Holy, Holy Relics of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. By Uncle Monty.

Holy, Holy Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
It marked Britain’s outstanding religious event of the

decade, I do believe, when the arrival and tour of the
Holy, Holy Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux, the famous
French Carmelite nun, took place with great fanfare and
open excitement among hundreds of thousands of faithful
people of both Catholic and non-Catholic dispensation.
With the last day at hand to actually view the reliquary
itself at London's Westminster Cathedral, I hurried quite
early in the morning to get in line to see and hear for
myself what all the religious excitement was all about.
People had already visited the holy, holy relics through-
out the previous night and at the very rise of another
blessed new daylight. As I stood in line, there was a calm
and quietude and devotion all around me, even with the
arrival of more and more people gathering in the line of
hundreds to enter the Catholic cathedral to pay homage,
prayer, and even curiosity, at the holy, holy relics.
I was moved by the scene I saw and by what I
witnessed of the reliquary even as an English
Anglican by long and avid faith.
But in order to add some flesh and blood, if you will,
to such a saintly person, it is appropriate to read here
some of the condensed reference to the life and times
of St Thérèse of Lisieux, that is so ably presented by
Professor F. L. Cross in the 1961 edition of The Diction-

ary of the Christian Church. I have, therefore, included
the professor’s own words to best illustrate her religious
background and conviction that was long well-known
before the first eventual arrival of her holy, holy relics
to the British Isles at this 2oo9 autumn of our’s.
The Exquisite Reliquary of St. Thérèse.
St. Thérèse Herself.
TERESA OF LISIEAX, (1873-97) St. Carmelite nun.
The youngest daughter of Louis Martin, a devout watchmaker
of Alençon, she was drawn towards religious perfection at an
early age. In spite of opposition, she obtained permission
to enter the Carmelite convent at Lisieux at the age of 15.
She was professed in 1890, and was assistant novice-mistress
from 1893. In 1896 she was prevented from joining the
Carmelites in China by a series of haemorrhages.
She died of tuberculosis on 30 Sept, 1897.
Officiating At The Holy Relics:
Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster.
At the command of her superiors she wrote her autobiography,
L’Historìre d’une âme. The spread of her fame was largely due
to the decision of the prioress to circulate a revised edition of
this, together with details of her death, to all Carmelite houses.
Miracles of healing and prophecy were soon reported in suffi-
cient number to realize her promise, ‘Je vais faire tomber un
torrent de roses’. By 1907 an account of them was appended
to her biography, notes Professor Cross.
Proceeding for her beatification was initiated in the court of
Bayeax in 1910 and moved to Rome in 1918, her cause being
exempted from the fifty years’ delay imposed by Canon Law.
Some Carmelmite Nuns of today's 21st Century.
On 25 April, 1923, her beatification was porclaimed by
Pius XI and her bones solemnly translated to the convent.
On 17 May, 1925, she was canonized under the name of
‘Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face’.
Her feast is kept 3 Oct.
The professor's reference adds: Owing to the continued
increase in the number of pilgrims of all nations, it was
decided in 1926 to erect a large basilica at Lisieux. The
popularity of her cult was largely due to her appeal to the
ordinary people of her age, to whom her life showed that
the attainment of sanctity was practicable, not only
through extreme mortification, but through
continual renunciation in small matters.
She (St. St Thérèse) is popularly known in England as
‘The Little Flower from the subtitle of her autobiography.
In 1929, Pius XI named her patroness of foreign missions
and all works directed to Russia. In1947 she joined with
Joan of Arc as patroness of France.

Visitors of the Relics Inside Westminster Cathedral.
The late Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity F. L.
Cross additionally provides the following detailed and
fascinating bibliography regarding St. Thérèse,
whose given religious name is spelled both
with and without the letter “h."
Her autobiography was first publd. at Lisieux in 1890;
many sunsequent edd.; Eng. tr., 1901; more recent tr. by
T. N. Taylor, 1927. Letters ed. A. Combes, Lisieux, 1948;
Eng. tr. New York, 1948, Pulies des roses (6 vols. Lisieux,

1913-25). A P. Laveille, Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus
(1873-1897), d’après les documents officiels du Carmel
de Lisieux (1925; Eng. tr., 1928). The lage number of
other lives include studies by H. Petitot, O.P. (1922; Eng.
tr., 1927), H. Ghèon (Paris, 1934; Eng. tr., 1934, H. U. von
Balthasar (Olten, 1950; id. Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus.
Contemplation et apostolat (1949). Id., La Problème de

L’Hostoire de’une et des œuvres complètes de S Thérèse
de Lisieux (1950), and other works by this author.
(My Source: F. L. Cross, Oxford Dictionary of the
Christian Church, pp. 1332-1333, 1961).
Bidding Their Farewell To The Holy, Holy Relics.


As for the tour of the Holy, Holy Relics around the UK, I was most struck by their arrival at London's dismal Wormwood Scrubs Prison at where the reliquary of St. Thérèse of Lisieux was adored by more than 100 prisoners at the prison's Anglican Chapel. I think it was wondeful to bring such relics to those imprisoned and I suspect it was the first time ever that a British penal institution had hosted the relics of any known saint like those of St. Thérèse's. I do hope that her relics will work modern miracles to impact change in the lives of those prisoners for the better upon their release and/or parole back into normal and regular society.

The White Padres. +
English Nun, Circa 1910.
From Uncle Monty's Photo Collection.

While visiting the Holy, Holy Relics, I happened upon the new
Archbishop of Westminster, The Most Rev'd Vincent Nichols,
who kindly spent some time chatting with me on the steps
of the Cathedral. Later, I also saw Auxiliary Bishop Bernard
Longley, who has been named by the Holy Father as the next
Archbishop of Birmingham and will be installed there on Dec.
8th. He now replaces then presiding Archbishop Vincent
Nichols of the Brum archdiocese. Pity, I was unable to get
to the good Bishop Longley to personally greet him. Nor
could I get to say "hello" to Father Alexander Sherbrooke
at the Farewell Mass to the Holy, Holy Relics. Perhaps
about 100 Catholic clergy took part in the rare farewell
ceremony. Lousie Chappell, George Errington, Micheal
Burr, and Jennifer Walton, I also saw there even though
they apparently did not see me among the ever growing
crowd as the last day of the relics in Britain
came rapidly to a close.
Waiting In Line To Visit The Reliquary of St. Thérèse. +
Missionary Sisters of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
This then is a brief story of what I experienced at visiting
the Holy, Holy Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux. I was glad,
I did. Although, frankly, I would have liked to have seen
the actual bones or relics thru bevelled glass, perhaps.
Dare I say, I would have also wanted to touch such bones,
if made possible, even though such may be seen as impro-
per under any circumstances if not religiously approved.
Now more than 110 years later after her death, St. Thérèse
is being hailed as a saint for our modern times that is a far cry
from her real life and her real death at a small French village
that is so far away from the minds and lives of the ordinary
English folks of today's 21st century. Yet, despite that, to
know that over quarter of million people in the UK
visited the reliquary of St Thérèse is true testimony of
her real and enduring presence as a saint well worthy of
her sainthood, even if the digital highway and globalism
decries much of personal faith and belief among the
world's people that she still beckons beyond the
present day secular and anti-religion reach.
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
Sts. Crispin & Crispinian, Martyrs (BCP).

Religious Notes on Pope Benedict XVI’s Offer
To Thousands of Unhappy Anglicans.
By Uncle Monty.
As an avid and avowed Anglican, I want to stay Anglican even though I strongly object to women priests, gay clergy, calls for female bishops, the dilution of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), the continuing Africanization of the pews, and the political leftwing intent of the modern Church of England (CofE). I don't buy so-called "Liberation Theology" nor the appeasement toward Islam by the interfaith and politically-correct mindset of those official Anglican doctrinarians.
I am religiously and politically conservative and unashamedly
old fashioned, but I do not want to join the Holy Catholic Church
as an English protestant by character and upbringing. While I have
much respect for much of Catholicism, and for such popes as the
Great John-Paul ll and the present Benedict XVI, I would find it
strange to become a Roman Catholic per se in order to protest so
much that is simply so dreadful in today's all too liberal-minded CofE.
The last thing, however, I want to do as an Anglican is to become
some kind of fake or dodgy Catholic for the sake of conversion.
When one of my many Catholic friends says she must be Protestant
to stay truly Catholic, I counter that perhaps I will need one day to
become Catholic in order to stay truly Protestant! Strange, but true.
As for our present Archbishop of Canterbury, His Grace, Dr. Rowan
Douglas Williams, we seem to find him in a situation that renders

the worldwide Anglican Communion even more against Historic
Anglicanism than at anytime since before Archbishop Robert
Runcie's episcopal day of the early 1980's. As for whatever
numbers of Anglicans actually desert Anglicanism to join The
Catholic Church, it will only be a drop in the bucket, so speak,
against the already overwhelming number of Catholics at 1.3
Billion around the world against a mere 80 Million Anglicans.
Whatever, both the Anglican and Catholic Churches of the world
face the gravest threat and onslaught from the inimical rise and
spread of extreme and radical Islam. While Christians globally
represent 2.2 Billion adherents, the Muslims are quickly catching
up at now 1.9 billion believers around the world with their en-
croaching and dangerous Islam being rammed down our throats
under the guise and enforcement of multiculturism and
multiracialism, especially in the UK under the vile political
and social agenda of New Labour's hideous Tony Blair and his
crafty Labourite conspirator now Justice Secretary Jack Straw.
As for my fellow disaffected and alienated Anglicans, I wish
them god speed in finding their new religious home inside the
parameters and traditions of Holy Catholicism. Perhaps one
day they may also wish to return to the bedrock Anglican
faith of their fathers. Then so be it, i say.
But for me, I was born an Anglican and I shall presumably die
as an avowed Anglican, who grieves constantly at the demise
of our faith due to the self-centred and foolishness of both past
and present Anglican Church leaders who have done more
to destroy Historic Anglicanism than all the secular forces
against modern religion in today’s unchurched world.
In many ways, the Anglican Chuirch has been rejected by millions
of traditional Anglicans, and likewise, the Church itself has pretty
much rejected them now at the Church's own peril and future
survival as a religious enity that is constantly losing its foothold
on the hilltop of Anglican and Protestant Christianity.
I think, Pope Benedict is pretty smart to finally accommodate those unhappy Anglicans, who he had seemed earlier to provide no such comfort or sanctuary or escape for such Protestant folks
that he now does and to the dismay of the sorrowful and tiresome bishops and clergy of the CofE. The pope is yet to fully outline the Vatican requirements for those Anglicans - both clergy and laity - who may seek to enter the Roman Catholic Church. I shall want to read whatever those rules will be. Beyond that, I am still an avid and avowed Anglican despite everything else that I find to vex me. I guess, I could say I am a diehard and hardhead Protestant at heart. And, as an lifelong Anglican who doesn’t see the need to apologize for who and what I am. No, sir, I do not!!

But above, I simply love the Univeral Church and her
abiding presence at no end. Truly, Uncle Monty.
I won't rule out converting to Catholicism, says Bishop
(former Anglican Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali)
Next Story: "From The Celtic Sea At Caldey Island."
By Uncle Monty.
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Join BNP To Just Get Leaked On! By Uncle Monty.

Join BNP To Just Get Leaked On!
Commentary By Uncle Monty.
2nd BNP Leaked Membership List.
:: Now More Political Fallout From The BBC QT ::
The BNP backlash - MPs accuse BBC of playing into Nick
Griffin's hands by stage-managing Question Time onslaught.
By James Chapman.
:: Latest Post-BBC Question Time News Reports ::.
As protesters bay outside BBC, Nick Griffin insists 'I am not a Nazi'
BNP on Question Time: Nick Griffin uses BBC
appearance to attack Muslims and gays
By Robert Winnett and Rosa Prince.
Jeered, scorned and ridiculed - still BNP's Nick Griffin
milks his moment in spotlight on Question Time.
By Jason Groves.
For the second time this year, an illegally leaked
British National Party (BMP) membership list has hit
the internet again with revenge from presumably
leftwing leaking loonies in the UK.
The second list has 15,000+ names and addresses of
BNP members that are either presently active or lapsed.
And, private telephone numbers are also listed for
most members. Scary!!!
Without wasting anymore time for now, here is the
latest leaked BNP membership list as of April, 2oo9,
but not publicly released until today, Oct. 20th:
What is seen here is basically a list of lists and almost
haphazardly put together and rather disjointedly at that.
Those names of the councillors are not in alphabetical
order, while those names beginning with "Mr." and
"Miss" are. Nothing is gleamed of the age of the person
or of their occupation or the reasons why they joined
the BNP. The first list that was leaked earlier this year,
gave a few details of what the BNP member did for a
living and the status of those who were viewed as
activist within the party. This 2nd list provides noth-
ing about that whatsoever. But whatever the list is
or isn't, it is viciously and maliciously leaked not just
against the BNP per se, but rather against all of those
individuals listed as either present or past members.
For a more detailed list of members with their e-mail
addresses, too, regarding the latest leaked list of the British
National Party membership then also visit the following:
Do you know any of the people so named on the 2nd
BNP list? I do! I have found at least two names thus
far and who I was so surprised to see on the list.
Especially, the one who is a retired Anglican clergy-
man! I believe no matter the political party, the
right of the individual to join whatever party he or
she desires is paramount to the freedom of us all.
I also absolutely reject attempts by the vile United
Against Fascism (UAF) to hijack political debate. When
I refused outside of Holborn Station last week to sign
the UAF petition to stop the BBC interviewing BNP
leader Nick Griffin, the UAF fellow there became al-
most psychotic toward me for refusing to sign the
UAF petition. My argument is this: Would someone
now please leak the full UAF membership list and
then post it on the internet with the full names
and street addresses and e-mails for us all to see?
What is good for the goose is good for the gander!
Let them have a taste of their own nasty medicine
for a change, even if they didn't actually leak the
BNP lists.
BNP on Question Time - The Show Will Go On.
By Kevin Coy.
WTBN -Television & Business News.
BBC rejects plea to bar BNP leader
As for New Labour's hideous would-be muzzlers and
censors Peter Hain, who was arrested in 1974 for a bank
robbery in Putney after four eyewitnesses identified him
as the suspect¹; and Allen Johnson, to stop the BBC
from including Nick Griffin in Thursday's upcoming
"Question Time," it really tell us how Hain and Johnson
are political leftwing extremists in and of themselves.
Who are they to decide the British public cannot see
the sight and sound of one Nick Griffin, whether
we politically like him or not?
Another thing, I cannot understand why any political
organization, whether its the BNP, UKIP, The Greens,
The Christian Party, EDL, etc., does not take protective
steps to ensure the names and addresses of all its mem-
bers are significantly encrypted and digitalised to protect
them from such potential leaks for whatever reason such
leakers desire. Plus, such details should be kept off-site
in the hands of attorneys or security warehouses.
What I can say very quickly is that "join BNP to
just get leaked on" or to put it more rudely and
crudely "just to get pissed on ... publicly!!"
New Labour's Jack Straw, a Jew, and BNP's Nick
Griffin, a Protestant - shown below - are set to be
seated at Thursday's BBC-TV recording of
"Question Time." Tiresome TV worm David Dim-
bleby is to host the programme, while leftist thugz
and radical troops of the UAF, et al, plan to stage
a major confrontation to stop Nick Griffin himself
from being seated and questioned at the BBC-TV
studios opposite London's swanky Westfield
Shopping Centre on Thursday at 10.30am. No
doubt New Labour will rejoice, if the BNP leader
is actually prevented from getting inside the
studios. While they may rejoice, we should cry!
The latest BNP monthly and glossly 60+ page
magazine called "identity," - its current front
cover is shown below - which by coincidence
arrived by snail mail yesterday, sells at £4.95-
per issue to all BNP members and to news media
folks, of which I am an independent one as a
blogger, and to governmental and foreign
far-right party subscribers.
A list of the articles inside "identity" are the kind
of articles no politically-correct UK mainstream
news media of today would be seen dead with
to publish for fear of alienating its readership!
Here then are some of the titles of the articles
to be read in the BNP's publication called
"identity" :-
EU 'Propaganda Machine' Exposed. By John Bean.
The Six Absurdities of Multiculturalism. By Ralph Musgrave.
Why I as a Lifelong Socialist Voted BNP. By Terry Watt.
The British in Revolt - Hereward 'the Wake'. By Eddy Bulter.
Racial Snapshot of the Premier League. By Karl Baxter.
The Media Lives on Lies! By Paul Golding.
The Problem With Muslims is Islam. By John Edwards.
[US Muslim] accused of plot to kill US politicians.
By Denise Lavoie, AP Legal Affairs Writer.
And would wholesale news distributors like WH Smith
or Denton News distribute such 'identity' articles in
New Labour's "Broken New Britain" of today?
Hell, NO!!
I had applied last month to be a member of the
TV audience for "Question Time," but it looks
unlikely I will now be called to participate in
the programme. Whatever, I, like thousands
of others in the UK, will watch the broadcast
of the recording as soon as it appears, I be-
lieve, on BBC-TV late on Thursday night..
One last note here regarding the leaked BNP lists.
It tell us of the political tyranny and multicultural
darkness that Britain's Labour Party has imposed
upon the white working folks of this country that
some of them feel so imperilled that they now seek
membership in the British National Party (BNP)
that is the complete antithesis of all that New
Labour represents. What we are also seeing is
that the BNP has moved from being a party of
extreme rightists to a party that now includes
ordinary men and women who detest the state
of affairs under the leftist chavalier government
of Labour jackasses Brown and Blair.
The fact is clear, too, that the homecoming of the
BNP has now occurred on the UK political landscape,
while New Labour is at its Last Hoorah ... But it's too
blind and arrogant to know the writing on the wall.
In the meantime, I repeat again, "join BNP to just
get leaked on" or in other words to get publicly ur-
inated on by those leaked membership lists, if you
are so named and identified therein. Now, tell the
leakers to "go to hell" ... And, put a big proud
British smile on your white and Anglo-Saxon face.
So then, "Carry On Sergeant ... "
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Henry Martyn, 2oo9.
(Interfaith & Black Brum) churches unite in
opposition to BNP’s ‘Christian Britain’ claim.
¹ Source: BNP e-newsletter, Oct. 19th, 2oo9.
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Masonic Temple Day. By Uncle Monty.

Masonic Temple Day.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Freemansons, from far and wide, descended on the
United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) to mark their
national Masonic Temple Day as autumnal leaves lay
rudely on the crowded pavements as masons of every
size and shape and age and colour arrived so poshly
dressed at London’s Great Queen Street.
Trying to look more like lords than masonic louts, the
mob of motley masons arrived with their classic black
jackets, grey pin-striped trousers, and along with them
carrying their ubiquitous black “Regalia cases,” which
they transport by hand with their fancy masonic aprons
inside and other trinkets of rank and status within their
secret and weird craft of freemasonry. Many masons
spend a small fortune just to get all dressed up and to
parade themselves like modern buffoons at UGLE.
Mob of Masons at London's United
Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).
They had arrived for their Masonic Temple Day to
blindly do their big day of masonic rituals behind closed
doors with an estimated 2,500 masons then all gathered
to do their freemansonry and to do their oddball hand-
shakes and to regale themselves in their ceremonial
pantomime and to affirm their peculiar set of rules and
jargons among their fellow Brothers. The worldwide
Masonic Order is the world’s oldest secret society or
fraternal order with membership of over 300,000
freemasons in Britain thesedays. It is also a multi-
million dollar business is today's freemasonry and
despite its numerical decline and standing of recent
years in much of modern and multicultural England
and the vast United States of America.
As I watched their Masonic Temple Day unfold,
I caught glimpses of freemasons dressed in their
masonic outfits standing at the huge entrance to the
lodge. They were perturbed and confounded by my
camera presence and they took offensive steps to avoid
my attempts to photograph them, but to no avail. At one
point they even sent their security guard over to me to
ask me what I was doing on the street photographing the
mob of freemans at UGLE or lodge door! I told him I was
more than happily recording the public spectacle of the
comings and goings of those members appearing at the
national lodge for my insignificant blog. He left me none
too pleased. I really wanted to tell him to "bugger off,"
since I was not on UGLE private property but on
the public street freely photographing the annual
British masonic event.
But when one of the regalia men blew a kiss at me, as
seen in the above caption picture, I quickly caught his
bizzare antic right at the masonic lodge door on my camera
faster than he could say "cheese." By now, all the masons
had gathered inside and the UGLE big double doors were
promply closed shut from my probing eyes and cameras.
But I got what I had come for to record the lodge scenes
for this story of mine – Masonic Temple Day, 2oo9.
Freemasonry And The Latter Day Saint Movement.
The World's Rarest Collection Of Freemasonry
& The Masonic Templar Order Secrets.
An 18th Century Masonic Grand Master.
Abit of ancient history tells us such “masons were probably
skilled English (stone) masons emancipated from their apprent-
iceships and allowed to move from place to place in and after the
14th century. And the accepted may have been honourary mem-
bers of the free masons’ societies.¹” since before the period
of late mediaeval England.
Long since then, ghastly freemansonry has spread to every corner
of the English-speaking world. In America, for example, it is said that
every elected United States president since George Washington,
an Anglican, to its modern ones, can claim titled membership in
freemasonry of one sort or another. Thus, Barack Obama could
easily belong to the growing ranks of black and ethnic freemasons
of today. Although, I have heard no word that Obama is actually a
freemason. However, I recently met one British mason who said
it was not true at all that every US president – some 44 of them
over the past 230+ years – was a mason!! It is also said that no
man can be elected U.S president without him first being a
mason, too. He rubbished that on the spot did the Limey!
Last time I was in Washington, D.C., I think I saw an historic
lithograph of George Washington and/or Thomas Jefferson dressed
in freemasonry degree attire. It seemed so strange and weird to
me to see such persons so attired. But I was even more aghasted
when I happened upon some black and white photographs of British
Kings Edward VII and George VI in their freemasonry regalia.²
I have taken one such masonic photo of George, who is the late
father of our present Queen Elizabeth II, and made it into a
colourful graphic, as shown below, instead of the drab b+w
official photo I saw of him in some magazine or other ...
The Queen's Own Father - George
VI - As Grand Master and Mason.
I don’t know what it is that makes me feel so uncomfortable
when I see pictures of royals like Edward and George as free-
masons. There is something so unreal to me when I see such.
I think I am instinctively leery of secret orders because they
are secretive and hidden from open view in what they do. If
one thinks of such secret and ghastly orders like the Klu Klux
Klan or KKK, it is hard to swallow any secret orders or soci-
eties or clans even if they are not murderous-minded like the
American Klan itself. What then is the bigger issue behind the
rituals and practises of the Free & Accepted Masons -in Eng-
land and elsewhere? What then is ghastly freemasonry upto?
I wonder as I wander!!
At London’s Great Queen Street, so stands the Freemasons’ Hall at
where the present Duke of Kent is its Grand Master. Freemasonry
leaves me cold, I must admit, despite having met a number of charm-
ing masons. They are gentlemen who no doubt are quite sincere in
believing freemasonry is harmless and not remotely satanic in any
shape or form. But in the past, some clergy from the Mother Church
of England, and her wider Worldwide Anglican Communion, have
cautioned their flock against joining in the secret rituals and practices
of the Free & Accepted Masons. While the Holy Catholic Church
forbids outright its clergy and laity from getting entangled with
the underbelly of warped freemasonry.
My impression of the English, American and Australian masons
I have met is that most of them come from lower-middle business
and/or lower white collar and blue collar classes and tend to be
middle-aged and overwhelmingly non-religious! While many
smaller Masonic Lodges are struggling to survive according to
ever falling membership at where younger folks seem unattracted
for the most part to freemasonry itself. Such is a remote concept
to many of them, although in the USA and UK the masonic order
has been trying to recruit college kids on campus to join them
with some success they say. The masons need new and younger
blood to stay alive with the graying ranks of masons now turning
from gray to white mops of pensionable hair and white eyebrows.
I have come to suspect, too, that for many a mason the fake
substitute for concrete civil awards or royal honours that has
eluded most of them is made up by joining the masons and
its masonic emblems and medals. Only a very few masons
have received outstanding honours either in the military or
academia or by association in national and international bodies.
They are men then of little achievement and recognition in their
field or profession outside the oddity of freemasonry. The masonic
apron is nothing more than a substitute for awards they have
otherwise not received or are hopelessly unachieveable for
most of them. Masons are like mice of men. They nibble away
on bits of cheese and then scurry away to hide themselves
from the rest of us.
For the non-masonic outsider like me, Masonic Temple Day
allowed me just a little public glimpse of the mindless masons
has they arrived like a herd of sheep into their secret abyss
of dreadful freemasonry that would be best if we were
freed from everything that freemasonry so negatively
represents from what I can hear and see.
Your's, Uncle Monty.
+Mission Sunday, 2oo9.
St. Thérèse of Lisieux, 1877.
More than 285,000 people visited the Reliquary
of Holy Relics of St. Thérèse during its first faith
tour of the UK. It was the religious event of the de-
cade, I do believe. I was among those who also took
steps to visit the reliquary on its last day in London,
before its return to France. Not only did I view such,
but I also had a wonderful encounter with The Most
Rev'd Vincent Nichols, the new Catholic Archbishop
of Westminster, who is shown chatting with me in the
above blog header at England's Westminster Cathedral.
My story - "Holy, Holy Relics". - will be presented quite
soon with several photographs of the scenes and of the
thousands of people of many faiths that converged to bid
their final farewell to the Holy Relics of St. Thérèse.
Best, Uncle Monty.
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Such A Splendid Evening Now Gone. By Uncle Monty.

Such A Splendid Evening Now Gone.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics
By Alex Albion.
Out under the dark overcast sky it was raining like furious
catz and dogz. Yet such, did not deter any of the hundreds
of Catholic devout and faithful folkz from making their steady
and determined way to St. Patrick’s at London’s Soho Square
to be present at the evening “Concert in Thanksgiving” on what
was then The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. No, indeed!!
It was also primarily a thanksgiving concert to give many thankz
to those many who have generously and unselfishly already given
£2.4 million toward the £3 million appeal to refurbish St. Patrick’s
and to excavate its basement to make a new community centre be-
neath the old and historic church. Such a church centre will provide
the much-needed new space to engage further parish activities and
to help feed more of the homeless and poor that St. Patrick’s has
always endeavoured successfully to serve without fear or favour.
St. Patrick's will shortly close down for a year or so to allow
for the physical excavation to actually take place. But another
£600.000 is needed to be raised to complete the appeal in order
that such will cover the final cost of such a major undertaking.
When the basement becomes the new community centre, it will
also provided extra space to feed extra homeless folkz and for
doing the daily religious work of the church under the skillful
and experienced hands of its parish priest the Rev’d Father
Alexander Sherbrooke. I was also at the splendid concert to
make a little speech in open praise on the wonderful works of
feeding the homeless and caring for the poor that is is the
heart and soul behind much of St. Patrick’s well-known
and diverse Catholic ministry.
The Men of St. Patrick's Singers.
Where ever you sat or stood inside St. Patrick’s you couldn’t help
hearing the splendid singing and delightful music at the "Concert
in Thanksgiving," unless you were sadly stone deaf or totally
disinterested in such beauty to one's ear and mind.
Soprano Breda McKinney, shown at the above caption photo,
set the superb quality and tonality of the whole splendid
evening now gone by her lovely presentations of ‘Vidit smim
dolcem natum,' .'Magnificat,' and Cuccini’s Ave Maria.
Along with Katie Musselbrook and Hannah Bannister,
who so professionally and deeply sang ‘Laudamus Te.’ Those
three fine sopranoes belonged to the 12-member female and
male St. Patrick’s Singers. They were a joy to hear!!!
They are not to be confused with the St. Patrick’s Gospel
Choir, who were also there at the one and half hour concert.
And, who with loud shrill, and also somewhat disconcertingly
at times for me, sang 'Thou O Lord, Glorious,' and 'Mary did
you know?' I personally much prefer the solemn, classical, and
graceful to the high-tempo and ear-spilling American gospel-
style of religious singing. All hell and brimstone does nothing
for me, especially when my ears ache and I need then to put
my fingers in my old and fragile ears ... to block out the noise!
However, I was pleased with gifted organist Stefan Bednarczyk,
who played with much polish like he did with Herbert Howells’
Psalm Prelude No. 1 .and Priere a Notre Dame from
Boellmann’s Suite Gothique on his demanding and
sturdy electronic organ at St. Patrick's.
Sopranoes Katie Musselbrook and Hannah Bannister.
Let me now write a few nice words about the priestly man
I know at St. Patrick's. He is Father Alexander Sherbrooke,
who has been the driving force in shaping the charcater
and direction of St. Patrick’s for more than 7 years now.
As a much respected and beloved parish priest, he is a man
whose background is quite fascinating to say the least.
From England’s Dorset he hails, along with 20 years in the
Catholic priesthood, Father Alexander is a towering figure
not only physically speaking, but also in his spirituality,
religiosity, and personal integrity. We also "sing from the
same songbook or hymn," he tells me ... when we agree
with each other's point of view which we so oftentimes do!
Being at St. Patrick's, many visitors assume he must be
Irish. When he tells them he is not, he adds jovially that
on entering the Kingdom of God, he'll then be Irish!!
I first got to know him almost 5 years ago. What I have
learned about him impresses me no end. After studying
in Rome, he spent much time working closely with
in India he also met Diana, Princess of Wales. She, Diana,
seemed to like Father Alexander and he was later asked
by her to do the burial of the dead baby of Diana’s closest
friend Rosa Monckton at Kensington Palace. He did so.
As for Diana, I almost believe that had she been Catholic,
instead of the quintessential Royal Anglican that she was,
I think they would have possibly made her some kind
of saint!! Or at least "Blessed." I really do.
He is also an Old Etonian having gone to Eton but without the
slightest sense of him being toff. Off to Australia he went, too, to
attend the World Youth Day at Sydney last year and since his
days as a young seminarian he has made periodic pilgrimages to
Medjugorje. But best of all, his active parish ministry among
the London homeless and the poor speaks wonderful volumes
no matter what ... I have after all been both a recipient and
a witness to such good deeds from St. Patrick's.
Father Alexander Sherbrooke with some
of his devout parishioners at St. Patrick's.
What also speak volumes for him has been his ability to help
raise almost £2 ½ Million for St. Partick’s present appeal that
needs to raise another half milion or so to complete the £3 million
(originally £4 Million) appeal that he started from scratch.
Only a priest of his standing could even come close to
that with his loyal congregation standing firmly behind
him without a doubt. With our mutual friend Bishop
Bernard Longley of Westminster having now been called by the
Holy Father to be the next and ninth Archbishop of Birmingham,
I would love, like many others, to see Father Alexander take the
place of Bernard Longley to become the next Auxiliary Bishop of
Westminster. But then who am I, as an avid and avowed Anglican,
to even suggest such a thing? Right! I speak then just as a personal
friend of Father Alexander and not as an official spokesperson for
him or for the Holy Catholic Church. Indeed not!!
So please excuse me then ...
When he asked me to give a little speech at the “Concert in
Thanksgiving” I could hardly say "no," of course, to him. After all,
this was the same man who had helped to feed me, along with his
wonderful St. Patrick's volunteers, when I was hungry and then
also homeless and a stranger back in London after more that 38
years away in America and China after losing everything in my cat-
astrophic house fire and without a penny of insurance! My fault!
I was also given spiritual food at St. Patrick's. It is easy to feed
the belly, but without caring to give food to the mind and soul
of the homeless person. Under Father Alexander, I got all
three in one!! Bless his name, I say!
And while at the concert, it was nice to also see again Tim
and Maria Church, whose daughter Francesca Church did
the lovely artwork for the concert programme cover that
showed her artistic talents and her Catholic devotion in
"The Mysteries of Light" she so artistically rendered. It was
good also to chat again with the young Vincent Gardiner, who
I first met some two years ago when he graduated from St.
Patrick's School of Evangelisation (SPES) in the presence of
then Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-
O'Conner, who has since retired. Vincent seems so at home
with his faith-based Catholicism that one might almost think
he wants to be priest. If so, so be it! John Bason, Chairman of
St. Patrick's Fundraising Board, who sat right behind me, was
such a pleasure to personally meet. He opened the concert
with his concise welcome, which was good for us and John.
He also told me that my own little speech was "heartfelt"
and I was surprised at the handclapping by all the folkz
at the concert when I had finished my unscripted speech.
Then, I met soprano Breda McKinney, who kindly agreed
to let me photograph her so that she would make the
caption photo to this little blog story of mine - "Such A
Splendid Evening Now Gone." She was part of that
evening splendour, I might add. I must admit, too, that
I have a soft spot for all sopranoes that I hear and meet.
And, many from around the world I have heard
and met I am pleased to say! Bravo!!
At last the drenching rain outside had stopped for awhile
as I left the concert and walked to get to my No. 1 bus on
London's busy Tottenham Court Road to get back to my
home base. The bus was packed even at almost 10:00pm
and passengers looked so sad and so empty to me. There
was a blankness in the tired faces I saw and a refusal to
speak a word to others on the bus. Yet, like robots they
screamed into their hideous cellphones like talking mon-
keys in a closed zoo. But for me, I could still hear those
sopranoes at St. Patrick's as I stood squashed between
loads of immigrants and babbling foreigners as they beg-
an to stampede themselves on the already overcrowded
bus. I then lamented to myself, "such a splendid even-
ing now gone," as I resisted the London bus mob.
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Edward The Confessor, 2oo9.
How many do we not know?
Those who are among us,
just off the radar.
Amongst these are the abused,
rough diamonds, stars who,
because of you and me
May never be.
So: open your eyes and I then hope
and pray that through argument
and reason
And the abandonment of emotional
treason that you enable me to open mine.
How many shall we see?
When the blindfold is lifted, shifted,
discarded and so to conclude
Hand in hand coming full circle,
I see, with you as my witness ...
A thousand and one invisible
lives in every cloud.
of The Big Issue.
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