Jacko Wacko Now Dead! So What? By Uncle Monty.

By Padraic Flanagan in Los Angeles.
"In a final act ­worthy of the star’s larger-than-life
persona, (Michael) Jackson is to be buried in a
velvet-lined, £15,000, 14-carat gold-plated casket.
The coffin (or casket) will be the centrepiece of a
funeral to rival the grandeur of King Tutankhamun’s."
Latest Update: July 4th, 2oo9.
Jacko Wacko Now Dead! So What?
By Uncle Monty.
A recent Muslim convert at the time of his sudden death
yesterday at ago 50, Michael Jackson is being mourned
today by millions of his weird fans all around the world.
It will take sometime for most of them to realise he has
now come and gone at this morning’s first sunlight.
While he was certainly gifted and talented, he was a man
without much conscience when it came to acting out with
little kidz at his now infamous Neverland Ranch. He
escaped criminal convictions of child abuse, but he never
publicly or privately apologised for his inappropriate and selfish
conduct with those children he enticed to his lavish ranch.
Nor did Michael Jackson ever grow up, but he became instead
more weird by the years he was still around. When he dangled
his little son from the hotel balcony, he seemed to act as if it was
normal for any father like him to do such a thing. Crazy was
he, of course. There was really nothing very normal about
Jacko Wacko or Wacko Jacko ... That's why he was called such!
Jacko At 50 ...
I always cringed whenever I heard his name, especially
after reading the details of the court case brought against
him for allegations of child abuse. He was acquitted, but
a bad taste of him was forever left in my mouth ...
even now at his kind of cause célèbre -death.
I was once assigned as a press photographer to initially
cover him as "King of Pop," but at the last moment my
assignment editor changed his mind. Some time much
earlier, he'd dispatched me to cover live John Denver at
his William and Mary Concert at Williamsburg, Virginia.
Which, I did. But I never got another chance to photograph
Jacko Wacko upfront ever again. Nor did I ever see him in
person. That was fine with me. Pop celebrities usually leave
me pretty cold and unexcited in most events. Although
John Denver at the height of his fame of Rocky Mountain
High, was personally a great guy to meet, to chat with,
and to spent several hours with him both at backstage
and onstage photographing him and his crew ...
John's later death in his own executive plane
that crash landed saddened me no end.
Jacko's Own Place - NEVERLAND Ranch.
In huge debt upto his neck, Michael Jackson is reported to owe
around $500 million, although he was still taking in around $19
million per year from his various show biz and recording deals.
His planned 50 gigs at London’s O2 Arena - that was set to start
just a couple of weeks from now - was said to help put his financial
situation back on the straight and narrow road. His death now
obviously imperils those Jackson gigs and millions of dollars
that will have to be refunded to the hundreds of thousands
of fans who bought tickets to his global gigs. No doubt, too,
the Yankee shyster lawyers will be like vile vultures circling
his dead body and at the ready to sue for whatever money
and valuables they can lay their dirty and slimey hands on.
Almost a recluse living in a rented swanky house
at $100,000 per month at Los Angeles, Michael
Jackson’s final days started and ended with popping
pills and pain killers to which news reports say he’d be-
come addicted to. His life seemed in such a mess for a
man who had gained and conquered the world musically,
but then completely lost it. His death by heart attack
should come as no surprise really after so many recent
reports had indicated that he was in very poor and frail
health and struggling badly to find some comfort with his
medical conditions that included a damaged vertebra
in his back. The older he got, the less he could handle
all the stress of his fame or infamy. His appearances
set for the O2 Arena are also blamed for added stress
of preparing for his 50 gigs or his same age of 50. Some
media stories already state that such may have contri-
buted to his sudden heart attack. But I don't buy that!
I think what happened to Jacko Wacko was an adver-
se reaction to some injection or painkiller given to
him by his very own doctor who was then with him
when Jacko then stopped breathing or died on him.
He was the superstar to the big stars that surrounded
him and to which many helped him from becoming
literally an homeless person on the streets of LA.
They were generous friends who came to his aid
when he was down to his "last cent" as angry
creditors stood ready to devour him and seize
whatever the bailiffs could get. Now he’ll never be
homeless will Michael Jackson in his rich grave that
will soon see one of the biggest funerals in America
since the death of Elvis and Diana and all such stars
so buried. Whether Jacko Wacko's funeral will be
a private Muslim one will remain to be seen, but
his weird fans will no doubt demand some
public memorial service to him.
Jacko With Monkey ... Graphic By Alex Albion.

So now brace yourself for a media blitz of all things Michael Jackson for the next week or so at least. Such will be rammed down our throat no matter if you’re a weird fan or not of his. Our world is a better place without such a wacko as Jacko was. I was alot more saddened by the death of Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett, 62, who died a grim death with anal cancer on the same day that Michael Jackson suddenly died, too. She must have been completely disfigured and her body was probably like a dehydrated carcass with so much weight lost at her final and merciful death. And so brave was she, unlike Jacko either in life or death. And fame is always fleeting no matter how world famous or infamous one becomes. Jacko Wacko will be no exception ...

One last word or two regarding this story. I deliberately used "Jacko Wacko" instead of "Wacko Jacko" to distinguish my death story on Michael Jackson from the hundreds of other bloggers so commenting on the end of the life of "The King of Pop." But above all, his sudden, and not expected death, was a classic clear-cut case of the very old saying - "Here today and gone tomorrow." Bye, bye!! So Jacko Wacko Is Now Dead! So What?

Truly, Uncle Monty. +St Rudolph, 2oo9.

:: UPDATE 24 Hours Later ::

"Did Injection Kill Michael Jackson?"



Michael Jackson's death sparks Florida bus brawl.


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Blessed Anglorum Pageantry. By Uncle Monty.

Blessed Anglorum Pageantry.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Packed pews of the devout and of the faithful did
solemnly congregate to mark the saintly Feast Day
of the Protomartyr Anglorium -of England at
London’s traditional and religious Anglo-Cathoilc
edifice of St. Alban The Martyr. -He, St. Alban,
who was the 1st English Christian martyr, is
celebrated at his Feast Day and he is remembered
most especially by the Anglican Church of England
and by those Anglican-Catholics within the
diverse body of the English Church.
Religious Pageantry at St. Alban's.
Religious pageantry, liturgical formulary,
and interfaith clergy, made the blessed scene
of St. Alban's Day so close to all things bright
and beautiful. Gounod's Messe Solennelle de
Sainte Cecile -and Vierne's Symphonie No. 1
gloriously echoed among the evening congre-
gation that had travelled from far and wide to
be present, for among other reasons, to hear the
gracious Welsh preacher The Rt. Rev'd Dominic
Walker, OGS, the Anglican Lord Bishop of
Monmouth, preach his St. Alban sermon. He
didn't disappiont them, did the good bishop.
The Procession of St. Alban.
And, the magnificent ceremony of it all ...
“Saint Alban was the first English Christian martyr
(‘Protomartyr Anglorum’). He is traditionally asso-
ciated with the Diocletianic persecution (c. 305).
According to Bede (Eccl. Hist. i, 7), he was a pagan

of Verulamium (now St. Albans in Herts) who was
converted and baptized by a fugitive priest of whom
he sheltered. When the governor sent soldiers to search
the house, Alban disguised himself in the priest’s cloak,
was arrested, and condemned to (Christian) martyrdom.
The priest, traditionally named Amphibalus, from some
confusion with the cloak (amphibalus), is said to have
been stoned to death a few days later at Redbourn. St.
Alban is commemorated by Venantius Fortunatus
(c. 580) in the line Albanum egregium fecundia
Britannia profert."
"His English shrine still stands at St. Alban’s Abbey.
He is not to be identified with St. Alban venerated at
Cologne (Germany). His feast day is 22nd of June,
though the (Anglican Book of Common Prayer)
BCP (probably by a misreading of xxii as xvii)
commemorates him on 17th of June.”
Quoted Source: The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian
Church, pp. 1492. 1961 Edition., p. 29. Edited By Lady
Margaret Professor of Divinity, Rev’d Dr. F. C. Cross,
Canon of Christ Church, Oxford.
The Rt. Rev'd Dominic Walker, OGS.
The Anglican Lord Bishop of Monmouth.
Archpriest Rev'd Father Sergius Scott
of The Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate. +
The Venerable Howard Levett
of London's St. Alban The Martyr.
Two Priests Chatting Together.
(Correction: Father William Richie (above, left)
is seen standing with Coptic Father Sergius. I in-
correctly thought that Father Richie was a Coptic
archpriest. Rather, he is St. Alban's Community
Pastoral Worker. I thank verger John Dilkes
for the correction herein.)
Portrait Of A Priest. By Alex Albion.
I attended the St. Alban's Day Festival with
my dear fellow Anglican friend Jill Ferguson.
Beside chatting on and off with Bishop Dominic
Walker of Monmouth, I spent some time also
chatting with and photographing the inter-
faith clergy present at the Solemn Mass that
included The Melkite Greek Catholic Church's
Patriarchal Vicar, Rev'd A. T. John Salter, 74;
Rev'd Father Christopher Cawse of Holy Cross,

Badge Members of the Anglican Order of the
Society of St. Margaret of Scotland; Rev'd Coptic
Father Sergius Scott, 72; and the TV actor
Frank Williams, 77, (shown below), who played
the "Rev'd Timothy Farthing" in the British
Television series called "Dad's Army." Frank
was a delight to meet, to chat with, and to
photograph. He is a devout and well-known
Anglo-Catholic at St. Alban The Martyr.
British TV Character Actor Frank Williams.

Along with the Blessed Anglorum Pageantry, I think we were all truly blessed to all come together at St. Alban's Day with my other good Anglican-Catholic friend John Dilkes, who was also present at the pageantry and ceremony as the good verger of the church. He was also attired in traditional clerical vestments with his ceremonial staff. And, all too soon, we saw the end of such a nice and blessed day ... Praise Our Good Lord, always and every day!!

Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Protomartyr Anglorum, 2oo9.
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Germany has nearly a million more Muslims than
assumed. Trier, Germany (ENI). Germany has a
larger Muslim population than has been assumed up
to now, a new study revealed. The study "Muslim
Life in Germany", conducted by the Federal Office for
Migration and Refugees in Germany, concluded that up
to 4.3 million people belong to the Muslim faith. That
is nearly a million more than the 3.4 million Muslims
assumed up to now. Therefore about five percent
of Germany's 82 million people are Muslim.
France to consider banning burqas after Sarkozy
speech. Paris (ENI). Five years after France banned
Muslim girls from wearing headscarves in public schools,
the government has launched a probe into another Muslim
garment - all-covering burqas or niqabs - that may lead to
a similar injunction in public spaces. In July, a 32-member
parliamentary commission will begin a six-month invest-
igation into the burqa in France - particularly whether it
clashes with the country's fiercely secular creed and
violates the dignity of the women who wear it,
Religion News Service reports.
Ecumenical News Service (ENI) International
News Highlights 24 June 2009.


Upper-Cut Pugilists of the Past. By Uncle Monty.

Upper-Cut Pugilists of the Past.
By Uncle Monty.
Boxing Photos By Alex Albion.
Surrrounded by top Irish and British professional
and amateur boxing champions of the past at the
London evening charity fundraiser by The Freddie
Mills Boys Clubs for disabled kidz, I watched with
delight more than eight charity matches of three or
four full rounds each with some of those old champs
putting up a good fight inside the ring to help support
such a good, clean cause for such disabled people.
To learn more about the British boxer Freddie Mills
(1919-1965), who was the world light heavyweight
boxing champion from 1948 to 1950, just visit
Showing some of the disabled individuals.
The only things missing at the three-hour charity box-
ing event were Havana cigars and filthy cigarette smoke
that also saw alot of fun and jokes among the champions
of the past. And, among the 100 or so good working
class folkz there, who put their hard-earned money
where their mouth was by freely donating their time
and money and buying lots of raffle tickets of
which your’s truly also won third prize!!
Some of the good working class folkz.

The good folks, then, were neither posh nor toffs. But by far, rather good decent people with their feet firmly on the ground. The social atomsphere was earthy, biosterous, joyous and extremely friendly. From a five week old baby girl to an 85 year-old gentlemen, the span of such a wide age range among those at the evening event was simply splendid. Men, boys, women, and girls all roared and screamed together whenever a match was on the edge and whenever the boxers revelled in upper-cut boxing to their very best. I had a ringside seat, too!

^ The Charity Organizers. ^
Earlier, The UK Boxing News -had reported that former professional boxer, and now licensed referee, Bob Williams, would put the gloves back on for the first time in 15 years in aid of the charity. BF Williams, as he was known in his fighting days, joined a number of other ex-pros and ex-amateurs from the British Ex-Boxers Association. Along with Bob Williams was also Pat Thompson (shown above in the story caption picture of him), who was at one time rated as a world-class boxer with several boxing wins under his belt that included the title of Central Area Light Heavyweight Champion of England. When I got to meet him, Pat Thompson was just a nice fella and so easy to meet. He just loved helping the Freddie Mills Boys Clubs raise money for the disabled folkz with several of them getting in the ring themselves, too, to have their own bouts with some real ex-boxers. Pat, and his wife Chris, now run Odessa Caterers to the construction trade from out of East London.
In the red corner were these folkz.

Back some 40 years ago or more, I remember the public row about boxing in which Dr. Edith Summerskill and boxing promoter Jack Solomons did spar with each other on the merits and demerits of the pugilist art. She was against boxing for kidz, especially without any protective head gear, groin pads, and mouth pieces. While Solomons defended the sport as a good venue for rough and troubled kidz and to keep them off the streets of the Teddy Boy era and later the skinheads and rockers and so on. At that time, British state schools had after-school boxing tours for the ladz and they went all over the country to box here and there. Also at American colleges, too, boxing was common among freshmen, sophomores, and seniors. I myself enjoyed the sport with my P.E. teacher retired Army boxing champion Frankie Bell, who we affectionately called "Ding Dong Bell." Off, for example, to North Wales and to the Isle of Man we went on weekends to box with the Army Cadet Force and we all had a great time. Guess Edith Summerskill helped put end to all of that! She was a toffy-nosed bitch!!!

^ Ringside view of the boxers boxing inside the ring.
At the charity boxing evening, I noticed that among
those set to attend was Peter Cragg, ex-ABA Welter-
weight Champion; Johnny Oliver, North-West Division
Welterweight Prize-Winner whose title was undefeated
in 39 years; Billy Aird, Heavyweight Contender for
Europe; Bernie Dillan who fought Terry Spinks, and
Eddie Brooks of Fitzroy Lodge. They were set to
box at the blue corner for the sake of charity.
While at the red corner for the Freddie Mills Boys Clubs
was The Puncher Dean Proud, The Killer Jimmy Clark,
The Jabber Mark Johnson, The Bomber Lesley Bernard,
The Hurricane Mathew Hisee, The Hunter Tony Collins,
and Jason "Iron Mike" Tyson. They did box like grim
death did some of them. They were all true winners by
the end of the night, too. Even better was the thousands
raised in cash to help those vunerable and disabled folkz.
"Knocked Out" in the ring for charity!!

Before everybody all headed home, there came the Memorabilia Auction of autographs and certificates of boxing items of Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Joe Calzaghe, Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, and Roberto Duran. Some of the items went for $100.00 or more. All the proceeds went again to The Freddie Mills charity. Bravo! But the framed item of Alan "Boom Boom" Minter -http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/boxing/minter.htm - with his autographed photo and with one of his off-white boxing gloves was not auctioned off, due sadly to fears that the minimum bid of £500.00 would not be met after so many folkz had already left at now about late 10.30pm in the London evening. So, it was time to call it a day. They did and so did I ... It was so good to be able to meet so many upper-cut pugilists of the past all in one single evening and more than I ever have in all my life ...

^ Time To Call It A Day ... ^
Cheers everybody, Uncle Monty.
+The Longest Day of the Year, 2oo9.

Upcoming By Uncle Monty:
"Unlocking The Shackles of Homelessness,"
after attending as a registered delegate to The
Housing Justice National Conference, 2oo9.
"Summer Flowers of England,"
By Uncle Monty coming soon, too.

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British Patriots Speak Their Patriotic Mind. By Uncle Monty.

British Patriots Speak Their Patriotic Mind.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Rapturous scenes of British patriotism flowed like "Rivers
of Gold" at the British Constitution Group (BCG) Conference
that was held at London’s Friends House last Saturday of
which I was a ticket-held attendee among some other
500 or so of my fellow compatriots.
Overwhelmingly anti-New Labour, anti-European Union
(EU), anti-immigration, and anti-Iraq War, the conference
expressed its utter shagrin and clear disgust of all that is
seen as wrong with today’s "Broken Britain" under the
shrill rule of the dysfunctioning and detested British
Labour Party. The BCG Conference was unasham-
edly pro-British and anti-foreigner, too. BCG's
Roger Hayes, however, disputes my term "anti-
foreigner." See his e-mail below on that issue.
Perhaps, they're pro-foreigner, then?
Calls to criminally-prosecute Tony Blair for crimes against
the British people was met with thunderous applauds and
firm belief by some attendees that America’s 9/11 was
also a huge US government plot and conspiracy of the worst
kind, along with outspoken opposition to every thing that the
EU represents. The Rt. Hon. Enoch Powell’s 1969 resounding
speech against the evils of immigration to the UK was
available, too, on CD for two quid a copy at
the busy conference lobby.
Books, newspapers, newletters and pamphets calling for
the return of Britain to the native British people were
freely available with publications such a The UK Column
and The People’s United Community for the taking.
Carmelite Sister Mary Micheal of Lincoln.
Shown above, Carmelite Sister Mary Michael
spoke with much passion for the British way of
life that is increasingly doomed by the forces of
radical neo-socialism and mass immigration to
the UK and has plunged Britain to the level of
a Third World "free oasis" for the lowest of the
low immgrants amassing at every seaport and
airport under the open-ended immigration
policy of vile New Labour. The country is now
swamped beyond recognition with over 2
million Africans admitted by the leftists
gang masters of the British Labour Party.
Every day, they admit more and more to
overwhelm the British culture and values with
their African mishmash, their violent street
crimes, their HIV/Aids, their bodies of stinking
bodily odour, their demand for freebies and free
benefits, and taking over whole communities at
where they now reign over those who were
first born and bred of British stock. Their
numbers are truly staggering and an ugly
and deliberate affront to us by New Labour.
Sister Mary Michael was astounding to hear!
Her forthrightness and patriotism was moving.
Her simple presentation held no artifice for
it rang like an English church bell beckoning
the British to rally against those who seek to
destroy our country to accommodate every-
body and everything that are anti-British
from the very start and go.
Our greatest enemies are now New Labour and
the European Union. They represent the tenacious
enemy against Britain from both within and without.
They have also already inflicted their evil upon us
and they will continue to do so without ceasing
unless they're stopped for once and for all by
voting them out and/or taking lawful
rebellion against them.
At London's Friends House.

One thing that I didn’t see was not one British flag, which
characterises the British penchant for not waving the flag un-
like our Yankee cousins who love to always wave Old Glory.

Some of the drawbacks at the BCG conference was no printed programme or any biographical notes about the conference's keynote speakers or any practical small group workshops for such patriots in attendence or any recruitment of those present to perhaps join in what it called for the lawful rebellion of “One Million Rebellious Britons.” Pity. For more info visit weblink:

No EU! ~~~
Another keynote speaker was Roger Hayes. With him
was the question raised elsewhere of “Who Are The
British Constitution Group?" by Baron von Lotsov.
I was unable to stay to hear Roger due to another event I was invited to attend: http://www.123people.co.uk/s/roger+hayes

Chris Coverdale was another conference speaker.
Also visit Chris' website: http://www.makewarshistory.org.uk/
John Bingley also spoke by The Royal Assent and Parliamentary Sovereignty.

And speak he did was Brian Gerrish, State of the Nation 2. http://vodpod.com/watch/260809-common-purpose-the-unseen-invasion-brian-gerrish

The elaborate speeches were for the most part too long and too academic for me personally and I suspect for other attendees. At times, I also felt that the conference verged on the kind of “miltia group mentality” that was so common in America during the era of the Arkansas mafia under the Clinton Administration.

^ BCG volunteer Margaret ^

^ The Four Lincoln City Ladies at Friends House ^
While I would love to see "One Million Rebellious Britons" on the march, I doubt such will ever come about until it is too late and it may already be too late in any event. The problem with the true British is they're so passive and suffer from so much inertia that the active and neo-radical forces against us have almost won the day and whether we like it or not. We seem to have become resigned to our ill-fate of mass immigration, parliamentary and governmental corruption, media manipulation and spin by New Labour, the death of modern British heroes, the criminalization of protest and open dissent, the politicalization and arming of our police, the failure to teach respect and values to the newest generations that oftentimes come from completely foreign and immigrant background and lifestyles that are innately inimical to the British, the imposition of multiculturalism and multiracialism has destroyed the very identity of the British people, and the utter arrogance and antipathy of the Labour Party ilk of Blairites and Brownites and their greedy and gaudy archleftist henchmen.

I wish the British Constitution Group well and all other such groups or individuals who are dedicated to making the last stand against all that is now sorely evident in "Broken New Britain." Bitterly, Britain will never be put back together ever again until perhaps some kind of lawful or unlawful rebellion takes place on the streets of what was once England's green and pleasant land that is now so blighted and so broken by all that is under New Labour. I truly detest what it now represent with all my Anglican mind, with all my British body and with all my Christian soul.

Ever truly, Uncle Monty. +St. Teresa, 2oo9.

Hello Monty
Some interesting observations re our conference - it is good to get the feedback. May I respectfully suggest that you revise your comment re us being anti-foreigner - we are certainly anti-uncontrolled immigration but that does not amount to being anti-foreigner (the hallmark of biggots and racists) - we are all in favour of co-operation with other countries - but from a platform of national independence. Thanks Best wishes Roger Hayes. roger@friezeframe.com
Thu 06/18/09 11:58 PM

Watching Iran Unravel.
By Uncle Monty.
I am still watching Iran unravel and I may follow-up
with more of my Iran Commentary regarding what I now
call the rise of the “New Islamic Shah of Iran” in the form of
the dubiously re-elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
This is said on seeing the rightful rebellion and rise of the Mir
Hossein Mousavi's Reformist Movement after what appears
to be the flagrantly fixed or rigged 2009 Iranian Presidential
Election of last Thursday in favour of Ahmadinejad strict Islamic
rule and unashamed thuggery against those who want the
election to be annulled and their vote respected,
but have thus far been denied both.
To my mind, the Ahmadinejad government has now restored
to using the same hell-bent tactics as the Shah’s once feared
with mass arrests of reformist leaders and the killing of pro-
Mousavi supporters on the streets of Tehran. While Ahmadinejad
himself was strutting off to Russia to bask in his own fradulent
and Shi'ite presidency. But like the Shah, he will eventually
completely stumble and violently fall from his illicit power
inside Iran. The 400 foreign journalists and news photo-
graphers accredited with 10-day visas to enter Iran to
cover the pre- and post-presidential election have been
ban from further reporting the protest events on the
streets and most have now exited from Tehran after
being denied any extension of their press visas. Martin
Fletcher's superb news reporting directly from Tehran,
at where he, too, was assaulted by Iranian armed street
thugs, gave me the feeling that I was back at Tehran again.
I only wish I was for I am absolutely fascinated with
Iranians and Islamic Persia and watching Iran un-
ravel at the violent oppression under Ahmadinejad,
who at first I was willing to give him the benefit of
the doubt on questions of election fraud. But not
so now. I totally agree with those set against him.
Like Martin Fletcher, the Global Voice Online has
presented excellent coverage of the unravelling
events inside Iran. Read its latest online reports:
The latest grim pictures from out of Iran.
Shock Twitter pictures of bloody crackdown on Iran election protests.
I will return to the compelling subject of Iran at
any time I feel I need to comment further on such ...
Who Would Have Ever Thought
That Israel Could Become So Nazi?
Meet The Unelected Vigilante and
Anti-Semite Weyman Bennett of
"United Against Fascism." That's right!

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Street Clashes At Iran's Capital. By Uncle Monty.

Street Clashes At Iran's Capital.
By Uncle Monty.
Tehran Photoimages
By Sify News.
It is too early, in my opinion, to say if the 2009
post-presidential election street clashes at Iran’s
capital will grow to full pledged and/or sustained street
riots by those disaffected backers of defeated reformist
candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi over Friday's re-election
win of hardliner and firebrand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
But what is a fact right now inside Iran is that Tehran
street clashes by Mousavi supporters have emerged
strongly against Ahmadinejad and his win of gaining
four more years as President of Islamic Iran. It isn't a
a pretty picture coming out of Tehran with grim images
of Iranian government police kicking, beating and ar-
resting whoever they can lay their hands on at such
street protests, which for now appear to be mainly
confined to urban patches of the university area of
the city. The political and internal dangers for both
Ahmadinejad and Mousavi are that such street
clashes could spread out of control, not only with-
in the Iranian capital itself, but also beyond to
divers and other towns and cities all across Iran.
But again right now, it seems such street pro-
tests are local to Tehran and not beyond its
geographic confines. Though that could change
quite rapidly if the Ahmadinejad government
mishandles the present post-election protests,
which it is more likely to do than not by its
current and ugly crackdown against such
young and rich Mousavi protesters!!
2009 Post-ElectionStreet Protesters at Tehran.
Iran Protesters dispute outcome they blame on massive fraud.
Ahmadinejad’s victory greeted by Tehran protests.
By Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl at Tehran.
Clashes rock Tehran as thousands protest over ‘rigged’ election.
Iran elections: anger on the streets of Tehran.
By Colin Freeman in Tehran.
Guarded response to Iran's election.
Iranian government policeman kicking street protester
while other motorbike cops go for the prey at Tehran.
For more photoimages of the street
clashes at Iran's capital, visit Sify News:
Once more news reports become available of what is
happening inside post-election Iran, I may add more
weblinks about such to my little blog here for you ...
As always, Uncle Monty.
+Feast of Corpus Christi, 2oo9.
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Whoever Is Iran's True Election Winner, Would You Please Stand-Up? By Uncle Monty.

Whoever Is Iran's True Election Winner,
Would You Please Stand-Up?
Iran Commentary By Uncle Monty.
Iran Graphic By Alex Albion.
:: The Islamic Republic's Official Farsi News Agency ::
Could it be that Iran is now in for a "New Revolution,"
of sorts, between the hardliners and the reformists
in the disputed Iranian 2oo9 Presidential Election
win of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over his
arch-rival reformist and former prime
minister Mir Hossein Mousavi?
With Ahmadinejad now officially declared the winner
of yesterday’s explosive presidential election of 2oo9,
such means there’ll be no run off between the pair with
Ahmadinejad‘s 65% (revised to 62%) win over Mousavi's
32%. Elsewhere, I had earlier stated that Ahmadinejad
would not be easily unseated in his re-election bid and
it looks now that such has been the case whether it
has been by fair or foul in Iran. My question now is
this: "Whoever Is Iran's True Election Winner,
Would You Please Stand-Up?" The answer is that
both men are now standing-up with each of them
claiming to be the overall presidential winner.
Such will only cause future strife inside Iran.
But anybody who thought that reformist Mousavi
would easily "be let" to win the day were totally off
the ball in understanding the internal political, religious
and military forces standing behind the Ahmadinejad
Presidency. Islamic Iran is in no mood to divvy-up to
liberal reformists like Mir Hossein Mousavi, who I also
wouldn’t be surprise if he doesn’t get himself arrested
now for “insulting the president” during the 2oo9
campaign after President Ahmadinejad had himself
accused him of such. Hardliners, after all, usually
play political hardball. Especially, when they win!!
Iranian Women.
Ahmadinejad re-election is bad news for Washington
and especially angry and disconcerting news for Israel
after seeing its loudest arch-enemy not unseated.
Scuffles have also already broken out in Tehran, the
capital of Iran, over the disputed presidential election
results. If such should escalate inside Iran, then
internal strife could well prevail there and if serious
enough could eventually lead to some kind of student
and reformist revolt against Ahmadinejad and his
well-established cleric and revolutionary hardline
base. Such a revolt could then see the rise of a "New
Revolution," although at this stage it is doubtful,
in my opinion, for such to take root or life inside
Iran unless such a possible revolt is truly wide-
spread inside Old Persia. I cannot fully gauge
right now what the long-term or immediate im-
pact of such a disputed national election will have
on the national psyche of the overall Iranian
people. It will be primarily the students and
intellectuals who will agitate against the
Ahmadinejad election results. How far
they will get remains to be seen ... Not
far, I suspect! At least not for now.
Iran's Re-Elected President and
Firebrand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Conflicting Claims of Victory in Iran’s Election.
By Robert F. Worth.

Iran's Ahmadinejad heads for big win. By Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl.

An Independent Source of News
on Iran and the Iranian Diaspora


^ Iranian Death Penalty: The Ugly Side of Iran ^

I have been happy to comment on the presidential election of Iran from a far distance here in London. I am intensely interested in political situations at home and abroad at whenever such arises to rekindle my political appetite that is always hungry to observe and where possible to also freely comment on. The next big election is the upcoming British General Election that must be called no later than by June, 2010. I am gearing-up for that with great relish and determined commentary that will stand 1,000%, yes 1,000%, against New Labour and all that it detestably represents to me ...

In the meantime, give a little thought to what has just happened inside Iran. And, get ready for military fireworks both inside and outside of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Shi'ite Nation. Many countries in the Middle East - most notably Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf States - that oppose the rise of a feared and future Nuclear Iran under Ahmadinejad's now re-elected rule are shivering even more so in their big Arab boots. Iran should never be dismissed or under-estimated on the world stage. And Iran will gobble-up Israel just given a half a chance. So watch out ... for an Iran-Israel War is most probably on the way!!

Sincerely, Uncle Monty. +Eve of Corpus Christi, 2oo9.

Breaking News: Latest Iran Election Results.

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Iran's 2009 Presidential Election.

Iran's 2009 Presidential Election.
Special IPS News Report.
Iran Commentary
By Uncle Monty.
Iran Goes to the Polls. Iranians are heading to
the polls to decide between the incumbent Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad and three rivals, Mohsen Razai, Mehdi Karroubi
and Mir Hossein Mousavi - seen as the main contender. The
world is watching. The outcome will be taken as an indicator
of the prospects for success of U.S. President Barack Obama's
diplomatic outreach to Tehran. The two reformist-leaning
candidates - Karroubi and Mousavi - are emphasising
dialogue with the West.
Iranian Elections Could Shape U.S. Engagement.
By Daniel Luban and Ali Gharib.
WASHINGTON (IPS) - Washington is waiting anxiously on the
outcome of Friday's Iranian presidential elections, as incumbent
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attempts to fend off challenger
Mir Hossein Mousavi in a contest with significant implications
for the diplomatic atmosphere between Iran and the U.S.
Iranians vote in droves, Mousavi ally claims lead.
By Parisa Hafezi and Zahra Hosseinian.
Iranian Voter at Tehran Political Rally.
Iran Commentary By Uncle Monty.
Wearing green at Iran’s 2009 Presidential Election is
nothing to do with the politics of ecology, but rather a
mark of opposition to the incumbent Islamic President
and firebrand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by the supporters of
his most noted rival Mir Hossein Mousavi, who as a former
Prime Minster is running to unseat the archconservative
Ahmadinejad from winning a second term at the political
helm of Shi'ite Iran.
Mousavi’s supporters have been rallying nightly all over
Tehran and all dressed up in their best green from head to
toe. Many of his backers are those Iranians who were born
after the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution in
1979 over the CIA-back tyranny and westernised culture
of Shah Pahlavi. They are not embedded to the Islamic
Revolution like many of those who lived under the Shah's
Shahanshah status and at the rise of then aging Khomeini.
Many of those young people who support Mousavi see
Ahmadinejad as too strict and conservative for their
modernistic and western outlook and youthful taste and
rebellious lifestyle. But Ahmadinejad will not be easily
unseated, although it is possible that neither he nor his
strongest rival Mousavi will win out right on June 12th and
thus a run off election would then be called for June 19th
all across Iran. A run-off could then more likely endanger
Ahmadinejad’s hopes of staying president. His base is in
rural Iran and far away from “liberal” Tehran. At cities
like Esfahan, Iran’s third largest city, and at smaller
towns like Rasht at the Caspian Sea, of which I have
both visited while I was inside fascinating Iran during
the last month of 2007, I don’t see Mir Hossein
Mousavi making much headway over President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Nor do I see his other political
rivals Mohsen Razai and Mehdi Karroubi, getting far
either. Unless, of course, something extraordinary
happens at Iran’s Presidential Election, which takes
place tomorrow after a bitter three-week campaign
of threats and mudslinging by both sides.
The 2009 Iran Election is perhaps the most watched
election outside of Iran, especially in America, of any
recent times since such may well determine the fate
of Iran at the hitchy hands of miltary Israel and the
Western powers’ determination in attempting to rein in
and/or prevent Iran’s nuclear rise on the world’s political
and miltary stage. Whatever should happened at the
presidential election will not, in my opinion, bring
about a lull or halt to Iran’s nuclear ambitions whether
for domestic energy use or for what the West and Israel
says is primarily for a nuclear-armed Iran. Many young
Iranians also want less confrontation with the West and
want to open the country to a less divisive figure like
Ahmadinejad and his additional followers among the
anti-American Revolutionary Guard. "The Great
Satan" isn't so alive among the young crowd as it
still is among the hardliners of Islamic Iran.
If reformist Mousavi is elected, then the hope of the West is
increased for open dialogue, but if Ahmadinejad is re-elected
then the same old story of confrontation is then in replay for
the West and America’s Obama, who is talking double talk to
Iran while still bending over backwards to accommodate the
Israeli lobby at Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C. Frankly,
I don't think Obama or his secretary of state Hilary
Clinton know a darn thing about the Iranian people nor
their remarkable culture and human history. Iranians
are neither Arabs nor Europeans, they are a separate
and distinct people all of their own.
The issue of the economy and oil revenues will
play a significant part in the outcome, too, of
Iran's 2009 Presidential Election. And such is
also beside other subjective factors like the
personality and politics of Ahmadinejad himself.
Like many others, I now anxiously await the
polling outcome of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
Mohsen Razai, Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein
Mousavi, at the hands of my clear admiration
for the Iranian people.
Iran's Recent Missile Tests.

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Ahmadinejad faces election challenge from moderate.
By Parisa Hafezi.
Gay, Black, Jewish Klansmen. No Way!! ...

Upcoming: The Unelected Vigilante. By Uncle Monty.