UK Birds.

Since Feeding The Birds. By Uncle Monty.
UK Bird Photos By Alex Albion.
About five years ago, I started feeding the few birds I
saw outside my London small homestead. At that time,
a pigeon or two or a blackbird or two would flutter by.
As time went by, I saw more and more British birds as
 I continued to freely feed them. A songbird or two and
a brown thrush or two soon appeared, along with a
wobbly dove or two and a ubiquitous sparrrow or two.
 All of them are fairly common British birds for sure.
To my delight, although not a twitcher per se, I kept spot-
ing more birds as the weeks and months went by. There
 came a seagull or two and a magpie or two or a black
crow or two, who attacked the magpies over who would
get the food to gulp down their throats and into their little
tummies. Not to be out done for free food, then came a 
"hypo" starling or two (and also called meadow larks)
and a swift swift or two. The more I fed the birds, the
more came from nowhere during winter, spring,
 summer, and fall.
Then Lo & Behold, Came The Grey Wagtail w/Yellow Breast.
The more birds I saw, the more need I had to correctly
identify some of them. So into a second hand bookshop
I went and I found the useful and authoritative 1975 reprint,
342-page "Field Guide in Colour to Birds" by Walter Černý, 
and translated from Czech into English by Margot Schierlová 
with over 1,700 lovely bird illustrations by Karel Drchal still
in its original dust jacket with the book hardly used for a
mere 50 pence or half-a-dollar! It has since become my
main source of correctly identifying British birds of which
some of them I am now freely feeding. I just love the
 Černý's outstanding bird guide, I really do ...
Britian's Largest Land Bird - The Grey Heron, who I discover-
ed one afternoon last year at West Norwood's Bealuh Hill Pond.
Poor British Moorhen Stuck on Frozen Pond.
Well, Hello There U Cute Little Chickz!
Saw Them Last Springtide ...
British Peregrine Falcon at Eltham Palace.
My intention has been to also write about the English
Falconry that I saw last year at Eltham Palace on
"one of those days worth talking about." It will
be part 2 of 2 of my visit to the ancient palace with
some more photos of the falcons, owls, and hawks
that I saw on display by some leading Falconers.
So lookout for that story of mine quite soon ...
And since feeding the birds has become part of my home
 life, I shall continue to do so and hope more British
birds that I have never seen before may just decide to
 pop on by and gobble up some of the free food just
 waiting for them to openly share with all the other
delightful birds of all kinds of sizes and styles that
 I keep a caring and protective eye on ...
I hope to add alittle more to this story, but right now
I'm off to the countryside for the day on this very early
Sunday morning to attend Quinquagesima Service for 
this Sunday before Lent at Bagshot and perhaps to see
 and then photograph some English country birds, too!
And not, of course, to forget my hosts Denise &
Grace, who have kindly invited me to visit with them.
They have a huge and lovely garden with bird feeders
and waterholes at their delightful country home.
Denise is a retired magazine editor and Grace is
retired accountant and they are both close sisters.
Oh, Happy Pancake Day This Shrove Tuesday
or Mardi Gras to you all, Uncle Monty.
+Quinquagesima (bcp), 2012.
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The Gospel of ( Homeless) James.
Sick Muslim Scumbag & Jihardist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.
Inside US Federal Court Room Last Week, He Shouted "God
Is Great" after endangering the innocent lives of 200 people on
Xmas Day, 2009, during his attempt to blow up a passenger
airline heading to Detriot, USA.  He will  always be infamously
 known as "The Underpants Bomber" with his deadly device
 sown in his filthy underwear. Once a Uni student at London
from truly corrupt Nigeria, Umar is yet another sick Black
Muslim Jihardist once on the prowl inside pro-Islam UK.
Now with his multiple US life sentences he won't be around
 for awhile, but some other crazy Jihardist will no doubt soon
take his place to attempt to kill in the name of Allah or The
Holy Koran or The Muslim Brotherhood. When I frequently
step on a plane, I don't want to live in fear of such a sick
scumbag bomber like Umar trying to kill me off, or my
fellow passenagers, all because he's got some personal
deadly grudge against the West and all non-Muslims
inside his radicalized and dangerous mindset. Such
like him are an ever present curse to the world.
Your's, Uncle Monty.
Feb. 19, 2012..
British Muslims recruited to fight for 'al-Qaeda' in
 Somalia. Dozens of radicalised British Muslims are
 being trained by militant Islamists to fight in a “holy
 war” in Somalia, it can be revealed. 
 By Sean Rayment & Colin Freeman.
"There is no such thing as "British" Muslims!
All we have are millions of Foreign Muslims or
Muslims born inside the UK".  Alex Albion.
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Heart Op.

My Heart Op.  By Uncle Monty.
Incidental Photos By Alex Albion.
British Heroes Photo By Gary Day.
Medical Images From The Web.
As heart operations go, the surgical procedures of
Cardiac Catheter and Coronary Angioplasty are
relatively pain-free and rather quick as it happened
 for the heart patient that was me. And whose heart
operation just three days ago was a resounding
success at England's world renowned Guy's & St.
Thomas' Hospital that proudly stands just across from
the River Thames at where London's Houses of
Parliament can also be easily and freely viewed.
The two highly-skilled and superbly-trained British
 cardiologists that operated on me then inserted a Stent
 right inside my bad heart to allow one of my bad
arteries to open up and to give renewed life and fresh
 air against my cardiovascular disease. The op took
around an hour or so has I was wheeled back to
 the Stephen Ward on the 7th Floor of
 the 12 floor St. Thomas' Hospital.
As I arrived back at my No. 3 Daycare bed, I put
my thumbs up in the air as my fellow patients and great
nurses cheered or waved at me.  Fame at last, I thought!
It was so exciting and such a joy to be granted an ex-
tention of my life despite many hardships and the
 viciously-cruel lies that I have endured against my
unperfect character, my strong social and political
 opinions, my deeply religious convictions, my sins
of the past, and my ever open Protestant lifestyle.
Such hardships and lies mean absolutely nothing when
you suddenly realize the overwhelming joy of a very
successful heart operation that could have easily ended
 with an heart attack or a major stroke or an immediate
hospital death during or after the cardiologists had
 done their very medical best to help you. I deeply
thank them and, of course, the Good Lord that I now
live from here on to tell you this my story and this is my
 song right here at this my little blog for all the world to
see and hopefully digest if they wish.  Wooooooow!
My only regret is that I couldn't photographically
record all that happened to me during my St. Thomas'
hospital stay from the beginning to the end. I should
have tried by taking my usual cameras with me, but
I did not after being advised not to bring valuables
with you while at hospital. Right, they are!!
During my operation, I watch alot of it on the plasma
TV screens right inside the operating theatre. It was
utterly fascinating and abit macabre to me with one's
heart not being exactly a pretty sight to see. Yet in
 its ugliness it brings vital body blood for life itself and
without it you're sadly as dead as a door nail - period.
We take our heart for granted until it begins to fail
us for one reason or another. Once it's restored or
 renewed you then begin to truly appreciate it and
never again take it for granted. There is almost a
new reverence toward it. At least in my
own case, there certainly is.
ECG Tracing Is One of Many Steps Taken
 Before The Heart Operation Takes Place.
The best time to have surgery is when one is in other-
wise good health and steady mental and physical fit-
ness such has was the case with me aside from my bad
heart condition that first begin prior to my 6oth birthday.
 I had had three previous "silent" heart attacks that I
was completely unaware of until I was informed by my
 British consultant cardiologist on my return to the UK
 after many years in the US of A. I dread to think what
it would have cost me to have had the same heart op-
eration in America like I now have had at St. Thomas'.
I've been given a figure of at least a $35,000 medical bill
from any rip-off Yankee hospital doing an heart op-
eration like mine. It didn't cost me a dime in the UK.
Thank goodness! "Never get sick in America." they
 say. How true with such astronomical health charges.
Folkz in the UK also bad mouth their National Health
Service (NHS), but if they got sick in America they
would be the first to jump for joy at the NHS. I for one
 have nothing but praise for the fine doctors and matrons
who give each year of their very best to millions of NHS
patients that they medically serve just like me. Guy's &
St. Thomas' Hospital is a classic example of all that is
good about the NHS. Don't try to tell me otherwise -
it simply won't wash with me!!
And yes before I forget, approaching hostpital surgery in
 a positive manner is half the battle already won. So when
 I entered the hospital operating theatre, I went with a very
positive attitude knowing such was important to have at
 such a critical and life-threatening stage in my cardiac and
medical condition. If you go with doom and gloom, it
is bound to be a doom and gloom experience that
 neither helps you nor your doctors. Say a little prayer
at least to get you on your way. And be sure to ex-
press your thanks loud and clear to the cardiologists
or surgeons who have successfully operated on you.
Here then comes the new sunshine of your life!!
Take hold of it and never let it go ...
Super Surgeons At Heart Work!
Beside my two cardiologists, there was five other
medical technicians and emergency nurses there to
 back up those surgeons at every beck and call.
They kept a constant eye on everything during the 
coronary angioplasty of mine. I was fully awake
during the whole procedure, has I think I men-
tioned before, as I diligently watched upfront as
 my heart was being successfully operated on. It
 was at times almost surreal to say the least. In fact, 
 the whole experience was nothing like what I had
 expected it would be. When I left the operating
 theatre I was dizzy with amazement and joy and,
of course, with utter relief. I never felt so better
until it had all taken place in front of my old,
yet bright, Anglican eyes and Protestant mind.
Now with much joy, Uncle Monty.
+Sexagesima, 2012.
Tell Me, Graham, It Isn't So!
The Sad Downfall of ex-Law Partner Richard
Graham Simkin of Fulbright & Jaworski
 at the London branch of the international
American law firm.
By Uncle Monty.
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Marking The 10th Anniversary Death of Our Beloved Josh
 Chin & Josh Carver at Age 17 Each. Remembered, Always.
Who Said My Contessa Maria Was Poor? Contessa's
Broach with 26 Diamonds Set in 18ct. Rose Gold.  Circa:
1777.  Est. Value: $325K.  From Her Partial English Estate
That She Says She'll Leave To Me, If  She Doesn't Get
The Auction Price That She Wants for her Rare Broach! 
That's just fine with me, my dear Maria!!
St. Edmund of Canterbury.
Come Fly With Me ...
Snowy Midnight From My London Bedroom Window
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Black Ant.

Put The Black Ant  In The Dock.
By Uncle Monty.
Story Graphics By Alex Albion.
Photos From The Web.
All that is clear so far is that the black footballer Anton
 Ferdinand - not to be confused with his football brother
 Rio Ferdinand -  is playing "The Race Card" in his vicious
allegation against white English footballer John Terry.
What makes it worse, is that our brainwashed and politically-
correct British Police, our foreigner-riddled Crown Prosecution
Service (CPS), and our English Football Association (FA)
have all fallen for the use of Anton Ferdinand's "Race Card."
If any body should be in the dock it is Ant - on Ferdinand and
 not John Terry. I refuse to believe a word of the Black Ant.
~ News Flash ~
By James Dowling.
(Blame The Black Ant for this, too!!)
The alleged racial slur of just a few words by Terry against
 egotistical Ant -on Ferdinand is litte more than racial hocus
pocus that has been created into a mountain out of a molehill.
 Such is typical in the UK thesedays whenever some black
jerk like Ant - on Ferdinand claims to have been racially-
abused by some white person no matter if 
such is true or false.
The huge cost and wasted time for an alleged simple slur
is now outrageous. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will
be spent for barristers, for the court trial, and the CPS
and the Met Police, and judicial allocation, all because
Ant - on Ferdinand feels he's been "dissed" by some white
dude. Now we're told to expect a five-day trial in July at
London's Westminster Magistrates Court to determine if
Ant - on Ferdinand was indeed racially-abused by Terry,
who has since been stripped, among other things,
 of his English captaincy by the FA.
John Terry Blue Army.
The FA proclaims its determination to "kick racism out
of English football," while at the same time it has "kicked
 out the British principle of being innocent until found guilty"
 for John Terry in order to appease UK ranting blacks like
 the Ferdinand Brothers and the ogre UK politically-correct
Gestapo. The Daily Mail poll tells the sad story, too: "Was
the FA right to strip John Terry of the England captaincy 
BEFORE his trial?"  No = 36%. Yes = 64%. Such is a
 vexing commentary on today's English empty mindlessness
 that opposes justice for the indvidual over sinister and
quick-fix political correctness. Ironically, some of the
 biggest racists are African black folkz. Never mind
that for we're constantly browbeaten and always told
that only white folkz are real racists. Poppycock!
UK Race Relations, Ah?
John Terry doesn't stand a chance in such a racial climate
that has been whipped up by the Black Ant and the
leftist British news media. One UK sports writer wrote
more than six to eight times in the space of his article that
John Terry faced "serious charges of racial abuse." The
article was tanamount to being pro-Ant - on Ferdinand
and anti-John Terry. The article was disgraceful to say
the least! It left the deliberate impression that Terry
was somehow "guilty" as charged no matter what.
Damn his trial, he's guilty!
And wont it be a remarkable coincidence that the Black
 Ant's own brother - Rio Ferdinand - may now be given
the English captaincy to replace John Terry! How nice to
see the Ferdinand Brothers get their way by the use of
one of them using "The Race Card" against a white
football captian? Only in England would such be allowed
to happen all in the name of racial justice and harmony.
The whole thing stinks doesn't it?
He's Cut Off His Cornrows, Did The Black Ant.
Born in 1985 at what is now South East London's immigrant-
infested Peckham, Ant - on Ferdinand will probably be
remembered more for playing his race card than for be-
ing a professional footballer with a chip on his shoulders.
Whatever, his cunning crave for attention is now fulfilled!
For John Terry, like so many whites in today's Broken
 Down Britain, he hardly stands a chance to obtain justice.
 Even if he does, the damage inflicted on him by the vicious
Black Ant will stay with him unless Terry eventually sues
 and wins big damages for false racial  allegations
 against him by Ant - on Ferdinand.
Today, Feb. 6th, 2012, marks the 60 Anniversary Accession
of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Looking back now over
the past 60 years, all I see is the stabbing to death of "Village
England" for what we have today of  the rise of a Third
World Zoo  of Africans, Muslims, Asylum  Seekers, Illegal
 Immgrants and Foreigners that has now made England terr-
ible. We are now surrounded and attacked by the Ant - on
Ferdinands that has made Britain a poorer and depressing
place to live in unless you're part of the socialist and black zoo.
We did not know then of John Terry and Ant - on Ferdinand
back 60 years ago nor of the hideous and odious Tony Blair,
who has helped to destroy England as a ferocious and sick
 socialist that hoodwinked the country into electing him for
three times while he deceitfully flooded the country with 3.7
million Africans under his vile policy of mass immigration to
 the UK. Blair is what I call a deadly "Mass Immigrationist"
or a stinking leftist rat while to me the ilk of Ant - on
 Ferdinand is that of a Black Ant.
John Terry Is Yet Another White Victim In UK.
John Terry is therefore doomed due to such characters
like the Ferdinand Brothers and Blair. They have brought
with them everything that is so anti-English it is a crying shame
as we mark Her Majesty's 60th year as our Royal Monarch.
The long winding road has brought us to an abyss that 60
years ago we never dreamed of seeing like we do today.
They used to say "that there will always be an England,"
but I'm afaid is isn't true any longer as we've now arrived
at "New Afroland" and/or "New Islamland"
that was once Great Britain.
Now that we even have court cases like Ant - on Ferdinand
vs. John Terry that has been made de jure  today but would
 never have seen the light of day in the past. But it is now under
 the odious canopy and oppressive reign of socialist multicultur-
alism and multiracialism that the England that I once knew has
been killed against the English people. Such has been killed
by Ant - on Ferdinand as the Race Card Poster Boy, who
seems more ready with his "Screams of Racism" than en-
 hancing his football career. But then, perhaps he thinks what
 he's done against Terry enhances his career at the expense
of John Terry's. He could be right could the Black Ant!
I repeat again for the public record - "Put The Black
Ant In The Dock, Not John Terry."
Mad as hell, Uncle Monty.
+Diamond Anniversary of Her Majesty's
Accession To The British Throne, 1952-2012.
Our Good Queen For 60 Good Years!
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Ant- on Ferdinand Before He Cut Off His Cornrows!
Fabio Capello disagrees 'absolutely' with FA decision
on John Terry.  By Daniel Taylor & Dominic Fifield.
The thing with Fabio Capello shows again all the trouble
 that Ant - on Ferdinand has now caused and it's more of
 a reason why the Black Ant himself should be put in
 the dock to answer what I suspect is his false accusation
 against John Terry. How one black ant like Anton Ferdinand
 is allowed to cause so much trouble is all because of the
UK legal and race system that lets him get away with it.
For what amounts to perhaps half dozens bad words
between two male adult footballers, it is an outrage that
this whole matter has been allowed to become a
showcase of black race-against-white race in the UK.
I blame the black ant solidly for what he has done!  No
wonder race relations in the UK are at an all time low
and coupled with all the rioting and looting last year by
 thousands of disaffected blacks and foreigners inside
the UK. Ant - on Ferdinand's specious actions only
exasperates the race situation even more. He brings
shame on himself and English football ...  But, he
doesn't care as long as he can get his own nasty way.
Put him in the dock, I say!!  UM.
Here's yet another THREE anti-racist news articles
just in one of today's London afternoon newspapers.
It's like they want to give us a bellyful of such stuff:
Fabio Capello accused over television outburst.
By Simon Johnson.
Police probe (another) Tube woman's racist rant.
(This time it isn't Croydon's "Tram Lady" Emma West!!)
By Kiran Randhawa.
Racist emails sent to (black) archbishop of york.
(This is the most revealing article since the gaybo  community is
supposed to be so liberal and so open-minded and so anti-racist,
yet even some of them are now accused of sending racist emails
to the Uganda-born African John Sentamu, who like Ant - on
Ferdinand called the copz, who promptly claimed such were
"hate crimes." What ever happened to free expression in UK?)
And yes, if Sentamu becomes the next Archbishop of Canterbury
 after Rowan Williams, I'll seriously consider leaving the English
 Anglican Church for good. We don't need any further 
Africanization of the Church of England like it already is.) UM.
~ Now This News Update ~
Criminalizing White Football Fans
 In England's "New Afroland."
Toon Rival admits racist tweets.
A FOOTBALL fan yesterday admitted sending racist
tweets about Newcastle United. Sutherland supporter
Peter Copeland made derogatory remarks about striker
Demba Ba and other black players in the side during a
Twitter row with a Toon fan last month. The 27-year
old Copeland, of West Rainton, Co. Durham, will be
sentenced by Sunderland magistrates on Feb. 27.
Metro, Feb. 7, 2012.
Terry case won't change football's tribal instinct. "(Anton)
 Ferdinand is a c**t ," sang Chelsea fans as well as chanting.
By Sarah Sands.
ES, Feb 7, 2012
.All Downhill All The Way For The Big Issue.
The Ecomonist  Report on The Big Issue.
By Uncle Monty.
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Broken Bethlehem. By Uncle Monty.
West Bank Photos By Alex Albion.
At where our magnificent Christ child was born,
the Palestinian town of Bethlehem is a pretty depressing
site on the West Bank with its Isreali 30ft. high security walls
with gun towers and streets full of garbage and trash along
with niggardly Muslim taxi drivers pesting the Christain visitor
like me to take a taxi to the Church of the Nativity at where
Christ was actually born. On the day I arrived at Bethlehem,
fistfights and scuffles broke out again between rival Orthodox
 Christian clergymen over the denominational cleaning
of the church in preparation for Christmas Services.
Bethlehem Wall Message:
Israeli Solider Being Searched By A Palestinain Girl.
The Israeli rationale against the Palestinians borders on a kind
of Fascism that feeds its pathological mindset to the point of no
 return with its 30ft high security walls and gun towers and count-
less armed police and soldiers at every turm along with their
 deadly and tigger happy AK-47s.  It's all going to end in a final
and huge bloodbath which will devour and destroy all that
Israel should stands for.
My Street View of Bethlehem.
I've chosen primarily not to write about Bethlehem from a
religious point of view per se, but rather from an English
 traveller's view of the city of Christ's birth.
 There was a listlessness about the place and a sense of
emptiness prevaled all around me as I walked the streets
of Broken Bethlehem to try to find its social pulse and its
 lifeblood and historic character and the living essence
 of the local people. It was deadpan to me.
The more I walked thru Bethlehem, the more I felt depressed
at what I saw or rather what I had expected to see of such
an important place in the origins or birth of Christianity.
It was awful to me.
I had expected to see joy and I did not. I had expected to
see Christ's face everywhere, but I did not. I had expected
to see signs of the cross here and there, but I did not aside
 from the churches. And, I had expected to see a happy
 Bethlehem, but I did not.
All I saw were cars being stopped on the streets by
overzealous Palestinian police. All I saw were people who
seemed resigned to the oppression and injustice of the
 Jewish State of Israel over them. All I saw were growing
 Islamic mosques against the old churches of old at ancient
Bethlehem. And all I saw made me realise that Bethlehem
 is broken as a free human community that has been shafted
 like so much of Palestine thesedays under Israel's bare
ironfist of Jewish state police and singular Hebrew
military. It pitiful, really!
*More Israeli Government Built Barricades
 Against A Free Palestine and Her People.
Bethlehem Street Scape.
PLO & Political Bethlehem: Arafat & Abbas.
Politically, all I found were banners and posters of the
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the
Palestinian National Authority (PNA). Such appears to
 be dominated by Muslims rather than Christians, who are
a growing minortiy inside Palestine and. of course, inside
 the whole of Israel.
Only one person was willing to talk to me about Palestinian
politics. He reserved his most critical comments about the
British, who he blamed for giving away to the Jews their home-
land of Palestine and thus robbing the Palestinans of their rightful
place and statehood.. He cusred the British for what they did
 leading upto the creation of the illegimate State of Israel in
1948. When I asked him what he thought of Tony Blair as the
Peace Envoy between Israel and Palestine, he could hardly
contain his hatred and comtempt against despised Blair as
he then spit on the street when I mentioned his vile name.
 "He's a paid mouthpiece of the Zionists," he declared
at almost choking on his own words against double-
dealing and deceitful-wheeling Tony Blair.
Asked what he thought about the creation of a Palestinian
State, he said it was too late to be peacefully-created
 without further bloodshed and violent reaction against
Israeli present oppressive policies under Israeli PM
Benjamin Netanyahu "fascist" Likud Party.
The Christian gentleman gave little hope of a peaceful
settlement of the Palestinian Question. "We shall rise again,
mark my words, against the tryants of Israel," he remarked
with his barely concealed anger. British-educated he was and
was in his early 70's and was imprisoned and tortured by
 the Israelis he told me.  I have no way, of course, of
confirming the truth of what he said. Although, I have
no reason not to believe him.
The Holy See's Pope Paul VI Mission At Bethlehem.
Early Evening Outside Bethlehem's Major New Mosque.
Disabled Muslim Street Peddler Across From Mosque.
Residential Bethlehem
Football Academy For Football Crazy
Youthz of Palestine! Good For Them ...
One of the few remaining British-built
Edifices At Broken Bethlehem.
Xmas & New Year At Broken Bethlehem.
Overall, my visit to Broken Bethlehem was a sore
eye-opener and the complete antithesis of a free and
open society. I am glad I wasn't born a Christian in
Bethlehem or have to live under the foul yoke of today's
Israeli Police State or the equally brutal Palestinian police.
My memory of Broken Bethlehem will not be mended
soon, although I am certainly pleased to have visited much
of Palestine and, of course, Bethlehem, too. Oddly 
enough, my Christain faith as an English Anglican has
 only been strengthened and not weakened by what I
saw at Bethlehem, at Jericho, at Ramallah, and at
 Hebron, and that all four of them stand inside Palestine
 of past centuries untold. Broken Bethlehem doesn't
 deserve its present-day fate and condition in the
 Name of the Good Lord and Our Saviour
Christ Jesus. Amen.
Truthfully, Uncle Monty.
+King Charles The Martyr, 2012.
My Mistake!!!
I made a mistake earlier in stating my need to attend
a cardiology appointment today, when such wasn't
due after all for today, but rather for tomorrow. So
there was no need for me to come back later today to
complete this latest story of mine of "Broken Bethlehem."
Nor did  I need to rush off now to a cardiology appointment
with my good British cardiologist. I shall also undergo
Phlebotomy (NOT Lobotomy) tests under his care.
In the meantime, I did leave you with some images of
Bethlehem that are not intended to be of the tourist kind,
 but rather of the 21st century depresssing city of
Christ's birth. It isn't very pretty or very religious as a
 Palestinian city for the average and informal Christian
 pilgrim like me, except at the churches now surround-
ed more by hostile Islam than healthy Christianity.
Feedback & Comments
Jerusalem Far From Golden
For the Homeless.
By Uncle Monty.
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