Black Ant.

Put The Black Ant  In The Dock.
By Uncle Monty.
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All that is clear so far is that the black footballer Anton
 Ferdinand - not to be confused with his football brother
 Rio Ferdinand -  is playing "The Race Card" in his vicious
allegation against white English footballer John Terry.
What makes it worse, is that our brainwashed and politically-
correct British Police, our foreigner-riddled Crown Prosecution
Service (CPS), and our English Football Association (FA)
have all fallen for the use of Anton Ferdinand's "Race Card."
If any body should be in the dock it is Ant - on Ferdinand and
 not John Terry. I refuse to believe a word of the Black Ant.
~ News Flash ~
By James Dowling.
(Blame The Black Ant for this, too!!)
The alleged racial slur of just a few words by Terry against
 egotistical Ant -on Ferdinand is litte more than racial hocus
pocus that has been created into a mountain out of a molehill.
 Such is typical in the UK thesedays whenever some black
jerk like Ant - on Ferdinand claims to have been racially-
abused by some white person no matter if 
such is true or false.
The huge cost and wasted time for an alleged simple slur
is now outrageous. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will
be spent for barristers, for the court trial, and the CPS
and the Met Police, and judicial allocation, all because
Ant - on Ferdinand feels he's been "dissed" by some white
dude. Now we're told to expect a five-day trial in July at
London's Westminster Magistrates Court to determine if
Ant - on Ferdinand was indeed racially-abused by Terry,
who has since been stripped, among other things,
 of his English captaincy by the FA.
John Terry Blue Army.
The FA proclaims its determination to "kick racism out
of English football," while at the same time it has "kicked
 out the British principle of being innocent until found guilty"
 for John Terry in order to appease UK ranting blacks like
 the Ferdinand Brothers and the ogre UK politically-correct
Gestapo. The Daily Mail poll tells the sad story, too: "Was
the FA right to strip John Terry of the England captaincy 
BEFORE his trial?"  No = 36%. Yes = 64%. Such is a
 vexing commentary on today's English empty mindlessness
 that opposes justice for the indvidual over sinister and
quick-fix political correctness. Ironically, some of the
 biggest racists are African black folkz. Never mind
that for we're constantly browbeaten and always told
that only white folkz are real racists. Poppycock!
UK Race Relations, Ah?
John Terry doesn't stand a chance in such a racial climate
that has been whipped up by the Black Ant and the
leftist British news media. One UK sports writer wrote
more than six to eight times in the space of his article that
John Terry faced "serious charges of racial abuse." The
article was tanamount to being pro-Ant - on Ferdinand
and anti-John Terry. The article was disgraceful to say
the least! It left the deliberate impression that Terry
was somehow "guilty" as charged no matter what.
Damn his trial, he's guilty!
And wont it be a remarkable coincidence that the Black
 Ant's own brother - Rio Ferdinand - may now be given
the English captaincy to replace John Terry! How nice to
see the Ferdinand Brothers get their way by the use of
one of them using "The Race Card" against a white
football captian? Only in England would such be allowed
to happen all in the name of racial justice and harmony.
The whole thing stinks doesn't it?
He's Cut Off His Cornrows, Did The Black Ant.
Born in 1985 at what is now South East London's immigrant-
infested Peckham, Ant - on Ferdinand will probably be
remembered more for playing his race card than for be-
ing a professional footballer with a chip on his shoulders.
Whatever, his cunning crave for attention is now fulfilled!
For John Terry, like so many whites in today's Broken
 Down Britain, he hardly stands a chance to obtain justice.
 Even if he does, the damage inflicted on him by the vicious
Black Ant will stay with him unless Terry eventually sues
 and wins big damages for false racial  allegations
 against him by Ant - on Ferdinand.
Today, Feb. 6th, 2012, marks the 60 Anniversary Accession
of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Looking back now over
the past 60 years, all I see is the stabbing to death of "Village
England" for what we have today of  the rise of a Third
World Zoo  of Africans, Muslims, Asylum  Seekers, Illegal
 Immgrants and Foreigners that has now made England terr-
ible. We are now surrounded and attacked by the Ant - on
Ferdinands that has made Britain a poorer and depressing
place to live in unless you're part of the socialist and black zoo.
We did not know then of John Terry and Ant - on Ferdinand
back 60 years ago nor of the hideous and odious Tony Blair,
who has helped to destroy England as a ferocious and sick
 socialist that hoodwinked the country into electing him for
three times while he deceitfully flooded the country with 3.7
million Africans under his vile policy of mass immigration to
 the UK. Blair is what I call a deadly "Mass Immigrationist"
or a stinking leftist rat while to me the ilk of Ant - on
 Ferdinand is that of a Black Ant.
John Terry Is Yet Another White Victim In UK.
John Terry is therefore doomed due to such characters
like the Ferdinand Brothers and Blair. They have brought
with them everything that is so anti-English it is a crying shame
as we mark Her Majesty's 60th year as our Royal Monarch.
The long winding road has brought us to an abyss that 60
years ago we never dreamed of seeing like we do today.
They used to say "that there will always be an England,"
but I'm afaid is isn't true any longer as we've now arrived
at "New Afroland" and/or "New Islamland"
that was once Great Britain.
Now that we even have court cases like Ant - on Ferdinand
vs. John Terry that has been made de jure  today but would
 never have seen the light of day in the past. But it is now under
 the odious canopy and oppressive reign of socialist multicultur-
alism and multiracialism that the England that I once knew has
been killed against the English people. Such has been killed
by Ant - on Ferdinand as the Race Card Poster Boy, who
seems more ready with his "Screams of Racism" than en-
 hancing his football career. But then, perhaps he thinks what
 he's done against Terry enhances his career at the expense
of John Terry's. He could be right could the Black Ant!
I repeat again for the public record - "Put The Black
Ant In The Dock, Not John Terry."
Mad as hell, Uncle Monty.
+Diamond Anniversary of Her Majesty's
Accession To The British Throne, 1952-2012.
Our Good Queen For 60 Good Years!
Feedback & Comments
Ant- on Ferdinand Before He Cut Off His Cornrows!
Fabio Capello disagrees 'absolutely' with FA decision
on John Terry.  By Daniel Taylor & Dominic Fifield.
The thing with Fabio Capello shows again all the trouble
 that Ant - on Ferdinand has now caused and it's more of
 a reason why the Black Ant himself should be put in
 the dock to answer what I suspect is his false accusation
 against John Terry. How one black ant like Anton Ferdinand
 is allowed to cause so much trouble is all because of the
UK legal and race system that lets him get away with it.
For what amounts to perhaps half dozens bad words
between two male adult footballers, it is an outrage that
this whole matter has been allowed to become a
showcase of black race-against-white race in the UK.
I blame the black ant solidly for what he has done!  No
wonder race relations in the UK are at an all time low
and coupled with all the rioting and looting last year by
 thousands of disaffected blacks and foreigners inside
the UK. Ant - on Ferdinand's specious actions only
exasperates the race situation even more. He brings
shame on himself and English football ...  But, he
doesn't care as long as he can get his own nasty way.
Put him in the dock, I say!!  UM.
Here's yet another THREE anti-racist news articles
just in one of today's London afternoon newspapers.
It's like they want to give us a bellyful of such stuff:
Fabio Capello accused over television outburst.
By Simon Johnson.
Police probe (another) Tube woman's racist rant.
(This time it isn't Croydon's "Tram Lady" Emma West!!)
By Kiran Randhawa.
Racist emails sent to (black) archbishop of york.
(This is the most revealing article since the gaybo  community is
supposed to be so liberal and so open-minded and so anti-racist,
yet even some of them are now accused of sending racist emails
to the Uganda-born African John Sentamu, who like Ant - on
Ferdinand called the copz, who promptly claimed such were
"hate crimes." What ever happened to free expression in UK?)
And yes, if Sentamu becomes the next Archbishop of Canterbury
 after Rowan Williams, I'll seriously consider leaving the English
 Anglican Church for good. We don't need any further 
Africanization of the Church of England like it already is.) UM.
~ Now This News Update ~
Criminalizing White Football Fans
 In England's "New Afroland."
Toon Rival admits racist tweets.
A FOOTBALL fan yesterday admitted sending racist
tweets about Newcastle United. Sutherland supporter
Peter Copeland made derogatory remarks about striker
Demba Ba and other black players in the side during a
Twitter row with a Toon fan last month. The 27-year
old Copeland, of West Rainton, Co. Durham, will be
sentenced by Sunderland magistrates on Feb. 27.
Metro, Feb. 7, 2012.
Terry case won't change football's tribal instinct. "(Anton)
 Ferdinand is a c**t ," sang Chelsea fans as well as chanting.
By Sarah Sands.
ES, Feb 7, 2012
.All Downhill All The Way For The Big Issue.
The Ecomonist  Report on The Big Issue.
By Uncle Monty.
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