My British Visit To The Lords & Commons. By Uncle Monty.

My British Visit To The Lords & Commons.
By Uncle Monty.
Glorious things we have spoken of great British men and
women and momentous events that now stand so sadly stiff
and frozen inside the parliamentary edifice of the House
of Lords and House of Commons at the palatial
Palace of Westminster.
As a broken and rudderless nation that we have become,
our glory is now completely dead. Our present is utterly
grim. And, our future is all but in ruins.
We have gone from what was once a proud and mighty
All-British Nation to one of a crude and depressing and
deadly country of all-things all-immigrant and all-foreign
in character and in essence due entirely to our sworn
political enemies from within. Our once proud nation has
been debilitated and gutted by the hideous ilk of Anthony
Blair to the ever-morose Gordon Brown that represent
all the modern and evil curse that is All-New Labour and
All-New Britain. I detest all that I see of them and
what they have done and what they still may do
while they control The Palace of Westminister.
Beyond that, if I cold have taken 10,000 photographs in-
side the Lords and Commons while visiting there - thanks
entirely to Simon Hughes, M.P. and Norman Baker M.P.
and Simon's able parliamentary assistant Jake Beavan - I
still could not have recorded every thing I saw from the
massive historical paintings to the huge glittering chan-
deliers with coronets to the life-size bronze statues of
ex-British prime ministers to the long carved oak wall
panelling to the red and green leather upholstered chairs
with the gold palace seal embossed on each one of them
to the rare period writing desks to the extraordinary
stained glass windows and to the numerous oil
portraits of the Kings and Queeens of England. No
photography, however, was permitted me inside the
chambers and the parliamentary interior save for the
reception area before being escorted around the palace.
While seeing everything I saw made me quite proud,
it also made me truly sad to stand there inside the
British Parliament to know how far we have really
moved away from what we once was. Our present
history seems almost meaningless and empty
compared to where we have come from. We're
now so ghettoized and foreignized it's a crying
shame that makes England now so unEnglish!!
I detest that with all my heart and mind.
There was so much to see durng such a short time span
of perhaps 90 minutes inside the Palace of Westminister,
that it was impossible to absorb its whole historic entity
and expanse and elegance in the mind's eye. My good guide
and gracious host was Eric Miller and whose presentation
was worthy and who was overwhelmingly British in his
persona -and in his speech and his in dress.
This Is What You See At The The British Parliament
Today. Question: How Did We Ever Land Up Like This?
Getting to visit inside the Palace of Westminster was
something akin to a fortress or seizure mentality with
submachine gun carrying Brit cops (shown above) ready
at every entrance and exist to the British Parliament.
It’s all rather pathetic really and a total overkill, although
not quite as gross as the U.S. Congress at Capital Hill at
where three or four parameter rings of Federal armed
security agents makes it almost impregnable for the
ordinary and uninvited American voter to casually visit
with their own U.S. Senator and/or elected Congress
memeber while at Washington, D.C. And like at the
White House, U.S. military personnel and FBI sharp-
shooters clutter the rooftops of The Capitol. There
is no democracy in state security. It feeds on itself
and expands arbitrarily to become more and more a
mindless law unto itself and at where false evidence
is oftentimes concocted to justify its killing presence.
Seizure mentality is always the friend of the secutity
goon squad, be they Limey or Yankee.
No wonder a few weeks ago police CS gas was readily used
inside our British Parliament for the first time ever in all
its centuries of history at the Palace of Westminster to gas
and then quell some modern dunken and rowdy visitors.
What I thought we had of about 560 Members of Parlia-
ment turns out to actually be 760 of them thesedays!!
All too many of them, however, seem to be more inter-
ested in what they can personally gain as members
than what they can give to the country and to truly
serve the people or constituents that elected them
for the life time of what every political party of the
day is in unaccountable power until they are forced
to come up for re-election in the UK. It's primarily a
free gravy train for many of the MPs of today who
have turned their elected position into an open bank
account for themselves at, of course, the expense
of the already over-taxed and oppressively
burdened British taxpayer.
The culture of greed is all alive,
and very well, at the Palace of Westminster
like is it is among so many of those fly-by-night
financial creeps at The City and at London's Carney
Wharf and the Stock Exchange. As for the 760 MPs,
I wondered how they could all be crammed or fitted
into such small size chambers that I saw of the inside
of the Lords and the Commons. Perhaps they sit on each
other's lap? I guess, too, that when the palace was built
centuries ago, we perhaps had only about half of the
number of MPs then compared to what we now
have in these negative political times of dreadful
British New Labour and their venal henchmen. The
democratic idea that if we elect more representat-
ives of, and for, the people, that somehow we have
better representation in parliament of their concerns
and needs doesn't necessarily follow in reality. Like
the church, especially the Church of England, it in-
sists on appointing more and more bishops that
in reality only encumbers the church and neither
better represents the Anglican laity nor its clergy
any better than with fewer bishops at the reli-
gious helm. So the more MPs we have, it seems
to me, the more cumbersome becomes democracy
with all too many elected talking heads yakking
away over nothing or patting each other on their
stupid head. Too many cooks, spoil the broth,
yes? Not to mention the sheer cost and waste
of more of them, be they MPs or bishops or
cooks!! But even more expensive are those
who are elected crooks ...
Uncle Monty w/guide Eric Miller.

To get inside parliament, one must also pass though airport-style security and have one’s mugshot taken and your person searched. No public toilets are available to visitors until at least half way thru the guided tour that was conducted in my case by the before-mentioned urbane Eric Miller, who has only been doing such for the past three months. He’s a retired British civil servant, he told me. Thankfully, no mobile phones can be used during the Visitor Route and must be shut off. I only wish those God-damn and menacing cellphone users were ban everywhere. They invade my quiet space at every turn with every Tom, Dick and Harry armed with such electronic gadgets that now creates a nation of nameless zombies that forever talk and talk about nothing all day and every day from morning 'til night. I hope the Chinese military will one day zap all mobiles to make then absolutely useless for future generations. I hate all cellphones - period. I don't have any desire even to own one, let alone ever to use.

My public note of many thanks to Simon Hughes, M.P. and Norman

Baker, M.P, along with Simon’s able parliamentary assistant Jake

Beavan, for sponsoring my memorable and first and British visit to

the palatial Lords and Commons. Without them, I would not have

seen inside parliament like I did. Again, thanks ever so much ...

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit thanks also to Eric Miller’s

insightful presentation of the history of the Palace

of Westminister. Thanks to you Eric, too ...

View of Big Ben and London Eye from inside UK Parliament.

Uncle Monty Leaving Parliament ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
Eve of May Day, 2oo9.
My Next Story : ANZAC Dawn Service.
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Obama's First 100 Dayz. By Uncle Monty.

Obama's First 100 Dayz.
By Uncle Monty.
Milo Yiannopoulos' book review of James Delingpole's
authorship of "Welcome To Obamaland," is a perfect
one to mark the first 100 dayz of America's Obama
Presidency. Here is the book review in question:
"In his latest book, 'Welcome To Obamaland: I've Seen
Your Future, And It Doesn't Work,' James Delingpole
attempts to show how the mistakes Britain made in
electing (Tony) Blair are about to be repeated in the
USA. Obama, with his youth, personality and attractive
skin tone, is all the things Blair was in 1997 - and, like
Blair's, his tenure is destined for disaster."
Milo Yiannopoulos' book review continues:
"This cautionary tale contrasts the preposterous adulation
showered on America's new president with the empty cham-
pagne bottles that littered the corridors of Broadcasting House
when Labour came to power. In his trademark, hilarious prose,
Delingpole harpoons the follies and frauds of the last 12 years of
Labour government, lamenting Britain's emergent culture of
laziness and shirked responsibilities, the shameless wastefulness
of our policymakers, the awful bureaucracy of the Nanny State
and the rapid erosion of our civil liberties. In each case, he
predicts similar social and economic catastrophes
for America under Obama."

"According to James Delingpole, vote Labour or Democrat
'and your work is done: you have said all that needs to be
said about the kind of person you are. Nice. Well-meaning.'
The Left, he says, has somehow managed 'to persuade the
world that to be Right-wing is proof of moral deficiency'.
Worse, confessing that you are Right-wing implies
'that you are bad in bed, that you have no fashion sense,
that you have poor taste in music ... that you are not cool.'
But if being a conservative is hard, being rude about
(shudder) President Obama is practically impossible.
As a twentysomething, middle-class white male who finds
himself helpless in the face of liberal oppression, I am
grateful that one of Britain's most talented polemicists has
taken the "Messiah" to task. Delingpole has a gift for irreverent
mischief. In each case, he predicts similar social and economic
catastrophes for America under Obama. Stand by, he says, for
"wastage, incompetence, malpractice, mismanagement, cover-
ups, political correctness [and] criminal extravagance". Blair,
the "Belial-tongued Bambi", hoodwinked us by conflating
personality and politics. Sure, every politician does this -
that's how they get elected, Delingpole jokes - but Obama
and Blair belong to a singular class of style over substance,"
notes Yiannopoulos' review of Del
ingpole's book.

"Their vapidity is not the real problem, though: it's "the smorgasbord of scuzzballs ... class warriors, eco-loons, single-issue rabble-rousers, malcontents and losers" that populate Leftie administrations. Accustomed only to the "light relief" afforded by occasional (American) shysters like John Murtha, Chuck Schumer, James Carville, Al Sharpton, Berney Frank and Henry Waxman, America is about to experience, as a daily reality, an administration of John Prescotts, Margaret Becketts, Peter Mandelsons and Jacqui Smiths. Consider the "ever more intrusive Nanny State full of ever more expensive government programmes that rob Peter to pay allegedly victimised Paul". Doesn't that seem utterly alien to American values? Yet that, according to Delingpole, is exactly what America has just voted for. I wonder what the hard-working folks of the Mid-West would make of Tower Block Tracey, her six kids and her £45,000-a-year in state benefits? What kind of wrongheaded policies create such people? And who is behind them? America, you're about to find out. Race warriors get short shrift: "The way to give ethnic minorities a better deal is not to give ethnic majorities a worse one." Obama may have been careful not to play the race card, but that won't stop the dreadful "affirmative action" crowd from giving unfair advantages to non-whites. The very philosophy of the Left is, in Delingpole's words, 'vile'. Restrictions on civil liberties and excessive law-making 'arise from a belief that people are intrinsically bad' - that their natural inclination is toward greed, corruption and prejudice."

So Milo Yiannopoulos' book review shows us what James Delingpole is predicting for America just like what the hideous Blairites have already done to create "Broken Little Britain" of today. Indeed, "Big Broken America" can already be seen by its ever-climbing rates of unemployment, homelessness, murderous crime, irreligiosity, gratuitious violence, deadly armed cops, and massive imprisonment of her citizens of over five million people nationwide. America seems, in some instances, to now reflect all that is negative about today's "Broken Britain" more than the other way around.

"While the Left is superficially 'progressive, fair and kindly', its core beliefs are 'misanthropy, bullying and control'. Sound familiar? Excessive taxation, used to fund 'eye-wateringly expensive' and totally unnecessary government programmes, amounts to little more than 'legalised theft'. The most obvious reading of this book sees Delingpole sounding an urgent alarm over the Atlantic: we've seen what 12 years of Labour has done to Britain; let's not allow the same thing to happen to America. For the most part, the analogy rings true. But, in another way, this isn't really a book about Obama or the Democrats at all. It's a devastating critique of the Blair government and an uncompromising assessment of the mess it has left Britain in. It's a rallying cry, addressed to lovers of freedom everywhere; an On Liberty for the 21st century. And boy is it more fun to read than that old bore J S Mill. That it also serves as a warning to our friends across the pond is almost an aside. Delingpole himself admits that they're unlikely to listen until it's too late; until socialism has wrecked America like it broke Britain. From the glittering chapters on hunting and global warming that deftly smash the Left's poisonous received wisdoms to Delingpole's adorable self-deprecation, it's difficult to praise this book highly enough - though, to be fair, I have tried," closes Milo Yiannopoulos' book review.

Whatever the first 100 days of Obama has or has not brought, it certainly has seen the nasty underbelly of the Obama family tree with one of his aunts being an illegal alien at America's Boston for years, a half brother called Samson Obama being barred from the UK, and while an ongoing African row over his Muslim grandmother allegedly being targeted to convert to Christianity. One thing is certain about Barack Obama is that issues of religious identification is going to dog him and his presidency from here on out. Many Yanks think Obama is a closet Muslim, while many Muslims think he is simply a Christian apologist. As for his strange family members, he cannot be blamed for them. Whatever relatives one may have for good or bad is not the fault of other relatives whether they're presidential or not. Obama also represents not only the racial and political divide, but also the cultural and religious divide that is America today. Because he was elected the first African-American to the Oval Office, it doesn't mean race relations are on the mend in the United States. In fact, Obama's election has simply pushed underground the white resentment and anger against him for becoming president. Politically, Obama is a ticking time bomb that will explode and polarise America like never before and with or without his armed Federal retinue of 200 U.S. Secret Service agents on around-the-clock security protection. Is Obama then the New Black Caesar of America? Religion-wise, he'll be viewed as trecherous by those who do not buy his claims of being a true Christian. Culturally, Obama is a subcultural black American abberation, whether we like it or not. His first 100 dayz is only a tiny blimp of the four years he has been elected to serve. Give him another year or two before we decide one way or another what Obama is really all about. Don't be surprised by whatever surprises he pulls on America. Remember: Barack Hussien Obama isn't all so swell! And, The Mullahs of Iran had better watch out for Obama who needs to prove to non-Muslims he's not a Muslim after all by attacking and bombing Shi'ite Iran with Israel ready to inflict its own revenge on war-ready Tehran. Let's now go to his half-brother Samson Obama -
"Obama's half-brother refused UK visa":


Radical Muslims are confused about what and who Obama really is:
"Zawahri tells Muslims not to be fooled by Obama." By Inal Ersan.

While some American Catholics are up in arms at Obama being invited to give the Commencement Address at South Bend's Notre Dame University: "Hundreds Rally Against Notre Dame Obama Invite." By Katherine T. Phan, Christian Post Reporter.

American Right Wing News on Obama: http://rightwingnews.com/mt331/2009/04/obamas_first_100_days.php


Her Majesty with tall Obama and his misses.

"Christians accused of trying to convert Obama's Muslim granny Nairobi." (ENI) A row is simmering between the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in western Kenya and Muslims in the country over reported attempts to convert to Christianity Sarah Obama, the grandmother of U.S. President Barack Obama. "We had invited her to grace our meeting in Kisumu which was to mark the end of a three-week convention, but although she had prepared, she did not attend," Lewis Ondiek, SDAcentral Nyanza executive director, told Ecumenical News International. Source: Ecumenical News International News Highlights, 23 April 2009.

And if Obama didn't need to upset his New York followers, then the photo op over the "sacred" ground zero at The Big Apple most certainly did:

"Obama plane photo op startles New Yorkers."
By Daniel Trotta.

"Terrorists Moving From Afghan Border to Africa"
Officials say extremists leaving Afghan border are finding safe havens in East Africa.

By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press Writer. WASHINGTON April 28, 2009 (AP)


With Obama's 100th day now marked, I can take or leave him but I still find an unease about him politically and racially although not his charismatic and photogenic personality per se. I really don't know what to believe or disbelieve about him since his meteorical rise on the world political stage. So now stay tune everybody for more unfolding events of the Obama Presidency at home and abroad ...

Now, Take A Look Inside the U.S. President’s Airplane:
"Larry Downing is a Reuters senior staff photographer assigned to the
White House. He shares that duty with three other staff photographers.
He has lived in Washington since 1977 and has been assigned to cover
the White House, including flying aboard Air Force One, since 1978.
Obama is the sixth US president Larry has photographed."

Questioningly, Uncle Monty. +Vigil of Sts. Philip & James, Apostles.

^ My upfront photoshot of London Mayor Boris Johnson ^

"Our Good Two-Legged Mayor." By Uncle Monty to come shortly.

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Beyond Letterfack. By Uncle Monty.

Beyond Letterfrack.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
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Part 2 of 2.
Necrophilia and satanic rites, among some of the Irish
Christian Brothers, may help to explain the unexplainable
and bizzare deaths of some of the now revised and upward
death figures from 77 to 99 underage boys who strangely
met their early earthly end under the vice of their
imposed shackled lives at the truly evil Letterfrack
Industrial School for Boys that is located some 110
kilometers north-west of Galway, Ireland.
The discovery of the corpse of a even a four year-
old boy at an unmarked burial spot at the school gate
also raises serious suspicions of possible necrophilia
and satanic rituals at the now closed Roman Catholic
reform school durng its more than 85 years exist-
ence under the sole control of the Irish Christian
Brother of the Emerald Isle.
No wonder I thought for a moment that the Letterfrack
Industrial School graveyard had the stench and feeling
of a small Irish necropolis. Neophytes to the Order of the
Christian Brothers may have been primarily attracted to
Letterfrack to practise such proclivities and aside from
their warped homosexual sadism and masochism toward
hapless boys in their sickening care at Letterfrack:
The Irish Gulag.
And what in heaven's name is any four year old child doing
in an Irish reform school, pray may I ask? Let alone being
possibly murdered at such a ‘Christian’ institition without
even a death certificate being recorded in the child’s now
anonymous life and nameless name under the dirty hands
of such unclean and irreligious Catholic Brothers of Ireland.
Dead and murdered Letterfrack boy inmates are ideal
non-witnesses against ever opening their honest mouth in
public and/or in court against the sick, perverted, and ly-
ing Irish Christian Brothers, know aren’t they? You bet!!.
Beyond Letterfrack: An Irish Wedding at Galway.
As for James, age 74, the retired Irish civil servant, who I
first met at the graveyard, he expressed no sorrow whatsoever
about the death of the boys and even hinted that the allegations
of abuse against the Christian Brothers was probably fabricated
against them by those seeking monetary compensation either
from the Church and/or Irish government. His only concern
was that the dead lads had been given the proper Christian
burial rites and a proper Catholic internment. I asked James
directly, who refused to tell me his surname, if he was a retired
Catholic priest? He said he was not and that’s when he told me
he was a retired civil servant based at Dublin and now fully
retired at Galway. When I asked him why he was visiting
the Letterfrack Industrial School graveyard, he pointedly ig-
nored my question. Although I had photographed him as he
was wondering about the almost demonic cemetery, I asked
him later if I could get an upfront photoshot of him. He said
no. I saw James abit later when I had delicious roast Irish
ducking for my hungry lunch at Letterfrack’s Bard’s Den as
he sat outside across the street sipping refreshments at
sunny Molly’s. He then pretended not to see me!!
Beyond Letterfack: Oh Connemara!!

As for Shaun, the Letterfrack-born house painter, he couldn’t have been more friendly and openly helpful toward me than he was. When he told me about the All-Boy graveyard at Letterfrack, I almost fell thru the floor since I had never expected to hear about such let alone even gave a thought that such a terrible graveyard even existed. He told me how to find it and I found it exactly as Shaun had described it to me. He also felt that the Irish Christian Brothers should be barred or disband by The Vatican from doing any future Catholic ministry among children of any kind. A healthy and married Cathloic man in his early 50’s, Shaun was surprised about my interest in the Letterfrack Industrial School for Boys. I told him of how I had first learned of Letterfrack years ago in America from a guy who had survived the tyranny of Letterfrack when he was only a mere boy of 13 or 14 in 1968-69, I think the guy said. Ever since, I had hoped that one day I could go to Letterfrack and learn alot more about the horror and outrage committed by such men of the “Catholic cloth.” Finally, I was able to do so by going to Ireland during Easter Week to lay my Anglican eyes on Letterfrack for the first time. It was then a kind of personal carthesis for me. Please, don't ask me why!

Beyond Letterfrack: Father O'Hannan at Cork.

As I stood nonplus at the inmate cemetery, I thought alot about that young Irish man I had first met years ago at the Boston prison reform conference and wondered how he was and at where he maybe today. I hope he has prospered and done well in America after what happened to him in his own beloved country of the Emerald Isle. Even better, if he should by chance come across this simple blog story of mine that he will remember back to Boston and decide to write to me so that I know at least he is still well and alive to tell the true inside story of the diabolical, infamous, and lecherous Letterfrack Industrial School.

Beyond Letterfrack: Galway Fortune Teller.
Today, one would not guess from the nicely-painted exterior and well-restored school buildings that for more than eight long decades it was where some 100 - minus one - young lads had their lives taken away from them by their own “Christian” and Irish Brothers. It's appalling to even think that such could have happened. The danger is it could continue to happen else where in Ireland, even at this very day, despite all the public awareness and vigilance of such wretched religious brothers.

Beyond Letterfrack: Galway's Pump Lane.

The Galway Independent -carried a news story by Marie Madden on the very day I first arrived at Galway about The Haynes Report and the “horrific abuse” and sexual molestation by another Catholic religious order called the Brothers of Charity against 21 pupils at The Holy Family School and Kilcornan Residential Center at Galway between 1965 to 1998. It was the first time I had actually heard of the Brothers of Charity, unlike the Irish Christian Brothers that I had first heard about perhaps more than 35 years ago in America.

So after an 8 year delay, The Haynes Report was finally released the day before I got to Galway and the problem of out and out abuse by the same Brothers of Charity “could still happen today,” noted the news headline on page 4 of the Galway daily. When I purchased and read The Irish Catholic weekly later in the day, it, too, carried the same story of The Haynes Report. But it, however, devoted a meagre 110 words to the report did TIC, while Marie Madden of the Galway Independent -wrote over 450 words in her news piece. I thought such news reporting, or lack of it, was quite telling of how the secular and church media presented the same story on The Haynes Report and the never-ending problem of morally-renegade priests and brothers who will NOT keep their filthy and abusive hands off innocent children placed in their religious and residential care. It matters absolutely nothing to me whatever the religion or denomination or creed or nationaliy maybe of such sex fiends and perpetrators against such hapless children. I will roundly and equally condemn them be they Protestant or Anglican like me or Catholic or Muslim or Jewish or anything in between. One's religion and faith cannot excuse such gross physical and sexual violations against, for example, those captive reform school lads at Letterfrack. Nor does it particularly matter if such carers are religious or lay or governmental. Although, we should expect religious carers to be especially mindful of their sacred role and high position when caring for their young people. What frequently happened at the Letterfrack Industrial School, it seems to me, was also tanamount to the daily "Soul Murder" of such youngsters by the Irish Christian Brothers and aside from the actual physical murder of boys committed by them at the school from 1887 to 1974.

Beyond Letterfrack: Cork's WWII War Memorial.
So is it, therefore, possible that necrophilia and satanic rites
was present and practised at sometime by some of the Irish
Christian Brothers at the Letterfrack Industrial School for
Boys? The answer to that dreadful question is that almost
anything was possible in such a bizarre, tyrannical, and
isolated environment that was Letterfrack for years upon
years. Such allowed almost any kind of whim and perversion
from homosexual gratification, penal-like floggings, and ar-
bitrary punishments and even possibly satanic rituals by
the Christian Brothers on their child victims. It doesn't
take much to go from the sublime to the ridiculous in
such an environment of engendered extremes.
So "yes" it is possible that some of the boys became
sacrificial objects to fulfill whatever the demonic and
satanic needs may have been of certain religious
brothers at Letterfrack. A four year male is a perfect
victim to meet such an hideous and satanic excercise
of devil worshipping and witchcraft, I believe. That's
why, I suspect, that the four year old buried child
found in an unmarked burial spot at the Letterfrack
reform school gate may have died by satanic rites
or by demonic witchcraft ... I base this entirely on
my gut feelings that such could have happened.
Sacerdotally, it should also be remembered
that the Catholic ordained - including the
Christian Brothers - are imbued with sacrificial
functions and supernatural powers that claim
excessive authority for the priesthood. Under
certain circumstances as perverse as Letterfrack,
it is quite possible, in my candid opinion, that some
of those dead lads may have indeed become sac-
rificial objects that resulted in their macabre and
strange deaths between the age of four to sixteen
years old at the vicious and perverted hands
of the Irish Christian Brothers. The darkest
side of the priesthood is oftentimes more
sacrilegious and demonic than sacred and
holy. Thus, I rest my case!!
And, I also now conclude my full story here of
"Beyond Letterfack" that is part two of my two
part series on the horror of what was going on in
Catholic Ireland for donkey's years with nobody
willing to open their mouth or take immediate steps
to stop such institutional abuse and sex crimes
against their own poor and vunerable children
of the lovely Emerald Isle.
Beyond Letterfrack:
A Black Irishman at Cork.
Brutally honest, Uncle Monty.
+Peter Chanel, Anglican Martyr, 2oo9.
:: UPDATE ::
By chance, I finally got to personally meet and photograph
London's Mayor Boris Johnson, the Old Etonian that he is,
in person at England's Covent Garden on Monday morning.
He arrived on his own bike and left exactly the same way!
Boris came to launch the £1 Million Campaign entitled
"London West End." I'll tell you more about that once I
have gotten my Obama story online; my story of my
impressive visit to the Lords and Commons, and
also one about ANZAC DAY. There's never a
dull moment, day by day, for me ...
Your's, Uncle Monty. +St. William, 2oo9.


Sidebar on The Gulag of Letterfrack. By Andrew Simon Brennan.

Sidebar on The Gulag of Letterfrack.
By Andrew Simon Brennan.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
One of the stories that the (Irish) 'Christian Brothers' put
out - relatively recently - about the children in Letterfrack
was that they'd impaled a bull on the railings in Letterfrack!
That same organisation also called the children : >
'Children of Ne'er Do Wells' at the Child Abuse Commission
is due to be published at the end of May this year.
Hopefully the report will finish them once and for all.
Eire's "Downtown" Letterfrack!!
:: Current Notes By Uncle Monty ::
Since getting back from lovely Ireland last Tuesday, I
have not had anytime to spare with something every day
for busy me to do. Two of the most important days was first
the parliamentary sponsorship of me by Simon Hughes, M.P.
and co-hosted by Norman Baker, M.P. to visit inside the
House of Lords and the House of Commons. Both the Lords
and the Commons were absolutely palatial to me. I will, of
course, have a story in due course about my first and un-
forgettable adventure inside the hallowed chambers of
British political power!! Below is the photo of me with the
Commons Bobby with us both having abit of good laugh at
the manned and armed gates to the English parliament it-
self under Big Ben ... He thought, did the Bobby, that I
was a newly-elected Member of Parliament! Well,
I never! Okay, give me the money first for
my second home at least!!
Then the second important one was to attend the
5.00am ANZAC DAY Dawn Service that was something
both very special and very splendid for me along with
perhaps 3.500 or more mostly Aussies and Kiwis present
to mark the historical military events and battles of the
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).
Here at my little blog, I will also write a short piece
on ANZAC DAY that is held annually at the Australian
War Memorial located at London's Hyde Park Corner.
Quiet Moments At The Dawn Service of ANZAC DAY
As for Part 2 of 2 of my Letterfrack story -
"Part 2: Beyond Letterfrack" - that should be ready
quite soon. But, I thought Andrew Simon Brennan's
very short piece needed first to be presented to my
global blog readership before I conclude my own
two-part series on the evil Letterfrack Industrial
School for Irish Boys from 1887 to 1974.
With humble grace, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of the 2nd Sunday after Easter, 2oo9.


LETTERFRACK: The Irish Gulag. By Uncle Monty.

LETTERFRACK: The Irish Gulag.
Letterfrack Story By Uncle Monty.
Letterfrack Photos By Alex Albion.
Part One of Two.
Lovely little yellow buttercups and bluebells in full
Springtime bloom densely marked the earthy and
grassy pathway to the tucked away inmate cemetery
of the Letterfract Industrial School for Boys that was
guarded only by two small rusting black iron gates with
a small metal cross on each one of them at day noon.
The second gate gave full view to the strange and sad
graveyard that had belatedly been erected years later in
memory of those 8 to 16 year old Irish lads that had died
at the savage and murderous hands of the wicked Irish
Christian Brothers from 1887 to 1974.
Small black marble heart-shaped burial markers en-
graved the names, ages, and dates of death of each of
 the young lads that had, for various reasons, been put
 in care of such a Letterfrack brotherhood and religious
order of Holy Cathoilc Church of Free Eire. Some of
the buried dead lads, however, had no given age for
 nobody knew their actual birthday or even when
 or where they were actually born in Ireland.
 So their burial marker simply stated: 
"Died A Very Young Boy."
The All-Irish Boy Cemetery was to me clear evidence of
what I can only call: “LETTERFRACK: The Irish Gulag”.
For that was what the Industrial School of Letterfrack
had become – a kind of brutal Sovietique gulag for the
poorest, for the most unloved, and for the rejected
and unwanted young lads of Catholic Ireland.
As I then silently stood and angrily gazed upon the
isolated graveyard, I felt cold shivers running down
my Anglican back in fully realising now the true horror
and utter brutality that had been inflicted on at least 77
suspected murdered boys. They now laid quietly buried,
and almost forgotten, at the somewhat bizarre and
macabre Catholic graveyard all because of what the
Irish Religious Brothers had done to them at the
evil Letterfrack Industrial School.
Housing upto 100 detained and captive boys, from 7 to
17 years of age, the reform school it seems was also for
years upon years a kind of hidden and active homosexual
haven for adult male perverts or paedophiles of the
religious kind. Christian Brothers they were by name
and by dress and by seminary training, but by practise
totally unChristian and unGodly were many of them.
“An ape is an ape, even though dressed in scarlet,” noted
Shakespeare. The same is true of those dressed as Irish
Christian Brothers at Letterfrack, it seems to me, for
they were apish apes for the most part and not truly
Christian men of good Catholic virtue and high praise.
Apes, after all, shouldn't be allowed to work with vuner-
able children placed in so-called "care and protection"
by The Church and Republic of Ireland.
Roadside Entrance To The Letter-
frack Industrial School Graveyard.
Finally, in 1974, after intense public scandal and wide-
spread national publicity, Ireland’s own Archbishop Joseph
Cunnane of Tuam placed the whole estate of the Letterfrack
Industrial School up for sale. The remaining boys and
brothers then vacated the school that had been in
existence for over 85 years of physical and sexual
abuse against the hapless boys who had been sent to
the industrial school for street begging, for being home-
less, for being orphaned, or for having committed petty
crime or for simply running away from home.
It also appears that dysfunctional and illiterate
Irish parents oftentimes signed away their under-
age sons and/or daughters to the predatory and
sex wolves of the Irish Christian Brotherhood
without being aware of the cruel fate that would
await such marginalised youngsters once they
entered the likes of the Letterfrack Industrial
School. For some, the graveyard awaited them.
In collusion with the Catholic Church was the
Irish Garda (Police), too, who enjoyed the un-
healthy and unquestioning privilege of sending
unwanted or troubled boys and girls to such in-
dustrial (reform) schools all across the Republic
of Ireland with little or no safeguards for those
children once sent by the Garda under court
order to such brutal and menacing Church-
run juvenile institutions. The more kids they
sent, the more taxpayers money from the
government entered the coffers of both the
Church and the Garda based on the number
of kids placed in reform school care.
Letterfrack, however, led the way beyond
all the other industrial schools for its sheer
brutality and gross sex crimes against those
Irish lads abandoned forever to its wicked care.
Years later, a few of the Christian Brothers
were given short and token prison sentences
but most of them escaped from judicial punish-
ment for the murderous and abusive crimes
they had for years committed so brazenly
against Eire's poorest of poor children.
In 2002, Cardinal Desmond Connell himself, then
the Primate of All-Ireland and Archbishop of Dublin,
visited those convicted and imprisoned Letterfrack
Brothers. Such created vexation and strong criticism
among those representing the victims of abuse.
They felt the Cardinal had "not met the needs of
(the) victims." While that may be very true, I
think His Eminence, the Cardinal, was absolutely
right to visit his own imprisoned priests no matter
how terrible and criminal was their crimes against
children. The Joseph Pyke Research Trust repre-
sents the Letterfrack victims and it has repeatedly
called for a public inquiry, and rightly so, into the
diabolical deaths at the Letterfrack Industrial School.
I only wish the good Cardinal had seen fit to have also
visited the same graveyard that I did to see with his
own Catholic eyes the evidence of the mindless deaths
of those young lads that had been almost certainly
murdered, and definitely brutalized before their
deaths, and then unashamedly buried by the wicked
and cunning mindset of the Letterfrack Christian
Brothers in broad daylight.
All was ignored then for years of what
was really going on as calculated steps were
obviously taken by the religious brotherhood to
hide the true horror and gravity of their constant
physical and sex crimes against the industrial
school boys in their care from public discovery
and media inquiry. They became a law unto them
selves and immuned from criminal prosecution
due also then to the conspiracy of silence between
the brotherhood and the civil authorities that didn't
want to rock the boat against the Catholic priest-
hood or felt the reform school boys even
"deserved the treatment they got!!"
At last, however, the devastating and hideous
Letterfrack story broke wide open in 1974. But,
alas, it was too late for those 77 dead boys I counted,
grave by grave, at their quiet and unfancy graveyard
just a stone's throw from the Letterfrack Industrial
School that had existed in utter social isolation for
decades by the sheer location and geography of the
community of Letterfrack itself that even today sees
only a bare population of less the 500 local residents.
Such was an ideal and secure place and cover for the
consuming tyranny and perverted sex drive and
skewed paedophile appetite of many of those Irish
Christian Brothers. Especially, going back to many
years ago from the late 19th century thru to the
mid-1960's when Letterfrack was clearly off the
beaten track for many from the outside world. It
still relatively is, even today, for there is only one
bus a week that goes there from Galway some
110 kilometers south east of Letterfrack. Some
maps don't even show where the place is ...
Ironically, it is amazing how such a small village
could produce one of Ireland's biggest ever priestly
abuse and sex scandals that it did. And, the Letter-
frack scandal is still reverberating to this very day
all across the Emerald Isle even after 35 years since
the Industrial School was forced to shut down and
at where most of the estate was later sold to the
Irish Government Office of Public Works in 1976.
In Part Two - entitled "Beyond Letterfrack" - I will tell
you briefly about James (who wouldn't give me his last
name) that I unexpectedly encountered at the Letterfrack
Industrial School cemetery just minutes after I got there
myself. He said he was age 74 and a retired Irish civil
servant at Dublin and now in retirement at Galway.
Also, I will tell you abit of how I came to find the Letter-
frack All-Boys' Graveyard thanks only to bumping into
a house painter called Shaun, who told me how to find
it and who is from Letterfrack himself and who knew
many of the sordid details of what had been going
on at his local industrial school. Without Shaun's
friendly help and open information, it is doubtful that
my visit to Letterfrack would have been as worthwhile
and as revealing has it was. Local information is usually
the best key. So more coming soon , with more photos,
on "LETTERFRACK: The Irish Gulag."
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Day After Her Majesty's 83rd Birthday, 2oo9.
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