Beatles. By Uncle Monty.

The Beatles 50th Anniversary Concert.
By Uncle Monty.
Concert Photos By Alex Albion.
Superstar Dame Shirley Bassey was the most
adorable and most inimitable of the famous per-
forming artists at last night’s Royal Philarmonic
50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles that was
held at London’s renowned Royal Albert Hall.
The other performing stars of note last night in-
cluded Tony Christie, Darius Campbell, Beverley
Knight, Antony Costa, and Liz McClarnon. Followed
by Maria Elena Infantino, Analiza Ching, Tony Moore,
Elliott Frisby and Lou Jordan, who I first met during
the concert intermission. Along with the stars was also
the 115-member Maltese choir of “The Mediterranean
Voices” with their dozens of sopranos, altos, tenors
and basses who sang Beatles songs during
the three-hour long orchestral concert.
With the weekend here and the end of British
Summer Time come Sunday, I will state here
some other critical observations of The Beatles
Tribute that was oddly rather “un-English” in its
presentation and the orchestral arrangements by
Wayne Grima of The Beatles most famous lyrics
I just didn’t much like to be frank with you.
Such just didn't sit well with me.
There was a “foreign” tone, I thought,
thoughout the whole concert performance, aside
from the notable performances of Dame Shirley
Bassey and Tony Christie and a few other British
artists at last night’s unique Beatles Tribute that
I attended with three good friends of mine, who
requested that I not name them ... OK!
Lou Jordan with Uncle Monty.
It was a case at times during the concert of the
huge choir drowning out the orchestra or the
orchestra more times than not drowning out the
choir. Not only was the choir Maltese, but it
was also monotonous and unimaginative in their
Beatles repertoire. What “The Medditeranan
Voices” had to do with The Beatles simply beats
me! Their singing voices was far from Liverpool or
the British and American sounds of Beatlemania
of the 60’s. I could have stood up right then and
there inside the Royal Albert Hall, with my three
good friends, and have sounded more authentic in
singing Beatles songs we know off by heart than
those foreign voices trying to sound like some-
thing like John, George, Ringo and Paul.
Then we had to put up with the dreadful trio
“Candy Rock” – doing a Beatles tune or two.
They were all dressed up in satin white like
they were at a wedding instead of at the 50th
Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles. Not much
better was soloist Lenny Zakatek singing “Come
Together” and I cringed in my balcony seat at
Elliott Frisby’s rendition of “For No One.” A
pink pussy cat could have sang it better!!
But now for the good part ... I just loved solo
violinist Analiza Ching with her superb playing
of “Yesterday” and her magnetic performance
with her whole body "speaking" as she played.
She thrust her majestic head back and forth with
her dark and silky long hair flowing in exact
harmony with the strings of her lovely violin. With
Analiza Ching was Soprano Maria Abela Manconi
tagging along singing the same song of
"Yesterday" on stage.
Lou Jordan was good, too, as he sang “Don’t Let Me
Down” in his British-born and authentic Beatles style.
And, “Hey Jude” couldn’t have been sang any better
than by Glasgow’s Darius Campbell at age 30. He was
striking on stage and his singing gave the huge
audience much pleasure I must say.
Tony Christie and his singing of the Beatles song "The
Long And Winding Road" went together like peaches
and cream as he sang from the heart. Indeed, he did.
The audience wasn’t a warm lot and I’d say they were
a rather aloof and impersonal crowd. But Tony soon
brought the best out of them, although it was now
getting rather close to the closing of the show.
But overshadowing whatever faults I found at
The Beatles 50th Anniversary Concert, Welsh-born
superstar Shirley Bassey cleared much away and
then brought the audience to its feet as soon as she
appeared in her posh jet black sequin dress that few
would have guessed she was almost 75 years old.
The dame not only looked damn good, but she
sang damned good, too! She did us all good by her
adorable and inimitable presence that was worth
the steep price of the concert ticket (almost $100
a piece) just to see her in upclose performance.
As special guest star of the evening, Dame Shirley
beautifully sang “Something” and it sure was some-
thing to hear and see her sing it. Bouquets were lavish-
ed on her and at last the audience came alive and show-
ed their human warmth toward dear Shirley Bassey.
Men, young and old, stood agog in the aisles to get
a closer look at her. And, so did I!
Cameras went wild photographing her at the Royal
Albert Hall that has been, I suspect, a second home to
Dame Shirley for more than 50 years. Folkz kept re-
peatedly clapping for her out of their long love and
respect for the distinquished Cardiff-born lady who
sang “Diamonds Are Forever” in the 007 or James
Bond movies and, of course, in her stunning sound-
tracks for the film themes of “Goldfinger”
and “Moonraker.”
Thus, The Beatles 50th Anniversary Tribute was
brought to a befitting and gracious close by lovely
Shirley, who is a true Welsh dame and a true British
artist with or without her royal knighthood and
title of Dame of the British Empire (DBE).
God bless her!! And The Beatles, too!!
Honestly, Uncle Monty.
+Apostles Simon & Jude, 2010.

The Body Shop's Dame Anita Roddick.
Anita Roddick: Damn The Dead Dame. By Uncle Monty.

So How Did John Bird Enter The US
With A Criminal Record? By Uncle Monty.
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Field Fayre. By Uncle Monty.

Field Fayre At The BNP.
By Uncle Monty At Mid-Wales.
Field Photos By Alex Albion.
Drive the back roads of mid-Wales for perhaps
25 miles from the border of Albion and there by
the flowing and meandering river the first ever
"Field Fayre" or "Indigenous Weekend" of the
British National Party (BNP) greeted me
and all with Cymru and simple rural beauty.
The location of Field Fayre was also ideal for
rally karts, canoeing, raft building, archery,
fishing, clay pigeon shooting, 4x4 Off Road
Driving, and Team Building. It was also a
perfect place to escape from the maddening
crowd for the Welsh mountain fresh
air above all else.
Best still, it confounded the leftist loonies and
rabid commies from enjoying themselves by
always trying to distrupt the peaceful and
lawful gatherings of my like-minded
patriotic Anglo-Saxons. The Field Fayre
was affirmation that we're still alive and
kicking despite all the efforts against us
by the ilk of Weyman Bennett at UAF
and the commie lackey Trevor Phillips of
ECHR. Along with the pro-leftist British
news media that seems always to go
along with them no matter what.
By The Meanding River at BNP's Family Fayre.
A non-political event was the aim of Field Fayre,
but it was in some ways rather like the BNP’s
previous annual patriotic "Red, White & Blue
Festival" (RWBF) that has seen ugly scenes of
lawless freaks and avenging red socialist of the
far left act out with seeming impunity in the UK
against the BNP at where ever and whenever it
lawfully gathers to under take its political and
patriotic duties. Far from the leftist thugs
and pathological socialist sickos, the Family
Fayre certainly made up for this year’s lack of
the annual RWBF. Not one of the anti-fascists
loonies could find the venue at mid-Wales no
matter how hard he or she tried. Indeed, Field
Fayre was a private and pleasant affair that
added to the becoming charm and scenic
countryside that by its sheer secret location
and undisturbed isolation made for
an especially lovely weekend.
For once in my life I also found, dare I
say, an additional spiritual peace among the
evergreens and flowing dark rural blue river
of Powys. The children and their pets then
could also play without fear of unwanted
socialistic troublemakers harming their
sanctuary of joyful childhood life at
the BNP Field Fayre.
Delightful Jackie Griffin, who for
more than 25 years has been happily
married to BNP leader and avowed
Anglican Nick Griffin. By training,
Jackie is a registered nurse.
BNP Leader Nick Griffin at Family Fayre.
A Superb Graphic!!
Autocephalous Rev'd Robert West.
He Heads The British Christian Council.
An ex-British army enlistee, 58, he was
not brought up in a religious family setting.
It was only when he joined the army did
he desire to become a independent vicar
after his army buddies repeatedly told him
they thought he was their "army chaplain."
The Sunday Sermon by the autocephalous
Rev’d Robert West included old Anglican hymns
of All Things Bright and Beautiful, Praise My Soul
The King of Heaven, and Onwards Christian
Soldiers, which gave glorious texture to our faith
of old that the ultraliberal, radical leftist, and
pro-Muslim, Church of England oftentimes
fails to do thesedays.
The later presentation by Nick Griffin in his own
talk “Albion – History in words, pitcures, poems,
and song” was resounding to one's English ears
and to one's British mind. Plus, came John
Walker of RWB Radio, and the legendary Green
Arrow’s “The Wales I know and love,” and
Tony Backhouse’s traditional and nationalist
songs that all competed for the attention
of the good people present in person
at the lovely Field Fayre.
This BNP lad & his swanky Collie "Jedd"
were 1st Place Winners some five times!!
At the food tent, hog roast welcomed one and
all with the open menu “Come Eat Pig With Us.”
And, folkz sure did. And, no wonder we saw
not one menacing Muslim, thankfully!
I love pork pies, too, don't you?
I liked her patriotic hairdo!
I think Nick did, too!
Listed among keynote events was the famous
“BNP Prima Ballerina” Simone Clarke, who
publicly declared her BNP membership much
to the shagrin and consternation of the English
National Ballet (ENB) at where Simone danced
with ballet perfection. She then became an ins-
tant target of the vile fanatics of United Against
Fascism (UAF) led by the hideous and crude
Weyman Bennett, who was arrested earlier at
some violent UAF street protest for vicious
affray and will, I assume, be appearing in court
to answer the criminal charge against him. Hope-
fully, if he's found guilty, they'll finally lock him
up for good or deport him out of the country.
To him, good riddance and three cheers, I say!
Elsewhere at the Field Fayre, Voice of Freedom
editor Martin Wingfield and Elections Officer
Clive Jefferson offered a special free workshop
on how to write, layout, and print copies of the
newsletter Field Fayre, which was distribut-
ed to all the folkz for free. I read each daily
issue that came my way while at mid-Wales!
Climb Up To Get A True Bird's Eye View!
I Was So Glad To Capture This Awesome Scene of Welsh
Stags. Please Don't Shot Them Only With A Camera!!
The three-day Family Fayre brought canavans,
bivouacs, sleeping bags, tents, and open star skies
for those hardy enough to bed down by the river-
side and under the capped mountains of Cymru.
Alcohol and drug-free was the event which was
just fine with most BNP folks there. I myself
stayed at Heffington House by invitation of
two old Welsh family friends who pampered
me like I was the old Earl of Powys. Bravo!!
A Magical Moment at Family Fayre ...
Fondly from Old Cymru, Uncle Monty.
+Saints Simon & Jude, 2010.
Some Political & Personal
Notes From My BNP Friend.
By Rob Weale.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
It saddens me that the BNP is not without its egos.
We have had many upheavals in the past months, with
many councillors leaving to become Independants.
This to me does them no justice to leave a political
party because things are not going entirely to their
liking is ridiculous. These issues need to be
addressed not left to fester.
This is also having a detrimental effect, the enemy
portray us as a party that will come to nothing
because of in-fighting and a lack of positiveness
towards (Nick Griffin) the current leader.
As you know I'm relatively new to the BNP and to
politics as a whole, however nothing prepared me for the
animosity people show to one another when they disagree
on an issue. The reform group (Welcome to BNP Reform),
for instance. There was a leadership challenge and the losers
instead of accepting their loss and rallying around the winner,
leave the party and embark on a spin campaign to pale all
others made up by the left, what good does this do for
the BNP or the plight our country is in?
Since our last corespondence I have been elevated to Black
Country area organiser, a responsibilty I share with a very
competent young man named Simon Foxall, he has been
named branch secretary, our first meeting was something of
a disaster, we held it on a night when England were palying
in the Europran qualifiers, suffice to say only the hardened
activists turned up. However this told me two things;
1) we are going to have to work hard if we are to ever build
up a following as to make a difference in this political battle,
2) I have a core group of extremely dedcated activists to
start with and it's from this that I will build a network of
activists to pale any in the country, I must you see because
there is no failure, no other party that can save this country.
I enjoyed your coverage of the Pope's visit, I only hope the
message he left us with will sink into the hearts of the people
of Britain, "we must regain our faith". I have been especially
busy over the last month or so having accepted the position
of Black Country BNP Organiser, although assigning work
for others to do isn't that hard, we are curently in our se-
cond week of campaigning "Bring our Boys Home" Support
Our troops, and we're having an excellent response. Hope
I can get to see you again soon as the little chat we had
on the way to the (Family Fayre) event was inspiring.
Right of Centre Thoughts. By Uncle Monty.
My own thoughts are that if we look at what
vile Tony Blair and morose Gordon Brown did
during their destructive New Labour tenures,
then what is happening inside the BNP is basic-
ally chicken feed. To be any kind of politican one
by nature must be some sort of overt egoist
to some degree or another. Thus folks like
Richard Barnbrook are bound to clash with
the present BNP leader.
Richard Barnbrook Expelled from BNP.
The problem is the BNP hasn't recovered, nor
will it for some time, after its General Election
fiasco that even saw Nick Griffin's political hopes
completely dashed of becoming a British MP
against Margaret Hodge's Labour mass im-
migration engineering at Barking last May.
In fact, Nick Griffin should never have been
sucked into running at Barking in the first
place. It was a fatal and tactical mistake from
start to finish both for him and the BNP.
Another factor is that as party leader, Nick
Griffin should never have declared he
planned to step down from the party by, I
think, 2013 or 14. What such does is create
a "lame duck" leader much like we see in
America with a "lame duck" president.
The rise of the English Defence League (EDL)
has also attracted more disillusioned BNP
members and other nationalists who are
confounded by the loss of political
ground and representation by,
and of, the BNP in the UK.
If the far-right is to survive against the pre-
sent and non-stop onslaught in the UK of mass
multiculturalism, mass multiracialism, mass
Muslim infiltration, and mass immigration,
then they will need to unite under one front to
combat such an onslaught that New Labour has
deliberately fostered to bring England to its knees
and under the vile control of the European
Union (EU). Aside from using mass immigration
as a socialist tool of class warfare, the perverse
aim of bloody Blair has been to create an
electoral majority of immigrants-turned-
citizens for the vile British Labour Party to
rule again in future. And, especially with the
black fertility rate skyrocketing every day
with babies then later becoming adult ardent
Labour supporters and voters that will see
the rise of black political power much like
the Muslims will inside England and at
where Blair & Co. have always detested
Old England at every which way. Their
destruction of the British way of life knows
no end. In turn, I utterly detest every
thing that New Labour has done with
deliberate intent to destroy the country
that is now "Bloody Broken Britain" for
sure. I hope some kind of plague will come
to wipe out all that New Labour has
wrongly done to my country. Better
for England, had hideous Tony Blair
never been born ... He is after all an
utter bastard ... not to mention Iraq
and his status now as a war criminal.
Also, the growing danger of Islam inside Britain
will one day see the overthrow of the English
monarchy and Christianity, if steps are not
taken immediately to counter the Islamic
tryanny and threat to us as a British, non-
Muslim, nation. When we see Tony Blair's
own sister-in-law decare last week she was
now a convert Muslima, such is another step
to the normalization of Islam inside the UK.
The more we appease Islam, the more its
stranglehold grows. And the more terrorism
we shall see. "Not all Muslims are terrorists,
but almost all terrorists are Muslims,"
says Geert Wilders so rightly!
The EDL has tapped into that and the BNP
needs to tap into the real fears and anger of
the true birthers of England against all that
is happening against their will and wish.
It's fine to support our troops - even
though our lads and gals should NOT be
in mindless Afghanistan and murderous
Iraq, etc. - but the BNP, The UKIP, and
other nationalist parties, must hit the streets
and protest and confront the evil forces that
have been allowed to get the upper hand
over us. Without blood, sweat, and tears,
today's Bloody Broken Britain will stay
that way forever and a day and until we
are all dead and gone with our country
taken over by savages, immigrants, fore-
igners, and worst of all by those menacing
Muslims in their New Muslim Country
(NMC) at what was once our own
"Great Britain."
Talk of squatters! We have now become a nation
of alien squatters by the millions all because of
those god- damn socialists and red leftist loonies
being given unfettered reign inside our own
country and to destroy it in the process.
Catholic primary school set
who has '15 children by 14 women'
By Paul Sims, Claire Ellicott, Jack Doyle & Nick Fagge.
Far-right gains throw Swedish government into turmoil.
By Tony Paterson.
Young gay men fuelling HIV epidemic, study warns
Researchers say that rising rates of syphilis along HIV among
young gay men suggests risky sexual behaviour was to blame.
Also Soon By Uncle Monty.
Anita Roddick: Damn The Dead Dame.
And, more about "liberal" Muslim
James Caan offering to buy baby Sara
for 100,000 Pakistani rupees during his
recent visit to his native Pakistan ...
What a low life scumbag he is!!
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Rout. By Alex Albion.

Put Him To Midterm Rout.
By Alex Albion.
:: Midday USA, Nov. 3rd. 2010 ::
Latest Election Results
State Elections:
Republicans Gain Control
US election Results 2010 : live updates.
Republicans take House but Senate to remain in Democratic control

Republicans set for US House win.
"I will honestly say that I voted for him two years ago," said Sally
McCabe, of Plymouth, Minnesota. "And I want my vote back."
:: Nov. 2nd, 2010. US News Updates ::
Obama, Democrats fear rout as US polls open (AFP)
While US convicts demand the right to vote, UK
convicted prisoners get right to vote after
yesterday's European Union ruling.
Two years after his US election as the first black to
the American presidency, Barack Hussein Obama
comes over even more so to me as a square peg in a
round hole at this critical political juncture for him
of the 2010 midterm elections set for Nov. 2nd.
As the walking, talking, black and white minstrel show-
man that he is, along with bubba and ex-prez Bill Clinton,
Obama is increasingly looking like nothing more than a
faded picture on the wall. Also now dead is Obamania with
his poll ratings now almost as bad as his predecessor
the American arch-warmonger George W. Bush.
Obama w/his VP Joe Biden inside Prez limo.
Obama has become, too, a political bore and sour
maverick of his own making to say the least. He has
also become a polarizing agent inside Ameria with his
clumsy dancing of not knowing if he’s truly a
Christian or more a closet Muslim pruning himself
right inside The White House. But one thing is certain,
nevertheless, is that Obama is now politically almost
dead or badly damaged after his strange and dis-
ruptive two years in office. So bad is the political
situation in America, that it is likely the Democrats
will lose the House of Represenatives and possibly
even the US Senate to one degree or another
at this US Midterm Elections just days away.
If the polls are correct, it's going pour on Obama.
No fan from day one have I been of Obama,
but the big problem for him are those once
cheering fans of his who are now deserting
him from left, right and center.
The Nov. 2nd, 2010, midterm elections are about,
it seems, to rout him good and proper thanks to
the rise and backlash of The Tea Party and the
uneven resurgence of The Republican Party here
and there against what they see as the socialistic
agenda of Obama and his darling Democrats.
Plus, the rise of the so-called “post-racial”
America is still spotty at best and thus doesn't
really help Obama as "The Black Lincoln."
There is still a deep resentment against Amer-
ica’s first black president based solely on the
old issue and deep fear of race. Add to that,
the whole damnation in America against
Muslims and Obama is further compounded by
the ugly perception of Islam and no matter the
true facts. Obama himself hasn’t helped to re-
duce such an ill-feeling toward him by certain
white elements inside America. Certainly, such
will come into play as white voters turn out en
masse against black smart pants Barack
Hussein Obama on Nov. 2nd, 2010.
Informal Obama:
Not Looking Very Presidential.
To me, Obama is sounding more and more each
day like he is an American televangelist
rather than a sitting president who continues
to go downhill in the polls just like his vile pre-
decessor George W. Bush so commonly did.
And with all the liberal and leftist hoopla of the
Democrats since the fluke of Obama, they are
now facing a big backlash and tough reality at
the midterm elections that may well see the
political slaughter and demise of many an
Obama Democrat in both the house and the
senate. Nor are some Republicans safe from
the fury and anger of The Tea Party
in America today.
I believe the midterm elections could be
another US political watershed much like what
occurred in 1994 under then Newt Gingrich
when the Republicans dislodged many a Clinton
Democrat from Washington. It's replay time!
And, Barack Hussein Obama has already
fumbled the ball and his team mates are
as mad as hell ... like they should be! Now,
it's also time to put him to midterm rout.
The quicker, the better, I say!
Below, I've included a number of weblinks
to mostly current British news reports
about America's Midterm Elections:
Obama bolsters flagging US campaign.
Democrats target black vote as Tea Party collects converts
Majority of African-Americans still back Obama, which could
be crucial in midterms, but in Kentucky some are switching
sides. By Ewen MacAskill in Louisville, Ky.
From Barack Obama as "The Angel of Death" to
accusations of Tea Party witchcraft – the midterm
election propaganda battle has stooped to new lows.
By David Usborne.
foaming-at-the mouth racist bigots, they are just confused.
And it's Obama's fault. By Jonathan Raban.
Whoever Said Obama Was Christian! What BS?
“Obama's popularity in opinion polls has dropped
from 70% last year to the mid-40s this year,”
wrote Ewen MacAskill in Washington
for The Guardian.
Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror
threat for political gain Pakistani diplomat launches
attack on White House. European intelligence
claims raised terror alerts 'nonsensical'.
By Simon Tisdall & Richard Norton-Taylor.

The Death of 'Why?' and the Closing of the Christian Mind
Article by WorldNews.com Correspondent Dallas Darling.
When the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life revealed
that Agnostics, Atheists and Muslims knew more about
religion and spirituality than Christians did living in the
United States, it reminded me of Andrea Schlesinger's
book "The Death of Why?" and what Allan Bloom
wrote in " The Closing of...
Muslima Wrapped In Her Old Glory!
The estimated 5 to 7 million Muslims in the U.S. include
both immigrants and those born in America (three-quarters
of whom are African-Americans). While Russia has 20 million
Muslims. The breeding rates of Muslims in the UK stands close
to 2.8 million in a country that was overwhelmingly Christian
until vile Tony Blair and his pro-Islam New Labour let foreign
Muslims settle in the UK like stinging wasps and swarms of
locust along with millions of other unwanted immigants and
foreigners that now stand to destroy England completely
for the white British people.
Muslims in America increasingly alienated
as hatred grows in Bible Belt on the anniversary of
9/11. Chris McGreal reports from the Tennessee town
where Muslims have lived in harmony with Christians
for decades – but where they now feel under threat.
Black Clones Now All Over The UK.
Many Obama 2008 supporters defecting to GOP.
By Liz Sidoti.
Is Obama the new Jimmy Carter? Rupert Cornwell:
As the midterms approach, President Obama faces an out-
pouring of anger unmatched since Jimmy Carter held office.
Midterm Elections: A Voter's Guide to the Homestretch.
Black-on-Black US Street Violence.
US shaken by sudden surge of violence against gays Carl
Paladino, a Republican politician running for governor,
is calling for gay people to be barred from teaching in
New York, where homophobic attacks are on the rise.
By Paul Harris.
Some EDL Members.
English Defence League (EDL) forges links with
America's Tea Party, as the far-right group marches
in Leicester, details are emerging of growing contacts.
By Mark Townsend.
With three outboard motorbike cops riding on
his tail, the black Land Rover suddenly stopped
and I thought at first it was British Prime
Minister David Cameron so I quickly took
some photoshots of the fellow getting out of
his chauffer-driven car (as shown above)
with his armed aides looking on. He said
something to me, but I didn't catch what he
said but I told him I thought he was David
Cameron. He then chuckled abit and the
motorbike cops got off their police bikes
and held a little chat between him and them
on Dunstan Road at where I happened to be
going to see my heart surgeon. Whatever,
I still don't know who the fellow was after
he and his British government armed escort
soon left to go elsewhere. If you do know who
he is, please just jot me a line via e-mail
and state who the fellow is. Thankz ... UM.
"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but
almost all terrorists are Muslims."
Geert Wilders
Above: Jihadist Amir Ali at London's Old Bailey.
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"Anita Roddick: Damn The Dead Dame."
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Doing. By Uncle Monty.

Doing Dvořák.
By Uncle Monty.
Prague Photos By Alex Albion.
Of the 12 cities or so that I visited at Eastern Europe
and the Middle East during the Summer of 2010,
Prague was without a doubt my favourite rendezvous
with or without attending, like I did, The Antonín
Dvořák International Festival held at the old Czech
city. Listening to Dvořák in his native Dvořák
country was simply bliss upon bliss for me
being of such a classical music affectionatus.
Then The Balloonists Suddenly Appeared!
I also attend St. Jilji’s and The Spanish Synagogue
that was built in 1868 on the site of the oldest Prague
Jewish house of prayer ("the Old Shul"). It was designed
in a Moorish style by Vojtěch Ignátz Ullmann. Yiddish
songs and Classic Gershwin I also heard at The
Czech Collegium with artistic director Vladimír
Bažant and soloist Vladislav Kozderka. Then onto
"Wonderful Dvořák” at Prague’s Villa Amerika.
The marvellous program there included: The
Moravian Duets, Op.32. "The Modest Girl" &
"The Ring"From The Love Songs, Op.83.
"Death reigns in many a human breast" &
"When thy Sweet Glances on me fall" from
the Sonatina in G major, Op.100. Scherzo
Selections From the Biblical Songs, Op.99
O'Sanctissima, Op.19 - Romance in F Minor,
Op.11 - From the Cunning Peasant, Op.37.
The Prince's Aria - From Rusalka, Op.114: "Oh,
Dear Moon in the Deep Sky"- From The Stabat
Mater, Op.58:" Inflamatus"- From the Gipsy
Melodies, Op.55: "Songs my mother taught me."
- From The Jacobin, Op.84. The Steward's
Aria - Selections From The Gipsy Melodies,
Op.55 - Mazurek, Op. 49. You'd have to be
a sheer ignoramus and philistine not to app-
reciate such a magnificant selection, I'd say!
Prague's Charles Bridge Is
Strangely A Religious Experience.
I just loved going to St Clement’s Anglican-Episcopal
Church on Klimentská in Praha that is just off Dlouhá
Třída on Revoluční and Náměstí Republiky at the
River Vltava. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess
of Cornwall, worshiped at St. Clement’s earlier this
year during their royal visit to Mediaeval Prague.
The Prague Chaplaincy is also an intergal part of the
Old Catholic Church or Starokatolická církev v České
republice. Visit them at http://www.starokatolici.cz/
to learn more and also about the Intercontinental
Church Society (ICS) , that is presided over by the
Old Catholic Monsignor Dušan Hejbal, the biskup
Starokatolické církve v ČR.
Know He's What I Call A "Street Photographer."
Aside from the religious and solemn I encountered
at Prague or Praha, there has emerged quietly and
unbeknown to many a growing commercial and
profitable centre of the European adult sex in-
dustry at the city in the past decade or so. It is
thriving with at least 12 or 15 hetro and homo
studios catering specifically to the internet
porno market. I was surprised to find out such
by pure accident when I bumped into a young
American porn star who has made Prague his
very profitable home. His dad, he told me, is an
American airman based at nearby Germany.
Protesting Prague Landlord Abuse
& Lack of Housing For The Homeless.
He, the young Yankee porn star, took me
to the studio at where he worked just off Old
Town Square. I then saw alittle bit of the life
of a modern day porn star for the first time
in my own life.
Up three or four flights of old stone steps I went
to the private film studio crammed with recording
and editing equipment, laptops galore, ‘puter gizmos,
studio props, wardrodes full of sexy clothes, and meet-
ing other young porno stars there as they surfed the
net or doing chatrooms or checking their e-mail. Polite
and well-mannered they appeared to be and most spoke
basic English for the five or six young Eastern European
porn models that I found them also to be. One told
me he earned $800.00 per week by performing in
front of the studio cameras and he was only perhaps
20 years old at the most. Like football players, the
earning power of the porno star is limited to perhaps
10 years or so before being discarded for new
and younger talent.
Prague Street Drunkard ...
About 15 or 20 minutes I had been inside the hidden
studio when the owner suddenly appeared and kicked
up one hell of a fuss about me being there. He was
worried that I’d taken some unauthorized photos of
his over18 year-old photogenic studio models and of
the studio interior itself where upon he swiftly escorted
me to the back door and then slammed it shut behind me.
I could still hear him screaming about the lapse of security
for letting me in. He also feared I was a “paid spy” from
some rival porn studio which, of course, I was not. In
the meantime, I had taken perhaps 10 or 12 “un-
authorised” photos of his dear models and crude studio
scenes before his arrival. In his almost violent outburst
he had forgotten about my cameras in his rush to get me
out of there. Such was for me a rare glimpse inside a
hardcore porn sex industry for the first time in my
curious life. Life is to live to its fullest, so never turn
down a chance to experience something entirely
new or different in one’s life like visiting Prague’s
unadvertised underbelly. Chance encounters always
bring surprises, too, both of good and of bad and of
the in between. And, don’t worry what others may
think or say – “Just Do It.” Much like I always do ...
What I also liked so much about Prague was its
refreshing absence of hideous mass immigration
and invasion of unwanted Africans, sick Gypies,
menacing Muslims, and fake asylum seekers, of
the like now found all over England and London
in these dark days all because of the vile socialist
policies of shyster and mass immigrationist Tony
Blair and his then New Labour leftist gangsters that
have now flooded the UK with millions upon millions
of such dark derelicks and low life as part of their
deliberate socialistic class warfare and attack against
White Britain. Now even with the New Coalition, the
torrent and onslaught of black immigrants to the UK
seems to be non-ending even with the collapse and
welcome ouster of the godless British Labour Party
at the May 6th General Election, 2010. Thus, the
continung negroization, ghettoization and foreign-
ization of England’s urban centres and its demogra-
phy goes on unceasingly to the point at where we
have become the "New Africa" in Europe. No won-
der 5.6 million native Brits have fled their homeland
to live anywhere else other than inside Blair's Bloody
Broken Britain of which I'll write specifically about in
some future article of mine. Thank God for Prague!
The only pity with Prague is its short summers and
its long cold bitter Eastern European winters with
snow and ice covering the mediaeval city for months
at a time. It's also almost Olde Worlde civilised in its
character and atomsphere. It is not like rip-off Britain
in prices and services, either. Best of all, I didn't feel
like a foreigner at Praha of the 12 or so cities I visited
during the summer of 2010. It was at Iraq's grim and
bizarre Baghdad that I felt the most foreign, I did.
While at today's Londonistan, I feel more like a
foreigner in my own country by every passing day
as my once beloved England is trampled on every
day by more god damn immigrants and Muslims,
etc., ect. Give me proud Prague any day!! And,
"Doing Dvořák” once again is my aim at Praha
come perhaps next summer of 2011 or 2012.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Reformation Martyrs, 2010.
"So How Did John Bird Enter
The US With A Criminal Record?"
Soon By Uncle Monty at
"Put Him To Midterm Rout." Soon
By Alex Albion on Obama's Lost Clout.
Feedback & Comments
Downtown View of Old Prague.
Very Nice To Meet You!!
Oh, What's Your Name?
Glimpse Inside A Prague Porn Studio.
By UM. A Little Postscript.
If I have time, I may also do a brief feature
on my stay at Baghdad or my visit to Vienna,
which I didn't like as much as Prague. Never-
theless, Vienna or Wien is certainly a city I
didn't want to miss being so close to Prague by
a 5 or 6 hour car drive. I drove for most of my
8-nation adventure by car hire. Only at Iraq's
Baghdad did I directly fly instead of car dri-
ving there. I never want to step foot inside
deadly Iraq ever again.
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