Anders Behring Breivik.

He Already Had Three Strikes Against Him.
By Alex Albion.
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Even before his own Norweign-style massacre of around
75 people, Anders Behring Breivik had already three
stikes set against him. 1 - He's a pure-bred white male;
2 - He's a devout fundermentalist white Christian; and
 3 - He's an anti-socialist or right-wing adherent.
The other strikes against him are that he's a Norwegian
patriot, along with him being anti-Muslim and anti-
immigrant as a conservative Lutheran or Protestant
 by birth. Another strike against him is that he's single
and white bred and well educated from the upper priv-
ileged classes of Europe coupled with yet another
strike against him for being rightly politically incorrect.
Of course, the greatest strike against him now is that
 he acted out with his Norwegian-style massacre last
 Friday and in doing so laid bare the ugly trampling of
 his country by such leftist governments of Norwegian
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and former Prime 
Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, who has helped
swamp the Nordic country with masses of Third
 Worlders and Muslims to the degree that by 2035 it
is estimated that the Norwegians themselves will be a
 minority in their own country. Anders Behring Breivik
 just could not stomach that any longer. Stoltenberg is
 another "mass immigrationist," like Brundtland and just
 like utterly vile Tony Blair of Britain's New Labour
 and the idiotic moron Gordon Brown.
22/07. 2011 OSLO 15.26.
Anders Breivik's palpable hatred against the foreign
Muslims now breeding like rabbits in Norway (and. of
course, in England, too!) seems to stem from his ab-
solute rejection of their alien lifestyle and Islamic dress 
and religious menace that such Muslims represent to
him and to his country and to all the rest of  Europe.
Perhaps, the only parallel to such hatred against Islam
is that of those who are anti-Semetic against the Jews.
The good Jews are a balwark, much like the good Holy 
Catholic Church, against the Muslim Diaspora and
 domination inside Europe. Indeed, the Neo-Nazis
 are no longer members of the far-right per se, but
rather the deadly Shia and Sunni jihadists who have
 been given free sanctuary and new citizenship inside
 Europe to help destory the very foundations of  White
Christian and Judaic Europe. Their helpers, wittingly or 
unwittingly, have been the ilk of Blair, Brown, and
Norway's Jens Stoltenberg and Gro Brundtland, and
their socialist organizations like European Union (EU)
that should be outlawed on the spot!! With the com-
bination of these under the ugly agenda and leftist guise
 of multiculturalism and multiracialism, dare I say that
Anders Behring Breivik is as much a victim of such a
 political tyranny as those who are openly murdered,
attacked, robbed, and molested by criminal blacks,
dangerous Muslims and violent foreigners who have
 been allowed with impunity to settle in our own
countries against the will of the majority.
The Front Page of Anders Breivik's
"European Declaration of Independence."
The helpers of Islam are the ilk of such political
shysters like Blair, Brown, and Norway's Stolten-
berg and Brundtland, who have flooded us with
millions of menacing Muslims at every stage of
their power in office. If immigration was the reverse
 to Africa and the Middle East of millions of white
immigrants flooding such countries, what would be
the reaction of the local and native people to such
 a white onslaught? They'd be pretty angry and
demand the white folkz go back home. Well, that's
also the reaction of many white folkz to the on-
slaught of millions of  immigrant black folkz and
menacing Muslims to England, Norway, and all
over Europe. Yet, the leaders of Europe still ar-
rogantly ignore our demands to stop any
further mass immigration.
So with the combination of these under the ugly
agenda and leftist guise of multiculturalism and multi-
racialism, dare I say that Anders Behring Breivik is
yet another white victim of such a political tyranny
 that now infects everything in Europe and especially
 in Bloody Broken Briain. He is as much as victim,
 despite him now being seen as a right-wing villian,
 like those of us whose voices are ignored or
forced to shut up by the political masters and
leftist tyrants of Europe and America.
Historic Seal Used By Anders Breivik.
The latest news is that Anders Breivik's lawyer says
 he may be insane! Maybe or maybe not. No lawyer
worth his salt should be talking about his client like
that to the news media until after the trial. What-
ever, the immediate fallout from the Norwegian-
style massacre is the start of an open season
against anyone who happens to be a nationalist or
 patriot who expresses views that aren't politically
 correct. In England, Prime Minister David Came-
ron has called for a crackdown on far-right in-
dividuals and groups that will please mostly
such far-leftist rabble as Love Not Hate,
Searchlight, United Against Fascism, and
the stupid Simon Wholley's black outfit.
Frankly, David is regretably talking and sounding
more like Blair & Co. each day. It is almost
impossible to distinguish him, David, from vile New
Labour thesedays. I'm beginning to wonder if he
is simply a CINO - Conservative In Name Only.
Although it is a known fact that Old Etonian David
Cameron abhors the right-wing in any shape or form.
:: UPDATE ::
No UK Far-Right Link To Anders Breivik, Say Nordic Police.
 28.07. 2011.
The unsubstantiated claims that Anders Behring
Breivik had some ongoing encounters with the strong
and patriotic English Defense League (EDL) is a
 red herring by the Reds themselves. Yet, David
 Cameron has acted on such claims in which those of us
who aren't Reds might soon have a rude knock on our
 door by the British copz all because we strongly express
 our nationalist or patriotic views much like I do. Of
course, the Coalition Government needs distractions
 from the scandalous scandal of the phone hacking
crimes by the now closed News of the World (NOW)
and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp along with dis-
tracting the country from the depressing economic
situation in the UK today. The right-wing is then a
juicy and easy target to help whip up all the paranoia
of the British liberal news media and the ilk of the far-
crazy-left. The Norwegian-style Massacre has become
 the perfect excuse to hit all rightists on the head even
when they have committed no crime other than the
"crime" of not being pro-politically correct. What
 David Cameron has done is to try to criminalize
and stigmatize those of us with sharp differing
political and social opinions to him just like vile
New Labour has done by passing thousands of
laws to counter those people who are against mass
 immigration and its gross socialistic agenda that
 has destroyed much of the England of my own
 Anglican birth! Whenever I look outside my sitting
room windows in central London, all I see now is
 what appears to be masses of folkz from Soweto or  
Zimbabwe or Nigeria or Somalia or the Muslim
Middle East crowding the streets of Olde London
Towne. It is simply dreadful and horrible to see!!
Maligned Enoch Powell, who I met only once, may
 have talked 40 years ago of "The Rivers of Blood," but
 what we have in England now are "Rivers of Black" and
 "Rivers of  Islam."  All thankz to Blair & Co. Old
 Enoch must have turned in his grave umpteem times by
 now. We need another Enoch Powell to step forward
against the inimical forces of mass immigration and
Islam and the non-stop desecration of our
once beloved England.
Freemasonry's Anders Breivik.
Aside from questioning his Norwegian-style Massacre,
 I am quite perturbed about Anders Breivik involvement
 with freemasonry, which borders on the satanic rites as
far as I'm concerned. When I see my fellow Anglicans
or Protestants joining the freemasons I shuddered at
 them. Even Church of England clergy debase them-
selves by freely joining their local Masonic Lodge. In
the UK, black masons are all over the place and they
 gather regularly at the United Masons of Great Britain
HQ at London's Great Queen Street. What in heaven's
 name do such foreign blacks have to do with historic
English freemasonry, I wonder? The answer: None!!
Masonic Temple Day. By Uncle Monty.
So what happens now? Does the right-wing cringe out
of fear or stand firm in its convictions that there must
 always be a strong, active, and healthy opposition against
 the vile forces of the far crazy left that has now got al-
most a stranglehold on Britain of the like never before
seen except in cold places like the Old Soviet Union.
Anders Behring Breivik should not be allowed to be-
come the bogeyman of the right. What he did he did!
Now the left wants to treat members or adherents of
the right as terrorists just like they're Islamic jihadists.
Yet as they sympathize with Islam, the left wants to
crush the right so that it can further the cause and
aims of Islam and leftist agendas by forcing the
 right to blink an eye. Stop right there! The right is
 gaining ground every day in Europe and Amerca,
except inside Bloody Broken Britain. Why? Because
 we no longer have an Enoch Powell to turn to and the
 British Nationalist parties - EDL, BNP, UKIP,
Britain First, etc. - are biting each other to bits and
helping the leftist loonies to dictate and maintain the
present state of UK multiculturalism and multiracialism
 far beyond the far left's unelected power and political
troublemaking. No wonder the ilk of Weyman Bennett
 Martin Smith, and Simon Wholley can create mayhem
whenever they want in their paid protests against
those who strongly disagree with them.
For Anders Breivik The Knights
Templar Was Also For Him, Yes?
'Judge Heger conveyed Breivik's raison d'être after he
ordered the news media out of the court, citing the on-
going police investigation and security concerns. Breivik's
 motivation, the judge said, was to "save" Europe from Islam
and punish Norway's current Labour coalition government for
its welcoming approach to refugees. "The operation was not
to kill as many people as possible," the judge said. "[It was]
to give a strong signal that could not be misunderstood that
 as long as the Labour Party keeps driving its ideological lie
and keeps deconstructing Norwegian culture and mass
 importing [of] Muslims, then they must assume respons-
ibility for this treason."' The same judge should have also
 added that Anders Breivik's only regret was that he didn't
kill the former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem
Brundtland, who had left the Labour Party island shortly
before he mowed down dozens of young Labour party
members at their summer camp of 2011.
Whatever happens from here on out to Anders
Behring Breivik (who could now easily be shot himself
by some crazy far-leftist or unhappy Muslim), there is
little doubt that before his Norwegian-style Massacre
he had already three strikes against him.
And finally for now, the only word I haven't heard so far
 thrown at Anders Breivik by the British liberal news media
 is the word 'racist." The word "racist" is thrown at anybody
who makes even the slight ill-reference to Third Worlders or
 dreadful Muslims or black gansgetrs inside the UK today.
The suppression of differing and critical opinions against
such riff-raff is frought with the immediate label of being
called a "racist" from the word go. In fact, there is rarely a
day goes by that British news media fails to use the word
"racist" against someone or oragnization to incite public
hatred against those whose remarks or opinions aren't
welcome in the public or private arena of all too many
urgent  issues surrounding the hideous state of the
 nation. You cannot even joke anymore without someone
 yelling it's racist! The next time I hear the word racist,
I think I'll scream out loud, but not yell ... Or they
might call me a 'racist." Oh, boy!!! So, what? Just
carry on, old boy ... Don't be afraid of the dark!
Ah, yes some of the actual biggest racists are those who
scream "racism" at others. Go to Africa and see true
racism among the various tribes and enclaves against
 other black people who they openly slaughter with-
out a second thought ...

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British Members of the English Defense League (EDL)
rightly protesting against the Islamification of the United
Kingdom, which now sees Muslims sprouting up every
where at a giddy speed that ensures their future dominance
 and power to challenge the very core of the English society.
Norway Killings Prompt Crackdown
On Brits Opposed to Immigration.
Oslo's Vile Muslims Burning Their Host's National Flag.
Islamic Oslo. By Uncle Monty.
This Scene Below Is Now Widespread in UK. Nine
Muslim Somalians Are In A House For Four. New Labour
Robbed Us of Our Own Country in Broad Daylight And
Got Away With It! The Asylum Seekers Shown Never
Go Anywhere Except To Get Free Taxpayers' Money to
 Buy Themselves Plenty of Food; To Go To The Mosque;
And To Send Their Kidz To The Majority Black School
At Where They Live or Rather Exist Waiting For The Next
 Free Handout From The UK Government. The Father
Seems Only To Go Out After Dark. The Front Door of
Their Free Council Dwelling Stays Open Much of Day
With the Kidz Mostly Penned Inside & Never Play With
Other Kidz Outside. One of The Biggest Fallacy Behind
Equality & Diversity Is That It Has Not Brought About
Integration! In Fact, Quite The Opposite! When Was The
Last Time You Had English High Tea With A Bunch
of UK Asylum Seekers or Legal or Illegal Immigrants?
Photo By Alex Albion.
Immigration: Open Your Eyes.
"The Government, whilst always trying to find excuses for individuals
 involved with Islamic acts of terror, will try and use this tragedy to
 discredit, or even outlaw, organisations such as the EDL the only
 group that speaks out on behalf of the suppressed indigenous white,
 working class, inner city male. The process has already begun with
unattributable reports that '..Breivik had connections and sympathies
with the right-wing English Defence League..'. Even though there is
no evidence of such 'connections' and the EDL has strongly
denied any connection to this particuar individual."  
Source ES: Pat, London SE, 25/07/2011 10:06.
Norway attacks: Anders Behring Breivik appears insane, says
his lawyer. Lawyer of man who confessed to Norway killings
 says client claims he is part of international network and may
 be insane.  By Mark Townsend & Helen Pidd in Oslo.
EU 'silence' on xenophobia lurks behind Norway terror. EU
security chief warns European leaders over threat of
 rising Islamophobia that sweeps continent.
Church leader condemns ‘unprecedented’ violence in Norway.
Transatlantikblog on Anders Breivik Manifesto.
The Met Police used 657 cops and 28 police staff shifts to protest
 Tony Blair at Iraq Inquiry costing £500,000 to UK Taypayer.
By Chris Greenwood.
Now For A Nice Change of Scenery! Here's The
Great Grey Heron of Great Britain At Beulah Hill Pond.
  "I Hope To Bring The Story & Photos of The
 Pond Before This Summer's End," Says Uncle Monty.
Pond Photo By Alex Albion.
We Demand Our Referendum, David! And
 That You Once Promised Like Odious Blair,
But To Which Both Of You Then Reneged
On To The British People! We Remember,
Do You?
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Words of Grace.
By Grace Robertson.


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With Praise.

With Praise They Came.
By Uncle Monty.
Story Photos By Alex Albion.
Caption Photo By Gary Day.
From the moment he arrived to the moment he left
as the head of the National Children's Bureau (NCB),
Paul Martin Ennals has been showered with much praise
 from his close friends and his good working colleagues
during his 13-year tenure at NCB. And, so with praise
 they came to his farewell ceremony held at the UK
 Department of Education just across from the
Church of England's Archbishops' Council 
right in the heart of Anglicanland!
The Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Martin Ennals, CBE., who is the
son of the late Labourite cabinet minister and politician
Lord David Ennals, was serenaded as one of the best
of his kind in harnassing national programs for the
betterment and innovative education of unprivileged
children in the British Isles.
Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Martin Ennals (l) and Tory Member of
Parliament Tim Houghton Joking at Farewell Ceremony.
Among those who came with praise for Sir Paul was
Dame Gillian Pugh, DBE., (shown below) who is a well-
known English expert on children's issues and a noted
 panel member of the Family Law Review. She spoke
 warmly and almost rhythmically of her friend and former
colleague to the point that she gave no doubt about his
achievements as executive director of NCB. She poured
worthy accolades on the gentlemen and she couldn't find
enough words of open praise for him. Elsewhere, Dame
Gillian headed The Cobham Family Charity that is
 known as the oldest charity in England.
Dame Gillian Pugh, DBE.
Next came Tim Loughton, Tory MP and Parliamentary
Undersecretary for Children & Families (shown below)
 in the present Coalition Government of David Cameron
and who knows Sir Paul Ennals quite well both as a
 governmental counterpart and as a personal friend of his.
The MP peppered his speech of Ennals praise with wise-
cracks and puns that almost brought the house down in
good laughter. Sir Paul undoubtedly relished Loughton's
 delightful and provocative speech like many
of those others present.
Tim Loughton, Tory MP and Parliamentary
Undersecretary for Children & Families.
Then Sir Paul himself (shown below) spoke with a
disarming presence and did nothing to elevate himself
above his friends and colleagues. Indeed, he seemed
only to want to be humble and to offer himself in the
 plainest of light to those present. There was no
artifice in what he said and everything he said was
without conceit or arrogance. I marvelled at his
 lack of self-importance which is so refreshing into
today's world of self-promotion by tasteless celebs
and mediocre nobodies. So, kudos to Sir Paul ...
Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Martin Ennals, CBE.
Serving refreshments, yes even with glasses of
smooth champagne, to all those present - around
perhaps 200 invited folkz that included your's truly -
 along with such notables as Baroness Virginia Bottomley
 of Nettlestone and Julie Jones and Caroline Hazell, who
was PA to Sir Paul until her own retirement from NCB.
Caroline, it should be noted, was wearing a lovely
leaf-styled jewellery set of earrings, necklace, and
bracelet of vintage Norwegian white cloisonne√© de-
signed in pure sterling silver with gold trim. And,
while I remember let me mention just another
couple of other folkz I also saw at the farewell
do - Andy Simpson and Lynne Stackhouse.
Friends & Colleagues of Sir Paul Ennals.
Attending such an event gave me a rather unusual oppor-
tunity to see and meet some of the shakers and movers
 behind a major UK national charity like NCB. It also
 provided me with a rare insight into the "elite" structure
of those holding such power and such knighted titles. 
Not every day does an outsider get the chance to view
the inside like I did.  The Big Issue, by comparsion along
with its calculated secretive mechanism, looks very much
 like a common Socialist Workers' Club that is of little
 real value as a so-called "charity," compared to
 NCB's fine pedigree and national standing with
its proven results. Bravo!
Interior View of the UK Department of Education.
My own impression and observation of Paul Ennals,
 a father of two sons, was most favourable and his
persona was disarming and openly friendly toward
 those he encounters here and there. His dedication to
 improving the educational life of children is a lasting
 mark of his NCB tenure that will go on for many more
 years beyond his present retirement. He holds academic
 degrees from Oxford and elsewhere. He is a man of
much accomplishment much like his own late father
 Lord Ennals was. Although he has now stepped down
 from his top role at NCB, Sir Paul told me he would
continue to do other work regarding the education of
children and then he will decide what else he may wish
 to do beyond that at a later date of his full retirement.
 I suspect he will be in demand on governmental and
charity boards for sure. While with praise they came,
 I for one left the farewell do with even more praise
 for the Ennals gentleman after seeing and hearing
what other good folkz had to say about him.
So after the kind speeches and friendly hugs and warm
 handshakes and bubbly glasses of champagne, it was
surely very clear to the  Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Martin Ennals,
CBE, the man himself, that it was with praise they came
 to honour him without a doubt for his fine work and
good results at the National Children's Bureau that will
 find it no easy task to replace such a good and 
noteworthy man. And for once in a cynical while,
 I was actually impressed by what I heard and saw!!
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Fifth Sunday after Trinity, 2011.
Norway's Anders Behring Breivik.
After the Norwegian-style massacre, I have now
linked my own story of my Oslo visit there from
some 2½ years ago to share with my blog readers.
Headline Photo is that of Baroness Virginia Bottomley
of Nettlestone and Dame Gillian Pugh, DBE.
 Photo By Alex Albion.
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Having A Jolly Good Laugh! This, By The Way,
Is One of My Favourite Pictures of Her Majesty
 & HRH Prince Charles of Wales.
When Anglicanism Is Superb.
Image From The European Anglican - No. 50.
Home From Home.
By Caughey Gauntlett.
A Look At Historic Homelessness.
Part 2 of 2.
"Ugly multiculturalism and multiracialism is a socialist
 virus and political menace that has now turned England
 into a Third World pigsty of which the country will never
 again fully recover from without stepping-up massive 
opposition to all future immigration to the UK."
Alex Albion.
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