What My Roving-Eye Saw of Cuba. By Uncle Monty at New York City.

What My Roving-Eye Saw of Cuba.
By Uncle Monty at New York City.
Photos of Cuba By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Cuba was a kaleidoscope of colours for my roving-eye
that saw me shoot over 1,000 photos at mostly Havana,
of western Cuba at Pinar del Rio, and the beach area of
Fabrica during my 10-day visit to the Cuban Archipelago.
Needless to say, I have already sold the rights to many of my
Cuban images that I shot under my photographic name of
Alex Albion. Whatever, I still have many photos left to share
with my loyal blog readership. So here I present a very small
selection of about 20 photos that has tried to avoid the usual
“tourist” spots and snapshots for images primarily of the
day-to-day life of the ordinary Cuban people that I saw
thru my roving-eye and camera lens.
I have given a brief description of each image here with-
out any lengthy story of what my roving-eye saw of Cuba.
Read instead part 1 of 2 for a more detailed story of my
stay under the communist tyranny and ignominy of Raúl
and Fidel Castro. Here then are simply some of my
images that best convey, I think, the constrast and
character of the ordinary people and of the every
day scenes that I openingly recorded
at first hand and right upfront.
Cuban School Kidz at Havana Public Ceremony.
Downtown Havana.
Local Neighbourhood Swimming Hole.
Baseball Pastime.
Statues Galore With Yet Another One Here.
A Blissful Cathedral Wedding.
Homeless Cuban w/The Big Issue.
The 1st Archbishop of Cuba.
At "El Sinagoga Adath Israel."

Pay Phones Widely-Used w/Few Cellphones.
City Nun Doing Her Helpful Rounds.
Interior View of Cuban Government Building.
Castro Party H.Q. at Pinar del Rio.
Classic Scene of Old American Chevy.
Burying Their Dead at Necropólis de Colon.
Inside A Cuban Primary School.
Princess Diana Isn't Dead in Cuba!!

At Fabrica, Cuba.
My First Picture Shot of Havana.
The Caption Photo at top of page is of a
young artist called Jorge Luz with his bright
painting of Ernesto "Che" Guevara that Jorge
had just hours earlier finished at his local art
school project. He wanted only 25 Pesos
(approx. £18.00) for his large canvas.
Uncle Monty With Cuba National Boxing Team.

_ * _
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Whitsuntide, 2009.
_ * _
Cuba revolution commander Juan Almeida dies at 82.
(Who I happened to see and photograph while at Havana!)
By Jeff Franks
Latest Update: Sept. 12th, 2oo9.
:: US/Cuba Update 6/5/09 ::
Ex-U.S. State official, wife face Cuba spy charges.
By Andy Sullivan.
:: Further Update 6/12/09 ::
Top UK headteacher held over £500,000 Cuba trip expenses.
By Mark Blunden and Robert Mendick.
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Castro's Crumbling Cuba. By Uncle Monty at New York City.

Castro's Crumbling Cuba.
By Uncle Monty at New York City.
Photos of Cuba By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Driving from José Marti International Airport
to Cuba's capital of central Havana was akin to
witnessing at first hand a Third World country
under the communist tyranny of the Castro
Brothers - Raúl, its current president and
Fidel its former president of Cuba.
The scenery looked quite primitive in the late
evening drive with awful roads, sub-standard
dwellings, shabby knots of Afro-Cubans
lanquishing on the dirt sidewalks, piles of
garbage visible at the packed neighbour-
hoods, and crumbling infrastructure
rudely invading the senses.
Any romantic view of Cuba was soon dead!
Marking this year the 50th Anniversary of
the Fidel Ruz Castro Communist Régime of
1959, the revolutionary rhetoric and the
reality of life in Cuba for the masses is
stark and contradictory to say the least.
At the street level, the Castro party ap-
paratus controls and grinds the lives of
the people from demands of monthly taxes
collected from door to door to the military
and police presence everywhere to the
enforced silence of dissent that sees the
prisons of Cuba full of political prisoners.
No wonder so many Cubans seek free-
dom elsewhere by fleeing to America
by whatever means they can.
The Cuban-American opposition to
all things called "Castro" is so valid now to
me after visiting Cuba and seeing with my
own eyes an undernourished society that
is so oppressed and absolutely unfree.
Street Woman at Cuba's Havana.
At Havana itself, I saw nobody reading the
free daily newspapers because there are none
to buy or to read, save for such national propa-
ganda news sheets - like El Granma - that aren't
worth the paper they're printed on. Cellphone
users are few and far between on the crowded
streets of the Cuban capital of 2½ million people
with internet access so limited to expensive tourist
hotels at about £3.50 per hour use. Tourist money
helps feed the Castro Tyranny. And, when it comes
time to leave the tourist must then pay 25CUC or
almost 20 quid in cash for so-called "Airport Tax"
that helps the communistic coffers of those still
in power after 50 years of iron rule. My plane
alone carried 400 air passengers. So figure that
at almost 20 quid per head and count the total
of free money rolling in for Cuba's political
elite and Castro's own crude thugs and old re-
volutionary henchmen. It's about £8.000 per
plane load. At say 5 plane loads per day, that's
£40.000 in free money each day. In the mean-
time, the Cuban masses grow poorer and more
blighted and more oppressed every day
under old Castro's crumbling Cuba.
And if America's Obama decides to lift the
U.S. embargo against Cuba, then it must be
tied to open demands that all political prisoners
under Castro be unconditionally-released and
without any further harm against them by his
vile and ever-present Cuban secret police.
:: And, This Just In ::
"U.S., Cuba agree to resume migration talks."
If, by the way, you want a bellyful of Ernesto "Che"
Guevara (1928-1967) then Cuba is the place to visit
with him plastered on the street walls of many Cuban
cities. In fact, there seems to be more of "Che" than
Castro himself on the walls, despite "Che" being
second only to his revolutionary comrade and
brother-in-arms Fidel Castro. Guevara has
romanticizing disciples the world over even
though he was a ruthless and avowed orthodox
Marxist of Argentine birth who was finally
killed off in Bolivia while trying to lead
a peasant uprising there.
Here's another example of Castro's Crumbling Cuba.

While most Cubans are very friendly, there were elements who despise tourists and went out of their way to scream at you with their anti-Gringo and/or anti-Anglo obscenities! On the far back streets of Hanava, I was about to take a picture of a cluster of half-a-dozen young male Afro-Cubans sitting down playing dominoes outside together on the open street of Calle Sol, when one of them suddenly came at me with loud screams of obscenities in my face and telling me "to go back to the country" I was from and that foreigners like me had no welcome in Cuba. His face was a rage of full hate and his mates just egged him onto being even more hostile and anti-Anglo. Else where, another young, tall, and angry Afro-Cuban male tried to snatch my camera from me and told me he didn't want any photos taken of the graffiti-scrawled sign that said "Viva Fidel." On the other extreme, over-friendly non-Afro male hustlers abound with their broken English trying to entice you to buy Havana cigars or to give them money for something or other or to take a taxi ride. I was accosted twice by underage Afro-Cuban females for purposes of street prostitution! I just kept on walking until I got rid of them. Another thing to beware of is when given change at street stores that will foist old Cuban money on you knowing you're not then aware of the difference between the old and new money called "Cuban Convertible Pesos." The old money is now worthless and I got stuck with perhaps some 18 old pesoes in my change from just one store. I soon learned to be alert to such trickery and refused change that wasn't the new currency that came about only just last year in all of Cuba. I also sensed that many Cubans have simply a love/hate view of Europeans and Americans, but if they gain money from you then they will tolerate you no matter what. As for Havana waitresses, they are poorly trained if trained at all. They're sloppy and forgetful when called upon to serve their customers. At one restaurant, Contessa Maria and I was left for over 30 minutes while the waitress decided she'd take a personal break right in the middle of serving our lunch!! She seemed lost when she returned, too, with no apology. Maria was then furious and she promptly walked out and refused to pay a dime for the lunch we never actually got to take a bite of. There was consternation and pleas from the manager begging us to finish our now cold and useless lunch. He also bowed and scraped to Maria, but to no avail. Too late, buddy!!

But what really took the biscuit for me was when I walked across some grass that was forbidden to be used at one of the national monuments. Before I knew what, I had three military guyz, two armed policemen, and a young plainclothes cop surrounding me and demanding me to identify myself. When the plaincothes cop saw the copy of The Big Issue I had taken with me to Cuba, he quickly grabbed it from me but couldn't understand a word of English. I think at first he might have thought it was counter-revolutionary material against the Castro Régime!! Such is strictly forbidden and if found with such you can count on being detained in one of Castro's many secret prisons for here on out for the offense against public order. They finally, after 20 minutes, threw their hands up in the air when they couldn't understand a word I was saying and trying to also tell them I saw no sign that prohibited where I had simply walked to cross the road. I was not afraid of them and I was getting pretty angry with them for such an authoritarian overkill over little or nothing ... What that experience taught me was that inside Cuba it is almost equally as bad as inside North Korea and inside China (of which I have both visited) for the state control over every aspect of a person's public activity that is deemed the enforced order of the day. The eyes and ears of Raúl and Fidel Castro are every where. Although, Britain today isn't far behind them with her 7 million ubiquitous surveillance cameras in a society that is otherwise called "free" while Cuba cannot pretend to be.

Typical Cuban Junior H.S. Brainwashed for starters!
~~~ Wall poster of Castro with his pal Hugo Chavez.
~~~ When by accident I attended the public event marking Gustavo Ameijeiras' 51th anniversary death at downtown Havana, it was there that I first saw Comandante Juan Almeida (shown above), who is one of Fidel Castro's right hand men. He looked half-dead to me and he looked scruffy in his unpressed military outfit and seemed also abit lame did the comandante with many school kids shipped in for the occasion where they seemed to do their mechanical salutes and boring lip service to their régime masters. Juan Almeida was the nearest I got (or ever will) to Fidel himself while in Cuba for some 10 days. The comandante's own son - Juan Juan - was arrested for trying to illegally leave the country by Castro's own secret police!! http://www.miamiherald.com/news/americas/story/1069051.html

I must say, the longer I stayed the less I liked the
Cuban society I saw. I measure a country by my
desire to perhaps live there by a scale of 1 to 10.
The highest is 1 to the lowest that is 10. For me,
I'd give Cuba only about an 8 and that's it!!!
Havana or Habana Radio is state controlled.
"Che" at Cuba's Pinar del Rio some 100 miles
from Havana, that is pronounced "Abana." ~~~
In part 2, I'll have more photos of Cuba and more comments, etc.
For now read this: Miami judge awards $1.2 billion in suit against Cuba.

Right now, I'm here at New York City with Maria at her luxurious Manhattan home before I then head next back to home base. I want to thank very much Maria, yet once again, for her kind hospitality at The Big Apple and for her generosity while at Havana by her underwriting of my complete 12.000-mile round trip. Bless you, my dear as always!!!

Truly, Uncle Monty. +Eve of Whitsuntide, 2oo9.

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Cuba's Own Rubik's Cube. By Uncle Monty at Cuba's Old Havana.

Cuba’s Own Rubik's Cube.
By Uncle Monty
At Cuba's Old Havana.
For an Anglo or gringo like me, staying for
awhile here inside Hispanic Cuba is something
like trying to figure out the rubik's cube. No mat-
ter how you twist and turn the multi-coloured
rubik's cube, Cuba still confounds the likes and
minds of most Anglos and gringos. And, it leaves
us, more often than not, red in the face.
The colourful Cubans themselves delight and chuckle in
confounding us, but without any malice or any deliberate
harm on their friendly part. For me, standing now at
Cuba’s Old Havana filfills one of my great travel dreams
to finally come here and to try to figure out all that is
behind Cuba’s Own Rubik's Cube. I’m so glad I did.
Old Cuban Jew at Havana Synagogue with
his WII Nazi-issued ID card for Jews Only.
Big America is just 90 miles away that has boycott Cuba
forever and a day or for close to 50 years now. It’s time
to do away with that and bring Cuba out of isolation and
embargo for all the free world to finally see.
But first also be aware here at Old Havana of “hustlers,
rogue taxi drivers, and other bad people who may offer
you cheaper accommodation services, transporation or
money exchange. This happens frequently and the ser-
vices they offer are not legitimate or are of very poor
quality. We, at Havana Stay, strongly discourage any
sort of deals with these (illegal) solicitors to aviod a
dangerous risk to you,” says Isabel Lopez at pre-
warning Maria and I. That also helps us to solve abit
of Cuba’s Own Rubik's Cube, right? Sí. Muy bueno! ...
The Flag of Cuba.
Many Cuban Americans mellowing to new Cuba policy.
By Pascal Fletcher.
Before leaving for Old Havana, I went to the Cuban
Embassy at London’s Grape Street to get my tourist
visa. While there, I saw three or four highly-polished
black Cuban diplomatic cars parked outside with
important ambassadorial members arriving like
English knighted lords with their groomed chauffeurs.
Inside the small consul section, the atomsphere was
family-like with an informality that was quite homely
and relaxed with some of their fellow Cuban com-
patriots visiting with their new-born babies to say
"hola" or "hello" to their consular staff friends.
It took just minutes to obtain my 30-day Tourist
Visa card at only 15 quid! Not only was it the quick-
est visa I have ever been issued with, but by far
the cheapest. At the Chinese and Iranian Embassies
in London, when I went to Bejing and Tehran, I had
to pay, for example, over 60 quid for each visa
and wait in line for hours, too. Not so, how-
ever, at Fidel’s! Ah, Muy bueno, again!!
And before I forget, don’t bring “credit or debit
cards and traveller’s checks issued in any country
by American banks or their branches for they are
not accepted in Cuba and, therefore, are useless. If
you bring US dollars, unlike all other currencies,
you’ll be charged a 10% tax on top of the exchange
rate," states Isabel Lopez. No doubt this will change
if and when the Obama Administration finally lifts
America's long-standing embargo against Cuba that
prevents and deprives all Americans of free travel to
Havana. Cuban Americans, however, can now freely
travel to their homeland of Cuba due to Obama
recently freeing them to do so, but all other Am-
ericans are still left in travel limbo for now.
It is also here at Cuba that houses America's huge blot
in the shape and form of its world notorious Gitmo
or Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp that smacks
of Nazi character more than anything else with
its concertina fortress and gun towers to "protect"
Americans and their Washington government from
those who hate or would attack the United States
for whatever reasons their "terrorist" hearts and
minds might forever desire. The fallout of America's
9/11 will live on and on until the Gitmo dies its own
death at its world shame that it now represents.
Two Gringos: Ah, Kiss And Make-Up! :-:
From Old Havana, Maria and I will then travel
stateside to vibrant Miami and then onto The Big
Apple at New York City to stay there at Maria's
luxury-owned Upper Manhattan Duplex - which
would cost about $450 or £210 per day, if she
rented - until I fly back to home base. I've held
permanent US residency, or the so-called "Green
Card," for the past 38 years. So I think I know
America very well. But for Cuba,
I obviously do not!
Some key facts about Cuban society.
So for me, Cuba's Own Rubik's Cube I hope to
fathom out abit from now on. Then perhaps, I can
figure out who and what she really is. The Cuban
combinations are truly rubik to me although after my
10-day here, I hope to be alot wiser than I am now.
Perhaps, too, I may, ironically, find myself to be more
the Rubik's Cube than Cuba will ever be!!! We'll see!!
Adiós, Uncle Monty
at Old Havana, Cuba.

+The Ascension, 2oo9.
::: While in Cuba and America, I shall take a needed
break from my little blog, unless something major
happens that requires me to return to my blog faster
than before I know what. So again, adiós amigos!! :::

:: Rubik's Cube ::

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My Writing Speaks For Myself. By Sam Woodlock.

My Writing Speaks For Myself.
By Sam Woodlock.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Graphics + Photos
By Alex Albion.
:: Drawing Conclusions ::
The best part of my day is when I close my
living room curtains. I have been housed for a few
years now, but the novelty of pulling the curtains
and shutting out the world has never really worn off.
When I was sleeping rough, I used to wander around
in the early evening killing time. I used to look through
windows and see people watching TV, eating meals,
enjoying family life – a whole world I was no longer
part of. It made me remember a time before I was
homeless, when, I, too, took for granted that I would
always have a TV to watch, the luxury of a made-up
bed, the bedroom lit by the soft glow
of a bedside lamp.
I used to walk the streets, watching people draw the
curtains, people who were oblivious to a whole world
of other people making cardboard beds on freezing
cold pavements. I didn’t blame them, because be-
fore I became homeless it was not something I
had ever thought about either.
But now that I am housed, every time I pull my
curtains, I am reminded of those left outside, the
ones who were not as lucky as me. What I have
experienced has taught me that homelessness
is just the other side of my front door.
So maybe tonight, when you are drawing your
curtains after dinner, you could offer up a little
prayer for the ones sleeping out tonight.
It’s something I always do.
Sam Woodlock ©2008.
:: Freedom ::
You do not need to tell me
To go away
That my presence
Is no longer required
Because I have already gone
Not phyiscally, I’m still here
But like a hot air balloon
My spirit soars free
Like the clouds drifting
So you do not need to tell me
I can go away
I can no longer hear you
Sam Woodlock ©2009
Sam's Hubby Tom ...
:: The Ladder of Life ::
(I) am now housed, but spent around 18
months sleeping rough with my husband
(Tom). Recently, I was thinking about all
the help we have received and our long
journey from a doorway in Holborn to
the nice council flat we have now.
What struck me was that each move we
made was a step up in the world, albeit
in an unconventional way.
We started off sleeping in a doorway in Holborn,
with no blankets. Our feet stuck out of the coat
we covered ourselves with, and on the two nights
it rained we got soaked. After a week, we man-
aged to get a duvet and blankets ... The next
few nights in the doorway felt like a hotel!
A few days later, some other people told us about
Charing Cross subway. Now that was heaven –
we were warm and dry.
A few weeks after that, we were all moved on
from Charing Cross. We then found ourselves
sleeping in a toilet at a railway station. This
was a definite move up – now we had
ensuite accommodation!
A few days later, we were discovered by station
staff, but were left speechless by their kindness.
They allowed us to stay in a disused storeroom,
and we were there for six months. A home of our
own, we had a heater, a sink, and somewhere to
leave our things. We could only sleep there
between 1am and 5.30am so that day staff
wouldn’t find out – but it was bliss.
Our next move was to a caravan, and here we
even had a TV. Then (TBI) found us a bedsit
and we thought things couldn’t get any better,
but then we moved (finally) into our lovely flat.
It’s funny, but looking back, I wouldn’t want to
live in any of those places now, but at the time
each move was like a gift from the gods.
(Edited By Uncle Monty)
Sam Woodlock © 2009
Sam Woodlock
Mother of one Sam Woodlock is a Big Issue
distributor at London’s famed Covent Garden.
She has been with The Big Issue for 12 years.
Her writing herein first appeared in various
weekly editions of The Big Issue. Such then
are selectively reprinted here online by
permission of the author herself.
"From Nasty Scotsman To Nice Jews."
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
It was a case of the rally catching up with me and
not me catching up with the rally! I may, if I have
any spare time before my upcoming holiday, add
a few more photos about the Free Palestine and
anti-Israel rally that converged Saturday after-
noon at Trafalgar Square from their march via
London's Kingsway, Aldwych, and the Strand.
Photo: Orthodox Jews At Free Palestine Rally.
Ready For Royal Ascot
At Stephen Jones' Hatshop.
Ralph & Company. Both Are Pals of Mine!
Then in London earlier this year for the England
vs. Scotland Rugby Final, I asked the Scotsmen
(shown below) if they would pose with a copy of The
Big Issue and I was disgusted that the one Scotsman
of the three sneered, "F*** The Big Issue." I told him
he didn't need to be so nasty and then he told me to
"F*** Off," too!! He wasn't drunk, he was just mean
even though he appeared to be so friendly on the
surface as shown in the photo of the 3 kilted Scots.
"F*** The Big Issue," Said
The Curt and Kilted Scotsman.
So talking of The Big Issue, I also saw its own
staffer Paul Joseph at my pitch on Saturday morn-
ing, where upon he had arrived back from Norway’s
Bergen at where he had spoken on the panel about
street paper distribution at the 2oo9 Conference
of The International Network of Street Papers
(INSP). Along with Paul, was the Big Issue honcho
John Bird himself and TBI Publisher Lisa Woodman.
Last year, I attended its 2008 conference at Scotland's
Glasgow. Then TBI's international business rep John
Duffy also attended, but not so at Bergen this year
just like me. I have invited Paul to write some-
thing about the conference should he like to do so.
He said he'd not written anything so far about it.
He also said he'd not taken any photos of the event.
Pity! Always carry a camera with you for you never
know what is around the corner of life that becomes
history the very second after you have photographed
whoever and whatever it is ... I don't know if UK's
TBI won an award at the 2oo9 INSP event, but
Canada's super street paper "Megaphone" at Van-
couver won big time twice at Bergen this year.
With regards, Uncle Monty.
+Monday Before The Ascension, 2oo9.
Following up on my earlier story last year of
the 16 white Spurs football fans that were hunted
down like wanted terrorists by our own Brit police
for their anti-Sol Campbell verbal and racial loud-
mouthing at the football stands that went against
the pushy demands of our leftist political and racial
mindset in today's mindless "Broken New Britain,"
the final court verdict last week bordered more on
political retribution by the liberal magistrate than
so-called impartial civic justice. Hence:
Vatican urged to expel African genocide suspect who is priest.
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Two Homeless Guyz - Fergal & Anthony. By Max Pemberton, M.D.

Two Homeless Guyz -
Fergal & Anthony.
By Max Pemberton, M.D.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Caption Graphic
By Alex Albion.
As a (medical) doctor, I have become accustomed to making
judgements based on evidence. On a rudimentary level, much of
(today's) medicine appears to operate on the premise that what
is observed in one individual can be extrapolated and applied
wholesale. But the more I see and hear in the course of my job,
the more I realise that this does not always do the patient
justice. The exciting thing about working with people is their
ability constantly to surprise, so that even in the bleakest
of human terrains there is hope.
When I (first) met them, Fergal and Anthony had been living on
the streets, sleeping in a disused shed on an allotment, for more
than a year. Fergal had been homeless for longer. He used to be
a waiter but had begun drinking heavily after his mother died.
He was fired from the restaurant where he worked, and was
eventually evicted from his flat. He started going to local parks
during the day to drink until, one day, sitting with a group of
fellow alcoholics and worrying about where he was going to
sleep that night, someone offered him something to smoke.
He smoked it and for the next half an hour nothing seemed
to matter. It was heroin. After a few weeks of smoking it
everyday he was addicted. He had also started injecting it.
Since working in an outreach project for homeless people, I
have met many drug addicts and many have started inject-
ing heroin this way. They begin by smoking it, then as the
addiction takes hold, and they need more to achieve the same
effect, they progress to injecting. It was certainly easier and
cheaper for Fergal to get wasted on heroin than alcohol.
But the success rate for getting people in treatment off
heroin is about five per cent a year. That's pretty poor.
There are numerous factors that make people more likely to
succeed: good family support networks, stable accommodation,
using only one substance, motivation and drive. Fergal and
Anthony didn't tick any of these boxes.
In fact, both he (Fergal) and Anthony were injecting two
packets heroin a day, and occasionally using crack. Neither
of them had been in treatment for their addiction before,
and both of them seemed rather indifferent to the idea.
They had only come to see me because they had been
arrested for possession of heroin. "The courts said we had
to come, so we did," said Fergal, shrugging his shoulders.
I sighed.
But something about their story did make them stand out.
Fergal had met Anthony a year ago, while sitting on a park
bench, and they struck up a friendship. Life on the streets is
harsh and brutal. There is no honour among thieves, or drug
addicts, and allegiances that are formed on the streets are
fragile and transient, only existing as long as they serve
the interest of the individual. But Fergal and Anthony
were different; they were like brothers.
They were inseparable, looking after and protecting each
other, sharing their food and money. They funded their
addiction by stealing things, mainly copper wiring but also
tools and sheet-metal from building sites, and selling it to
scrap merchants. Despite operating outside of the law,
they had their own strict moral code of conduct, which in-
volved no burglary from people's homes, no mugging and
no begging. They reasoned that stealing from businesses
was all right because they were wasteful, and
they had insurance anyway.
While I couldn't condone this, in an environment where the
only currency given any importance is drugs, it was heart-
ening to see two people place value on their friendship.
But this didn't take away from the fact that they had not
attended under their own volition, and to date, no one who
had come to the clinic under a court order had returned for
a follow-up appointment. Instead, they vanished back into
the seedy underworld of life as a drug addict. I knew that
they would never return, all the evidence pointed towards it.
I signed the form, prescribed them both the starting dose
of methadone and they left.
Then, to my great surprise, Fergal and Anthony did return.
While many of the patients I had thought would be able to kick
the habit relapsed, they stuck with it. In fact, a year on, they
are now no longer dependent on drugs, and both have jobs.
However uncertain the world may seem at times, one of the
things you learn in medicine is that people really do have the
capacity to change. Because of this there is always hope.
British Dr. Max Pemberton writes a regular column for
The Daily Telegraph called "Finger On The Pulse," to which
this story of his about Fergal and Anthony is taken.
Just A Few Comments and
Photos of This Week’s People.
By Uncle Monty.
A Gentleman's Gentleman: Cheviot's Paul
Martin-Davis. He's an assets consultant of the
first order. Paul has been very kind and generous
to me. We usually see each other at my Big Issue
pitch at London's Long Acre. The gentleman is
always immaculately dressed with impeccable
good English manners and becoming taste.
If there was ever a local scumbag, then
the Westminister Council's Traffic Warden
shown below is No. 1 among the many such
scumbags that helps Westminster rake in
£55 million (yep: over $110 million U.S.
dollars) annually by their profit-based
traffic enforcement Gestapo of which
the London scumbags belong ...

-=-"No chickenshit, please," hollered Dan
to girlfriend Kes as they freely acted out
for my cameras outside "The George."
-=- Cathy is the first European Union candidate I have met. She is The Christian Party's EU
candidate for SW England. With their red double decker bus parked on Old Kent Road near Tesco's, Cathy and her friends campaigned happily to the many shoppers coming and going on the street. Their primary goal, of course, is to get elected at the June 4th, 2oo9, EU Election. Another goal of their's is to stop the British National Party (BNP) from winning a EU seat instead of The Christian Party. If that's all they're doing to get elected by being anti-BNP, then that shouldn't be their only platform and only qualification to get elected. It's easy to knock the BNP since it costs nothing and is popular among British mainline political parties and left-wing demagogues to condemn with engendered indignation. Let the voters themselves decide if they do or do not want such parties as The Christian Party, or BNP, or The Independence Party or aka UKIP, to play some role in today's British political life. I don't want a candidate telling me who and what I should vote for. I make up my own mind, not those who have a vested interest in knocking whoever and/or whatever it is they don't like in the hope it will get them elected. I want to know what they believe, not what they don't believe ...


Murphy's construction worker Craig, 21, (shown above) is a new mates of mine that I have gotten to know since he and his work mates have been diligently working on replacing those old Victorian waterpipes near my Big Issue pitch and all over central London. Craig's big boss just died last week at near 100 years of age called John Murphy, who first came to London in the 1930's from his poor native Irish town of Kerry. A Requiem Mass is set at The Brompton Oratory for Monday and old John Murphy's body will then arrive later by his own private jet back to Ireland for his solemn family burial.

He started out hitchhiking to England as poor Irish lad did John Murphy to then anti-Irish Britain, but ended up as a multi-millionaire several times over. He employed the Irish homeless and destitute of the "Irish Navvy Era" in the UK. He not only prospered himself, but also his fellow Irish. Today, 70 years later, John Murphy Civil Engineering Company still hires more Irish than any other nationality. He was a very private man and spoke little about himself or his life. And, Craig is also a classic young Irishman who does himself, John Murphy, and Old Eirean mighty proud ...

They were in the news at The Big Issue when
they came unexpectedly and bought 10 copies of
current issue from me. Before buying the 10, they
checked to be sure that they were indeed featured
inside the BI. They surely was on pages 8 and 9.
So I made a small profit of 8 quid from the two
young NU Magazine women shown above.
At The BBC Bush House.
That's all for now. Hope you liked the
images and my brief comments ... Along

with Max Pemberton's piece on Fergal &
Anthony. It's a positive story for a change
about the homeless, instead of the usual
negative stuff one reads all too often about
the people who happen to be on the streets
of the world's meanest streets from
Almighty America to Zymotic Zimbabwe.
G' day, Uncle Monty.
+Rogation Day, 2oo9.
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U.S.-IRAQ: Massacre Puts War
Trauma Under the Spotlight.
By Aaron Glantz.


Hit The Road, Jack!! By Uncle Monty.

Hit The Road, Jack!!
By Uncle Monty.
Rally Photos By Alex Albion.
Gobs and gobs of illegal immigrants, failed asylum
seekers, visa violators, and undocumented workers,
so brazenly and so arrogantly showed their ugly faces
at the "Strangers Into Citizens Campaign" Rally that
was held at London’s famed Trafalgar Square on
Bank Holiday Monday, 2oo9, in the UK. It was a
pro-immigration spectacle that no other country
on earth would have tolerated, except under
England's radical leftist government of New
Labour, which has already flooded the country
with untold masses of immigrants and foreigners
that has never before been seen in all the past
1,500 history of England as a British Nation.
I will also shortly write a separate story about
that in what I call "Tallying Now The Dire Results
of Mass Immigration To The UK" that sees the
same appalling Labour government expend £500
million per annum on its mass immigration policy
and multiracial agenda at the staggering expense
and dire crippling, of the British people.
Pro-Immigration Rally at London's Whitehall.
Loads and loads of Orientals, Latinos, Asians, West
Indians, and Africans composed the strange immigrant
and negative foreign mixture present at the well-funded
pro-immigration rally that seeks to legalise and regularise
between 450.000 to 900.000 of such iffy people in the UK.
They want the presents pro-immigrant and pro-foreigner
British Labour government to grant some kind of a
blanket amnesty for them all. And, they want Labour
to do it now while they cling precariously to political
power before they are finally and hopefully booted
completely out of power at the next British
General Election that is set to take place
by June, 2010, or some time before.
Salvation Army Rally Happy!!
While the No. 1 issue of mass immigration by
British Labour has for the moment been over-
shadowed by the ongoing public row and anger
over MPs systematically claiming ever-exorbitant,
ever-greedy and ever-inflated expenses for them-
selves and their relatives from the public purse,
the pressing national issue of almost uncontrol-
able mass immigration will not, however, go
away. It will, I believe, bring about the coup
de gras -of New Labour in their now "Broken
Little Britain." But the damage they have com-
mitted against the nation and her good people
will live on with infamy forever and long
after Labour is finally gone from the seat
of political power and its abuse of such ...
Rev'd Prof. Nicholas Sagovsky & Alison Gelder at rally.
At the rally, the surprise was seeing so many
Latinos there demanding that they be legalised
and regularised among the thousands of others at
the "Strangers Into Citizens" gathering that saw
perhaps 7.000 to 8.000 protesters against the
projected 20.000 people that had earlier been
expected to attend the rally. For the public,
immigration in Britain is almost synonymous
with African immigrants as opposed to Latinos
and Orientals - Chinese, Japanese and Korean -
that are quite often illegal in the UK. In fact, the
presence of Orientals are a growing segment
among the world's unwanted immigrants that
Britain's New Labour has embraces to the de-
triment of the native white population that has
been aghast at the continuing onslaught by
Labour's instrusive immigration aims and poli-
cies over the past 13 years. How we could have
between 400.000 to 900.000 (yep, going on
close to a million) immigration illegals of one
sort or another in our country confirms the
social recklessness and political pathology of
New Labour that refuses to put a stop to such.
Leaders of the British Labour Party should
be criminally-indicted for the damage they
have already done to Britain under its
lawless immigration nightmare.
"Treat The Foreigner The Same As A Native."
Why should we? So again, "Hit The Road, Jack!!"

Yet another Anglican priest at rally - Father
Paul Butler of solidly black-immigant Deptford.
Fr. Butler is not related to Bishop Tom
Butler of the same Southwark Diocese.

Why Legalization? We have too many of you already!!

He/She was one of the many oddballs
seen at the pro-immigration London rally.

Among the assortment of oddballs, like the weirdo shown above, I encountered a variety of other more stable people that represented everything from the rights of Anglo-Iranian women to supporters of the United Campaign Against Police Violence, which is set to assemble at Trafalgar Square, for its 3.00pm march to Scotland Yard via Downing Street, on May 23rd. Then I encountered the anti-British "Mbongwana and Uhuru Movement" members, who also showed their ugly faces and cutting words at the pro- immigration rally. The movement demands pay back from the UK for the "stolen minerals and wealth" it has taken under capitalism and colonialism from Africa. Yet, these same members want to be legalised citizens of Britain? What cheek they have? They also want: "Freedom of travel for all ... (and) they oppose all immigration controls as they are used against Africans and oppressed people." Blimey, how about the almost 2 million Africans that New Labour has freely admitted to the UK with almost no control or rule against such black immigrants settling and working in the country at the pure expense of the ordinary British-born citizen? If ever there was a clear case for greater immigration controls, and even a British immigration moratorium, then New Labour is today almost criminal and wanton not to do so. As for the legalization and/or regularization of so many more iffy immigrants and useless foreigners in the UK seeking to be made lawful by means of a national amnesty, then all I can say is: "Hit The Road, Jack!!" The real crime is they should never have been allowed in the first place to enter the British Isles and then get away with it by now demanding they be made citizens when they are but strangers seeking to cynically manipulate the law and rules of Britain's shabby immigration mess that New Labour has brought about with utter impunity and immunity for all too many years against my own British nation.

Go "Hit The Road, Jack!!," right away ...

Latinos Were Also Well Represented at rally.

Iranians, too, with their anti-Ahmadinejad stand.
What I learned at the "Strangers Into Citizens Campaign"
Rally was how the forces of pro-immigration has taken
root at many levels of today's ghettoised and foreignised
British society and at where local white political liberals
at the Church, the trade unions, and the universities have
all been brainwashed into backing illegals to stay on by
making them citizens instead of the strangers that
they really are. Worse still, knowing New Labour it may
very well bow to such supporters, especially since it
has little to lose in the closing months of its ever
crumbling position with the general British public
that for the most detests them so. Except, of course,
all those legal and illegal immigrants that have flooded
the country due entirely to shabby New Labour. We
don't need another 400.000 to 900.000 to flood us
even further.
Yet, this same Labour government wants to
keep out our good and patriotic Gurkha soliders
because they don't fit New Labour's political and
racial ideal of mass immigration for "poor" Africans first.
And so, to hell with the Gurkhas until British celebrity
Joanna Lumley stepped right in and rightly stamped
on Labour's big toes. As for loyalty to the British people
over many, many years, the Gurkhas are pre-eminent
loyalists above all else who want to settle in the UK.
Give the Gurkhas full rights to settle
without any further ado - period!!!
I should note that the shining difference between
the polished Gurkhas and unpolished subcultural
Africans is simply this: The Gurkhas have given
to Britain the most with their 200 years of military
sacrifice and the Africans have given the very least.
The Gurkhas now want the least from Britain, while
the Africans are bellicose in always demanding the
most when they have given us the least. Anthony
Blair is always prancing about the pitiful plight of
Africans, yet speaks not a public word in support
of New Labour giving unfettered residence to
the brave and gallant Gurkhas!! Blair loves
Africa almost pathologically, while he's as cold
as ice toward our true friends the Gurkhas
like so many of his fellow New Labourites.
It is also to the ilk of Anthony Blair - The
Mass Immigrationist - and his like minded
international socialists, that New Labour has
now created "The New Africa" right inside
England without the consent or wishes of the
British people. We also have what I would
otherwise call "The New Zululand" that
has been rammed down our throat by the
mass immigration order of New Labour.
Moreover, as far as African immigants go there are
serious questions about their loyalty first to their
African country of origin and secondly to Britain.
If you see the number of Africans now settled in-
side Britian with them all dressed-up in their flashy
native and nationalistic African costumes, then that
publicly demonstrates their dual loyalty that
is first to Africa of their birth and above all else.
Some Africans are now more African than African
in Britain. Their only love for England is the free
benefits and money they get, while otherwise
they depise the "white" British with a passion that
is reverse racism for all to witness. I see it every
day in and around London without failure and
also across the whole country at where they now
infect the British way of life at every daily rank
and level. It's so bloody ugly and awful, really!!
My best regards, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of Barnabas The Apostle, 2oo9.


Much to my surprise, Joanna Lumley herself has sent

thebiggerissue.org her reply due to my complete support

for the Gurkhas to settle in the UK without any further

ado by the ilk of British New Labour. See Joanna's full

message by clicking "comments" button shown below.

Thank you, my dear, for making contact with my

little blog!! Uncle Monty, May 11th, 2oo9. PM.

Also soon to come is another story of mine called:
"Now Tallying The Dire Results of Mass Immigration
To The UK" under crummy and course New Labour.

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