Kick The Buggers.

Kick The Buggers Out From St. Paul's.
By Uncle Monty.
Images By Gary Day & Alex Albion.
~ Latest News ~
St Paul's U-Turn: Tent city protesters told they
can carry on camping. By Tom Harper.
+All Saints Day, 2011.
The Dean of St. Paul's - the Rt. Rev'd Graeme Knowles -
Has Unexpectedly Resigned Over The "Tent City" Debacle.

Dean who shut St Paul's resigns: second cleric quits over 'tent city'
 protest. By Tom Harper, Miranda Bryant & Peter Dominiczak.
+Eve of All Saints Day, 2011.+
One of the world's most famous and renowned religious sites -
St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral in England -  is now being occupied
 by hundreds of political and civilian anti-capitalist demonstrators
in what has been dubbed "Occupy London" with at least
200 tents pitched right at the cathedral's own door steps.
At first the demonstrators were welcomed to stay by the
 Dean of St. Paul's - The Rt. Rev'd Graeme Knowles,
who is a former Anglican Bishop of Sodor and Man.
But after a few days he was forced to bite his own
tongue when he asked the protestors to leave only to
be told by them that they planned to stay at least
until after Christmastide.
From there everything went downhill for St. Paul's as
"Occupy London" just dug in and the cathedral was
then ordered shut by the same dean who had supported
the protesters just days before. Citing health and safety
reasons for closing the renowned Anglican House of
God for the first time in 65 years, the dean was also
confronted with internal clergy bickering and political
convulsion lead by his Canon Chancellor Rev'd Dr.
 Giles Fraser, who promptly resigned out of his strong
leftist political support for the anti-capitalists siege
 of St. Paul's. Good riddance to him!!
Giles Fraser is just another typical liberal Anglican clergy-
man, who seems more interested in his own "liberation"
 politics than in upholding the traditions of Historic
Anglicanism and the sanctity of St. Paul's Cathedral.
It was a cheap political shot on his part to look like
some kind of hero to the "Occupy London" mob that is
 grandstanding for all its worth while sitting mostly on
their asses or arses and freely bivouacing at no cost
 to them. But at great cost to the cathedral, nevertheless.
Now thankfully opened again after a week of no public
 religious services due to the cathedral being closed,
St. Paul's is stuck with the big thorny legal issues and
 battle of removing the Occupy London mob, who are
basically a bunch of old time leftists, communists, diehard
socialist radicals, anarchists, and public troublemakers
who always need to constantly make their political
affirmation for the wary public to take notice of them.
They not only make me feel sick, but I just want to
growl at them like I do at asinine cleric Giles Fraser.
 St. Paul's stupidly fell for all the mob to take over it religious
 site without being careful of setting a precedent for every
future Tom, Dick and Harry to park their political carcusses
at its cathedral front doors at any whim or will that gets
 into their messed-up heads.
I must say, however, the "Occupy London" protestors are
alot cleaner and saner lot than what I encountered at last
year's so-called "Democracy Village," which I write about
back then, that made a mockery of democracy with all the
dirty loonies and sheer crazies and doped dopeheads
running around London's Parliament Square in some
 kind of bizzare and lunatic trance. Thank goodness
they were shut down for good ... Bravo!
Exclusive: Cover-up at St Paul's.
Clerics suppress report on bankers' greed to save church
embarrassment. By Brian Brady & Jane Merrick.
Some of the mob earlier last week at St. Paul's.
Some of the 200 pitched tents at St. Paul's.
The first mistake was made by the dean to welcome such a
 mob in the first place. Occupy London is basically another
 plaything for useless urchins.  Today - at this 4th Sunday
 before Advent - Dean Knowles and the Lord Bishop of
London Rt. Rev'd Richard Chartres have agreed to meet
the mob in the hope that they will freely leave St. Paul's.
Whatever transpires we will hear about presumably sometime
 later today. I suspect the mob will just dig in no matter what
the cathedral dean Knowles or Bishop Richard propose. If
the mob, however, do decide to go of their own accord
then that will be an enormous relief.  If not, the only solution
 is to kick the buggers out from St. Paul's with every legal
and police means available to ensure their full removal.
~ Story Update ~
Bishop comes face to face with protesters –
but won't back down. By Paul Cahalan.
Oct 31, 2011.
Bishop defends 'prudent' legal steps for possible eviction of
St. Paul's camp. Violent clashes with police are not inevitable,
Richard Chartres says after addressing protesters at cathedral.
By Lizzy Davies & Haroon Siddique.
Oct 30, 2011.
What the public doesn't understand is that the Anglican Dean
 is the Master of the Cathedral. Under certain circumstances
he can ban or banish the bishop or even the Archbishop of
Canterbury from his cathedral.  In most cases, too, the
cathedral dean carries the title "Very Rev'd," but in the
 present case at St. Paul s the dean carries the title of
"Rt. Rev'd" due to him being a former Anglican bishop.
 Thus, whatever Dean Knowles says or decides regarding
 the future presence of the "Occupy London" protesters
 right on the catherdal grounds is within his clerical and
ecclesiastic authority no matter what others may do or
say. If he decides the protesters must go, then go
 they must either voluntarily or by legal action.
Abit of a "Teach-In" at Occupy London.
View of alot more pitched tents by the St. Paul's mob.
The whole decisive and public affair of Occupy London
has basically turned the spotlight and searchlight on the inner
workings and personal clashes within the English Anglican
 Church or The Church of England, which oftentimes is
simply hijacked by radical leftists clergy that seem now to
dominate the episcopate and ordained ranks of the church.
The laity are then belated consulted after the fact on im-
portant issues and thus situations like the pathetic political
 resignation of Giles Fraser from St. Paul's confirms the
worst that is today's Church of England. And especially
 now that His Grace,  the Most Rev'd Dr. Rowan Douglas
Williams, the present Archbishop of Canterbury, who is
right now at Italy's Assisi visiting with the Holy Father, 
is considering stepping down from Lambeth Palace.
So, we could well have a new ABC by next year. All
I hope is that Ugandian John Sentamu, the Archbishop
of York, is not next appointed to the Canterburian
See! We don't need any further Africanization
 of the English Church in the UK.
Occupy London is a political and secular demonstration that
 isn't remotely religious or Anglican and has no connection
whatsoever with the church yet it seems to have decided -
more or less by accident - that St. Paul's is a perfect
"sanctuary" for the giddy protestors  to act out their
own political protestation against the establishment
 and the infrastructure of capitalism. Karl Marx is still
alive and well it seems ...
Plus, the added bonus for the mob is that St. Paul's is a
 renowned iconic setting and a perfect platform for the world
 to give attention to the anti-capitalist protesters, who frankly
 warrant no consideration in whatever steps are now taken
 to kick the buggers out from St. Paul's. I suspect that
many of them felt immuned from the law by staging
their protest at the world famous London cathedral.

The quicker the buggers are gone, the better for
everybody and most especially for the church.
Two Occupy London Protesters w/their pet.
Some Free Folk Music At Occupy London.
Crowds Pretty Well Blocking Everything At St. Paul's.
The Mighty & Towering
 Cathedral Doors Then Closed & Shut.
Occupy London's Tent City University.
"Together Against Capitalism" Shown on Wheelie Bin.
Should the St Paul's protesters be removed?
Yes 14%.  No 86%.
The Daily Mail Poll.
Dramatis Personae:
(left, from left to right) The Rev Dr Giles Fraser,
who has resigned as Canon Chancellor of St Paul's,
the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London,
and the Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, Dean of St Paul's.
A loose Canon, his Bishop, the Dean and unholy war at St Paul's.
Nick Curtis on how the creators of BBC2 sitcom Rev might
have written up the theological storm of the past days ...
Jerome Taylor:
Mystery of Archbishop who didn't speak for his Church.
 ~ Commentary ~
Siege of St Pauls to end in court.
Tom Harper & Benedict Moore-Bridger.
Part-time protesters: Nine out of ten tents remain empty
 overnight at St Paul's camp. Thermal imaging suggests
protesters return home or to hotels overnight. By Tom Kelly.
"The St. Paul's protest is one of several in Europe, inspired
by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, in-
tended to highlight inequalities caused by mismanagement
 of the economy," writes Tom Kelly.
St Paul’s row: Giles Fraser resigns. By Ed Thornton.
As an avid Anglican, I despair at what is going on
at St. Paul's Cathedral.  I pray that the buggers of
Occupy London are promptly kicked out from St.
Paul's. Although I might also suggest that they now
move on to where the greedy, champagne socialist,
 New Labour multimillionaire and war criminal Tony 
Blair resides at his hot posh London Square. Odious
Blair should a be juicy target for those politically-
angry anti-capitalists ... such would give them more
 of a focus than their present nebulous aims and raw
 rantings about the evils of capitalism. Blair is an
all around evil capitalist, isn't he? You bet!!
Politically-incorrect, Uncle Monty.
+The Fourth Sunday Before Advent, 2011.
Although Canon Giles Fraser was the "public face" to
 first publicly welcome the demonstrators to stay at the
St. Paul's protest camp, it was Dean Knowles who
approved Fraser's invitation in the first place to let
them stay. Thus, I have stated the dean was the one
who welcomed them and then he bit his own tongue
 for approving such when he decided they must go
after all. As for junior chaplain Rev'd Fraser Dyer's
 resignation from cathedral for basically the same
political raison d'etre  as Giles Fraser, the pair de-
serve each other, I think ... Both of them are dreadful
 examples of what is all wrong with today's far too
leftist and politically-correct  Anglican Church 
inside Broken Britain. UM.
Oct. 31, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
~ The above caption picture at top of page is of
Uncle Monty & Malcolm Mead, 70, that was
 taken at Occupy London by Gary Day at St. Paul's.
Malcolm is a close relative of the late famous Mar-
garet Mead, the American cultural anthropologist
of much note ~
Fertility & Religion Inside The UK.
In the meantime, Muslims in the UK are now first in
the fertility rates of babies being born to foreign women
at an alarming speed that leaves other religious groups
gapeing and out of breath. The Islamification of
England is going at full throttle with no end in sight
of Muslim women having more and more babies
in crowded "Broken Britain" with all its now ugly
pigsty of mass multiculturalism and multiracialism.
Blame those God-damn Limey socialists for all
our troubles right now and in the bleak future
that is forever set for dreadful England ...
Why Is Britain Allowing The Menacing Muslims To
Take Over Our Country Like They Are? What IS going
 on inside Britain's mosque schools? Beatings, humiliation
 and lessons in hating Britain. By Paul Bracchi.
Some Say It's A Bogus UK Charity.
By Uncle Monty.
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EU Congress.

EU Congress. By Uncle Monty.
Images By Jill Ferguson
& Alex Albion.
With hardly a black or Muslim or foreign face present.
the 8-hour EU Congress - with its prime focus on the
Eurozone Crisis and the Case for an EU Referendum -
 was heavily attended by mostly English white, middle
 class, and elderly folkz, at London's Westminster
Central Hall just yesterday. 
Among the political notables speaking at the congesss
were Katie Hoey, Labour MP; David Davies, Tory MP;
Douglas Carswell, Tory MP; Lembit Opik, ex-Lib Dem
 MP; Marta Andresen, UKIP Member of the European
 Parliament and former EU chief accountant; plus the
young and savvy Zac Goldsmith, the Tory MP and
one to watch for his continuing rise in British politics.
Zac Goldsmith, Young British Tory MP.
Prior to the EU Congress, the 36 year-old Tory MP
 Zac Goldsmith stated: "I signed the (People's) pledge
because I believe in democracy. Consider that more
than half our laws are now determined by the EU and
that in some areas, like the environment, food, farming,
 it is closer to 80%. It cannot be right that we have de-
legated so many of our decisions to an organization
over which we have so little control, without even
asking the British people if this acceptable."
EU Congress Speakers David Davies,
Tory MP;  and Labourite MP Kate Hoey.
Also prior to the congress, Labourite MP Kate Hoey
(shown above) declared:  "There are thousands of
Labour Party supporters across the UK who are
 fed up with the increasing control the European
bureaucrats have over our lives. It is time we had a
real debate about our future in the European Union.
We need a referendum and we need it soon." It
was, however, Kate Hoey's British Labour Party,
then under PM Gordon Brown, the classic leftist
 moron, who deliberately signed us away at the
Lisbon Treaty to freely give almost our national
soul away without any questions or debate on the 
EU. New Labour under Blair & Brown
has poisoned the Soul of Britain!!
(L-R) Speakers Lembit Opik, ex-Lib Dem MP; and
Mark Littlewood, Director General of The Institute
 of Economic Affairs At EU Congress.
Marta Andreasen, UKIP MEP and ex-EU
Chief Accountant Speaking At EU Congress.
Among the non-politically elected speakers were
the economist Ruth Lea; Professor Stephen Haseler,
(shown below) Director of the Global Policy Institute,
and Mark Littlewood, Director of the Institute of
Economic Afffairs.
Professor Stephen Haseler Speaking At The Congress.
Mobile Message Board Parked Outside the EU
Congress: "The EU is a fraud on All Europeans.
The 'Common Market' was just the first lie.
On the other side of the message board it stated: "The
EU costs Britain £45 million a day ..." Multiply that
 by 365 dayz and you have a staggering £17.4 billion
each and every year and for what?  More opp-
ression and control from Brussells over us!
Talk about a British glutton for punishment ...
Inside Westminster Central Hall: Zac Goldsmith,
Tory MP, After His Speech At EU Congress.
The People's Pledge:
The Campaign for an EU Referendum.
As I post this 475th  latest article of mine, The
 British Parliament is set to debate and to vote on
 calling for an EU Referendum at mid-day
 (Monday October 24th, 2011). The political
leaders of the three major parties are, like PM
Cameron, opposed to a free will vote by the
elected members of parliament much to the
 shagrin and anger of those like me who demand
an open referendum on Britain staying in the EU.
Such is another example of how our political
masters refuse to acknowledge, yet again, the
true will of the people. Whatever happens in
 parliament today will still not see the burning
and pressing issue go way of our gross EU
membership that "75% of the British people
want an in-out referendum on our membership of
the European Union according to recent polls."
No matter how you dice that, it stands for the
overwhelming majority of the people in the UK.
~ Story Update ~
Cameron bloodied by rebel MPs’ vote over EU.
Record number of Tories defy whip as referendum impasse
comes to a head. By Oliver Wright & Nigel Morris.
Simon Carr:
A disaster for Cameron completely of his own making.
Oct. 25, 2011.
European Union:
The referendum is an absurd sideshow.
As Cameron "sharpens his pencil" on renegotiation,
it is vital that both Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband
articulate much more forcefully the positive aspects.
~ An Editorial ~
 To ignore the people will be political peril down
the road for Cameron, et al.  It is, however, not
a question of if  a UK referendum is finally held,
but rather a question of when, I do believe.
Best To All, Uncle Monty
+Bible Sunday, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
Jill Ferguson's superphoto of Uncle Monty at
 EU Congress. The lead caption picture of him
 posted at top of page, is also by my dear friend
Jill, who enjoyed attending the congress with me.
View of London's Westminster Central Hall At 
Where The EU Congress Assembled Saturday.
Duck Tour, Anyone?  The European Union
 (EU) Takes Britain For Daily Duck Rides.
 ~ FUEU ~
Tory Prime Minster David Cameron will lose alot
of votes from those who are demanding an EU
Referendem that he seems hell bent on either thwart-
ing, diluting, delaying or outright ignoring at his political
peril, especially after he pledged and then reneged, like
did New Labour's odious Tony Blair before him, on a
vote by the British people on EU membership. UM.
By Uncle Monty.
Vile Tony Blair
Black Twilight Zone.
"Vile Tony Blair's 'African Policy' has now resulted
in the overwhelming Africanization of the British capital
of London that no longer makes it an English city per se.
Due to his socialist policy of mass immigration from Africa
of 3.7 million Africans to the UK, London is now bursting
at its seams, like many other English urban centres, as never
 before.  London is now more black than many US African-
American cities. Due to odious Blair's pathological en-
dearment to Africa, the British state schools, hospitals,
social housing, maternity wards, prisons, surgeries, mental
wards, public transportation, criminal courts, and infra-
structure are now overloaded to the breaking point with
so many unwanted immigrant Africans. They are now
costing the country billions of quids annually to meet the
 welfare demands of such outsiders and their non-stop
baby boom. They are now free to have the whole British
 infrastucture beholden unto them, even though they have
contributed not one penny to it. How one leftist politician
like odious Tony Blair was allowed to do what he did,
and to get away with it, can only be best described as
bordering on political criminality, socialist extremism
and public defiance that saw his notorious and foul
New Labour carry on regardless. What we have now
 is a Black Twilight Zone  all around us that is the Blair
Curse and will be so for generations to come long after
 his evil rise arrives dead at his own dirt hole in the
ground. And, hopefully to hell, too."
Alex Albion.
Being Told Off On Her London Graduation Day!
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World Skills 2011.

World Skills 2011:
Skills Talk, Trash Walks.
By Uncle Monty.
Images By Gary Day
& Alex Albion.
To see so many young people doing such positive
things with their educational qualifications and trade
skills at World Skills London (WSL) 2011, just the
week before last, was a sheer joy to see. Especially,
 after all the London rioting and looting by thousands
of alienated, disaffected and violent black, mixed race,
 white, and immigrant youths on the city streets during
the UK disconcerting summer of 2011. As I spent the
day at WSL, the more impressed and pleased I was
 to see and meet such skillful and pleasant young
people who cared to achieve even greater skills
and higher education in their fields of chosen
endeavour. Kudos then to them!!
As the day went by at WSL, the more I realised it
was a perfect example of  "Skills Talk, Trash Walks."
Skills of every sort were clearly shown to the 60,000+
people who attended the three-day international event
 at ExCel, while no sign of trash could be found among
the young people representing their schools,
academies, and/or colleges with personal
pride and self-accomplishments.
From fine carpentry to helicopter training to dress
making to serious saddlery to high technology to
first class cooking to British engineering, they stood
without flinching or fear to share their open knowledge
and know how to the huge public that descended on
WSL in their masses of curiosity with their compli-
mentary show tickets that would have otherwise cost
 them around $55.00 each to attend. I was one of the
 folks with his free WSL ticket to get in. Lucky me!
Edward VIII.
But Never Crowned King.
Recently Discovered Rare 1936 Image
of Edward Just Before His Abdication
of The British Throne. Afterwards,
 He Became The Duke of Windsor.
Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was to meet for
the first time in my life some staff members of the
Queen's Royal Household, who were at WSL in
 a recuitment drive for future staff members to
work at Buckingham Palace and at other British
royal residences like Prince Charles'  Highgrove
or at Windsor Castle, Sandringham and
 Balmoral. And the staff members I met couldn't
have been more friendly and down to earth than
they were. Among the royal staff members I met
were Antonella Frsolone, Adam Vallance, and
Chris Derwitt. Chatting with each one of them
about their royal household duties proved that
they loved their jobs with the royals. There's
about 1,000 royal staff members, I was told.
When Her Majesty moves from one regal abode
to another, most of the staff move with her
leaving behind only a skeleton of the regular
 staff at say the palace until she returns at
some later date.
World Skills London 2011 was so huge it was
 housed in acres of space that must have seen me
walk around 10 miles here and there inside the
great show itself. Had there been handy golf carts
or mobility shoppers, I am sure I would have
hopped on one just to get around the hundreds
of trade displays aside from stepping out of the
way of the growing footfall and stampede of
thousands of attending school and college kidz -
with all too many of them either black or Muslim
or foreign - darting here and there with glee and
 excitement while the slow and more somber adults,
like me, took time to absorb the complete show.
Of all the people and things I saw at WSL, it was
the creative, innovative, and asethetic fashion show
 that I liked and enjoyed the most. The super
models were worthy of Paris, Milan and/or New
York Fashion Shows. I saw their catwalks up-
front and I was so upclose I could almost touch
the hems of their designer dresses as they came
just within feet of me. They showed that skills
talk, trash walks. Trash doesn't walk on the
catwalks that's for sure nor at WSL 2011.
To round out this little story of mine, I have
simply chosen 7 images (shown below) of the
 WSL Fashion Show that I hope you'll enjoy. It
showed yet again that skills talk, trash walks!
And that's how it really should be ... and that's
how it indeed was at World Skills London, 2011.
Upskirt, Perhaps?
Opera or Ballet, Anyone?
A Semi-Hoodie?
Fancy Curtains or Fancy Dress?
Her Black Platform Shoes Seemed As
Large As Her Lovely White Head ...
The Head Dress Lights Up, Too!
The Seven Super Fashion Models at WSL 2011.
Enjoy, Uncle Monty.
+Ely's Vigin Etheldreda (BCP), 2011.
Comments & Feedback:
 ~  Caption Image By Gary Day of Uncle Monty
with South Korea's Trade Representative &
His Wife at World Skills London, 2011 ~
He Polishes Shoes of the Royalty as a Staff
Member of the Queen's Royal Household.
Gee Whiz  a very nice side stand (shown below),
but at 1,000 quid it seemed alot too pricey for
the empty pockets of most folkz in these bad UK
economic times! But Senior Woodwork Tutor
Colin Eden-Eadon of the Worshipful Company
of Carpenters thought the 1,000 quid price
was quite in line ... and without wood worms!!
Trudie Styler, Now 57.
Stinking Rich Trudie Styler.
By Uncle Monty.
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