Armed Forces Day.

British Armed Forces Day
At Royal Artillery Barracks.
By Uncle Monty.
AFD Photo By Alex Albion.
Since 1815, The Gurkhas have served the British
Crown as a fighting force that few have equalled.
So, their regimental presence was most welcome at
yesterday's British Armed Forces Day (AFD), 2011,
which was held at the Royal Artillery Barracks.
Dubbed as "The Great Get Together Festival," which
 it was in sheer patriotic glory, the seven-hour military
event saw everything from the Band of the Welsh
Guards, King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery, The
Flying Tigers, Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry, VC.;
 Lt.  General P. R. Newton, CBE.; Her Majesty's
 Deputy Lord Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Young,
 Grand Royal Chelsea Pensioners, and Police Chief 
Superintendent Rod Jarman. They were among the
many other dignitiaries present at the barracks
 along with a goodly crowd of patriots, too.  And,
some well-deserving veterans also received awards.
Some of the Good Gurkhas at Armed Forces Day, 2011.
The main idea behind AFD is to show our national support
for the troops of the British military establishment and
 their important presence in conflicts and peace keeping
 assignments around the world. Throughout the British
Isles yesterday, many other cities, towns and communities
 marked the special day to give honour to our troops.
Even those folkz who oppose war, such as me, will
always support our British fighting boyz and girlz
whenever we're in a situation of push comes to shove.
 Or whenever we're confronted with the casualities 
of deadly war. 
Elsewhere yesterday, at Scotland's capital, it
 should be noted, Armed Forces Day was treated as
a major security operation - on apar with last Septem-
ber's Papal Visit - out of fears of anti-military protests
presumably by menacing Muslims in the UK.
And/or by local anti-war protesters.
Police at full strength for Armed Forces Day.
By Martyn McLaughlin.
Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry, VC.
Almost mobbed was he as the rightful recipient of
 the highest British military medal for bravery was
 the brave soldier Lance Corporal Johnson
Beharry (shown above) with the very rare Victoria
Cross (VC) of his having been conferred upon him as
the first soldier to be awarded the VC in this century.
It was good to see him again after encountering him
personally on two past occasions. He seems to have
gained weight since I last spoke with him, but he still
remains a very friendly man indeed. Other soldiers
present, like the good Gerkhas, demanded to have
 photographs taken of him with them. They eagerly
sought him out and quickly extended their hand to
 shake his vigorously with all the respect they could
shower on him.  The lance corporal is primarily a
soldier's soldier and even the generals and top
brass are quick to be seen with him. Johnson
Beharry and his VC go together like peaches
and cream, I must say. He also knows how to
work the crowd like he did at yesterday's
Armed Forces Day or at "The Great Get Together
Festival" at where he was more or less king!! If
the man decides to ever run for elected office,
 I pretty certain he'd clobber any political
opponent with complete ease.
Lance Corporal Johnson Gideon Beharry, VC.
of the 1st Battalion, Princess of Wales's Royal
Regiment, is a British Army soldier. Born 26
July, 1979.  First recipient of the VC ...
Band of the Welsh Guard.
Top British Military Brass, Lt. General P. R.
 Newton, CBE. He Gave The Keynote
 Speech at Armed Forces Day, 2011.
Lieutenant General Paul R Newton CBE assumed the
 appointment of Commander Force Development & Training
 within the British Army's Headquarters Land Forces in ...

Colonel Cyril Young, Hon. LL.D. Deputy Lord
Lieutenant for Her Majesty The Queen. By
Profession, He's A Noted Gynaecologist.
The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery.
British Royal Navy Sailors.
The Tigers: Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment's
Parachute Display Team. Considered One
 of  The World's Best. Indeed!!
Aside from military displays of small tanks, armoured carriers,
and a petit missle battery, there was plenty abuzz for those in-
to boxing, fencing and the martial arts at Armed Forces Day.
Of course, compared to what I saw of the military might at
 Moscow's 65th Anniversary Celebration of the Red Army
Day at Red Square, military things at the Royal Artillery
Barracks were pretty miniature to say the least set
against the militarized Russian establishment under
Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.
Sniper Platoon: The Serious Business of Warfare.
Today's British military, like we see with the US military,
is fast becoming a state of electonic and digital warfare
in which the enemy is attacked by means of locating and
 jamming its communication systems and denying its use
of information intelligence. In fact, the best soldier of to-
day is not the foot soldier per se, but the one who is
skilled in information technology at its most sophisticated
levels. Machines, not men, can now invade countries
at will with multi-million dollar drones and sleek sleath
bombers without a single soldier setting foot inside the
enemy's country or domain. At where men are still forced
 to fight on foot, strategic and operational communications
are absolutely vital to any military success including air
assaults and the use of mobile land forces. In some ways,
Armed Forces Day is already abit of a misnomer since
being armed with a gun and a tank isn't the surest way
of being safely armed compared to the use of advanced
electronic warfare. Today's young military recruits need
not just physical muscle but active brain power, too.
It's relatively easy to recruit muscle against finding
suitable men and women with top level education and
academic prowess to harness our fighting ability at
 its most destructive impact against any of today's or
 future war enemies. Brute force. however, is still a
military component and option that is evidenced
especially by the blatant brutality of the US forces
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Americans by nature are
 inherently violent for violence sake it seems to me!!
It makes them feel so macho!
British Armoured Carrier.
At the Royal Artillery Barracks, where soldiers there
have actively served in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was a
far cry from the theatre of war. Everybody was so nice
at AFD although civilian security there was humanely
tight with dozens and dozens of British copz and
hired security personnel. But all went off very well
it seemed. I half expected to see some UK Muslim
fanatics acting out yet I saw no slight sight or even
a whispered tone of such hideous anti-British scum.
As a true Anglican, I utterly deplore jihadists and
radicalized Islamists that England now harbours
in the name of multiracial and religious freedom.
What absolute hogwash!! No wonder the government
now spends millions of quids each year on the national
security and anti-terrorist services to help combat such
rot of Muslim extremists inside the UK. It's not going
 to get better any time soon, I'm afraid. If anything,
 it's going to get worse ... and more dangerous.
British Military Recruitment Trailer.
Don't Dare Stand In The Way! If You Do, Say Goodbye!!
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Poppy. By Uncle Monty.14 Nov 2010. Photos By Alex Albion.
Some idiots have called wearing The Poppy in remembrance
of our British war dead as racist ...
Three thingz that I liked best about Armed Forces Day,
2011, at The Royal Artillery Barracks, was seeing
The Flying Tigers parachute over our heads and come
down neatly from the sky to be greeted by the
festival crowd with thunderous applauds. I also loved
seeing and hearing the Band of the Welsh Guards.
They were simply terrific!! And, three I so enjoyed
meeting so many folkz from those marvellous Royal
Chelsea Pensioners aged 90 and 96 years old (seen
with me in the above caption photo at the top of
the page) to meeting again Lance Corporal Beharry,
VC., to the top notch brass like General Newton and
 The Queen's envoy Colonel Cyril Young and other
dignitiaries at AFD. Plus, I liked the pork roast and
 the all-natural orange juice and fine English tea
that I was kindly invited to as I sat down with
those important folkz inside the VIP marquee.
In all, Armed Forces Day or The Great Get
Together Festival, 2011, was superb and better
still it was all free to enter to patriotically support
our boyz and girlz at wherever and/or however they
 serve us as a relatively free nation. Bravo, I say!!
As is so typical with me and my writing, I have
now returned to finish this story after other pressing
events and invitations for me to attend. So, I'm
 back now to round out this story like I have
of British Armed Forces Day, 2011.
Have a nice one, Uncle Monty.
+Sunday After Corpus Christi, 2011.
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Perpetual Anti-War Protester.
By Uncle Monty.
Poor Pig! Poor Anti-Pork Muslims!!
:: Sad Story Update ::
How Could They? By Uncle Monty.
Highlander Scott McLaren, 20, Was Slaughtered
By The Vile Taliban This Week. They Even
Dragged His Body Thru The Steets As A Trophy
of Their Kill.  Please, Pray for Scott's Soul and
His Beloved & Bereaved Family Along with 
His Many Army Pals.  Bless Him, Good Lord!
+Sixth Anniversary of London's 7/7, 2011.

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Broken Ascot.

Broken Ascot. By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Jeff Moore & Web Photograbs.
Just like Broken Britain of today, the year 2011 now
brings us "Broken Ascot" with rough riff-raff and fresh
 freaks having taken over the world famous royal horse
racing event that sees the Queen of England and her en-
 tourage annually attend what is known as "Royal Ascot."
Just Wanted To Show The Folkz Out There
 How Really So British We Really Are!
This year also marks its tricentenary with 300 years of
the most important engagement in the United Kingdom's
social calender for the upper class, upper crust, and upper
 cut. Or at least that was so until this year's gathering of
human trash and classless weidoes having taken over the
enclosures like crawling black ants and dirty bedbugz..
What Her Majesty must think I do not know, but I do
know what I think after reading Rebecca Evans' news
piece on Royal Ascot that I then immediately dubbed
as "Broken Ascot," which has become yet another
example of Bloody Broken Britain with all its ugliness
and violence at the drop of a hat!!
Ah U!!  Watch Out For My Big Bottle Coming At U!
Ladies Day, noted ironically for the once tasteful
ladies hates and gentlemen's top hats, has now been
taken over with tacky hats and dresses that would
put even the coursest wenches to shame.
British Military Officer Intervenes To
Stop Brawl At Royal Ascot, 2011.
With Contess Maria, I went to Roayl Ascot a few
years back and I must say I was disturbed then by
the behviour of some of the so-called "respectable
people" at the enclousres. One tubby white woman
in her age 50's suddenly pulled up her cheap frock
and began urinating profusely all over the place and
right in the open for all the spectators to see. Then a
black wench later was seen with a huge split in the
back of  her bright orange velvereen trouser as she
was totally oblivious of her big fat negro bottocks
protuding out of her backside like a Third World
prostitute looking for easy sex with some dark
guy with plenty of free sex money to hand to her.
 I must say those two incidents soon disillusioned me
 of what Royal Ascot was supposed to be like -
classy and civilized.
What A Freak? A Tattooed Imbecile!!
Day Out of the Office:
Its Been A Great Day. It Only Cost Me
A Few Hundred Quid to Layout Flat! Glad I
Came To Show Everybody How Important I am!
The magic that was once England has been destroyed
and lost forever! And, so it now appears that Royal
Ascot is following suit with rich drunken louts, ignorant
toffz, tattooed imbeciles, common trash, rude gitz, tacky
blackz, unclassy ignoramuses, aristocratic yobz, ill-cultured
 freaks, crass vice girlz, tasteless riff-raff, to show their
vularity and lack of social graces for all the world to
see now at unroyally, Royal Ascot, 2011.
I Bet U It Was Such A Nice Day At The Races!
Not only have we become Broken Britain and now
Broken Ascot, but we've also become rude and violent
Britannia that even with the elderly Queen of  Eng-
land present there is no stopping the lowest social
and crude behaviour caused oftentimes by freewheeling
 booze and drugz, which at Ascot even had the gall to
setup a "Honesty Drug Box" for spaced out druggies
and crackheads to deposit their illegal drugz with
 immediate decrimanlization of their illicit goods while
acting out at Royal Aot. When you get a crowd of
boozeheadz and crackheadz together, you're bound
 to run into ugliness and open violence at any time.
Over 100 Years Ago. Royal Ascot, 1910.
That's exactly what happened at this year's Royal
Ascot, 2011. I blame Ascot for letting such social
scum into the races enclosures in the first place.
There is no shame anymore.
Due to a major technical error on my part while
attempting to install RSS feed to my blog, I lost
the complete story and images I posted of Broken
Ascot. I apologize to my readership for such a major
 error. I rarely have hardcopy of any story I write
as I tend to write with a free flow keyboard as I
then put the story together directly on my blog.
Only the images I use are hardcopy. I have partially
 re-constructed the original blog piece from memory
for now, but as soon as I return from this weekend's
national ceremony of British Armed Forces Day I
will try to restore most of the whole story, if I'm
 lucky and if my memory serves me well!!!
My apologies, again, Uncle Monty.
+After Corpus Christi, 2011.
Rebecca Evans reported:
"Royal Ascot racegoers are being offered a drugs
 amnesty on the way into the Berkshire racetrack for
 this week's five-day meet. A drugs 'honesty' box has
been placed at the entrance to the racecourse's
Grandstand Enclosure just yards from security staff.
The white box tells everyone arriving at the enclosure
that Ascot Racecourse is a drug-free zone and that
 illicit substances can be dropped through the slot in
the top of the white box. But the box itself is only
locked by a cable". What this does is to give
instant decriminalization to rich druggie racegoers
like they are above the law. Anyone seen dropping
illicit drugz in the so-called "Honesty Box" should
be promptly turfed out of Royal Ascot and/or
handed over to the police - period.
Let's see what Royal Ascot does, if anything,
 to prevent future brawls next year at 2012.
It needs to stop druggies, boozers, foul call
 girlz, and tattoo imbeciles, and the such ilk, from
 entering the enclosures right at the gate. Will they
 do that? Of course not! They're only interested in
 their four million quid cash flow and not protocol
over profits. So Broken Ascot can be assured of
more trouble in future unless it starts clamping
down on such human muck that is allowed to
act out at its own free will while creating such
a brawl like we've now witnessed at Royal
Ascot, 2011.  Your's UM. June 27, 2011.
From Where Obama's Dad Was Born,
Mombassa Baby Bleeds To Death!
Smart Ass Tony Blair. By Uncle Monty.
1. British War Criminal.
2. False Prophet.
3. Greedy Champagne Socialist.
4. Mass Immigrationist.
5. Instigator of "Broken Britain."
6. Pro-Muslim, Pro-Black, Anti-Right.
7. Bare Face Liar & Political Shyster.
8. Pro-Europe, Pro-Yankee, Anti-English.
9. Unfit To Ever Govern Again.
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DEAD END for The Big Issue. By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion. Part 1 of 2.
Under the ever greedy and bigheaded Anthony ...
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By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Gary Day
& Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Just two days before The Ascension, I stood up before
 a huge gathering of folkz to make a little speech about
 St. Patrick's feeding the homeless at London's Soho
 Square. My 500-word presentation was short and
sweet and for once in awhile, I got something right as
the crowd approvingly applaud of my speech as I
 bowed to the archbishop seated right at my right as I 
left the podium.  His Grace, Archbishop Vincent Nichols
 of Westminster - shown above with me as he squinted
his eyes due to the camera flash - immediately got up
 himself from his archiepiscopal chair and warmly shaked
 my hand and expressed much approval of my little speech
 about the feeding of the Soho homeless.  Along, it seemed,
did his assembled diocesan clergy also approve. And
 more importantly, so did the hundreds of invited
benefactors and guests, too!
Some Early Arrivals At St. Patrick's Reopening.
The subject of homelessness resonates with those who
have never experienced homelessness because they in-
trinsically fear, I suspect, that they could be vunerable
 to such a situation themselves or maybe it's their own
sense of guilt or their emotional desire help those less
fortunate than themseleves. Whatever, as I spoke, I
could feel the vibrations from them, if you will, as the
 gathered people listened closely to every word I
spoke duriing my speech while perfect silence ensued
to the point of hearing even a pin drop. I was thrilled
and enthused as I spoke carefully from my
prepared five-page text with my open heart.
The Archbishop of Westminster Arriving For
 St. Patrick's Solemn Mass of Reopening of
which His Grace was the Principal Celebrant. 
Here then is what I said at The Reopening
of Old St. Patrick's:
I'm Monty.
"I am delighted to be back at wonderful St. Patrick's
where I first came as a homeless person some 6 years
ago to eat dinner among the many other homeless
that St. Patrick's has freely fed under the priestly
guidance of the good Father Alexander Shelbrooke
and his voluntary kitchen staff.
"The newly-excavated and spacious basement centre
beneath this historic parish church is a crowning achieve-
ment of the extraordinary and marvellous restoration made
possible only by the generous and steadfast benefactors
of St. Patrick's.
"The new centre will help serve even more of the homeless
in the future thanks to those of you who responded over-
whelmingly to the parish's £4 Million Appeal in
this 21st century.
"As a result of that, we now also see the gracious presence
of His Grace, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster
along with the visiting American auxiliary Bishop
James D. Conley of Denver, Colorado.
"Along with such priestly servants, I want on behalf of
the many homeless to recognise and to thank deeply
 the St. Patrick's benefactors who have given unceasing
support to feeding the homeless and the hungry like me,
and who happens to be yet a sinful Anglican, seeking
not just food per se, but also spiritual comfort and
warmth that the good Father Alexander has so freely
and so kindly given to me and to those many
 homeless of various faiths and creeds from
around the world.
"St. Patrick's is an welcoming haven open to all home-
less men and women no matter their skin colour, their
nationality, their belief, their nature, their ideology
and/or their personal situation.
"It is therefore just and proper to give deep thanks
to those God-fearing benefactors that have made it
 possible for me and many other homeless to par-
take in the whole spiritual body of St. Patrick's.
"And above and beyond just being fed good and
wholesome food, we have also been consistently fed
with spiritual and godly abundance to nurture our
 being and our worth despite our given plight.
"Therefore, I then say, BRAVO to all the kind and
 thoughtful St. Patrick's benefactors as I stand here
humbly and happily before you all at what
I call "The New St. Patrick's."
"Bravo, again say I. And thank you one and all for what
 you have done in the good name of Father Alexander
and the Archdiocese of Westminister.
"I'm Monty, the sinful and once homeless Anglican.
Thank you all again ...
( F I N I S )
His Grace, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Stands At Centre.
American Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley
of Denver, Colorado, with Uncle Monty.
When I was homeless, not only did St. Patrick's help feed
me but did also Anglican St. Martin's Connextions. And so
 did Mother Teresea's Missionaries of Charity at where I
also stayed as a resident for several weeks that included
providing me a bed and a shelter over my head. Then came
 kindest Contessa Maria, who ensured I was fed when all
else failed. I then eventually moved to Sheltered Housing
due only to my age as an old age pensioner or senior citizen
and not becasue I was homeless per se. My old age saved
me from being forced to sleep on the streets since I had no
desire to be a rough sleeeper until my life's end. I was given
sheltered housing solely based on my then 62 years of age.
Had I not been elderly, it is doubtful I would have gotten any
off-street accommodation other than perhaps at some homeless
hostel that can be a living hell for many homeless to say the least.
But St. Patrick's, despite being an avid Anglican myself, also
 provided the essence of Catholic spirituality and working faith
that other places didn't. St. Martin's, though Anglican, doesn't
advertise its faith to the homeless which is such a shame.
Our Catholic friends make no apology for their Catholicism
unlike many of those who profess Anglicanism as their faith.
To feed the body of the homeless with food means nothing,
if there is no benediction or confession of one's faith. All too
many homeless charities fail or refuse to offer or recognise
the meaning of faith in their secular and humanist works.
One wonderful except is London's Housing Justice, which
 is Christian-based and faithful to the Word of God.
Hallowed Be Thy Name!!
On the other hand, The Big Issue is also a prime humanist
example of its refusal to recognise the importance of faith.
That's because The Bird Brothers, who run it, disavow their
Catholic religion for greedy money and secular adoration at
the expense of the homeless that they have exploited at every
turn for the Bird's own material gain and godless benefit.
All the money in the world will not save the end for The Bird
Brothers even though they have become stinking rich off the
backs of the homeless over the past 20 years. They're
doomed, if they only knew it. And damned forevermore
by their open rejection of faith and of God.
Group of Seven English Catholic Priests
Among Others At Reopening of St. Partick's.
With his regular congregation of 700 worshippers, Father
Alexander Shelbrooke, the Dorest son of a Catholic mother
and an Anglican father, is the driving force behind the success
of St. Patrick's at Soho Square or SOHOENSIS. His
commitment to feeding the homeless is a personal mission
that speaks quietly against the loud hum of London's
crowded city that is now more like Africa than England
with the mass immigation of immigrants swarming all over
 the once quintessentially British City. Today, London is
a city that no longer belongs to the British but instead to
a whole and horrible crowd of immigrants and Muslims
and foreigners who have also invaded not only the city,
but the whole country under the socialist agenda of
the ever-dreadful New Labour under vile Tony Blair.
Better for England, had he never been born!!
Two days after my little speech I was back at won-
derful St. Patrick's for the Solemn Mass of The
Ascension with the Principal Celebrant, His Emience,
Cardinal George Pell of Australia and Archbishop of
Sydney. I was delighted to also find myself being in-
vited to the superb dinner as a dinner guest with His
Emience, the eminent cardinal. Such also gave me
a first-hand opportunity to engage in conversation
with Cardinal Pell, who impressed me by his
down-to-earth style and manner and was easy to
touch base with. I so enjoyed meeting him along with
the fine 5-course dinner that was fit for any Prince of
 the Church let alone for a sinful Anglican like me!!
It's Whit Sunday and  I've been off to Anglican worship
and to attend this afternoon's social event and also an-
 other welcome dinner with friends this evening. Now
that I have returned, I have now completed this story
and hopefully my readership will enjoy it as much
as I have in writing it ... just for you!
For a different view of St. Patrick's, read architecture
critic Kieran Long's fascinating take on St. Patrick's in
his superbly written piece -  "Good Works HQ."
Spirit in the City
22-25 June 2011
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Pentecost/Whit Sunday, 2011.
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Uncle Monty Happily With The White Friars.
Speech of Thankz.
By Uncle Monty.
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Cardinal George Pell.

Encountering His Eminence,
Cardinal George Pell of Australia.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Helen Dix
& Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Spending much of the other evening, coupled with
an invited and superb five-course dinner, with His
Eminence, Cardinal George Pell of Australia, and
who is the Holy Catholic Church's Archbishop of
Sydney, was for me, as a traditional Anglican, a
most memorable and moving and most worthy
occasion at London's St. Patrick's Presbyter
with our popular priestly host Father
Alexander Shelbrooke and his other fifty or
so invited and distinquished dinner guests.
Snatching five or six different bits of conversation
with His Eminence before and during dinner proved
 informative and friendly as we talked about the
Church in Australia - where I have visited twice -
 and about the cardinal's Anglican counterparts
of Sydney and Melbourne among other things we
spoke about to each other. The more we talked, the
 more I liked the man who in three days time will
be the 70 year-old eminent cardinal, who chiled
me when I mentioned he'd be age 70. "Don't rub
it in," he told me with a slight vexation in his
Aussie voice. He is also one of the same
gentlemen who was instrumental in elect-
ing the present pope - Benedict XVI.
Waiting For The Cardinal:  Members of
The Order of Malta Seen With Uncle Monty.
One of only 185 cardinals in the world, Cardinal
 Pell is also Australia's only active and working day
cardinal. Suffice to say, he was the first Australian
cardinal that I have had the pleasure of ever meeting
and spending some time with as we bantered to and
fro about this and that. He was, though, the nineth
or tenth Roman Cardinal that I have encountered
over the past 30 years or so. The last cardinal I
met was Archbishop Dionigi Tettamanzi of Milan
 at Italy's Milan cathedral city some two years ago.
Cardinal Pell was in London as part of the three
 day ceremonies and celebration of the re-opening
 of the wonderful 125 year-old St. Patrick's at
Soho Square that has resulted from the success
of the parish's £4 Million Restoration Appeal.
As the head of the Catholic Church in England
& Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of
Westminster graciously opened the first evening
of such religious ceremonies, which I also
 attended as an invited guest speaker on the
 topic of feeding the homeless in the Church.
Dinner Host Father Alexander Shelbrooke,
in Far Left Background. With Some of His
Special Guests & The Eminent Cardinal Pell.

Reared by an English father and an Irish mother, 
George Pell speaks plain and blunt with his tall
and gentle bear physique and sharp mind.  Not
given to false semantics, the cardinal doesn't
mince his words, either. When he speaks, one
clearly understands what he means and what
he believes. He doesn't suffer fools easily, I
don't think! I also think he is firmly rooted with
 his feet on the ground and not at some dithering
 height of self-grandeur. Frankly, I was quite
surprised to encounter such a man without any
 trace of artifice. He is who he is, nothing more
and nothing less. Thank God!
At The Dinner: Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley
of Denver, Colorado; Rev'd Sister Elizabeth;
Beautiful Francesica, and Cardinal George Pell.
Wearing his fine gold lapel pin as Companion of
 The Order of Australia, that was conferred upon
 him, the disarming Cardinal Pell put on no airs and
graces as one who was also so closely associated
with the late and great Pope John Paul II or JPII,
who created him cardinal-priest.
On the topic of the Australian Anglican Church,
His Eminence said that it was more into evan-
gelical rather than ecumenical dimensions. He
 bemoaned, the cardinal did, that Peter Jensen,
the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney "has never
been to a Catholic Church" nor "ever held any
 kind of diologue with us (the Catholics)." But
he quickly added, "I hold the Church of the
Anglicans with much respect." I told the
eminent cardinal that when I meet Archbishop
Peter Jensen again - the last time beng at
the GAFCON Anglican Conference - I will
 ask him to seriously consider making some
 kind of ecumenical overtures to the Holy
Catholic Church of Australia. Asked about
 the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr.
Philip Freier, the cardinal quibbed "Well,
 he's an entirely different kettle of fish,"
compared to Peter Jensen. Like Jensen,
Freier is also an Evangelical Anglican.
Papal Author George Weigel
 of The Great Pope John Paul, II.
When I said that I had read that Sydney was
considered to be anti-Roman Catholic, the cardinal
resolutely rubbished such a view saying that such
"was not true of Sydney at all." When also telling
him that Australia was now more focuseed on
Asia than on the Mother Country of England, he
quickly shook his head and said such was also
not the case. He believed Australia was still
much focussed on England. Asia, it seemed, was
 secondary to the cardinal's view and thinking. I
also mentioned to him that at his native Ballarat
in Victoria, that one of the main streets there was
named after my family name has I also once stood
there myself at where he, George Pell, was born!
The Cardinal immediately knew the name of
 the street as soon as I mentioned it to him!
Jolly good!!
Asked what he thought about about Pope
Benedict XVI - called the "Interim Pope"
coming after the towering figure of JPII and
due to Benedict's own old age of over 80 -
Cardinal George Pell expressed great sat-
isfaction with the Benedict XVI Papacy.
As we talked on and off during the evening,
His Eminence told me he planned to meet
next day with Archbishop Vincent Nichols
of Westminster, who many outside the
Church thought he would be named cardinal
during Pope Benedict's very successful State
Visit to the British Isles last September.
The reason, I am informed, that Archbishop
Nichols wasn't then named cardinal was because
the Archdiocese of Westminster already has
one in the name of Archbishop-Emeritus
Cormac O'Conner-Murphy. Once he passes,
 then in all likelihood Vincent Nichols will
 be named the next and new English Cardinal.
So at the moment he stands in the shadow
of O'Conner-Murphy, who I have seen on
five or six religious occasions but have
never been personally introduced to him
nor spent any time together with him like I
 have with so many other Catholic, Anglican,
 and Orthodox archiepiscopal personages.
Cardinal George Pell As Principal Celebrant
At "Solemn Mass of the Ascension" Held At
London's St. Patrick's Church, 2011.
Australia has had six previous cardinals with two
presently retired as archbishops-emeritus, thus
making George Pell the only active and non-
retired cardinal in the country right now. So
aside from spending time with Australia's only
active cardinal, I also spent time with a number
of other dinner guests who sat at my table. In
fact, I was seated next to Rev'd Father Kevin
 Alban, a White Friar; Daniel Johnson, the former 
correspendent for The Times  of  London and
son of the well-known American Paul Johnson.
Daniel Johnson (journalist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and Douglas Rae, the British TV producer, who is
 a Scottish Episcopal member. We were among
such other notables as George Weigel, the papal
biographer of John Paul II; the American auxiliary
bishop James D. Conley of Denver, Colorado;
 and Simon Shelbrooke, the brother of our Eton-
educated host and friend of the late Diana,
Princess of Wales, Father Alexander Shel-
brooke. I happen to be one of his personal
friends at the now re-opened St. Patrick's that
resulted from his parish's most successful £4
Million Restoration Appeal. Not many priests
can singlehandedly raise that kind of huge
money like Father Alexander has done with
relative ease because of his esteemed standing
among his English laity and his fellow clergy.
Aside from other people and things that I'd like
 to include here, I'm sorry, however, I am forced
 to close this short story of encountering His
Eminence, Cardinal George Pell of Australia.
 Such is due to space and time constrains right
 now. Though such factors are not intended to
diminish my personal experience of meeting the
Australian cardinal and spending a little of his
valuable and important time with this enquiring 
and avowed Anglican, who fears not asking
 all manner of questions of such to an eminent
 person like George Pell, who is a Prince of
the Church and who may yet live to help
 elect another pope after Benedict. If by rare
chance he himself is elected pope, then he
would also become the first Australian to hold
 the Roman Papacy. As for any other religious
firsts, the eminent cardinal was also the first
Catholic priest to hold divine services for Cath-
olic students at the quintessentially Anglican
Eton College for Boys since before The
Reformation. While now, Eton may
have become coed! Sad, if true!!
My blog writing for today must be cut short
due to also another hectic day of a past
hectic week so far for me with this and that
which is marked by this Sunday after The
Ascension. This week looks set to be even
more hectic than the last! I shall, however,
return to add more comments and more
images in Part 2 of this story that has, in
this Part 1, focussed essentially on one of
 the world's few Roman cardinals that came
 my way three days ago with so much pleasure
 for me and hopefully for His Eminence, too!!
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Sunday After The Ascension, 2011.
Part Two Next: "For Once In Awhile, I
Did Something Right." By Uncle Monty.
The Three Caption Photos At Top of Page:
1. Cardinal Pell & Uncle Monty; 2. Uncle
 Monty Bearing The Order of St. Benedict
Around His Anglican Neck; and 3, Beautiful
Francesica with His Eminence, The Eminent
Cardinal, at the Invitation-Only London
Dinner, 2011.
Muslim billboard campaign that declares Jesus
 a 'prophet of Islam' causes outrage in Australia.
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