Londonistan. By Uncle Monty.

Londonistan In Full Bloom.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Islamic charities were seen panhandling on the
Square. There, Halal food was de jure, according to
the SUBWAY® franchises that provided platters.
Knots of Muslim youths displayed their non-Christian
persona. Head scarves and black burkas were worn by
the Muslima present. Muslim musicians stage-played
their foreign tunes and almost sang to Allah. Foreign-
born Middle Eastern Muslims paraded in their British
Metropolitan police uniforms for all to see. And lots of
free Eid Mubarak sweets for the little kidz, too. Such
marked in full swing the end of Ramadan known as
Eid-ul-Fitr to the Muslim masses all around the world.
Muslim Merchant Selling Muslim Goods.
Under ominous black clouds and chilly autumn weather,
the British capital was really awash with the permanent
rise of Londonistan in full bloom as seen at Trafalgar
Square just yesterday. It's really scary to see how
London has now become Londonistan and a Third
World habitation that has turned London into a major
dumping ground of low-life foreigners and a huge il-
legal immigrant city that will one day, and all too
soon, literally displace and overthrow en masse what
is now left of good white Olde London Towne folkz.
God damn New Labour for it! They’ve also ruined
London almost completely have those British Labour
Party bastards with their bloody and unwanted and
imposed socialist agenda of the past decade or so.
Performances For Muslims By Muslims.
At Trafalgar Square, Lord Nelson’s statue is
hoisted high in the English sky and looks down
no doubt very disapprovingly on the Islamic
celebration sponsored by none other than London’s
own Tory Mayor Boris Johnson. In the meantime,
dear old Nelson has turned in his grave no amount
of times at the thought of his square being a public
showcase of intolerant and violent Islam. Yet,
we’re forced in the UK to be tolerant of the
intolerance of most professed and menacing
Muslims. So welcome to Londonistan on the
Square or more properly “Eid in the Square”
as it was officially dubbed by the
worming Islamic sponsors.
16th Cent. Moroccan Islamic Art.
Starting with Qu'ran Recitation by, no doubt
yet another foreign Muslim inside Britain, called
Imam Tahir Shabhuddin, the Eid Celebration
was formally opened followed by such Islamic
performances of the Mohammadiya Somali
Nasheed Group, the Islamia Primary School
Choir (started by Yusaf Islam the former Cat
Stevens) and Cheb Nacim. Over at the Exhibition
Tent yet another Ali Saidi Qur'anic Recitation
was done, along with Muslims Penkaj Silat,
Sheheenia Bibi, Mohsin Azagh, and Ameer
Awan Qawaal, doing their Islamic thing.
There wasn't a large crowd really, especially
compared to the Pope's Prayer Vigil held at
London's Hyde Park exactly a week before the
Eid Muslim do was held. At Benedict's papal
event, some 350,000 folkz had gathered
that had also included your's truly. At Eid,
perhaps a couple of thousand at best.
Parkistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghans, Iraqis,
Algerians, Moroccans, Somalis, and other foreign
Muslims, cluttered the square with their new
born babies that they are breeding like rabbits
all over England thesedays. No wonder a
Christian Catholic primary school is to be con-
verted to Islam. It is part of the rapid march of
the growing Islamicization of the UK and EU.
When will we stop the menacing Muslim march?
WHEN? Again, WHEN? Primarily, Arabic was
also the language most heard at the London's
Eid celebration in the Square.
Catholic primary school set to convert to Islamic faith.
By Richard Garner.
He Looks As Muslim As
He Can Get, Doesn't He?
The commemorative issue of Eid London 2010
lamented the negative British attitude toward
the imported Muslims and their vile Islam.
Under the caption story "Major campaign
challenges misconceptions of Islam," Eid Mag-
azine highlights some of the negatives the
Brits feel to such unwanted and unwelcomed
religious fanatics allowed to stay all because of
the dreadful and destructive mass immigration
policy of the leftist gangsters under hideous Tony
Blair, who deliberately and underhandedly flooded
the UK with literally millions of immigrants and
foreigners that included a sizeable onslaught
of foreign Muslims. Here are some examples of
the YouGov Poll, published in the Muslim pub-
lication, of 2,152 UK adults from last month.
It doesn't look pretty, does the poll!
Some 58% of British adults associated
Islam with extremism and 50% associated
the world religion with terrorism. While 69%
believes Islam represses women. "Less than
1 in 5 Britons believe Islam has a positive
impact on British society with almost a third
believing it is a violent religion," reported
Eid Magazine that was distributed free of
charge to the public at Trafalgar Square.
The survey was conducted by the Exploring
Islam Foundation, which is self-described
as a "moderate Muslim foundation." De-
spite the overewhelming negative feelings
of the British majority to Muslims and Islam,
the march of the Muslims is widespread
across the UK. And like bloody New Labour
that is so pro-Islam it's almost sickening, the
"New Tory" party under David Cameron is
hardly any better with its public cosiness and
approval of Muslim candidates at every turn.
Our political masters pay homage to Islam,
while the majority of the country detest the
sight and sound of all too many Muslims
already inside Bloody Broken Britian.
Going to Eid-ul-Fitr was all I needed to do
to confirm my own worst fears of the grow-
ing Islamicization of my own country along
side of the negroization, ghettoization and
foreignization of what once beautiful Village
England that has been forcefully taken away
from us to accommodate the hideous rise
and socialist infliction of vile multiculturalism
and multiracialism against the wishes of the
majority of the true English people. What I
see now is Londonistan in full bloom, I do.
At Londonistan, I will attend today the Public
Juried Inquest of British Barrister Mark Saun-
ders, then 32, who was cruelly and publically-
slaughtered by armed British police more
than two years ago inside his £2.2 million
Chelsea flat. It appears the rifle he had
branished during the siege wasn't even
capable of firing. At one point he was also
told he would NOT be shot only to be later
cold-bloodedly shot by the deliberate volley
of police bullets to his heart and head ...
Such savagery it was! Give a cop a gun and
he'll eventually use it to kill someone ...
Bye Eid, Uncle Monty.
+St. Vincent de Paul, 2010.
Jackie Ashley: Is there more anti-semitism, or more anti-Muslim
feeling in Britain today? It's depends where you're coming from ...
She gave to the Pakistan Flood Appeal. Let 'hem drown!
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But Give To Vendor ...
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Controversies Over Mosques and
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Papal Visit ~ Day 3 ~ Hyde Park Prayer Vigil.
By Uncle Monty at the Vigil.
Papal Photos By Alex Albion.
Unexpectedly, the popemobile stopped within
just feet of me as Pope Benedict XVI personally
received a baby handed to him to be kissed and
blessed with some 350,000 pilgrims cheering and
looking on among London’s densely packed crowds
at the Hyde Park Prayer Vigil on the last day, but
one, of the Holy Father’s official four-day state visit
to the United Kingdom. I could now almost reach
over and touch the pope himself as he dutifully
stood-up to receive the child at the opened window
of his bullet-proof popemobile that was surrounded
by security agents ever leary of some public protester
acting out against the 83-year old German-born
Vicar of Christ. The moment was almost surreal
for me, aside from being an extraordinary and un-
forgetable one that I couldn’t have planned any
better by being, has it was, at the perfect and un-
planned spot to record such a moving and papal
moment that I shall never again see
repeated in my own life time.
A Future Priest, Perhaps?
Beside that, there was the five-hour long stage per-
formances leading upto to the personal arrival of
His Holiness at the Papal Prayer Vigil that saw both
high and low class performances of dancers, singers,
skits, and musical treats. However, there was too
much of the same gymnastics that was presented
as “dancing” when my “kitty” called “Potty” could
have easily outperformed such poor and mechanical
performers and ticks much better with hands down.
The Papal Stage at Hyde Park Prayer Vigil, 2010.
The vigil was also so swamped with too many African
immigrants and foreigners that it was hard to know if
it was English at all. Christian charity was hard to find,
too. Many of the Africans and foreigners were decidedly
rude and aggressive and demanding that they be given
priority over others wanting to get to the front row
despite being too late to get there themselves. It took
me a couple of hours to land up on the first row myself
by patiently dealing with the largest crowds I have ever
encountered before at any where else. Whatever, I
still got there by determination and stamina to get
myself where I wanted to be by being polite and
considerate to others above all else. Some of the
kids, too, were clearly more polite and kind than
some of their edgy elders at the Hyde Park
Prayer Vigil.
His Holiness Sat Throned on the Papal Stage.
Speaking English in his deep guttural German accent,
Pope Benedict came over as a rare man to be reckon
with religiously, intellectually, and ecclesiastically, as
he spoke as “God’s Rottweiler,” if you will, to the
massive crowds as dusk had now fallen to full night
time at London’s autumntide in mid-September that
was also on the same evening as the Jewish Day
of Atonement or Yom Kippur.
The constrast between Benedict and the late beloved
John Paul II was like day and night for many, although
I think Benedict has been a good choice after the char-
ismastic and splendid and resounding 26-year long
papacy of the Great JPII. Although an avid
Anglican myself, I much perfer JPII to the
somewhat rather stiff personality of Benedict.
(I personally never did see the biggest protest against the
pope has I arrived at Hyde Park around 1:30pm and stayed
there until 8.30pm at the close of the Papal Prayer Vigil.
I had no desire to neither to see such nor to add
any kind of credence to such an anti-pope protest.)
Pope Decries 'Marginalization' of Religion

By Lawrence D. Jones. The Christian Post.
No one can appreciate, by the way, the immense
draw of any pope – even that of Benedict’s unwarm
personality and anti-pope protests against him –
unless you’ve been there to actually see a pope. It
is akin to the draw of an American President in
which crowds are drawn simply because the person
is a president. Again, unless you’ve been there to
see a president you cannot appreciate or experience
what such is really like. I have been present at
presidents and popes, so I think I can understand
the draw and why others do not. For me, "the
taste" is irresisible, while for others it is not.
Another touching momemt at the Hyde Park Prayer
Vigil was the Mizen Family who spoke movingly
of their 16 year-old son Jimmy Mizen’s mindless
London stabbing and murder two years ago by yet
another knife-weilding youthful immigrant thug.
Mass immigration to the UK has brought untold
murders, grave stabbings, street crime, black
youth postcode gangs, spreading of Aids, and
broad day robberies of the kind never before
seen in England until New Labour deliberately
inflicted its socialistic vision of turning Great
Britain into a savage and hideous Third World
country that is has now become in some urban
spots. When Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke of
Heathrow looking like a Third World Country he
was, of course, absolutely right aside from being
shunned from the papal visit because of what he
honestly said. The British news media called it
a "gaffe," while I call it the truth of what the
dear Cardinal said. You cannot speak critically
of today's Broken Britain without being con-
demned and branded as a racist, bigot, Nazi,
and/or Fascist despite the fact that Britain has
been turned into a massive dumping ground for
the world's unwanted weirdos, rejects, spongers,
criminals, nutcases, and low-life!
And, when Monsignor John Armitage stood-up
to speak on the Papal Stage he soon sounded
to me more like he was presenting some kind
of Socialist Manifeso rather than a religious
homily. Perhaps him and socialism go to-
gether much like what was once called
"Liberation Theology."
There was, however, two things that I was rather
pleased with at the prayer vigil: Sir Edward
Elgar's magnetic music of "Pomp & Circumstance"
and his British patriotic piece of "Land of Hope
& Glory" brought me great pleasure. Although
I suspect that many of the bobbing heads
among the big crowd didn't know it was Elgar
or that he was a quintessential English
Catholic composer whose classical music
I never tire of hearing. Bravo!
Then I come now to the superb 480-page
pocket-size printed MAGNIFICAT, that
contains all the liturgies, Eucharistic prayers,
Communion hymns, and state events of the
Papal Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the
United Kingdom. Each page is glorious
reading to me with its missal character
and essence. I've gotten thru about 100
pages so far, but I will savour the rest of
MAGNIFICAT long after the pope has
safely return home to the Holy See.
Big TV Screen View of the 350,000 Pilgrims.

I have so much enjoyed Pope Benedict's visit to us. And, especially his presence at Lambeth Palace and at the huge Papal Prayer Vigil at London's world famous Hyde Park. What was also so wonderful about the papal visit was it was free for the most part save for a few quid here and there to help underwrite the huge costs of such an important state visit. Certainly, the overkill security and policing was evident and very costly when deployed in the name of protecting the pope by thousands upon thousands of British cops of every kind along with private security companies that must have made a big killing in huge profits thankz to the pope's visit. What positive impact Benedict's four-day state visit to the UK will have on reducing the de-Christianization of Anglican England seems to me to be minimal at best because of the already stated irreligiosity of the English people and the forced infusion of alien religions like Islam in its vile anti-Christian stand that is allowed to flourish freely in the hideous name of multiculturalism and multiracialism inside Bloody Broken Britain. I doubt we will see another UK papal visit in this 21st century of growing secularism and atheism unless something dramatically changes the sorrowful and soulless generations to come. While now, England is pretty much dead from what I can see. We are the "New Africa" displacing everything that was once my beloved Albion. Plus, we're being overwhelmed by those of alien cultures, foreign attitudes, strange religions, odd tongues, weird lifestyles, anti-English beliefs, and non-stop legal and illegal immigration.

Truly, Uncle Monty. +16th Sunday after Trinity, 2010.

Papal Visit ~ Final Day 4
The Beautification of John Henry Newman.

Pope's visit culminates with beatification of Cardinal Newman

Service for Victorian cleric in front of 50,000 at windswept park in Birmingham. Nuns arrive at Cofton Park, Birmingham where the pope oversaw a service beatifying Cardinal Newman.
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Papal Visit ~ Day Two ~ Lambeth Palace.
By Uncle Monty at The Anglican Palace.
Papal Photos By Alex Albion.
Let me tell you about some of the people and
things I saw during my eights hours stay
earlier today for the arrival of Pope
Benedict XVI at Lambeth Palace that
marked his second full day in Britain and
his ecumenical encounter with His Grace,
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan
Douglas Williams, and some of his fellow
Anglican bishops. The event was rather
very low-key, I thought. And, at times
there was more British police present
than world pilgrims.
Some Anglican & Catholic Bishops tarrying after
meeting ecumenically with The Pope at Lambeth Palace.
Bomb sniffing dogs ~ Loads of cops ~ Papal flags.
Anti-Paedophile Priest protests ~ Popemobile upclose.
Groups for the Ordination of Catholic women.
Cardinals & VIPs ~ Benedict himself ~ Sparse Crowds.
Glorious weather, though nippy at times.
Anti-Catholic rhetoric ~ Signs of the times.
Helicopters dancing in the sky ~ Monkish monks.
Anglican nuns, but no Catholic ones ~ Anti-gay slog.
Security overkill ~ Forced behind metal barriers.
Hardly a school kid in sight ~ Hollering for the pope.
ABC Rowan Williams arrives on foot with his white
and dishevelled hair that really needs an haircut!
No music of any kind ~ No loos ~ Hardly any fun.
Accredited news reporters and pool photographers
were doing their jobs like they should.
Street traffic at a standstill and barred from
getting close to Lambeth Palace.
Such then were some of the people and things
I saw at Lambeth Palace that was seen on the
outside with an unswept driveway and untrim-
med greenery at the entrance to the historic and
religious palace. Usually, when someone of great
importance visits somewhere like His Holiness or
Her Majesty, steps are quickly taken to spruce
up the place before the arrival. At Lambeth,
no such steps had been taken. Also, the
informal and shabby attire of some of the
palace staff was totally out of place for
the extraordinary visit of the pope.
Did they not have a nice suit and tie or
some decent clothes to wear? Nope!
Due to time constrains, I can only write a
short piece herein. So I'l will simply share
instead with you a mixture of the many
images I took of today's papal visit at
Lambeth. Such reflects what happened.
Essentially, anti-paedophile rehortic
by some is now an anti-religious cover.
Much too small was it for £100,000.
The Devout & Catholic Faithful.
Aussie Spewing Anti-Catholic
Comments for Muslim TV at Lambeth Palace.
We Anglicans Live in the Strangest Places,
Don't We? Sodor & Man Is a Good Example,
I think! Perhaps Bp. Robert Paterson will
not agree after bumping into each other
after the departure of His Holiness.
"Condemn" Peter & John Bird at Lambeth Palace.
Young Germans Anti-Pope Protestors.
Really? How Silly!!!
Pope's visit: Six held by counter-terror police
hours before historic address. Arrests of
London street cleaners under Terrorism Act
2000 made on basis of 'overheard conversation.'
By Vikram Dodd, Sam Jones, Richard
Norton-Taylor & John Hooper.
"Armed officers detained the men, all believed
to be Muslims of North African origin, as they
prepared to go on shift at a cleaning depot in
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Papal Visit ~ Day Three ~
London's Hyde Park Prayer Vigil
With His Holiness Present.
September 18th, 2010.
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Papal Visit ~ Day 1 ~ Scotland.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Photos: Global Pool
Pope's visit:
Two mighty spiritual leaders make small talk.
By Stephen Bates.
The Queen and Benedict – who have more than a
billion parishioners between them – have to work
His Holiness & His Grace At Lambeth Palace.
September 17th, 2010.
Good Friends & Good Churchmen:
(L-R) The Most Rev'd Vincent Nichols,
Archbishop of Westminster & His Eminence,
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Conner,
Archbishop-Emeritus of Westminster.
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POPE. By Uncle Monty.

Papal Coverage By Uncle Monty At London.
Photos By Alex Albion & Pool Photographers.
So True of What You Said, My Dear Cardinal!!
Pope faces atheist hate campaign in UK after top
German aide says: 'When you land at Heathrow
Pope Benedict XVI flies in amid row over aide's
race remarks Cardinal dropped from entourage.
By John Hooper in Rome, Riazat Butt & Sam Jones.
By Jerome Taylor.
Suddenly its all come together and the eve of
Pope Benedict XVI's expected arrival at our
British shores is now set for his four-day state,
papal, ecumenical, and historic visit to us.

Catholic Britain rejoices, but abuse overshadows Pope's first state visit.
Jerome Taylor: Plans are being drawn up for the Pope to
hold private meetings with people who suffered sexual
abuse at the hands of clerics during this week's
visit to Britain.
With the three papal security passes I have
for three major events in London, the first for
me will be at Friday's encounter with His
Holiness and His Grace, The Archbishop of
Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Douglas Williams, at
Lambeth Palace. They know each other
quite well and they have a mutual chemistry
and ecumenical respect for each other so the
visit should go off very well. That’s good.
As a devout and an avowed Anglican myself,
I welcome heartly the visit of the pope to our
shores. I resent the homosexual moron and
publicity artist Peter Tatchell and his mob of
secularists, humanists, atheists, pro-Islamicists,
ignoramuses and looney leftists trying to belittle
both His Holiness and his state visit to Britain.
We should ignore those godless creatures at
as Christians, and no matter whatever our
denominational identity, and thus openly
joyous in being faithful to our faith.
The Left are using the Pope's visit to attack a Church
Pope's visit: an interactive guide.
Find out about Pope Benedict's itinerary for his forth-
coming UK visit, the cost of the trip, how to get involved
and the controversies surrounding the Catholic church.
By Christine Oliver, Sheila Pulham, Holly Bentley,
Luc Torres, Katy Stoddard, & Eric Hilaire.
In 1987, I was fortunate to be living in New Orleans
during the Great John Paul II’s remarkable visit
there. So Benedict is my second pope, so to speak,
to see upfront although I have met him once before
at the papal audience inside The Holy See while I
was in Rome three years ago. This time, I shall get
to see him, like thousands of others, via one of his
three bullet-proof popemobiles riding around town.
A popemobile costs over $US100,000 a piece.
Different pope, different times for British trip.
By Victor L. Simpson.
You may want to look at the official website for
Of the three Vatican passes I have been granted
for the papal events, the highlight for me will
be at London's Hyde Park for the Papal
Prayer Vigil in which His Holiness officiates
in person. During the UK papal visit, I shall
endeavour to record those events upfront
and present such to my blog readers around
the world. I have put everything else aside
this week in order to be totally free to see as
much of the papal events as I can and record
all I can about such on my megablog herein.
Pope to defend religion against rising secularism
during British visit Edinburgh (ENI).
Pope Benedict XVI is likely to focus on religious freedom
during the first official State visit by a pontiff to Britain,
where secularism is growing and Christianity declining.
The Pope is alsolikely to face scrutiny at a time of global
questioning of secrecy inthe Roman Catholic Church
and the attitudes of its hierarchy on socialissues that
are seen as out of step with the norms of many people.
Benedict will arrive in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh
on16 September for the first papal visit to Britain since
1982, when his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, drew big
crowds on a six-day trip thatwas described as a pastoral,
rather than a State, occasion.
Britain is growing more irreligious rather than
simply secular, while adherents of Islam are
becoming more critical and vocal against
Christianity in UK. As Christians reject their
historic faith, the foreign Muslims inside Britain
are having a hey-day and are surpassing the
lame natives to open more and more mosques
and prayer centres all across the British Isles
as the mainline Christian churches, especially
the Anglican, are seemingly starving of the
faithful. Benedict's visit comes at a critical
stage against the invidious and insidious
background of anti-faith propaganda
served up by the socialistic or "Pravda"
(Правда) BBC and much of the anti-Christian
media inside today's Bloody Broken Britain.
Pope to warn of equality law danger to religious
freedom in speech during British visit. By David Wilkes.
I will have further coverage of the
papal visit over the next few days.
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Our Lady of Sorrows, 2010.
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Bid. By Uncle Monty.

Bid To Jail Nick.
By Uncle Monty At The
British Royal Courts of Justice.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Yesterday’s bid to jail the far-right British National
Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin, by the far left
quango gang of Trevor Phillips of the notorious and
meddling Commission for Equality and Human Rights
(CERH) at London’s Royal Courts of Justice, quickly
came to a grinding legal halt in the case heard before
Mrs. Justice Dame Nicola Davies, Q.C., age 55,
inside the small and crammed courtroom No. 13 at
where I sat to listen to the outrageous case brought
by CEHR at the expense of the oppressed
UK taxpayers.
The Hon. Mrs. Justice Davies, D.B.E, Q.C.
WalesOnline - Nicola Davies QC made High Court judge and Dame of ...
21 Jan 2010 ... Nicola Davies QC, whose family still lives in Bridgend ...
BNP Members & Supporters Outside RCJ.
With its annual millions of free government money
and its 70 leftist fat-cat lawyers, CEHR has targeted
and persecuted the BNP leadership with all manner
of legal claims to try to break Britain’s nationalist
party by whatever twisted means the quango
can muster to cripple it politically, financially,
and nationally.
View Yesterday From Court House Steps.
The bid to jail Nick Griffin is yet another example
of the evil tyranny that New Labour first started
against the BNP while it was then in power and is
now being carried on blindly by the present Con-
Lib-Dem Coalition Government to close down or
strangle those nationalistic parties that it doesn’t
like and to which the leftist CEHR is allowed to
be the public slayer of the political right.
They're Waiting For Nick To Come Out of Court!
Why is the CEHR’s vile and bloated black boss
Trevor Phillips, a Caribbean native and UK
ignorant immigrant, seeking to jail and to de-
prive the liberty of one Nick Griffin, a white
native British son? Plus, two other white
BNP officers? Good question, ah?
Well, the CEHR answer is that the BNP has
not fully complied with New Labour-made
laws against discrimination based on race!
Even though the party has taken decisive steps
to comply with such asinine laws of the leftist-
made agenda that seeks to impose its will on
all those who oppose such draconian ideology
to inflict multiculturalism and multiracialism
on the British people against their will. And
the only answer from Trevor Phillips and his
quango gang is to deprive the freedom and
liberty of Nick Griffin, et al, by having them
slammed in jail, which today is full of criminal
immigrants and menacing Muslims from
all over the the world!
What is worse, if CEHR finally prevails in
the British High Court against the BNP, then
Britain today will all but stand for the criminal-
ization of those who oppose the political agenda of
socialist New Labour as enforced by the vile quango
of the Commission on Equality and Human Rights
that has been given the legal status of an anti-right
and anti-White inquisition. The political views of
the far right are thus criminalized, while the
radical views of the far left and socialists are
thus sanctified and enshrined into British law.
Substitute then the word "Commission" for
"Inquisition" and that explains the true purpose
behind the CEHR and its leftist cadre headed by
hideous Trevor Phillips with his £139,000 annual
salary and is driven around like he's some Obama!
What the bitter folkz at Phillips' place seem
to do is to underestimate the political forces
against them. If they jail Nick Griffin and/or
closed down the BNP, the price they will pay
will see street demos and hardened right-
wing activists even more so against the ilk
of the political and socialist left. Other
nationalist groups will be forced to united
together to combat the ever growing threat
and danger of an even bigger Third
World Britain than it is already today.
Such stinks much like The Big Issue
homeless street paper ... Be sure to
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9 Sep 2010 ... (Jean, this is Monty. I expect nothing
from such bastards like Peter & John Bird.
NOTHING - period.)
A Litttle Bit of Tartan Always Helps ...
Inside court room No. 13, I sat on the third
row of the four-rows of public seats that sat
at most 12 folkz per row. I sat on the far
right of the last seat available since the
court room was now full and I was lucky to
finally get a seat after a lady left early
during the court proceedings and she
gave me permission to take her seat.
Otherwise, I would never have gotten
inside the court room itself.
The first thing I noticed was two CEHR men
sitting right on the front row and in their 50's
with their foreign complexions constantly in-
structing the commission's two bewigged legal
councellors - each a Q.C. - on how they should
proceed against the BNP before the Hon. Mrs.
Justice Davies, the presiding Royal Court
judge. Almost every British institution is now
penetrated by immigrants and foreigners in
the UK. The CERH is a classic example of
that today inside Bloody Broken Britian.
British School Teacher Adam Walker.
UNIONS have hit out after a North teacher who described im-
migrants as "savage animals" was cleared of racial intolerance.
Some BNP Supporters.
Nick Griffin & His Security Entourage.
Now Rightfully On His Way Back Home ...
The now adjourned CEHR case against Nick
Griffin is set for a two-day hearing before
two High Court judges at the Royal Courts
of Justice on Nov. 8th and Nov. 9th, 2010,
at 9:ooam. Be sure to be there!
Now Back At Home Base, Uncle Monty.
+Birth of The BVM, 2010.
The report below arrived just minutes ago
at my inbox from Nick Griffin himself!!
Welcome to Third World Britain.
By Nick Griffin.
Britain's slide from a law-abiding, decent, honest and
democratic society to a third-world banana republic
is gathering pace with the news that five Muslim
Conservative Party members, including two councillors,
in Bradford have been jailed for just over seven years
after being found guilty of large-scale voter fraud.
The 'New Conservatives' have joined the growing list of
Muslim "politicians" in Britain from all the Westminster
parties who have been found guilty of importing election
"tactics" from their third-world homelands to Britain.
The Leeds Crown Court Judge Robert Bartfield warned
that the fraud threatened to "contaminate" Britain's
democratic foundations and render those principles
"worthless." According to a local report, Tory councillors
Reis Khan and Jamshed Khan conspired in a plot with
fellow Conservatives Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed
Rafiq and Alyas Khan to use fraudulent postal votes to
get their candidate Haroon Rashid, elected to the
Bradford West seat.
The practice of Muslim cheating in Britain's elections
is widespread. In Slough, Berkshire last year, six
Pakistanis were jailed for postal vote abuse. In an
earlier case in Birmingham in 2005, local elections were
voided and had to be re-run at a massive cost to the tax-
payer, as several Pakistani candidates were found to be
operating what was described as a 'vote-rigging factory'.
The judge presiding over that case commented on
(New Labour) government claims at the time that
postal voting was working: "Anybody who has sat
through the case I have just tried and listened to
evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a
banana republic would find this
statement surprising."
The growth in Third World corruption is an inevitable
consequence of the third-world colonisation of Britain.
All the signs are there, and the only question still to be
answered is if the British people will read the signs
and respond accordingly. Is this the country that
Churchill, Monty and our War Heroes fought for?
Is this the country you want for your children?
Things will only get WORSE.
:: New Opera on Nick Griffin ::
By David Lister.
Muslim, Is He Not?
Part 2: "Field Fayre At The BNP."
Soon By Uncle Monty.
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