Hurrah. By Uncle Monty.

Hurrah For Jimmy Carter.
By Uncle Monty At Bratislava.
Off to China did North Korea's ailing dictator
Kim Jong-il go with his anointed son and heir in
their armoured train from Pyongyang to Beiing,
while former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, 85,
arrived on his humanitarian mission to rescue
one fellow American called Aigalon Gomes of
Boston from his eight-year jail term for illegally
entering the world's last communist state.
Although it appears Jong-il snubbed Carter,
the mission set out by the former president
was accomplished nevertheless with the re-
lease of Gomes who is expected to arrive
safely back home to Boston later today.
Hurrah for Jimmy Carter is now in place.
Jimmy Carter secures North Korean release
of Boston man. By Associated Press.
Yet, it seems that Gomes was headstrong,
even stupid and irrational, to go to North
Korea like he did from South Korea at
where he was teaching English. He want-
ed to help a fellow Christian already in
North Korean custody for violating en-
trance requirements. He has since been
released while Gomes became almost
suicidal while inside the hellhole DPRK
prison. An African-American, too, there
seems to have been an utterly naive notion
by Gomes as to what he was getting him-
self into. Luckily for him, a former U.S.
president came to his rescue who also
happens to be an Evangelical Christian.
Boston prisoner in North Korea seen as man of conviction.
By Associated Press.
Hurrah again then for Jimmy Carter,
who was accompanied by his devoted
wife Rosilynn at Pyongyang.
On a personal note, I have met Jimmy Carter
twice. First at the 1976 Presidential Debate
held at The College of William & Mary and at
where I was at graduate school at the time.
I also met there Jerry Ford, then President
of the United States. He lost his presidency
to Jimmy Carter who then lost it four years
later to Ronald Reagan in 1980.
Then 32 years later, in the middle of a cow
patch, I literally bumped into ex-President
Carter at The Hay Literary Festival in Wales
two years ago now. We had a lovely Sunday
morning chat and his face lit up as we talked.
We had both been to Pyongyang and we had
both been at the Presidential Debate and now
we had both been at The Hay Festival, which
included Gore Vidal (in his wheelchair) and the
first ugly gay Episcopal cleric Gene Robinson
of New Hampshire. I then met and photo-
graghed all three of them, separately.
What is so good is to see Jimmy Carter in
the news again doing good and using his
good office to help others like he does.
Once again, "Hurrah For Jimmy Carter."
North Korea's Ailing Dictator (Shown Below)
Kim Jong-il Waves From His Amoured
Train. He Fears Flying Since Such Makes It
Easier For Any Attempts To Assassinate
Him, So The Story Goes ...
Within a year, two former U.S. presidents
have gone cowtowing to North Korea.
Bill Clinton, who I have met on numerous
occasions, was the last one there and was
successful in obtaining the release of two
American news reporters last year. I wrote
my story on that called "Well Done, Bubba."
Looking at such former presidents doing
good for their fellow Americans makes me
wonder why one never reads of any former
British prime ministers ever going out on a
limb for their fellow Brits stuck in some foreign
jail and hellhole without ever lifting a finger
to help such a captive become free? We have
ex-PM's Baroness Margret Thatcher, Sir
John Major, and hideous Tony Blair, who
have never done a good thing like Carter
and Clinton. Shame on them, praise on
Jimmy and Bubba!!
:: News Update ::
Testing North Korean Waters
Former President Jimmy Carter deserves great credit
for traveling to Pyongyang and securing the release
of a U.S. citizen, Aijalon Mahli Gomes, who had been
sentenced to eight years North Korean imprisonment
for illegal entrance to DPRK.
Kim Jong-il poised to announce son as successor
North Korea news agency hints Kim Jong-il will
use Workers party assembly to confirm third
son, Kim Jong-un, as next leader.
By Tania Branigan in Beijing.
Idiot Aigalon Gomes of Boston.
Greeting from Bratislava, Uncle Monty.
+St. Monica, 2010.
PS. Thank u, thank u, and thank u, for all
the many, many e-mails while I'm still away
from England now on the last leg of my eight-
nation adventure that has taken me from
Baghdad to Bratislava for now. Before I
on the 29th!!
I'll not have my dongle via my laptop
for the next few days, so please don't
expect any replies until I hit homebase
late next week. But u can still send
welcome messages to me ...
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Noun: An utterance of
the word “hurrah.”


Thankz. By Uncle Monty.

Thankz, But No Thankz.
By Uncle Monty At Iraq's Baghdad.
Always the ever self-centered opportunist,
Tony Blair has done it again with his almost
£5 million donation to the Royal British Legion.
The war criminal that he is cannot expunge or
redeem himself by his rotten money after the
countless sufferings and wanton killings that he,
Blair, and his American war buddy, George W.
Bush, set in mindless and murderous motion by
their illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.
If I was in charge of the legion, I would take
immediate steps to return Blair's money with
a straight forward note that stated: "Thankz,
But No Thankz." Go stuff yourself and your
blood money at where it belongs right up
your own alley.
With all the trimmings of a quintessential
"champagne socialist," Tony Blair can afford to
be some sort of a “good” philanthropist now
and again. Costing the British taxpayer around
£2 million per year to provide him free 24/365
personal protection with 22 paid armed Met
cops, Tony Blair’s gift to the British Legion is
soon taken care of in the future by giving him-
self another 2½ years more of free security that
had he been made to pay for, which he should,
would have cost him almost £5 million out of his
own pocket for what is now a free protection ser-
vice for him at, of course, the UK taxpayers
expense. No former British prime minister,
except for New Labourite Tony Blair, has
been given such unprecedented and costly
“presidential protection” of the like accorded
the ilk and war criminal of Tony Blair. So
detested is he at home, the governmental
powers have provided him with a ring of
steel at wherever he now goes.
Beware, too, that an almost £5 million gift
from a bad man, that Blair surely is, brings
no good - period!
Standing here at Baghdad, like I am at this very
moment, has shown me the raw aftermath and
burning background of the sheer war criminality
and military savagery that the Bush-Blair
“war twins” have inflicted not only on Iraq
itself, but indirectly on the whole world.
The wanton killings, the displacement of millions,
the military crimes against the Iraqi people, the
billions of dollars squandered, the arrogrance of
the war criminals, the incitement to state terrorism,
and the loss of thousands of Limey and Yankee war
dead who are viewed as “empty soldiers” by those
of Islam, all comes solely from what Bush and Blair
were allowed to do in the face of world opposition
to them and their war agenda.
Now vile Tony Blair wants to pay off all of that
with his donation to the Royal British Legion.
What a cad! Perhaps next his war pal George
W. Bush might feel compelled to sell part of his
presidential library to give millions of dollars
to the American Legion like Blair has now
done to the British Legion. Bush is so tight-
fisted at the best of times, so don't count
on any gift coming from him. George Bush
doesn't care one hoot of what all his murder-
ous agenda has done to Iraq and her people.
He never did and he never will. And most of
his fellow Americans hardly give two
hoots, too.
Read the latest news from burning
Baghdad. Several blocks from where I am
staying saw yet more carnage today in
which reports tell of dozens upon dozens
being killed by more deadly acts of vio-
lence. There is a smell and a stench of
ever present violence lurking around
one corner after another in Baghdad.
Strange as it may seem, but I am glad
I could spend some time here inside
Iraq in order that I could see with my
own Anglican eyes and hear with my
Christian ears some thing of what a
day in the life is like right here ...
Oh, and don't expect a pretty postcard
of Baghdad from me. There's no such
luck here, either ...
To Read The Latest News
From Inside Iraq:
In Arabic & English.
Shame? Blair Doesn't Know What It Means.
By Andrew Alexander.
Iraqis will be killing each other for generations
to come all because of Bush and Blair. And
thankz to them, both British and American
civilians will suffer more death all because they
brought about Islam jihad and Muslim terrorism
to the doorsteps of England and America. Plus,
both megalomaniacs have also created state
terrorism and repressive laws against their
very own people that they claim to want to
protect against foreign terrorists! Nothing
good as come from either of them. The only
good I can see is to criminally-indict the vile
pair as international war criminals and take
them to The Hague to stand trial
for war crimes.
So in the end, what is Tony Blair's almost £5
million donation really worth? Basically, ab-
solutely nothing! All it does is to give the
wretch yet another publicity stunt for himself
and to feed his opportunistic self-appetite. His
donation is also an affront to those who have
lost loved ones and friends inside bloody Iraq
and to those so permanently maimed and
injured that the quality of their lives has
been diminished beyond almost repair.
So, I repeat again - send back his rotten
money to where it came from. Could be,
he could one day use that almost 5 million
quid to actually defend himself against
charges of gross Iraq war crimes at The
Hague. "Never," some say. But one never
knows that at some future point Tony Blair
and George W. Bush could stand in the dock
together no matter if some say "never."
"Thankz, But No Thankz" is all I again would
say to Blair's unacceptable and cavalier
donation to the Royal British Legion.
The Growing Old Age of Tony Blair.
Notes From My Travel Notes.
By Uncle Monty.
Tomorrow, I will arrived at Wien or Vienna as part
of my ongoing eight-nation adventure that will end
at the close of America's Labor Day, 2010. In all,
my summer holiday of nation-to-nation crawling
is set to take 35 days and around 22,000 miles.
As most of you know, I am still on my various
eight-nation rendezvous. As stated earlier, I
would only post a new story of mine on my
world blogs while on my holidays, if news
events warrented such. Thus, the very
latest Blair story of his almost five million
quid donation just touch a raw nerve with
me when I first read it earlier today at
Baghdad’s online newspaper
The donation story couldn’t have hit
home so strongly like it did having come
while I myself stand inside Baghdad to see
upfront what hideous Blair has now done
with his outrageous war commitment that
has destoryed Baghdad and much of Iraq
with his vile Amercan war buddy called
George W. Bush. They will never live
down the horror of their pro-war decisions
no matter how much is given by either of
them to charities working for the
betterment and needed care of our boyz
and girlz fighting in the non-winnable
wars they have been made in notable
places like Iraq and Afghanistan.
Thankz everybody for the many, many,
personal e-mails you have sent to me
while I am away from England. I am
fine and well, yes, indeed. I hope all of
you are, too. Once I am back at home
base, I have many stories already lined
up for you. But for now, enjoy summer-
tide while it lasts. It is almost 118°F
or almost 48°C here at Baghdad.
Now that's what I call "bloody hot!!"
So stay tuned ... ladies and gentlemen.
Happy Travels, Uncle Monty.
+St. Clare, 2010.
~ Latest Blair Update From Wien ~
£5m? Who needed it anyway? No wonder
Tony Blair can afford that charity payout.
By Paul Scott.
~ Meanwhile, protesters have put up a £30,000 bounty
for anyone who manages to arrest Mr Blair for alleged
war crimes and are planning a demonstration at the Sept. 8th
signing at Waterstone's flagship bookshop in central London ~


Cymru. In Welsh By Uncle Monty.

Cymru’s Sant John Roberts.
I mewn Cymraeg At Ewythr Monty.
In Welsh By Uncle Monty.
Fotos a graffigau ny Alex Albion.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
Mynach urdd sant bened, offeiriad a merthyr Ganed
Sant John Roberts ger Trawsfynydd, Sir Feirionnydd
ym 1575, cymerodd ei lwon yn Abbaty’r Bneddictcitiaid
yn Saint Martinyng Nghompostella yn Sbaen ac, yn
ddiweddarach fe sefydlodd a daeth yn brior cyntaf
Mynachdy Sant Gregor, Douai.
Daeth i Loeegr sawl gwaith fel cenhadwr ond fe’i daliwyd
am y tro olaf yn ei wisg Offeren yn 1610. Datganodd yn
Nhyburn ei fod yn dysgu’r un ffydd ag yr oedd A wstin,
Apostal y Saeson, yn ei dysgu. Bu farw gyda’r Hybarch
Thomas Somers, offeiriad seciwlar:
Gorymdaith achos Seintia Ioan Roberts.
O Riw Goch yn stŵr i gyd,
ac yn llanc ifanc hefyd,
aeth hyd lonydd datguddiad
ar lôn cryn bellter o’i wlad.
Ei nef oedd dioddefaint
a’i wlad oedd safiad y saint.
Arglwydd, gad im dawl orffwys
Dan gysgodau’r palmwydd clyd
Lle eistedd pererinion
Ar eu ffordd i’r nefol fyd,
Lle’r adroddant dy ffyddlondeb
Iddynt yn yr anial cras
Nes anghofio’u cyfyngderau
Wrth foliannu nerth dy ras.
tr. Elfed Howell Elvet Lewis, 1860-1953.
darllennydd Y Tra Barchedig Barry Morgan,
Archesgob Cymru.
Dduw nefol gweddïwn yn wylaidd a chyda diolch
am dy saint a’th ferthyron, yn enwdid Sant John
Roberts. Dysg ni i werthfawrogi’r aberthau mawr a
wnaethant er ein lles a’n budd ni. Cynorthwya ni i
beidio cymryd petthau’n ganiataol ond i ddangos ein
diolch nid yn unig trwy air ond trwy weithredu gyda
daioni a chyfiawnder yn ein bywydau. Dysg ni hefyd
i fod yn barod i aberthu er mwyn eraill.
Trwy Grist ein Harglwydd.
darllennydd y Gwir Barchedig Edwin Regan,
Esgob Wrecsam.
O Dduw, bydded i ni dyfu’n raddol pob dydd yn ein
dealltwriaeth ohonot Ti ac o’r byd hwn yr ydym yn
rhan ohono. Bydded i ni hefyd ddod i ddeall ein
humain a thyfu i fod yn bobi sydd yn haeddu’t cariad
a’r deynas ne ‘rwyt Ti’n eu cynnig i ni. Dangos y llwybr
fydd yn ein harwain i weithredu mewn heddwch a
chyfiawnder er gwaethaf pob rhwystr.
Trwy Grist in Harglwydd.
'n glerigol Chynrychiolwyr chan
'r Russian 'n Uniongred Eglwys.

Cofia’n gwlad, Benllywydd tirion,
dy gyfiawnder fyddo’i grym
cadw hi rhag llid gelynion,
rhag ei beiau’n fwy na dim:
rhag pod brad, nefol Dad,
taena d’adain dros ein gwlad.
Rhidol leuan Mair, 1822-77.
gan blant ysgolion Sul Llundain.
Y Tra Barchedig Rowan Douglas Williams
Archesgob Caergaint.
Tangnefedd Duw,
sydd uwchlaw pob deall,
a gadwo eich calonnau a’ch
meddyliau yng ngwybodaeth a chariad Duw,
a’i Fab lesu Grist ein Harglwydd:
a benedith Duw Hollalluog,
y Tad, y Mab a’r Ysbryd Glan.
a fo yn eich plith ac a drigo gyda
chwi yn wastad.

darllnnydd y Gwir Barchedig Dominic Walker,
Esgob Monmouth y Ewythr Monty.
Llywydd Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru.
darllennydd y Gwir Bachedig, Esgob Mynyw.
Y tenor byd-enwog o Gastell-nedd.
darllennydd y Gwir Bachedig, Esgob Bangor.
Un o gantorion gwerrin amlycaf Cymru.
Cyn brif ohebydd qwleidyddol y BBC.
Un o osodwyr Cerdd
Dant mwyaf adnabyddus Cymru.
darllennydd y Gwir Barchedig Gregory
Cameron, Esgob Sant Asaph.
Notes in English on the 400th Welsh
Anniversary (1610-2010) of the
of Saint John Roberts of Wales.
By Uncle Monty.
As for Bishop Gregory Cameron (shown above) of
St. Asaph, I wish we could have spent alittle more
time talking about his Welsh bishopic right up there in
lovely North-East Wales at Denbighshire that touches
on Gwynedd, Powys, and Flintshire. I did also note his
quarter-page announcement in The Church Times, on
the same day that we first met, to fill four vacant clerical
posts at his Diocese of St. Asaph. I hope such applicants
have some speaking knowledge of Welsh at least, aside
from having “Enthusiasm for and openness to Welsh
culture," as a stated advantage by Bishop Cameron
himself for "those seeking such exciting posts.”
I have purposely presented the above lead article
in Welsh to show my deep and abiding respect
for all things Welsh and for her wonderful native
people that I deeply admire without question.
And if by chance I have erred in my Welsh,
please correct any written mistakes I have made
by emailing me at
It was then with great pleasure for me to attend
by invitation the 400th Welsh Anniversay of the
Martyrdom of Saint John Roberts of Wales. For
many, it is St. David, the patron saint of Wales,
who is remembered best on March 1st of each
year. Too few folks know about John Roberts,
who was a Welsh Protestant who then became
Catholic and was later burned at the stakes at
Tyburn where he was drawn and quartered.
How barbaric!!!
In North Wales he was beloved at where he was
born at Trawsfynydd, in then Merionethshire,
in about 1575. He was only about age 35 when
he suffered Catholic martyrdom for his faith. I
went to summer holiday camp for eight years at
Dolgellau (and at where my grandma was born)
and at Aberllefenni that’s not far from where
the Welsh saint is best known to the good and
thrifty people of North Wales. Sadly, he is
little known beyond the astounding senic
surrounding of the Snowdonia magnificence
and even less known in some other parts of
Cymru. But even so, John Roberts is still
thankfully not entirely forgotten inside
Wales after 400 long years! Such then is
well worthy of the ecumenical celebration
in his saintly name, I so think and so did
many others from all over Wales.
At the celebration, it was also a sheer pleasure
to chat once again with His Grace, the Archbishop
of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, and to have
him present among the many distinquished per-
sons assembled at the Ecumenical Service, which
saw perhaps a 1,000 people or so in attendance
including my humble self!
Dr. Rowan Williams speaks fluent Welsh as a
native son of Wales that he is and he was also the
Archbishop of Wales before he was translated to
the Anglican See of Canterbury. He is also the first
native Welshman to head the World Wide Anglican
Communion. And so if John Roberts became
Catholic, then Rowan Williams became Anglican
from his family's Welsh Presbyterian origins.
It was also a pleasure to see and chat yet again
with the Most Rev’d Vincent Nichols, (shown in
the above lead image with me) who is the
Archbishop of Westminster and head of the
Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.
He was the Principal Celebrant at the rathering
for the unusual service to Saint John Roberts.
I suspect the presiding archbishop will be named
a new Cardinal during Pope Benedict's Papal
Visit to the UK next month.
Even more of pleasure for me was to again encounter
Bishop Dominic Walker, OGS, of Monmouth after our
last delightful encounter two years ago at the Saint
Alban Protomartyr Service in which the bishop off-
iciated as the president. Plus, it was good to chat
again with Archbishop Peter David Smith, whose re-
consecration as the new Archbishop of Southwark
I also attended by invitation like so many other
Church and Ecumenical events that I get invited
to attend. I deeply and utterly love everything
to do with The Church and her ordained
and consecrated clergy.
Of note, too, was the fact that the St. John Roberts
400th Celebration was the first joint Anglican/Catholic
service of its kind ever held in Great Britan to celebrate
the life of a convert saint who was protestant-born and
who then become a Catholic saint! I guess Anglican-
reared and ordained John Henry Newman will be
next, after his upcoming Beautification by Pope
Benedict XVI during his Papal Visit to us in the
UK come this mid-September. It is my hope at
the minimum to cover his Lambeth Palace visit
with ABC Rowan Douglas Williams. A little
German and a little Welsh should go down
neatly with some fine ecumenical wine
at Lambeth! Thinketh me!
'n uniongred Batriarch Am 'n
Eciwmenaidd Gwasanaeth.
“Nid oes ysbryd mwy bonheddig wedi dod ymaith
o fryniau geirwon Cymru na mab gwynfydedig
Trawsfynydd. Ef yw gogoniant Cymru.”
T. P. Ellis.
Diolchiadau i noddwyr dathliadau 400
miwyddian merthyrodd Sant John Roberts:

Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru - Nant y Mynydd
Dŵr Gwynedd - TrawsNewid - Y Cylch Catholig
Cymru Cyfieithu Cyf - Senedd Ewrop
Prifardd Iwan Llwyd:
“Rhyw Deid yn Dod Miwn.”
At Meic Stephens.
His Grace,
The 104th Archbishop of Canterbury.

Anglican Vicar Found Guilty of 100’s of Sham Marriages.
A vicar from a sleepy Sussex parish has been found guilty of conducting hundreds of sham marriages.
By Jerome Taylor.

UK Anglican Panel Rejects Proposal to Cut US Episcopal Church.
By Lillian Kwon.

Jewish group slams (Ground Zero) mosque.
No Mosque at Ground Zero.

Florida Church planning to burn Qurans on 9/11. (Since cancelled!)

By Tom Mendelsohn.



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