Royal Matrimony.

Royal Matrimony
At Police State Britain.
By Uncle Monty At Sofia,
The Bulgarian Capital.
Graphics & Writeovers
 By Alex Albion.
By Uncle Monty.
A glimpse of the royal matrimony
I caught on Bulgarian TV here at
Sofia. Other than that, I was
pleased that odious Tony Blair and
moron Gordon Brown were rightly
excluded  and thus uninvited to the
 royal wedding of William and Kate -
now formally to be known as the
 Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.
Their new titles, by the way, 
sound quite unexciting to me.
Beyond that, I am glad the wedding
went off fine after all, although the
Brit copz did a "fine job" of putting 
London under police siege of the
like that again highlights all that is
wrong with today's Broken Britain 
and its police overkill it seems to me.
It amazes me how some 5,000+ copz are
allowed to put a city of 7 million people
under wraps without even as much as a
murmur from the docile British public! 
Not to mention the millions upon millions
of dollars spent all in the name of such a
wedding day while folkz elsewhere
must count their last pennies!!
Here at Sofia, I have enjoyed my visit
 thus far and will take the Belgrade-
Istanbul Express again on the next
 leg of my 1,800-mile train journey.
Thankz for all the messages from my 
friends and my blog readers. Sorry
I cannot reply to you all right now.
As for the cynical and degrading
message to me from Prague's exile
pornographer Rich O'Shea after my
quick stop there before heading to
Belgrade, I will have alot more to
say about him later.  In the meantime,
 this is my first "double holidayz"
of the year, 2011. So my holidayz
come first for now, so excuse me
guyz and galz. Yes, I'll also have my
complete story called "Saluting
Sofia" coming up soon ... 
Anglican Church plays central role in British royal wedding. 
 London (ENInews, Geneva)- An estimated two billion people 
around the world tuned in on 29 April to watch the wedding of 
Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and Catherine 
Middleton at Westminster Abbey, a ceremony infused with British
pageantry and steeped in elements of Anglicanism - past,
present and future. The streets of London bulged with thousands 
of well-wishers, some who'd camped for days to ensure a glimpse 
of the happy couple, named just before the wedding as the Duke 
and Duchess of Cambridge, Episcopal News Service reports.
Cheerz Guyz & Galz, Uncle Monty.
May Day, 2011.
+1st Sunday after Easter, 2011.
Now far away from Britain's Royal
Wedding of William & Kate as I
now stand here at Sofia, I am disturbed
 by a number of unbecoming develop-
ments leading upto and surrounding
what will presumably be a glittering
 wedding event.
 It seems the UK authorities are using the
royal wedding as a pretext to no longer pre-
tend that we're not a Police State in which
the use of preventive detention and misuse of
mental health laws - called "sectioning" of
 people - to suppress those who are viewed
by the unaccountable police as either too
fanatically anti-royal or too fanatically
 pro-royal that they be can be arrested and
detained.at the whim and will of our arbi-
trary and capricious British police force
 all in the name of protecting William 
& Kate.  Frankly, it's scary!!
Coupled with such arbitrary powers, 5,000+
Brit copz have been deployed in the royal name
of the already too costly $34 million security
and police apparatus to ensure there is little or
no disruption occurring before, during and after
the English Anglican service of Holy Matrimony
 between the prince and the commoner
 at Westminster Abbey.
 It is, to put it bluntly, a complete overkill that is
 becoming more and more commonplace inside
 everyday Broken Britain.and at where our
police have virtually become a law unto
themselves like we see inside America and
other police states around the world. In fact, 
much of the riot equipment now purchased
and used by British cops comes directly
 from Yankee police stockists.
Coat of Arms of Prince William of Wales.
What it amounts to is that if the copz don't even
like the look of you at any point of the Royal
Matrimony, they can search you without just
cause, arrest you if they want to, and detain
you in custody based simply on their own
whim and will. Worst still, they can have you
committed to some mental unit much like the
Soviets did in the old USSR to stigmatize
and isolate political and social activists
or state political offenders.
One aim of the copz is to stop what they fear
are menacing Muslims and radical anarchists
from acting out against the royal venue. While
I certainly think William & Catherine need 
to be protected from the ilk of such outlandish
Muslims and anarchists, I still believe they have
 a right to protest within the law even if they're
loathed by the state, the police, the royals, and
 much of the general public. The problem is how
far is too far in their protestations against the 
Royal Wedding? If they hurl some dangerous 
missile at the regal couple, then yes intervene
and stop them and charge them under our re-
gular criminal laws. But to decide to "section" 
and detain such a protestor in some lunatic
asylum seems totally wrong to me. Unless,
of course, they are mentally and psychiatric-
ally ill. Such is for qualified doctors to decide
such illness and not the British copz on the
royal beat. In other words, there must be
due process of law and not arbitrary arrests
and detentions all because some cop doesn't
like the look of you for whatever reason.
The Royal Matrimony of William &
 Kate is the first regal wedding inside Broken
Britain for almost three decades. Along
with it being the first such royal matrimony
in the 21st century. It could also well be
the last! Who knows and who cares?
So in a few days time, all hell and fanfare
will take place as millions in the UK and
around the world will witness the marriage
of a rather popular couple to say the least.
I, along with many of my fellow countrymen
 and women, wish godspeed for them. But to
use preventive detentions and mental health
 sectioning is too brutal for words and high-
lights how the British State deploys its police
more and more to crush dissent and to streng-
then its governmental and police powers 
and control over the English people under
the guise and in the name of "protesting us" 
from fanatical and dangerous groups like
menacing Muslims Against Crusades 
(MAC). Such Islamic scumbagz should 
never have been allowed to enter the UK
in the first place, but odious and mass 
immigrationist Tony Blair and his socialist
gangsters freely let them in. Now we have
almost 5 million menacing Muslims
crowding us out in our own country!!
Muslim fanatics plot to hijack Royal Wedding
by burning effigies of Kate and William along 
route of the procession Muslims Against
Crusades (MAC). By Rebecca Camber.
New Royal Coat of Arms of Catherine Middleton.
Next read about the riot caused by the Brit police
that saw almost 160 copz used to arrest FOUR 
people in the English town of Bristol. Know if that
 isn't Police State Britain, then I don't know what 
is? With 160 copz in full riot gear on the eve of
Good Friday, it tallies at some 40 cops for each 
person of the 4 people they wanted to arrest and
 who opposed the opening of yet another dreadful
 Tesco food store that the local people had de-
manded not to open in their neighbourhood. But
Tesco was allowed to go ahead and the local 
powers to be just ignored the will of the people.
This is much the same on the growing opposition
to world immigrants continuing to flood the UK
at where the government and the politicans still 
let England be swamped more and more by 
unwanted and useless Third World immigrants
that now infest and infect the UK with utter 
impunity. It is the corporate swines like Tesco 
and Topshop and John Lewis and Sainburys 
that benefit overwhelming from such cheap 
immigrants while the country is now run amok 
with too many immigrants, too many EU
 foreigners, and too many socialist and leftist
 gangsters. Now read more about what
happened at Bristol's vile Tesco food store:
Police raid over 'petrol bomb plot' sparks Tesco
 riots. Anti-Tesco protest boils over into Bristol
riot. Police accused of attacking bystanders.
By Kunal Dutta & Oliver Duff.
The battle of Tesco: Riot police bombarded and shop
petrol-bombed as 160 officers swoop on house to
arrest FOUR squatters. By Chris Greenwood.
Saluting The Royal Matrimony..
Most folkz wish Wills and Kate all the best,
but royalty must not be used to suppress the
 people even if for only for a few days in the
name of such royal couple, who no doubt
have had no say in what Police State Britain 
is allowed to do under the eyes of the world
news media and our allies and foes around
the world.
Police State Britain at the royal wedding is
just one more step away from becoming 
even more brazen - like such that was seen 
of those 160 Brit copz that created the anti-
Tesco riot -  than ever once the royal wedding 
is quickly forgotten by the vast majority of
native British. What I fear most at come this
Friday's wedding itself is some kind of 
massacre from either the police, the 
protestors, or the public. 
Or a combination of all three.
On the religious side of the royal wedding,
such will be quintessentially and strictly
classical Anglican at where Catholics are
historically barred for the past 450 years
or more from marrying into British Royalty..
Nevertheless, the Holy Catholic Church
hierarchy will be well and truly represented
among those officially invited to attend the
royal matrimony, reports The Tablet.
"The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent 
Nichols, and three cardinals of the United Kingdom
Cormac Murphy-O'Conner, (archbishop) emeritus
of Westminster; Keith O'Brien of St. Andrews and
Edinburgh; and Sean Brady of Armagh - are all due
to be in the pews at the marriage of Prince William
and Catherine Middleton on 29 April. The Pope's
(new) ambassador (papal nuncio) to Great Britain,
Archbishop Antonio Mennini, will also be there."
 However, none of them will have any official
role in the royal marriage itself.
Now far away from the royal wedding, I happily
play with my latest travel itinarary while here at
Sofia via the overnight and overland Belgrade- 
Istanbul Express for the first time. Sofia is a
peculiar capital as capitals of the world go. If
the North Korean capital of Pyongyang was
strange to me, then Sofia is also somewhat 
strange in a different way. So Sofia is strange
and it is a remarkable contrast to say Olde 
London Towne and certainly to the New 
World capital of Washington, D.C. That
is what makes places like Sofia 
interesting to folks like me who seek 
out the strange rather than the bland
and ordinary when freely travelling 
the world like I do!
I'm very pleased to be outside of Britain over 
the double holiday period until things get back 
to normalcy with the everyday reality at dis-
torted and ever negative Londonistan that
has now been created as a racial pigsty by the 
ever evil politicos of now out of power vile
New Labour with its then dark, unEnglish
massive immigration of millions of Third 
World black trash and hideous foreigners 
from all over the bloody place. Such now
results in 120 foreign languages alone be-
ing spoken inside bloody Broken Britain
with let alone 15 million quid spent annual-
ly on providing costly interpreters just at
the UK National Health Service so that 
such unwanted foreigners and fake 
asylum seekers, who just take up space,
can get free medical care and free hospital 
treatment at the drop of a hat. Let them
speak bloody English at least, if they
want all the freebies they demand and
are told they are entitled to at the exp-
ense of the British International 
Nanny State that is funded by English 
taxpayers whether they like it or not.

Personally, I am sick and tired of all 
these immigrants and foreigners
invading my country and it never
seems to stop, but gets worse and
worse by every passing day.  Just
take any bus ride in Londonistan  
and see all the bloody immigrants and 
foreigners taking every seat inside the
bus. While they sit comfy, we are for-
ced to always stand on our own buses
with all their fancy prams and new babies
also taking up even more space on the 
crowded and overwhelmed transport
infrastructure that now plagues Lon-
 don like African locust and smelly
foreign flies and giving us rabies or 
dreadful Aids to finish us off, espe-
cially if you are unlucky enough to be
born truly English - like William and
Kate - and to be proudly white ...

Oh, so before I get carried further 
away here, do remember  to have 
yourself a Happy Royal 
Wedding Day.
:: Post script: ::
What ever happened to the announcement 
that 100 ordinary English "commoners" would
be selected to attend the royal wedding?  Did 
I miss something? I heard nothing more about
such 100 folkz being selected and invited to
attend. And so, I never heard another word 
since January's announcement of 100 being
selected. Did such happen or not?
 As far as I know, such didn't occur and that
in the end no 100 English "commoners" got
invited after all to Westminster Abbey and 
beyond. To  receive such an invitation from 
William and Kate would have been a thrill of 
a lifetime for those commoners so selected
and invited. What a pity they missed out!!
Wedding Greetings from Sofia, Uncle Monty.
+Easter Tuesday, 2011.
The Homeless Gathering For Free
Food At MotherTeresa's London HQ.
In sharp contrast to the rich trappings of the British
Royal Wedding, the burning question today for
most UK homeless people is simply this - SOUP
RUNS: Are They Good or Bad for the Homeless?
By Uncle Monty. Photos By Alex Albion.
While elsewhere at Rio, meet the Muslim killing
madman Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 24.
"An undated photo released on April 15, 2011
 by Rio de Janeiro state's Public Safety Depart-
ment (SESEG) shows Wellington Menezes de
Oliveira, 24, posing with a gun. The Muslim
gunman, Oliveira, killed 12 children at a Rio
de Janeiro school and then himself, police
 said on April 7, shocking the South American
 nation that has never seen such an
incident before." Reuters.

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Easter Greetings From Belgrade.
By Uncle Monty.
Writeovers By Alex Albion.
Here at Serbia & Montenegro, I'm taking the 
first leg of my 12,000-mile "double holidayz" of
 the year 2011. Right now, I'm based at the
country's capital of Belgrade of which it is the
 first time I have seen this troubled city between
 the Serb Orthodox Christian nationalists and
 their opposite numbers of ethnic Muslims.
NATO savagely bombed Belgrade some 12
years ago under the behest of Bill Clinton and
his then secretary of state Madeleine Albright,
whose Jewish immigrant ancestry was from
 here before going to America some
generations before.
But my purpose here, of course, is not politics
but to first start my Easter and May "double
holidayz" and then to explore as much as I can
of Serbia and Montenegro before heading to my
 next travel destination that I'll let you know when
 I get there. So, I am here first enjoying Belgrade 
for what it is - a pleasent place it
seems to me at first hint.
Superb Serbian Somersaults!
I shall write later on my return to homebase at mid-
May my own travel story about Belgrade's Serbia
& Montenegro. In the meantime, have a lovely
Easter and a Happy Royal Wedding afterwards.
Blessings, Uncle Monty.
+Good Friday, 2011.
Coming soon:
Police State Britain At Royal Matrimony.
By Uncle Monty.
National Flag of Serbia & Montenegro.
Serbian Royal Family Long Since Gone.
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Holy Week.

Holy Week, 2011.
By Uncle Monty.
Caption & Cross Graphics
By Alex Albion.
For devout Christians, Holy Week brings us
 to Maundy Thursday, then to Good Friday,
carrying us to Easter Eve, and finally to the
glorious Christendom event of Easter Day.
 This year, like thousands before it, marks
for such professed Christians a series of 
religious "Red Letter Days," if you will, for
 each of those events or days that are
 marked and observed during Holy Week.
Our Christ's Crucifixion bounds all good
Christians to remember such a momentuous
and wicked event that now binds and secures
 our complete faith as open witnesses and
unashamed Christian of Historic Christianity.
It matters not two hoots if today's Broken
Britain has rejected the historic faith in Christ.
Those who believe will believe and those who
disbelieve will disbelieve. Yet, in the end, the
Divinity of Christ still stands forever no
 matter what secular society says today or
tomorrow. Christ still stands high
above the ever lonely crowd.
Nails of the Crucifixion.

Like Christ, St. Peter Was Also
The Subject & Martyr of Cruel Crucifixion.
While many will go about their daily business
 without a thought or care about Holy Week, such
is not the case for the devout Christian or those
who actively worship as Anglicans, Catholics,
Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, Orthodox
Adherents, Christadelphians, Episcopalians,
Presbyterians, Copts, Born-Again, and Free
Churchers. Their numbers and members
 do not dismiss Holy Week as a meaningless
excerise in their Christian belief and solemn
religious imagination. Rather, they gather even
 more strongly and deeply during the days of
Holy Week and then into Eastertide or
with blessings and joy.
As an avowed and avid Anglican myself,
I make no apology for my faith nor for
recognizing Christ's Crucifixion and HIS
Resurrection in all its astounding agony
and its eventual glorification of The Holy
Trinity. Be not afraid to be a Christain no
 matter how unChristian Broken Britain
 has now become and that will undoubtedly
continue to be and the forces of vile Islam
awaits to take its place over the disbelieving
 Christian population that don't even stop for
 one brief moment to mark HIS life and HIS
redeeming presence that changed the world
and worth of humankind forever despite our
inherent sin and evil to one another.
Ramadan is now rammed down our throats,
while Christains say nothing outloud for fear
of offending those menacing Muslims that are
now all around us as Christ is spit upon by
 those Jihadists, ultraIslamists and their anti-
Christ followers. If we're not very careful
and watchful, they'll eventually outlaw Holy
Week like they have almost done these-
days for our own UK Christmastide, too.
Faithfully, Uncle Monty.
+Wednesday of Holy Week, 2011.
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Most Rev'd Vincent Nichols,
Archbishop of Westminster,
At Holy Week Service.
Photo By Jeremy Selwyn.
Last Supper … or penultimate supper?

Scientist challenges Maundy Thursday. Cam-
bridge professor Sir Colin Humphreys claims
Last Supper took place on a Wednesday,
not a Thursday ... By Martin Wainwright.
The Cross "Yes." The Burka "No." Also
ban the Hijab, Niqab, and Chador. They're
all foreign Muslim dress that has no place in a
Western culture and society that is not Islamic
 no matter how hard the Islamists, Taliban-types,  
and pro-Socialists, try to impose such in the UK
Cross & Burka Graphic By Alex Albion.
 :: With Easter almost upon us, I shall be taking
my holiday break for awhile until around mid-
May, 2011. I shall post news from wherever
 I am as I travel next for some 12,000
miles until my return to homebase ::
Cheerz, UM.
La Paz. NOT Dixie's Klu Klux Klan (KKK).
"Penitents wait before taking part in the procession
of "La Paz" (The Peace) brotherhood during Holy
 Week in the Andalusian capital of Seville, southern
 Spain. Hundreds of Easter processions take place
around the clock in Espana during Holy Week,
drawing thousands of visitors."
The Church Times.
Eastertide, 2011.
Soups Runs: Good or
Bad For The Homeless?
By Uncle Monty.
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Give Me The Letter "A."
Then Give Me The Letter "V."
By Uncle Monty.
Lead Graphic By Alex Albion.
YES To The UK Alternative Vote (AV).
By Allegra Stratton.
1. AV referendum: "Yes" campaign handed thumping defeat.
2. "No" campaign establishes unassailable lead of 69% to 31%.
May 7, 2011.
Let us try the Alternative Vote (AV)
for the next three general elections and then
determine if it is a better system than the one
we have right now of first-past-the-post
in the UK.
For all too long the members and supporters
of the three mainline British parties - Tories,
Labourites, and Lib-Dems - have held a
monopoly on political power and parliamentary
representation at the expense of other voices
and the aspirations of small parties and their
candidates to be heard and recognized
inside today's House of Commons.
Whatever the pros and cons are said to
 be for and against the May 5th, 2011,
Alternative Vote (AV) Referendum to re-
place the present UK voting system, I
shall be firmly voting YES!!
What I like about voting Yes to the AV is
precisely because is is an alternative to
what we have.
While I politically loathe Nick Clegg, who has instigated
and started the AV Referendum, I am voting Yes for
AV and most ceertainly not for him. The same is true
of hideous loser Red Ken Livingstone, who is once
again running against good Mayor of London Boris
 Johnson, in his (Red Ken's) endorsement of the AV
 Referendum. I loathe him as a political creep on apar
with my utter distaste for vile and treacherous Tony
Blair. The AV Referendum is not based on poltical
personalities, but on raw political change that is so
very much needed in today's Broken Britain.
A ‘yes’ to voting reform could be death
for Mr Cameron. By Iain Martin.
So to truly appreciate the AV Referendum is to dismiss
such personalities per se and to see instead the rotten
politics that has been cultivated for keeps under our
 present and detrimental system of first-past-the-post.
Some say the AV electoral count and process is too
cumbersome compared to what we have right now.
It matters not one itoa how cumbersome the new
process may or may not be, but rather how fair and
proper we elect those candidates who don't
represent just the three mainline parties.
Loud screams that the British National Party
(BNP) could win seats under the AV system is
pure hysteria by those against the BNP or against
any change which dilutes the power and control
over the British Parliament by those three
 entrenched national parties that serve themselves
first more often than those with differing opinions
and smaller voices among the UK electorate.
Inexplicably, BNP chairman and elected MEP
 Nick Griffin, has come out strongly against the YES
 Vote for the AV Referendum. Pity! But Nick's
opposition to AV I think is perhaps based as much
on his very personal and utter political dislike for the
 ilk of Clegg and Livingstone and the origin of the AV
 coming from the almost far left, instead of coming
from the traditional right, that Nick Griffin feels so
compelled to yell and support the "No" to AV
Referendum. To vote either way for AV
should not be based on personalities, as I
said before, or whether or not we like or
dislike Griffin, Clegg, Livingstone and/or Blair.
"The BNP are campaigning against AV.  I would
suggest that one reason why the BNP are against
AV is that they ... It's Confirmed – BNP to
support 'No to AV' vote in Referendum ..."
Under AV, we can also see how other indvidiuals
from the far left, and not just from the far right, could
also be voted in. That's fine with me no matter if I
 strongly disagree with a particular elected member
based on his or her politics. The more of a mix of
parliamentary representives we have then more
the better I say.
The middle ground is middle politics and that is
fine with the middle class voter. But not with
me and millions like me who are tired of all the
 middle and muddle that comes with such a
passive mass so evident all around us from
partliament to mass immigration to education
 and to political representation. We need to try
something else and I think YES to the AV
 Referendum would bring about that needed
urgent change for a positive change!!
Vote "YES" To AV.
And so, let's try it, has I've said, for at least the
next three general elections and then determine
if we should try something else or revert back
 to what we now have of first-past-the-post.
'A referendum? Really?' Apathy and anger
dominate as AV decision looms. Both camps
struggle to convince voters of importance of
5 May poll – in town that would have had
a different MP under AV.
By Caroline Davies
As a stictly independent voter that I am, I
favour YES because I think AV provides
a sound and exciting vehicle to those of us
who are independent voters outside the three
national parties in the UK. And, who are also
alienated at the present lopsided representation
 by the powerful lobbies and connected people
inside our present parliament. Anything
that gives the independent voter a greater
 say in running the country and possibly deter-
mining its future course should be welcome
 in any democracy no matter how facile our
parliament really is to those with big money
and big voices and big self-interests, along
with it being so frigid at times and completely
out of touch on major burning issues such
as mass immigration, negative welfare, and
the wholesale waste of taxpayer money by
such quangos as Equalities and Human Rights
Commission (EHRC) that spends millions on
 its tyrannical agenda to enforce its unelected
power on the people who oppose the trouble-
makers like the ilk of vile Trevor Phillips
and Simon Whoolley.
YES then to AV, I say once again.
May 5th, 2011, is an historic opportunity
and moment for the British Electorate to
 vote YES for the Alternative Vote (AV)
Referendum and to change the way we
elect office holders in the future and not
just those who can mount votes to be
elected safely and repeatedly under
 first-past-the-post (FPTP).
Most other countries would never give its
citizens the opportunity or the change to re-
place their establish political voting systems
by such an AV concept. We can and we
should vote one way or another at such an
 historic moment. Such will be even more
 historic if the majority of voters vote YES to
 AV like I most certainly will without a doubt.
Indeed, I may even seriously consider running
for office myself as an independent candidate, if
the YES vote prevails. I would feel I have then
 a better chance of being elected and of show-
ing my fellow countrymen and women that I
can ably represent them as any present day
sitting first-past-the-post Member of Parliament
inside our rather closed and carefully controlled
British House of Commons that works, all too
often, against the true will of the English people.
London has the power to swing result of AV referendum
By Craig Wooshouse.
I Love Alternative Voting.
The Times Letter to the Editor.
AV 'would usher in extremist parties'.
Sir, We will vote "No" on May 5 because we
 think AV is less fair than our current system and
that it will provide an opportunity for extremist
 parties such as the BNP (British Nationalist Party)
and Respect to increase their vote, become
more influential and legitimise in their
participation in mainstream British politics.
Under first-past-the-post (FPTP), everyone
is entitled to a vote and the BNP has never
been elected to Parliament. In (Chairman) Nick
 Griffin's words, for the BNP "to continue fighing
first-past-the-post elections and securing an ever-
dwindling vote is simply a recipe for demoralisation
and failure." The BNP has long complained that
FPTP puts the party at a "hugely unfair
AV would provide oxygen to groups such as the
BNP and Respect. While we hope that they would
still not win seats, AV would certainly give such
extremists a bigger platform, with more votes,
 more attention, and more legitimacy. AV could
lead to BNP MPs if, as Nick Griffin and the
"Yes" campaign want, this becomes a "step in the
 right direction" to proportional representation.
The Undersigned Are:
Cllr NILGUN CANVER, Chair, Labour Friends of Turkey;
SIR TREVOR CHINN, Jewish Leadership Council;
STEPHEN CHUNG, Solicitor, Manchester;
Chairman, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, UK;
KANDIAH, Chair, Tamils for Labour;
ZAKIR KHAN, Conservative Friends of
Conservative Arab Group; KWASI KWARTENG
MP; KAM LEE, Chair, Conservative Chinese Group;
SONNY LEONG, Chairman, Chinese for Labour;
 STUART POLAK, Director, Conservative Friends
Chairman, British Sikh Association; PATRICK
 RATNARAJA, Vice-Chairman, British Tamil
Conservatives, and KEITH VAZ MP.
April 1st, 2011.
:: My Online Reply To The Times Letter ::
By Uncle Monty.
Not one of the above signatories is an indepen-
dent voter like me. They all have some political,
religious, and/or social axe to grind  against AV.
What they fail to note is that BNP's Nick Griffin
has come out strongly AGAINST the AV "YES"
 vote. Thus the point of their Times letter is largely
mute at this point. Also, it is extraordinary to find
so many foreign names gathered to sign against
 the vote "Yes" to AV in the UK that is amply
confirmed by the alien names given and signed
by the almost 20 signatories.  Each of them are
 clearly vested representatives for the status
 quo. They have no desire or inclination or im-
agination to vote beyond their horse blinkers.
I'm wondering, too, if the foreign-born or
immigrants are those most opposed to AV?
It's a UK decision, not a foreign one, to de-
termine the outcome of the AV Referendum.
The MPs included in the above letter are,
of course, those who have already gotten in
 under the first-past-the-post system. So they
have a vested interest in retaining such a system
for themselves. As for the BNP and Respect
gaining some advantage if the AV becomes law,
 then so be it. The wider the political spectrum
more the better. Those presently entrenched
 political and mainstream representatives
should not be allowed unabatedly to go on
and on unchallenged. For all too long, they
have been a kind of law unto themselves
and it's about time they were made to sit
 up and not take for granted their unques-
tioned "eliteist position" in British politics.
They think they're some how entitled
because they first got elected under first-
past-the-post and so anything that disturbs
 their chances of re-election under a new
system like the AV, frightens the living devil
out of them. Let them be frightened, I say!!
As a strictly independent voter, I
again state I shall vote "YES" for the
Alternative Vote (AV)  Referendum come
May 5th, 2011 via my mailed ballot. To hell,
then, with FPTP. So, please give me the letter 
"A," then the letter "V," is what I say as a
registered and active British voter.
It's YES for me to AV!!
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Eve of Palm Sunday, 2011.
"YES" To AV!
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