Sir John Chilcot's "Iraq Inquiry." By Uncle Monty.

January 30th, 2010. 11:31 Mecca Time. 08:31 GMT.
Blair defends Iraq war decision.

Blair comes out strongly in defence of invasion.
By Mark Hennessy. Irish Times' London Editor.
Sir John Chilcot's "Iraq Inquiry."
By Uncle Monty.
Nick Griffin Image By Alex Albion.
Instead of the costly security overkill by armed Scotland Yard
police operatives to slavishly and lavishly protect by deadly force
the hideous UK ex-PM Tony Blair with their “Ring of Steel” for his
set star appearance today at Sir John Chilcot’s "Iraq Inquiry," they
should have really taken immediate steps to arrest and detain him as
a known British War Criminal. And, then they should have promptly
sent him to the International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC) at the
Hague to stand open trial for Iraq war crimes along with his American
war crimes buddy George W. Bush of Texas. The only “Ring of Steel”
that Blair (and Bush) deserve is behind thick iron bars and a solid prison
gate made of pure steel. Then preferably they, Blair and Bush, should
be stripped down to their smelly underwear to don Yankee-made bright
neon orange prisoner suits like the ones seen inside America’s notorious
Guant�namo Bay detention camp. I think George W. and Tony B.
would look pretty nice in such classic prison garb ...
They should also be given “VIP” prison treatment with Blair's
prisoner number to read "2003RIALB" to signify the beginning
year of the illegal Iraq War along with Blair's surname spelled
backwards. While, Bush's own prisoner ID would simply
read "2003HSUB."
Cocky Blair Avoids Anti-War Crowd By Back Door.
With today’s “major star witness” - aka Blair - Sir John
Chilcot’s "Iraq Inquiry" is attempting to probe the lies and
deceit of Anthony Blair and his then New Labour cohorts to
take Britain to invade and inflict war upon Iraq in the name
of removing Saddam Hussein by illegal American military
force. With Bush, Blair then caused the death and maiming
of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives with their
concocted lies and drunken power.
In England and America, the lives of hundreds of U.S. and
British soldiers have been laid to rest all because of Bush
and Blair. Together they created a war pack to rid of
Saddam Hussein of Baghdad. They cared nothing about
the aweful and deadly consequences of their illegal and
arbirary war deeds and their criminal invasion of Iraq.
Now read what Anthony Blair said today at
Sir John Chilcot's "Iraq Inquiry":
. .
Tony Blair launches passionate defence of Iraq war.
By Paul Waugh and Joe Murphy.
Cocky & Defiant Tony Blair At Iraq Inquiry
By Gavin Cordon, Sam Marsden & Mark Bulstrode, Press Association.
Star Witness At Iraq Inquiry.
An adept, systematic, and pathological liar, Anthony
Blair has also become the world’s most avaricious and
cunning Champagne Socialist from the top of his Scottish
head to the bottom of his New Labour feet. There is not a
word I believe from devious Blair and his leftist mouth -
not a one!
If I start an illegal war ...
BNP's Nick Griffin in London the day before
today's mass media attention on dreadful Blair.
Oh, and while Anthony "Bambie" Blair sat today on the Chilcot
hot seat, just a few miles away in London only yesterday the en-
throned socialist rascal and anti-white talking head of the Equalities
Commission, black-born Trevor Phillips, vindictively and cunningly
hauled into high court yet again the National British Party chairman Nick
Griffin to answer Phillips' allegations of contempt of court for the BNP's
failure to meet the commission's deadline to hold an extraordinary annual
general meeting to vote on letting all blacks and foreigners, if they so
wish, to join the BNP under New Labour’s tyrannical Equalitiies Laws.
New Labour’s red stranglehold knows no bounds in their Broken
Britain of today. Phillips, who is free to squander millions of taxpayer
pounds in his quest to destroy the BNP, is a reverse racist if there
ever was one. And talk of hypocrisy, here's the latest on Phillips
the black hypocrite, too!
Ethnic minority staff paid 10% less than white
workers at Trevor Phillips’ equality watchdog.
By Jonathan Petre.
Black and minorities ghettos have sprung up all over
urban UK under the past 12 or so year tenure of New Labour. When
a new government comes into power after the country finally gets rid
of the British Labour Party, the first steps should be to immediately
close down such political and biased operations like Trevor Phillips'
and at the same time also save millions of taxpayers money to boot!
Whenever Phillips is criticised the first thing he does is to declare
they're "racists" no matter what. The Equalities Commission is
in disarray against Trevor Phillips and his management style
and personal persona that has seen a number of his own
commissioners resign outright against him. But he's still there
to muck around and to create mayhem at the drop of a hat
because of New Labour's backing of him to the hilt whether
or not Trevor Phillips is wrong or right or fit or unfit. I men-
tion Nick Griffin to show how someone like Blair is given the
socialist red carpet treatment while Griffin is hauled into court
by the ilk of Trevor Phillips and his New Labour henchmen.
Why is that New Labour can dictate to other political parties
in the UK what they can and cannot do by passing laws to
make them conform with New Labour's own political
idealogy and leftist pathology? Being right-wing is a crime
to New Labour, which has gone completely mad with its
own brand of radical international socialism inside the UK.
Saddam Hussein.
Broken Britain's Antichrist - Blair 666.
Today's ignoble appearance at Sir John's Chilcot's
"Iraq Inquiry" of Anthony Blair himself just makes me
consider him to be even more of Broken Britain's
Antichrist, especially in his stupefied refusal to acknow-
ledge his Iraq war rationale to be morally, ethically,
and religiously wrong. Branding him now as England's
Antichrist, or 666 that he truly is to me, some others may
doubt that Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair is such.
True or not, the fact remains, however, that today's
British Labour Party - or New Labour - is the most
Antichrist and antifaith political party ever to have
reared its ugly head in the contemporary political
and social history of Great Britain. When Blair's
infamous spin doctor Alastair Campbell declared
"We don't do God," he was speaking for millions of
New Labour minions that have long rejected the pre-
sence and being of Christ in the national character of
British life. Indeed, England has now become almost
as anti-Christian as those Muslims who declare con-
temptuously that we're merely infidels and nothing
else. It was Blair who, ironically, allowed some 1.8
million Muslims to first settle in Britain under his
hideous prime ministership of multiculturism and
multiracialism. No wonder the UK is now the inter-
national centre for many a dangerous Islamic
Jihardist. God help us now!
Anthony Blair's war crimes and his earlier New Labour
political ascendancy are tanamount to him being the supreme
enemy of Christ. Even though he wraps himself up with what I
call his "conversion faith" from that of a dodgy Anglican by birth
to his present day Roman Catholicism and his empty “religious
speak,” make no mistake to be misled by his bloated position as
a media celebrity and big head. His Tony Blair Faith Foundation is
a mockery of true faith that he uses to hide his moral and political
bankruptcy and his utterly debased New Labour doctrine that has
brought Britain down to its lowest status and dignity of now
being forced to habour the world’s unwanted human scum
of millions of Third World immigrants, fake asylum seekers
and European Union foreigners of the worst type.
Cry, Albion, cry!!
So today Anthony "Bambie" Blair came and left Sir
John Chilcot's "Iraq Inquiry" with his conceitness and
defiance all completely intact to go along with his
Antichrist stance. No doubt the newspapers tomorrow
will be full of Blair that simply adds again to his awful
arrogrance and self-assured cockiness as rigid as the
£159,000 bullet-proof Jaguar that ensured his personal
safety with another £250,000 of taxpayer money to pro-
vide him today with armed protection by Scotland Yard
police operatives. I cannot for the life of me understand
why they pay constant homage to such a pipsqueak and
war criminal that I, like many of my fellow countrymen
and women, also consider Anthony "Bambie" Blair to
simply be. No former British prime minister in own
my lifetime has become more detested in his own
country than is "Bambie."
Chilcot War Inquiry:
We STILL think Blair lied, say 8 out of 10.
By Glen Owen.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Here are some of latest news reports of
Blair's defiant and cocky statements yesterday
at Sir John Chilcot's "Iraq Inquiry."
Post Inquiry: Comments on Blair's Fear of Iran.
By Uncle Monty.
So Iran is the next war target in Anthony's warmonger-
ing mindset. But it was no Churchillian moment for Blair.
All he was doing on Iran was echoing Israel's well-known
stand against Iran's anti-Zionist position and its open
hatred of Israel's very existence as a Jewish State. In
my previous article on "America's Iranophobia" here at
at some point that Israel and/or the U.S. will attack Iran
and its nuclear facilities out of fear that the Islamic Republic
will become nuclear-armed against all foes that it sees.
What struck me about Anthony's anti-Iran comments at
Sir. John Chilcot's "Iraq Inquiry" was that we may see
the UK also becoming involved at some stage in any
military strike against Iran, if and when Israel/US should
take action to thwart Iran's future nuclear capabilities and
its perceived threat against the West and specifically
against Israel itself. Without Blair's outburst against Iran,
I had, hitherto, given no thought whatsoever of the UK
somehow becoming possibly involved in any military
attack on Iran, which would be a cataclysmic moment to
say the least. Cleverly, Anthony B. raised the Iran nu-
clear issue to help divert attention from his own criminal
war crimes against Iraq and to justify his own rationale
for creating the illegal and diabolical Iraq War with
Bush's America to overthrow Saddam Hussein in
the first place. He said he would do the same
thing again, did Blair.
:: Update Feb. 5th, 2010 ::
Lessons of Iraq ignored. The target is now Iran.
By Seumas Milne.
"The U.S. military build-up in the Gulf and Tony
Blair’s promotion of war against Tehran are a
warning of yet another catastrophe."
The danger now is that the same Western military and
political thinking over Iraq could now be replicated to
attack Iran save for different players and rhetoric tak-
ing hold after what is now the end of the Bush and Blair
mentality and their hideous appearance on the world
stage and their illegal invasion of Little Iraq all in the
history books. Iran, however, will be no pushover
unlike then Saddam's Baath and Sunni Iraq.
(US general) says strike on Iran could spark nationalism.
By Phil Stewart.
US bolsters defences of Iran's Gulf neighbours.
President Barack Obama is rushing to bolster the
defences of Iran's Arab neighbours amid fears of the
growing possibility of a missile strike by Tehran.
By Alex Spillius in Washington.
The West will NOT win against Iran unless Israel, US
and/or Britain restore to using its nuclear arsenals.
As Hiliary Clinton stated with her chilling words that
Iran could be basically bombed back to the Stone Age
by the US military might!! Maybe or maybe not, Ms.
Hiliary ... But we only need a jerk like Blair for us all to
find out and then it's too late to set the clock back and
the Middle East then plunged into a possible nuclear
war of the like the world has never seen before ...
Whatever, please first arrest and detain Tony
B. and George W. before anything else!!!
Sincerely, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of Charles I - King & Anglican Martyr - 2010.
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Obama's America: One Year After His "Lite-Skinned" Oval Office Foray. By Uncle Monty.

America's Obama:
One Year After His
"Lite-Skinned" Oval Office Foray.
By Uncle Monty.
Obama Caption Graphic By Alex Albion.
Sales of facial skin creams that lighten or whiten the black
or darkly-negroid complexion of African-Americans, and
those of African descent, has soared in the United States
since Barack Hassein Obama first entered the Oval Office
one year ago last week. While such skin creams sales soar,
Obama's own popularity ratings have dramatically skided
and crashed to about the 50 per cent mark no matter if he
is "lite-skinned" or not. Not since Dwight Eisenhower's poor
presidential ratings of the 1950's has any first year sittting
U.S. president reached such a low rating, except for Barack
Obama. Even the much detested George W. Bush had better
ratings in his first year in office than does today's Obama.
Obama Looking Doomed!
As for blacks wanting to look “white,” the best example of
that was the hideous pop idol Michael Jackson, who spent
loads of money on himself trying to look "white" and on any-
thing other than looking like a black African-American that
he was from his cradle to his sudden death last year at age
50. With his daily use of skin creams and medical injections,
the pop idol desired to change forever the pigmentation of
his black skin. Whatever, the black bugger is now dead and
perhaps they left a large jar of such facial skin cream inside
his gold-plated casket or coffin to keep him happy and still
abit shiny white? In the Caribbean and Cuba, it is a common
practise for Afro-Caribbean males and females, who many
also suffer from skin and scalp diseases, to use such facial
skin creams to look as "lite-skinned" as they can!! Obama,
of course, doesn't need to do that - naturally.
barack hussein obama biography

Obama Meeting Japan's Monarchy ...
With 200 government bodyguards or U.S. Secret Service agents
at his disposal around the clock, Obama has become something of
a Lite-Skinned Emperor of America, where the majority of its
citizens now think he's a closet Muslim and not a true Christian.
Some are even saying he was born out of African wedlock in
Kenya and then quickly and quietly smuggled into Hawaii just days
after his Mombasa birth. Whatever, it seems America is already
sick and tired of Obama after only just one year in office. They
seem to be turning against him in droves as their now unwanted
commander-in-chief. It’s very doubtful, I think, that Obama’s
first term as president will now end on anything other than a
rather unhappy and sour note, except for those who still and will
always adore him. For those who have come to detest him from
day one, their only happiness will be to see the back of Obama
from the Oval Office either by fair or by foul. Indeed, Barack
Obama has become an increasingly polarizing figure and not
the magical messiah come to unite Americans behind him or
the vast nation itself. He's already lost that chance for good.
As for a second term as preisdent, it looks pretty doomed for
Obama. Along with the re-election hope of some Democrats in
the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections to be held in November.
No boost then for him or his Obama political coattails doing
any good for many of those Democrats up for re-election.
All this fallout then against him in just only one year in office!
It looks like his second year could be even worse no matter what
the racially-black, mixed race and white leftist Obama groupies,
along with their American and global liberal news media friends,
publicly say. And a year after entering the Oval Office, another
curious note is that of Obama politcial memorabilia sales having also
plummetted to leave such street hawkers not only empty-handed
but with alot of wholesale Obama junk and trinkets that they now
cannot sell or get rid of for all the love or all the money in the world.
So much then for the "lite-skinned" magic and miracle
Obama At No. 10 With Jackass Gordon Brown.
The real shooker for Obama's first year in office was
the election last week of Republican Scott Brown to
replace the Democratic seat of the late Ted Kennedy
right inside the Kennedy heartland that has held
political sway in Massachusetts for some 50 years.
No Republican had been elected there since 1960.
Big Democratic hitters like Obama and Bill Clinton
fell right into their own political excretion in their
humilitating inability to stop Scott Brown from
winning the day over the dying Kennedy Clan and
the greasy Democratic machinery that had pumped
in millions of dollars to defeat now U.S. Senator-
elect Scott Brown and his Republicans backers.
Will Obama Split the Left and Right?
By Anthony Gregory.
Obama's much hated Heath Care Reform has helped
to propel Brown to his elected senatorship along with the
growing discontent with the Obama administration and
its government policies and its expansion at every level
of the American society and much like we also see in-
side today's UK under the vile and ever-treacherous
cadre and political gangsters of New Labour.
Today's Race Relations In Italy.
Oh, Boy! They Sure Don't Look Good.
Obama's Stimulus Program hasn't helped swathes
of high unemployment, increasing homelessness, or
local economic recovery, for all too many towns
and communities across the nation.
obama stimulus program
Yet while this is happening inside America, Obama is
also focused on his military surge for the War in Afghanistan
and of "occupying" Haiti and spending billions of dollars more
on such pet focuses of his. His Haiti focus is primarily a political
one and a tool to distract his domestic distractors, it seems to
me. What is worse, I suspect, is that Obama - and like his awful
counter part in "Broken Britain" - will now allow masses of
earthquake Haitians to immigrate to the US - and to the UK
under Broken Britain's New Labour free immigration policy
in full tow - by the guise of humanitarian aid and help for the
god-damn and heartless Haitians!! God help us! The Haitians
are a horrible lot and their savagery is well known as also
seen in the recent gang violence, open looting, street mach-
ete and gun murders, and loads of lawless thugs, inside the
doomed country of Haiti's voodoo and crumbling society.
HAITI: Hungry and angry. IRINnews.
The last thing the UK needs is any more Third World
immigrants that the dastardly cadre of New Labour has
already flooded the country with millions of them with
deafening contempt against the British people. The
agenda of mass immigration by Blair-The-War-Criminal,
together with his red ilk, has been used essentially as a
social weapon and political doctrine of class war against
"The English White Class Hegemony & Homogeneity."
The real tragedy for Britain is that New Labour has now
gotten away with it - by its tactic of calling its critics
"racists" - for over the past 12 years and still count-
ing ... as the immigration flood gate is still deliberately
left open to destroy the UK even further and her
white British people! So masses of Haitian immigrants
will probably flood the UK and US pretty soon ...
No doubt, Obama will love that, too, I guess.
And, godless New Labour with him. Scary!
Guess Who This Son Of A Bitch Is? For The
Correct Answer Turn The Photo Upside Down!
'Bin Laden' claims Christmas Day bomb plot.
By Adam Fresco.
So how do I rate Obama's first year in office? Out
of 10, I'd give him a kindly 4. Despite his unworthy,
unearned and undeserving 2009 Nobel Peace Prize,
I think Barack Hussein Obama can only continue to
fall flat on his lite-skinned face along with all his charm
and rhetorical skills going more or less on empty. I've
come to think that Obama is more of a political fluke
than ever before. Especially, after reading Gary
Younge's excellent report in The Guardian of how
'Even Charles Manson could beat him now.'
Bambizzoozled we have been about Obama from the word
go, just like Britain was with hideous Anthony "Bambie" Blair
and his New Labour cadre. We know now the awful results of
how Britain was bambizzoozled into electing Blair, and some of
his close friends who are former and avid Communist members,
to power. But we don't yet know fully what the results of Obama's
fluke election will do to America. Signs are we may see the rise of
"Broken America" under Obama and his Democrats much like
we see of today's "Broken Britain" under bad New Labour.
So, I rest my case for now regarding Obama's America:
One Year After His "Lite-Skinned" Oval Office Foray.
Let me take a break, Uncle Monty.
+The Conversion of St. Paul, 2010.
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"£250,000 ring of steel for Tony Blair's grilling: Huge security
operation as Judgment Day looms for ex-PM over Iraq War."
By Ian Drury, Stephen Wright and Tim Shipman.
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Peter Moore: England's Pre-Eminent Town Crier. A Personal Tribute By Uncle Monty.

Peter Moore:
England's Pre-Eminent Town Crier.
A Personal Tribute By Uncle Monty.
Story Caption Photo By Alex Albion.
Not once did he name drop or brag about the many important
and famous people he had met and known during his more
than 30 years as London's top and foremost Town Crier,
did the 70 year-old Peter Moore.
I first met Peter five years ago at a formal function by the
Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of London's City of West-
minster, who are shown at the above story caption photo
that I shot of him and the mayoral couple back in 2oo5.
Peter Moore also had a marvellous sense of photo-op by
his imbued instinct to highlight not only himself, but those
who he served so well as the capital's official Town Crier.
He was following in the historic footsteps of English Town
Criers or Bellmen was Peter Moore. He was a credit and a
perfect symbol of the history and character of town crying.
The Timeline of Criers.
Town Crier or Bellman.
(Which includes a classic photo of Peter Moore)
History of Town Crying.
We just hit it off right on the spot did Peter and me. We
regularly had chats together whenever we bumped into
each other at Covent Garden (one of his favourite spots)
or at official events around the city like the New Year’s
Day Parade, Carnival del Pueblo, formal city gatherings,
and what have you. And, his beloved red scooter saw him
'scootering' off with all his flair and with all his happiness
that he could and did muster for us all to share.
He revelled, did Peter Moore, in his passion and love for
town crying. Never without his brass bell, he proudly de-
clared online: "Have Bell, Will Travel." And travel he did
to America, all over Europe, and even to far off India. But,
his first and everlasting love was always for England!!
To be a great Town Crier requires the person to also
be, I think, somekind of happy showman. So was Peter
Moore such an English showman? You bet, absolutely!
His background was that of a little boy first placed in care
of the Dr. Barnardo's Home for Boys at the West Midland
town of Walsall, that is situated in the heart of the British
Black Country, at where both he and me were reared as
English lads at the latter part of the Second World War.
Peter Moore first aspired to be a stage actor and so off to
London he went. He first appeared on the London stage in
1960 at where he joined the original cast of Lionel Bart's
"Oliver." At some point during his acting career, he was
asked to go to Leicester Square, or somewhere like that,
to advertise the show by shouting out loud!! Peter soon
found his real life's niche right then and there as a
would-be Town Crier. "The rest," as our
Yankee folks like to say, "is history."
An ardent friend of the homeless and of way and stray
dogs, Peter Moore was a private Catholic and was so
rightly honoured by his Requiem Mass at St. George's
Roman Catholic Cathedral last Monday. Even more of an
honour for him was the gathering of other Town Criers that
saw Peter given a friendly send-off with their choruses and
shouts of crying shame at Peter's sudden death of a massive
heart attack that took his life so unexpectedly. Such was
such of a pity for him in that he also missed by two days the
Lifetime Achievement Award that was to be bestowed on him
at the 2010 London New Year's Day Parade of which Peter
had participated in every year since it first began some 23
years ago. His son James, I believe, collected the deserving
honour on behalf of his good dad. Bravo!!!
Except for local politics, Peter Moore had little time for national
politics of any kind even though he had known many a national
politican in his time. So when the British National Party (BNP)
used his image as the quintessential English Town Crier to pro-
mote its political goal of British Heritage, Peter was confused
and dismayed at being portrayed by any political party be it
the BNP or not. When I asked him about it a few weeks later,
he didn’t want to talk about politics or the BNP. Peter also
realised that publicly he must always appear as non-political
and non-partisan as London’s top Town Crier and also to
be sure he kept his secure job which he loved so dearly.
Crier Peter Moore & BNP Shock on YouTube.
He also loved so dearly his flowing Bellman outfit that
saw him brightly dressed in his white tunic, crimson suit,
and his white-feathered black hat along with, of course,
his brass handbell that was de jure. In fact, I never saw
Peter Moore not dressed in his Town Crier uniform, and
with his ubiquitous brass bell either in his hand or under
his arm, in the whole five years I knew him or on the 15
or so personally occasions that we bumped into each
other all around London!
When I attended the 2008 Hay Literary Festival at
Hay-on-Wye in Wales, I also bumped into the local Town
Crier there who is shown above with me. He said he had heard
of Peter Moore regularly, but had never had the pleasure of
meeting him personally. When I then suggested to him that
Peter was perhaps England's pre-eminent Town Crier, the
Hay Town Crier said he had not thought of him like that but
on thinking about it he said I'd hit the nail right on the head.
"You're right, mate!," he then acknowledged to me. And along,
I suspect, with others criers who also perhaps felt the same
way about Peter Moore's town crying pre-eminence.
Such then, I think, is now a rather befitting epithet for
Peter Moore's life as "England's Pre-Eminent Town Crier"
and for his love of what he did so well for over 30 years at
Olde London Towne. For me, I shall always fondly recall
Peter whenever I see another Town Crier or Bellman in the
future at wherever I encounter one at home or abroad.
And so, I am so saddened by his sudden passing, I am.
With much respect, Uncle Monty.
+St. Vincent, 2010.
:: Winter Deaths ::
He, Mr. Peter Moore, was sadly among the almost 20,000
other old age pensioners over the age of 65 to suddenly die
during the recent severe cold snap of the past four weeks
or so that hit the whole of the British Isles. Such deaths
were a staggering 38% increase over normal winter
death rates inside the UK.
At St. George's Roman Catholic Cathedral.
The Peter Moore Obit.
You May Sign Your Condolences Here.
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Apostolic Eyewitness In Haiti. By Abp. Bernardito Auza.

Haiti Story Update: 01.18.2010.
Apostolic Eyewitness In Haiti.
By Abp. Bernardito Auza.
Haiti's Papal Nuncio.
Edited By Uncle Monty
At New York.
I have just returned this morning. I found priests and nuns in the streets, without homes. The Rector of the seminary survived, as did the Dean of Studies, but the seminarians are under the rubble. Everywhere, you can hear cries from under the rubble. The CIFOR - Institute of Studies for the Men and Women Religious - has collapsed with the students inside, participating in a conference. The nunciature building has withstood the earthquake, without any injuries, but we are all amazed! So many things are broken, including the Tabernacle, but we are more fortunate than others. Many family members of the staff were killed, their homes destroyed. Everyone is calling for help. We will have problems of water and food before long. We cannot enter or stay inside the house much, as the earth continues to shake, so we are camped in the garden. Port-au-Prince is completely devastated. The Cathedral, the Archbishop's Residence, all the great churches, all the seminaries are reduced to rubble. The pastor of the Cathedral, who survived the earthquake, told me that the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince perished under the rubble, along with hundreds of seminarians and priests who are under the rubble. As I write, the Vicar- General, Monsignor Charles Benoit, is still missing and nothing has been heard from Missio’s-Haitian National Director, Fr. Clarck de la Cruz. Part of the heartbreaking reality of the Haiti earthquake is that many of those who would have offered their support to the shattered lives of the people of the island are themselves victims, an uncounted number also listed amongst the fatalities. The overwhelming tragedy wrought by the few brief seconds of the earthquake’s duration is poignantly summarised by a photo taken in the rubble of the cathedral in Port-au-Prince: Jesus hangs on the Cross in the midst of his people. One of the poorest countries on earth, Haiti’s people have experienced a seemingly endless cycle of poverty, political upheavals, crime and natural disasters since it became the world's first black-led republic and the first independent Caribbean State in the early 19th century. Haiti, last year alone received more than £286,000 in support from Missio, supporting the work of the Church in basic and preventative healthcare, education, pastoral care and building projects, including reconstruction of the Port-au-Prince Archbishop’s offices after massive flooding in May 2009. Last year floods hit; now the earthquake has shocked us with the extent of its devastation, said Martin Teulan, Missio’s-National Director in Australia. We are saddened by the news of Archbishop Serge Miot and how many lives have been lost. When the Victorian bushfires devastated people’s lives here a year ago, the greatest response we received for prayer came from the people of Haiti and the Caribbean – people who understand what it means to have little. Their prayers strengthened us. Our prayers will be greatly appreciated and encourage them. Another aspect of Haiti’s tragedy was expressed by Isabel Perez, an Ecuadorian who works for Missio -in England and Wales and who worked in neighbouring Dominican Republic. She says: "We helped many Haitians to set up small projects and schools, assisting them with many other concerns. I’ve been trying since yesterday to contact people to see how they are, but it is so hard. All forms of communication are down. I have heard nothing. All I can do is to watch television and read the news reports ...
and pray. Just now, all we have is prayer."
:: Haiti Earthquake News Updates ::
Huge US Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier
USS Carl Vinson Arrives To Aid Earthquake Haiti.
Report By The Khaleejtimes.
By Aislinn Laing & Tom Leonard in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
By Marc Lacey. International Herald Tribune/iht.com
Who's Running Haiti? No one, say the people.
Quake-battered Haiti hotel offers refuge for all.
Editing by Pascal Fletcher & Peter Cooney.
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His Anglican Grace, Archbishop Rowan Douglas Williams'
Canterbury Statement on the Unfolding Tragedy
That Is Earthquake-Hit Haiti.
Haiti's capital looks like 'war zone' says church aid allianceGeneva.
Haiti's capital "looks like a war zone", and one million people are
without shelter following the devastating earthquake that shook
the Caribbean nation, the ACT Alliance global network of churches
and related agencies has warned. "Thousands of people in
Port-au-Prince - injured, hungry and desperate - have spent
days outdoor in the demolished capital of Haiti without food or
shelter," the alliance said in a 15 January report. "Desperate
Haitians have blocked streets with corpses in anger. Food is
stocking up at the airport, but has not yet been distributed."
Ecumenical News International. News Highlights. 15 January 2010.
His Eminence, Abp. Bernardito Auza.
Archbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza.
Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti
Titular Archbishop of Suacia
Source: Independent Catholic News (ICN) and
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MOROCCO'S TANGIER: Something Like A Camel Ride! By Uncle Monty.

Something Like A Camel Ride!
By Uncle Monty at Canada's Vancouver.
Tangier Photos By Alex Albion.
Going directly from the very British feeling of Gibraltar
to the very Sunni feeling of Morocco’s Tangier, requires
an immediate psychological and emotional adjustment on
the part of those who are neither Islamic nor North African
like me. Tangier is a steaming place of activity and contrasts.
But much like Morocco itself, it exists under what is, more or
less, a borderline police state in which the individual can be,
and is, snatched off the street by Morocco’s civilian police
thugs of the Sûreté Nationale du Maroc. Such patrol the
Tangier streets, and every other city and town in Morocco,
around the clock and I saw at least three people snatched
off the streets in broad daylight or at night on three
separate occasions over the course of two days
while exploring the old Sunni city by foot.
View of Downtown Tanger or Tangier.
One young guy was grabbed by the neck by the three
plainclothes agents and literally dragged, kicked, and
bungled into the waiting white Sûreté Nationale van at
around 9.30 at night. Next day, another one was wrestled
to the ground and then physically frog-marched to the
large white van with the identity of Sûreté Nationale
again emblazioned all over it. While the third incident was
of an oldish fellow trying to run away and the police van
chased him down and he was caught up by the quick roving
van of the Sûreté Nationale thugs at when they immediately
snatched him off the streets. He then disappeared from public
view as the Sûreté Nationale van speeded away. Morocco's
notorious and exceedingly savage Gendarmerie Royale du Maroc
(para-military national police) and the Sûreté Nationale du Maroc
(civilian national police force) operate with absolute immunity
and impunity due entirely to the consent and encouragement of
The King of Morocco - MOHAMED VI - and his "progressive"
Moroccan government. Those who the authorities consider are
insulting or demeaning to the king and/or the Moroccan royal
family are prosecuted with a vengence, according the critical
website of afapredesa.org. To me, Mohamed VI sadly
sounds more like a thrown back to the last and
late Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi:
Arriving Safely at Tanger or Tangier Seaport.
But at St. Andrew’s Parish there was no sign of such
disquiet. Rather, it was an Anglican oasis in the middle of
the Sunni police terror that is Tangier. And, if one wanted
any more evidence of the non-stop Africanization of the
English Anglican Church, then St. Andews of Old Tangier
was the place to be. Officiating as a retired and visiting
clergyman from Brum Diocese, the Rev’d Robert Warren,
71, stood tall at his towering height of six foot six over the
congregation that saw bunches of Africans from at least 12
different African nations attend the morning service at the
late 19th century-built St. Andrew's right in the heart of
Tangier. The majority of the 100 or worshippers were
black. Most of them were immigrants to Morocco. Re-
cently, in just one swoop and scoop the Rabat auth
arrested some 564 illegal immigrants in Morocco.
The African immigrants that spoke to me at St. Andrew's
were quick to tell how they wanted to leave Morocco to
enter freebie England as fast as they could. Please stay
away, I said to myself. We've already got too many
God-damn immigrants in England due to hideous New
Labour and we don't need any more, I mused in my
own thoughts as one of them also told me that "England
is paradise to us black people." Yeeeeep, we already
know that, don't we? Paradise for them, hell for us.
For godsake forget England and be sure to stay at
where you first came from!!! We don't want you,
even if New Labour insists we do when we
don't ... so say most of the Brit white folkz.
Sunni Muslims Attending Tangier Mosque.
Father Robert and his wife Jackique were making
their first ever visit to Morocco which will see them
at Old Tangier's St. Andrew's for the next month.
His former diocesan bishop was John Sentamu, who
is now the presiding Archbishop of York and who is
as black as the ace of spades being of Ugandian-birth.
Father Robert’s described Sentamu as “brilliant,” but
now too old, he surmised, to become the first black
Archbishop of Canterbury. I hope the retired Brum vicar
is right! With screaming gays, pushy women clergy, loud-
mouth leftist bishops like John Saxbee, the politically-
and theologically-divided laity, and never-ending,
ing blacks, the last thing the Church of England needs is
yet another destructive issue and step of installing the
first black or foreign-born or female or gay Archbishop of
Canterbury. God forbid! When such should happen, which
it will, I will conceivably turn my back completely on the
Anglican Church until the day I die. And, if the vile British
Labour Party in 2010 should, by fair or foul, gain yet
another 5 years in office, I will almost certainly leave
England for good. I detest everything that New Labour
has done and what it represents of its own making in the
form of today’s Broken New Britan that started with
the political creep called Anthony Blair. I also openly
reject such parrotting of socialistic beliefs and agendas
from both within and without the Church of England.
At least at Tangier, the Sunni theology refuses outright
to embrace such claptrap that is espoused by all too
many inside The English Church and vile
New Labour
of today. I cannot wait to vote them out of office for
good and not that the David Cameron's Tories
make me feel all around that much happier!
Meet HAMZA: At 16, a Tangier Street Kid.
With his smattering of English, Hamza, 16, bubbled
all over me with his excitement at first meeting me
on the street for only one thing - for whatever money
or food he could beg or con from out of me!! Whatever,
Hamza was a charming street kid of Tangier and we
liked each other almost instantly, I must say. British or
American or European visitors stick out a mile away for
resourceful young lads like Hamza, who relies almost ex-
clusively on such folkz for whatever money he can ably
and skillfully extract out of them by his sheer charm
and becoming personality. Hamza, however, couldn't
charm the local police who have regularly beaten him
for just being a street kid and for having committed no
crime whatsoever. I did whatever I could to help the
lovable rascal!! He attends state school only occasion-
ally and very reluctantly, he told me. The smattering
of English he spoke was picked up by Hamza mostly
from visiting Yankz and Britz that he seemed to like to
mingle with more than with his own native folkz. His
first love, beside nice girlz, is the guy called Eminem!!
He loves wearing the Eminem image on his clothing
as shown above in my photo of Hamza taken of
him on the streets of Tangier.
Homeless Mohammed at age 29.
The Tangier shopkeepers screamed at him when-
ever he got too near their shops. That's how I
came to notice Mohammed and to discover he
was homeless and sleeping rough at age 29. What
shocked me the most about him was the huge un-
treated boil and scab on his upper left arm that was
festering badly and needed to be medically-lanced
before it got any worse than it was. When I photogra-
phed him and his nasty boil, one of the shopkeeper
started to yell at me as loud as he could, too. I still
kept on photographing Mohammed as shown above.
Before I left him, I made sure he had some food
some money in his pocket to help him as best as I
could. He then hugged he, did Mohammed. I only
wish I could have also got him some medical treat-
ment for that cruel and poisonous boil of his. It was
at least 4 or 5 inches round ... Much too, much!
Selling His Hand-Made Ship at Tangier.
To earn extra income, he makes and then sells
his hand-made ships on the streets to whoever
wants to buy one of them. The model ship shown
with the man above was a mere 250 Moroccan
Al-Maghrib Dirhams or about 22 English quid.
I first saw the man - whose name I didn't get -
carrying his ship on his shoulder soon after taking
my first camel ride on one of the 6 or 7 camels I
had encountered at the almost empty and nearby
Tangier beach. He spoke no Enlglish or Spanish,
and since I couldn't speak Arabic, we simply com-
municated by gestures and signs! His model ship
was superbly crafted and quite heavy at five feet
long and all hand painted, too.
Tangier Youthz Taking A Free 18 Wheeler Ride ...
I had looked out for them for two days to get a
quick photoshot of them hitching dangerous free rides
on the back of some 18-wheeler trucks on the main
roads of Morocco's Tangier. Gangs of 15 to 20 local
youthz of about ages 15 to 19 or so, I saw waiting
patiently for 18-wheelers to stop at some traffic
lights or at a bottleneck and then quickly jump on
the back of such to ride as far as they could. The
local traffic copz would blow their whistles when-
ever they saw such youthz on the back or order
the driver to stop as the kidz then fled the scene.
It was getting dark and just by chance I happened
to see a truck with 8 youthz riding on the back as
pictured above. The truck was going at full speed
and only by sheer luck and camera speed was I
able to finally get somekind of photo showing such
youthz doing their free ride ... Only certain older 18
wheelers do the trick for them and that allows them
to hold onto the back door rods and with a back bum-
per that they could step and stand on. The newer
trucks don't have such back fixtures for such
youthz to grab or hold onto. It's a game of adven-
ture and of a daring challenge and of a thrill ride, I
suspect, for such cocky youthz. However, one day,
if it hasn't already happened, some of those kidz
will be tragically killed on the dream truck of their
invincible youth! I'd hate to see that!! But it's
part of the "izzat" of some Moroccan youthz.
Typical City Scene of Morocco's Tangier.
Tangier is above all like somekind of camel ride!
It's bumpy, it's jumpy, it's scary, and it's curvy!
If you haven't taken a camel ride, then do so to
understand precisely what I mean about such.
From the Sûreté Nationale thugz snatching people
off the streets to Hamza the street kid to Mohammed
the rough sleeper to the model ship builder to the
18 Wheeler free riders to the camels I encountered
and to the bunches of immigrant Africans at St. An-
drew's morning service at Old Tanger, the whole
experience of the Sunni city for me was like some-
kind of camel ride from beginning to end. No wonder
Contessa Maria is in despair at my propensity to
write and photograph while she wants me to spend
more time with her than with complete strangers
on the streets of some strange place like Tangier.
Right you are, my dear Maria ... But don't despair
quite yet! I only have one life to live and so I must
do what I do to embrace it all for good or bad or
for whatever may come my way with joy or
sadness or whatever uplifts or befalls me!
Good wishes from Vancouver, Uncle Monty.
+William Laud, 2010.
The rainbow stretched across the open sky as
Maria and me sailed on the BANASA from
Gibraltar to Morocco's Tangier. The image I took
was with Maria's latest Xmas gift to me of the bino-
cular digital camera that can capture images of upto
infinity like the huge rainbow and The Rock of
Gibraltar standing awesomely and majestically
some 10 miles away in the far distant back-
ground from the passenger deck of the ship ...
:: UPDATE ::
Hello Monty.
Sincerely and Prosperity greeting come to u in Jesus Name. I will
first of all introduce myself to you. i am Ishmael Godu who meet
you at the St Andrew Catholic (Anglican) church in Tanger Morocco.
i was very much happy to get incontact with you in Tanger so i
decieded to write you as my belove father. I am a Liberian Refugee
(shown with Father Robert and me in the above story caption photo)
belong to the Grebo ethnic tribe of Maryland County. I am 26 years
of age and a Junior High School Student of (A.G.M) Assemblic of God
Mission. I am Homeless' Schooless and presently seeking refuge in
Morocco because of the Civil-War in Liberia in which my father
were killed for no reason alone with two of my brothers. and our
Homes were burn down by the Rebel during the last war in 2003
which separated me from my family. In april 14 2005 I fled from
Liberia into exile. I can't go back to my country (Liberia) because
I am wanted I fought against the rebels who killed my father. I
don't have no shelters.I don't know the well about my mother and
the rest of my family. Furthermore I can't return to my County
because my county is a place with deep Traditional belief and
Witchcraft pracitice in which my uncle is the chief in the killing
society. Therefore I am kindly asking you for some assistance
to continue my education.to resettle my life becausei dont
have no source of income from anywhere. thanks Ishmael .
By Uncle Monty at Flagstaff, Arizona.
Two days ago, The European Court of Justice ruled New
Labour's "Stop & Search" laws, and its consistent abuse
by the British Police, are a gross violation of Human
Rights inside the United Kingdom. The landmark ruling
declares such "Stop & Search" tactics by the police to
be grossly illegal, too. Its taken almost 10 years for the
court to finally rule against such inimical and unjust laws.
During that time, millions of people have been abused
under the anti-terrorism guise of Stop & Search inside
so-called "Free England." I myself was subjected to such
abuse at Gatwick Airport by sly smiling Police Inspector
C. Button (CB783) just a few hours before the close of
2oo9 on New Year's Eve as I was preparing to fly out to
Gibraltar from Gatwick's North Terminal. I was easy
prey for Mr. Button's totally arbitrary and capricious
actions against me in order, I presume, for him to meet
New Labour's "Race Quota" under the beastly laws of
"Stop & Search" and to give life to his need to act out his
own "power trip" in front of other airline passengers!
The court ruling came too late for me to stop Inspector
C. Button's totally uncalled invasion of my privacy
in the open public at where I was humiliated and
degraded for no other reason than Button's own lame
rationale and oddball police psychosis. Now two weeks
later, I am still seething at him. When I return to
homebase in the wintery UK, I shall take steps to con-
sult with legal counsel to possibly instigate litigation
against the "dear" Inspector, the Gatwick Division,
and the Sussex Police. I demand at least a formal
apology to begin with ... I will have my full story soon
on what really took place at UK's Gatwick Airport on
New Year's Eve, 2oo9, by the over-the-top policeman
known to me as "dear" Inspector C. Button!!!
Judges in Strasbourg say UK powers under Terrorism
Act 2000 violate convention on human rights.
Next Story:
"Excuse Me, Dear Inspector!"
Or What The Dear Inspector C. Button
Did To Me At UK's Gatwick Airport.
His Sly Smile I Shall Always Remember.
By Uncle Monty.
PS - Thankz for the dozens and dozens of emails from
my many friends that are mostly snow-bound in the
UK and Europe, and in parts of America, right now.
Pooooooooooor thingz! But look at what has just happ-
ened in Haiti to all the poor devils there with possibly
thousands killed by the massive earthquake to hit the
capital Port-Au-Prince and much of its infrastructure
is now mostly devastated. The whole Haiti tragedy
is so heart rendering. So, guyz and galz, stop com-
plaining so badly about all the snow and ice at where
you are. It'll soon thaw and all will be alright, while
Haiti will take years to fully recover, if ever! Thankz
then to Jill Ferguson. Bev Brittan, Sally Morgan,
Elizabeth Middleton, Tom Grosvenor, John Lenhart,
The Reeds, Bishop Jonathon Blake, Curt Yates, Shelia
Aarons, Arlene Johnson, Patty Reynolds, et al, for your
nice and welcomed emails and what have you. As most
of you know, I rarely get to go anywhere, so please stop
being jealous of me for taking only a New Year short
break to Gibraltar, Morocco, Canada and USA with my
dear Contessa Maria. In other words, STOP WHINING
or I'll have to find that "dear" Inspector Button to
"Stop & Search" you just for the hell of it ...
LOL, Uncle Monty.
+St. Hilary, 2010.
Thousands missing, feared dead in 7.0
earthquake that leaves Port-au-Prince in ruins
By Joseph Guyler Delva, National Post.
January 13, 2010 12:00 AM.
Photographs by Thony Belizaire,
AFP, Getty Images, National Post.
PORT-AU-PRINCE - A major earthquake hit
impoverished Haiti yesterday, toppling build-
ings and burying residents in rubble. It was
feared thousands could be dead. The capital,
Port-au-Prince, was covered in a pall of grey ...
Disaster - Earthquake - Haiti - Photos
The Italian daily La Repubblica reports the death of the
Most Rev'd Serge Miot, Catholic Archbishop of Port-au-Prince.
According to the brief report, missionaries found his body in
the rubble of the archbishop's office. They also report that the
Vicar-General, Msgr. Benoit, was still missing. The Fides news
agency, states the Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti, Archbishop Bernardito
Auza, was reported as saying: "Port-au-Prince is totally devastated.
The cathedral, the Archbishop's Office, all of the big churches, all
of the seminaries have been reduced to rubble. The same luck for
the Ministry buildings, the Presidential Palace, the schools. The
Parish Priest of the Cathedral, who was spared, told me that the
archbishop of Port-au-Prince would have died under the rubble,
together with hundreds of seminarians and priests that are
under the ruins." Independent Catholic News (ICN).
>> Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your
older articles are not as good as newer ones you have
a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
Posted by Anonymous to
at 1/08/2010 11:23:00 AM <<
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