Israel At Xmas.

From Israel's Holy Jerusalem, Wishing You All A Very
Happy Christmas & Blessed New Year, 2012.
Best Wishes From Uncle Monty At Jerusalem After Being
 in Bethlehem On This Glorious Christmas Day, 2011.
Read More By Uncle Monty:
Israel inaugurates "Gospel Trail" to follow Jesus' steps Galilee,
 Israel.  (ENInews) - Perched on Tel Kinrot, a hill above the
Sea of Galilee, Winston Mah turned his face toward the warm
sun and took in the tranquil view before him. To his right, the
 Christian pilgrim from San Diego saw banana groves at the
 edge of the calm fresh-water lake; to his left, on the opposite hill,
rose the majestic Mount of Beatitudes at Tabga, where, accord-
ing to Christian tradition, Jesus delivered his Sermon on the
 Mount. [Ecumenical News Service International, Geneva].


Kim Jong-un.

No "Dear Leader" Anymore!
By Uncle Monty.
Images From The Web.
~ Funeral Update ~
North Koreans line streets for Kim Jong Il's funeral.
Dec. 28, 2011.
Having stood right there (as shown above) as one of the few
 Western visitors to North Korea, I still feel rather eerie after
seeing the body of his father before the body of the North
 Korean "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il now also lying in state
at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang.  A visit
to the Memorial Palace, with its three miles of marble
corridors and moveable floors, is an obligatory one for
 any foreign visitor, including me, to North Korea's
 twilight city of Pyongyang.
North Koreans Mourning The Death Of Their "Dear Leader"
Kim Jong-il.  Can You Imagine The British People Mourning
The Death Of Our Own Deceitful "Dear Leader" Tony Blair
 And His Ilk At Such A Public Outpouring?
Never in my life did I find such a city like Pyongyang so strange
 and so isolated from the world beyond its borders. The rise
of Jong-il's 28 or 29 year old son Kim Jong-un as the New
 North Korean ruler raises more questions than answers.
With 12 days of national mourning, anything could be going
on behind the scenes of the highly secretive Stalinist state.
All indications right now are that the young Kim Jong-un is
 backed by the all-powerful state news media - KCNA -
and its communistic propaganda machine in anointing him
as the "Great Successor" to his "Dear Leader" father Kim
Jong-il and his dictator grandfather Kim Il Sung, who
 founded DPRK - Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.
Kim Jong-un, The North Korean "Great Successor"
At Age 28 or 29 At Pyongyang's Kumsusan Memorial
Palace to pay his last respects to his dead father.
I hope for better things for the people, but I don't see any
radical improvement there unless Jong-un surprises everybody
by reducing the oppression and tryanny of his own people.
Educated in Europe for a few short years, Kim Jong-un is
fascinated with IT and maybe abit of a closet Westerner in his
own way. Such may then bring some kind of enlightenment to
North Korea at some point during his rule although that would
seem to me to be a very distant thing at the moment.
All things must come to end and so will the Kim Dynasty
 of North Korea sooner or later. Hopefully sooner rather
than later. But right now, there doesn't seem to be anybody
or anything that will change the equation for the better.
Indeed the opposite could happen if Kim Jong-un decides
 to do something crazy like set off a nuclear bomb or in-
stigate a conventional military attack against South Korea
 or Japan. North Koreans see both of those nations as im-
 placable enemies going back more than 65 to 70 years.
Grand Memorial Wreath To The Late "Dear
 Leader" at Bejing's Embassy of North Korea.
Whether the powerful North Korea military, with its more
 than 1,000,000,000 standing army, will truly back Kim
Jong-un remains to be seen although thus far they have
stated they will. The North Korean mindset is totally
different to that of most Westerners and Asians
outside the last Stalinist State on earth. After Kim Jong-il's
 formal state funeral on December 28th - in which presumably
his body will not be buried be saved for future display and
 homage at the Memorial Palace - the young Kim Jong-un
will probably be surrounded and guided by his own Kim
 relatives in his tentative steps to rule some 24 million
 improvished and brutalised North Koreans. His own
father presided over mass starvation of some 2 million
 people and the torture and imprisonment of those
who dared to defy the "Dear Leader."
Late "Dear Leader" Rests in glass sarcophagus like is his
 own father Kim Il Sung at the same Memorial Palace at
 North Korea's capital of Pyongyang.
No new leader can change that mindset of the people or nation
 overnight, even if he wants to. Will North Korea be better off with
Kim Jong-un after the deaths of his dictator father and earlier his
grandfather? Perhaps!! Be we don't know at this very early stage
of post-"Dear Leader" and at the rise of the new "Great Successor."
At his young age of under 30, Kim Jong-un could well be
around for another 40 to 50 years to rule inside North Korea.
At home, I've had a number of flashbacks of my North Korea
 stay as I've read with intense interest the unfolding drama now
 taking place inside Pyongyang. I wish, too, I was there to witness
 first hand the dramatic drama of the Korean People at what
could be the most dangerous time for the foes aganist the
last Stalinist State. Things there are quite uncertain as the
transition period takes hold since Kim Jong-il's death
by an heart attack last Saturday while he was travelling
 on a train, so we are told. What, however, is absolutely
certain is that there is no "Dear Leader" anymore!!
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+The of Prince of Peace, 2011.
~ Story Update ~
South Korean intelligence disputes circumstances of Kim Jong-il's
death. MPs in Seoul told that North Korean leader did not travel
 by train the day he died as Kim Jong-un consolidates power.
By Tania Branigan at Beijing.
Dec. 22nd, 2011.
North Korea’s Tears: A Blend of Cult, Culture and Coercion.
By Choe Sang-Hun & Norimitsu Onishi.
A turning point in North Korea?
Kim Jong-il's death may begin a fresh period of confrontation with
Seoul, if Pyongyang's new leader attempts to demonstrate his authority.
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Best Images

My Best 11 Images of 2011.
By Alex Albion.
To bring this year to a close, I have chosen 11 photos
of what I consider to be among some of my best images
 of 2011. This is a novelty for me that I have not previously
tried at previous year's end in presenting some of my
photoshots from around the world.
This year alone I have taken perhaps over 5,000 photo-
graphs of various people, places, and events. Picking
 one's own best images is, of course, a very subjective
and rather prejudicial exercise in favour of one's self.
 Of the 11 images picked, most of them have not been
published online by me before. On top of that, the
 images I have picked could be viewed as a rather one-
sided selection without a judge or jury to determine
what is the best of what I have photographically
produced in this year of 2011.
So, I must leave whatever judgement or criticism or praise
 of my photoimages upto my own blog readership whether
I like it or not. In any event, if the response or reaction to
 my best 11 images of 2011 proves of broader interest,
 then I may just decide to do an annual feature of my
 best images for next year's end of 2012 and so on
 thru 2013, 2014, 2015, etc., etc.
But let me not jump the gun, but rather go ahead with
presenting my best 11 images of 2011 for you right now
with a brief and apt description of each of the images
 thus presented herein:
1. Above: Air France's Fixed Airplane
At It's International Paris Airport.
2. Below: The Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress
of the London Borough of Wandsworth.
3. Serbia Capital of Belgrade at 2011 Springtide.
4. Three Ethiopian Immigrant Muslims At Public Park
 Near The European Union HQ at Brussels, Belgium.
5. Swanky Race Car At Mayfair's Autoshop Window.
6. Lovely Butterfly Seen At
Switzerland's Capital of Geneva.
7. English Morris Dancers At Aylesbury Market Town.
8. Royal Household Guard At Horse Guards Parade.
9. Ken Roberts At Xmas Open Mic at CRISIS.
He Was Mimicing From The Phantom of the Opera.
10. Rare & Fine British Grey Heron At Beulah Hill Pond.
11. Anglican Enthronement Ceremony of The Rt. Rev'd
 Christopher Chessun Inside Southwark Cathedral,
The No. 1 image is viewed by me as the best of my
2011 photography. Of the other images from 2 to 11,
they are simply presented without regard to them be-
ing recorded as 2nd or 3rd or 4th place, etc. You'll
note, too, that just over half of the images are those of
people followed by places and things. Photograph-
ing people is one of my favourite endeavours. There
are, after all, more people in the world than most
 other places and things.
Yet, as an independent photographer I also
 like to photograph unsual places and things that I
see with my eyes and cameras. It's always a tossup
 for me between spending more time on taking photo-
shots of people over places and things. Yet, quite often
 I find such places and things to be more fascinating than
human beings, especially in trying to record say animals,
wildlife, dramatic situations, birds, and open nature
all around me.
I do hope you like all or some of the above images and
I would be happy to have your comments or feedback
from you no matter what you may think.
Okay, everybody.
~ To Enlarge any of the 11 images, just
 click on the ones you wish to enlarge. ~
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The Big Issue 2011 Bumper Edition
Trudie Styler's "Bumpy Edition."
By Uncle Monty.


Dog Gate.

Dog Gate At Bourne Hall.
By Uncle Monty.
Bourne Hall Photos By Alex Albion.
In the quaint English village of Ewell there stands an
architectually-imposing and aesthetic Dog Gate at un-
usual Bourne Hall. I was on my way to Epsom for a few
days when I stumbled upon Bourne Hall from my car
 window as my pal Gary Day was driving at the wheel. I
immediately got him to stop so that I could venture to find
out more about Bourne Hall. It was The Dog Gate (shown
above) that was irresistable to me although Gary was more
concerned about hitting the road than me spending 45 or
so minutes at Bourne Hall on a rather bitterly cold day.
Whatever, venture I did and here are a few historical notes
about the rather special and esoteric place that I found
 and visited at Ewell.
These Guyz Greeted Me!!
"Bourne Hall was designed in about 1770 for Philip Rowden, a London
merchant who was looking for a country residence. Later the house
 came to Thomas Hercey Barritt of Jamaica. He improved the grounds
 by building a dairy shaped like a castle - the Turrets, demolished in
1967 - and by improving the entrance with The Dog Gate, which is
decorated with his coat of arms. After him, in 1859, came George
Torr, an engineer and charcoal maker, who became a village
 benefactor. He gave helped to found the West Street School.
When he died, his widow Elizabeth found consolation in perfecting
the grounds of the house, relying on her head gardener James
Child. Along the walk to the orchards there were prize-winning
chrysanthemums, and orchids grew in the heated greenhouses.
 Inside the house the entrance hall was paved with marble, and
there was panelling and plaster columns on the walls. There were
 eleven bedrooms on the first and second floor, and on the ground
 floor a library and billiard room, as well as two drawing rooms
whose fireplaces were carved with marble statuary and ornaments.
 The servants had their rooms on the lower ground floor.
The Horse Pond At Bourne Hall.
"During the First World War the house (Bourne Hall ) was used
as a hospital for soldiers. From 1925 it housed a girls' school, run
from Ewell Castle. Part of the garden became a hockey field, and
the conservatories were turned into classrooms. The headmist-
resses ran it as 'a school for the daughters of gentlemen', and in the
 earlier years tradesmens' daughters could be turned away. There
 were three houses - Doric, Ionic and Corinthian - and the talbot
from the Dog Gate appeared on the school hatband. The school
 lost money after the Second World War. It closed suddenly in 1953
 and pupils arriving for the autumn term were surprised to find the
 gates locked. During the following ten years the house, already in an
 unsatisfactory condition, fell into further decay. It was demolished
 in 1962 and the present Bourne Hall was built in 1969.
She Dazzled Me With Her Swan Beauty At Bourne Hall.
"In the summer of 1996, Bourne Hall Lake was in a sorry state.
The waters of this Ewell landmark slowly vanished due to a wide-
spread lowering of the water table - a longterm effect of reduced
 rainfall and increased use. This was not the first time that the springs
 had failed, but it demonstrated how local people could no longer
rely on the natural forces of geology to keep the lake supplied with
springwater through the summer months. Originally this was
 a stretch of river, the headwaters of the Hogsmill. The lake was
 formed in the middle ages as a fishpond, and in the 18th century
 it was re-fashioned as a formal water feature, only to be given its
more natural outline to suit the Victorian garden. The water rose
at several points within the lake, and up until Roman times offerings
 were made to these springs, which were sacred. . Water from
a nearby borehole is used to top it up as it evaporates, and a
continual overflow into the Horse Pond helps to keep
the river Hogsmill fresh and clean.
Look At Those Feet For It To Waddle.
And not far from Bourne Hall the Yankees came!
"(At) the turn of the century (there was) almost an invasion
 of English racing by Americans at the nearby famous Epsom
 Race Track. In 1900 five of the top ten jockeys were Amer-
icans. Some of them came to race, some were only interested in
arranging large betting coups by doping horses. Lester Reiff, an
American jockey, won the 1901 Derby after a very roughly ridden
 race. He was disliked by English jockeys for his combination of
skill and dishonesty which made him a formidable opponent.
 Finally, he had his licence withdrawn late in 1901, after stop-
ping a horse in a race at Newmarket. In 1907 the Derby was
won by Orby, a horse owned by an Irish American, Richard
 Croker. It was reckoned that 'Boss' Croker had made his
 money from racketeering and was boss of the powerful
 Tammany cartel in New York. Orby was the first Irish horse
to win the Derby. One Irish lady told Croker's trainer,
'Thank God and you, sir, we have lived to see a
 Catholic horse win the Derby'.
I Must Say I Also Do The Same As
This Duck When I Shave My Pretty Face!!
All of the above information I have used herein comes from
Ewell History Internet Files, which I think best explains some-
thing about Bourne Hall. But for me the accidental visit to
Bourne Hall saw the lovely layout of the gardens and grounds
 with the beautiful white swan there - who actually pecked
me when she came out of the pond to check me out - and
 literally dozens upon dozens of waterfowl from ducks to
 drakes to seagulls. Although bitterly cold was the day at
 Ewell just two weeks away from Christmas Day, 2011,
it was such a joy to find Bourne Hall and that marvellous
Dog Gate to first greet me and one and all. As I left, my
pal Gary Day quickly hit the acceleration pedal to make
 up for my time spent at Bourne Hall.  He stayed inside
 the car while I got frozen stiff as the biting wind then bid
us goodbye as we swiftly hit the road again toward
Epsom ... Nice day, though, for me at Bourne Hall!
The Dog Gate Upclose w/Barritt Coat-of-Arms.
Cheerz Everybody & Have A
Very Nice Xmas, Too, Uncle Monty.
+Third Sunday of Advent, 2011.
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She's Britain's No. 1 Political
Prisoner Held At Her Majesty's
Prison Bronzefield.
Imprisoned By UK's Unjust & Unaccount-
able Croydon Magistrates For Opening
 Her Politically-Incorrect Gob. It's the
Magistrates Who Should Be In Prison for
Their Open Treachery. And, Political
 Correctness Is The Crime, Not EMMA WEST!!
~ Breaking News ~
After her shabby and unjust imprisonment, Emma
West was released from HMP Bronzefield Prison by The
Honourable Judge Warwick McKinnon in a closed hearing
at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday morning and was
released on bail. She'll now be home for Christmas. Next is
to get her two children back after they were snatched from
her by the local New Addington Social Services while
Emma West languished as a UK political prisoner at
the vile hands of the Croydon Magistrates.
Dec. 15th, 2011.
Bad Mrs. Sting.
Trudie Styler:
The Sting of the Bad Star.
By Uncle Monty.
After The Good David Cameron Stand Against
EU's Attempt To Consolidate More Power, It's
Now Time For The UK To Finally Say "E.U.F.U."
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Emma West.

Emma West, The Druggies & The Nuns.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics
 By Alex Albion.
 ~ Breaking News ~
After her shabby and unjust imprisonment, Emma
West was released from HMP Bronzefield Prison by The
Honourable Judge Warwick McKinnon in a closed hearing
 at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday morning and was
released on bail. She'll now be home for Christmas. Next is
 to get her two children back after they were snatched from
her by the local New Addington Social Services while
Emma West languished as a UK political prisoner at
the vile hands of the Croydon Magistrates.
Dec. 15th, 2011.
~ Past Update ~
Emma West Was Again Unjustly Remanded In Custody
 Until After Christmas When She'll Appear Again Only Via
Video Link From Her UK Jail. What An Absolute Outrage!!
'Woman on a tram' to spend Christmas behind bars 'for her
 own protection' after court views video of alleged racist rant.
A woman accused of launching a vile racist rant on a tram is
to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in
custody for her own safety. Magistrates took the decision to
refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had
received death threats and that her address had been circulated
 on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. There were
outbursts from supporters of Miss West, who shouted ‘treason’
as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.
By Gavin Allen.
Dec. 7, 2011.
Croydon magistrates have unjustly and outrageously re-
manded in custody Emma West, 34, for her strong race
opinions against immigrants and foreigners now swamping
the British Isles non-stop. Yet those same magistrates seem
to have quickly forgotten about the hundreds upon hundreds
of immigrants and foreigners who rioted and looted on the
streets of Croydon last August. Such is now the state of
hideous multiculturalism and vile multiracialism that has
seen the criminalization of British whites who dare express
their political and social opinions against mass immigration
that has been brought about by the leftist tyranny of odious
Tony Blair's then New Labour and his socialist gangsters.
Jailed In England For What She Says & Thinks ...
It's Political Correctness (PC) Gone Mad!! Such Has
 Created This Latest Shameful Injustice in the UK.
Emma West, 34, Charged With Racial Harassment After
Abusive Tram Rant. By Huffington Post's Felicity Morse.
While Emma West now sits in custody for her opinions,
 the same magistrates seem unwiling or unable to order
the deportation of convicted criminal immigrants and law-
breaking foreigners that are still allowed to freely walk
the streets of Croydon and elsewhere throughout the UK.
Rarely a day goes by in the UK that screams of racism
are heard, while many of those immigrants and foreigners
still go around raping, mugging, shooting, and robbing to
their hearts content. If they don't get away with it, then
they claim racism is the cause of their crimes!
Emma West's Tram Troubles ...  The Croydon-
Wimbledon Tramlink Where She Just Let Go With
Her Honest Thoughts About The Overbearing Race
Numbers Inside UK That's Killing The Country.
In the meantime, Emma West is victimized and criminalized
for opening her white working class English mouth on a
Croydon-Wimbledon tram full, of course, of more immigrants
and foreigners that are overwhelming wherever they go
in the UK.!!! The British media has negatively dubbed her
as "The Tram Lady." And while Brit copz can hunt down
 Emma West, they fail oftentimes to hunt down dangerous
black, Muslim, Asian, and Eastern European criminals on the
streets of London.  Emma West is, after all, easy prey for
our now brainwashed and politically-correct police instead
of tackling real criminals who may easily stab them to death!
She is another lamb to the slaughter of the UK imposed
political order by our political elite who are totally out of
touch with British anger and hatred against the millions
of immigrants and foreigners that have been allowed
to steal our own country from us!!
Mugshotz of the Looterz. By Uncle Monty.
Met Police Drug & Knife Trap at London's Elephant & Castle.

On Wednesday, while at London's Elephant & Castle Tube
Station, a good example of the scenes of social and moral break-
down was seen as I saw the drug dog with 25 or so Met copz
converged at the passenger exit with their drug and knife trap
already set up as the police dog indicated possible drugs, or
what have you, on dozens of black and mixed race thugz leaving
 the station. Drugz, knivez, even a gun, came to be found among
such criminal thugz at between 18 to 25 years of age. It was
 around 3:00pm on St. Andrew's Day has I arrived to pick
 up my copy of the city edition of the London Evening
Standard at E&C.
In order to document and photograph something of the police
scene, I was forced to wait until the cop with his video camera
moved from behind me to another spot to video each stop
and search of those who had been stopped so that I would
not be detected recording something of  the ongoing
police scene at E&C.
That I did successfully as seen in the above image I took
of something of the police scene at the drug and knife bust.
Such shows that we've now gone from "Village England"
to the England of the vile and vulgar immigrants, Muslims,
gypsies, and foreigners that have brought with them all
of their crime spree, all of their drug pushing, all of their
knife-carrying, and all of their various diseases and
cultural mishmash that has been forced upon us by
the leftist ilk of mass immigration under the 13
 years of terrible and corrupt New Labour
along with the insane E.U.F.U.
So while such goes on, Emma West sits in prison for
speaking her mind about such immigrants and foreigners
that have already poisoned the England I once knew and
loved and that is now purposely destroyed by the ogre
and leftist political extremists of the diabolical Tony
Blairs of this world.
This Is What Vile Blair's New Labour Has Bought
To UK. SCARY! 25,000 Foreign Muslims Gather
 Just at Birmingham in the Heart of England. Thousands
Upon Thousands More Are Populating and Throttling
 The Country With More of  Their Menacing Brand of Islam ...
Standing and watching at E+C for an hour of what the
Met  copz were doing spoke volumes of the rotten state
that England is in today because of all the hideous multi-
culturalism and all the vile multiracialism that has flooded
the country with so many bad blacks and bad foreigners
 to prey upon us with utter contempt for the British people.
Yet they take Emma West and slam her in jail, while the
 thugz and punkz get away with blue murder and more.
After seeing what was going on at E&C, I headed
back to homebase. About an hour after getting back,
I heard a gentle knock on my front door. There I saw
two nice Mother Teresa nuns standing in their blue and
white religious surplices with wrapped Xmas gifts for me!
Such were the first of my gifts so far for this Adventide.
They also invited me to Christmas Day Dinner at their St.
George's Road hostel, where I had stayed as then homeless
some 7 years ago. The thoughtfulness and kindness of the
Sisters of Charity stood in sharp contrast to the beastily
treatment of Emma West at the cold and political hands
of the dead-end Croydon magistrates and the police scene
at E&C with their drug and knife busts of criminal
blacks and wretched foreigners now firmly planted in
the UK to bring the country into future years and years
of their criminality and contempt. Seeing the good nuns
of Blessed Mother Teresa (1910-1997) at my door was
truly surreal for me as an avid Anglican that holds such
religious sisters in high and spiritual and ecumenical
esteem. God Bless them!
And while thinking of Emma West suffering at this
Christmastide and the police drug and knife busts and
 now the religious sisters standing in front of me, couldn't
have been more raw and even disconcerting for me to
think of what I'd seen. What prevailed the most for me
was to see the goodness and godliness against the dark-
ness of the day of those who care not a hoot for their
fellow humankind even at this Christmastide. And so it
was Emma West, The Druggies, And The Nuns that
played on my English Anglican mind and will no
doubt do so during the whole of Advent, 2011.
And so, Emma West is already guilty no matter what
as her liberty and freedom of speech has been locked
away in the pathetic name of "good race relations" that
is treated as criminal if one dares to challenge such in
dreadful immigrant and foreign infected England of today.
We now live in a "Racial Twilight Zone" of utter dark-
ness and abyss as UK magistrates across the land
are allowed to imprison us at their whim if we dare
 open our mouths against such, especially in public!!
Such has comes about from the rabid law-making
years of New Labour's out and out criminalization of
 the white working class people of England. It's
 almost Soviétique. Hence, we now have poor
Emma West jailed for her daring to speak in less
 than some eloquent manner ... Yet, she did not
 even lift a finger against the Tram Mob! She made
no threats, either. All she said was they should go
 back to where they come from and that such
 immigrants and foreigners are NOT BRITISH!!
So, she didn't even lie!! She spoke the plain
and honest truth and for that they slammed
her inside Her Majesty Prison ...
Poor whites 'feel like they are last in line for council housing'
Working classes believe they are left last in line when it comes
to council house allocation. Survey reveals a distrust of
officialdom. By Steve Doughty.
Latest Update
on Emma West.
The latest story is that Emma West was locked up
'for her own protection' after the Croydon magistrates
had heard she had received death threats! Now, who
are they kidding? If such death threats existed, why not
provide her with police protection instead of locking her
up at HMP Bronzefield at Ashford, Middlesex? Death
threats are two a penny nowdays in the UK. In fact,
she might be in more danger inside Bronzefield since
 such is also full, no doubt, of convicted immigrant and
foreign criminals who wouldn't take much fancy to what
 she stated in her race opinions! Putting the 34 year mother
 of two inside a UK prison even before she is legally found
guilty of what is called a "Racially Aggravated Public
Order Offense" is still a shameful act of injustice inside
England. And who in heaven's name came up with this
RAPOO? Take a guess? Yep, some bloody white
 liberal New Labour leftist I bet!!!
Also At Immigrant & Foreigner-Infested Croydon.
On top of all that's happened for opening her mouth,
the "law unto themselves enforcers" of the local Social
Services has now deliberately taken away her two
children, too! This is part and parcel of a terrible over-
kill against Emma West. Rally cries, however, in her
support have gained some ground in which various
patriotic groups have protested outside the
Bronzefield prison demanding she is released and
freed without further ado. I suspect they will also
protest outside the Croydon magistrates court when
she is forced again to appear Tuesday, December
6th, 2011. All of this stems from political correctness
gone absolutely mad inside Broken Down Britain.
The real crime is Political Correctness (PC), not Emma
West. So think of Emma West, The Druggies,
and The Nuns ...
Yet more bad news for those who oppose what PC
 is doing to this country. Emma West has been given
a battery of  psychiatric tests at Bronzefield Prison!
What is this, more Soviet-style copycat oppression
against the individual by using psychiatry to suggest
the person is mentally ill for political reasons inside
the UK? It sounds very much like that to me! Then,
we have the disgusting YouTube video clip of the
black dude who declares in his own cocky words:
 EXPERIENCE'".  Listen to his subcultural lingo
and watch his confrontational body language to
understand his pent-up hatred against White Britian:
A Black Nobody Getting Some Useless Attention.
And this while, no doubt, the same dude collects weekly
free welfare or benefit payments from the freebie white 
system that gives him entitlement to sponge whatever he
 can off us. What is seen of him on YouTube simply
confirms and reinforces the already negative impress-
ions of many whites toward such angry blacks that
 the UK seems to be breeding more and more of
 every day. The nicer we are, the more they hate us!
And the more we do for them, the more "screams of
racism" are heard from the ilk of such Anton Ferdinand
over John Terry as the UK Crown Prosecution Service
decides to prosecute or not ...  all because some black
footballer is "dissed" or told to "fuck off"
perhaps by white John Terry.
But don't forget that Emma West, of course, is still
sitting in jail at the hands of the hideous PC Brigade
and pro-PC court and police systems that favours
everything and everybody, but the true English
white folkz now being treated like shit in what
was once their own country!
 Advent Greetings, Uncle Monty. 
+Second Sunday of Adv ent, 2011.
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 ~ NB ~
Due to my urgent Emma West Story, my part 2 of
 Falconers & Their Falconry at Eltham Palace
has now been embargoed until the first of the
New Year, 2011. Apologies, UM.
No Big Issue Xmas For David, Either.
By Uncle Monty.

Much to my surprise and delight I have now received
my first formal invitation of 2012 to the Windsor Castle
Gardens in which Her Majesty The Queen will attend
as part of her worthy Diamond Jubilee. Bravo!!
Also Saw This Xmas Shop Window While Visiting
Orpington on Friday. I Thought It Was Cute!

Faking Obama & Cameron:
But Still Obscene & Disgusting!
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