Xmas. By Uncle Monty.

Wishing You All A Blessed & Magical
Christmas, 2010. And, A Splendid
New Year, 2011. From Uncle Monty
and Elffie and thebiggerissue.org
Missed The Xmas Do. By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
Due to bad timing on my own part and the
freezing London cold weather of last week that
played havoc with my heart condition that made
me walk at close to snail pace, I arrived at
Hamilton Hall quite abit late to attend The
British Heritage Christmas Social that I
had looked forward to so much.
The security gate was closed and locked as
I looked helplessly on to find nobody there
after being 30 minutes late. It was my own
fault and nobody else’s! I could not find any
way around the security situation no matter
how hard I tried. I then just kicked myself
and realised I had missed the Xmas do
of the year.
So I grabbed a cab and headed straight back
to my warm homebase. The problem was my
taxi driver didn’t know the location of where
I lived as he pulled out his London A to Z
map halfway thru the journey. He, the white
driver in his mid-30 ’s, was as frigid and im-
personal as the bitterly cold weather. I had to
direct him to dump me off at the right place.
As I sat in the back seat of the black cab, I was
shivering from head to toe and I was panting
from the biting cold as my heart beat banged
back and throw like a badly thrown or
an off side pitched baseball.
The driver finally yelled out mechanically at
me to ask if I was okay. Had I kicked the bucket
right then and there, I suspect he’d have dropped
me off dead on the street and left me there ...
And then, he’d have hit the acceleration pedal
to get as fast as he could from out of there.
But first he’d have probably gone thru my
pockets to find my money to pay him for the
cab fare I owed. That’s how cold he appeared
to me to be. No wonder England is now so full
of so many bloody cold people who would
more likely cut your throat first than
help you out ...
:: Story Update ::
Hospital taxi driver dumps sick grandfather
a mile from home because of the snow.
But I didn't miss the St. Martin's carol singing!
You can read all about that at my other blog.
Heritage Christmas Social, I suspect many did
not. Here then are some photos of my fond
friends Nick and Jackie Griffin who attended
the do for almost certain I am sure. Here's
the latest update and a resounding win for
British Heritage:
Nick Griffin defeats contempt bid by vile EHRC. The High
Here's some of my google images:

Woolas's exit paves way for BNP (Nick Griffin) to stand
Those fine folkz at The British Heritage Christmas
do were also united in their mutual detestation of the
person and name of vile Tony Blair and his socialist
gangsters of New Labour and what they've done to
destroy what was once this beautiful British
Nation and her good and true people ...
Tony Blair, Inc. By Uncle Monty.
War Criminal. New Labourist. British Traitor.
Champagne Socialist. Mass Immigrationist.
False Prophet. Pro-Muslim, Anti-Patriot.
Self-Centered Opportunist. Instigator of

Broken Britain. Pathologically Pro-Black.
Money Hungry Git. Skilled & Bare Face Liar.

Thus in about 30 words, Blair is fully summed-
up in my Anglican and anti-socialist eyes.
The latest on him is that he's now to be paid
47 millions dollars to advise the Kuwaiti
government on how to govern itself!! Tony
Blair, Inc., makes me sick. I just want to vomit
all over him. It seems the more he's hated
at home, the more they love him abroad!
Then in late January, 2011, he's to be called
back before the Sir John Chilcot Iraq Inquiry to
help clarify "gaps" in his previous testimony.
Being the skilled and bare face liar that he is, I
think it's a waste of time and tax payer money
to have him publicly grandstanding yet again.
The best situation is to have him arrested
and detained as a war criminal above all else.
To close for now, I have included recent
news items below concerning vile Blair ...
Blair's bodyguards 'bought a rocket launcher on
expenses to protect him in Gaza.' By Stephen Wright.
“Blair, the very name makes me cringe, odious, self-seving
indidivual. I wish the DM – Daily Mail - and others would
not mention this person. I want to try and forget him
as I so detest him.” - Dan Sensible.
Special Report:
Will the white British population be in a minority in 2066?
By James Slack.
I'm A Computer Dumb-Ass!! Really, Uncle Monty?

Again wishing you all a Happy Christmas,
Uncle Monty. +O Sapientia (BCP), 2010
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WikiLeaks. By Uncle Monty.

More Power To WikiLeaks.
By Uncle Monty.
Writeovers By Alex Albion.
Founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks
was given bail by a British High Court judge
amid scenes of wild rejoicing by his supporters.
(Latest Update at 14:00 GMT, London, UK.)
Now for the latest shocker!! It was the British
Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and NOT
the Swedish prosecutor who appealed against
Julian Assange being granted bail. The CPS is
riddled with Muslims, blacks and EU foreigners,
due to New Labour's political and racial agenda
of the past 13 years while it was in power. In-
deed, the CPS is hardly British anymore. All
of these goings on regarding the WikiLeaks
man can be solved in one minute: DROP
THE UNJUST CHARGES against him of so-
called rape, assault, and sex crimes. Once such
charges are dropped, neither can the CPS nor
the other lynchers pursue him like they have. Of
course, the Yanks across the pond are the ones
to watch for their level of revenge against those
who dare challenge them, like Julian Assange
has with the huge release of the US Cables by
him, is always harsh and vindictive. Today,
Julian Assange is set yet again to appear in
court to overturn the CPS's attempt to keep
him jailed while the Swedish extradition process
takes months to resolved one way or another.
Yes, he was freed on bail only to have the
dreadful folkz at the CPS pull their dirty trick
against him ... So to jail they sent him again.
Notes By Uncle Monty.
Updated Dec. 16th, 2010.
:: New Flash ::
Freed, But Not Freed. By Uncle Monty.
It's an absurd situation in that Julian Assange is
freed, yet NOT freed. With the London court today
having granted him bail, he must still stay in the
London prison while the pigheaded Swedish pro-
secutor appeals his bail!! Such is a cruel twist of
so-called justice that sees him now in legal limbo
that he shouldn't be. "The law is an ass," declared
one of Charles Dickens' characters of over a cen-
tury ago. Today, British and European law is even
more of an ass! Yet, they're allowed to get away
with such all in the name of modern "justice."
There is, of course, no such thing as justice no
matter what other folkz say. And, no matter
what, Juilan Assange continues to impress
me more and more ... Hang in there, mate!!
Exclusive: The world's most wanted house guest.
Why I'm sheltering Julian Assange, by Vaughan Smith.
'Prepare for all-out cyber war'
Government sites braced for attack by pro-WikiLeaks
'hacktivists.' By Cahal Milmo & Nigel Morris.
Updated: Dec. 14th, 2010.
:: Now read my earlier story -
More Power To WikiLeaks ::
Not only is the WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange, 39, up against the almighty power
of the state over the powerless individual, he is
also up against trained covert agents who might
assassinate him on behalf of the disgruntled and
exposed governments of world, but most of all
by murderous US of A, with WikiLeaks’
250.000+ leaked US diplomatic cables that
strips bare the full deceit and chicanary of what
has been dubbed “The American Empire.”
(Scroll Down Its Frontpage for All Mirror Sites)
Now they've locked up the WikiLeaks man in a
London prison all in full daylight on what appears
to be rather trumped-up charges of rape, sex,
and assault brought against him by a female
Swedish prosecutor, who then asked Interpol
to grabbed him under an extradition warrant
to face such criminal charges. At London's
Westminster Magistrates' Court the guy on
the bench - Howard Riddle - denied Julian
Assange bail claiming he was a "nomad" with
no fixed address and was therefore likely to
flee the country to aviod facing the charges.
What the half-ass magistrate seems to have
forgotten is that the WikiLeaks man could
have absconded months ago, if he wished to
flee and not clear his good name. He didn't,
he stayed and even surrendered voluntarily
to the extradition cops of Scotland Yard, who
then promptly arrested him on the spot!
Nice guyz, ah?
With his worldwide network of cyberspace supporters, who are rightly up in arms against the dirty tactics deployed against Julian Assange by the corporate monsters Visa/Mastercard, PayPal (no pal of free speech), Amazon, and the Swiss Banks, etc., with the sole intent and purpose of crippling WikiLeaks, some of the global companies have now felt the anger of his dedicated supporters in retaliation of what they've done to Julian. More power to them, too, along with WikiLeaks.
And with such a worldwide network of pro-WikiLeaks supporters,
Julian Assange isn’t alone even if he’s now locked up all alone at
London’s grim and dreadful Wandsworth prison . His imprisonment
is the shame of Britain. And, a human rights violation against him
by the Swedish prosecutor trying to degrade and humiliate
him for her own prosecutorial ends and PC agenda
In the meantime, to repeat again, such corporate monsters
like Visa/Mastercard, PayPal (no pal of free speech), Amazon,
the Swiss Back, etc., all arbitrarily pulled the plug on Julian
Assange with the sole and deliberate intent and purpose of
crippling all matters to do with WikiLeaks. Their corporate
tactics stemmed from obvious pressure from the US
Government and the ilk of US Senator Joseph Lieber-
man of Connecticut. His aim was to prevent the world
public from digesting the whistleblowing website.
Lieberman is also a major player in the
Israel/Zionist lobby at D.C.
That as it maybe, but those corporate monsters were soon
attacked and hacked by Julian Assange’s skilled hackers
that paid an expensive price and ensuing business havoc
against Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, etc., and that saw some
crash pretty badly. BRAVO! More power to those good
hackers along with WikiLeaks. And those same
monsters have more to come ...
When Interpol issued its “Red Alert” from Sweden for
the arrest of the WikiLeaks founder, what most people
didn’t realize is the actual role of such an international
police organization. Interpol is essentially a paid arm of
the all intrusive power of the state against the accused.
Interpol serves no justice other than to criminalize both
the guilty and the innocent all in one go. It is also a
repository of millions upon millions of accused names
from around the world for alleged crimes ranging
from the utterly bizzare to the utterly mundane.
Like all police forces, Interpol feeds and expands on
its self-serving task of being a law unto itself at the
expense of the tax paying public. The rhetoric of
fighting against crime is a powerful one that the
public seems always to buy when much of the
crime today is as much to do with spiralling
arrest rates around the world and that fits
nicely into the PR of the police.
Interpol above all else is characterized by the American
police mentality of being “the hunter” against “the hunted"
from around the world. ” And is crime reduced by what they
do? Of course not and it never will. Julian Assange is also a
victim of Interpol’s unquestioning readiness to always serve
the state against the accused. That’s why he now sits ignobly
inside one of London’s biggest and worst prisons in what
sounds like trumped-up rape and sex charges from the
Swedish prosecuter Maria Häljebo-Kjellstrand, who is
a known political feminist at best. She hates men!!
So now aside from being forced to fight his extradition
to Sweden, and to obtain his freedom from out of
jail, the WikiLeaks man may soon find himself in-
dicted for espionage in the US by some empanelled
and secret grand jury convened by some power
hungry American federal prosecutor that could
well see Julian Assange eventually handed over to
the Yankees not only by Sweden, if he gets there,
but even by Britain cowtowing to such American
demands. The American Grand Jury is an invidious,
medieval, and cruel instrument used by all
manner of Yankee prosecutors to prosecute
both US citizens and non-natives
pretty well ad lib.
With WikiLeaks now a reality, such also makes the
information obtained under say Britain’s Freedom of
Information Act look like bits of dead chicken feed
compared to WikiLeaks.
Come Tuesday, Julian Assange will probably face that some
half–ass magistrate Howard Riddle who first unjustly sent
him to jail on remand. He’s going to need Fort Knox to
pay his astronomical legal bills to hopefully stay free.
As for WikiLeaks “headquarters” based at Sweden's
Stockholm, the mainframe computers or servers
there are housed inside big caves that could also
withstand a nuclear blast!! From there, Julian
Assange’s devout followers have successfully set-
up mirror sites around the globe so that folkz like
you and I can still have access to those 250,000+
classified cables to read at one’s own pace. I must
say of the British national dailies, too, that The
Guardian newspaper has been in the forefront of
publishing in detail many of those extraordinary
cables. While The Sun has described Aussie-born
Julian Assange as a “creep.” If he is a creep,
then I must be a one-legged kangaroo!
Pro Assange Rally At His Homeland.
As for me, I entirely support “more power
to WikiLeaks," no matter what.
I apologize not, Uncle Monty.
+Commons of the Saints, 2010.
:: UPDATE ::
Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and the Virtues of Secrecy.
Article: Binoy Kampmark.
Julian Assange put in segregation unit as lawyers aim for bail ...
Editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks transferred to segregation unit of
Wandsworth prison, where authorities plan to give him limited
internet ... www.guardian.co.uk/
Julian Assange At News Conference Before His Arrest.
:: Feedback & Comments ::
WikiLeaks backers threaten more cyber attacks. Yahoo Daily News
Wikileaks sympathizers behind website, credit card info
cyber attack: Palin. Washington, D.C. ANI
Credit card giants crippled by hackers in revenge
attacks over WikiLeaks. By Ben Bailey.
WikiLeaks' payment processor to sue card companies
Now it's cyber war: Army of hackers target MasterCard and
PayPal in revenge for them pulling the plug on WikiLeaks.
By Colin Fernandez and Laura Caroe.
Coming next by Uncle Monty:
Missed The Xmas Do.
Coming in the New Year, 2011.
John Bird: Forget His Life. By Uncle Monty.
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Budda. By Uncle Monty.

Budda. By Uncle Monty.
Budda Photos By Alex Albion.
Now standing dormant and also “for sale” at the
real estate price tag of almost two million U.S.
dollars, The Linh Son Temple hasn’t been an
active religious centre of Buddhist worship
for over seven years now.
One of The Many Buddhist Figures.
Yet to visit the temple was an absolute treat
for a professing Anglican like me with its 250
Buddhist figures ranging from bigger-than-life
size statues to delicate miniature figurines all
found at the outdoor display. The Buddhist
symbolism was almost over powering as I first
visited the fascinating Linh Son Temple just
off chance as I drove by with friends going
Miniature Pagoda.

When I saw the temple, I promptly had
to stop and then walk thru the beautiful
gold-leaf gates to explore the inner sanctum
of Ancient Buddhism. It was a whole new
adventure for me. And, I was the only visitor
there that day as my friends stayed in the
car. Thus, I had the whole temple, if you will,
all to myself except for the temple gardener
hosing down the white marble statues to
ensure that they stayed perfectly clean and
marble white. He openly and kindly invited
me in to explore the inner temple and I
most certainly did. It was fabulous!!
All Gold Leaf Statue Standing at 20 ft. high.
Lon Son Temple was the first temple I had
visited in Europe. Peace and quietude then
enveloped me. I was in a new spiritual world
that I had not experienced before even though
I had previously visited two ancient Buddhist
temples inside atheistic North Korea while att-
ending there the 95th birthday celebration
of its founder and dictator Kim Il Sung at
Pyongyang. Such North Korean temples did
not compare to the peaceful life force I
found while inside The Linh Son Temple
for perhaps 90 minutes undisturbed.
Marble White Was He.

What I also discovered was that Buddhism has several different branches of faith and practice
as is also found in other faiths like Christianity – Catholicism, Anglicanism, Orthodoxy, Methodism, and what have you. In all Buddhism of whatever kind the crucial center of its faith is obviously Budda or Buddha. Like Christ is the center of all Christian faith. I profess, however, that I have no knowledge or expertise on Buddhism. The world's most famous Buddhist is surely the exiled Dalia Lama and that is all I really know about Buddhism.


To know that such a temple is for sale seems so odd to me for I would not have thought such would not be put on the real estate market, but rather disposed of privately. In any event it is for sale and I assume it will eventually be sold to some Buddhist group or faithful individual. For me to have a temple to explore all to myself was also quite unreal! Whatever, I had no fear and I was certainly pleased to be invited in at The Linh Son Temple. I had never seen before such an array of Buddhist religious imagery like I did there. To see some 250 images fills the eyes and minds of anybody, be they Buddhist or not. Such certainly filled mine.

Temple gardener hosing down one of the many statues!

Standing 30 ft. Tall, The Statue Greets One & All.

Tradition: Mahayana, Pure Land Affiliation: Linh Son

Temple, France. Spiritual Director Abbot Thich Huien

Huy. Teacher: Thich Tri Nhu.

Above: Buddhist Imagery In All Its Glory.
So Huge & So Impressive in Gold Leaf & Pure Marble.

I hope you enjoyed my simple story called
"Budda" as much as I have enjoyed telling
it and bringing such Budda photographs
for you all to share from me.
In Peace, Uncle Monty.
+St. Ambrose, 2010.

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Faith is now 'a consumer commodity in America', warns new book. New York (ENInews). In a culture that places a high premium on the consumer marketplace, U.S. churches have become too willing to embrace a "market mentality" in trying to attract followers, says a new book by a journalist who is an ordained minister. "Thieves in the Temple: The Christian Church and the Selling of the American Soul", by G. Jeffrey MacDonald, argues that faith "has become a consumer commodity in America". This, he says, is a grievous mistake, because the Church is not a business. "Unlike commercial enterprises that sell widgets or life insurance, the Church doesn't exist to satisfy the wants of customers," MacDonald writes in the book, which focuses on U.S. Protestant congregations. [Ecumenical News International - ENI - Geneva. Dec. 7, 2010.]
No Olive Branch. By Uncle Monty.

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Leprosy. By Uncle Monty.

Against Leprosy.
By Uncle Monty at Cadogan Hall.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Although deeply Anglican, The Chivalric
Order of St. Larazus is also nondenominational
in its ecumenical fight against the scourge of
leprosy. For most folkz, leprosy is something
from a far gone age and died its own death.
But not so for those who are still afflicted with
leprosy in this electronic modern age of
digital this and digital that.
The World Heath Organization (WHO) estimates
that some 15 million people suffer from leprosy
today. Of that number, only about 3½ million
lepers are receiving any form of treatment
against such a persistent scourge that brings
"chronic infectious bacterial disease affecting
skin and nerves, resulting in mutilations and
deformities. It is also highly contagious,"
states the medical reference I used.
Some Memebrs of The Orion Symphony Orchestra.
The concert itself against leprosy was a classic
and rare programme of some British composers
who have all too often been forgotten over their
more famous fellow composers like Ralph Vaughan
Williams and Sir Edward Elgar. Thus we were
treated to the classical compositions of Dorothy
Howell (1898-1982); Josef Holbrooke (1978-1958);
and Lillian Elkington (1901-1969).
Howell’s Concerto in D Minor for Piano & Orchestra
was superbly presented bythe Orion Symphony
Orchestra under the skillful baton of its talented
conductor Toby Purser, who I met again during the
programme interval. Then we heard Holbrooke’s
Orchestral Variations on ‘The Girl I Left Behind
Me,’ Op. 37B. I was riveted by it. And Elkington’s
“Out of the Mist” was the first time I had heard
the piece played. I was glad to have heard it at
long last at the Order of St. Lazarus concert that
was designed to raise worthy funds for its fight
against the scourge of leprosy. Both The concert
and the fund raiser were an outstanding success
by any measure. I hope next to also attend the
upcoming traditional carol service of
The Order of St. Lazarus at Pimlico.
The 13th Lord Ferrers.
Although I missed personally meeting the noted
St. Lazarus patrons Sir Anthony and Lady Reardon
Smith, having themsleves gone home immediately
at the end of the concert, I was to enjoy instead my
encounter for the first time with 13th Lord Ferrers,
(shown above), who is The Grand Prior of The Order
of St. Lazarus. We had a heart-to-heart chat and he
unflinchingly answered all of my questions about the
order. He was approachable and disarming that I
found him to be toward me. I had seen his name
widely printed for years in the national British news
media as a well known Tory politician and later as
a noted member of the House of Lords. With his
grand daughter standing at his side, Lord Ferrers
stood out among the other distinquished St. Lazarus
Order patrons gathered for the evening at London’s
Cadogan Hall for the Order’s Remembrance &
Revival Concert that was sold-out without a doubt.
“The Rt. Hon. Robert Washington Shirley, 13th Earl
Ferrers, PC (born 8 June 1929), is British Conservative
politician and member of the House of Lords as one of the
remaining hereditary peers. He is one of the few people to
Bulgaria's Leading Concert
Pianist Valentina Seferinova.
Few concert pianists have I seen before play-
ing with such passion and love like I saw with
Valentina Saferinova. I could see why she was
called a 'child prodigy' at her native Bulgaria at
where today she is its leading concert pianist.
"Valya," as she is known to her family and friends,
played as soloist the Piano Concerto (in D minor)
by the Brum-born English composer Dorothy
Howell. Wonderful! I was so pleased to meet
and photograph Valya at Cadogan Hall and at
where we had a brief chat during the
concert interval.
Bailiff of the Order: The Rev'd Canon Jeremy
Haselock of England's Norwich Cathedral.
Notes From St. Lazarus Charitable Trust:
“The Order of St. Lazarus was originally created
by the militarisation of an order of monks, who,
as followers of St. Basil, had chosen to work
amongst those suffering from leprosy. During
the time of the crusades all knights of the great
military orders found to be suffering from the
dreaded disease of leprosy were forced by their
own rules to leave their order. As most warrior
monks, and still quite able to fight, they usually
joined their confreres under the banner of Saint
Lazarus. The early Grand Masters of the Order
were themselves amongst those so afflicted. These
knights, who classed themselves as “living dead,”
while never large in number, were ferocious in
battle, always choosing to die rather
then face surrender."
Chaplain-General of the Order:
The Rev'd Canon David Skeoch.
(L-R) Uncle Monty, Orion Orchestra Conductor Toby
Purser, and Lady Patron, Together at Cadogan Hall.
The Sign Speaks For Itself!
In closing for now, I just wish I could attend
such concerts every week of the kind presented
by The Order of St. Lazarus. Alas, only once
in awhile do I find such. But when I do, I jump
for joy. I really do ... And the fight against
leprosy should never be forgotten, too.
I shall not forget the fight for sure ...
Bittersweet, Uncle Monty.
+The 1st Sunday in Advent, 2010.
:: Feedback & Comments ::
Defrock Pete Broadbent.
By Alex Albion.
hello bishop richard:
frankly, i think pete broadbent, as the suffragan
bishop of willesden, should be defrocked forthwith,
if he doesn’t step down of his own free will. like
you, i feel his comments about our dear prince
william and his lovely catherine was not only
appalling but also cheapened them and the
church by his uncalled for and gutter comments.
at the gafcon conference a few years ago, i first en-
countered pete broadbent and i politely asked him
if i could photograph him like i had of the various
other anglican bishops there. he was rude and con-
descending to me upon his loud disapproval of my
humble request! i was taken aback by his impersonal
attitude for no reason at all. when on the other hand
i bumped into you at around the same time on the
steps of st. paul’s cathedral, you kindly consented to
my request to photograph you as the lord bishop
of london without any ado. thank you
kindly, bishop richard!!
while i believe pete broadbent as a right to his
own opinions on whatever subject that takes
his wildest leftist fancy, i believe he is obligated
to recognize his role as bishop first and above all
else. that he has failed to do. the words he used
on the internet were not only rather infantile
but lacking grace and respect for the royal
couple and for his fellow anglicans like you and
me ... if i’d had been at clarence house when
the willesden fellow called to apologize, i
would have simply slammed the phone
down in his face ... that’s how i feel!
as for you bishop richard, i totally agree with
the steps you have thus far taken against pete
broadbent, who should not be confused in any
way with retiring bishop peter broadhurst of
fulham. so the quicker pete broadbent
is removed, much the better i say!
truly, alex albion.
+eve of advent, 2010.
Dutch lesbian and Nigerian man arrested at altar
moments before sham marriage. Such sham marriages
are a widespread problem, but Father Codling had
become wise to such antics at his Church of England
How Peter & John Bird Stole My Xmas Tree!
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Wills+Kate. By Uncle Monty.

Smashing News!
Engagement & Wedding of Prince
William of Wales And Catherine,
Future Princess of Wales.
By Uncle Monty at Geneva.
Photos: News Agency Images.
:: Royal Wedding Now Set for April
Over the years since the 1953 Coronation of
Queen Elizabeth II to the horrible death of
Diana, Princess of Wales, I have become less
and less excited about the British Royal Family,
especially after living for years in Republic
America at where royalty is oftentimes seen
as antiquated or unreal or something from
the twilight zone.
So the announcement of the royal engagement
and the spring or summer 2011 wedding of
HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Kate
Middleton, who is related to my dear friend
Elizabeth Middleton, has restored for now
my renewed interest and perhaps even ex-
citement about The Royal Family or "The
Firm." It would have to take such a nice
young royal couple, like Wills and Kate, to
fire my imagination again after the loss of
so much royal magic for me. They are
now the new magic. Bravo!
Wills with Kate after receiving his RAF Wings.
:: News Update ::
(British) Public want William and Kate as
While attending the snooty and upper class
wedding of Harry Meade, 29, and Rosie Bradford,
30, at Northleach, Glos, on Oct. 23rd, 2010, Wills
was quoted there as saying: “We won’t be pushed
into a wedding announcement.” Yet, only to do so
less than a month later after being teased that
Wills and Kate would be the next to tie the knot.
Indeed! And about time after more than 8
years of dating and courtship together.
Kate & Wills at the Harry Meade wedding.
"Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement
announced Clarence House statement reveals
engagement of second in line to throne and his
long-term girlfriend after weeks of speculation."
By Stephen Bates & James Meikle.
The British print media went bonkers moments
after the official announcement of the royal engage-
ment of Wills and Kate with such UK mass dailies
as The Sun publishing a 12-page Royal Wedding
Pullout in its Souvenir Edition that hit the streets
less than 12 hours after the official confirmation.
British press rejoice at prospect of royal wedding.
By Roy Greenslade.
our American media cousins went wild from coast
to coast with the royal news that even included
"The Trumpet Fanfare" at the opening of ABC’s
“Good Morning America.” Perhaps next they’ll
ship Obama across the pond to join other wed-
ding guests. All I can say is “God Forbid!!!” He’d
be totally out of his social and cultural depth.
Wills & Kate memorabilia also instantly
appeared in such stores like ASDA – Britian’s
Wal-Mart chain – with tacky mugs for 5 quid
or US$8 each. Few of those items are made in
England with most coming from sweatshops
in China, Japan and Korea.
As for the final wedding location that is to be
announced, I would love to see the wedding take
place at North Wales perhaps at Caernarfon Castle
at where Wills’ own father Prince Charles was
granted and declared the ancient investiture
of the Prince of Wales in 1969. Plus, Wills is
located in North Wales right now doing his
RAF pilot stint. So Caernarfon at Gwynedd
would fit nicely for him and Kate.
London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminister
Abbey have been the venues for many royal
occasions over donkey’s ages, but a royal wed-
ding at somewhere like Caernarfon or at the
Isle of Anglesey would be even more terrific,
I think. Is such possible? Yes, but highly un-
likely to occur for the 2011 Royal Wedding.
Kate Middleton, then 19, at St. Andrew's
University Charity Fashion Show. No
wonder Wills was all eyes for Kate!!
Kate must now remember upon her marriage
to Wills to be addressed as Catherine, Princess
of Wales, which she will become by law. I hope,
too, that she’ll be treated alot better than Prince
William’s dear mother – Diana, Princess of Wales –
was by the Royal Family and especially by Charles,
who is given to shrill temper tantrums at the drop
of a hat. And like all fairytales, there is always the
danger of hard reality torpedoing
even the best of fairytales.
Unlike again back in 1981 when Charles & Diana
wed, the wedding of Wills and Kate will no doubt
see all kinds of internet scams regarding the
2011 Royal Wedding. So beware of such possible
cyber scams like offering (false) invitations to the
wedding or a (phoney) opportunity to be photo-
graphed with the royal couple. Report such
e-crimes to your local police right away. And in
any case, send no money to such cyber criminals
and online con artists!! Will I get a royal invitation
to the wedding? Of course, NOT!! Will I get to see
something of the wedding? I aim to depending on
when the wedding day occurs for I could well be
out of the country visiting elsewhere much like
I have this year of 2010.
I want to take a trip around the world at some-
time during the remaining years of my life. Fin-
ances now look good to do it, either next year or
2012. So we’ll see. I don’t want to be in London
for the Olympics for sure. The city is already too
overcrowded with too many god damn Third
World immigrants and loads of lousey foreigners,
so I dread to think of the added mess and huge
crowds for the 2012 London Olympics.
2011 British Royal Wedding.
Although a blue-blooded Anglican who was fully
christened and baptized as HRH William Arthur
Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor in 1982 by
then Archbishop Robert Runcie of Canterbury,
Wills has shown no public affection or expression,
as far as I know, of his Anglican faith. If such is
then we could well have a secular Anglican as king,
despite him then becoming the temporal head
of The Church of England and Defender of the
Faith. As for Kate Middleton, I have no idea
of her faith expression other than I assume she,
too, is Anglican. Prince Charles has long declared
he wants to be the Defender of the FAITHS,
not solely the defender of the Anglican faith.
While such sounds awfully politically correct
in hideous and socialist-inspired multicultural
and multiracial England of today, I want a
British king and/or queen who first defends
the historic Anglican faith above and beyond
all others. As a traditional Anglican myself,
I say to hell with defending other faiths like
blood-thirsty Islam and cultist Scientology.
No, sir! Anglicanism, first – period!!
In the meantime: Congratulations to
Prince William and the future Catherine,
Princess of Wales.
1911 Coronation Medal from my Royalty
Collection. Such is seen 100 years later
with the upcoming 2011 Royal Wedding ...
Unlike when Charles and Diana wed in 1981
before the births of Wills and Kate, today the
greatest danger to the monarchy is the evil rise
of Islam and radical socialism in Europe. Both
elements are strongly anti-Christian. All monarchies
in Europe are, of course, Christian. For them the
danger of Islam and leftist loonies seeking to over-
throw them at some point is no idle threat. Worse
still, royal individuals like Wills and Charles could
easily become potshot targets of such extremist
jihadists and/or extreme leftists at any given
moment either inside Britain or elsewhere.
I’m afraid no welcome Royal Wedding will change
that or the outrageous damage to the country that
has been done while New Labour’s stranglehold
strangled the nation for 13 long dark years. Thus
the future of the British Monarchy, I doubt, will
survive into the 22nd century unless the evil
forces of Islam and radical socialism are con-
fronted and stamped out real fast ...
Muslims by the millions have been admitted to the
UK under the treacherous and mass immigration
agenda of odious Tony Blair and his British Labour
Party gangsters like political moron Gordon Brown,
dreadful Harriet Harman, soapy Jack Straw, cocky
Peter Hain and shyster Phil Woolas , etc. What they
have done is to endanger the very safety and well-
being of the country by their pro-Muslim and anti-
white agenda that has created today’s Bloody
Broken Britain.
I'm now back from Switzerland's Geneva
for my weekend stay that's now been my
second there this year. After exploring this
rather expensive Swiss capital city, I have
herein added, as promised, abit more about
Wills & Kate. I have briefly answered such
questions like what is the future of the British
Monarchy? How the royal announcement came
on Islam's Eid. And, possible internet scams
regarding the royal event which will appear
for sure. These are some of the issues and
questions I have broached with you all on
my return to homebase.
Smashing News, right mates?
CONGRTULATIONS then to Your Royal High-
ness & Catherine. Praying that you both have a
wonderful wedding and very happy family life.
Hope you had a good weekend like I did,
Uncle Monty. +St. Hilda, 2010.
All Muslims, no matter their age or where they are
born, should be made to register their names and
addresses per annum. Future Muslims should be
barred from settling in the UK and admission to
the country should be denied no matter what.
Mosque-building and Islamic faith schools inside
Britain should be curtained by law at all costs.
Muslima wear like the burka and headscarves should
be outlawed on the streets and at all public places.
At airports, wearing a burka or headscarf is instant
denial to be allowed to fly. Such steps are urgently
needed so that the country will not be swallowed
up by vile Islam and menacing Muslims before
we can blink a further eye.
Oh, the royal announcement about Wills and
Kate also came on Islam’s Eid al-Adha, the second
biggest annual Muslim festival. So blood thristy is
Islam that some 15 MILLION animals were
slaughtered just in Bangladesh alone for Eid. The
slaughter was twice the population of London!
The poor animals didn’t stand a chance!!
Bangladesh to slaughter (15 MILLION)
Homeless Death Log. By Uncle Monty.
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