Life & Death of Rita & Arthur Bixby.
By Uncle Monty.
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Their deaths, the week before last, grieves me. Their political and
religious views fascinated me.  Their forthright honesty and integreity
appealed to me. Their anti-government and anti-tax stand made me
think out loud. Their lengthy sentences of imprisonment distressed
me. And, the hideous imposition of the death penalty on their son
 truly disturbs me.
Such was the American life and death of Rita and Arthur
Bixby of Abbeville, South Carolina, who I have never
forgotten from my wonderful New Hampshire days of 1968
 to 1982. I knew them there from the years when they lived at
Warren, NH, after first meeting them in 1976/77. Their son
 Steven, now sitting on Death Row for killing two cops in
 South Carolina, and at where the Bixby Family had moved
 to in the early 1990's from NH, was such a truly nice little
 lad when I knew him and his disabled brother Danny with
their mom Rita and dad Arthur of so many years ago. Yet,
 it seems like only yesterday that I knew them so well.
Dear Rita died the week before last at age 79 - just one
day after the 10th Anniversary of America's 9/11 - while
serving a life sentences for being an accessory to the
ambush that killed two South Carolina copz  by her very
own son, Steven Bixby, now age 44. Dear Arthur
Bixby, at age 82, died exactly one week before his be-
loved Rita did. Arthur had earlier been committed to
a SC mental hospital and was suffering badly from
dementia. The court had ruled he was unfit to stand
trial and was separated from his wife Rita and they
were never to see each other again due to the cruel
and crude South Carolina "criminal justice system."
At the death of his fond parents, the State of
Carolina again showed its utter cruelty by deny-
ing Steven Bixby his moral, religious and spiritual
 right to attend the funeral of his mom and dad. He
sits now on Death Row awaiting to be executed
American-style! Hideous and barbaric are the
Dixies ... They must have their pound of flesh!
Rita Bixby As I Then Knew Her In Late
 1970's & Early 1980's At Warren, NH.
To me, Rita and Arthur Bixby were the salt of the earth and 
were just good old fashioned people and true patriots and
devoutly Latin Rite Catholics and strongly anti-US govern-
ment in every shape and form. Along with them being in the
 early 1980's strongly anti-Jew, anti-negro, anti-homosexual,
 anti-abortion, anti-liberal, anti-media, anti-cop, anti-judiciary,
and anti-porn. The Bixbys found little it seems that
satisfied their long hunger and deep yearning for the America
that they once loved.  Rita and Arthur were reared in dirt
poverty as poor children in the Deep Depression of the
American 1930's. At some stage in their youth and adulthood,
 they became distrustful, hostile, and disillustioned toward
their own government to the point of almost taking up arms
 against it. As the years went by since I knew them, The
Bixbys obviously become more enmeshed and
radicalized in their extreme right and militia views that
culminated and ended in a decisive standoff and massive
day-long gun battle between them and the rip-roaring
cops at Abbeville, South Carolina, in 2003.
Such had initially stemmed from a land dispute with the State
of South Carolina that claimed 10 feet of the Bixby's land to
widened the local Abbeville highway. Ever distrustful of the
government in any form, the Bixbys refused to accept the
government's explanation that they (The State) had a right
 to take their land even without any kind of compensation!!
The Bixbys were naturally livid and the State of Carolina
was arrogant and savage toward them from
 beginning to end.
So, when the first cop came to the Bixby home with-
 out a warrant or proper legal court documents against
them, Steven Bixby then shot him dead and when the
 second one came to check on the first one, Steven also
 shot him dead right then and there. All law enforcement
 hell soon broke out at Abbeville with big-headed SWAT
teams and swift police helicopters converging, stalking and
surrounding the Bixbys rustic homestead in a show of
state force and  fire power that would put even
Vietnam and Iraq to shame.  It was like O.K. Corral
and so typically like an American police overkill to
shoot first and ask questions later. It also now looks
like the Abbeville deputy sheriffs provoked The Bixbys
just for the hell of it.  Such deputies are known to
create confrontations instead of reducing them. I've
seen it happen in America on several occasions in
which the cops are basically a law unto themselves be
they Fed, State, City or County copz. It always amazed
me to find how many so-called "law enforcement"
 folkz were themselves the most lawless and
seemingly above the law. It's the old question:
Who guards the guards?
After eventually being wounded by the non-stop volley
of thousands of police bullets, Arthur Bixby reluctantly
surrendered with his son Steven at the close of the
stiff standoff and the day-long hot gun battle between
them and the South Carolina ever-armed robocopz.
 Rita Bixby wasn't there, but was nevertheless convicted
of being an accessory to murder of the two cops. She was
convicted at age 75 and the brutal SC state prosecutors
even wanted at one point to have the death penalty im-
posed on her. How wicked and how savage of them!!.
Above: Dear Rita Bixby At Age 75 Inside SC
Courtroom That Sentenced Her To A Savage Life
Sentence! The Brutality of  American Judges Is
Shown Everyday Inside Their Courtrooms of 
 America  From Sea to Shining Sea.
All of the above was extraordinary and was all news 
to  me when I first discovered only last week all about
Abbeville and The Bixbys after I'd done by sheer chance
a casual Google search for Rita and Arthur after just
wondering what may have happened to them. I never
thought for a moment I'd find much about them on the
internet. But I was dead wrong and was soon shooked
 to read all about them with lots of internet news stories
and features about Rita and Arthur and Steven. I couldn't
have timed my search at any better, and at any sadder,
 time for me. As I read about Abbeville and to see the
photographs of them just flooded my mind of my fond
memories of them. It was, has I said before, just like
 yesterday that I first knew them, instead of 30
 long years before. I never forget my friends nor
my enemies no matter how long or short ago. Thus,
Rita and Arthur I considered to be my friends of old.
The Extraordinary Story of Abbeville & The
Bixbys Is Cogently Presented by Wikipedia:
COLUMBIA, S.C.—Rita Bixby, who was serving a life sentence
 for planning a 2003. Convicted mom of death row inmate dies in
prison. By Seanna Adcox, Associated Press / September 12, 2011.
Steven Bixby, 44.
Steven Bixby's Death Sentence Upheld.
Steven Bixby told reporters in the courtroom that he is a true
American, "I love this country. I just can't stand the bastards
in it." He says he shot Deputy Danny Wilson because the
officer forced his way into his home,  "Why did I do it?
 We didn't do it. They started it, and, if we can't be any
freer than that in this country, I would just as soon die ...
A sheriff kicking the door in just cause he had it slammed
in his face? He didn't have a warrant." 
Source: WISTV.Com/Dec. 2oo3.
"[The Bixbys] were deemed so threatening she was given round-
the-clock security. In the early 1980s, Steven, Rita and Arthur
 Bixby posted signs in Warren, NH, demanding that then-Superior
Court Judge Linda Dalianis get out of town," cites one report.
Earlier, Linda Dalianis had sent Arthur Bixby unjustly to prison
for "contempt of court." Oftentimes, such judges like her use
 contempt of court proceeding not because the person was
 actually in contempt of the court itself, but rather in personal
contempt of the judge like Arthur Bixby was of Linda Dalianis.
 She's now a big whig at the NH Supreme Court. I don't remem-
ber seeing the anti-Dalianis signs at The Bixbys. But Steven
must have been only 14 or 15 years old at that time, so if he
 posted such signs it was to help his mom and dad, primarily.

The Abbeville Horror
A 'Patriot' shootout kills two officers, shatters the peace
of an Old South town and raises questions about an
extremist past — and present. By Bob Moser.
Intelligence Report, Spring 2004, Issue Number: 113.
2003 Abbeville Right-of-Way Standoff
"On December 8, 2003, in a 14-hour standoff that stemmed
 from a land-survey dispute, two Abbeville lawmen were gun-
ned down by West Abbeville resident Steven Bixby. This siege
 has been compared by both sympathizers of the Bixbys and law
 enforcement agents to the events of Waco and Ruby Ridge.
In February 2007, Steven Bixby was convicted on 17 counts
including the two murders, as well as lesser charges of
 kidnapping and conspiracy. He was given two death sentences
for the murders plus 125 years in prison on the other charges."
Source: Wikipedia's Abbeville, SC.
Just a couple more personal recollections of Rita
Bixby's outspoken comments to me: When she
 discovered that the well-known local doctor was gay,
she was horrified that the same doctor had examined
her own boys. She said that if she ever got hold of him,
she'd have Arthur kill him!! The same doctor - now in his
 mid-80's - and who plays Sunday organ at the nearest
 Episcopal Church at Lisbon, NH, is a close friend, I
have learned, of the notorious first openly gay Episcopal
Bishop of New Hampshire - V. Gene Robinson, who
I first met at the Hay Literary Festival in mid-Wales
of all places!! Even Jimmy & Roselynn Carter
sat there to hear Robinson's gay lecture!
Rita Bixby also rallied against what she then called
"priestly child molesters" in the late 70's and decades
before the damaging issue of Pedophile Priests in the
Holy Catholic Church was to hit the media headlines
 in America, Ireland, and elsewhere by the mid-90's.
 She was the first person to ever raise and mention
such an issue to me of so many years ago.
On another occasion, Rita said that if the FBI ever
came to harm them, that they were prepared to de-
fend themselves armed and without hesitation. I never
saw any weapons myself at the Bixby NH  homestead,
but I was sure they had plenty there.  I was no threat
to them and they were no threat to me - period.
Another cause that Rita Bixby stood firm against
was NH state laws that then prohibited parents from
 home schooling of their own kidz. Rita described
state schools as "satanic" and "demonic." After yet
another legal battle with the NH state or Grafton
County, Rita and Arthur won the right to home
 school their sons Steven and disabled Danny.
But it was Rita's religious views that caught my
attention the most back then in those New Hampshire
 days of our's. As a Protestant and Anglican myself,
Rita Bixby argued against me as a devout Latin Rite
 Catholic and she would always say that she needed to
be "Protestant to stay truly Catholic." She rejected all
the appendage and reform of Vatican II.  I admired
 Rita's deeply held religious convictions as I did her 
strong and uncompromising political views that she
 held against the US Government. What she must have
 thought at the election of the first African American to
the Oval Office must have been rudely anti-Obama.
After Rita and Arthur and Steven Bixby, my thoughts
now are with disabled Danny Bixby knowing he is
now all alone with his mom and dad having now
 gone and the real possibility that his only brother
Steven will be executed on South Carolina
 Death Row.  Poor Danny, pray for him!
Truly saddened, Uncle Monty.
+St. Cyprian (BCP), 2011.
:: Story Update ::
"Dear Blogger Uncle Monty, Being an apologist for
 your one time friends the Bixbys does not reduce 
the gravity of the crimes they committed of almost
 8 years ago. Steven Bixby stands to be executed
for two cold-blooded murders that his extreme
 political rhetoric cannot justify or help to wash
 away. I also found no words in your post that 
condemned the Bixbys like that should be for
what they did against the Abbeville families and
community. It was a revengeful day of their own 
political rage and defiant criminality. That isn't
to say that I was not touched by your unusual
 and sensitive story. I was."
Vance Dolittle. Baltimore, MD. USofA.
1 Oct, 2011.
Mr. Tideman In Defense of The Bixbys.
"(Cop) Wilson, who was sent as a mediator" ! ? Oh really?
The way I read it is that the C.O.P.: Chief of Police told his
officers NOT to go there but that they like went to rattle the
gorilla's cage in a zoo. What did they expect? Non-force to
 meet force when they forced themselves past the NO
TRESPASSING signs!? PLUS of to tear down a fence!
 All in a state where there is NO right or power of "trespass to
 try title" of a R.O.W./ Right of Way. Isn't there a legal maxim
 of the right to use force against force? A re-action for the initial
 attack of an action. The officer going for his gun to do what?
Just point it but not pull the trigger!? Who are you kidding!?
9/14/2011 5:32 PM EDT.
By the way, Rita Bixby's birthday fell on August 4th,
 just like that of the late British Queen Mother's.
Of the 77 Death Row Inmates Shown To Be Doomed
 To Be Executed In Texas Alone, Hundreds More Await
The Same Fate Both In Texas & Across The USA. If
George W. Bush was pro-execution, then the present Texas
governor Rick Perry is an inhuman monster for the death
penalty having already ordered the execution of almost
250 people in the State of Texas. And, this is same guy Perry
who is running for The Oval Office. And you know what,
murderous America could well vote him in ... although the
 latest US straw poll shows him to be a loser for now. Hope-
fully, he'll go on losing from here on out ... Good riddance!
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SANJAV: His Telling Interview of
Behind-The-Scenes At The Big Issue.
By Tom Yomogi Yuri.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
US-Made AMRV Truck Now Used By British
 Police. Costs Over $200,000 Each. Weighs 7 Tons.
Coming Soon To Where You Live. Saw This "Jankel
Guardian" Last Week Near London's Elephant &
Castle. And, What is The DVR Police? Never Heard
of Such Police Before Inside The UK! Whatever,
Ever Step Now Taken Is Seeing The Militarization
of the British Civilian Police to the point of no return.
And, They're Becoming Clones of US Robocopz!!
AMRV Truck Photo By Alex Albion.

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National Day of Prayer 2011
At Wembley Stadium, UK.
By Uncle Monty.
NDP Photos By Alex Albion.
Caption Photo By Gary Day.
White Evangelical Protestants, Black Born-Again
Christians, and Foreign Charismatic Believers all
mingled happily together among the crowd of
thousands of folks from a round the country at
 the 2011 National Day of Prayer (NDP), which
was held the day before yesterday at The Great
 Hall of England's famed Wembley Stadium.
Pricey tickets of 25 quid provided for a morning
cuppa and mid-day lunch, plus a glossy programme
guide and a grey rubber wristband saying: "CARRY
THE TOUCH ~ Thy Kingdom Come." The 7-hour
 NDP was robust with prayers, Christian songs and
strong talks by a variety of well known Christian per-
sonalities and artists. However, at times the whole event
 seemed more like attending a Black Megachurch with
sharp televangelists preaching to us all than that of a
National Day of Prayer. Few children were there,
although quite a few young adults were evident and
 "seniorish" couples, who were not granted any
concession off the pricey tickets at NDP.
 As the day went along, some participents seemed
transfixed in prayer and many lifted high their arms
and voices in unison of their Christian faith. A couple
 of Anglican and Catholic priests were seen to attend
along with a few Salvationists from the British
Salvation Army. Also seen was a number of Street
 Pastors with their dark blue T-Shirts emblazoned with
 the words "Street Pastor" on the back of their shirts.
William Franklin Graham IV, known affectionately
as Will Graham, 36, is the grandson of the
world renowned American evangelist Rev'd
Billy Graham, who is now 92 years of age!!
The Anglican Bishop of Barking - Rt. Rev'd David
Hawkins, who I didn't see -  is chair of The National
Day of Prayer. He was among a list of other Christian
notables that included Noel Robinson, Lara Martin,
Jonathan Oloyede, Hugh Osgood, Marilyn Figueroa,
and Gerald Coates. Coupled with them was Mr. Will
 Graham, (shown above) the beloved grandson Rev'd
Billy Graham. The revered evangelist that he is, is do-
ing quite well back at the Graham Family homestead
at Asheville, North Carolina. Tall and healthy,
grandson Will told us that his grandfather's best
mate is age 102!! So there! Warmly greeted
by the NDP crowd at Wembley Stadium, Will
stated that he was to preach as a third gene-
ration Graham evangelist for the first time in
England. He was interviewed live on NDP stage.
He is also an assistent director of the Billy
Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).
Catholic Priest Father Mike Gwinnell, 72.
Before meeting Will Graham personally, I
bumped into Father Mike Gwinnell (shown
above) at NDP. He was bubbly and bouncy
and most friendly was he.
Performing At 2011 National Day of Prayer is
Lara Martin in Gig at Wembley Stadium's Great Hall.
Inside Wembley Stadium's Great Hall
At Where NDP2011 Was Held.
Christian Speaker Dr. Jonathan Oloyede, MD.
Young Offer "National Prayer for England" At NDP2011.
Paul Barfett of "Wisdom for Worship" at NDP2011.
From a long family line of Anglican ministers,
Paul Barfett (shown above) was waving his
solitary rainbow flag when I first saw him inside
 The Great Hall. A little later I stopped by to
see him again. At first he seems quite chatty,
but he then suddenly stepped back and asked
that he be spoken to in not so an upfront manner
and then excused himself when asked to take
another photograph of him. His "Wisdom for
Worship" is his pet Christian project, I guess. His
 500+ word letter of "Thankfulness Check List"
and "Christan Walk," is profoundly devout yet so
self-centred. I left Paul Barfett rather unimpressed
by him and his sorrowful and oddball persona.
"In the midst of another wave of recession and record
prison figures following the riots, and an onslaught of bad
news in the media, one thousand leaders from across the UK
 will gather at Wembley Stadium's Great Hall next week to ask
 God to heal battered Britain. The Carry The Torch leaders
 prayer summit on September 17, coordinated by the Global
 Day of Prayer London, comes at a very strategic time as the
 UK faces several challenging social issues. GDOP London
 was even mentioned in Prime Minister's Questions in the
House of Commons this week, when Member of Parliament
 for Enfield-Southgate David Burrowes said: "In the wake of
 the riots, can I commend that the government and the Mayor
 of London support high streets like those in Enfield, which
were badly hit. Is this not a good time to support the forth-
coming Global Day of Prayer, which in London is going
to be taking place at Wembley Stadium?"
GDP Press Release, 2011.
Panoramic View of Wembley Stadium At
The End of The National Day of Prayer, 2011.
Global Day of Prayer is set for 2012.
The National Day of Prayer is a fine Christian aim
and ideal in the UK. But frankly with England now
being so "unchurched" and so unfaithful to her
Christian roots, I am not sure that such can be
changed for the better no matter the good
intentions of those Christians who still hold belief
 in HIM. I pray that I am proved to be wrong!
England has become a truly sick society
and is getting sicker by the day ... It's one
horror after another almost every day.
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Our Lady of Sorrows, 2011.
Above caption photo is of Uncle Monty at
statue of All-England Football Great Bobby
Moore at Wembley Stadium, UK.
 Photo By Gary Day.
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UK 11 Yr. Old Looter: Give Him A Good Spanking.
Or Better Still A Good Caning That Will Teach Him!
Parents back corporal punishment in schools.
By Richard Garner, Education Editor.
Black Rogue: Ghana-Born Kweku Adoboli.
Yet Another Criminal Immigrant Inside UK.
Homeless Everywhere Inside Paris. By Uncle Monty.
The week before I attended NDP2011, I was
invited to the National Secular Society's
"Conference on Secularism" at London's
Conway Hall. After going to NSS, it was like
day and night for me to mingle among the born-
again at NDP. The contrast between NSS and
NDP was striking to say the least for an avid
Anglican like me. I'll have my NSS report
quite soon. UM.
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Postcard From Paris. By Uncle Monty.
Photography By Gary Day & Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
~ Story Update ~
Muslims caught praying on the streets of Paris
face arrest in tough new law. By Peter Allen.
Sept. 18, 2011.
Being chauffeured around Paris with Contessa Maria,
and also staying at one of the world's small luxury hotels,
oddly did little for me. I much perfer to be out and about
on the streets and mingling with humanity as I explore
whatever world city or geographic location I may
 happen to be in. The more I explore Paris, the
more majestic it really is to me.
With its population of 2.2 million, Paris is a relatively
small city compared to say London's 7.2 million inhabitants. 
Yet, Paris excites me far more than London as Maria and I
bid our latest goodbyes at her departure back to America
 at the Parisian airport. I then quickly hopped on the nearest
 RAPT bus No. 350 back to downtown Paris, where I
enjoyed learning more about French culture and French
 cruisine and French parculiarities.
Aside from that, let me share my "Postcard From Paris"
with you without any further ado with about a dozen images
below of everyday life inside and around the French
 capital. Let me start with Gary Day's photoshot of  Dior's,
which is about as French as you can get, I guess!
An Afternoon Horse & Saddle Ride.
On The Street Corner of Place du L'Opera.
French Wedding Bliss!
"Bike It," He Said ...
Almost Hidden From View In Suburban Paris.
Almost Red All Over.
Paris In The Autumn Evening.
French Version of Ramadan.
He Can Blow His Trumpet As Loud As He
Likes And For As Long As He Likes Without
Disturbing and Vexing His Paris Neighbours.
Standing At Attention At French Presidential Palace.
African Immigrant With Her Offsping At Downtown Paris.
At St. Laurent's.
Muslima Pensioner At Paris Bus Stop.
Found: Historic Postcard of Paris, c. 1913.
Also in Paris, Found This Rare Postcard Image
of England's George V at The French Front,
1914, During World War One.
Due to other busy engagements, I have had to cut short
this story of my "Postcard From Paris." Hope, however,
the images help convey my latest happy
encounter with Paris.
Graciously, Uncle Monty.
+12th Sunday After Trinity, 2011.
+Most Holy Name of Mary.
=10th Anniversary of America's 9/11.
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John Bird's 20 Rotten Years
of The Big Issue. By Uncle Monty.

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