Maundy Thursday For Confessing Anglicans. By C. F. Fry.

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Queen Hands Out Minted Coins on 'Maundy Thursday,' 2010.

Maundy Thursday For
Confessing Anglicans.
By C. F. Fry.
Maundy Notes & Editing
By Uncle Monty.
Triduum Sacrum - (Lat. The Sacred Three Days) -
Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.
"Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter
Sunday, observed by Anglicans in commemoration
of Christ's Last Supper."
"The name Maundy is derived from mandatum (Lat.
'commandment'), the first word of an anthem sung in the
liturgical ceremony on that day. In Roman Catholic, and
many Protestant churches, The Eucharist is celebrated
in an evening liturgy that includes Holy Communion."
"During the Catholic liturgy, the ceremony of the washing of
the feet, or pedilavium, is performed: the celebrant – a bishop
or a priest - washes the feet of 12 people to commemorate
Christ's washing of his disciples' feet. In England, a custom
survives of giving alms ("royal maundy money") to the poor;
this recalls an earlier practice in which the sovereign washed
the feet of the poor on Maundy Thursday. In most European
countries, the day is known as Holy Thursday."
"Maundy Thursday is of religious importance to (confessing)
Anglicans, along with Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists,
Church of the Brethren and Catholics."
"As the (vigil) and eve of the institution of the Lord's Supper,
Maundy Thursday has been kept by devout Christians from
earliest times. By the 4th century it was a feast of The
Jerusalem Church, and in the 6th century in Gaul it was
observed as Natalis Calicis ('Birthday of the Chalice')."
In medevial Britain, it was known as Chare Thursday
(from the scrubbing of the altar) and in Germany as Green
Thursday (Grundonnerstag, either from the green
vestments then worn or from grunen, "to mourn")."
"The day is (also) associated with Tenebrae, a ceremony
of extinguishing the altar candles in preparation for Good
Friday. (Such is) observed in the Holy Catholic Church.
Maundy Thursday ceremonies appear in Anglican,
Orthodox, Congregational, Lutheran and Reformed
Episcopal, liturgical calendars and is almost universally
celebrated with (the rites) of the Lord's Supper."
Crown him with many crowns, the Lamb upon his throne.
Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own.
Awake, my soul, and sing of him who died for thee, and hail
him as thy matchless King through all eternity.
Crown him the virgin's Son, the God incarnate born, whose
arm those crimson trophies won which now His brow adorn;
fruit of the mystic rose, as of that rose the stem; the root
whence mercy ever flows, the Babe of Bethlehem.
Crown him the Son of God, before the worlds began, and ye
who tread where he hath trod, crown him the Son of Man; who
every grief hath known that wrings the human breast, and
takes and bears them for His own, that all in him may rest.
Crown him the Lord of life, who triumphed over the grave,
and rose victorious in the strife for those he came to save.
His glories now we sing, who died, and rose on high, who
died eternal life to bring, and lives that death may die.
Crown him the Lord of peace, whose power a scepter sways
from pole to pole, that wars may cease, and all be prayer and
praise his reign shall know no end, and round his piercèd feet
fair flowers of paradise extend their fragrance ever sweet.
Crown him the Lord of love, behold his hands and side,
those wounds, yet visible above, in beauty glorified. No
angel in the sky can fully bear that sight, but downward
bends his burning eyeat mysteries so bright.
Crown him the Lord of Heaven, enthroned in worlds above,
crown him the King to whom is given the wondrous name
of Love.
Crown him with many crowns, as thrones before him fall;
Crown him, ye kings, with many crowns, for he is King of all.
Crown him the Lord of lords, who over all doth reign, who
once on earth, the incarnate Word, for ransomed sinners slain,
now lives in realms of light, where saints with angels sing their
songs before him day and night,their God, Redeemer, King.
Crown him the Lord of years, the Potentate of time, Creator
of the rolling spheres, ineffably sublime. all hail, Redeemer,
hail! For thou has died for me; thy praise and glory
shall not fail throughout eternity.
Maundy Notes By Uncle Monty.
As a Confessing Anglican, Maundy Thursday has
always been important to me since becoming an
adult Christain. It is part of my faith and part of
the "sacred three days" that binds Holy Week each
year with those significant religious dates in the
Anglican Church's yearly calendar.
What is also special about Maundy Thursday is the
fact the our reigning monarch presents royal maundy
money each year to worthy British pensioners.
In 2008, the Queen for the first time presented such
maundy money at the Church of Ireland as seen in the
above lead photo of Her Majesty and Prince Philip.
And while talking of the Anglican Church of Ireland, I
thought the website ukirishhistory did a good job of
presenting the ins and outs, if you will, of the historical
background behind the giving of maundy money and
the maundy service. So I decided to include a little
bit from ukirishhistory for you:
"The distribution of maundy money dates back to the 13th
century and the recipients were selected as a reward for their
service to the community. Until the 18th century, the money
went only to persons of the same sex as the reigning monarch,
but thereafter both equal numbers of men and women were
rewarded. With each passing year, one more penny is added
to commemorate the monarch's age. Instead of general
currency, coins were especially minted for the occasion in
four denominations - a groat, a threepence, a half groat and
a penny. They were - and still are, made of silver. The British
coins bear the original image of Queen Elizabeth II, first
minted at the time of her accession in 1953 and designed
by artist Mary Gillick."
"The Maundy Service is now held at different cathedrals each
year and pensioners from that locality are selected to be re-
cipients of the royal largesse. Yeomen in their traditional tudor
uniforms carry the money to the cathedral on golden alms
trays on which are a series of red and white pouches."
"Each recipient will receive one of each colour, in which will be the
traditional maundy coins (white purse) and some other symbolic
money (in red). In 2009 at Bury St Edmunds, a special £5 coin
was distrubuted, marking the 500th anniversary of the accession
of Henry VIII plus a 50 pence coin celebrating the founding of
Kew Gardens."
This year 2010 the Maundy Ceremony moves to Derby
Cathedral at where the Queen will hand out maundy money
to the value of 84 pence, being the sum of her age.
So here we are at another Holy Week. As good Christians,
I pray we will remember our Lord's Cruxification and His
Resurrection by taking personal time to mark this
Triduum Sacrum. And remember without Him in
our lives, our world would be even more of a grimmer
place to live. It is through Him then, that our lives hold
a special meaning and spiritual value that is otherwise
dead without Him. When we have "things," but not
Him, then we are hollow and empty despite all the
shopping bags, fancy clothes, greediness, full food
larders, and expensive digital gadgets, that we
surround our modern and secular lives with ...
I see in London so many empty people, day in and
day out, I could almost cry for them ... Yet, they gladly
go on their self-centred ways without a single thought
for their utter emptiness and Godless lives! Most
of them will do that until the very day they die
and never know or care of who was Him!!
So, pitiful are they ... aren't they?
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Tuesday of Holy Week, 2010.
"The Christianists" or Hutaree Christian Warriors.
FBI Goes After Christian Militia in Series of Weekend Raids.
By Mike Householder, Associated Press
It would take only the secularist and arrogant and
governmentally-armed-to-the-teeth FBI to make
raids and arrests of Christian folks on ironically the
eve of Holy Week!! Surely, we'd expect Muslim cops
in Iran or Islamic states to do such to Christians and
not our Yankee cops? But not so, baby, in the Good
Ole US of A of today ... No, sireeeeeeeeeee!
Notes Uncle Monty ...
Global Persecution of Christians
Renewed call made for a common Christian Easter calendar.
New York (Ecumenical News International - ENI).
The U.S National Council of Churches has renewed its call to set
a common date for the celebration of Easter, when Christians
mark the raising of Jesus from the dead. This year marks a rare
occurrence as Christians from both Orthodox and non-Orthodox
traditions will mark Easter on 4 April. A similar call for a common
date for Easter was made more than 10 years ago, when
Orthodox and non-Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter
on the same date.
The renewed call came in a joint letter to member churches
by the Rev. Michael Kinnamon, the NCC's general secretary,
and Antonios Kireopoulos, the NCC's director for faith and order
and interfaith relations. They said that "almost every year the
Christian community is divided over which day to proclaim this
good news. Our split, based on a dispute having to do with
ancient calendars, visibly betrays the message of recon-
ciliation. It is a scandal that surely grieves our God."
Coming shortly: "Making Way For The Holy Father."
By Uncle Monty. Preparing for Pope Benedict XVI's
Official State Visit to the United Kingdom for
this September, 2010.


North Korea on the Edge. By B. R. Myers.

North Korea on the Edge.
By B. R. Myers.
North Korean Notes
By Uncle Monty.
"Little Kim" Photo By Alex
Albion Inside North Korea.
"North Korea on the Edge"
If the regime collapses, will the rest of the world be ready?
B. R. Myers is a professor at Dongseo University in South

North Korean Soldiers' Class Reunion.
North Korean Notes By Uncle Monty.
Looking back now on my own 10-day visit inside North Korea,
I have come to realise more and more that I had, in fact, been
privy to an extraordinary experience that was tantamount to
visiting "The Twilight Zone" of the Stalinist Democratic People's
Republic of Korea and its "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il.
Very few Englishmen like me have had the chance to personally
enter such a "Twilight Zone" that I shall always remember here on
out no matter where else I may in future tread around the globe.
Professor Myers’ essay of “North Korea on the Edge” made
me realise just how close I came to experiencing first-hand the
actual character and essence of The North Korea
Twilight Zone.
The professor’s knowledge, insight, and expertise on the world’s
last truly Stalinist State has been most helpful for me to futher
understand the true dymanics and strange culture that is uni-
quely Korean in nature and history that hitherto I had not fully
grasped until reading his Wall Street Journal piece. How glad
I did to happen to read his knowledgeable piece. It is well
worth sharing with my blog readership, so I think.
Although, I suspect the West has for years expected the
imminent collapse of the Stalinist Regime perhaps Pro-
fessor Myers isn't too far off from suggesting such a
possible final outcome under the present circumstances
that beset the Korean Penisula. Sooner or later the whole
mess in the North is going to give and get uglier with its
internal collapse almost inevitable no matter what by
the end of this decade of 2010 or even earlier. If not,
it will strangely survive to live beyond yet another
decade as the "Belly of the Beast."
I am fascinated by North Korea quite obviously
and I watch with great interest all that transpires
from out of North Korea and what the future will
behold for the oppressed people of Kim Jong Il
and his brainwashed military and his Stalinist
state thugs all poised against the freedom and
welfare of his downtrodden people ...
Meet One of "The Little" North Korean "Kim
Jong Il" at Pyongyang that I bumped into with
my North Korean interpreters and armed body-
guards as we strolled thru the city park on a
mid-Saturday afternoon in 2oo7. The little kid
was rather puzzled and bewild, and his parents,
too, at getting such photographic attention!!
Also, Professor Myers' view that the political,
social and nationalistic rhetoric of the North Korean
Regime is now more akin to Japan Fascists or Pacific
Fascism than Stalinism, reminded me of how I was
struck by the almost Nazi-style goosesteps and the
kind of "Heil Hitler" salutes of the People's soldiers at
the various checkpoints I encountered, and was stopped
at, as I travelled on the almost deserted and crumbling
highways - interstates or motorways or autobahns -
beyond the capital of Pyongyang to such places as the
West Sea Wall, which U.S. President Jimmy Carter
also visited as then the first American president
to ever visit inside North Korea.
While the good professor seems to be right, the
rhetoric of the extreme left (Stalinism) and the
extreme right (Fascism) is all but a degree or two
from each other. Therefore, the two extreme
idealogies can become almost indistinquishable
in terms of the political, social, and nationalistic
rhetoric that is used and exploited by such
national masters of citizen oppression,
it seems to me.
The Mail article also details the military numbers
behind the standing armies of both North and South
Korea in its report on the mysterious sinking of a South
Korean navy ship near the North Korean coastline:
By David Williams & Paul Bentley.
All the best, Uncle Monty.
+Palm Sunday, 2010.
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TROOPS DAY. By Uncle Monty.

By Uncle Monty.
Troops Photos
By Alex Albion.
British paras made paraplegic.
Young healthy soldiers made invalid.
Strong bodies made disabled.
And, military lives killed or shattered
by Taliban or Muslim IEB's
Such deadly devises has been the case against our
boys and girls now assigned to Afghanistan and
earlier to Iraq with the British Armed Forces.
On Parade They Proudly Came.
Troops Day was inspiring, if not a pretty view of
such soldiers maimed or damaged by war as seen
grouped and assembled at London's Ideal Home
Show 2010 at where they had gathered last Monday
to raise at least £100,000 for the soldiers' charity
that provides hands-on help to those grievously
injured in their service to our country. But no
self-pity was evident from those so medically and
physically-hurt. Quite the oppose in fact was seen
with their flair and dignity all intact and without
a word of moaning ... from them. Bravo!!
British Corporal
Johnson Gideon Beharry, V.C.
The first recipient of the Victoria Cross (V.C)
in more than 20 years, Cpl. Johnson Beharry
(shown above), then age 25, showed extraordinary
bravery in Iraq while badly injuried himself to save
some of his British fellow army comrades from almost
certain death in 2005 at the gruesome hands of Iraqi
insurgents. Meeting the corporal himself at Troops Day
was also inspiring to many, especially the school kidz
that had gathered to greet him and wave their Union
Jacks for all to see. Some of the kidz wanted his
autograph, which his humbly gave, while others
wanted to have their photo taken with him all
neatly dressed in his ceremonial uniform. Without
conceit, the corporal quietly obliged. He was also
on hand to book sign at Troops Day his hardback
book: "A Story of Extreme Valor."
British War Veterans Jerry Cooper,
86, and Henry Joel, M.B.E.
If Johnson Beharry is the modern face of the New
British Army, then Jerry Cooper, 86, and Henry
Joel (shown above) are the old military faces
from the past WWII and are still around to tell
us their war experiences of many decades ago.
Harry or Henry Joel established The London Taxi
Benevolent Association for War Disabled in 1948.
Visit http://www.taxicharity.org/ for more details
and to possibly offer help to such war disabled.
Dame Vera Lynn, D.B.E., LL.D, is Patron.
Joel was himself in the Royal Navy, while Jerry Cooper
served in the British Army at the fall of The Third Reich;
at Palestine and Aden and among other major campaigns.
Both men were there at Troops Day to help support our
present day servicemen and woman. Several Chelsea
Pensioners also vied to help raise funds for such a worthy
endeavour to help our injured guyz and galz resulting
from our war presence at Afghanistan and at Iraq. Strong
mutterings against The Iraq Invasion by vile George
Bush and hideous Anthony Blair were clearly heard from
many of the veterans so encountered at the gathering of
soldiers at The Ideal Home Show. Their open contempt
for Bush and Blair was palpable to say the least.
With Their Army Charity Buckets At The Ready!
Among the visiting top brass was British Major General
William Cubitt (shown with me at the above lead photo)
and who wholeheartedly and naturally supported Troops
Day! Read more about the general, who is in charge,
militarily-speaking, of the whole of London!
Also present was the Metropolitan Deputy Assistant
Police Commissioner Rob Jarman, who is shown below.
British Top Cop Rob Jarman.
Troops Day was an event well worth the day.
Warm crowds supported the guyz and galz
with many happily dropping donations into
the those army charity buckets that were
harnessed to raise the needed £100,000 for
our soldiers who have been so badly injured by
their personal commitment and military duty
while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Only
the cold-hearted, the ignorant, the callous, and
the unpatriotic could not be moved by what
was seen at Troops Day.
It was an honour to be there.
Sincerely, Uncle Monty.
+Lady Day, 2010.
Sadly, my domain thebiggerissue.org has not been
available to access for almost 7 days due to factors
beyond my control. Thank you to my blog readership
for sending messages and emails to me wondering
what on earth had happened to my world blog and
also hoping I was personally alive and well!
Thankz again everybody ... Remember in future
that you can always access my blog by
via http://newsscope.org/, if you cannot
otherwise access my main domain herein.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Holy Week, 2010.
Upcoming ...
Special Report: North Korea on the Edge.
By B. R. Myers. North Korean
Notes By Uncle Monty.
Next Story By Uncle Monty:
Ideal Home Show or Glorified Street Market?
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Churchill on Islam, 1899. By Rodney Hamilton.

Churchill on Islam, 1899.
By Rodney Hamilton.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism
(Islam) lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy,
which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobiain a dog,
there is this fearful fatalistic apathy."
"The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident
habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of
commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the
followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism
deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next
of its dignity and sanctity."
Gun-Carrying Muslima.
Sir Winston continues:
"The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong
to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife,
or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until
the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men."
"Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities - but the
influence of the religion paralyses the social development
of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force
exists in the world."
"Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant
and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout
Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and
were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms
of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled,
the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the
civilization of ancient Rome."
Churchill, Sir Winston. The River War, 1st Ed. Vol. II,
pps. 248-250. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1899.
And for good measure, let me, Uncle Monty, add John
Wesley's written view on Islam in the Year of Our Lord, 1841.
Note, how Wesley's own negative thoughts on Islam came
almost 6o years before Churchill's amazing and perceptive
view of Islam at his then young age of 25. When he wrote
on "Mohammedanism," or what we simply call "Islam"
today, it is now 110 years later after what Churchill wrote
in his The River War. If only he could see the masses of
Muslims that New Labour has inflcited on England, Scotland
and Wales, he and Wesley must now be turning in their
graves and screaming like hell at the hideous immigrationist
Anthony "Bambie" Blair and all his ilk at The British Labour
Party for flooding the country with such Islamic scum and
the ultimate Muslim timebomb against Anglican England
and The British Crown.
Here, for now, is Wesley's critical view of Islam:
. .
"Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world,
the espousers of it… have been as wolves and tigers to all
other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their
merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth;
that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and
only their name remaining; that many countries, which were
once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and
that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished
from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury,
the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind."
The Doctrine of Original Sin, Works (1841), ix. 205.
Beware of All Muslims, Uncle Monty.
+Fifth Sunday of Lent, 2010.
"Blacks and Islam go together like
peaches and cream." John Lenhart.
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Some Notes On The British Political Front. By Uncle Monty.

Some Notes On The British Political Front.
Pre-Election Commentary By Uncle Monty.
Select Story Photos By Alex Albion.
New Labour is stringing us all along in refusing to
officially name their date for the UK General Election
that must be called no later than June 3rd of this year.
A Labour minister made a "slip" a few weeks ago by
telling us that May 6th will be the official date for Labour
to declare an election. But, I suspect such a "slip" was a
deliberate political ploy by the treacherous British Labour
Party or New Labour that could in fact see the call for
the election suddenly being made before the allegedly
May 6th date. There is no bag of dirty tricks that I would
put past Gordon "Jackass" Brown and his hideous New
Labour cadre when it comes to them trying to win
another 5-year term in office. God forbid!
What is now so disconcerting for the electorate is the
poll gains New Labour has made since last Christmas
against the Tories under David Cameron's flaging
appeal. In fact, the national election is for Cameron
to now lose! Some are dubbing Cameron as "The
New Tony Blair." Such makes me shudder at the
thought and comparsion with "Bambie" Blair. If the
polls are a true indication of how the British public
will vote, then we're told we can expect somekind of
"hung parliament" with Labour still holding the most
seats, if not a majority of them, for an unprecedented
fourth term in office under the worst government ever
seen in the UK political history of modern times.
My planned story titled, which is set to go online once the
election is officially-called, "Breaking New Labour's Red
Stranglehold on Broken Britain" will outline some of the
horrors England has suffered under the socialists of the
ilk of Anthony "Bambie" Blair, Gordon "Jackass" Brown,
Harriet "Shrill" Harman, Jack "Giddy" Straw, and all
their other New Labour ilk.
Despite the polls, I still believe that Labour will lose its
shirt on Election Day. I say that based not on the polls
I read, but rather by what I read daily online and in
the national press by the comments stated in letters to
the editor by ordinary people who constantly write of
their deep and abiding anger and distrust of all things
New Labour just like me. Maybe, those who will vote
again for 5 more years of vile British Labour are the
ones who don't read the daily newspapers or who can-
not read English properly as new-made citizens under
Labour's extreme agenda of terrible mass immigration
to the UK over the past 12 years or so under their
hideous watch? For now, however, Labour still has
the upperhand on stringing us all along until they
decide at the last minute to call the General Election.
There is an urgent need to reform such British election
powers to create fixed terms outside the present
political power of the sitting prime minister. A four
or five year fixed term would seem ideal to me.
Many of the powers of the PM need to be taken
away in the immediate future. Anthony Blair, for ex-
ample, used and abused such powers to become drunk
and a law unto himself that resulted in forcing Britain to
go with America's George Bush to illegally invade Iraq.
Blair ignored every legal warning against such a cruel and
wicked invasion and he also ignored the will of the millions
of British People who demanded no such Iraq War.
He, Blair, and Brown, should be treated no better
than modern-day war criminals and nothing else.
Hopefully, in any event, anybody but New Labour will win
in 2010!! You couldn't pay me to vote for such political
New Labour gangsters and the extreme socialists that they
are. No way! Every thing they've touched and meddled with
has been an ongoing disaster for the true People of England.
They've killed my country has vile New Labour. For that, I
shall never, ever, forgive them in my own lifetime ... They're
a curse and a scourge to the country, if ever there was one.
BNP Deputy Simon Darby
"The BNP is considering sending a fact-finding mission
to Afghanistan to obtain a first-hand account of the
situation (there)," writes BNP leader Nick Griffin.
Perhaps his party deputy Simon Darby (shown
above) will be one of the blokes to go, if the BNP
does go to Afghanistan on such a mission! In
some respects, the BNP has now replaced what
was once the active right-wing of the old Tory Party
that under Cameron has been ignored and downgraded
to accommodate the more liberal leftist wing of today's
Conservative Party that talks and acts more like
New Labour almost every day than true Tory.
If London Mayor Boris Johnson took over the Tory
Party from lacklustre David Cameron, I don't doubt
for a moment that Boris would instantly invigorate the
party and then march to the polls with a huge winning
coup over hideous and vile New Labour. I have spent,
on two or three occasions of late, a little time each time
with the mayor himself and I must say Boris Johnson
impresses me no end. After his sound defeat of Red Ken
Livingstone two years ago, I think Boris has proven his
ability to demolish all socialist comers from tiresome
New Labour. If I had to make a choice between voting
for Boris or for Dave, and who are both Old Etonians,
I would vote for Boris Johnson hands down and all
the way - period! I also want to see Boris as our
Prime Minister, I really do ...
Inside Broken Britian:
"11 Kidz By 5 Men," Proudly She Says.
Simply Disgusting, Isn't It? Yeeep!
New poll raises fresh fears that Britain is heading for a
hung parliament at the next election. By Kristy Walker.
Most white folkz I talk with on politics are opposed to
New Labour thesedays, but such folkz are not immigrants,
foreigners, minorities, and/or asylum seekers that talk
British politics with me or me with them. They're the ones
most likely to support New Labour naturally since they
first came to the UK under its pro-mass immigration and
asylum agenda. For too long, New Labour has had its own
way and it is time now to hold a national referendum on
what they have done to the country that borders on a
socialist and far-left insanity that is driving Britain to
the brink of open warfare against them. Indeed, if New
Labour should, by fair or foul, win outright another 5-
year term, then I think we're going to see alot more
street violence against its unabated insanity and power.
Although Britain is not prone to military coup d'états,
I do believe at some extreme point the military may
need to intervene to save the country from New
Labour's stranglehold and tyranny against the true
British people that are being constantly degraded and
belittled by the ilk of such leftist loonies in power inside
the UK. I will be the first to support the generals!! And,
hopefully, they'll then roundup all those buggers like
Blair and all the New Labour henchman and women
in one big sweep and whooping swoop ... Bravo!!
What is scary about New Labour is the recent revelations
that radical Islamists have inflitated the party in the hope
that they can place such fanatics in positions of power
and eventually to control the inner workings of the
British Labour Party. That's truly scary!!
Only Whites Are Shown As Benefit Cheats.
How about that Uddin woman of the House of Lords with her
escape from criminal prosecution for more than £100,000 in
her iffy allowance, while local councils in UK go after so-called
benefit cheats for a few hundred quid? Had the Uddin woman
been Christian, Tory, and white, or a BNP elected representative,
instead of Muslim, Labour and Asian, I bet you the law goons at
Crown Presecution Service (CPS) would have prosecuted her
just for the hell of it. The British justice system is so screwed-up
thesedays by its heavy control and command under New Labour.
Perhaps they could put the likes of the Uddin woman at bus
stops ads with a mugshot of such a ilk? Why not!! If they can
do it to poor Christian whites, why not also for Muslim and
Bangladeshi thieves like Manzila Pôla Uddin of the House
of Lords? Ah, I forgot she's also a New Labour peer!!
Oh, blimey ...
The reason why not, is also because there is no “justice”
any more inside Broken Britain that New Labour always
denies it has created by its political and legal insanity!
The innocent are jailed and the guilty are set free.
That's Broken Britain for you today. And, you know what?
It's getting worse every day under vile and treacherous New
Labour. They stink they do like most loony leftists of their ilk.
The great exception by far is, of course, Hon. Frank Field, M.P.
His own prime minster refuses to talk with him. But what
should Frank expect from such a jackass, anyway?
He's "The only politician with the guts to speak out about
immigration: Frank Field reveals his candid opinion
on the future of Britain."
By Andrew Pierce.
Now also check out for good measure her "ladyship" Manzila
Oh, and had she done what she did in UK at a Muslim country
under Sharia Law, Muslim Manzila would have probably been
publicly and judicially flogged or caned for her false pretences
and monetary crimes. No wonder masses of Muslims like
her just love the UK under New Labour.
For now, I'll write no more British political stuff (unless,
of course, something major happens on the political front)
until the General Election is finally called by Jackass Brown!!
He has even barred news reporting from the war front at
Afghanistan during the upcoming election so that negative
news from there does not impinge on his desire to show
everything is "sugar and spice and all things nice" under
him and his terrible New Labour! What gall ... And, for
god sake, don''t mention the word "immigration" to
those white council tenants who might just vote for
the BNP instead of their New Labour candidates.
Bring it on, I say!!
Sincerely, Uncle Monty.
+Mothering Sunday (BCP), 2010.
The Conservatives must show the killer instinct that
comes naturally to Labour, says Benedict Brogan:
Britain voted worst place in developed world to
bring up children (while Australia is the best)
By Lucy Ballinger.
America nears 'tipping point' where babies born to
minority parents outnumber whites for first time.
(It's going to happen sooner or later in UK, too, I guess.)
By David Gardner.
Black Angel Who Came My Way!
:: Next Story By Uncle Monty ::
The Sad Case of Jon Venables:
A British Witch Hunt At Its Foulest.
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My Ideal Home. By Uncle Monty.

My Ideal Home. By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Late next week begins the 102nd Ideal Home Show at London’s
Earls Court for a full fortnight. Then on the March 22nd at the
show itself, TROOPS DAY is also to be held there to raise needed
funds for our injured guyz and galz serving in our British military
war zones. I shall certainly, in any event, attend TROOPS DAY!
But for now, with or without all the swanky and expensive items
for today’s British home, I prefer my ideal home to be made of
things of old and adored with craftsmanship that is rare to find
thesedays at furniture stores on the English high street. There’s
a saying that things new are better than old and that people are
better when they are old rather than young and new. I think,
however, that people and things are both better when they’re
old. It’s all, of course, to do with personal taste. What they call
fine new furniture, is to me little more than gloried and costly
modern junk that seems to be designed with in-built
obsolescence from the word go. That's why I prefer old,
antique furniture over the new and mass produced.
Showing Part of My Sitting Room
When I moved into my Sheltered *Idlewild House 4 years ago,
I didn’t have one stick of furniture in the unfurnished abode for
the elderly like me. The problem was quickly resolved, however,
with friends by the dozens donating pretty much what I needed.
The rest I scrounged or bought at car boot sales and charity
shops, which I now avoid like Oxfam that refuse to reduce their
prices for old age pensioners. Yet, Oxfam raised around 10 million
dollars last year just on the sale of books, cds, vinyl records, and
used paperbacks of which all were freely donated by the duped
public. I find most charity shops are a waste of time (and money)
for the kind of things I love like antique furniture, old coins, estate
jewellery, and oil paintings, etc. Indeed, the best stuff that most
charity shops get don’t even get to the shop shelves because they
have private wheelers and dealers being served privately by them.
And, all too many charity shops in the UK (or called Thrift Stores
in USA) are full of the same trashy and useless knick-knacks that
only an idiot would want buy ... Most are worthless pieces of junk.
Another View of My Sitting Room
My bedroom (shown below) is sparse and simple. No fancy
Queen-size bed or water bed to sleep on. Mine is more a cot
than a bed, I guess. But, that's fine with me. I sleep well on it
and I wouldn't
want to upgrade to something big and showy.
No, sir. Give me a practical pillow and clean bed sheets and I
can sleep soundly without any further ado. I sleep, after all,
for little more than 4 to 5 hours at night. That does me fine!
Whatever, I sleep well no matter what.
My Sparse Bedroom.
My kitchen (shown below) is compact and rather small
as kitchens go, but I get invited out quite abit to sup with
friends or to have lunch at The Strand and elsewhere with my
good friends like Colin Campbell, Heidi Johnson, Arlene Browne,
Bronwyn Curry, and Elizabeth Middleton, whenever they’re
in Olde London Towne. Generally, I buy pre-cooked chicken,
and cooked Argus meatballs along with buying fresh haddock
and a variety of soups. Such doesn't require one to be any kind
of cook and least of all to be a hotel chef to feed one's self. In
my little kitchen, I oftentimes talk or sing to myself with my
many cuppas of good Irish and Welsh tea that I so enjoy.
I neither smoke, drink nor take illicit drugs, so my home
is always neatly taken care of and is smoke, alcohol, and
drug-free at all times - period. Smokers, drinkers, and
dope heads are not at all welcome at my ideal home.
My Compact Little Kitchen.
Part of my bedroom is set aside (as shown below) for my
PC, Dell laptop, HP printer, and my Sony digital cameras,
etc. The problem with having such in my bedroom means
I spend too much time on writing my blog and editing
photos and dealing with e-mail that seems to grow daily
thesedays to as many as 60 e-mails each day ... With my
PC and laptop always at the ready with my mobile dongle,
which mean I no longer have to endure dirty, crammed,
and smelly internet cafes, except when I am abroad or
away from home which happens quite often. My digital
stuff is now part of me, although I don't have a cell-
phone or car or plasma TV in order to keep personal
costs down and to control one's monthly expenses.
If they need me they can always e-mail me
or come knock on my open door ...
Some of My Digital Stuff!
For my ideal home, I'd loved to have some old Oriental
rugs, that, however, I cannot possibly afford to buy.
Vexingly, my abode is carpeted wall-to-wall through-
out my five rooms and fine antique rugs simply don’t
fit nicely on top of newish carpetting at my sheltered
home. My favourite fine Persian rugs can run into the
£1000's or even tens of thousands. Tabriz Mahi, Birjand,
Ferahan, and Tribal rugs are just a few of the many names
given to Persian and Oriental rugs that are made of silk or
wool, and of quality dyes. Handmade rugs are the best,
but to learn the difference between an handmade rug
and a machine made one is of prime important since the
two can vary in price by $1,000's. Also, before buying a
Persian or Oriental rug, make sure it lies flat out on the
floor before parting with your money. A rug that curls or
lays uneven is not the best. The flatter the rug the better.
Also, the higher the number of knots used in making the
rug will determine the price and quality of it. Daniele Gair
also offers insight into the rug lore of Persia or now known
as Iran: "Surprisingly, a fine Persian rug will almost always
include intentional imperfections. In fact, there's an old
Persian proverb that says, "A Persian Rug is Perfectly
Imperfect, and Precisely Imprecise". This notion of
intentionally including slight and minor irregularities is
derived from the religious belief that God is the only
perfect being and that attempting absolute perfection
would be claiming the position of the Almighty."
Small, oblong, Persian rugs are also used as prayer mats in
many Muslim Mosques and Islamic homes around the world.
As an avowed English Anglican, I would, however, like to have
such a prayer mat just to simply have one at my ideal home.
Beyond wishing to acquire such fine rugs, the basic cost of putting
together the things I like at my ideal home has been remarkably
cheap. Perhaps over the course of 4 years, I’ve spent little more
than £175 per year to furnish as tastefully as I can my present
home at where I now securely live.
The only thing I don’t like at my 32-unit sheltered abode,
aside from the wall-to-wall machine-produced carpetting, is the
ever growing number of elderly immigrants, refugees, asylum
seekers and EU foreigners being housed at ever greater numbers
at the three floor unit. It seems as soon as an elderly white resident
kicks the bucket, the place is then quickly handed over to such new
comers to the UK. Indeed, the ghettoization and foreignization of
Britain under relentless New Labour’s extreme socialist agenda of
massive and destructive immigration is clearly evident just at such
an elderly shelter at where I am. Soon, they’ll hardly be a white
resident, or a true Brit, at the rate they’re being disposed off and
replaced by the hideous emergence of multicultural and multi-
racial folks of which I never asked for or even voted for under
vile Blair, Straw, Brown, Harmon, and their whole gang of leftist
loonies inside Broken Britain of today. I detest the very sight
and the very sound of the whole bloody lot, I really do.
As for my ideal home, it isn't packaged by some paid jerk
at some professional home show. No, it isn't! Rather, my
home expresses my frugality and practicality along with
my own sense of traditional decor and life-time taste that
is old-fashioned I can proudly state without stopping to
"keep up with the Jones." The Joneses leave me cold,
In some ways, The Ideal Home Show exploits those
who insist on needlessly "keeping up with the Jones,"
instead of being unapologetic for liking things that aren't
"chic" or "in" much like me. If I was ever given a free
£1,000 shopping spree, I would much prefer the cash
than grabbing stuff I cannot use, or even want, at some
boring showroom of new and tacky things ...
"My Ideal Home," I have already got and I have no
plans to move any time soon to a big mansion or grand
palace at my feet. So, "I'll be seeing you in the all the
familar places" as always is the case with me ...
Cheerz everybody, Uncle Monty.
+St. Felix, Apostle to the Angles, 2010.
*The name "Idlewild House" is used instead
of its real name for good reasons of privacy.
Here's Yalin Caglar With The Afghan.
:: Now For Those Upcoming New Stories ::
Coming sometime after Eastertide, is Graham
Walker's devastating 2-Part article on Big Issue's
John Bird. He, Bird, has described Walker's
articles as a "character assassination."
And then, again after Holy Week, we have Big Issue's
Tom Woodlock, who is shown below from Alex Albion's
webgrab image of him! Be quite surprised for it is the
shortest story I have ever written about anybody or
anything. My story on Tom will follow shortly after
Graham Walker's 2-Part article called "Dead Bird
Walking," which I have now edited for online
publication at thebiggerissue.org ...
Big Issue's Tom Woodlock in Uncle
Monty's "What I Was Told About Tom!"
Inside the world of Obama's US Secret Service bodyguards.
By Ed Pilkington.
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