White. By Uncle Monty.

White Funeral Day.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
He is the well-known British boxing promoter
and UKIP politician is Frank Mahoney, who
recently sent off his late old dad Tom with an
elaborate and respectful English funeral that
no doubt cost thousands of quids to arrange
for his mourning family and his close friends
to attend on a warm, late-morning, summer’s
day as the double-horse drawn, black Victorian,
bevelled-glass, hearse arrived carrying the
closed coffin of Frank’s old dad to the Lychgate.
The Funeral Director.
Funerals are for the living. Burials are for the dead.
And, such was the same case for Frank Mahoney’s
funeral and burial of his good and beloved Catholic
father of deep Irish stock from head to toe. Ironic-
ally, Irish Tom Mahoney was given a quintessential
English funeral and not one that would be typically
seen at his beloved Shamrock Eire.
After The Requiem Mass.
As I observed and recorded the family
funeral and the ever so somberly dressed
mourners with their even more somber emotions,
I was suddenly struck at seeing, with one excep-
tion, only Caucasian faces at the Tom Mahoney
funeral. That exception was one tall, mixed-race,
boxer in his late 40's among the 250 or so
mourners at the officiated Requiem Mass by the
Carmelite Friars at The English Martyrs Church.
In my mind, I then simply called what I saw at
the local Catholic Church - “White Funeral Day.”
Floral Tributes Being Placed On Classic Hearse.
Anybody who hasn't visited London in years
or who doesn't know London today will be
shocked to see how flooded it is with millions
of Africans, ayslum seekers, illegal immigrants,
foreign students, Asians, Orientals, Eastern
Europeans, and shiploads of menacing Muslims,
that now sees London as a huge dumping
ground for many of the world's unwanted riff-
raff that loathesome New Labour under hideous
Tony Blair brought about with 13 years of their
socialist tyranny that has now turned England
into a ghettoized and foreignized country of
the like never before seen in our 1,500 years
history. Hence, not to see at least one black face
or two or some God-damn foreigner at a white
funeral in London thesedays is pretty rare un-
der our now vile multicultural and multiracial
imposition inside "Broken Britain." That's
why I was so struck at old Tom's
funeral being so lilly white!
Next Stop Is At The Graveside.
Every day in Britain there are now All-Black
Funerals, All-Black Weddings, All-Black Clubs,
All-Black Gatherings, and almost All-Black Schools
because of the shabby, mindless, and abusive
political power of leftist Blair & Co. It ‘s okay for
them to have all-black institutions in the UK to-
day, but it's not okay in the warped socialist
minds to be all-white in what was once our all-
white nation. What I saw of Tom Mahoney’s
grand funeral was also the coming death of the
"White Funeral Day" in the modern and
sickeningly politically-correct England
that is so broken of today.
Another thing that struck was how small Tom's coffin
or casket was at almost youth-size. I take it Frank
Mahoney's dad was a short, small man, if the casket
was any measure to go by.
Earlier, The Coffin Is Shoulder-Carried
From The Church To The Awaiting Hearse.
Thus the 250 or so sombre mouners at Tom
Maloney's funeral were overwhelming white
Irish and Anglo-Irish Catholics with a couple
of Irish Anglicans along with one mixed-race
mourner. I certainly saw no blacks or foreigners
present as the magnificent black and white
horse-drawn funeral hearse proceeded to
respectfully trot to the nearby cemetery.
While, "In London alone, 10,000 people are
buried each year," wrote recently Chris
Herodotou in The Church Times.
Truly Christian & Catholic Was
The Funeral of Tom Mahoney.
Back in the 1970’s, Jessica Mitford wrote the scathing
book and exposé about the vicious underbelly and dis-
gusting tricks of the American funeral business called
“The American Way of Death.” As a result of her shock-
ing and best-selling book, new US Federal laws were en-
acted to regulate what funeral directors could or could
not do. One thing that Jessica Mitford’s book exposed
was the rip-off funeral prices charged the bereaved and
the emotionally-vunerable loved ones of the deceased in
order to maximize the profits of the funeral operators.
I don’t know what goes on in British funeral homes
thesedays, but I do know that the rip-off cost of funerals
in the UK far outstrips what is the regular cost today of
an average American funeral. I’m sure if Jessica Mitford
was still around, she would expose whatever are the
goings on of the British funeral business to maximise
their rip-off prices. American funeral directors look
almost angelic today, compared to the average funeral
operator in the UK that are rarely without dead people
to bury and with handsome profits almost assured.
Without trying to sound macabre, I suspect when
Jessica's dead body arrived at her local San Francisco
funeral parlour, the English lady was treated very
unladylike due to her scathing attack on the funer-
al practices that she rightly exposed. I fear they
also did some awful things to her dead body.
Americans by nature are a revengeful people
and so even in death some Yankees will take
their revenge even out of the dead!!

The Funeral Director Leads The Way on Foot.
After The Funeral Cortège, Some Friends
of Tom Mahoney Quietly Commiserate.
"White Funeral Day" was for me another up-
close human experience of witnessing daily
life in the raw at one of the world's biggest
cities that London truly is. But the problem
with London today is that it is no longer a
truly English city that has now been invaded
by everybody and everything that is no longer
English. Therefore, to see White Funeral Day
was abit reminiscent of London from years ago.
Although I know who Frank Mahoney is and I
have seen him before at boxing events and on
the national political campaign trail, I neither
know him personally nor his late dad Tom. But,
when I was asked by an acquiantance of Frank's
to came and write a story about the English
funeral, I jumped at the chance and I am glad
I did for if I had not gone I would never have
seen or recorded "White Funeral Day"
like I did ...
Respectfully, Uncle Monty.
+St. James, The Apostle.
:: Story Update ::
1) There are 600,000 funerals annually in UK.
2) The average cost of a funeral is £2,300.
3) In UK, £1 Billion is the size of the funeral business.
4) Funeral undertakers can expect £23,000 per year.
5) “Dignity” is Britain’s biggest provider of funeral ser-
vices with this half–year pre-tax profits of £24 million.
Source: Ian King, The Times Deputy Business Editor
in his business report on British funerals 7/31/2010.
Considering The Big Issue. By Uncle Monty.


Democracy Village. By Uncle Monty.

Democracy Village. By Uncle Monty.
Village Photos By Alex Albion.
After spending yesterday afternoon having
close chats with the Archbishops of Canterbury,
Westminster, Wales, Southwark, and Cardiff,
along with numerous other Anglican, Catholic,
and Orthodox bishops, at the extraordinary
invitation I had accepted to attend the 400th
Welsh Anniversary of “Gwasanaeth Eciwmenaidd
- yn dathlu bywyd - Cymru’s Sant John Roberts,”
I then stopped by in the early evening, and before
dinner with friends, at London’s Parliament Square
to visit first-hand the controversial “Democracy
Village” that has sprung up there right under
the big shadow of England’s Big Ben.
Front Entrance To London's "Democracy Village."
On entering the village encampment, my immediate
impression was a disconcerting one with a motley cast
of young and alienated misfits, weirdos, freaks, odd-
balls, nut cases, and fringe folks, who seemed to have
latched on to become the so-called “residents” or
“villagers” of what they have dubbed as their own
“Democracy Village.” There, I spent a couple of hours
observing “village life” right under my own nose and
right opposite the British Houses of Commons and
Lords. What I had now done was to literally go from
talking to vibrant archbishops to vibrant anarcharists
within less than half an hour. I also met some vibrant
loonies, too. And, I had now stepped from High
Church to Low Comedy.
Two Cloonies In One!
Many of the residents I met at Democracy
Village did'nt seem to have a brain in their
strange heads from what I could see. Some
childishly declared themselves fit and ready
to create anarchy and havoc just for the heck
of it. To me, many seemed to be "broken" or
"lost" young people living in a world all of
their own and almost detached from the
raw reality of real life.
Some of "The Residents" of Democracy Village.
With roughly 60 small tents - a loose kind of
"Tent City" of sorts, if you will – and with about
250 irregular “villagers,” there was a feeling of
debilitating insanity in the air as some of the
Democracy Village residents acted out with
their rambling public speeches, disjointed
dancing, rude gesticulations, foul language,
cockeyed-singing and peculiar mannerisms.
Some seemed little more than latter-day
peaceniks, flower children, dupeheads, and
social retards . They hollered and screamed
about their desire to one day rid the world
of injustice, prejudice and hate. Yet, they
wouldn't know how to take care of a dead
ferret let alone start to change the world for
the better. Sadly, too, what I also saw at De-
mocracy Village were mainly marginalized and
stateless people, if not for some simply homeless
per se. Worse still, I wouldn't want some of them
to be my next door neighbour, since they resemb-
led those kind of would-be neighbours from hell!!
Brian Haw - The Veteran London Peace
Protestor At Parliament Square.
You haven't really been to Parliament Square,
if you haven't seen or visited Brian Haw. I first
met him in 2005 and have since followed closely
his anti-war protests against Iraq and Afghanistan,
etc. When I stopped by to chat with him again,
Brian Haw was none too happy about the rise of
“Democracy Village” right under his own toes.
He has been pretty much sidelined since the
"villagers" took over his nearby protest spot with
their own public protests. He told me he wanted
them out of there saying they had brought no
good to Parliament Square or to him! Their
presence is a clear irritant to Brian Haw. Since
the High Court has last week ruled that the
“Democracy Village” people must decamp by
peaceful and lawful means from Parliament
Square, Brain himself will be left legally in-
tact to stay there to continue his own
long-held lawful protests against the
horror of war. Bravo, Brian Haw!
An Assortment of People at Democracy Village.
From what I saw of the assortment of "broken"
folkz at Democracy Village, I fear there is going to
be an awful confrontation between them and the
Met Police once the latest court order is enforced.
Some will leave peacefully, of course, but still
others won't budge no matter if the riot copz are
called to clear them out from the public square,
that it is or was until the villagers rudely and
aggressively took over the place. It's become
a kind of free London tourist stop is the village
now with foreign visitors snapping photos of the
encampment to take home with them. But, I
noticed that some parents with young kidz
were rather apprehensive of letting them
enter "The Village" and soon grabbed
their kidz to go elsewhere with them.
In The Big Shadow of Big Ben.
Day 22 on Hunger Strike at Democracy Village.
On Strike For Peace!
Tents, Tents, Everywhere!!
One reason why I went to Democracy Village
was to make up my own mind about what was
really going on there before I decided I would
either support or oppose the villagers at Parliament
Square. It didn’t take me long to decide the place
was a bloody mess - even as I saw a couple of the
villagers trying to clean-up the place or village
of piles of refuse and garbage all over the place -
and polluted with seriously messed-up people
who are going nowhere other than breathing
the air to live a life of crazy existence for the
most part. What they have done at Parliament
Square is to commandeer what is not their's.
They're more or less illegal squatters to put
it mildly. Public protests I clearly support - I
should know all about that in my own current
stages of protest against The Big Issue's Peter
and John Bird - but the loonies of "Democracy
Village" are what we say in America: "Trailer
Park Trash" at best or at worst useless
human derelicts to put it frankly ...
Democracy Villagers Now Stuck With Paying £88,000
For Eviction Legal Costs By British High Court.
The sooner Democracy Village is removed just on
the basis of being an eyesore and heath hazard,
the better. And even better still, Parliament
Square should be given back to the real people to
enjoy again at their own leasure and pleasure and
among the national statues of Churchill, Smuts,
Palmerston, Lloyd George, Mandela and all.
Peace be unto you, Uncle Monty.
+St. John Roberts of Wales, 2010.
Debadged or Not! By Uncle Monty.
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Making Way. By Uncle Monty.

Jeffery John (above) is The Dean of St. Albans,
and he is yet another gay cleric and Anglican
troublemaker. He was rejected earlier by
attempts to appoint him as the Bishop of
Reading. Now they wanted to make him
the first openly gay Bishop of Southwark to
replace Bishop Tom Butler, who retired earlier
at age 70. Luckily, he's been rejected again for
that now. No wonder many English Anglicans,
like me, are going into "religious exile" due
to JJ and all the bloody nonsense of making
women bishops to comply with secular and
political correctness and not the dictates of the
traditional Church. The English Anglican Church
is today more like a socialist political party than
a truly religious body. It's time to call it a day
and traditional Anglicans should forget Rowan
Williams, our impotent and useless Archbishop
of Canterbury, and seek to create an entirely
new Anglican Church Order outside of the
Canterbury See and the worldwide Anglican
Communion. The leftist radicals, the screaming
gays, the loud, liberated women; and the
politically-correct idiots, have now taken over
what was once our true Anglican faith and
traditions within The Church of England. To
put it bluntly - Our Church has been thrown
away to accommodate the leftist wolves and
Church destroyers of what was once our's.
Very vexed, Uncle Monty.



Making Way For The Holy Father.
By Uncle Monty At Maputo, Moçambique.
No Roman Pontiff has ever before made an official
state visit to Great Britain. But His Holiness, Pope
Benedict XVI will change all of that upon his first
arrival at our once Anglican, Protestant, and then
autumnal shores come this mid-September, 2010.
Vatican Issues New Sex Abuse Norms After Crisis.
By The Associated Press.
True, the beloved Pope John Paul II made his pastoral
visit to us in 1982, but not by means of any kind of
official British state visit. While, Benedict does.
As a avid Anglican and a global photographer for
more than 35 years, I have been privileged to meet
and photograph many important religious figures
from the beloved John Paul II himself to four of
our Archbishops of Canterbury - Their Graces -
Donald Coggan, Robert Runcie, George Carey and
Rowan Williams - to World Evangelist Rev’d Billy
Graham to the first openly gay American Epis-
copal bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.
When I met and photographed him, he seems to
know more about the peculiar history of homo-
sexuality than he did of Anglican Christianity.
Popes, Patriarchs, Cardinals, Metropolitans, Mars,
Doms, Imans, Moderators, Archmonks, Abbots,
Monsignors, Cathedral Deans, Mothers Superior,
Archbishops, Suffragan Bishops, Nuns, Parish
Priests, Novices, Seminarians, Preachers, Friars,
Canons, Elders, and American Televangelists I
have encountered widely over many years. The
only world religious figure of today that I have
not had the pleasure of thus far meeting and/or
photographing has been the present Dalai Lama.
I hope I can one day. I am utterly fascinated by
all kinds religious figures as an avid Anglican,
who is inexplicably drawn to those persons of
religious life and spiritual calling of whatever
that may mean to them.
I make mention of such religious leaders and figures
to simply demonstrate my delight at the upcoming
Papal Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom
that is set for Sept. 13th-19th, 2010. Indications are that
his state visit will cost around £20 million, or $35 million,
of which the bulk of such costs will be underwritten by
Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales, accord-
ing to head Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster.
In the UK, there are 4.2 million Catholic faithful.
The present pope will thus make the first ever official
state visit to England and Scotland. The UK papal visit
is just eight weeks away now and such gives little time
to prepare all the final ins and outs of such an important
event that will see the Holy Father, aged 84, tried and
tested at every public turn. His visit to America proved
decisive and I am sure his visit to us will also bare good
fruit despite those Godless secularists and anti-Pope
elements opposed to such a religious and pastoral
visit to Britain. Reading one of the reader's comments
in The Online Guardian the other day, shows how
deeply some folks bitterly oppose Benedict's arrival:
Daniel Frisbee wrote: "It would be great if the pope
were assassinated whilst rolling down the mall in
his pope mobile. That would be a proud moment in
british history, for a change." Let's pray that this
sick guy called Frisbee doesn't get near the Holy
Father at anytime either in England or elsewhere.
The Pope & His Vatican Entourage.
While the American and European news media
has had a "Feast Day" at reporting stories of mis-
conduct by past priests of decades ago, the
Holy Father hasn’t blinked an eyelid since yet
another storm has erupted against the Holy
Catholic Church over yet more allegations of
child sexual abuse. To suggest the pope step
down or resign is patently absurd for a man
who has committed no wrong other than being
second-guessed for the adminsitrsative actions
he took 35 years or so ago against one American
priest who he never knew or even met.
While child sex abuse is wrong for whatever reason,
the Church is easy prey for money-hungry lawyers
who see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with
their lawsuits for alleged victims that are oftentimes
no more a victim than you or I. I firmly believe many
abuse stories are simply made-up or based on false
memory that allows such broken folkz to then claim
some sort of victimhood that will most likely result in
some kind of fat financial compensation and payout
due to suing shyster lawyers who themselves make
handsome pay for taking on The Church. Even, if
such accusing people are so-called "abuse victims,"
I don't believe that they should be compensated
by huge million-dollar court-ordered settlements
that are completely out of all proportion to what
may or may not of occurred at the hands of some
priest. The Church is a sitting duck thesedays for
every Tom, Dick and Harry, who feels he is owed
something for either real or imaginary abuse when
he was a Catholic kid of some sort. If there was no
money involved, I can almost bet your bottom
dollar that many such allegations against The
Church would disappear overnight or not even
surface because there's no big payout at the end
of the road. Tell-Tales are laughing all the way to
the bank, no matter how true or false are their
tales of abuse.
Some have even absurdly suggested that the pope
should be "arrested" for the misdeeds of some of
his priests while on his Papal Visit to the UK! If
so, where do you put such an "arrested" world
religious leader of some 1.6 Billion faithful? In
filthy Wormwood Scrubs or rat-infested Penton-
ville or some immigration detention centre in
the UK or under house arrest at Ambrosian
House? How wicked and ridiculous have such
foul people become to even suggest the pope
should be arrested while in Britain
on his state visit!
Praying With Catholic Fraternal Men.
For me personally, and as an avowed English
Anglican, I see the Holy Roman Catholic Church
as a firm bulwark against the rise of Islam and
the rapid Islamicization of Europe by the millions
of imported Muslims that now represent the
second largest religious group in all of Europe.
Without the Catholic Church, I suggest that Islam
would already be the majority religion to overtake
Christianity from Europe. For the Protestant
faithful like me, we would stand no chance to
survive against ugly Islam without the presence
of The Holy Father to defend the Christian faith.
That is one other reason why I welcome Pope
Benedict XVI to our British shores.
Inside The Synagogue Goes The Pope.
As for his Papal Visit, His Holiness will first
arrive at Scotland and will be formally greeted
by Her Majesty The Queen at Holyrood House.
While in Scotland, he will hold a huge public mass
at Glasgow. Then he goes onto Brum to pay hom-
age to Blessed John Henry Newman, whose reli-
gious stature continues to grow after more than
100 years since his English death as then the
pre-eminent Anglican convert to become The
Vatican's most outstanding Catholic Cardinal
in his day along with being a superb Chrisitan
writer and thinker at the Edgbaston Oratory.
I have in my own religious book collection a
couple of Newman's written books that I cherish
so much including his: "Parochial & Plain Sermons,"
Rivingtons, 1878, pp. 486, with preface by Rev'd
W. J. Copeland, who was with Newman at St.
Mary's. After Benedict's homage to JHN, he
arrives at London's Lambeth Palace to spend
some time with the Archbishop of Canterbury
and his retinue. For more specific details
of the state visit check online:
Some The Anglican Archbishops & Bishops Who
Will Meet Pope Benedict During His UK State Visit.
While the 2008 Lambeth Conference was the
major British religious event of the last decade,
it is now Pope Benedict's visit to the UK that is
undoubtedly this decade's overwhelming religious
happening and ecumenical milestone inside Anglican
Britain. From the Archbishop of Canterbury down
to the Anglican laity, many of the Anglican faithful
approve of the pope's upcoming visit much like I
do as a lifelong and unabashed, devout, Anglican.
The leader of 1.6 billion Catholics, His Holiness
is the balwark against the dangerous rise of rad-
ical Islam that seeks eventually to overthrown
Christianity around the world, but most especially
in socialist Europe and liberal England that is
confronted with the ever-growing poison of
those desiring the Islamicization of our
non-Muslim lives, values, and beliefs.
Hearts Speak Unto Hearts.
Sarajevo Catholics face Muslim hostility over statue
of pope Warsaw (Ecumenical News International).
The Roman Catholic Church in
Bosnia-Herzegovina has accused a group of Muslims
of stirring up inter-faith tensions after agroup of city
councillors threatened to tear down a planned statue
of the late Pope John Paul II. "The majority of Muslim
citizens here accept this monument, as do most of the
people in power, and we've received all the necessary
permits," said the Rev'd Ivo Tomasevic, the Sarajevo
arch diocese spokesperson. "Unfortunately, it seems a
few extremists have exerted an influence and forgotten
that the rights of minorities should be respected in a
democracy." The Catholic priest was reacting to threats
at a stormy mid-June session of Sarajevo city council.
At them eeting, Islamic representatives voiced "absolute
opposition" to the erection of a life-size statue outside
Sarjevo's 19th century SacredHeart of Jesus cathedral.
Five star luxury of Blairs' police squad: Astonishing
£5,000 a week expense claims (right down to
£1.19 packet of Percy Pigs) . By Jason Lewis.
Pope gives top job to abortion hardliner.
Cardinal Marc Ouellet (of Quebec) has said terminations
are wrong even in rape cases. ByJohn Hooper in Rome.
Pope Lashes Out at Belgium After Raid on Church.
By Rachel Donadio.
"What the Belgian police did last week by its outrageous
police raids of the Mechelen homes and offices of the Cardinal,
the Archbishop-Emeritus, the detaining of nine innocent bishops,
and the police desecration of the prelates’ graves at the Cathedral
of Mechelen was, in my Anglican opinion, equivalent to the goose-
step Gestapo raiding the synagogues and condemning the
rabbinical lives of the rabbis." Truly, Uncle Monty.
Read British Barrister Neil Addison’s Religion Law.
The Vatican has given Italian investigators permission to
open up the tomb of a mafia gangster in an attempt to solve
one of Italy’s most enduring mysteries – the kidnap of a
teenage girl nearly 30 years ago. By Nick Squires in Rome.
(British) Bishops launch official Papal Visit booklet and logo.
Hitchens, Dawkins try for pope's arrest during U.K. visit.
Recent news reports and an article have suggested that
his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI might be arrested on his
forthcoming state visit to Britain at the invitation of the
(then) Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and indicted at the
International Criminal Court (ICC) for (unspecified)
Pope says Church in 'times of difficulty'
Benedict hails John Paul II's example
Commemoration of fifth anniversary of late pope's
Catholic Church will not be intimidated by sex abuse claims,
Pope says. Pope Benedict XVI began Holy Week yesterday by
suggesting in his Palm Sunday address that the Catholic
Church would "not be intimidated" by the sex scandals
Catholic Order Admits Its Founder Abused Boys Over Decades.
By Rachel Donadio.

Being so knackered on my arrival back to my UK base
late yesterday, I apologized for my delay in completing
this latest blog story of mine on the Holy Father's up-
coming papal visit to Britain. Earlier, I was unable to
complete this blog piece since I had to quickly dash off
to the Maputo Airport to arrive back in the UK late
yesterday. Also, note here there is at least an 8 hour
delay before you get to actually see and read this story
online. By that time, I was well up in the sky and cross-
ing the whole of Africa at speeds of about 600 miles
per hour. So now that I'm back in the UK at almost
a jiffy more or less, I have now been able to round
out this piece completely in "Making Way for
the Holy Father."
(Was) Flying High, Uncle Monty.
+Bastille Day, 2010.
Making Way We Should For Benedict.+


How To Kill. By Uncle Monty.

How To Kill A "Human Fly."
By Uncle Monty At
Durban, South Africa.
News Pool Photos.
This is a sad story of how to kill a "human fly" in
Britain with almost 200 armed Brit snipers, 20
armoured carriers, and a host of other police and
sniffer dogs from 15 other forces all across Britain
to huntdown a "human fly" that was Raoul Thomas
Moat, 37. Yesterday he shot himself to death in a
small English village called Rothbury as swarms of
armed cops with their open guns and tasers laid
claim to him after a 7-day monster manhunt that
befits perfectly today's ugly "Police State Britain."
Although a tough 17 stone bouncer by trade, Moat
was neverthelss a "human fly" like most of us against
the overwhelming power of the state to apprehend us
for whatever. Festering in anger against the police
upon his release from prison days earlier, he then
killed his estranged partner's new boy friend and
wounded her and then he shot a British cop in the
face believing the police had somehow taken his
ex-partner from him after she had falsely claimed
a cop was her new partner called Chris Brown. It
was the shooting of the cop by Moat, however, that
really triggered the unprecedented, monster, man-
hunt by the British police against him has he then
went on the run in the English countryside to avoid
his arrest and inevitable imprisonment once again
by the cops he so hated.
Looking at this horrible British saga from a great
distance here in South Africa, I cannot help but
believe that police, more or less, saw Raoul
Thomas Moat as little more than a wild and
dangerous animal to be shot dead, if need be,
in answer to him having shot earlier one
of their own dear kind - a fellow cop.
No taxpayer cost was spared by the armed armada
that has probably now spent a good half-a-million quid
in their outrageous manhunt against a single and sad
Englishmen in the small English village that they also
put under siege for days all in the name of Police
State Britain. Sadly, even Prime Minister David
Cameron backed such a monster manhunt.
British Farmhouse Siege For A "Human Fly."
Nobody stopped to ask: "Who in the hell gave the
police the authority to put an English village under
"war-like" siege?" And, also the local schools, too. Kids
were frightened by the sight and sound of all the sav-
age weaponery deployed in a total police overkill to
huntdown a sad, human fly. Here we also saw para-
troopers masquerading as British civilian police with
all their paramilitary gear ready to kill in an instant in
what was once "Village England," but is now nothing
more than a place of stark reality in today's
"Broken Little Britan."
British Police Manhunt For A "Human Fly" Called Moat.
The police spin was to justify their overkill by fright-
ening the public in declaring Moat was a threat not only
to the police but also to the public-at-large as military
planes were also deployed to huntdown a cornered
human fly. What happened at Rothbury speaks more
about the police wanting to serve themselves and not
the British public per se. It also showed the arrogance
and rise of Police State Britain as never before. Such is
more like the American Wild West and the infamous
Yankee SWAT Teams that are primarily a law unto
themselves. Today's Brit police aren't far behind them,
especially after the dreadful Rothbury spectacle that
leaves much to be desired for now and for the future.
They've Killed "Village Britain."
So in the end, the Moat man didn't have much of
a choice but to put a bullet in his own head as the
snipers swarmed all around him with their deadly
guns and U.S. tasers aimed right at his head. Either
he must kill himself or they probably would or throw
his life away, if he should live, in the prison belly
of the beast.
The grand police trophy was a dead "fly" after a 7-
day manhunt that the nation and the world then saw
and witnessed of how truly broke is our modern and
cold and ever-powerful "British Police State."
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Oh, and was Raoul Thomas Moat a victim? You bet!
Just like Jean Charles de Menezes and British Barrister
Mark Saunders who were victims when they were kill-
ed by our over-zealous and over-armed British police
looking, no doubt, to get themselves their shiny police
trophies for us all to see. Worse still, none of us are
safe anymore from being killed by our own British
police today. Ironically, the UK is one of the most anti-
gun nations on earth, yet today our police are more
armed and pro-gun than our foot soldiers in Afghan-
istan or even compared to the vile Yankee keystone
copz at America's "sea to shining sea."
Chafed, Uncle Monty at Durban, South Africa.
+St. Benedict, 2010 & World Cup Final at Soweto.
The strange life and death of Raoul Moat.
"He was a violent, jealous man who murdered one
and left two more fighting for their lives before,
finally, turning his gun on himself. Yet, with police
facing criticism over their handling of the affair,
floral tributes placed outside his home portrayed
him as a victim. What does this story say about Brit-
ain today?" By David Randall and Jonathan Owen.
Dead Bird Walking. By Graham Walker.
Read All About This Big Issue Git John Bird.
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