UK Birds.

Since Feeding The Birds. By Uncle Monty.
UK Bird Photos By Alex Albion.
About five years ago, I started feeding the few birds I
saw outside my London small homestead. At that time,
a pigeon or two or a blackbird or two would flutter by.
As time went by, I saw more and more British birds as
 I continued to freely feed them. A songbird or two and
a brown thrush or two soon appeared, along with a
wobbly dove or two and a ubiquitous sparrrow or two.
 All of them are fairly common British birds for sure.
To my delight, although not a twitcher per se, I kept spot-
ing more birds as the weeks and months went by. There
 came a seagull or two and a magpie or two or a black
crow or two, who attacked the magpies over who would
get the food to gulp down their throats and into their little
tummies. Not to be out done for free food, then came a 
"hypo" starling or two (and also called meadow larks)
and a swift swift or two. The more I fed the birds, the
more came from nowhere during winter, spring,
 summer, and fall.
Then Lo & Behold, Came The Grey Wagtail w/Yellow Breast.
The more birds I saw, the more need I had to correctly
identify some of them. So into a second hand bookshop
I went and I found the useful and authoritative 1975 reprint,
342-page "Field Guide in Colour to Birds" by Walter Černý, 
and translated from Czech into English by Margot Schierlová 
with over 1,700 lovely bird illustrations by Karel Drchal still
in its original dust jacket with the book hardly used for a
mere 50 pence or half-a-dollar! It has since become my
main source of correctly identifying British birds of which
some of them I am now freely feeding. I just love the
 Černý's outstanding bird guide, I really do ...
Britian's Largest Land Bird - The Grey Heron, who I discover-
ed one afternoon last year at West Norwood's Bealuh Hill Pond.
Poor British Moorhen Stuck on Frozen Pond.
Well, Hello There U Cute Little Chickz!
Saw Them Last Springtide ...
British Peregrine Falcon at Eltham Palace.
My intention has been to also write about the English
Falconry that I saw last year at Eltham Palace on
"one of those days worth talking about." It will
be part 2 of 2 of my visit to the ancient palace with
some more photos of the falcons, owls, and hawks
that I saw on display by some leading Falconers.
So lookout for that story of mine quite soon ...
And since feeding the birds has become part of my home
 life, I shall continue to do so and hope more British
birds that I have never seen before may just decide to
 pop on by and gobble up some of the free food just
 waiting for them to openly share with all the other
delightful birds of all kinds of sizes and styles that
 I keep a caring and protective eye on ...
I hope to add alittle more to this story, but right now
I'm off to the countryside for the day on this very early
Sunday morning to attend Quinquagesima Service for 
this Sunday before Lent at Bagshot and perhaps to see
 and then photograph some English country birds, too!
And not, of course, to forget my hosts Denise &
Grace, who have kindly invited me to visit with them.
They have a huge and lovely garden with bird feeders
and waterholes at their delightful country home.
Denise is a retired magazine editor and Grace is
retired accountant and they are both close sisters.
Oh, Happy Pancake Day This Shrove Tuesday
or Mardi Gras to you all, Uncle Monty.
+Quinquagesima (bcp), 2012.
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