Squeezing Every Last Penny From Out of The Big Issue Vendors. By Uncle Monty.

Squeezing Every Last Penny From
Out of The Big Issue Vendors.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Street Photos By Alex Albion.
And so it came to pass yet again at The Big
Issue at where its street vendors have no say
whatsoever about whatever it decides to im-
pose upon them, in whatever name or excuse it
can find to justify, for example, its latest and
arbitrary 5 pence increase in the wholesale price
of the magazine per copy to those badged vendors
on the cold, poor, and hard streets of the UK.
As stated elsewhere, 5 English pence, in and of
itself, won't buy you peanuts!! But, when the
wholesale price of The Big Issue was increased to its
vendors by 5p per copy a week ago last Monday the
amount of gain and sheer profit by The Big Issue is
staggering and almost mind-boggling no matter if such
harms whatever its own street vendors may
otherwise make for themselves.
At that 5p increase per copy at a 149,000 weekly circulation
at say 50 weeks, The Big Issue itself stands to rake in another
£360,000- per annum in pure profits at least and, of course,
at the cold expense and reduced financial gain of its own
nationwide street vendors scattered far and wide across
the mindless socialist face of the UK. If ever the term
"Champagne Socialism" bore an ugly face, then the movers
and shakers behind The Big Issue come out screaming
like mad at you ... and at its victimized vendors!!!
LSE's Beverly Brittan:
Long-Time Big Issue Buyer.
What The Big Issue has really done is to make-up for its loss of
donations and gifts by now putting the onus on its vendors to help
make-up for its lost profit margins at The Big Issue itself. While at
the same time, the vendors are being screwed out of whatever tiny
profit margin they may make. When the magazine was at retail
$1.40, most vendors got an extra 60p for themselves when cus-
tomers gave them two quid and told them to keep the change.
When the Big Issue then went retail to £1.50 at Xmas before last,
they got then only 50p extra if those same customers gave again
two quid. Now, the most they would make is 45p extra for the
same amount. My tiny profiit margin, like for most of my fellow
Big Issue vendors, is once again reduced due to the 5p per copy
increase. In my case, I will also now be forced to give The Big Issue
an extra £100- to £150- per annum to buy my usual weekly stock.
What that means is that I am forced to pay more, but get less
and less in my own pocket. What it also means for many
vendors is that they'll have less money to buy perhaps
needed food and they will have to spend longer hours on the
streets to meet The Big Issue's latest wholesale price increase.
Does The Big Issue really care? HELL NO!! Its bottom line is
always more money for those at the top and less and less for
those at the bottom that happens to be their
own street vendors.
Over the course of a year, I will automatically lose £100- to £150-
quid in profit because the Big Issue will now get what would have
been profit for me. Usually, I buy 50 copies per week, but because
of poor summer business and with the economy so generally very
poor, I have had to cut back to only 40 copies per week. Sales have
been pretty dicey despite the glowing letters in The Big Issue itself
declaring how some folkz are now buying the magazine for the first
time after seeing the BBC-TV program "Famous, Rich and Homeless."
Yet, I had at least two customers who said they would never buy
The Big Issue again, if it wasn't for me, after watching the same
program! They were disgusted! And, so was I. The rhetoric and
reality of The Big Issue PR spin is spinning out of control even
worse than New Labour's socialistic non-stop pychobabble!
From "The Faces of Homelessness."
By Uncle Monty. Photos By Alex Albion. ~~~
But above all, the latest wholesale price increase by The Big Issue to
its street vendors couldn't have come at the worst time for them nor
could it have picked a worst time during Britain's ongoing economic
downturn that hits the vunerable homeless to almost breaking point.
At the best of times, the majority of vendors are cash-strapped.
What The Big Issue has now done is not only to compound their
poverty situation but to also treat them so callously and curtly.
Beware then of the cosy rhetoric versus the cruel reality
against the homeless by The Big Issue.
The 75p profit for the vendor, when he or she sells a copy of The
Big Issue, is in reality nothing but chicken feed. In order to make say
a lousey £75.00 per week, he or she must now sell at least 100 copies
to the public. That's one hell of a weekly task to achieve for most of my
fellow vendors that I have known on the streets from over the past
4 or so years. Any vendor who says he or she sold 100 copies in say
a day is either living in Cockooland or was damn lucky for a change.
What is needed for such vendors is a sharp increase of profit for
their own pockets and not solely for their ecomonic slave
masters at London's Big Issue HQ at Vauxhall.
The Big Issue needs to be priced and sold at £2.00 per copy
from its present retail price of £1.50. Such would then give the
vendors another 50p profit for themselves and would encourage
vendors to sell more since he or she will rightly make more profit
and money to add to their own pocket and support. The danger,
of course, is the ever-present greed of The Big Issue which might
then want to up the wholesale price yet again because its vendors
are making just alittle bit more money and profit out of such a retail
price increase. All I can say, it's about time for heaven sake's to
give the vendors a break for a change!! Stop exploiting them by
squeezing every last penny from out of The Big Issue vendors.
British Cops Doing Yet Another
"ID" on a London Rough Sleeper.
Britain has now become a nation of hunters
hunting down the imaginary or real hunted.
Home Counties Big Issue Street Vendor.
In my own case as a badged vendor, I will now be forced,
let me repeat myself again, to pay at least another 100 to 150
quid more per annum to buy my usual weekly stock. That is a
loss of 100 to 150 quid in profit for me set against the prevailing
national economic downturn in the UK and the already
declining level of street sales due to low summertide trade and
ever-shifting customer base. While most businesses are cutting
back due to the negative state of the national ecomony, The Big
Issue’s only answer has been to sock it to their own vendors by
increasing the wholesale cost to their already strapped vendors.
This they are doing right at the worst time of the continuing
economic downturn and recession that is hurting the vunerable
vendors even more so than the general public.
I believe one of the real reasons for the lastest wholesale price
increase is to offset, at the vendors' expense, the substantial
drop in corporate and private donations to The Big Issue.
British and American charities across the board have been
hit badly be the ongoing decline of business and private
giving. In Britain, many charities are crying over each
other and their substantial loss of revenues, which in the
past they have recklessly squandered by sheer misman-
agement and outrageous misinvestment. Plus, there are
simply too many charities in England at where almost any
Tom, Dick or Harry can start another charity at the blink
of an eye! While I love all animals, how many dog and cat
charities, for example, do we really need? As for homeless
charities, their function seems to be more in line with keep-
ing their own charity and staff gainfully employed more
than in resolving the pressing issue of ever-increasing
homelessness. The business of homelessness is a growth
enterprise, much like the business of poverty, at where
billions of dollars have been ploughed into poverty
charities and their well-paid activists who seem to
mainly sit pretty while the grimness of poverty
and homelessness seems to be barely touched.
I understand, too, that The Big Issue has cut back on hiring
new staff. It has seen sales reduction of inserts and declining
donations, while the magazine has expanded to 11 full pages of
advertising in its 46-page issue of No. 856. It was in that same
issue, like a bullet to the the vendor's head, which announced
the following: "As of this week Big Issue vendors will buy the
magazine from us for 75p and sell it to you (the customer)
for £1.50, making 75p profit on each copy. This slight in-
crease in the price paid by vendors has been necessary
to cover rising costs and to secure the long-term future of
the services we offer." I see! So at only a "slight" increase
of £360,000 (or over half-million US dollars) in new
profits per annum for The Big Issue? Bollocks!!
The vendor has now been forced to become a gang-
pressed donor or giver, right? You bet! In my own case,
I am now forced to give The Big Issue another 100 to 150
quid more per annum for the mere pleasure of selling its
magazine. That in other words is money and profit taken
from me in the name of absorbing "rising costs and (to)
secure the long-term future of (The Big Issue) services ...,"
so we're flatly informed in the No. 856 issue without any
warning of such until that issue came out a week
ago last Monday.
And, what real services are they talking about? A
twopenny free haircut for vendors at their Vauxhall
H.Q. on a Saturday morning? Or having some young
college kid visiting your pitch to see if you're in need
of something like housing or hostel placement or
opening a bank account? I've yet to fathom out what
actual services The Big Issue really provides other
than alot of fancy rhetoric and clever spin and
even open show biz!!!
London Big Issue Vendor on The Strand.
Also on The Strand is Steve, perhaps unique
as Big Issue vendors go. He entertains his
customers so well at close to the famed
Trafalgar Square almost daily. At Xmas, he
becomes a first class Santa. Bravo, to him!!!

.Then we have above this young lad Michael Otterway at age 12, who stopped by last week at my Long Acre pitch to declare he was a first-time buyer of The Big Issue with his mom beaming at him and me! Obviously a very bright lad and he spoke much like he was a prep schoolboy rather than just some run of the mill British state school ignoramus that are all too common thesedays in today's "Broken New Britain." Welcome to my customer list, Michael!!
Uncle Monty With Two Nice "Nuns."
The Big Issue is oftentimes Back-to-Front, literally.
I may be back to add more comments regarding the ongoing situation of the street vendors now caught up in the latest profit squeeze against them by The Big Issue. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this item I discovered on the internet just yesterday:

:: Open Letter To John Bird of The Big Issue ::
And one last final thought. Why don’t you offer a stake in your (Big Issue) venture to all the homeless people who register to sell you magazine on the streets? That might make them feel that they are part of something big, that they are not alone anymore. And that would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Yours faithfully, Alexander Nekrassov.


Return soon, Uncle Monty. +William Wilberforce, 2oo9.

Historic Images. By Alex Albion.

My love for historic and esoteric photographs
exceeds all of my love for all things of modern
photography. Sometime in the coming future,
I may present a small selection of some of the
rare images that I have collected over the past
few years on my travels here and there.
The above rare historical image of two Russian
sailors of circa 1895 is a photographic gem, aside
from being perhaps rather all too gay for my person-
al taste. Nevertheless, such is a classic photo of the
late 19th century "studio photography" that was
very popular and widespread at that time both
in New America and Old Europe.


:: Welcome To Ugly "Broken New Britain" ::

More than 58,000 English boys phoned the NSPCC charity in 2007/8 with problems ranging from loneliness to violent abuse. Most calls to ChildLine are from girls - but during the past five years the proportion made by boys rose from one in every five to one in every three. Boys are most likely to call about bullying, with 12,568 cases last year. Head of ChildLine Sue Minto said: "Desperate boys call because they feel they have no-one to turn to. It's heartbreaking to hear their stories of rape and violent beatings, often by their parents."

The most common concerns of boys calling in 2007/8:
Bullying, 12,568 calls - Physical abuse, 6,403 calls
Family problems, 6,016 calls - Facts of life, 5,362 calls
Sexual abuse, 4,780 calls - Sexuality, 3,510 calls
Loneliness, 1,817 calls - Rape, 1,803 calls

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Westminster Abbey Garden Party Helps Homeless. By Uncle Monty.

Westminster Abbey Garden
Party Helps Homeless.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Garden Party Photos
By Alex Albion.
For a thousand years, countless thousands of good
folks from many nations have come together at the
private college garden of England’s world famous
Westminster Abbey. Yet today, only a very tiny trickle
of folks actually get the invited chance to spend an
evening at the abbey’s college garden like I did just
yesterday to the swanky garden party that was held
there to raise much needed and well-deserved funds
for “The Passage.” Such is London’s well-known
and goodly homeless day centre for innumerable
homeless man and woman that seek its constructive
help, its good food, and its most practical, and even
pastoral, open care. At “The Passage,” it is indeed a
'passage' for many of the homeless off the streets
to getting a job again and to find shelter over their
wounded heads from their life’s wary ways and the
ever-present social stigma of homelessness
and raw rejection.
They came then did 600 supporters of "The Passage" at
paying £25.00 per happy head to enter the Westminster
Abbey swanky garden party that also saw me there!!
The Duncan Sandys.
Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Westminster.
Middle-aged women out numbered men.
Some of the professional woman dressed almost
like they were at Royal Ascot and I saw hardly
any "soccer moms" at the garden party for sure.
With their particular sound of making music, the
16-member British Salvation Army Band did
their Christian part in supporting the home-
less fund raiser for "The Passage" by simply
playing their drums, trumpets, and haunting
French horns. Priests, nuns, and Anglican clerics
played their part, too, by their religious presence
at the abbey college garden that provides an
excellent recreational spot for daily use by the
nearby preppies at The Westminster School,
which goes back centuries in giving toff education
to many of the English social elite much like those
at such other renowned British public or prep
schools has are found at Eton, Rugby, and Harrow.
Mich Clarke, CEO, The Passage.
While at the garden party, I personally encountered
quite a variety of quite different people such as Rev'd
Monsignor Vladimir Felzman, Audrey Evans, CEO,
of Sans Frontiere; Mich Clarke, CEO, The Passage;
Kate Maree, retired, H.M. Crown Court stenographer
and former homeless volunteer; Tony Platt, Senior
Honourary Steward at Westminster Abbey; Hon.
Claire Higginbottom, Dr. David Davenport, The
Abbey Rev'd Canon Robert P. Reiss (shown below
with your's truly); The Rev'd Canon Jane Hedges,
and Councillor Duncan and Mrs. Mary Sandys
(shown above) in their illustrious role as Lord
Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Westminster.
Rev'd Monsignor Vladimir Felzmann.
Each of the above-named people I not only spent
time chatting with, but did also photograph al-
most each and every one of them upfront. Bravo!
And they all had one thing in common: They have
either directly or indirectly done whatever they
can to help the homeless of London. Bravo, again!!
The 16-Member British Salvation Army Band.
Kate Maree, Ex-H.M. Crown Court.
American-Born Mary Brown.
The Mayoress of Westminster.
Westminster Abbey Minor
Canon Rev'd Jane Hedges.
Uncle Monty with Westminster Abbey
Minor Canon Rev'd Robert P. Reiss.
Inside The Private College Garden.
A summer evening with such 600 supporters
of "The Passage" showed me how powerful the
big issue of homelessness is to those many guests
I met at the garden party. I was pretty impressed
by their presence and especially after talking with
many of them about their desire and dedication
in helping the homeless in the best way they can.
Some of them have devoted a lifetime of human
service and friendship to the marginalised and
excluded people of London and elsewhere. Yet
none of them have seeked a pat on the back nor
a medal of honour nor any pubic recognition for
the good they have already done and they will
continue to do so no matter what at where ever
they are called to serve Christ's others. Without
them, the grim picture of homelessness would
be even grimmer in today's urban jungle of En-
land. But one thing money cannot buy is the
open mind and living spirit to do good works
for our less fortune humankind. The West-
minster Abbey Garden Party was a perfect
example of such good people despite all the
depressing news for those other folkz who
have been shoved aside to make way for to-
day's utterly materialistic and avaricious society
that now gobbles up the Soul of England every
day and much of the western world of
globalization with it ... and the oftentimes
ignored stark reality of global homelessness
of millions of folkz around the human globe.
The 2009 "A Night Under the Stars" concert is on
Friday, 27 November at The Royal Festival Hall from
7.30pm for "The Passage" Day Centre, which saw last
year's concert raise $80,000- to help the homeless.
The Day Centre's Founding Patron was His Eminence,
the late Cardinal Basil Hume of Great Britain.
Squeezing Every Last Penny From
Out of The Big Issue Vendors.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Five English pence won't even buy you
peanuts!! But, when the wholesale price of
The Big Issue was increased to its vendors by
5p per copy last Monday the amount of gain
and sheer profit by The Big Issue is staggering
and almost mind-boggling no matter if such
harms whatever its own street vendors may
otherwise make for themselves.
At that 5p increase per copy at a 149,000 weekly
circulation at say 50 weeks, The Big Issue itself
stands to rake in another £360,000- per annum
in pure profits at least and, of course, at the cold

expense and reduced financial gain of its own nation-
wide street vendors scattered far and wide across
the mindless socialist face of the UK. If ever the
term "Champagne Socialism" bore an ugly face,
then the movers and shakers behind The Big
Issue come out screaming like mad at you ...
and at its victimized vendors!!!
Read more of my upcoming full story soon on The
Big Issue after now completing herein my brief story
on "The Passage" from yesterday's great garden
party that took place to solely help the homeless
and didn't seek to make any financial profit
or gain out of them, not like some folkz
we know from elsewhere ...
Do good deeds everyone, Uncle Monty.
+St. Bridget, 2oo9.
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An Anglican Gathering of the Chelmsford Kind. By Uncle Monty.

An Anglican Gathering of the Chelmsford Kind.
Story By Uncle Monty.
Chelmsford Photos By Alex Albion.
Just for one moment, I almost expected the Archbishop
of Canterbury himself to arrive at Chelmsford Cathedral
to officiate at the uncommon Farewell Service to retiring
Bishop John Gladwin that included perhaps 750 well-wishers
and official dignitaries all gathered together for the beloved
Anglican bishop and his equally beloved wife Lydia.
Over many years as an avid Anglican, I have attended many
and varied Anglican events all around the world, but never
before had I atttended such a rare "Farewell Service" of the
Chelsmford kind that I personally witnessed to her own
retiring bishop. It was a sheer joy to feel at home at the
cathedral and even more of a joy to witness The Introduction,
The Gathering, The Liturgy of the Word, The Address, The
Tributes, and The Prayers of Intercession, that saw for me
the best that is today’s Historic Anglicanism
at the Diocese of Chelmsford.
Lord John Petre of Ingatestone.
The Queen's Personal Representative.
And, never before had I seen dozens of so many mayors and
mayoress all gathered together all at one time inside and out-
side the old cathedral with a rounded retinue of dressed bishops
and clergy of every kind participating in the unusual Farewell
Service to Bishop John Gladwin and his wife Lydia. There was a
sense of gladness and joy for The Gladwins that overshadowed
any public expessions of sadness of their impending departure.
Indeed the service was a celebration of them, not a monotonous
ritual of retirement words and dullrums. No sir, it was not!
Before being translated to Chelmsford, Bishop John had also
been the popular presiding Anglican Bishop of Guildford.
At Least Five Bishops or Clergy.
Among those paying tribute to the retiring Anglican bishop
was the Catholic Bishop of Brentwood, His Excellency, Thomas
McMahon, along with the open heartedness of Lord John
Petre, The Queen's Personal Representative, at the Fare-
well Service. His Lordship was most affable and I was
pleased not only to chat with him about his role as one of
Queen Elizabeth's Lord Lieutenants, but also for me to
portray him thru my camera lens at where he gladly let
me position him to allow me to freely get the kind of photo-
graphs I want to take of him. See the above photo/graphic
of Lord John, who by profession is a landed farmer at the
Ingatestone family estate. Without any trace of pompous-
ness, he was a delight to me to personally meet. In his
tribute, he brought the house down with gleeful laughter
of the things he said of the beloved Bishop John and his
fond wife Lydia. It was all fun and harmless that only
Lord Petre could have presented so informally, yet
so skillfully and so honestly, like he did.
The Rt. Rev'd Christopher Heudebourck Morgan,
The 12th Anglican Bishop of Colchester.

Among the half dozen bishops present, I met the bishops of Colchester (seen above), of Kenya, of Dorking, and of Chelmsford, and photographed them all individually. And while talking
of bishops and the call for the reduction of Anglican Sees in the United Kingdom, I do think that there are too many bishops prancing around at great cost to the Church that needs to come to end by natural attrition of retirement or death of such bishops at those shallow dioceses that are costing more than they are worth to keep. Then we have bloody New Labour who seem to always want to create a mess of one kind or another like their latest assault against the tradition and history of the English Church. They want to yank out of The House of Lords the historic presence of the bishops of the Anglican Church of England. How any of the English clergy or laity could actively support New Labour is beyond me. They are a grave and vulpine threat to everything the Church represents is the British Labour Party, which for the most part is almost totally anti-Church, yet bends over backwards to accommodate such foreign beliefs like Islam. While in America, American Anglicans of The Episcopal Church seem intent on going their own way on gay clergy and same-sex "marriages" and to hell with the Anglican Communion that seems now to be in tatters and despair under the weakening leadership of the present Archbishop of Canterbury, His Grace, The Most Rev'd Rowan Douglas Williams. We need as worldwide Anglicans to get back to the basics of our faith and stop spending all our energies on the devisive issues of homosexuality, demands for female English bishops, expanding women clergy roles, and the further politicalization of the Church of England like banning clergy membership in the British National Party (BNP). The Church has no business dictating whatever political membership such clergy may privately hold. No wonder we see the rise of the Confessing Anglicans and GAFCON helping to provide "a home away from home" for the many disillusioned and/or traditional Anglicans both at home and abroad. I think eventually, the worldwide Anglican Communion will just disintegrate before our very eyes and then wonder why we could not save it from its final demise as liberal and conservative Anglicans pack their own bags and forever shun each other like Philistines and without any further Communion together or open communication. How truly sad!! Oh, I think the last time I saw Bishop John Gladwin was perhaps at last year’s Lambeth Conference that saw me disbarred by the hideous and mechanical press officer John Carter because he didn’t want an Anglican blogger like me to be freely admitted to report openly on the conference. It only takes one foul Anglican bureaucrat to spoil everything like Rev’d John Carter did. We’ve got nothing good to say about him! Last we heard, he was otherwise still working up at Harrogate at the Ripon and Leeds Diocese as its press communications officer. Well, I still say go to hell, Mr. Carter!!

+^ Not Quite The Queen! Gentleman Almost
Stooping to the Chairwoman of Harlow.
Now back to the Farewell Service to the good
bishop and his wife at Chelmsford Cathedral ...

Duke Ellington's "Reflection in D" and "O When The Saints Go Marching In ..." reverberated throughout the cathedral with dignity and harmony. The Rite of Penitence, The Bidding Prayer, The Readings, The Anthems, The Hymns, and Te Deum Laudamus, had all been duly heard by us all. Best of all was Charles Wesley's quintessentially-English hymn of "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling." Many of those present knew the words of the Wesley hymn off by heart much like I do. "An Anglican Gathering of the Chelmsford Kind," was like one of kind, just like the Farewell Service itself was to the much loved John and Lydia Gladwin.

After The Dismissal, The Cathedral Reception then followed that saw the gathering then gathered in their hundreds to share their presence among each others and whether they were Anglican or not. Light refreshments filled dozens of long tables for all the hungry guests. Then, bishops chatted bishops. Mayors chatted mayors. Dignitaries chatted dignitaries. And, lay folk chatted lay folk. Nobody seemed to want to go home as Saturday afternoon had now turned into a summer Saturday evening after more than three hours with each other. During that time, I had chatted to many different people that also included George Pullman, Q.C., Chancellor of the Chelmsford Diocese (shown below), and Dr. Daleep Mukarji, Secretary General of Christian Aid.

^ George Pullman, Q.C.
The Chancellor of the Diocese of Chelmsford.


^ The Rt. Rev'd Dr. Laurie Alexander Green, Anglican Bishop of Bradwell.

^ Some of the dozens of mayors at the Anglican Gathering.
+^ Labour Mayor of Dagenham.

Chelmsford Cathedral.

Here now at Colchester is where I and dear Elizabeth Middleton have ventured from Chelmsford to spend the whole weekend travelling here and there and attending, among other things, the above-mentioned Farewell Service. We've now also been to Colchester's lovely Upper Castle Park and to the historic 12th Century Anglo-Saxon ruins of St. Botolph's Priory. But that's another story, perhaps. Whatever, we leave you now after having been at an Anglican gathering of the Chelmsford kind and we're most happy we did. Our good wishes to Bishop John and Lydia Galdwin for you are both surely the most beloved true Anglicans we have ever encountered for quite sometime ... Kind regards and a blessed retirement for you after having served the Mother Church so well, indeed!!

With kind respect, Uncle Monty.
+Apostle to the Indies, Bartolomé de les Casas, 2oo9.

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His Only Grant Was To Grant Them No Freedom. By Uncle Monty.

His Only Grant Was To
Grant Them No Freedom.
By Uncle Monty.
Highlighting The Vile Case Last Week of the British Crown
Court Against Free Speech Under The Savage And Vicious
Sentence of Circuit Court Judge Rodney Grant At Leeds
Crown Court Against Two Who Dared To State Their
Unpopular And Provocative Far-Right Political
Views on The Internet.
New Labour’s socialist ideologue Harriet Harman, in her
named some 25 North Eastern British Circuit judges has being
licensed to try criminal cases of rape and other serious sexual off-
ences. Among those listed of four years ago, was a Judge Rodney
Grant, whose nasty name last week hit the world newspapers
and internet big time not for any just sentence against those
who had committed rape, but rather for his unjust anti-free
speech judgement against two British fellows called
Simon Sheppard, 51, and Stephen Whittle, 42.
Sheppard and Whittle have now become the first in Britain to
be convicted of inciting racial hatred online. The men printed
leaflets and controlled websites featuring racist material. Now
read support material of them at the heretical website:
Two men jailed for online racial hatred campaign
after landmark ruling. By Jon Land.
Grant's savage and vicious sentences of almost 5 years
imprisonment for Sheppard and almost 2½ years for Whittle
was loudly hailed as a British landmark race-hate case that was
happily handclapped by many New Labour liberals and their
radical leftist sympathizers. In my view, the pair were "legally"
court raped by judicial degree because of their anti-left views
and beliefs. If ever there was a political court trial, then Judge
Rodney Grant sounded more like New Labour's Harriet
Harman than an impartial British Circuit judge when
he passed his savage and vicious sentence
on the far-rightwing pair.
:: 6 Versions ::
Uncle Monty declares:
Out of their earlier race hate court convictions,
Sheppard and Whittle then fled to California to seek
political asylum in America. For any native Englishman
to feel the need to seek asylum from their own country,
tells us how bad things have really gotten for those who
oppose New Labour's political tyranny and their forced
imposition of their dreadful multicultural and multiracial
society that now sees England like a modern hellhole
of the world's unwanted human scum now imposed
forever by New Labour against the true wishes of
the British people and their own true homeland.
A UK Far Rightist.

We, in Broken New Britain, have now become no better than China, Russia, or Iran that seeks out their own citizens to criminalise and then detain them for their political and social views. Under the guise of so-called "race hate" laws, like the ones that saw Sheppard and Whittle unjustly and legally crucified by British Judge Rodney Grant at his Leeds Crown Court, the right of free speech is chillingly suppressed or severely curtailed by leftist lawmakers and leftist judges against those who would dare to write and speak differently to them. "But they incited hate against blacks and foreigners in England today," so the arguement goes for justifying such modern British laws and cruel sentences against race haters! Really? Cannot I, as a born Englishman, oppose all that I see that is inimical to my own country and her future as a British nation? Well, NO!! If you do, you can be branded and identified as a racist or a bigot or a Nazi or a Fascist, even though I am not one!! I simply oppose what I see and it matters nothing to me if such masses of immigrants are black, white, pink or blue. What matters to me is their overwhelming numbers that New Labour has almost criminally-imposed on the country that sees now over 2.2 million Africans alone invading the country freely due entirely to the ilk of Blair and Brown and their New Labour henchmen with absolute contempt against all who oppose their mass immigration policy. They are what I call "Mass Immigrationists," who have destroyed everything in their wake to achieve their own political ends at the expense of the true British people. Our courts, our prisons, our hospitals, our housing, our streets, our communities, our street gangs, our schools, our transportation, our workplace, our benefit rolls, our crime rates, and our declining society are now overwhelmingly crushed and dominated by the sheer numbers of millions of immgrants and foreigners now granted entrance to the United Kingdom by the law-unto-themselves British Labour Party. They are now the true enemy of Old Albion!!

My question is: If such white and black British Labourites, like Bambie Blair and Jackass Brown, love Africa so much, why don’t they move there? Why do they insist on forcing their love for Africans and Africa and their mass immigration agenda on the native British? Because they know they can get away with it like they have for the past 12 years in power. I utterly detest all that New Labour has done to destroy the England that I once knew. I will never, ever, forgive them. They’re simply leftwing political bastards of the worst kind ... I think.
In the meantime, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle will languish for years inside the overcrowded immigrant and foreigner-filled British prisons because of their political opinions. While those who commit serious street crimes and are oftentimes a danger to society are given soft sentences or released early by New Labour to make space for more political prisoners like Simon and Stephen who are now branded as "criminals" in what is now the rise of The International Socialist State of Great Britain (ISSGB). And so, Rodney Grant is part of that tyranny of ISSGB that works sickeningly against all freedom loving men and women in the world of England today.
Therefore, his only grant was to grant them no freedom. That he did to his utter shame and disgraceful name.

"Cocking a snook at British justice" or aka Rodney Grant.

The neo-Nazi 'asylum seekers' By Jon Kelly. The BBC. Nhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8010537.stm

British "Justice" Upside Down. ::
Truly vexed, Uncle Monty. +St. Swithin's.


Summer Flowers of England. Flower Photos By Alex Albion.

Summer Flowers of England.
Flower Photos By Alex Albion.
Story Text By Uncle Monty.
Flowers are closely intertwined with human
life. Where there are no flowers, life can be
quite unpretty and pretty drab, too. Human
ocassions like weddings, Valantines, burials,
Church Services, and Moms' Birthdays, are all
enchanced by the presence of lovely flowers or
nice plants. The worldwide floral industry
stretches into billions of dollars profit each
year. Best of all, flowers are more or less
available at all times and at all seasons of
the year. So if you want to send a bouquet,
either say in mid-winter or mid-summer,
you can. Though such bouquets are no longer
cheap to buy or to send like they once were.
Some flowers can be darn right expense, too,
like rare orchidaceous -orchid for example
that can fetch several hundreds of dollars
per stem.
At Canterbury. The Compass Rose, no less!
I’m sorry to say, but I don’t know the correct
or proper names of many of the summer flowers
and plants that I’ve photographed here over the
past 45 or so days. But that doesn’t distract one
bit from the sheer beauty of many such flowers
and plants. And that’s the reason why I wanted
to share such beauty with you, my many blog
readers from around the world. Looking at these
flowers and plants of England brings joy to our life
in their creation, their shape, their colour and their
delicate texture that no man can truly replicate
without the seed or the combination of rain, sun-
light, and summer days. All too often, modern
human being don’t stop to ever smell the roses
or even stop to look closely at what is free to
see as we walk down the street and marvel at
the wonder of such growing and glowing things
that are sometimes only very momentary and
then gone completely long before the dreary
days of winter’s cold shoulder and its bleakness.
Unless they’re evergreens, we don’t see them
again until next springtide and summertide.
But we could well be dead by then, so look and
enjoy them while you can like I do for it
could well be the last time you do or can.
At Elephant and Castle.

I might add that while I do not know the proper names of many flowers and plants that I have photographed at this summertide, I do know at least the common names of such popular flowers and plants as roses, lillies, pansies, carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, daffodils, and azaleas. When we start getting into the science of flowers and horticulture I soon become lost in their scientific appellation and Latin signatures. Such are for professional gardeners and flower growers, but not for folks like me that couldn't even run an amateur garden plot at this point. That nevertheless is no bar to enjoying and appreciating flowers and plants of every kind no matter where they're from. The photos here of the flowers I present are also listed by the places I saw of them at in and around London or geographically not that far from the British capital like at Benjamin Disraeli's Beaconsfield and at the small seaside town of Margate.
At Ilford. ~~~
At Epping Forest.

At Margate.


At Beaconsfield.~~~
At Lewisham. ~~~
At the various places I trudged, I made a point of re-
cording some of the flowers and plants that caught my
eye for this short piece "Summer Flowers of England,"
which only covers a speck of all the various growing
things of the English summertide, 2oo9. My flower
intention here is to be simply light and fluffy
for a change ... Hope you like!!!
Summer cheers, Uncle Monty.
+Sea Sunday, 2oo9.

Dear Ida Negri. Head Housekeeper, at
The Royal Masonic Hall, for 30 years!!

Lovely Louisa Dunnigan, 19, daughter
of Professor of Film Brian Dunnigan.
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$50,000 Nike Fund Calling All Filmmakers. Edited By Uncle Monty.

$50,000 Nike Fund Calling All Filmmakers.
Homeless World Cup News Release.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Caption Graphic By Alex Albion.
"Nike and The Homeless World Cup are offering a
$50,000 fund to produce a short film (5 minutes, no more
than 10 minutes) capturing the Spirit, Unity, Victory of The
Milan 2009 Homeless World Cup. This is from 6-13 September,
2009, at Arena Civica, at Milan's Sempione Park, at the heart
of one of the most football-crazed cities in the world. "
"The Milan film may be used for broadcast, digital channels and
public screenings. Submit your treatment (using the manda-
to Milanfilm@homelessworldcup.org by midnight GMT,
31 July, 2009, for a chance to win the opportunity."
Filmmakers At Their Very Best.
"The Homeless World Cup is an annual, world-class international
football tournament energizing people who are homeless with the
opportunity to change their lives. Players wear their shirt for their
country, stand proud and over 70% change significantly by coming
off drugs or alcohol, moving into homes, finding jobs, resuming their
education, or becoming coaches, football players, leaders in their
communities, or social entrepreneurs. The Homeless World Cup
has triggered and supports grassroots football projects in over 70
nations working with over 100,000 players since the first Graz
2003 Homeless World Cup. Founded by world-leading social
entrepreneur Mel Young, the Homeless World Cup partners
and supporters include UEFA, Nike, Vodafone Foundation,
Inter Milan, Italian Football Federation, Global Ambassador
Eric Cantona and international footballers Didier Drogba,
Rio Ferdinand, Marcel Desailly and Emmanuel Petit."
The Film Reel.
'We’re looking for a film that will bring those who don’t know
about the Homeless World Cup immediately into the energy,
action and force of change. In telling the story of the Homeless
World Cup we want you to capture the real issues and real
changes in a fun, energetic way. As they step away, people
should feel the truth of this quote from a Homeless World
Cup player, “We destroyed the stereotype. We were cool.”'
"Nike and Homeless World Cup will judge the submissions
based on creativity, storytelling inventiveness, as well as,
practicality, sensitivity and timing. The judges’ decisions shall
be final. Submissions should include outline script, storyboard,
music suggestions, requirements for access to Homeless World
Cup teams and players, access to the event itself, travel
arrangements, timing, examples of previous work and
filmmaking team bios."
Calling All Filmmakers ...
Submissions must include the official entry form, or they will
not be considered. The film and b-roll will remain the property
of the filmmakers while Nike and the Homeless World Cup will
retain the rights to use the film across all media in perpetuity.
The finished film must be delivered in English 30 days following
the Milan 2009 Homeless World Cup Final Championship match.
For the official Entry Form and Rules, Terms and Conditions go to
For more information please contact: Kat Byles,
Communications & Event Director, Homeless World Cup.
Tel: +44 (0)7901 701 334
Edited By Uncle Monty +Eve of St. Benedict, 2oo9.
- Just for the public record, this latest post is the 300th
posting to date on my little blog thebiggerissue.org.
And, yes, perhaps more than a quarter of million words
have now been written. Along with over 1,000 of my own
photographs. I also want to make it not just another blog
per se, but rather a top "megablog," sooner rather than
later. I now receive, too, over a 1,000 private and public
e-mails per month from people and organizations from
around the world due entirely to my writings, stories,
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