Iraq's Concerted Molestation of Christianity. By Uncle Monty.

Iraq's Concerted
Molestation of Christianity.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Since the dawn of Jesus Christ himself,
Christians throughout the ages have been
martyred, murdered, maimed, muzzled,
and molested by those who reject and
revile Christianity.
So receiving welcomely, like I did, an invitation
to hear in person Iraq’s Catholic Archbishop of
Baghdad, The Most Rev’d Jean Benjamin Sleiman,
speaking on his theme and witness of “Iraq and the
Martyrs of the 21st Century” at the London
Archdiocese of Westminster’s Cathedral Hall,
was an irresistible occasion for me.
Along with perhaps 400 or more other faithful
Christians gathered at the packed hall on the first
Saturday of England’s Autumn, 2oo8. We all absorbed
and reflected upclose on the archbishop’s Iraqi Christian
words and his living testimony as the presiding prelate of
All-Iraq, of which he is, of the horror that has befallen
Iraq’s ever-persecuted Christians since before the
rise and after the downfall of Saddam Hussein.
And now the still present and persistent occupation
of the defeated country by the brutal and savage
American military forces of George W. Bush, has
only compounded the molestation of Christianity.
As a practising American Methodist, Bush has
miserably failed to help and protect his fellow
Christians in Iraq while they suffer grievously
at the killing hands of fanatic Shiite and
zealous Sunni Muslims.
Inside Archdiocese of Westminster's Cathedral Hall.

Under the sponsorship of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN),
a universal public association of the Roman Catholic Church
in the UK, His Eminence might be rightly forgiven for
sparing his London gathering from the more sordid and
graphic details of murdered Iraqi Christians and deliberate
bombings and burnings of Christian places of worship and
family dwellings of known Christians. The more I listened to
him, the more I was convinced that he was a very brave man
indeed to stand against the muslim tyranny that is Iraq today,
especially against all of those who profess to be Christian by
open faith. I was truly impressed to hear him and to meet
him personally at Westminster's Cathedral Hall.
Iraq's Catholic Archbishop at ACN Podium.

Some might think that Archbishop Sleiman is more
protected from attack by virtue of his high rank in
The Holy Catholic Church. Those who may think that
are plainly ignorant of the crippling Iraq reality and
the severe danger that he and his worshipful flock are
always in. Being an archbishop is more of a juicy target
for such Muslim fanatics than just "ordinary" Christians,
I suspect. Therefore, by virtue of his very important rank
and his holy position, the prelate is in ever great danger
from being murdered himself by such rogue elements
in Iraq. Nobody who thinks otherwise is living in
little more than La La Land.
The archbishop chatting with the faithful.
Just as I was going to write more about the impact of Archbishop Slieman's presentation of his speech "Iraq and the Martyrs of the 21st Century," which I consider is more clear evidence of "Iraq's concerted molestation of Christianity," I unexpectedly received from one of my good friends, Wilfred Wong, an article he has written called "Hanging By The Thread" that speaks of his own personal experience of being in Iraq just a week or so ago to help persecuted Christians there. Wilfred is a patron, along with Stephen Pound, M.P. and Edward Leigh, M.P. of The Assyrian Aid Society. His article directly and indirectly re-enforces much of what the Baghdad archbishop stated at Westminster's Cathedral Hall. Therefore, let me present Wilfred Wong's unedited, remarkable and revealing piece herein for my many biggerissue.org readers to absorb and reflect on, too:

:: HANGING BY A THREAD by Wilfred Wong ::

About 50% of Iraq's Christian population have fled since the Coalition Forces invaded Iraq in 2003. There are about 600,000 Christians left in Iraq and their numbers continue to decrease due to severe anti-Christian persecution. The AssyrianChaldeans make up over 95% of Iraq's Christians. Over 700 Iraqi Christians have so far been killed since the 2003 invasion.

Iraqi Christians are exposed to far more dangers than the average Iraqi. They are attacked by Islamic extremists, who want to drive them out, force them to convert to Islam or kill them. Many insurgents also wrongly perceive Iraqi Christians as being close allies of the Coalition Forces, because of their shared faith with the "Christian" West and Christians are especially targeted for kidnappings because of the misconception that they are wealthy. AssyrianChaldeans also face grave problems from neighbouring Muslim Kurds in northern Iraq, many of whom have attacked them or illegally seized Christian land, houses and even sources of water, including misappropriating part or all of at least 58 Christian villages.

It appears that the Kurds wish to drive the Christians completely out of the Kurdish-controlled region of northern Iraq and to annex the Nineveh Plains, which is heavily populated by AssyrianChaldeans. The ruling political party in that area, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have even been bringing Kurds in from abroad to settle in the region and have refused to ensure that any of the misappropriated Christian owned land and houses are returned. In some cases the KDP themselves have misappropriated Christian land. Iraq's leading Christian political party, the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), have repeatedly called for a province to be granted to the AssyrianChaldeans, which is linked to the central government in Baghdad, is situated in and around the Nineveh Plains and includes the Telkepeh, Hamdaniya and Bashika Districts, and is governed by the AssyrianChaldeans and other ethnic groups living in that area, these lands forming part ofthe ancient ancestral homeland of the AssyrianChaldeans and which are still heavily populated by them.

The ADM have consistently received more votes from Iraqi Christians at elections than any other party, which indicates that the majority of Iraq's Christians want a province for the AssyrianChaldeans. This province can function as a place of safety for Iraq's Christians and would also encourage the thousands of Christians who fled Iraq and are living in poverty in neighbouring countries to return and live in that province. Iraq is already divided into 18 provinces so this province will be just another province - it is certainly NOT about the AssyrianChaldeans wanting to break away from the Iraqi state. If this province is not granted to the AssyrianChaldeans, then eventually it is likely to fall under Kurdish control as the KDP wants to annex the Nineveh Plains to Kurdistan despite the fact that less than one percent of the population there are Kurds and the largest ethnic group living in that area are the AssyrianChaldeans. The KDP have already set up offices and military checkpoints in the Nineveh Plains even though they have no jurisdiction over that area. Annexation by the KDP will probably result in the widespread misappropriation of Christian owned land and houses as has already occurred in the KDP controlled region of northern Iraq.

With only about 600,000 AssyrianChaldeans left in Iraq, and among them more than 12,000 internally displaced Christian families driven from their homes by anti-Christian violence. Despite having very limited finances, the Assyrian Aid Society is struggling almost single-handedly to assist what's left of the Christian community, thereby helping them to remain in their ancient homeland of Iraq rather than fleeing abroad. The AssyrianChaldeans have continuously lived in the land now known as Iraq for over 6000 years (In April 2008 they celebrated their new year of 6758).

Since 2003, more than at any other time in their long history, the AssyrianChaldeans have been in grave danger of becoming extinct in their ancient homeland. Their community is now hanging by a thread. Anybody who helps the AAS to assist this beleagured Christian community will not only be rendering a great service to them and to God but will also be helping to change the course of history for the AssyrianChaldeans and Iraq.

It will also be a tragedy for Iraq if the AssyrianChaldeans vanish from that country as they provide a natural buffer against the growing influence of Islamic extremism in that country and as a generally well educated community they contribute much of the intellectual and professional skills needed in Iraqi society.

His Eminence, Archbishop Jean Sleiman of Baghdad.

Just for the record and before I write more
about Archbishop Sleiman and his sponsor "Aid to
the Church in Need" (ACN), let me turn to the Rev'd
Dr. Khoshaba Georges, who represents The Assyrian
Church in the United Kingdom. I thought at first he was an
Anglican bishop by the manner of his scarlet clerical shirt
and silver pectoral cross (shown below) when I first met
and photographed him inside Cathedral Hall before the
start of the Iraqi archbishop's speech. He never, however,
said nor denied he, Dr. Georges, was an Anglican bishop to
me. But elsewhere on the net he is listed as an archdeacon
of his church. Archdeacons don't dress as bishops. While at
last year’s Cardiff monument dedicated to the Assyrian
and Armenian Genocide, he is described in Wales as “The
Assyrian archbishop of the Ancient Church of the East.”
At that time, he formally spoke there in the presence of
the Armenian Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Dr.
Vahe Gabrielyan; Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the Presiding
Officer of the National Assembly of Wales; and the Bishop of
The Armenian Church, Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian. Then,
I still wonder why he, Dr. Georges, is dressed like an
Anglican bishop when in fact he is not? I'm truly puzzled
by the fellow, particularly after I have met some 12
Catholic archbishops and/or cardinals already as,
ironically, an avid Anglican layman and, of course,
countless Anglican/Episcopal bishops and archbishops
over the years in perhaps 20 or more countries. Dr.
Georges is the first Assyrian Christian and Eastern
clergyman, aside from Orthodox Bishop Norman,
that I've encountered in London, nevertheless.
Rev'd Dr. Khoshaba Georges.

Here I now return to "Aid to the Church in Need" (ACN) and present one segment of its detailed report on the plight of Iraqi Christians that Archbishop Sleiman and Wilfred Wong so clearly speak of, and to, based on their first hand experience and knowledge of what anti-Christian Iraq has cruelly embarked upon to rid the country of all vestiges of Christianity:

:: Iraq: "Faith is Stronger than Fear." ::

Bombing, kidnapping and a savage process of ethnic cleansing have traumatised the Christian community who as a tiny minority are powerless to protect themselves.

The mass emigration sparked by the (Iraq) crisis has led Bishop Andreas Abouna of Baghdad to report that up to half of Iraq'a Christians have fled for their lives. With about 40,000 Christian refugees flooding into Syria, Church leaders are trying to provide shelter, food, and medical support for the people who are homeless and afraid. (Syrian Bishop Antoine Audo has) outlined the increasing dangers for Christians still in Iraq. Christians - and others - have received death threats and women and even girls were being forced to wear the (non-Catholic) veil in accordance with Islamic law.

The faithful are devastated at the forced closure of up to a dozen churches, monasteries, and other church buildings in the Al Dora district of Baghdad known as 'The Vatican of Iraq." Bishop Abouna told ACN: "Of course the people are frightened. But there is something stronger than fear - it is their faith."

ACN's John Pontifex.

I have learned alot about the awful religious situation in Iraq in the past fews day that I was unaware of until hearing the archbishop, reading what Wilfred Wong wrote, and becoming aware of the pro-Christian work and efforts by such groups as ACN and ASS that are based in the UK. It doesn't matter what the Church denomination of the Christian is. It matters only that steps must be taken to stop the persecution and tyranny against them by the forces that are inimical to the very core and being of Christianity. As I watched the Catholic faithful at Westminster's Cathedral Hall bowing and kissing the ring and hand of His Eminence as he was personally approached by many after his archiepiscopal presentation, I was hopeful that such adoration for him would translate hugely into more practical help and prayers coming to him and his beleaguered flock in deadly Baghdad and the insanity that is still Iraq. And despite all the political and military rhetoric coming from the lame-duck Bush administration in Washington that things are looking up in the country. That may be so for some, but certainly not for the Iraqi Christians that are sitting ducks and easy targets of Shiite and Sunni madmen against Christianity. Such is Iraq's concerted molestation of Christianity, it seems to me. I use the word "molestation" to indicate what I see as a perversion of those who do such things against innocent Christians and whose only "crime" is being of a differing faith to those who would try to forcibly cleanse those who are not of the majority faith like Islam in Iraq. The real crime, therefore, is by the criminals who wrap themselves around Allah and to which Allah forbids what they do if they read the sacred text of The Holy Koran. That at least is what I believe as an unimportant lay Anglican that I am. I pray for all in Iraq, and elsewhere, who are being persecuted for their faith no matter whatever that faith may be. The Jews under Nazism suffered murderously and the spectre of religious Neo-Nazism seems to have reared its ugly head in New Iraq, too, against my fellow Christians there ... So think about it dear ladies and gentlemen. Your's, Uncle Monty. +Dear Roberto's Birthday, 2oo8.



Dear Uncle Monty,
Thank you for your email, photos and web site. I understand that you are confused by my dress and clirical rank. However in the Ancient church of the East we have the rank of Archdeacon which is above Cor- Bishop and below Bishop, This rank is equivalent to Msgr ( Monseigneur ) in Western Churches. About the dress nothing to do with Anglican Bishops dress. Because Archdeacon of the Church of the East dress is like that. I also notice that you are saying the Ancient church of the East was Established in 1968. I would like to correct this and say , the Ancient church of the East was established in the second half of first century AD in Seleucia - Ctesiphone Near Babylon , by the blessed Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ Mar Addai, Mar Mari and Mar Thomas who then proceeded to India as mention in our tradition.
Please pray for me. Your in Christ, Rev. Dr. Khoshaba Georges. Sept 28.08. Gdrkhos@aol.com

ACN's African Child Poster.



London's Ever-Posh Park Lane. By Uncle Monty.

London’s Ever-Posh Park Lane.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Summer’s last day saw for me some small
shining splendours, on and off, London’s
ever-posh Park Lane.
At The Dorchester at around 7:30am on Saturday,
I came upon an all-white splendid contraption
(shown below), with French car registration plates,
costing around $1,700,000 to buy, yes that's
right $1,700,000, with only 70 such hand-
built sports cars made in the world each year. It
was a Bugatti and the first I’d ever seen before.
While photographing the extravagant four-wheel
wonder, I was approached by three burly, dark-
skinned, bodyguards, who stopped short of me
and spoke not a word as I took about half-dozen
or so more photos of the Bugatti from various
photographic angles. At first, I had expected
them to tell me to buzz off or stop photographing
the car, but they let me do my thing with The
Bugatti. They looked at me hard and I looked at
them, but they soon realised, too, that I wasn’t
going to touch or to vandalize, let alone steal,
the prized car. Such a car costing over one and a
half million dollars needs plenty of bodyguards to
be sure it isn't swiped or ripped-off on the spot.
I was of two minds to also photograph such suit
and tie muscleman, but I didn’t want to provoke a
possible verbal and/or physical confrontation and
so I just let them go back inside The Dorchester’s
Park Lane front door. So things were left
koooooooooooool and safe for me, for sure. So
I safely got the Bugatti photographs I wanted
without any kind of hassle. That was koooooooool,
too ... on what was to be a perfect last summer’s
day of sunshine and clear blue skies all over
London’s ever-posh Park Lane.

Rear View of The Bugatti Sports Car.

While just a stone’s throw from The Dorchester
and the million and half dollar contraption, I saw a
rough sleeper covered from head to toe in a bright blue sleeping bag close to the almost hidden Lord Byron monument on Park Lane. Whoever it was, he or she was sound asleep
and perfectly still. I was tempted to awake up the rough
sleeper to get him or her some sort breakfast or whatever
or just to ask how things were or to hand a little cash to
whoever it was to get something first to eat for summer’s
last day. In the end, I opted not to disturb the homeless
person and to quietly leave a little cash next to the bed
roll and hope it was found, which I’m fairly sure it was …
Whatever, the scene of the rough sleeper was for
me the total opposite of the small shining slendours
I saw, on and off, London’s ever-posh Park Lane. I
encountered it from top to bottom as I continued to
strolled happily and inquisitively along the classy
lane that, among other expensive things, is also
well-known for its staggering price
tags for London's top real estate.
A Rough Sleeper at Park Lane.
At Harrod’s real estate office, close to Grosvenor House,
I spotted the cheapest listed dwelling I could find and
rent for only a mere £3.000- per week at Park Street,
just off Park Lane itself. Could I please move in next
week with my Bugatti? Thank you kindly, Mr. Fayed ...
I didn’t bother then to look any further to see what
other “bargains” they had to offer to a such a frugal
and unwon Lotto fellow like me. But at least I
could have my early Saturday morning Grosvenor
House breakfast for just £26.50, if I was so inclined
to splurge whatever hoped-for fortune I may get
one day.
Failing that, I could browse at the armoured vehicles
for sale or lease at the BMW armoured car showroom
just up from The Grosvenor. Their showroom also dis-
played a bullet-proof car door window (shown below).
You can get your own "cheap" armoured vehicle for
around $150.000 or pay alot more for additional
armed protection and comfort features like an
Internet-ready console or a coffee maker set in-
side your bullet-proof jaloppy. After all, it wouldn’t
be nice to find a bullet right in your head as you
eat your fresh French croissant as you drive off
while your armed chauffeur ducks the Park Lane
bullets. Naturally, he's more interested in saving his
own skull and not his boss' head. Can't blame him,
really ... Why should he die for his greedy boss?
Especially, as he tries desperately to wing down
Park Lane from those crawling undercover Russian
government killer-agents still on the loose, I suspect,
somewhere in London thesedays after the radio-active
poison they gave to the Putin and Kremlin critic Alexand-
er Litvinenko, a Russian defector. They got away with it ...
BMW's armoured and bullet-proof car window.

Off Park Lane is Rotten Row at Hyde Park.
Like a glowing mirage they came as I happened
just to turn around and I then saw, in the far
distance, the almost elusive and shimmering
image of the Royal Household Cavalry on royal
horseback coming steadfastly right at me. And,
in full regalia. The closer they came, the more
enthralled I was upon seeing them on England’s
last summer day of 2oo8. It was a pure treat
to stand there with hardly anybody else to
disturb them or me. My photographs were
taken in tribute to them and the magnificent
horses full of English grace and proud strengh.
Oh, my ... what a sight and privilege it was to
record such beauty and splendour like I did? The
pictures speak louder than all my written words.

The British Royal Household Cavalry.

Later at The Serpentine.
Then, off she goes ...
After photographing some of the waterfowl (shown above)
at The Serpentine, I walked along The Princess Diana Walk
to see for the first time the so-called memorial to her. I
was utterly disappointed with the memorial to her that
looked to me more like wet skateboard paths than
anything else. If there was no sign there, one wouldn't
even know it was a memorial of anykind be it to Diana
or anybody else. Costing millions of quids, I believe, the
memorial is money that could have been alot better
spent on something that could have represented
Diana's princess life alot better than a swirlling water
trough that appears not to works more times than
not. The memorial was closed when I arrived at just
after 10:15am on the Saturday morning of summer's
last day of 2oo8.
Rounding out my long stroll, on and off, along London's
ever-posh Park Lane, I photographed London's outdoor
display to "Animals In War,"which I shall also soon write
about. Then, I stood last at the feet of the monument
to Wellington at the bottom of the lane.
The rough sleeper seen earlier was now gone
and the-million-and-half-dollar Bugatti sports
car was now blocked by a fancy vintage dark
red Rolls parked right in front of it at The
Dorchester ... A few new autumn leaves was
evident, too. Thousands of marchers for Britain's
1st Anti-Knife March was soon to hit the fan with
me there to see what it was all about at Hyde Park.
It wasn't going to be very posh compared to Park
Lane. Indeed, it wasn't for the use of deadly
knives is the exact opposite of living life,
but it posh or otherwise.
It's him, Wellington ...
Thus, I now conclude my short story
of "London's Ever-Posh Park Lane."

Cheers to all, Uncle Monty.
+Second Day of Autumn, 2oo8.
Pre-Christmas Beauties.
In the meantime, it was exactly 100 days to go
before Christmas when the above two beauties
stopped at my Big Issue pitch to give me a nice
selection of their home-baked mince pies. It
seems this year they’ve started the commercial
promotion of Christmas even earlier than last Xmas.
The West End and Covent Garden retailers and stores
are braced for a lousey festive season due to the recent
sharp fall out from the credit crunch and the demise
of some global financial institutions on Wall Street and
the stop gap measures to control short-term stock
manipulators. Now the US and UK governments have
taken steps to bailed them out all at the expense of
their already over-burdened and oppressed tax
payers. Maybe folkz now just want to start cheering
themselves up as early as they can against such a
New Depression by doing Christmas activities and
seasonal things. Is that so? I don’t really know,
but to get Xmas mince pies given to you so early
before summer as hardly ended at late Septemeber
is pushing things out of context before their due
and proper time. But if it cheers up the folkz,
then I'll not complain anymore ...
British Labour Party Conference.
One other thing, just days before the start of last
Saturday’s New Labour Conference at Manchester,
PM Gordon Brown was seen as doom and gloom by
party rebels who want rightly to bring him down
and oust him from Downing Street. His sassy foreign
secretary David Milliband seemed all against his boss.
But suddenly, Miliband has the nerve and gall to now
call Gordon “an inspiration.” What, Brown is now
an inspiration? What a idiotic joke? Is Milliband
for real? Well, if Gordon Brown is an inspiration
then I must now be the pope for crying out loud.
How phoney can Milliband get? Alot more.
Just like his other fellow labourites who seem
to get more stupid and more daft by the day …
Let’s get rid of the whole New Labour shebang
and fast along with boring Brown and meddling
and mouthy Milliband …


Britain's 1st. Anti-Knife March. By Uncle Monty.

Britain’s 1st Anti-Knife March.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown
and London’s Tory Mayor Boris Johnson were both
heckled, booed, and shouted down by many of the
estimated 12½ to 15 thousand marchers at Britain’s
1st Anti-Knife March held at Hyde Park on the last
day of England's quite dreary summer, 2oo8.
Though Saturday's march was thankfully met
with such a glorious and perfectly sunny day.
Both politicians spoke by pre-recorded video messa-
ges to the racially-mixed crowd that included grieving
parents of killed children who became murder victims
of the prevailing and spiralling knife and gun culture
among all too many of today’s ghettoised and mar-
ginalized black, Asian and Carribean youth gang
members and blue-collar white hoodies who often-
times reside at the worst postcodes of London.
My first thoughts upon attending the march
were what a sad and telling commentary it is of the
kind of broken society that modern England has now
become when thousands of people feel the urgent need
to march against the onslaught of youth knife, gun,
and violent crime. Such has become the staple diet
of many immigrant and Asian enclaves in especially
England’s capital city of London.
What good the march will do to stop all the knife and gun
crime by such streetwise and alienated youth is another
question. But for now, the anti-knife march was an astound-
ing, a very painful, and a deeply-emotional event all by
itself for those who came to speak out and march against
more deaths and stabbings and violence against
kidz by other kidz.
Some of the grieving parents of killed children.
I was particularly moved by the personal tragedy
I saw in the faces and words of those parents with
murdered children. I wiped my eyes at the utter
grief and loss of one elderly black grandmother who
poignantly spoke of her 14 year-old grandson who
was recently stabbed and killed in broad daylight
by other black London youths.
She also held up high the small photograph of her
nice and beloved grandson to the 1000's at Hyde Park
who stood quietly and respectfully to hear her sad and
heartfelt story and deep loss of the cutdown life and
vicious death of, I believe, her only grandchild. I
stood just feet away from the lady herself as she
spoke of her now broken dreams for him ...
London's Tory Mayor Boris Johnson via truck video.
My reaction to the march was also saying to myself
that we wouldn’t be having such an anti-knife march if
Britain’s New Labour Government hadn’t first opened
the mindless human floodgate of mass immigration that
has brought with it the ever-growing endemic of such
savage knife and gun crime by immigrant gangstra and
hip-hop youth to this England that never before had
such a huge and growing and unmanageable black
sub-culture and racial underclass like it does today.
In fact, the Teddy Boys and juvenile delinquents, and
later the Skinheads, of my own English youth of 50
years ago now look like proper and posh prep school
boys against today’s young and vicious savages of
London street death and violent crime. Street gangs
of young wayward teens and bad hoodies results from
a severe breakdown of parents, schools, and legitimate
authority toward such youths. And, it's not going
to get any better any time soon ...
A Civvie "Guardian Angel" at Anti-Knife March.
Aside from the above shown lone member
of the "Guardian Angels," who some say are
vigilantes in disguise, the march heard from
speakers like British actress Brooke Kinsella,
whose 16 year old brother Ben was stabbed to
death 3 months ago in London; Tony Parsons,
Linda Robson, New Labour's police minister
Tony McNulty, and Met Police Commander
Mark Simmons, who didn't mince his police
words from what I heard him say. He stated
that over 3,000 youths and young adults had
been recently arrested with knives and guns
in the concerted crackdown by the British
police against such weapons-carrying idiots.
The Anti-Knife marchers also demanded more
police action against knives, but a number of
other speakers said that it was more important
that parents themselves and the local community
take real steps to reigned in their childrens' bad
behaviour and lifestyle. One speaker also called
for the community to police itself and that if he
was elected to public office he'd even "hang"
knife killers for murder ... Blimey, next
they'll hire their own hangman, I guess.
Some of the anti-knife marchers at Hyde Park.
Even more marchers at Britain's 1st. Anti-Knife March.
Three of the 13-strong "Revelations" Singing Group.
At times during the two-hour, non-stop, performance
of speeches and singing, I was perplexed and abit vexed
to see a comedian hosting such a sombre event. I was
perturbed, too, by the cocky and glib black comedian
Richard Blackwood, who hosted the various presenta-
tions at the gathering of all the marchers. He seemed
to speak more about the affirmation of his own black
culture and child rearing more than mourning the loss
of such murdered young people by the dangerous
sprees of knife and gun crime at "the 'hoods" of London
and elsewhere in broken England. Oh, and the booed
Gordon Brown says "England isn't broken." Well,
sir, be sure to first take a good look at yourself ...
is what I say.
A black pastor (w/mic) demands end of killings.

I came away from the anti-knife march
thinking that perhaps some good may come
out of it, but nothing will come from it I'm
afaid until the youth culture itself is changed,
which is highly unlikely in England's mania
for "just do it" at the expense of others and
the ingrained belief that the individual is
supreme over and above the collective
quality of the society we all live in.
As for remedies to such youth knife and gun
crime that plagues us all, I believe we need to
re-establish the system of Bostals for young
criminals that was abolished in Britain, like
the use of the traditional school cane, at the
turn of the 1980's. Bostals should be made
tough and rigorous and turn delinquent boys
into responsible and law-abiding men. In
America, they're called "Boot Camps"
there instead.
As for sending such alienated youths to the army,
such is sheer nonsense since all too many of those
violent youths cannot read and write let alone speak
proper English. Many speak in what is called "Black
or immigrant English" that rejects gammer and
correctly-spoken English. It isn't "kool" to speak the
language that way among the knife and gun-toting
gangs, I'm told. So what use would they be to the
British military? Absolutely, none. They'd be a
big hindence, not a help. Plus, the British Army
doesn't want such criminal recruits anyway and it
doesn't want to be a "military nanny" for such poor
material to enter today's modern fighting service.
The British Army is already overstretched to almost
breaking point and munity in Afghanistan and Iraq.
So big and tough re-established Bostals would soon
send a very needed message to such vile characters
that their murderous game is up and their street
time, too. Bang them away and let them out when
their cycle of violence and crime has been tamed
and thrashed out of them ... Perhaps, then we could
all march in celebration at Britain's first "Street
Gang Free Society." It's only a dream, I know ...

Peace march against knife crime.
For the BBC to state there was only over a 1,000 marchers is
absurd ... I asked one of the police observers to tell me what
the police estimated was the crowd. He stated to me, has I
was leaving the march, that they had estimated such to be
at "between 12½ and 15 thousand people" at Hyde Park.
I had my own figure of about 10,000, but knowing how
good the Met is at estimating crowd numbers I used the
figures I was told at the closing moments of the march.
The police are more likely to slightly undercount than
deliberately overcount by their overall conservative
estimates, too. The BBC-TV was right next to me and
if they saw only a crowd of over a 1,000, then the
police must be pretty blind after all and also me.
So get yourself a pair of good specs, BBC man ...
Actress Brooke Kinsella says 'We can stop the killing' -
And, also take a read of this latest British horror ...
Teen tortured by friends for 13 hours over 'stolen' mobile phone.
22/09/2008 10:11:00 AM
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Vigil of Bartholomew the Apostle.


Mr. and Mrs. America. By Uncle Monty.

Mr. and Mrs. America.
By Uncle Monty.
In their bid to ascend The Oval Office on November
4th, 2oo8, John McCain and Sarah Palin are, to me,
simply “Mr. And Mrs. America.” For they represent
America’s deeply conservative and traditional attitude
toward their own country and of the wider world to
which colours their right-of-centre political mindset
and espoused Christian views.
Despite all the savvy rhetoric and world fame of
America’s wannabe first black president, Barack
Obama, Mr. And Mrs. America have already put
him to rout along with his internet cadre of puffing
and pushy grassroots liberal donors and nationwide
Democratic party supporters. At least for now,
Obama is singularly cornered by
Mr. and Mrs. America.
U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona and Alaskan
Governor Sarah Palin are the Republican presidential
candidates for president and vice-president against
their Democratic rivals U.S. Senator Barack Obama of
Illinois and U.S. Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware.
The Obama camp was caught with their pants and knickers
down when by sheer political fluke and fortunate good luck,
John McCain picked the unknown Sarah Palin as his running
mate. She became overnight a political sensation and made
the democrats jump into their own seeping sewage like never
before at this 2oo8 U.S. Presidential Election to replace the
vile and vulgar eight-year Republican presidency of Iraq
War instigators George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney.
(Just moments ago, as I write this, 7 more U.S. soldiers
were killed in an helicoper crash in southern Iraq.
The U.S. has now lost over 4.500 American service
man and women in their own Iraq War. While at the
same time, tens of thousands of Iraqis and others have
been slaughtered, maimed, displaced, arrested and/or
imprisoned by the murderous U.S. military forces
of vile Bush and vulgar Cheney).
Personalities are as much to do with national politics as
are the issues of the day. Barack Obama has obviously
a great personality and is much gifted, but I’m doubtful
if it will be enough for him to win the American presidency
aside from the ever present uphill reality of race that confronts
him as an American black seeking the highest office in the land.
And, then to become one of the most powerful men in the world
if so elected as president of the United States of America.
American black power will then have truly come of age, quite
literally ... under would-be President Barack Obama. I don't
think Americans are prepared for that, not just yet ...
Plus, Obama's running mate Joe Biden couldn’t be more
boring and uninspiring if ever I saw one. Perhaps that’s
why Joe has lost, both times I think, in the past to become
president himself. Although, my London-based African-
American friend Cliff Henderson from Chicago tells me
he’ll vote as much for Biden as Obama because Biden is
an American Catholic much like is Cliff. Religion obviously
plays a provocative role, too. But that's another touchy and
tackling question that’s isn’t part of this present posting
of mine on “Mr. And Mrs. America.”
If we now look at Sarah Palin’s personality there is
a brutal and unvarnished honesty about her personal
and political persona that has caught and fired-up the im-
agination of mainstream conservatives and Republicans
in America. She’s the very opposite of Obama, who has
done the same thing for his mainstream liberal and
Democratic supporters around the world in the recent
past. But he has lost much of his footing since the “Palin
Torpedo” came from nowhere …. And has unpolitely
smacked him right in the ass while his liberal
pants were dangling down ...
I'll have more to say, from time to time, before
the upcoming Nov. 4th, 2oo8, U.S. Presidential
Election with "Mr. and Mrs. America" being the
focus of my comments and open thoughts ...
See ya, Uncle Monty.
+Ember Day, 2oo8.


So He Wants "All-Black" Schools in UK? By Uncle Monty.

So He Wants "All-Black" Schools in UK? Okay ...
By Uncle Monty.
When Lee Jasper, ex-London mayor Red Ken’s recently
arrested race relations aide called for “All-Black Schools”
in England, he failed to note that many London boroughs
already have, in affect, almost all-black schools sprouting
up all over the god damn place and in other urban centres
across the UK. In areas like London's Peckham, Camber-
well, Kingsland and Southwark, the majority of students
are black immigrant kidz that have overwhelmed the now
educationally-bankrupt British state education system to
the degree that British-born, non-black, pupils are often-
times in the tiny minority. Stand outside of Tesco's on
Old Kent Road on any school day and see the crowds of
black students pushing and shoving onto the packed
buses against hardly a white student face. The same
at Peckham, the same at Kingsland, and the same at
most boroughs across the whole of urban inner
and outer London.
Such calls for all-black schools and institutions isn't
anything new by unelected black spokespeople like Lee
Jasper, who holds little or no credibility either inside or
outside of his London-based Carribean ethnic enclave. In
the states, such bewilding characters as Louis Farrakhan,
leader of America’s Nation of Islam, has repeatedly called
for all-black schools since his controversial public rise at
the start of the late 1970’s. What Lee Jasper is doing,
who is a Black Jew, is simply parrotting much the
same as Louis Farrakhan, who is also deeply
anti-semetic by any standard ...
So if Lee Jasper wants "all-black" this and that,
how about all-black cemeteries, all-black churches,
all-black mental wards, all-black nursing homes,
all-black weddings, and all-black neighbourhoods?
Indeed, some already exist in Afro-England of
all-black churches, all-black weddings, and all-
black neighbourhoods to some degree or another.
All-black cemeteries in America’s Deep South are
still common, by the way, despite the country's
legislation and philosophy of intergration
and legal equality since the 1960's.
What Lee Jasper's provocative demand tell us is
how the sheer black penetration of the country has now
consumed and drowned England by the political manipu-
lation and agenda of New Labour's immigration onslaught
that seems to have no end while they hold the reigns of
legislative and political power against the wishes of the
British people who are overwhelmingly against anymore
uncontrollable inflow of Third Worlders. It's so bad now,
that many of the country's racial and ethnic enclaves are
so ghettoised it is unsafe for non-blacks to hang around.
In fact, the rise of all-black council estates are becoming
almost a permanent reality now, for example, at South-
wark’s Aylesbury Estate and Heygate Estate.
And yes, all-black prisons aren’t that far off,
too, in Afro-England thesedays ...
My own arguement is simple: Let the ilk of Louis Farra-
khan and Lee Jasper have their “all-black” schools as long
as we can have back our "all-white" schools. It’s that simple.
I strongly support institutions and mechanisms that first
promote and preserve the individual's religious, cultural
and national identity. I reject the collective tyranny of be-
ing "all things to all people" at the expense of the indvidual.
Therefore, I unequivocally support all-jewish, all-muslim,
all-hindu, all-christian, all-mormon, all-buddhist, all-sikh,
all-black, all-white, all-brown, all-yellow, and "all" anything
that rejects, like I do, all the current ogre trappings and
ferine fanfare of multiculturalism, multiracialism,
multiethnicism, political correctness, and "all-sameness"
of the multi-stupid society that has now been imposed and
enforced upon us by the present scheming political masters
and flotsam ideologues of Britain under hideous New Labour
and its radical leftists and anti-racist troublemakers.
Such that now exists in Britain has only brought about
the dissolution of the character, culture and identity of the
English people. We have become everything we’re not and
we’re become everything we should not be. I utterly
detest all that I see that is going on politically, morally,
socially, and culturally in England today. Dear old Eng-
has been "quartered and drawn" by the savages from
home and abroad that New Labour has aided and abetted
with absolute impunity and immunity for the past 12 years.
It’s too late to save the England I once know, but I’ll
try as best as I can to rally against the worst excesses
of the present day that sees the broken society we
have now become from getting any worse.
On a personally level, I wouldn’t even trust Lee
Jasper with my dead shaggy white dog if, indeed,
I had one. As for his self-congratulatory comments
on the need for all-black schools, I suspect he made
such comments to get himself back in the news as
a so-called "black British expert” on race relations,
which is frankly to me a bunch of hot air and knee-
jerk political grandstanding. His aim, I suspect, was
to give himself a public platform to rise from his own
"Lee Jasper Debacle" at then Red Ken’s blouted
circus and free-for-all-taxpayer-money at the
biggest, shabbiest and most cunning London City
Hall we've ever had. Thank god Labour lost it ...
I then jumped for joy. And, punched the air.
He also stated, did Jasper, that he was not advocat-
ing something like the British National Party’s call for
an apartheid-like school system for black students.
So is he advocating, indirectly, all-white schools for
non-blacks? You bet. Therefore, BNP isn’t that far
off from Jasper’s thinking really. What’s good for
the goose is good for the gander isn’t it? You bet ...
Now have yourself a good day folkz, Uncle Monty.
:: Third Week of Ramadan, 2oo8 ::


Dear Leader. By Uncle Monty.

Dear Leader.
By Uncle Monty.
Western news reports state that “North Korean leader
Kim Jong-il has collapsed and is ill.” He may also have
had a vey recent stroke at age 66.
He didn’t show his expected face Tuesday at Pyongyang’s
demonstrative 60th Anniversary of the founding of the
Stalinist state by his late father president Kim Il-sung,
who died in 1994. Dubbed “Dear Leader,” and seen as a
demigod by his brainwashed and repressed people, Kim
Jong-il has ruled North Korea for the past 14 years.
He’s now a much reclusive character much like the
country he rules. Although at one time he was seen as a
playboy in his youth. Those days have long gone and Kim
could well die at anytime due to a variety of illnesses he
allegedly has, but to which the North always denies.
The Parade for North Korea's 60th Year Founding.
My intense interest in North Korea stems from my own visit
there over a year ago or so and to now see news photographs
of the same parade ground that I stood at and photographed
myself at where 100,000 marching military cadre paraded
Tuesday was for me still like being there … The goose-step
female soldiers in Reuters newsphotos of the parade
is at the exact same spot I walked along with my two
armed bodyguards and driver while in the North Korean
capital of Pyongyang to attend the 95th Birthday
Anniversary of Kim’s father.
I also saw the glass entombed body of his father
president Kim Il-sung at the huge Memorial Palace with
three miles of marble corridors. No other country for me, both
before or since, can compare to visiting inside North Korea.
I shall remember it for the rest of my life. I am, after all,
one of only a few Westerners ever to spend sometime
inside the world’s last Stalinist state. It was mind-boggling
and surreal at times, but well worth travelling there
via China's captial of Beijing like I did.
North Korea's Peoples Army at 60th Year Do ...
As the huge military parade of 100.000 foot soldiers
got under way, Western and South Korean observers
declared they saw no new weaponry on parade like
state-of-the-arts missles and nuclear-ready jet fighters.
Relief, indeed. Although the story goes that it seeks to
develop “longer-range and more accurate ICBMs.”
But something even more ominus came to light on the
same day of the 60th anniversary of North Korea and
that was the revelation and exposure of the hitherto
secret weapons site hidden on the West coast of the
Stalinist state and not far from where I myself was
taken to visit the West Sea coast. The hidden site was
discovered by American satellite ground photo-imagery.
I found myself the website that had posted the unclassified
imagery of the North Korean weapons site (shown below)
that is believed to be designed to achieve even longer range
and more accurate ICBMs that could technically hit
the outer parameters of the United States ...
The allegedly secret weapons site has been around for at
least the past 8 years, according to Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr.,
senior analyst with Jane's Information Group that Reuters
quoted in its news report of the shocking revelation. Such
will send deep shivers down the spines of South Korea,
and the United States and Japan that North Korea as
always seen as its mortal and deadly enemies.
Photo-Imagery of North's Secret ICBM site.
North Korea has been in the process of de-nuclearization
over the past two years or so, but recent news reports state
the country is now in a kind of re-nuclearization after the U.S.
failed to remove the country from America's "Terror List."
Remember this was one of three countries that the
vile George Bush declared was the “Axis of Evil” -
Iran, Syria, and North Korea.
It’s the same George Bush who is now up in arms over
Russia’s recent invasion of Georgia, but it seems Bush
has conveniently forgotten his own brutal and unilateral
invasion of weak and poor Iraq with the aid and support
of his then Atlantic 'poddle' Anthony Blair, the hideous
warmonger and war criminal of Britain according to some.
So who are Bush and Dick Cheney, his vice-president,
to complain about what resurgent Russia has done? And,
who are they to condemn North Korea when they, Bush
and Cheney, are the same evil architects that have kill-
ed thousands of innocent men, women and children thru
their illegal and criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq?
North Korea's "Dear Leader" with some of his inner circle.
But after all that has been said and done about the
absence of Kim at the Pyongyang military parade and
its national celebration of the country's founding, the big
question now is who will replace the "Dear Leader" once
he steps down and/or is incapacitated or dies from his
recurring illnesses? Who then will succeed Kim Jong Il?
The Sunday Times Far East correspondent
Michael Sheridan has just today written a great and
perceptive piece on that very important and scary
question for the West and for Asia as a whole on
who and what may comes after Kim Jong Il?
I wouldn't even attempt to critique Michael's
article for he is cogent and insightful on the
situation surrounding the "Dear Leader" and the
motley characters among the present members
of the powerful Kim Clan and inner circle that
controls North Korea thesedays. In any event,
read Michael Sheridan's online news piece, it's
a striking and fascinating story, I think ...
Looking grim and starry-eyed with their "Dear Leader."

Truly, Uncle Monty. + Holy Cross Day, 2oo8.

:: UPDATE :: "Seoul: North Korea's ailing leader Kim Jong Il, remained out of sight Monday, missing another key chance, on Korea's Thanksgiving holiday, to make an appearance that could have put to rest speculation about his health. Kim suffered a stroke Aug. 14 and underwent surgery performed with the help of five doctors sent from China at North Korea's request, Japan's Kyodo News agency reported from Beijing, citing unidentified Chinese officials. North Korea denies Kim, 66, is ill." International Herald Tribune, Paris, Sept 16th, 2oo8.

:: Next Stories of Mine :: My next stories coming soon: "So He Wants 'All-Black' Schools in UK." And, "Mr. and Mrs. America" among others. Also an update about the public lynching of Mark Saunders, 32, by the police killing of him at the bloody hands and confrontation of Scotland Yard's elite firearms cops earlier this year at his £2 million home at London's swanky Chelsea. I already feel vindicated by what I wrote earlier back in May, just days after his savage slaughter, with today's latest expose now by The Independent -of what those brutal and callous cops did to him ... The other Met police killing of Jean Charles de Menezes now looks like a profoundly foolish error compared to what happened to the young and successful British barrister Mark Saunders. Those same copz should already and really be behind bars not walking and driving around the streets of London to freely slaughter their next hapless victim with their government-issued firearms. So more later. Your's, Uncle Monty. +18th Sunday after Trinity, 2oo8.



My 3-Day Bus Ride From Casablanca To Paris. By Uncle Monty.

My 3-Day Bus Ride From Casablanca To Paris.
Story and Photos By Uncle Monty.
By flight, it’s about 1,185 miles from Casablanca to
Paris. By such it would only take about 2½ hours at
500mph. But by road, it’s about 1,615 miles and it
would take about 19¾ hours driving on a straight
road, non-stop, at 55mph.
It took me and my bus ride, however,
three days and two full nights from Casablanca to
Paris due to all the nooks and crannies and, of course,
all the loo, food, rest, and passport stops I experienced
with some 60 other passengers who were mostly young,
punkish, Arab Morocoan males and black North African
female workers who live and work mostly in Paris doing
their low-skilled and low-paid jobs. They were returning
to Paris and their menial jobs, for the most part, from
their annual holidays, or break, back home in Morocco
and North Africa. They seemed a rather unhappy
bunch, I must say ... I was the only Brit on board.
The Moroccan-registered bus made all of the ann-
oucements only in Arabic and French, but luckily
for me my bus seat companion was 44 year-old
Fatima Soussi who spoke many languages including
good English. She kindly translated everything for me
and we sat, ate and chatted together during the whole
trip. Fatima was a god send and such a delightful per-
son, too. Her father is Moroccan and her mother is
Dutch and she works, so she told me, at Amsterdam
as a child specialist. She's a devout Muslim, too.
Open Track of My-Day Bus Ride.

Before actually hitting the bus trail, I briefly delved
into Casablanca, the town itself, that came to world
fame in the early 1940’s during the Hollywood romance
film called "Casablanca," which starred Humphrey Bogart,
Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, et al. Even to this day, some
65 years later, many still think the film is what Casablanca
is really all about. Well, baby, it ain't ... And, far from so.
I'll tell you alot more about the town now ... and so before
my bus ride I then scoured Casablanca as fast as I could
to record my brief stay there upon having returned by
flight from my West Africa Safari with Contessa Maria,
who promptly headed onto New York from Morocco's
largest commercial city of Casablanca as I prepared
myself to hitch a very long bus ride just for the sheer
fun of doing it before arriving at wet, dreary,
Paris three days later.
Street artist's painting "Eyes" for 500 Dirhams.
Unlike the romantic Hollywood movie, Casablanca
is not a romantic city at all. Rather, it’s the national
commercial hub of Morocco with about 3¼ million folkz
and with the kingdom’s largest seaport for international
exports and imports. It’s also the biggest city in North
Africa. Athough only 50 miles or so from the capital
Rabat, Casablanca is in a world all of its own and
is quite apart in character and flavour
from the smaller Moroccan capital.
_ _
Casablanca is, after all, a rough and ready city bursting
at the seams with boiling activity. It’s a cheap place to visit
with my own stay at just €9-, yes €9-, per night at Hotel
de Foucauld at Rue Laraїbi Jilali, just a few blocks away
from the downtown fancy hotels charging €160- or more a
night from stupid tourists looking to experience Casablanca
and/or Morocco on their credit crunch, credit cards …
All you need is a bed and clean sheets, so why pay more
for someone to hold open the hotel door while you walk
thru it like some big gob sucker or Queen Bee? And, be
such that you’ll never be back home in Old England or
the good old US of A. How strange and daft people
become once they’re let loose as horse-blinkered and
blind tourists who don’t know the difference, so my
cynical Yankee friend Bob Clancey would say,
between shit and shinola.” Even a shinologist or
a shillyshallyer would know the difference, but
not those silly buggers with world travellers
cheques. That’s, if the truth be known …
I always try to avoid Brit and Yankee tourists
like the plague when I am visiting abroad. For
the most part they stick out like a sore thumb,
anyway. Few, if any, venture beyond the tourist
sights. But for me, the further I get away from
such the happier is me. I want to go where
others fear to tread and venture no matter what
language and/or cultural barriers may be there
to possibly hinder me. I just look right ahead of
me and land-up in places, situations, and among
the people, I would have otherwise never have
encountered or experienced had I been strictly
a stupid and headless tourist ...
St. John's Anglican Parish of Casablanca.

My visit to worship at the entirely-walled St. John’s
Anglican Church of Casablanca, located just a block or so
from my cheap sleeping quarters, and from the expensive
Hyatt Regency, was particularly nice since everybody
there seemed so civilised and not stiff and shirty expats
like I’ve have found at other foreign-based Anglican
parishes like most notably St. Alban’s at Denmark’s
Copenhagan, which was so bad I almost wondered
why I call myself an avid Anglican. Especially after the
frosty and aloof reception from Venerable Mark Oakley,
who heads the Anglican Archdeaconry of Germany
and Northern Europe.
At Casablanca, St. John’s parish priest The Rev’d
Mark Cregan, unlike the other Mark, was simply a
pure pleasure to meet. Outgoing and disarming, the
vicar was the kind of vicar who was a vicar’s vicar. I
liked him instantly and if I was ever to move and live
permanently as a retiree to Casablanca, then I’d be
more than happy to have him as my good vicar. His
Sunday morning service and his showcased-sermon
was a sheer delight and his congregation of British,
European, and American expats I was also pleased
to meet. They were nothing like those oddball Brit
and Yankee tourists I try always to avoid on my
wide travels aboard.
My "own" Casablanca street donkey.

As for food, there are tons of cheap side street
eating places at where you can, like me, get good,
hot, chicken or meat meals for around 20 to 50
Direhams or 2 to 5 quid and find your belly
is full with the large plate of food served to you.
I try to eat at where most of the local natives eat.
And so my aim is to enjoy their culture, lifestyle,
and local food, instead of acting like some toffee-
nosed tourist. Most eateries are open all day and
some all night at Casablanca. So you never need to go
hungry nor spend a fortune on paying thru the nose at
some pricey tourist restuarant or trap that will rip-you
off, pricewise, for the same kind of food you could have
bought at the side streets. Don’t worry about speak-
ing the language. All you need do is point and pay,
like I do. “No” and “yes” are pretty much the same
in most languages, so nod your head for "yes" and
shake your head for "no." It almost always works.
But if it doesn’t for some reason, then
just smile and politely walk away.
Rough sleeper is she with my copy of Big Issue.

Even though I have taken my various copies of “The Big
Issue” and photographed such, for example, from inside
Auschwitz to the Faeroe Islands to North Korea to South Africa
to the 5th World Homeless Cup to Istanbul and even to Iran,
The Big Issue hasn’t shown a damn hoot or a giddy doo for
such photographs I’ve taken. In fact, when I showed them the
ones inside of Auschwitz itself, they were rejected outright for
publication by the mag’s publisher - Lisa Woodman - and with
no explanation or even a thank you … When I also photo-
graphed Beyoncé with her holding the actual Big Issue
front cover with her on it, The Big Issue wasn’t prepared
to pay me enough for the right to publish my two superb
images of her. I then promptly sold the rights
elsewhere to such for good money as a retired news
photographer that I am. I have no future plans to ever
submit any further photos of mine to The Big Issue
because it’s a waste of my time and my talent to do so.
Like I will not offer my latest photo at Casablanca of the
elderly beggar woman (shown above) holding and display-
ing the mag in her hands on the street at where she rough
sleeps most of the year round. And she’s dressed in
traditional Moroccan Islamic clothing.
Typical Scene of Old Casablanca.

"Morning Has Broken" at Morocco's Tangiers.


On the road with us for over 600 miles thru Spain ...

My photoview from my bus window near Granada ...

Near Limoges, in southern France, the anti-drug French cops pulled our coach over and took us to a secure off-road site to search for drugs and couriers. I managed to photograph from my bus window (see below) the armed cops to the teeth as they singled out a young 20’ish Moroccan guy. They brought his bag to the front of the bus and asked the person who owned it to come with them. The guy didn’t look like a druggie or a drug courier to me from his appearance which was erect and cleanly dressed. He was clean. About ten minutes or so later he came back and took his seat behind me and Fatima Soussi, who was my constant and delightful bus companion all the way from Casablanca to Paris. Watching the French cops doing their thing, it remained me of what such anti-drug cops do in America which is pretty cold and brutal
compared to what I witnessed in France. At the Louisiana/Mississippi state border, the local thug-like Hancock County sheriff deputies target interstate Greyhound buses to stop and search for drugs going to major cities beyond nearby New Orleans. Typically, the deputies pull all the luggage out of perhaps 70 or 80 passengers and make them get off the bus to claim their luggage. Ofentimes they catch a little fish with a big bag of drugs, but also many of the Latin-American drug couriers do not claim their bag knowing that if caught they can expect brutal life sentences against them by the draconian Hancock County Curcuit court with such unjust and vile judges like Kosta N. Vlahos, who is a savage judge at the best of times from what I have read about him in the American press. But such police tactics and draconian sentences only help to make such drug trafficing even more profitable for the big fish somewhere back in Mexico, Coloumbia, Bolivia, etc. They always fry the little guy and get away with such savage and inhumane sentences that America is so well-known for imposing for so many crimes. Hence, over 2 million folkz languish in the penitentiaries of America everyday at the annual cost of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of wasted lives in the name of so-called American justice. The real crime is the crime the US justice system and its mindless judges inflict on offenders every day across the whole country for crimes that should not entail imprisonment in the first place for non-violent or small first-time economic crimes, for example.
Sadly, the British court system is copying all too many of America's mindless prison sentences resulting in UK prisons packed like sardines due to such stiff judges who copy their American counterparts for imprisonment of the people ... a yoke that speaks of widespread injustice ...

Above: The French drug cops under my bus window.

This is all for now about my 3-day Casablanca to Paris
bus ride. I may add more a little later, but it's rather
doubtful since there are other stories I want to post
quite soon ...
Fatima Soussi and Uncle Monty in Spain.

Truly your's, Uncle Monty.
+John Chrysostom, 2oo8.

(The above caption photo of mine is of Casablanca's
own major Islamic Shrine to the Prophet Hassan. It's
an awesome edifice that sees the main tower reaching
the pure blue sky like a New York skyscrapper).
I finally arrived at Paris on the 11th anniversary
death of Diana, Princess of Wales, at that dreadful
Paris tunnel that I also happened to travel thru on
the exact day, 11 years later, of her tragic and
untimely death (or murder).
Dear Monty,
Thank you again for your very kind postcard. It was very good to hear from you and to know that you are well. I must say I loose touch with all the exotic places you travel to and wonder how it is all possible but I am sure it is part of God’s plan. It would be lovely to see you sometime so please keep in touch.
Kindest regards and prayers, Father Alexander.
From: "Fr. Alexander Sherbrooke" fralexander@stpatricksoho.org To:
Subject: Thank you. Date: Wed 09/03/08 04:10 AM