Dames of Old.
By Uncle Monty at Paris.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
One old dame or old lady was at age 104 when she
 died. The other dame was age 94 when she died, too.
 And, both of them passed away within days of each
other.  The 104 year old dame was an American. While
the 94 year old was British. Both were born around  the
second decade of the 20th century. And, both died in
the second decade of this 21st century. They never
 knew of each other, but their unusual obituaries
appeared on both sides of the Atlantic, or
the Big Pond, just last week.
The two dames of old were Huguette Clark and Leonora
Carrington, respectively. Their last names each began
with the letter C. Both of them were Caucasian, of
course! Along with having classical English surname
names - Clark & Carrington:
Their unusual lives couldn't have been in such a sharp
contrast to each other, other than both of them first
came from old money and stratified social class of
 bygone days of many years ago. Both ladies or dames
 of old just fascinated me as I read their interesting obits,
although I wouldn't want to have lived either of their
 lives for my own other than to have personally known
each of them at some point that was, of course, never 
to be for me in my own life nor in theirs. Not until I
had first read their obits, had I ever heard of them
or their names before.
As for old, old, age, I also wouldn't want to live
as long as them if given a personal choice unless at
their age I was still as good, as fit, and as well as I
feel today, physically, psychologically and emotion-
ally. Plus, if I was financially as secure as them.
Painting: La Dame Ovale. By Leonora Carrington.
I neither desire nor envy their lives although I am fas-
cinated, too, by the sheer contrast between them in
 the life of Huguette Clark and in the life of Leonora
Carrington. Or the other way around of Leonora and
 Huguette. What fascinates me most about them, aside
 from them being simply old ladies or dames of old, is
wondering how life's influences affected them personally
 and/or how they affected their own lives by what they
 did or didn't do as they lived for nine decades or
more each upon a time. By human stardards that's
a long time, but by earthly standards it is a mere
faction of second in world time.
Although they lived long, they have come and gone
like all life is to be forgotten by other humanity all
too quickly. The only people who will seem to re-
member them for any time beyond their graves will
 be the relatives left behind and the probate courts
 and, of course, the shark and sharp and\shyster
lawyers, who no doubt make alot of money of
wealthy dead people like very super-rich
 Huguette Clark.
Let me give you a chance for you to now read their
 full obits of the dames of old  that was written sep-
arately about Huguette Clark by Rachel Quigley
 and Ed Pilkington. And the life of Leonora
Carrington by Joanna Moorland, who was
 her great aunt.
By Rachel Quigley.
"In the same way she spent most of her life, Huguette Clark
was buried in solitude. At the ceremony today at the family
mausoleum in New York's Bronx district, the only people
present were funeral home employees. Her relatives were
 barred from attending by Ms Clark's lawyer Wallace
'Wally' Bock who, along with Clark's accountant, is
 under investigation by the Manhattan district attorney,
who is looking into the handling of her copper mining
 fortune, estimated at $500 million."
In death as in life: Reclusive mining fortune heiress
 Huguette Clark is buried in secret with her family
 banned from the ceremony.
By Joanna Moorhead.
"Soon after her coming-out ball at the Ritz hotel in London,
Leonora Carrington, aged 20, went to see her father with
 some shocking news. She had fallen in love with the 46-year-
old, married, surrealist painter Max Ernst. She intended to
 move to Paris with him and pursue a career as an artist.
Her horrified father said two things to her: an injunction
never again to darken his door, and a prediction that she
would die penniless in a garret, as artists (in his opinion)
 inevitably did."
Leonora Carrington Obituary.
English surrealist painter and sculptor regarded
as a national treasure in Mexico.
By Ed Pilkington.
"For 80 years her life was set in aspic, preserved as if in a
 time warp in an ever-shrinking social world that ended with
 her death this week aged 104 in a hospital room accompanied
only by the nurses caring for her and her beloved French
dolls. But Huguette Clark leaves behind her a fortune
estimated as at least $500m (£307m) and a story of
eccentricity and loss anchored in another age."
Huguette Clark: New York's billionaire recluse dies,
aged 104.  Manhattan heiress to copper fortune
Whatever their lives and whatever our own maybe,
we all live by the grace and will of God, I do believe.
Life's fortunes and misfortunes will come and go.
Yet by the end of the day we stand alone to face
 our death and our maker that will take us to an-
other orbit not of our own making just like the
world we live in today that is not of our own
making. Although our personal and individual
 lives are often of our own making or by life's
 circumstances beyond our control or even
our destiny. Give thanks for what we have for
whatever we have we yet only have for a short
 time for nothing we have is permanent just like
 life itself. In the end, we have only a carcuss
 of dead human flesh and that rots away pretty
 fast, too. We are left bare like the trees of
winter and frozen stiff beneath the clay of the
closed coffin or scattered forevermore from
the urn of our ashes and blown away at the
first gust of almighty breeze. We will be seen
no more nor heard nor fed nor ever to come
 again ... Our human existence has been but
 a speck of specks and nothing more. And at
our death, thousands more are born to a world
 living and waiting in death come the
next New Morn.
Have a 2-in-1 Blessed Day,
Uncle Monty At Paris.
+Rogation Sunday & Oak Apple Day, 2011.
And, Memorial Day Weekend, USA.
Rogation Day at St. Thomas' Episcopal (Anglican) Church,
Washington, D.C, Where I Regularly Attended, 2oo5.
IAPF: International Alternative Press Festival.
By Uncle Monty. Coming Shortly ...
How Did These UK Muslim
Scumbagz Become What They Are?

Dickie Birds. By Uncle Monty.
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:: Google Images By Alex Albion ::
Glibert Collection:
Hawk, c. 1660. Ulm, Germany.

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An American Police, Judicial & Media Travesty.
By Uncle Monty.
Photograbs From The Web.
Released From House Arrest:
Strauss-Kahn Goes Out on the Town.
By Pervaiz Sallwani.
Strauss-Kahn Is Released as Case Teeters.
Matt Flegenheimer, Colin Moynihan and
Anahad O’Connor contributed reporting.
Accuser’s Fellow Guineans Express Bewilderment.
By Sam Dolnick.
Latest News on DSK.
The case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is in doubt
following reports of major holes in the credibility
of the woman who alleges the former head
of the IMF attacked her in May.
By Ed Pilkington & Dominic Rushe in New York.
July 2 & 1, 2011.
Hi Uncle Monty,
"When everybody seemed to be screaming that
the man must be guilty, you were one of only
a few who stood firmly by to not only decry 
the man's ill-treatment, but to seriously
question his woman accuser. It appears now that
you were absolutely right about the woman. Your
support for DSK against all odds is commendable.
You also expressed confidence that the man
would walk free from any court trial. It looks
like he is already free from such a further court
ordeal. I want to congratulate you, dear Sir, for
your outspoken stand when so many others
 were ready to condemn the man even before
a trial took place or a plea bargain. Kudos,
then to you Uncle Monty." Best regards,
MLS. NY, NY. 7.3.2011.
Whatever he may or may not have done, Dominique
Strauss-Kahn (DSK) now finds himself between a rock
and hard place due entirely to the ugly American police,
 judicial and media travesty against him as then the arrested
head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after being
rudely accused of sex crimes by an African and Muslim
immigrant hotel maid at New York City. DSK's accuser
is now said to also be HIV infected! I call such folkz
"HIVer."  Frankly, I don't put much faith or credence
 in some immigrant woman who screams she is a
black wench, a practising Muslim, and an HIVer.
If the word "travesty" was ever so clearly defined, it
was - and still is - the outrageous treatment last week
of DSK that borders on a modern Yankee witch
hunt that makes even greater injustice against the
presently accused  than the Salem witch hunts of
centuries ago at then Colonial New England.
:: Latest Update ::
Strauss-Kahn assembles crisis team to clear name.
By Mark Hosenball & Brian Love.
May 30, 20ll.
On The Paris Subway, DSK Is All Headlines!
If the saying "don't get sick in America" is so true due
to such excessive costs of hospital treatment that will
cost you an arm and a leg, then the other saying should
 be "don't get arrested in America" for not only
will it also cost you an arm and leg, but you will
be savagely treated by the police, judiciary, and
 mass media if you happen to be a foreigner like
 DSK and especially if you're an important and
 famous figure. The American police have long been
 notorious for their usual crude and heavyhandedness
at best from the lowest local duputy sheriff to the highest
ranking US cop. The judiciary is not much better.
And the American mass media can and will crucify
anybody that it deems fit to do in and invariably
always gets away with such pretty ad infinitum.
To publicly parade DSK in big shiny American
handcuffs for a media spectacle like he was
some kind of mass murderer or a gross and ogre
mafioso figure or a most wanted terrorist, is what
 the New York authorities did to the then head of
 IMF as if he was also a convicted felon being
sent to Sing Sing within hours of his brutal
arrest at where the NYPD thuggish cops
 dragged him off an airline to France at JFK.
Such police thugs cannot discern between a
 pauper and a prince. And, they're a law unto
 themselves to degrade and abuse the accused
 based simply on the word of an hysterical
immigrant woman with a very iffy back-
ground that I also suspect she has.
How someone like Dominique Strauss-Kahn
(DSK) didn't have diplomatic immunity is surprising.
 Had he had such, or had claimed he did, it is very
doubtful he would have been subjected to an
American travesty of the kind that showed its
true and unashamed underbelly for all the world
 to see of the so-called US system of justice
and judicial fairness and legal correctness.
Such obviously doesn't exist aside from the
public rhetoric we're all duped to believe.
I don't, however, because I have had first hand
experience of the reality of such a cruel, abusive,
and mindless system of justice in America.
That's why millions of lives are regularly thrown
 away in the huge prisons of America that
house more than 3.2 million people each
year in and each year out. The Culture of
Incarceration is as Anerican as Apple Pie.
To detain DSK and refuse him bail and then to
house him in the prison depravity of Rikers Island,
with its 11,000 inmates, was also an American
travesty against him that would make alot
of folkz pretty suicidal like him for a while.
Why the asinine New York judge couldn't have
 first simply had his passport impounded and
to set a high bail (which was subsequently
what she did) shows the closed mind of such
a politically elected judge and her friend the
prosecutor, who hoped to gain headlines for
his own future career at the expense of the
accused man called DSK. Anybody who
knows the workings of such a judicial system
shouldn't be surprised at the unfolding travesty
 that stinks like high hell. And, how do I know?
Because such also personally happened to me!!
Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK).
On the eve of  Barack Hussein Obama's arrival here
at London for his British State Visit, and the recent
US assassination of Osama bin Laden approved no
doubt by the same African-American, no wonder
 Americans are acting even more all cocky and arrogant
at home like they can do no wrong while doing wrong
to others like DSK as then the head of the world
 important body of IMF at Washington, DC. The
 French are outraged at the American travesty
against one of their own, but the Yanks don't give
a damn what the world thinks of them as they
bask in their own violence and almightiness that
will one day come to a sure close. In the mean-
time, the victims like DSK and me continue to
 suffer no matter how innocent and guiltless
we are.
For the NYPD copz, it was glory time for
them to lay their rough and unjust hands on
such a big fish like Dominique Strauss-Kahn
and so it was too much for them to resist act-
ing decently and professionally in dealing with
the accused, who has no previous criminal
record and who is a former French minister
and a man who was in line to probably be-
come the next president of France after the
 likely political down fall of Nicolas Sarkozy.
It's This Kind of Dirty Yellow Journalism By
The New York Daily News That Is a Mass Media
 Travesty Against An Accused, Who Is Presumed
Innocent Until Found Guilty In a NY Court of Law.
I Have Crossed Out The Headline, Purposely!
At times during his horrendous ordeal at the
 hands of such a callous and unbending
American system, DSK must have thought
as a French Jew, of which he rightly is, that he
was now at the cold mercy of The American
Gestapo right inside Jewish New York City!!
I could hardly blame him so ...
Dominique Strauss-Kahn lawyers attack rape accuser's
credibility. Former IMF chief's defence team says it has
information that could 'gravely undermine' hotel maid's
account. By Reuters.
May 27, 2011.
'My personal nightmare': Strauss-Kahn finally breaks
his silence over rape allegations.  By Rachel Quigley.
Photographs released of Dominique Strauss-Kahn
 have prompted further anger in France about the
treatment of the former presidential hopeful.
Feminists' anger at chauvinism of Strauss-Kahn affair.
By John Lichfield in Paris.
Excellente analyse d'Expriméo après la prestation de DSK
qui a fait cuire son bifteck pendant que bobonne, sourire aux
lèvres, préparait sa salade et, pour avoir un pantalon impeccable,
 l'a mis une demi heure sous la douche avant de le faire sécher,
 démontrant ainsi son très grand intérêt pour l'écologie.
Summum du ridicule. Peut être que dans son esprit ça fait
peuple. Mais le peuple vaut mieux que cela, le respect et
non la dérision! ... Dominique Struss-Kahn et
 la théâtralisation du moi. 
Dominique Strauss-Kahn en fait il trop? La question se
 pose très sérieusement après l'émission de ce jour. La
rumeur voudrait qu'à l'exemple d'une autre éminente
 personnalité politique française, Dominique Strauss-
Kahn ait pour meilleur ennemi ... Dominique Strauss-
Kahn. L'émission de ce jour pourrait conforter cette
rumeur tant la mise en scène pousse à l'absolu le
 jeu de l'interprétation des silences.
DSK n'a jamais été populaire au sein du PS français.
Comment pourrait-il le devenir à la lumière de reportages
 qui le présentent aussi déconnecté des questions quotidiennes
 et surtout incarnation caricaturale de l'élite internationaliste
qui exaspère d'ordinaire les "électeurs de gauche" ?
Que la gauche choisisse un candidat banquier, installé à
Washington, parcourant la planète dans des jets privés et
 écoutant Chopin lors d'un concert privé ... : c'est une
révolution culturelle pour les militants du PS. Possible
 en temps de prospérité économique mais difficile en
temps de crise tant les vies semblent d'une ...
 autre planète ou du moins d'une autre économie.
DSK est-il allé vers la mise en scène de trop ? Ce qui
est sûr c'est qu'il n'en ferait pas autant pour ne pas être
candidat mais aussi qu'en déployant toute cette
 théâtralisation il crée une distance qui avait déjà fondé
 son impopularité au sein du PS par le passé.
::  Ségolène Royal ::
While I have no political love for socialists like
 DSK and Ségolène Royal, I still have a great deal of
empathy for DSK's plight as a result of the American
 police, judicial, and mass media travesty against him.
I hope he eventually beats the rap. But even if that
occurs, his name, his career, his reputation, and his
political future looks decidedly ruined for now.
But no matter how grim one's situation maybe,
there is always hope that one's future holds
something much brighter then the darkness of
the present day. For me it has occurred to some
degree after 12 years and perhaps for Dominique
 Strauss-Kahn such will also come out of his 
American nighmare and travesty that will see
 healing for him much like it has done for me.
But the bitterness and sense of  injustice
at the hands of such cold and cocky
Yanks always stays, I'm afaid!!
Supportive of DSK, Uncle Monty.
+St. William, 2011.
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I am still working on my two travel stories to
Serbia and Bulgaria, but have not had enough
 time to complete them yet.  I hope to do so
 shortly. With summertide beckoning me, I may
just have to delay such stories again since I am
 invited to several events during such a time and
thus have have less and less time to devote all
my efforts to my blogz. So please excuse me
for my excuses for now!! Cheerz, UM.
British Land Birds At Beulah Hill Pond.
By Uncle Monty. This is another story I
am working on and hope to get this to my
readership before the end of summertide.
Keep your fingers crossed, please. UM.
Pond Photo By Alex Albion.
Lead Caption Photo: Uncle Monty At The
 Royal Burial Site of The Kings of Serbia.
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posure on the iffy characters of The Big Issue.
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To Hell With Halal.
By Uncle Monty.
What gets me is how a country like England can be-
come swamped by so many menacing Muslims in just a
short time all because of god damn New Labour under
 vile Tony Blair and moron Gordon Brown that encouraged
the mass immigration of such foreign Muslims to our shores.
I'd never heard of halal meat and halal food or indeed
the term Allah or Sharia Law, until the god damn British
socialists and loony leftists let all these Islamic tribes settle
 in the UK that for a thousand years we have been a
 Chrstian society now under siege by the followers of
dangerous Islam. As our chruches diminish or survive
by dwindling congregations, the ever growing and
uncontrolled rise of Mosques - big and small - and
vile Islamic centres inside the UK are mushrooming
beyond belief for those of us who are native
 Engish Christians opposed to everything that Islam
represents. Why in heaven's name must I eat food
sanctioned by Islam's barbaric Halal methods
 when I'm not even a Muslim and never want to
be one. This is yet another New Labour curse
inflicted upon the British people in the hideous
name of multiculturalism and multiracialism that
sees England now like a Third World pigsty!!
Our Jewish friends have their kosher foods and
drinks, but as far as I know I have never been
forced against my will, or sold to me underhand-
edly by them, for me to consume Yiddish or
kosher food at some public event like at football
matches or race meeetings. Although, I personally
would have no objection to eating kosher food
per se.  But, I do with Islamic halal food by the
very nature of those who produce such for
Muslims and not for me as a unswerving
English Anglican that I am. To knowingly eat
halal food is to give it somekind of legitimacy
when such should never be given by non-
Muslims like me.
Why are these multinational corporations like ASDA
- or Walmart's - and vile Tesco and others like Mc-
Donalds doing this stuff to us when as a Christian
 nation we are the majority that consumes Christian-
based food. Why are places like Wembley Stadium,
 that Christian author Stephen Green writes about
below, secretly selling halal slaughtered food to
Christian football fans? Why, I ask again, why? It
 seems to be a deliberate attempt to foster the fright-
ening and speedy Islamification of Britain at all levels
of our society that I see now almost every day inside
 Broken Britain with more and more little Muslim
kidz and their Islamic families all dressed up in their
 foreign dress while openly flaunting their religion and
 anti-Christian lifestyle like as if they own England
already!! It seems such may be part of what is
called EURABIA by Simon Darby:
My Unwanted & Unwelcomed New Muslim Neighbour!

It makes me sick to see more and more
 burkas and chadors being blantantly worn by those
hideous people who have no respect for the history
or culture that is, or once was, England. Basically,
they're spitting in our faces as they are protected under
 the laws passed by vile New Labour to do whatever
 they want and no matter what.
Among my other questions is simply this:
Why are we being forced, underhandedly, to pay
for and to be served something like halal food that
we neither asked for nor ordered in the first place
 nor have any desire to want? Halal food is much
like mass immigration that we neither asked for nor
wanted, but was forced underhandedly by hideous
liar and con artist Blair and British Labour Party 
moron Brown to have such imposed upon on
us and against our free will. The spread of halal
food is a sure measure of the rapidity inside
Broken Britain of the Islamification of our
nation right under our very nose and totally
against our future national wellbeing.
Yet, the Muslims run amok today and
breed like bed bugs to suck the blood
of the dying English!!
And if mankind is the most dangerous enemy of animals,
then Muslims must be the epitmone of the most deadly
enemy against all animals. Last Ramadan, Taliban
Pakistan, for example, planned the slaughter of  15
million, yes 15 million, animals in the name of Allah!
Mulsims hate dogs, pets, they hate classical music,
and English choirs, too. But of the few things they
love, aside from breeding like rabbits all over the
UK and around the world at large, is having their
barbaric-slaughtered halal meats - but no pork,
of course, please Allah - along with their
 Mosques and loads of little kidz giving praise to
Allah! Whatever, to hell with halal, is what I say!
Halal Meat Blog
Imam of Florida mosque and his sons are
 arrested on charges of financing Pakistani Taliban.
Already sick and tired of Muslims who are
anti-British and anti-Christian, Uncle Monty.
+St. Brendan (feria), 2011.
Halal Food Sold Secretly To Football Fans.
By Stephen Green.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
The FA Cup Final and the Champions League showdown
will be the focus of protests against the secret sale of halal
food in Wembley Stadium, a campaigning group said today.
The campaign, which will see information leaflets given out
around Wembley Stadium on match-days, also takes in the
 npower Championship Playoff and England vs. Switzerland.
Christian Voice, a national pressure group, is urging fans to
 boycott the food on sale inside Wembley Stadium because a
 proportion of it is halal - Muslim ritually-slaughtered. Wembley
 Stadium and their caterers, Delaware North, have refused to
say how much of the chicken, lamb and beef on sale is halal
and do not give fans a choice by labelling the halal produce.

The group are urging fans to eat at the burger bars outside
 the Stadium, which have all guaranteed that their food is
non-halal, and to complain to Wembley's MD, Roger
Maslin. It should concern all of us that our national football
 stadium is serving up meat from animals which have been
ritually-slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia law.
Wembley Stadium and the FA are showing contempt
for the fans in the stand by refusing to identify such meat.
That is why I urge fans to boycott the meals on sale inside
the Stadium and to eat at the fast-food outlets in Olympic
Way and Stadium Way, where we know the meals
 are non-halal - and cheaper.
Doesn't This Muslim Picture Make You Want To Vomit?
This matters for two reasons. Firstly, we all need to stand
up against creeping Islamification in Britain today. Halal
 food is part of that Islamifying process. Secondly, people
have a right to know what they are eating. The Stadium
and their caterers Delaware North should have the
honesty to tell them.
Christian Voice members has handed out leaflets along
Olympic Way to football fans at all four events, beginning
with the FA Cup Final. The campaign will continue two
weeks later at the Champions League Final, the npower
Championship Playoff on Bank Holiday Monday and
England v Switzerland on 4th June, or until
the Stadium withdraw halal food.
Beware of Halal Meats, It's Muslim Savagery.
The Christian Voice campaign started at the England
v. Ghana friendly and have not missed a match since.
 Fans have been very supportive of our campaign with
many thanking us for the information. Our message is clear:
4: COMPLAIN TO Wembley Stadium's Roger Maslin
and his caterers Delaware North.
Christian Voice leaflets also gives all the details about
how and who to complain to.  It also shares about
Britain's Christian heritage and Christianity itself. And
such explains the halal issue so no-one can be in any
 doubt about its importance. Our hope and prayer is
that Wembley Sadium will follow the example of
Twickenham and Royal Ascot and stop imposing halal
 food on those who pay a lot of money to keep it open.
The Muslim Savagery of Halal.
"Polite" Muslima Inside UK.
When You See This Sign, Be Sure
Run The Other Way Real Fast ...
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365 Dayz Later. By Uncle Monty.
By Uncle Monty.
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