Burkas and non-Christian Niqabs.
Again I say, "Outlaw The Alien Burka Now."
France, Belgium to ban niqab from public spaces
Thursday, 22 April 2010.
Belgium set to ban the burka and jail women for covering
French to ban Muslim women from wearing veil. The
French government is drawing up a law to ban Muslim
women from wearing a full-face veil in public, despite
Sarkozy to submit bill banning Islamic face veils
By Sylie Corbet. Associated Press Writer.
And, Here They Dreadfully Come ...
:: UPDATE ::
She was fined for driving a car with a veil covering all but her
eyes. Now, her husband is suspected of polygamy. The situation
appears to be a boon to President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is trying
to rush through controversial legislation forbidding burqa-style
Islamic veils that cover the face on the grounds they don't
A Photographer Taking Snapshot
of What Are Only Muslima Eyelets!
The Burqa of Fear, Terror and Subjugation.
Maryam Ismail (KT Archives).
Sincerely, Uncle Monty.
Queen Elizabeth II's 84th Birthday, 2010.
Almost now set to go online ... with Graham
Walker's severely critical two-part series on the
homeless guru John Bird of The Big Issue infamy!
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To James Caan: Life Is Full of Criminals. By Uncle Monty.

To James Caan:
Life Is Full of Criminals.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
As chairman of The Big Issue Foundation, James Caan,
who is close to age 50, and a name changer and practising
Parkistani Muslim, stated he will not invest his business money
with co-star Duncan Bannatyne, because of Duncan's convicted
minor criminal past as then a teenager.
Caan's comments were reported in The London Evening Standard
that declared he could not invest with anyone who had a criminal
record. Yet, Caan works closely with one of UK's most well-known
and self-confessed criminals at The Big Issue called John Bird,
who co-founded the magazine and is now close to age 65. Bird
also gets speaking fees in the range of $4,000 to £7,000
at various corporate and charity dinner talks.
Also, The Big Issue is said to have 1,000 ex-prisoners and
ex-parolees among its estimated 3,000 Big Issue vendors
in the UK. So why is James Caan now talking "All Holy Than
Thou" against Duncan Bannatyne? Plus, it seems James Caan
(who is not to be confused with the American film actor of the
same name) is also pulling the "race card" it seems on Duncan
by branding him a so-called “racist.” Typically in Broken Britain,
immigrants, asylum seekers, and foreigners are quick to call a
local white a racist whenever they’re offended by something or
cannot get their own way in an argument over someone.
am personally so sick and tired of those sprouting the word
"racist" at every turn and then being allowed to get away
with it. James Caan seems now to have spitefully fallen
for the same ugly smear and dirty trick as a Muslim
Pakistani that he is against Britisher Duncan Bannatyne.
Whatever, surely Caan must have known John Bird was
a well-known and self-admitted ex-criminal? If not, he
should not have been made foundation chairman by the
money-grabbing Bird, who insists on ingratiating himself
with a variety of B-rated celebrities like James Caan. While
Bird's close and long time buddy Nigel Kershaw is Group
Chairman and was appointed OBE at The Queen’s New
Year’s Honour List, 2010. Congrats to Nigel!!
And Caan, formerly known as Nazim Khan, must have
surely known that many Big Issue vendors also come
from criminal backgrounds, which I have noted in
previous Big Issue stories of mine.
The problem with The Big Issue Foundation and The
Big Issue magazine is that a cult or clique has emerged
around Bird himself. The operation of both money-making
entities thrives at the expense of everybody else, and most
especially at the expense of Big Issue vendors like me all
across the UK and who are not given entré to the inner
Bird circle and its secretive workings. Alot of what goes
on inside the foundation and the magazine is done, I am
told, in concerted fear and dread of others knowing
too much. From what I can figure, there is a kind of
behind the scenes "seizure mentality" that consumes
and dictates whatever arbitrary actions are taken by
John Bird, whose own brother Peter Bird has been
shipped off to Scotland to represent the Scottish Big
Issue founded by Mel Young and who is the founder
of Homeless World Cup (HWC) that is
headquartered at Edinburgh.
Cult or clique members at Big Issue Vauxhall, and also
now at Bird's home base at Cambridge, bow and scrape to
his every asinine word like he is the world’s leading guru
on homelesssness and social enterprise. Heaven forbid!
As for The Big Issue Foundation chairman, I have little
time or patience for the ilk of James Caan, frankly. I cer-
tainly wouldn’t go out of my way to see him perform in
BBC’s Dragons' Den. I write here, by the way, as a critical
blogger and open Big Issue vendor of five year’s
standing at London’s Long Acre.
As for James Caan declaring he will not invest with some
one with a criminal record, well all I can say to him is that
"life is full of criminals." In fact, we have more convicted and
non-convicted criminals worldwide today than at any other
time in all the human history of the world. And, if you want to
roughly know the staggering numbers of convicted criminals
in the UK, the figure runs at over ONE MILLION since before
vile New Labour’s red stranglehold on “Broken Britain.” More
and more dangerous immigrants and crime-ridden foreigners
are filling now the UK prison system to bursting point thanks
again to hideous New Labour letting millions of such low life
scum into the UK so as to gain more pro-socialist voters
for New Labour.
In the US of A, the figure runs at a mind-boggling number
of about EIGHT MILLION convicted criminals since before
"closet Muslim" Barack Hussein Obama took over the once
Christian Oval Office from millions of "non-Obama"
And the United States also has over FIVE MILLION
outstanding arrest warrants for its own citizens and for
all manner of folkz from all around the world. If America's
role is that of the World's Policeman, then it is also now the
World's No. 1 Jailer with over TWO MILLION prisoners
already locked up in the country's vast penal system of
state penitentiaries and county jailhouses "from sea
to shining sea" and all "across the land of milk and
honey!!" The American Deam is now dead for many
and the New Eldorado is Western Europe for them,
especially at "borderless" Britain that has seen millions
of the world's unwanted scum now crammed inside New
Labour's "Broken Britain" and that such an immigration
stampede has now helped to destroy the very home-
land of the English Christian White People.
Of the ethnic breakdown of the 6,656 robbery
offenders prosecuted last year in London, over 65%
of them were either Black, Asian, or mixed race
culprits. Such is the negative impact on our society
due entirely to New Labour's hideous and destructive
mass immigration that is choking or killing the very
life that was once my beloved England. It's criminal
what The British Labour Party has done and continues
to do with their utter immigration impunity and
immunity. England will never be the same as the
country evolves more and more into a Third World
Haarlem brought upon us be the deceit and political
trickery of the ilk of Blair and Brown and that now
threatens us all beyond repair as a once proud nation.
The UK is now more ghettoised and foreignized
than even the whole of the United States!! And,
if New Labour should by fair or foul win yet an-
other 5 years in office, then the United Kingdom
will become completely swallowed up by even
more abusive imposition of greater mass immig-
ation against the British People by the treacherous
and cunning socialist gangsters of New Labour. So
vote Labour for more and more mass immigration!
So be careful, James Caan, for your good buddies may
turn out to be one of those criminals you don't want to
associate or invest with for whatever reason you have
declared. If you don't want to invest with known
criminals, then my best advice to you is to immediately
resign your chairmanship of The Big Issue Foundation and
say goodbye to your Catholic buddy and ex-British criminal,
Mr. A. John Bird, MBE. Good riddence then to you James
and your 70 million quid. So Bye ...
Byyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee, then!
Big Issue's John Duffy At London's Covent Garden.
John Duffy: Re-Inventing Homeless Folkz.
By Uncle Monty. Photo By Alex Albion.
Earlier you may recall my initial brief story outline of
my unexpected encounter again with Big Issue's John
Duffy after an absence of two years. He has returned
from Glasgow to his old hunting ground of Surry at
where he now holds The Big Issue franchise there.
When he first went to Glasgow to work for Scotland
Big Issue it was under the pressure or the duress of
John Bird, who needed to have someone to take charge
there after the manager was either sacked or quit and
so nobody was there to take charge of things until John
Duffy was drafted and hired. However, some time after
being in Glasgow he found himself in a personal situation
that grew more problematical for him due to him not be-
ing a Scot, so he says, that resulted in open antipathy to-
wards him as an English guy by the local Scots. Though no
one at Glasgow - at where my own late dad was born -
said such to him to his face, John Duffy knew nevertheless
that he wasn't all that welcome simply for not being a
native son and perhaps because John can be unbending
in dealing in certain situations with other people.
Whatever, our good chat on Good Friday at Covent
Garden revealed Duffy's surprising desire of re-inventing
homeless folkz. What? Yes, re-inventing homeless folkz
by dropping the negative homeless tag for one of a more
positive one of calling such people "community residents"
or "community workers" of The Big Issue.
While John Duffy's intention is good, the question is
will such a name change for the homeless make any
difference in the actual circumstances of the homeless
on a day-to-day basis? Perhaps, hopefully yes. But if
we look at what Scotland's Mel Young has done with his
remarkable creation of the Homeless World Cup in the
lives of the homeless around the world, then the
evidence and lessions of his "re-inventing homeless
folkz" is truly real and without question right there at
the good hands of Mel Young. Positive words alone cannot
solve the core problems of many homeless, but they can
at least help to motivate some of them to do positive things
to enchance their own esteem and worth instead of using
homelessness as a crutch rather than using it as a tool
to better things. John Duffy's insight into the issues of
homelessness is based on his personal experience of
being homeless, then becoming a Big Issue vendor,
and later a vendor co-ordinator and finally to be
named as the Big Issue's International Business
represenative before he headed out to Ramsgate
and eventually onto Scotland's Glasgow. I might say
he has now come full circle with The Big Issue. Be-
fore he lost his home, John was a landscape gardener
at Kent, so I have been told by Oliver Tidmarsh
who once worked with Duffy.
At another point, John Duffy was also awarded The
Metropolitan Police Commander Award for having in-
structed serving London cops with his insight and under-
standing of the problems and behaviour of the homeless
and rough sleepers on the cold city streets. Met Police
Inspector Malcolm Barnard, then head of the Homeless
Street Unit, could find nothing but huge praise for
John Duffy and The Big Issue.
John was critical of a number of things that I agreed
with myself. One was that hideous TV progamme from
last year of rich and famous people sleeping rough for 10
days in what I have called "nothing more than a homeless
skit" and to which was done more for John Bird's inflated
and insatiable self-ego and to raise more big bucks for his
own Big Issue Foundation than anything else. John Duffy
was also rightly very critical of the stupid "Coronation
Street" idiot on the programme as I was equally of the
"Indian Comic" guy. We liked best Rosie Boycott, who
was the glue and she clipped Bird's feathers as he
apologised to her with his small tail hanging between
his Big Issue legs after he screwed up things with her.
You don't mess with someone like Rosie and get
away with it. No, sir!
Also the recent magazine wholesale price increase
to vendors we scorned and especially the new retail
price of £1.70 that is of no help to the vendor who now
needs to fiddle in his or her pocket for change of 30
pence for two quid from customers. I have suggested
the magazine should be priced now at two quid. But
knowing the greed of The Big Issue, I suspect it
would promptly increase the wholesale price yet
again to its vendors so that the vendors are never
allowed to make even more profit for themselves
without Big Issue cashing in on the deal. John Bird
stated at the last price increase that such an increase
was being "split" between the vendors and him.
Who is this he kidding? This is the same "homeless
guru" who has declared war on street folkz who go
begging (or panhandling), while Bird himself is the
biggest begger of them all!! He goes corporate begg-
ing instead, while he then unashamedly condemns
the poor buggers and homeless people on the street
who beg for peanuts while he, Bird, gets big fancy
corporate bucks running into thousands of dollars
at time fo his "poor" foundation. What? Yep!
John Duffy: The Old Version.
I am sorry. I don't have more time now to write more
about Duffy. Perhaps later on down the road, I will do so.
I want to get on here to complain abit about Big Issue's
Steven Farrell-Wood shitty attitude in my next short
story that will soon be online. I feel like even after five
years of knowing him, he is still shows no good manners
or respect toward me for reasons best known to himself.
He is always distrusting of Big Issue vendors despite the
fact that he has been one himself. He always counts out
my magazine money as if I am about to cheat him. He
never ever says a "thank you" or "please" or "hello"
even after five years of knowing him! How strange,
indeed? Steve Farrell is so moody at the best of time,
too. Can never figure our what his problem is ...
The 'Other' Steve Farrell: His More Charming Side.
G'day everyone, Uncle Monty.
+St. Catherine, 2010.
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